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December 31, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 31, 1953

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NEWS STAND AND COUNTER 10c PER COPY Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Dec. 31, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 3, 1915. Winners in Decorations official report of the Ar- Garden Club committee judged home outdoor decorations is given as prize was won "by Mrs. with Santa, his sleigh The picture win- carols made a very el- and attractive back- prize was-wo nby Mrs.I with beautiful pic- windows all framed in Her display was very prize was won by Mrs. Backstrom for the effec- of outdoor lights on each the porch and the carols ayed in the background. able mention---D. K. Dan- a very beautiful tree lighted on his lawn. Sampson has a picture window and tree. has Santa in a on the porch and an tree to welcome Christ-, Arnot has a very effec- doorway and picture I~t ~:ve~'i~ lb e a u ti f u 1 white ' e from the high- very cheery greeting to a of Arlington. ~, rd Palmer's holly wream, ible from the highway, lot of work and thought. ldges for the contest were ~heir task was a difficult very pleasant one. After OVer hot coffee they had lard time to make their ~. The Arlington Garden shes to thank all those part in making Arling- ore beautiful and spark- ramunity at Christmas Wish the community a is Holiday Season. [orback Dec. 25 , :back, 75, R. 4, Arl'nagn Dec. 25 following in llness. He was born " ay 5, 1878 and came ted States in 1902. Mr. -~sided in the State of n for the past 50 s survived by his wife, son,'J,Jhn W., and two ten, all of R. 4, Arling- brothers in the United one brother and two !Weden. i services were held at] s day at Moll s Chapel,I ~rokaw pastor of thei Onal Church, officiat-I I. Larsen sang "Rock and "Jesus, Lover of was in Arlington tl}bearers were Mack Hafdel, Oliver Conrad Gar- Garberg. 3 ()LYMPIA, WASH., Dee. 29.--The Associated Sand & (h'avel Co. of Everett waa lhe low 1)idder on the contract for improving tlighway l-E, Arlington to junction with State Primary itig'hway No. 1 (U. S. 99) at Island ,Iunction today, their bid being for $102,944.10. The contract, which must be tOml)leted within fou," nionths, calls for clearing, grading, draining and paving of 3.124 miles with bitulithic paving 22 ft. in width, with S ft. shoulders. Right-of-way from the Island Junctio n, 1o the foot of the hill near the Robb Ser- ~ " vice tation is 100 ft. in width. A member of a specially se- rine Corl:~ April 1st, 1952. lected and trained Marine Corps Guarding the line in Korea is unit, Pfc. Henry Wold, 23, son of said to be one of the touchiest of Tree Planting At Pioneer Park Is Completed Winding up a tree planting bee that has seen about 2,00{I LOTS OF GOOD FOOD was served to the orphan children who were guests at Navy Radio Sta. Mr. and Mrs. John Wold, R. 5, duties, as a slight error in judg- small evergreen of several spe- tion, at Jim Creek on Christma~s Day. Above Richard Dolan, Bellingham left, and Kenneth Thorn. Arlington, and former Arlington merit could be the incident that cies planted on the grounds ot ton, Pittsburgh, Calif., members of the station personnel, carve turkey for the party.---Times photo. High School football star, is sets off a shooting war, perhaps the :Pioneer Park, south of town, l$ldIo lle Opened=:-;s * " n . helpingguard the demilitarized the third world war. several members of the organi- l'lre lhreatens t.rirlstmas rany zone ....... between North and South The personnel selected for the zation ..... turned out last Sunday, a- ~ ]. o, .. ~orea, accorglng to worn recelvea ~atrol organization are all 5 ft ann unoer the supervision o~ Jan. 19 On Work At Mar,, Gates Home At Kamo atatmn by The Times. i0 and over, and were subjecte(i Bill Wallis succeeded in finish- J rq ,-~ , Pfc. Wold enlisted in the Ma- to special training, ing the job: . _ Navy Radio Station , Timely discovery and report of 14or urplmns ~-------- ~gmungThe plantlngsoum WaSoi themaaenrlone~tl~ a fire at the home of Mrs. Mary |'~* /.,.,-naeo ,o, , , ,r Bids will be opened on Jan. 19 Gates Trafton R 3 Arlington, It was a great day for 17 or- ~,,~a Lta~,~aao o tan lanos lO * lake an area which had been for the installation of aerological is all'that saved the'home from phan children from the Parkland ft_ {~..l- |---- A ' ] ~., ~ . overrun by scotch broom. complete destruction on Sunday Children's Home, at the Navy ~11 O~ll~ Jd.ll. "It I I'|h.qorvp ,~lnlll~lV~lrRAl~V brush had been cleared away equipment at the U. S. Navy ra- - ................ --~.,,v,~j w afternoon about 3'30 Radm Station Arhngton when ~..~ ..... ~,.,~ ......... ~o,~,~ ~,~ I and the area planted ith Fir, dig station, Arlington. .... ' , , ............................. - Mr a d ........ r~ .....,~,,~,~,~ ~.~.~ ,~ ,.~ they were the guests of the men ,.,~.,,~a f.,.~ tha ~,~n~rt,~,~,~t O~, . n leers. Davlg ~tanglang, Spruce, Cedar, ~lne, Hemlock. The work includes providing ...... ~.~ "'T~ ..... s -*,, ,-, .... P.--= of the station .~.:'_~_:^s*"~"L_~i's'~rat'~io~n~" "A'"ZL'lica'l R. 1 E Stanwood will hold open The Pioneer park is becoming was connnea to a small pornon " ~lt:ense ~e?g PP " O ' h use at their home on Sunday an attractive plot the grom'~d the electric services and interior of the roof and to a wall and Who had the most fun at the tion blanks for their automo- . ......... ', .... ' - ~ ,ha,,,. wiring for the sheltm building ...... art th " id ........ ~zan. ~, m ooservance o~ melt surrounumg rne rustle ou,,,,,,g providing photo-electric service celhng in an upstmrs room, with P Y, e k s or the men, is blleS, this being the first yeari,w,~.,,,, ~f,~ .... aa~...~ ~..~.~ .... ~...~ .... ,1 ,....~ ..... a ....~. 2,, control of tower lights on Wheel- ~-,,,~ ~'~* uo.,,,o.s~ ~ ............... ...... ~- ~,,,~ .......~ ................ sar,,a Their f,~,~,~a,,,~,,,~o ,~-~'~;'~ ,,,~v*t'~a,~=. ~-+'~ u,~+u .... wOrK-- oelng- none- oy- ~.'~ --L,. The fire' was discovered" b pearance aboard tho station fire used in notifying the car owner . er Mountain, installing armored Y - - . ~ ................ ,call between the hours of 2 and/Marsh and other members who trUCK plesents were nea eo mat its nme to renew mat 11 , cables between tower E-1N and four members of the Arlington ' ' P ~ " ' ...... al.o,,~d ,~ ,r.~.~ ~...~_ ,. ..... ,. ...... 15 o clock. I volunteered their time. The tree the shelter building. Specification uvll Detense umt, Leonard Hay- munge" ...... ann% ~a ~'~'olg"L'~"y" ~'~--Zk~~nrlstmas gin-' u~1~v'Herettore*" car owners nave- oeen- [ Mr. and Mrs. Stangland werel planting willi when. the trees de- 40781 and other bidding informa- den, Itenry Spencer, Shorty Court-' ........ i ................ : ]married at the home of the velop, form a fine background [r"man and Donald Britsch who her complete With turkey n ev-lnoHflea mrougn me puonc,ty].._ , ........... ~ ....... tion may be obtained on applica- ~ ' " I " " orlae s morner ~wrs. Magga ~.]e~. evergreen rarest mr me small were returnin~ from an unriv~r erythlng was served,to the happy medla as to date l~censes may ..... ' ..~ _ ....... tion to the District Public Works o " ~ a " i- .,~ ..a ~..a ,~,,, a~,., ~olsta~ ~. z t~ast ~[anwoou, On llaKe ana ornamental snra~ '" ~ voune, stels. De ur~,,~=u, a,,u t,,= u,~t~ .a~ ' ' ~. nshln~, trip They at first thou ht P Officer, 13th Naval District, U.S. . g " - . . [ -- ~..~... ~..,.~.. ,~ .~a .~,[aan. 4 1929. They have one son tplantings of the park grounds. Naval Station, Seattle 99. the dense smoke was coming Two nours or movies featuring[ usuauy ,,==- ..... = .......... , [pfo ........ f',nrrvo ........ R" :Rtnncdnnde, ..... , ..vnn~[ --..-..--,~'l"h ...... ......,h'a ...oo*o...~.*~eei~t'~'q ,.,.~ .,~*,a..,~.a,""~'~l .... the calendar ear so that all ve The bids will be opened in from a brush fire, but as they westerns and cartoons ~ere[,.~.~ ..... ,.~" .... , .o.21stationed in Korea. Mr. and Mrs.ltimes in the planting were: Bill Room 100,~ Building 232, U. S. nearedthe Gates home they dis- ShOWn as part of the entertain-[.~:{=o ,,,*,.~,,~ ,~, +~,,,:'*o~,,,;~'*;[Stangland have resided on R. 1,lWallis Jim Brown Frank Hollis coverea smoKe co' l.ling irom' the ment ~,,=-- *,~=,,~=~ *,,* -,= ~---=-~ - ' '. " Naval Station, Seattle. They will lye r t th ~'rst of the ear lEast Stanwood since their mar-IS H Aldrldge, Hlldur Ehason, a Ol e iI y be received until that time by roof and flames just starting The party was organized by[. B us " the dela i ' et /riage. ' [C. L. MarshJ. C. Carpenter. eca e ot y n g Capt. V. A. A. Powell, CEC, USN, along the ridge of the house. CSC R. E. Eddy, U.S.N., who re- q ~-e' s-s*e in" - ra~ - - ~- District Public Works Officer. They sent in the alarm from the ports that the men of the station! ~n_ new ~y: !~ m - to ope " - 71/L,~,v,n. 4~/,f~,~a ,4 n,.l~'~ .-~4~ I l.~'~4a,,a'.~4 e tlon ~evruary a was oeen set as llt/~'rb"fL~llb X'l.'lbblb b~lb l..]b~UlbG{,, c .... Snelson hom , and together with made up a fund of $150 to pur-the me- adline tor securing the '~ "]'~ ~] " Mr. Snelson and others securedchase pre~ents and food for the new -"5" "'c nse lates .4 at. __ _1 ~r_'_.l at W'~I 7"_. f~AII..--A Chest X-Ray Umt garden hose, with which they party In ~r~n~ten licenses" wilt be .~zgn~ btas~esae a'r. bouegv managed to Keep the flames A Nav bus icked u e i s Here Feb. 16-27 oow,, ........................ Uml, the l~re equipmene drew in YEverettP, they aPthrrlvlnChatl" available on and after Monday, A large delegation from the[A Stedman, 105 Cox, Alma A. arrived, althou~,h handica,~ned ........... g _i Jan. 4, at the W. H. Fowler Arlington district has made a Howe, R. 4, Lucille O. Wangsmo, s ~ the stanon aoout J. O ClOCK ang'A ewe " " throuo'h l~o/~ of r~rp~ur~ ,,~hla ...... ', g y trip to Everett at least once a 140 Lenore, Edward Almh, 210 Snohomish and Island court- cerises should take with them classes at Everett Junior College Bradley, R. 4, all University Of t~'-:ZY2;~ "~'~Z ~=~2~27"~ff: ~"ff.~:~ remalmng unnl ~ p-m., when Those renewing their car li- week to attend Evening School So, McLeod, and Thomas M. ties campaign to find the un- ,,, ~,~,, ~,,~ .u~ ,,. ~,,~ .uu~. they were returnea to ~:verett known cases of tuberculosis will the form received through the during the fall quarter whieh{Scouting; William D. Anderson, mail from the Department of completed sessions just beforetR. 1, Irwin O. Foss, R. 5, Box 384, Licenses together with the 1953 the regular school yuletide vaea-]and Robert Kirchgessner, R. 5, registration certificate and pay- tion. telephony related; Walter Dell- ment in the amount indicated A number of these people have wing, R. 5 and Wayne Edwards, under "Total Fees and Tax" already registered for new class- R. 2, body and fender related; which is given on face of the es which are scheduled to begin and Charles Kuhnhausen, R. 4, new form. the week of January 4. Registra- Box 118, machinist related. If license is not renewed by tions will be accepted beginning From Darrington: Billy Joe Feb. 15 penalties will be addea Monday for classes in begin- Endsley Robert L. Peightal, To- to the license fee and tax. wing German, conversational by Atterbury, Jackie Bates, Don- ....... ~. Spanish, Washington State tits- ald Tandv and Geor~,e H Bo,,e . . J ~ * J - Falls__ ....... hdM~|v~ ..... |:lnh tory,.lndustrlal mathematics,, be- sen, all University of Scouting. ...... g)nn}ng and brushup typing and From Silvana: Rudolph L. Kyl- Visit Here mpaign to x ray everyone in .er, o.ves; pumpkin pie, eouming, sewing, ta ,oring, an-ing the county," Dr. J Wescott.,"me' and was unaware of the b ....Has Christmas garb, snor .ang, secon :qL ar,er ling, American~Institute of Bank- ~rnbers of the Granite" Snohomisl~ county chairman, fire until a picture dropped from mincemeat pie, ice cream, nuts, Santa Claus was present at the vanced cake decorating, uphol. B$,GL~Y--O'OWr the wall. Running to investigate milk and coffee, meeting of Fidelity Chapter, stery, woodshop, machine shop, ~.. ...~.v~ .. s Club paid a visit to said. "That means everyone, even lshe saw the fire. This was about: . : . o O.E.S., at the regular meeting piano, orchestra, band, men's . ~lssatjsnea with me .manner ton den last Monday those who look and feel the pic- ,the Blue Bird Cafe. ture of health. "Tuberculosis the time the neighbors arrived, "|'urn |a~,~] Winna .e I Dee. 16th. There was a Christ. barbershop quartet chorus, pho-t m wntcna street al[ercat~n tag over for the dinner sneaks up without warning. You and she said she was surprised ,,-,-J a.,,j~.~. ,, u, mas tree and Santa passed out[ tog.raphy, ceramics, creat,ivelnanalea ,ues.~ay mfiht, l)ec. wrltln sales s eholo driv ~ouncllman ~ave Helm trial} talnment, were Bruce. can have tuberculosis withoutalmostt see theas soonFire asDepartmentshe was awarethere In Butter Contest pr~sd~t~tsallPo~Sen~ere sung, ing a~cl two elPS~e(s fo~gYoreign: man of the poiice dommittee, 1~[ S;d~2tBo:dehr? DGra~itre. knowing it, because it has no of the fire. ; 'Two Arlington area re.~idont~iand afterward refreshments werelborn and non-citizens, naturali-]quested.on Monday, Dec. 28, .the on v zatlon and basle En 1 res gnatlon of Chief Bill Bagley :s, Tom Grant Ed. An- apparent symptomsTB, matterin the earlYhow ][-][ -- 0Is staLw~d~ ~..ntest .............. to gi [ 1 ' " stages. Itowever, the chest x-ray have been named winners in the[ser ed in the dining room, the _ . . gl sh. [ . - o ',~ ,~,~ n ,~ ,~ "m,t Fidelity Social Club havin ' l~ersons ~rom Arlington partic-M~ Bagley who has been ~rren Post, R. McWhor-I can detect no ,larry r_v .... . ..... .. ~tt~" d ~ ~ooro charge They served coffee and' xpatlng In classes during the fall holding the police chief position urrell, Ed. Slaght l early the stage" Most of the Bids In Timber tertarv.mana erLB ..... of Fre"theOlwashin~tnn" tea, home-made cookies," sand-i quarter were Maureen Cyra, 806] for the past eight years ~mme- rtainment consisted ofl people who have x.rays during ~r.s film on the sub-I the campaign will have clear x- Sta'te DairvProducts Commis'~ion" wiches. The surplus cookies were] 1st, painting and drawing; Uel-ldiately complied. When asked v~lracle of Wood," and ray films, indicating healthyHarry W. Olson of Granite announced today ~ ' boxed and sent to shut-ins, lie Mackey R. 5, accounting;[by The Times for a statement, :ewes in the logging lungs, he continued. Only a Falls, Wash., was the successful In the second" division there] The next meeting, Wednesday,] Dorothy Hawkins, R. 5, orchestra;]Mr. Bagley replied, "No, there's and mills of the comparatively few will show up bidder on the Benson Creek were 50 awards of one-year ~,m. Jan. 6th, has been designated]Luther F. Snyder, R. 5, creative no use in causing a controversy n " " ~-~" Men's Night writing; Dale Stekelberg, R. 5 over it" it's all right with me" and the production of rome kind of trouble which may blowdown within the Monte Cris-,Ales of butter . ,] - , - Five hundred winners i~ *~,~ ~ Imaehlne shop; E. RoBert Meier,I During the.absence of Night lead to a diagnosis of tuberculo- to District of the Mr. Baker Na-i . div" ' w'l e r~o~ ~'~ ~ ~'J~" ~R. 5, and Norman D. Saylor, Marshal Clyde Parker, who is on third lSlOn 1 1 ach .... ~is. Most cases will be found tional Forest. 10,000 board feet of ~- ~,~a ~,~, ~a ~a~aa~a Amerlc" an Institute of Banking; vacation, the police work is be- ~| , trttt. Gladys M. Almli, 210 So. McLeod,[ing handled by Gordon Ouilitz, leIs t/IIlcers Rosaline F. Bjorn, R. 5, LillianlE. Holland and Bud Jacobs. , in the early stages when ,the Douglas fir sold for $28.00 per General Electric portable food Breaktast disease is easiest to cure. Nol thousand, 1,750,000 board feet mixers. In this area winners v 'ed Jan. 9 ommunity is safe from tuber-I of Western Red Cedar sold for were: Mrs. Joseph Thompson, R. culosis while a single case of]$17.55 per thousand, and 3,440,- 3; Marie S. Walls, Box 23. this communicable" disease ex-t000 board feet of Western hem- Top winner of the contest was flapjack breakfast ists in it. The spread of tubercu-Ilock and Pacific Silver fir sold Mrs. B. W. Le Fave of Opportun- at the V.F.W. hall losis cannot be stopped in th~] for $5.70 per thousand. Other ity, Wash., who is awarded the ay morning, Jan. 9th, area until we have located a 1 bidders included Wilmac Log- all-expense tour for two to ,Hono- sponsors of the Cub cases of the disease so that theytgers Co. of Granite Falls, Harold lulu via, Pan American 'Strato I Will serve the dell-may be p,,laced promptly under T. Olson of Arlington, and the Clipper, behalf of the Cub treatment . I Miller Shingle Co. of Granite The contest, Olsen said, was ary. There is no cost to have an x-l falls, publicized widely in the news- ~ritsch will be the:ray. The program has been paidt o papers and stores over the state s said he flips a tasty for by the Snohomish - Island I~- ]g ]~ A~,,~mm~, with color advertisements and tying will start at 7 County Tuberculosis Association, ~Io l~o l~ao ~u~aaao posters. It pointed up butter s 'ill continue as long and the Snohomish and Island || mR ..... table advantages, its, "health, mers keep comi~g. County health departments, nonore Dy masons taste and profit value.' Approx- 0--~YO-U~ The unit will be located in Ar- Dr E Martin Adams was how- imately 14,000 entries were re- lington on Feb. 16-27; Oso, Feb. ored'by'his brother Masons at the ceived from virtually all points 24; Darrington Feb. 26-27; Fort- Lodge meetin~ last Wednesday, in the State, about 95% of the mn Feb. 24. nigi~'t, when he was presente(i contestants being women. Stores o with a 50-vear nin by Districtlreported marked increase in but- lSorPrOvidedfunctionsto thatgixe Al;--,,o M,,o Representative o'f the Grand[ter sales. Winners were chosen on nature. All event~'J-~'~a|O A~I, UOL ~t.~;~.IV~L Master, 'Walter Higgins, memberl merits of 25-word answer to But- ~ee is charge, o~ g J V -Sf the Home Board, MasonicIter is better because.." January 21. lion Commission, commented on'vertisedThechargeWill wlllaP" D~lrin anuarj ttome. I .... According to Bugge. an en- Bugge's report by saying, '~rhe or a minimum of $1.00. Notice has been po~ted in the Dr. Adams was raised to degree ~,,.--JI, couraging trend is the way the post office warning aliens with- of Master Mason in December.l~U~[ Hall. Good mu-~in the United States thatthey 1903, and has been a member ofI .... must report during the month of Fis~her's Orchestr~ ng pleasure ev- Saturday night Tavern, Silvana. Year Day dance ht. New Y~r's Eve. noisemakers, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Silvana. Sorry, January giving address. Report should be made to the Commis- sioner of Immigration and Nat- uralization. An alien temporarily absent from the United States must re- ______ port within ten days after re- turtiing. Report can be made at the lo- cal post office and should be made on Form 1-53, which is the annual address report card. R. 5, and Norman D. Marshal Clyde Parker, who is on American Institute of Banking vacation the police work is be- I Gladys M. Almli, 21( So. MeLeod, ing han(lled by Gordon Ouilitz, I Rosaline t'. Bjorn, ~. 5, Lillian E Holland and Bud Jacobs. The regular meeting of Degree]~~~ ~-------~~ of Honor was held Dec. 17, lea. [~[k4h lll,lnn .n x,a ~, rnn.w~,,e turing a Christmas party with a {~ V I ~ll lll lll~ flY|U l[ ~|||,iU11~LO gift exchange and election of of. lm~~ ~ = = =L , . -- .... ficers. The new officers for 195 t1 ll|lU l'd d I[i I nt "lRi::/! tre as follows: Pres. Mrs. Bery-l]lIV II~ iflilfl[Ul ll~l~lLll II~| "ohn~on" Past Pres ' Mrs Leilal . ~'~ .~: -. ~' ... '- " .. Acordlng to William A. Bugge cates that no further rapid in- ~tecKleoerg; vice - rres., ~vlrs. ~. .......... 'lcreases in the hi-hwa- ---'-- ~uth Oman" 2nd Vice-Pr,~ Mr~ ~olrector oz mgnways ior tne~ g y pr~L~ ' ...... 1 V Edith Roal; Usher, Mrs. 'Edna Washington ~tate Highway Com-tt~relfea~sbeoeXpeuCtedl aedan f~ Brendemuhl Asst. Usher, Mrs. mission, estimates indicate that ex-'ect ..... q~- Y r) " . , p eu to go xarmer .earl Thomas; Treas., Mrs. Nel- forthe year ending March 31,1 During the calendar" ,,ear 1954 tie Berton; Rec. See., Mrs Ellen 1954 construction expenditureslthe Department of ~l*'hwa*'s Santeford Inner Watch Mrs. La- will total $44 million, the high-!ex*'ect ............... s n 1 r" . ~ p ~ tu awaru nxgnwav Crm- von Re g e , Outer Watch, Mrs. est total of eonstructlon expend-,~.-u-.: ........... -... . . . ]~tr cuon ~:untracts exceeamg Gladys Olander; Planlst, Mrs. itures in highway building hlS-!million This comnares w~t,l Lily McDonald a n d Tru,tee tory For maintenance ,w ,~ . " v . . ,ao ut $44 million in 1953, $3~ Mrs Harley Robh. There will be h~ghway system for the same ................... ~.. \ . lIlllllUIl 1[1 ~*~D~ ana aDoul a business meeting for wnarlt) period, expenditures are expect-million in 1940 Lodge on. January 7th and m~ta~i ed to. total $10 mill'on., and~ for. Fred G. Redmon," chalrman" of tmn will be held on Thursday, admlnlstratlon about $1z, mH- the Washington State Highway increase in l~ighway construction costs have appeared to have leo- Arlington Lodge continuously ~| ~ eled off at about double 1940 since that date.o_---- t;ms as prices. Highway building" cost .... trends in Washington have in ~'~-'~'~'---"~ " -------"1] According to Postmaster Bill!figures will be available after genewal followed the national ~'~|~. ~lQuake, the Chris~'nas cancel- January 1st. pattern The post war high Was ....... ['[lations at the Arlington post of- Accordingto information re- reached in mid-1949 and prices Jan. 9--Cub Scout Flapjack |lfice exceeded the 1952 mark by eeived from the postal depart- continued to drop until mid- Breakfast. -[t approximately 9,000, hitting a ment, savings bonds will no 1950 when they climbed Bxeeipi- an 21---De ree of Honor in-[[total of 114,155 as compared to longer be sold at the individual tously to a peak of about 210 J stallationg ~/105,378 last year. "Total sales post offices This service is be- per cent of 1940 prices in late J.n ~._~,,h ~,~..t p~,~ ~. I]for the quarter," states Quake, ing transferred to banks through- 1952. The fact that pric~ appear -'~|'n~ .................... I]"will undoubtedly top that of out the country. This change will to have leveled off at about 200 """ J]same quarter last year." These take effect on January 1, 1954 per cent of those in 1940 indi, highway users, throughout the state are encouraged by this ex- pansion in expenditures for new highways. We face a difficult period during the next few years in our efforts to modernize our highway system, Only by keep- ing this rate of expenditure m new highways will we overcome our difficulties." An interesting part of Bugge's report revealed that though the Department Is doing twice as much work as it did in 1949, there are about 150 less em- ployees now than in 1949. /