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December 31, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 31, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON. WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, DEC. 31, 1953. PAGE FIVE Anne Meugniot Phone 1526 HOLD REUNION reunion was held on afternoon, Dec. 21 in hun- Sarah Fingarson at on High street. A de- t BURN HILL AND VICINITY Betty Tveit Community Club l Party a Success "I~he Christmas party of th~ Bu.n Hill Community Club, Christmas was a full day for w~ich was held at the "home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo O'Connor. Ac- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Almli, was a companied by Mr. Eric Daniel- huge success, with a. large turn- SILVANA Mrs. Irene Vognild, correspondent. SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF NORWAY TO MEET The Sons of Norway" and th, Daughters of Norway will hold their regular business meetings on Tuesday evening, Jan. 5 at the home of Mr• and Mrs. Arthur i}Gertrude Sill and Helen. Helenl, i r~r)xrnnrm [Itook her to Everett Monday tollSISCO HEIGHTS I D1~1211¥I [tget the bus for Seattle. Mr. and[I Mrs Willi~ Hilde ct,,r [ Aiice-Thomsen lIMrs. Leonard Sill and family sill ";Fele" h~0ne 211'~ " ! Phone 2503 [ Port Angeles were unable to|' . v , +. ! Don't forget the New Year's come on account of sickness. ~ A very interested ero\ 'u x :.++red Eve dance at Bryant. There will Mr• and Mrs. Glen Nelson and[the pictures.s.hown byMr: Swan. be free noise makers, specml at- family and Mr. and Mrs. Charles son, st rrmluaa ana t'ono rues, tractions and door prizes. Nelson and family spent Christ. on Sunday night. Mr. Swanson Christmas dinner guests at the mas at the home of their mother, is a missionary, on leave at pres- Ole Jackson home were Mr. ant Mrs. Tom West. Some of the ent, but he is making plans to Mrs• Walter Roger~ of Seattle children are spending part of return to the foreign fields. ~on, they had Christmas dinner out. Members enjoyed watching: Rod, beginning at 8:15 promptly,iMr. and Mrs. Lawrence Webnail~ with their daughter, Mrs. Bert television, and hearing a tray-' All members are requested to be anu son, Mrs. Marshlain, Mr. and Cronin, and family in Everett. ~log by Miss Sandra Parsons of present. A social time and re- Mrs. Axel Carlson of R. 4, and Also present were their younger her recent trip to Chicago• Miss freshments will follow the bus[- Mr. and Mrs. Brewster of Seattle• their vacation with their grand- mother. Mr. and Mrs. Ossie Anderson, who recently purchased the Gim- Mr. and IVIrs. Harold Helgeland and Mrs. Sigrid Helgeland were dinner guests at the A. K. Curtis home in Granite Falls Christmas turkey dinner with all the son Douglas and their daughter Parsons spoke of the many inter- ness sessions• Installation of ne~ Christmas eve ggests at the sey place, are buildin~ a new day. ngs was enjoyed by the and Iamily from Carson, Wash., esting things she had done and officers will be held on Thurs- Andrew. Espe home were Mr. and addition on their house~ The Community Club will ~g: Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mr and Mrs. Dan Danielson and seen on her trip, and passed day evening Jan 7 at the Sons Mrs Mike Homm and Judy, Mr ~Mr~,.,.... ~,~..., ~_.~ ~.~ meet Jan 8 at the home of Mr. • ' " ~ and s Carl n Es and T ~'~ ~" ~*"~ m~t~.~, a.u mr,~. • ~on and son, Mr. and Mrs. children. On the way home they around pamphlets and menus of Norway hall in Stanwood Mr . so pe e- Flori~ 14.'+dd~,nhr~rn af q¢,-~t11L, and Mrs. Dale Steckelberg. Fingarson and son, Mr. stopped at the home of their and various gifts and certificates when the three Sons of Norway ressa, all of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs, suent til+e"da--Tuesda~at"lh" Mr and Mrs Harve-" Nielson [rs Pete Fingarson, Mr other ~on Bob O'Connor to wish presented to her Later in the I od,~es and the Dauahters oi Conrad Espe and family of And. ,P~. m, Y- ~ "y e , 0" ........ 2" ....~ ........ 's. Fred Fingarson Palmer ~ ' • ' • ~ ~" ~" J" ~ inomsen home o, ~t~.~lttl~ bpgllt tllg ~llllDtlll~ him and hm familya merry evening gifts were exchanged Norway will hold Joint installs- corte;, and Mr and Mrs George i..," . " . hnli,'lav~ -* ~*" Orri" 'Tn'~"- ~on, Mrs. Elverna l!Fingar- • ' - • nr" a ...... -~ ,~t,,~ , ,~ ,,~- Christmas. from beneath a lovely decorated tion which will be ouen to the Espe and family. ..t~ lstrn~s, eve .guests at theIT,m,+ hnm,~ ngtand, Mr. and Mrs. Ole .................................. - Mrs Frank McFarland who lt:Iarence nelmer nome were Mr j ............ bpenolng unrlstmas With Ivirs. tree, ann retresnnlunt~ were pUDIIC. - 7" • .... ' . land M,a P..~....~ u ....* ~,~,' .qnndav eallors at the home of rg and daughter, Mr. and w P ~n,,,~,~r ~,~,~ nr °"'~ ~nr~ ~, 'red Mrs Martha Tveit and has been 111 several says is ........... ,-,=,,,a,~, ~,=,~ u, .... -~_ ------=, : -. ..... 0y Gustafson and dough- "" ..... " ..................... ." " • -- . • - .'. ~tle Miss Evel n Ber and Mr O Mr and mrs urrln underwood Thus Jones and family were Marvin Land were honored with The Salem Lutheran Ladles slowly recovering at this writing. ~. ,_ ~ . ~. Y.+. g ..:. .[...'. ~.....,'~.~ ~ .... + ~,,.~, • and Mrs. Pete Lindberg Mrs " Snvder's brother and hi, a birthday cake, their birthdays: Aid will meet in the Memorial Mrs. Magnus Nordby's dough. ~ornus o~ beatue, Mrs_ ~uenlw~-~ ,~,~- a~.,u ~2:~ ...... ~% ..... ,: • - + • • • rieimer oi Arlin ~on ~vir and son st LaKe btevens, mr. and ns, Mr. and Mrs. Donald wife from Portland Mr. and Mrs. both being in December. The hall on Wednesday afternoon, ter and son.m-law, Mr. and Mrs. I ....... g ; . . [~ ....... . ...._~ .... ~ c~.r;.~- ~on, Mr.and Mrs. Alvin E J BurUe The~'~ had d~.,ne,, c~ko was hr,m~ht by Mrs. Loila Jan. 6th at 2 o'clo,~k. Me~dames Ervin Johnson of Sacramento,[mrs.. urval ~uinaugen ana girls ~v~t~. r~u~,* ~,uuu,t~ u~ up **,~- 1 and daughter, Mrs. with'the l~ewey i~unnings."' Si'eekell~er;'-and w~s made-in James Pryor and Jack Pryor will Calif., visited at the N ordbyl°fSllvana." ...... o nEdveM[i and Mrs. ' Smith and sons, Mrs. Mr and Mrs Hiram Foster the form of a Santa Claus. be the hostesses and they extend nome, arrivmg uec. zu aria leav-I . ~vtr. ana ~vtrs. Hemmer ana cnn-I ...... • ~. . s Smith and children, Mis- spent the holi£1a- with their * -- a cordial invitation to all mem- ing for Sacramemo the 28th. !flren naa t.nristmas sinner andl Leroy bmelKe, Airman ~/c, *s rilyn and Rondo England; .,~ ,,~+ ..... .~ ,.~.~m nn ..... Mr and Ivlrs William Kahler, bers and friends to attend Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Udell[spent the day with Mr. and Mrs•[home on a 15-day furlough vis- me friends who joined Mrs Jack Fearv and children ir :;on %ernon and daughter Pare- The annual business meeting spent Christmas eve in Seattle,[Orval Gulhaugen. I]tlng his mother, Mrs. Oscar for the happy occasion P.,~,,,h~,~ ~n~ w ..... +~ ~ .... 'in+' Aa enjoyed the Christmas vaca- of the Zion Lutheran congrega- Christmas day at home, then on[ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simms oilViddahl" He will return to .Cha- Mrs. Emma Van Namee, ~:~:~'to"'ta-r~t-i*n a-new'~'o~: ;~on visiting relatives at North lion will be held in the Social Saturday went to Portland on alSeattle visited her mother Mrs.lnute, Ill., +where. ne has seen nd Mrs. Bill Simpson and ...... b ....... ~ • • • ~ • • • s n I stuu- sit[on with KING TV in Seattle Bend. They left on Christmas hall, on Tuesday evening, Jan. business and pleasure trlp, vIS-[Hoshaw, a few hours Christmas[an nonors[usen.t m c oo, ., and Mrs. Nan Buyer. ~,. No,- v,~ar¢ r~nv eve and stayed until Saturday 12 at 8 o'clock. All the members iting Mr. and Mrs. Larl Anthony[day. lying to oe a ~ngn~ engineer. • * * v,* ............ j . . • . ' % ........... :nd had Christmas dinner with are invited to attend on the way home. Sunday the [ Juv,,,q,~ ,-. ........ m ,~,~,~,[Mr. and Mrs Byron Bunkel- nds who attended Bruce " • ............ ~ ............ i~lr anti lxlrs oonn bin letor ~ _ ~ • .... '_+ . g . Kahlers parents,- Mr. and Sunday, school in the Zion Lu- stopped in Seattle and vImteC.[Januarv 8 with initiation of a[man and family of Port Town- Llain's birthday party Wed-,nail ~neir ~augmers nome to; - " " .... ' ' t h ~ - ............. i 1 ............ Jrs. M. S. Haugensteln. Other theran coneregatIon will com- ChffoId s uncle and sun, Iv 'l now rnornhPr~ I send and Mr. LeT s Bunke man Y, Dec. 23, after school t:nrlstmas. ~vnss ura blngieron ~ , .................... . . + .ue=ts for the day were Mr. and mehee for the new year on Sun- and Mrs. Cappie Udell ..... ' Ispent the hohday week-end with Richard Fund, Lester Gil- who teaches a~ Cornell, was here Mrs Troy Hoffman and daugh- day mornin~ Jan 10 in the So- Christmas day guests at the[~ Mrs. _J)m O Reilley and two Mr and Mrs Bruce Bunkelman. Charles Mullen, Tommy ~rom k naca, N.Y., and Capt. an :ers of North Bend. cial hall at 9'45 a m All the George Espe home were Mr. and/°.°ys, M1Ke and Danny, of Ks-I Mr and Mrs. Orrm Underwood Larry Marshlain, Danny ~wrs. A~arun Mickelson who ........... ' . " ._ _" _7 -' Mrs W"lls Soden and lamil" of[dtak AlasKa, are guests at thei..ntertained Mr a--d Mrs Ken ,,~ = ~,~=,, ,, ~.~.u~as=, ~,a~a ............... .._._ _, .......... o ......Yak[ms Mr and Mrs Roland! ~renclemunl nome [nls weeK. neth Taylor and Mr and Mrs son, Slax and Tim SimaTn- ~-~v" ~-"--- ~-- ^--~--- .... k'~'-- lne t:lauae uamasKes are cnnaren are invites. Tne connr • ,= ~ ,.. '. ....... ,~ • ,+ • " w re als '- re a "" " mppy to nave visiting rnem matJon class ill~etN on ~aturoay , • • , ~-. ~ • • e o ,e as w s mrssear ' Daniel Bradley, and L Y c ' .- : ..... " • • heir daughter-in-law Mrs Rob- morning at 9:00 Speer and Bonnie of Seattle, Mr.[ The Brendemuhl family spent[Chuck Crandal of Granite, for -~r. Bruce, the son of Mr.~wanson. . . . +caP[: m,cKeison~ . ~. na¢~ 'rt~Damaske~ of Dundas' "Minn The members'of the Zion Lu- and Mrs. Donald Speer and[Christmas eve with the Readier[dinner on Tuesday evening.• lrs. Ed. Marshlain, was 8 lust seen [ransierred ~o ~wctcnorc '~{rs Damaske motored here anti theran and First Lutheran con- family and Mr. and Mrs. Albert[family. And Christmas night the[ Darlene Underwood enter- old. He and his guests en- ~mtu. irri;,ed a week ago .qundav "'~n firmation classes were guests at Speer and family of Lakewood,lRengler family, Albert Bowles[tained the 4-H club at her home :games and refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Becktel! ~hristmas eve , ~'t~e" Dam~tsk~es an informal Christmas°party at Mr and Mrs. Arthur Speer of Ar-[ and Dwight Wales. had dinner[on Monday. They exchanged piENJOY FAMILY PARTY and daughter Jeffrey left Dec. 25 ~ont tho o~onincr with tho C'~oa the Pastor Mvrwan~, home last lington and Miss Betty Espe of[at the Brendemuhl home. [gifts and played bingo, after for Long Beach, Calif., where'Mr ~s of" £nd'~r~"Chr'~t. Saturday after'noon. ~' Everett. [ The Art Fullerton family, Mrs.[~vhich Darlene served them cake .!'and Ethel Verd had an Beektell's ship is in port. He ha" has day Mrs ~Ciauci'e ~I)amaske Miss "Ruth Myrwang visited Mr and Mrs. J N Smith hadIMargaret Hoshaw Mr and Mrs land ice cream. Iitt-ly happy old-fashioned h ~ ~ " been sine on a 30-day leave.,vas hostess ................... to th~ following,, he_r brother and sl'sters ..... in Seat- all their family home for Christ-IFrank McFarland and. th~ Th~m-I. Guests at the Oscar Viddahl ~as gathering and dinner.Mrs. Fred Fingarson has gun( ,uests: Mr. and Mrs George tle over the week-end returning mas, Mr. and Mrs. George Hoff-/sens had potluck Christmas dm-lhome on Christmas eve were Mr. Raymond Wash•, came daughter ~laomi, her hus- to Tacoma to spend severs~Lee, Mr. and Mrs. VictorDo- Sunday, together with'her broth- man and son Edwin of Apple.]ner at the.Thomsen home., land Mrs. John Whittlesey and weeks with her daughter Louise naske, of Arlington Mr. and er, Haakon, and friends in time Idaho, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jolly/ Mrs. Llman uunn nao as[Patty, Mrs. Margaret Ostrum, Mr. Dave Reid; from Renton who is ill. " Mrs. A. L. Lee son' Jackand for dinner at the parsonage and son Jeanne of Seattle and[Christmas guests her daughter[Gust Fredrickson, Mr. and Mrs. R~::~ BmtOt~hl~r, caEmle~Zat~e:h ~ ~,,,~ ~a~ u,~,,~ ~+ ..... or 3au~hter Delores of Seattle Mr Mr and Mrs Mvrwan~" and Mr. and Mrs. Don Hoffman of[and, Mr. and Mrs.[Orrin UnderwoOd and Leroy and ' hact~'all"theirc'h°ildren~an¢i'~rand: and~Mrs. H. A. Solver anal' son Ruth were guests ~ the Rober~ Mt. Vernon. , .[Don Lund, and son, from Wood-[Ilee Smelke. maughter Barbara Reid ,.h~m~,~,, hom,~ fo~ dinnor on Larry of Edmonds and Mrs Perkins home in Seattle Christ- mrs. A. C. Bensons son and/IOnS; ares spending [ne eveningi Mr and Mrs. Howard Moore e, her husband Milton, and ........................ w " " ..... a Robert Damaske of Minnesota mas Eve Mrs Perkins is the for : wife, Mr and Mrs H R Elder oft ere Mr and Mrs Ben Inghamland family of Monroe visited daughters Susan 3, and ~. ~2:[77~m {!1 ~aCii ~4o~A[~t~i~H~fi;u~g~M[:i ~: Da~im~Y~n eak~TZi ~memnea da~!i:~n ~7~nrnei/~~r~ol~n~lh.Ui~mSote~.~i~EM~l~~h:i~~;~athli ra 24 days; from Arlington e }is came their daughter 1 t 1 her husband Waylan Starr heir two children Judith, 12 ..... - . + The Ed Almli -~ -" ; ices in Zion Luther&n church P ' • [ • " " "/ Y, ,arty, almost 10. ~vlr ano ivlrs uan ~un~ enter s nas a ous~ • "" " .~ ........ .- Christmas Day. ,. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wegneriattte.. /plan to work again this next at-grandfather Will Verd to[ned Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mur-~nrls[mas weeK: motoring tofiei- + • were in Seattle two days over[The Harold Hubbard home hadlSaturday if the weather permits. up Old Glory to wave over ray, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Natale lmgnam on christmas eve, where Use Times Classified Ads -- Christmas visiting friends and[a festive look during the Christ-/ Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Curtis visit° :stir[ties Carols were sung. and cnildren, and Mr. and Mrs. mey were guests st Mr. and Mrs. effective economical relatives• They enjoyed a chick-|mas holidays. From the road you|ed at the Harold Helgelands , J~dy gave thanks for our Art M611 at Christmas dinner. VanCegues~s IneiuaedKey and MrChildren-ans MrsOtherus ry ana~ '-aaugmers,-" + ~,~lfftolse" ano" en dinner Christmas eve withlcould see a large silver tree with[Christmas eve. :. lessings, and daughter Gathering at the horse of Mr ..... • . "_ " ...... +, ~:'." ..... friends, and a turkey dinner[blue lights shining through a[ Mrs. Orrin Underwood, Helen ear oonnson wno came Irom ~:v ulnas and Mr and ~/lrs Mlcnael ~l:earve~l the turkey., and Mrs. D. T. J. Ball Christina ....., ' ~ ...... " .. ;'_ ~ • ~. : •. _. Christmas day with their daugh-[window, in the yard a holly tree[and Darlene, and Mrs. P. W. erett ano accompanies [ne Aim ±v~urpny ana son F~I, oi Alger gas a great day for tne eld- Eve for a simple party +and to .............. ~ ~ ~ v" "" " " .... " ter and family. Mr. Wegner s ne /had different colors of lights[Vanasehe were dinner guests of lls ana mr ana ~vlrs narola ~e3 ~unuay lslmrs st me lvel~s }fl a quiet, peaceful day for open presents from absent mem- .' ... ;._.. o_ , ...... L:~ ~ .. phrew, Bob Reise of Wyoming,/making quite a pretty display.|Mr, and Mrs. Calvin Vanasche OI Benlngnam, woo leI[ on ~ were lvlrs lVel~ s aura, Mrs ~'OUngest So ended the bees of their families were Mr ........... ~, .." .... ~: and his niece, Miss Elsie Reise of[Guests for the evening were the[at Alderwood Manor Sunday Lest day of the year. and Mrs: Leo Gatherers and Mr. [r.ip ~o t:ailtornla a~tert~nrls.tmas ~rances re~lrclerc, fio~ ~ene anq Seattle, spent two days at the[Frank Albins from Lakewood,[ Guests of Mr and Mrs J D Mrs.* *Jack* Scaly • • were guests oi tilaoys aura andivlr. donn ~anager oI ~eaIIle. ~d Lee Gatherers and littl Susie• sinner, un bunqay, t, ne AJmn~ ~augnter nei.en o~ ~ea{[ie, ano Wegner home over the week.end.[the Gordon Whomsens from Sum-[Patch Christmas day were "Mr: spent Celebrating Christmas with ....................... Mr. and Mrs. George Fulfs andiner, P. C. Sheppards from Snoho-/and Mrs. Bob Egbert and son of , as with their daughter Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mathewsunc!e, anu coumn, tvtr_ana.Mrs, aw~ana tvlrs. [rv~II~ostoi an~ Mr. Ryker enjoyed Christmasimish and the Harley Sheppards[Anacortes, Mr. and Mrs John A. t'eterson a no ~vir. uiene nuO- son L, lenn were t:nri [mas guests • ' • " :~l~ily, the John E. Terrys, were Mr. and Mrs. Pen Mathews ~l n ...... " *h ...... of hi -are " "+ ~;" ..... droner at the Lloyd Ryker home.ifrom R. 4, where all guests gath-iPatch and family and Mr. and ~e, With four grandchil, and little Joe and Mr. and Mrs. u eso:.; While mere iney also ws- . sp. nts, ~vir. ~no Christmas eve guests at the Ry-/ered for the remainder of the/Mrs. Albert Patch and family. Kenny Kamkeberg and Chrol Jo ..... • ...... , ~ ,. +Q~ • _. ..... ker home were Mr. and Mrs.[evening. [, ....... ~Y~l~nt-~livel.y,+day. . . ' I~es mr. ans ~v~rs Ar~ nowaro vert ~ostoi st Lathe od Otner ~ ___ Christmas dinner guests of Mr ........................ .. ' + _. George Fulfs, Clarence Fulfs and[ Happy New Year+ to everybody/[ For | ~d Mrs: Hat+:Frltz and lit-] ....... ~r. ~eorge uownaru oz ~enlng- guests were mr. ag~'~irs t~lnou '~g.g+Spent•Christmas week-i and Mrs Muse Waterman were nam, and ~rs. uon ~,mg. o! ro.rr. ~f)gman~ mree cnlmren o~ AI- Miss Shirley McGrew, Mr. and land I thank you all for giving[[ ................ I fans, ure mey all oeIng rela- uerwoou Manor + • !th Mrs, Fritz's I~arents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brooks .. " . ." .......... " . .. Mrs. Jim Wood and Mr. and Mrs./me your news. /I i~UVleil~ ~.~l~l~l~i I • • uves oI Mrs Almll Mrs. ,.ella ~eeKelberg gave a~ and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Mathl- .. _ ~'- .~ ".~ .... Chris~ma ...... Kenny Wood of Seattle. [ o [[ or Hoe Work | n~l Mrs. L. S. Batdorf. Mr .... mr ano mrs. ~. ~. ~unaqulst ~ s parw ior ner uut[ons ...... son of Snohom]sh, Mr. and Mrs ..................... ,~ .... Mrs. Edith Chft and Donald[ When you rise In the morning, it o.~u [ Ted San J,,an and hab~, aa,,~h nau a group ol relatives for anu ~ows .~-n t~lUD ai~el* scnooi ...... + +.. +~.~ u.,,~ r~..~.~...~ ~..~..i~ ..... ..~.~.~..+;.... +.. ~..,... .~..~, . ---- , tng, while his wife ,t r Karen f S k t~nrlstmas eve: lvir. arts ~vlrs AI- on xvionoay, uec. zis{ Tne samv ............. e o po ane, Mr. Duane ~....~ e...~.~.~,.~....~ o.... • .............. -; .... Thursday and all went to Seattle[day a happy one to a fellow-H Pho,.o ~* ~-,, ~-,n | [ned on till New Year s. Ivlathison from E1 Toro Nav- ..~u ~,,~.~..,,,., ,~,~.,.ano ~s- evening sne attenueo a t~nns~, wr~r~,, and ~nent Chri~tm~/cre~t,,~,~ ~,,,~,~.,, ,~,-,it~ ~i .......... "~'~ i • land; Mr and Mrs Lauren Ran- mas party at the Everett Com- • • ~--< -% who have been in Base, Santa And, Cahf., and Mr. _.. = .... • ~ .. ................. with Mrs. Clfft s father and[i .... for three weeks, think An,~,, n~,~ ,,,h,, boo ~,,~ ,~h,~,, Ken, ~eatue; Mr. ano ~virs. w. munlty Hall, Ior all toe btanley m,~th,~ Mr n,~a Mr~ Aoklo~ II like it very well. On 2%}romse [ce"in"S ol an ...... Sudds, Everett, Mr, and Mrs. Sig representatives in the North Se- -+~l~e+'O'u'~ft"~i*ul~"'wil'l'~,'ee~ ~+]] ][~][~ Ii/ iO1 ]gl~lt$ DI]~IL'~I~ g~][~'~if~l~'lP][~le~P Day this group joined ~" v • ' " • ....... "~ .......... i~ Mrs Frank Kahan had a nice Sundqulst, White Horse, and Mr. attle district. On Christmas eve, Mr~ Plift's W,~dn,~st~a,, Ja,, a ][ i[%. ¥1f. ~k~li~l~lll~ Dlrl['lgd[~ ~lFllk~l¥11~ll[~l~l )orothy and Josephine ,~,__.. ..... wi+, ,.~_ .~ ....... and Mrs. O. C. Robinson, Arhng- M and Mrs. Steel~el~erg went ...... ,,., ......... +11 dinner at the home of and famil,~ Mrand Mrs S ton. On Christmas day the Rob- to Lake Wenatchee td•spend the Mr ~nd Mrs Ra,, ~il' of e..+ [[ NEW L00ATION Rs _. • • • insons and Sudds returned and hohdays wlth her parents, Mr • • ' A 9'30 am to 5 m me e Gray. for Howard Suskln and children in .......... n~ "'r ...... ' tle brought Miss Hattie Sill UlC[I BR CY BUILDING • • • P. . n,,,, Murphy was home ++ wthorne Hills Seattl "~i]e nelpeo clean up me rmDons ans a o xvl s. nugn rumam rney re- to s-end Chri-tma ....... i! ......... ; - ... - ,.~l,~l na , e. i Y .... r~ *-^-- *h^ °"-~tm-- ~:'+~ turned o- ~"nda" ev--i< .... ; P ~ s anu tne ll Iz~ ulymplc Ave. tloseo Tuessays lays with his parents, were joined also by her son Del • week-end at the home of Mrs.]] Harold Murphy. He the University Sunday• md Mrs. George Preston spent Christmas Mrs. C. L. Math- is now in very Mrs. Frank Hollis had dinner with Mrs. Ma- and her brother, Jim Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Makus Kahan and his family for the and family divided their Christ. day. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hobbs, for- mas between their parents, being merly Peggy Thomas, announce Christmas eve guests of his folks, the birth of a baby boy, born the Mr. and Mrs. A. Makus of Lake 24th of December, Swedish hos- Stevens, and on Christmas Day ~ital. He has been-called Dennis they were entertained by Mrs. Makus' parents, Mr. andMrs. Ray. Burrus of Granite Falls. O RUBBER STAMPS Arlington Ptg. Co., Phone 493 CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST Fourth and Dunham Arlington, Washington The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, S~JND&y SCHOOL ......................................................................... 11 &.M, SUNDAy SERVICE ....................................................................... ll..&.M. A NUrsery for Babies is Provided in the Church Ediftce ng every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Reading Room: Chul-ch Monday 2 to 4 p,m. and Wednesday 2 to 4 and 6:45 to 7:45 eXeeDtlng legal holidays. All are cord~liy invited to attend these and to make free use 'of the Reading Room. Science programs from The Mother Church in Boston are now SUnday mornings at 9 o'clock from Station KJR, S~attle. , IT'S GOOD NEWS! art my hiding place; thou shall preserve me from thou shalt compass me about witll"songs of deliv- I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which Shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalms 32:7-8. in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto own understanding• In all thy ways acknowledge him, he Shall direct thy paths. Prov. 3:5-6. It Is The Wish every one o# us that health, happiness and success will be ours throughoui the coming Arlington, Wash. I Year. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Williamson and family went to Everett on Saturday evening and helped Earl's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Williamson, celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary. While there they also visited with Mr. and Mrs. George Wil- liamson of Seattle. The George Williamsons moved to Seattle recently from Kansas, and are] cousins of Earl and Carl. They had not seen each other for 15 years so it was a nice reunion for all. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Van Meer and son of Seattle spent the Christ. mas week-end on their ranch on R. 5. Christmas evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Putman were their children, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Parker, Lois, Cleve and Claudia, and Mr. and Mrs. Rob- ert Putman and son Rubble. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Howard and family from Springfield, Ore•, arrived on Christmas to spend the holidays with her ~parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pres- ton. They returned home on Tuesday. Spending Christmas evening with her sister and family, Mrs. Stella Parsons, was Mrs. Elsie Howell of Bellingham. Another guest was Mrs. Marion Harmon of Everett. On Christmas day Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Howell to Chehalis to visit an Duxbury, who was there on a trip from South Da- kota visiting his sister and the ladies' aunt, Mrs. Ads Jones. While at Chehalis the ladies vis- ited several cousins and returned to Arlington on Sunday. The Paul Wessons had as guests on Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. William McKelvey and their son David stayed over to visit his grandparents until New Years Eve, when the Steckel- bergs will go back to bring him home. Mrs. Fred Burrows went to Se- attle Wednesday and stayed un- til Sunday visiting her two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. James Reinholtz and family, and Mr• and Mrs. Stephen Klinker 'and family. She had a lovely Christ- mas there, and is back home continuing the remodeling of their home, having put in a new chimney and new cement steps• Oscar Southermark and Frank Fry of Seattle discovered a short time ago that their birthdays fell on the same day, Dec. 27th, so Sunday they were dinner guests of Mr. Fry's sister and family Mr. and Mrs. John Luthi. Mrs. Fry came from Seattle with her husband for the happy oc- casion. On Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. John Amundson were happy to have all of their children home with them. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Amundson came from Lake City, the Leander Amundsons from Marysville, Mr. and Mrs. Ken- neth Johnson and familyfrom Fortson, Mrs. Amelia Zaretzke from Arlington, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barnett and family of Everett• Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Zaretzke and sons. were Mrs. Amelia Zaretzke, Mr. and Mrs. John Amundson, Mr. and Mrs. Leander Amundson and son Ronnie, and Phillip Wide- meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Almli spent Christmas eve with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Almli and son Louis of McMurray, and Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Iver Driv- stuen and family of Island Ser- vice Station. The daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Platt enjoyed the Christ- mas holidays at the Plait home. Your correspondents, Stella Parsons, Laura Preston; Goldie Johnson, and Betty Tveit, would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of Burn family, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Hill and vicinity for their coop- Wesson and family of Arlington,[eration in giving news this pastl and Mrs. Patricia Stridand[year, and also to extend warm- daughter Virginia• lest greetings for th4 holiday sea- The William Tveits spent son and the New Year ahead• i Christmas evening with Mr. and[ Edward Hudson of Seattle was] Mrs. Harold Tveit and four 'chil-IChristmas dinner guest of Mr. dren of Alger. Other guests were and Mrs. Melvin Dickinson of R. Mr. and Mrs. Aoy LuTe, son Lar- 5, Arlington. + \ i