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December 17, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 17, 1953

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I Jl' '! !!!) !It , - No. 34 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Dec. 17, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 31 191f Seeks Decorations To Be : ;' :' ' ETTER LIGHTINI ion; Club Judged Sun., Dec. 20 .... " " ' d I ' ' urmd V.__ "ai o eratzn ex ' ,' ::jm 0 II [ I .., OSSIBIL TIES OFIiN[ ~na)nce winch' was zven its z , At the Garden Club meeting /:iii~iiii!i r I E E, PLAN iDDITIONALWATERSUPPL ad Report ,a t ond v which was he . !:ii ii!: iiiii iiii!::! : NI Lmerciai Club meet h ran Church drier it ~z~::... .:i)iiii:: ii :ii!iiii:.i::iiiiil iiiiii: i :~:: At a busy session of the city using these standards and over- Police, "Shorty" Countryman an_d at the Blue Bird Care twh:s L:tnl~nced that thp ~ud~'in= ~M ~ [cuncil on Monday night the head wiring a saving of about Leonard Hayden inquired of the ao t, itwasre ortedthat ~ .~. ~ . J ~ ~" ~ii:::i!I ~i~ii::!!i~i::!.iiiiii~)!i:.~i~iii::iiii!izii~i: i~!i il .: : ~[councilmen besides auditing $2000 could be made on the in-council asto the status of theap- ndustry was seekmg . ~ ~i;::~. :~i~i~:}::~':~};:~i:; :~ :::~)r:*~:~:":~ ~:~ : . g P , . $ , . P .P P 1~ z i P of outdoor t;nristmas decorations ~!i iiilii i)ii~i iiii~: :::~:.i?*~:::::~:: ~ ':~:: and orderin aid over 5 000 of stailation The estimated cost of re riation for the olice ca In the Northwest pre-will take place on Sunday after- ~i~ii ~ bills contracted during Novem-the changeover would be be-whmh had been ordered. They ~way from congested noon. Dec 20th Members and ~ii~ i~:!iiii)}i !i::~ii~il .... :~;~ilfi!il :.. :':'. .... :" ber heard reports on a better tween $11 000 and $12 000. This were informed that the warrant Iformation ......... was desired~.,,,,.~ ,es~dents ~ " " of" the town are urged ~:::~~~,~:.::: : .>-:::::* ....... ~...:::,::::: :i ~i~:i:i:i,.il ....... !)~!:~:*!:!* ~ .... ~.~J lighting system for Olympic would include 36 hghts, for s~me is ready when the cap~ ter, ~. ........ d ..... "to ......... nave meir (aecoratmns zn pmce n .:/~::;~. :~:i::iiiii~~" ~ ]avenue, granted,~ a building per- He!ms said that it must weverbe de-I arr&Ve.e ~ rd Twenty'beer " caps had lndustr would require . ',::: ~::!~ mit noted pro, ress being made termmed beforehand he b e 1 o e ed and zt was stated ntities of water and is--wreaths, door swags, decorated ~:}i~ ~[on securing of right-of.way for that the present standards are that only six had arrived, and d employ between 100 shrubs trees etc. Mrs. Edna VerdI ~IIt~!~ ~;~ ]widening Stillaguamish avenue, properly installed to carry thenthe warrant would be held up eopie. ,o .r.ox'~m~,~ ',~ ~h,~ ,.~rnmittee [ ~!~ ~ ~:;::~ [granted permission for the Boy additional extension. He sug-luntil the order is filled. ackstrom C W Fowler .............. r*: ] n~:~w ~ ~]I ]scout orgamzatmn to erect a lo~, gested a special get[ They also to znsur- ) '. ' " Mrs ~ W ~oper, o~ tfl~ x'~.u LI- :::: .... ::::::::::::::::::::::::: G. Keshng were up- " " " . ...... ] ~~~ ~ ~:~;I Icabin in Terrace Park, ordered all the necessary mformatmn as)ance coverage on Civil Defense President Dave Helms culturaJ committee, ~.(alsp~aye(a] ~~ ~ ~!~:m [caps for the auxiliary police, or- to the proposal, including financ-lauxiiiary police in the event of ;ate and tosecure the specimens of State J~vergreens/ ~~i ~i:~ tdered rotation of shifts for the ing. Mayor Murphy appointed J. lan injury while on emergency ired. and gave the botannical names:t ~ ~ [~!~ ]police. and appointed a corn-Boyd Ellis, chairman and Budlduty. She suggested gift boxes oz! ~!i:m ~ "~::: 'mitten to study proposal to de- Peterson. ' The councilmen agreed to in- !e of the roads commit-.Northwest everg~reens .... to be mali-t ~:.:!iI ~ L~I~I~ velop a new city well The court-Buildin9 Permit vestigate the legal procedure in stern ~rienas ~ne also -~:.~:.~.~{}:}ii ~::;::: :~i~ ~::~i .... . ed that the state high- ed to Ea . . .... / ~{~iim ~ ~/mllmen also discussed corn- A building perm,t was lssuedlthis regard. rtraent expects to corn- suggested bringing ~nm .tHe( ~]!m I~l I~i,~I [ Aaint about noisom condition of to Mrs. T. Hopkins to erect an/Polioe Duties tlottrt~l chase of right-of-way homes rb/ancneStemm~o~nOt~en~g, ~~Imm I )roperty near the high school and i addition to the Vienna Bakery,,] Chairman of the police com- ay 1-A through Ariing- trees duri ~ ~ " :-r [ ~ m mm [heard first reading on an ordin-same to be of concrete bloc~s, lmittee' Dave Helms, suggested to 1 " r move tHe ~arenness oi wlme. .* .... uary, engineers being e . [ I~ ~ ~ lance covering such mtuatmns, w~th concrete floor and aspHalt]the council that the duties of the a survey of same this Mrs. John E. Wrage SpOKe on[ .... ~::~;/ ~ii~ ~ | The councilmen were warned roll roofing. It will be at rear m[,two marshals be rotated so that ales reported that the soil bacteria, and stressed the[ ~~ ~ ~{:'I/by Chief Arnot of the Fire Dept the present structure ano will be shifts would alternate for each for im. provement of, need of humus in the soil,, and .~iiii~:...... i ~:~.~:~:. that upon the changeover .... of the 6 ft. wide 21 ft. long and 7~ ft. two weeks on night dut. y and" ~E, Arhngton to Island Mrs. Jess Cohoon gave an lntet-[ ~~ ~~ ~ ~n ]telephone system to dials, it will high. ttwo weeks on the day shift. This enid be let Dec. 29th.iesting talk on Carnation culture.) ~# I~ ~ ~m [be necessary to adopt a fire To Widen Street .Iwas adopted. lid that there will be a "Winter Care of Birds" was the[ ~ ~ ~ ~m/alarm system and asked that a Councilman Helm, chairman OZll~.,,., w,,z~ ere on January 20th eli subject of a talk by Mrs. J.W.[ ~ ~ mR ~I [committee be appointed to work the street committee, reportedJ"~r".,,",'~"wr .... h,, ~.,e .... n +~,. tires of communities Wiggs, who suggested suet and ~ ~~ ~ ~I [this matter out. that progress is being made in)coun"~i~",'~',~'v',~,:~'~'~""~,,~~_ .~way_l.-A and m embersifat bones hung ononaiis or p!ac-[ ~ I~]I m ~I [ Following disp.osai of the rou- securing oforight-of-way, for thelneers ha~"a(~vise~l'~t~a~"~n a~l~li: ~te rizgnway l)epart- ed convemenuy zor me rares ~/~;~n n ~aI/tine ousiness me councixmen wmenmg oz ~tmaguamzsn ave-)tionnl well h,~ d~.~lnn~rl fnr t1~ .discuss plans for theI during snowy periods. ~ m~q/I ~] ~i~/heard a discussion by W. C. nun from First street south to the lo~'-w~r~J ~],~d~'~v'i~'~,,'~" L-A program. ] There was an exchange of gifts] ~ m~ii!~ n ~i:-~ [Beaver, Jr,, of the Market Cover- Waliis corner. /~e~r,~" ~.~n'~r~y'in~|,.'a~t~ "~'~*~. Mrs Phili Pierson being inp m ~ / ~~/age Inc on the use of Enzema- This street a narrow countYlA"riin"~,to'~'is',~,,"t~,~',~r~"t'h~ r~'~....:. :. , . ~. .. .... ........ ..... . [~[~i charge of this part of the pro- ~i~!~i~}~ tic inkeeping sewer lines clean, road. m now within the mtY/ent well caoacit~, ~' ~"?- nee ram Tea was serve~t t)y me ~i?~ amo its use in garbage disposal Hmits, an(a wim tHe acquisition) In t~ ~.~n~,.~ ~ ~o..~...* hostesses for the afternoon Mrs. :i~i ::: areas, of ~ght-of-way, ~t can be wb/,~,~b~,~o~ ),~,~ ~+o,.~n "+~o+ ~ .. Irs_a. Wrage and Mrs. Benson. ............ Bette~ Li~ht,~ ,. .. dened and otherwise improved, so"~rc'e~"couq~t" b'e"~foun~'~art~he~ [ A J. Sisk of the ..... ed that at +he', :::i ~ ~ ~iI~! / The possioility oz securing a ~oaut Cabin /from the river it we,,1n ,~u.~, Th,~-+ ..... :: ...... aI tt was announc ~ I ~ ~ ~ ............ "'---'~ ..... " because of lack' ....... ""'" =~t,e ~.m,~,,,.=o will be a oetter llgnHng system ior uwm- nanuicappcu ate the n e i ' anuar meetm there ~ , ec ss ty of filtering such tee for all children un- Ja.. ~. - g ..... n The don-I US and his happy l: Apers: ..Maj~ rette. Yolanda/pic avenue moved a little closer of meeting place, a proposal has/as is necess~r- a' the ,,k.,~t. Its of age, to be givenIWn'~te*~m-'pnantauc"t'~'~'m to ~tce ,,,.= v,. each dr- .[ ano t~aroi. Forman o ,n.Hi :h .School Ins the councilmen" heard a re- been made to erect a log cabin oflsource It~ wa:~.. ...~,~ ~,,ff~,~~.. ta . or p P anta during me any'. zesuvmes a the 'nrmtmas / ' im nsi n at Terrace|" " ~,b .... Y, Dec. 24 starting . rden tools or . ' " port from Mayor Murphy and statable d e o , that the w c tmle and shrubs ga . tam on Dec. 12 wh~ n candy am orm es were ne site be close to k, The program will ' . . '. g Councilman Dave Helms as to Park,where the Scout troop Ins will be acceptable present mares and ower lllle~ any art~c t~ny children T aese are the co 1 ames the lrls P Cartoons and a west- . .......... ".~ "~- . ..; ~? ....... ~ . .- gh the estimated cost of installing couldhave headquarters, which so that extension of these faeili- ill last about one andl During tHe tea Hour ~wr~. ~uyuI appeareo wnn the t~ gn ~cnoot t ~na i z me ~e- /new caner lights, such as those would contain meeting place ana/H,~~ w,,,~n nrtt ha t~ ,~ .... i~ ars Headle played Christmas carols. ; parade.---Photo by i urke Heaton . "-. ~" ~n,~mfur ~tnrnc,,~ of eouinmont /V ..... r~"~ ............ ~'~'~t'" ~. [Hea(aiey ptayeu, [ .......... ~-- ~ ..........................)recently ~rlstalled at East Stun- ............. ~,~ "1 " - "~a sneezau oommittoo ino,udln~ --~ m @ \ I-_.---. -- _ /WOO4, which give a bluish white Councilman Bud Peterson sug-|May~r-Murol~;"was~a-,~o'int'~"~ " glow and brightly light the sur- gested that such a structure " ~' ~. . K ddnes See Santa w " investigate the possibilities Of m r~ TA m ~ ~ wl~l~v~ mm~ ~ 9 /rounding area could be erected m the north est/ ..... , ............ " other ~u~m~ ~uc,, a ~e. I~ II~O m~/~ mmmmIl~nVWM~ ~ ~t I A|~..~] ~.,..,~ ~,a, | Mr. Helm stated that Elmer corner of the tract. He and . / Several eomt)laints have been m lX't~.~aa~ ~a~ ~zaV~ /FarreiE General Electric Supplylcounciimen thought that SUCH anlrece~vea r,,, till ...... u ~o,~o~.~ I |0g Subst nti 050 ] Ii~o. ofSeattie, representative, had activity wuid be beneficial and il,~u the "~'~:" .... '" ..... ~"" Santa Claus appeared at the .... e van ai g condztmn of property east made a suzvey of the hghtlng mzght tend to dLscourag d - nr unn Christmas treeat the Fountain, at ystem here, and had indicated ism which now prevails in the rL~n?freBr3~henueiaaWhe~ed:ihr~ mU I'lnmmmu~ ~ /north end of Olympic avenuelthat the present light standards little used park. The cabin|h~r,~ .p~,~ ~,.h,~,~ m~t,q,,t ~,~ ,_ ..... .~~~ ~/last, . Saturday. about noon, andlcan, be used by adding an exten- , would ..... be 24x36 ft. 1 ~'Y.L'5 i a~eu that'S-'-':- __~_Z'_'TU_ ~somemmg -~'~-~"';~oe aone*'~"~o ~g.ularme.eung oI t.nelr~! , lit _!_ Ig'~L_.'_~..._,~ ~^,~ .... | [was soon surrounded by a happy~sion which would project thelauxixiarY o~zce ]have the situation r~modi~rl ~a ~les l)istrmt t~omm}s: I t, nnszmas week t ~k~lilrl~tlild~ II~DI.i111 t throng of youngsters. Assisted by |light out over the street; that by ~ Representing " t h e Auxiliary)~h,~v cnntend-thorg" i~-~'h~'d-,~i~'~ ~u on Dec. 9th, the ~vaa I .... 9 I a. ! ! O ! ! [members of the Commercial Club | ..... . I fro-rn the -re-mises, and also it"~ ageS was adopted, xtlAF lint Sawer s Iat lllffn ~3cnool /committee, he handed out candvlr~,~,~r.~ I~,,~ ~"~1~,~.~ TTw~ A ~r~- 1~ breedin~ nlno,~ far VOrmt, revisions for a program - =-" v---- " and orangesto the tlzttle" folk," ~'~kl]. U][.~ - ~" ~ ................ int eo le " IUWI! IU 311t7 UIS IS Asked what legal action the tOrl dietriot involvin-lLu[heran Church, Monday Dec. 21 / [ ..........................~--~ '-h" vandaliom that has re 1 ernst to p p who, after the greeting, followed w to n could take, Attorney J~seph .... ~ , .' bantu up me street wlm tne! t~y action ,el LIlfd LiLy ~..~UIAIilJII V~='ILt t ~7 ~ " W ' " ....... ....... Mathe s stated that there is no of $69,800, of[ Christmas week at.Our Savmr sI The annual Christmas F st,v lni h S hoo Ma o ette li speci meeting, astlsu,ted m cons,d ab e " ...... .... . well be toward costJLutheran. Church wilt fl a p Jwzll be held at the Hz~h Schoo,]olanda Rosen~oa'eh and Carol]week,. the Town of Arhngton re-lto property. . . ^ Ir4,~ ,~r .... t,~n ........ ,~ ,,,,~ ~Cting. approxzmatety ple at churcH every., any zrom auditorium Monday night, Dec/~rm~n. _.. _.. .._~av tn.. th~lm,~ted.... _~_ the Navy. to revoke thel As the Arlington ~umDer &t'" v ""-:':L" " v---v. .... . ".'."'7. ~. 12 Kv line from~thelsunda~ through Frzday. There 21, when Roy M. Larsen, director,/Olympic Theatre, where a free)Iiaterim laermit under which it]Plywood Co. leaves the field, itlr..adin......~ . i" I" ........... ~ton substation to Oso,[will be Sunday School and Adult]music department will direct the)malinee entertained the childrenlhas had control of the airport orlwill leave the buildings hereto-I ~ .~, ?:,u ,~ ,~ ~,y. ~,~=,, ~ t December 20th at ~ " conmaeratmn at me ~anuar~ o' install an addition-lBible Class on - [s t u d e n t mu~imans, featurmg[durin~ the afternoon [navv field here since 1947. [fore heated from the mum boiler] .......... Vl at ~ "- ~ meeung TfllS orolnance Wlll el'lilt area.ker with necessar~]9:45 a.m. and Worship.Ser "re ...[band. a cappeAa choir and other~ o " I The action was taken becauselPlant without heat, and it is e x:1 ..... t'~,~ ,~t, ~,,+~,,,,m, ,.. ~." ~qu)pment on the Eastlll a.m. The sermon tneme wxillgroups in a program of Christ=/~ O, - m ................ the town to~Pected that in the near ruture ~ne~e.""'-t ~:" .... : ......... "-~ .... - t . OI Lne lnD.Olllty Ui .... aer aoatement of nuisances and Substation. be Jesus Brings Cleansing andlmas music. The public m inv~ted.[Lenore ~[reet [...~,.+~,~ +~.~ ~i~n ~,, ~,~ ,-~anner[bmldmgs in the cantonement~ ........... ~rovement will materi- Light," based on I John ~1-7.1A free-will offering will be taken.Jr, ~.~ I~.~,~'~;~'..~avv ....... ]area'will be offered for sale. The]t anal wzm matters oz saHara- the ~ower on the linelThat 8 p.m., the ~un-/ The program will start at 8[|lrocel~r ||1~_n i~..,, .... ~-f. ........:...._ Imill company according to/~n. .. _ . .- -." .... ,-~-, ~-hool will nresent their an-m..,.~,~.~, nn~ i~. a~ f~linw~" tw "J vr-- I During tide six years tHat tne/.~room~nt will fin ,,n the lug}Fire a~arna nlmteln ~ the unoer ValleV tOlU~J ~'~ ~ ..... ' /~ '~'~"-'", ............. i , ..... 1_ ~.. ,~ ~,. ,__..,.-.~ .......... , .......... ~. .- ..o, ........ ;~ - _- - tHeme ~nls , ~, town HaS naf.l the ilel(l it net~ t~nlei Arnot lnIormea tHe court ~-'- Inual program. THe I ~ART I / Although the livin, quartersl " " o .... [pond, remove the concrete flumel ...... " : " " a Can I Give -. c" ~ ' been a source oz consmeraoLe ac. " czl tHat it will be necessar z~r al~ m,a,~,~+ ..~ ~.r ~(~ _a~qlYear will be Wh t ] Ar]inzton H~gh ~chool Band ]at rear of the Lenore street Gro-| ............. /in whmh veneer blocks have been l ...... Y~ ,---~-.-.-s~..-~, ........ =m~m~,, " ~ ,,~ ,~c_:~.-..~ c..,.^,, ,~---,-~mcer- wer~ ~,~vo~el,, dama,,en hxr[[1Vl[~Y, WDlCrl HaS resulted In ln-I~loated to the lathe mill willlme town to oevme some azarm 285,000 for spem ~ a and Wed , ' ,, ,. creasm the payrolls of the corn system to be installed after the . . On Monday, Tuned y " Walters 'White Chrmtmas Ber. ~re on Dec. 3rd, the store ~tself. g clean up the debrm and repmr . . . .._ expenditures, $3,;,nesday from late afternoon/ifn. "Slavonic Folk Suite,"'Reed,-,[and stock were Hot,damaged and]munltv. For about f.our.years, the,roads, alsQ to pay for damage to,telephne system is changed to ~..--% P . g .. :(through the evening the Church/,,wir~t,~r w--,~rland" E,~li,~.]the store is eden for business ]Arlington Aeronauucai ~cnooi OC. louildin~,s lalam. At tHe present time, ~,024 normal capzta~ ,, will be heated and softly lighted~ .Z';'~',~ .:,.;Y2"~-~ __2'.~_.. '~:_%'/ .. . .. ~ ...... " |cupied the field, and trained[ " o . ]through co-operation of the tele' ~8 " . ~(at~olpn lfl12 I~OP, O~ ~ln(a~t~r ' Mr ann lvtrs urea vtorrls nave for new 1 x n e s,for rivate meditation There wall ,, . ,. " " . many students zn acre mechan- phone company, the fare alarr~ and facilities; $965,-Ibe C~hristmas music played dur- M~arkS~!onA Christmas Festival, /m::~d* toe, te?p3[a~eirqU~rter~tics, also furnishing employmem/Methodlst Choir ]and the mar~'~tl call lights arc ~u redemption ann in-ling part of the evenings Every-] .... DART IT |17 .':"~ _ b'~ ~_L ..... " ..... _'~_'_"ff/to many people. /.---- Ioperated .from the telephone of, " . " x ~ x .... ,~t,'t)Ak~iat In tnt: btUt'12 uu~umg, fire This service, Chief Arnot ~ernents. none is invited to stop in anyt|me Girls' Tile "Beautiful Savior' ] " o | The Alderwood Products Co./l'o l'resent i - : .... . . : ;~t includes the follow- and to leave any time. There ~vill[ w~,~,-~. ' ~ .... , n,~.~.,~**'./- ..... |now the Arlington Lumber g~| - ~. IPointea out, win t)e aiscontirme~ "_ special construct,onlbe no services. It ,s an opportun-I,Deck The Halls " Traditional/Si2hoo|. To Close ]Plywood Co. started operatlons~.hl~lgh~ll:lg (~,~n~l:l~l:l Iwhen the change takes place.. eSnecessary to meet]ity to step aside from the rusnITrombofie Solo ; arry Eliason~/.~'-_'~ . ~.---- __ [:here, gradually expanding their| ..... v..... ....... ~... . [t.ouncilmen reterson, .Han~n /2e load as it exists!and planning of the C.hristmas[,,The Lo,'d's Prav~er,'' MallottelIW~[ ~ 7] |operations until it was no longer] The. cHoir of the Methooist[ana rnunDergwere~ppolnted ~. ueveloping, in a sat- ( season to quietly meditate inlxr,o~ ~'~, c:~ "vi~,,~ ".T,~ '' ""9 ~'~"'" --~ /nracttcal to ooerate on Drot)ertv[Churcn under the direction o~ta committee to StUdy this ma~- runner one's own wa on the Christ cen I ....... - .........-~ ..... sm of = -" - es~-n "1 fo'r Mrs J E Haasch with Mrs ter : ] Y - ,Bambino' Yon; Girls Duet] Preparatorytoclo" g school[and in buildings not d "ge |~ ....... [ "-" .......... h. 'Uction of service head-]tered meaning of Christmas. I 'Christmas Cradle Song," Larsenilnext Wednesday afternoon, the|mill o~eration. They emploYmCtifford Knudson at the organ.[ 'l't~e.~nie~ amo as~eo tnat.tne ~ncludin~, a ~,a~a~,e IAnvone may ~eel free to use tnel ,,,,,N., ~,t-~,~ ,'~,~,~ ~*,-~o+ ~,~lactivities of the schools will be/about ]:00 men and are moving/will present the oeauti~ul Christ.|eounmimen cons~aer e~lmm~- , ra~ter~' room~" sto~re alt'ar ring for private prayer. Thel-~r'is~m:d's',,~""~dam'~s~'"~ixe~lcentered around the Christmas[to a new location on Kent's|mas cantata, "City of the Star,"[tlon of one or one and a, half in Everett -~690000 I nastor will be in the sacristy-]~ .... ~, ,~^~,~m,,~ ~ ,, p~,~,~ theme with snecial ~ro~rams in|P~airie " |next Sunday evening Dec. 20 at/parking spaces in front of the action of service head- study during the evenings ff anY l,~i~,~ lhe schools and class rooms With| Another industry o~erating|the Methodist Church, at 8:0C/Arhngton State Bank, as it is ~r Alderwood Manor, one wishes to drop in to see him. ~ ...... PART ~II 'the closing Wednesday "after-[there is the ttans Bohn Box fac.|o'clock. /found there isnot room enough and Mountlake Ter-[ On Christmas Eve there will beI A Cappella Choir Inoon, the students of the school|tory, which is growing and gives|_ Sore parts ~vi.ll be .sung by Mr.[to ma.n~uver ~lre-rruc~ ~o. ~J service oz carom ano can(ale c rt ~ r fltable Alton /~UnK MISS lVlllore(a Arnot when zt zs requlre(a o ma~e a a " . ....... "l The Christmas ~,tory, Stickles;]district will enjoy thi een days|promise of becoming a p o" | _ ~. ., .... :[ .......... action nf se-vice to]lighting at ~ ocmcg. 'me con- "Now Let Every Tongue Adore]of vacation classes resuming onloperation, giving seasonal em./an(a ~v~rs. uoy Lennart. A mixed/run nor~n ~rom me nre s~a[lo~ Comn~ tn t'~ke care lgregatin and, community are lThee " Bach' "Son~r oI the An-IMonday morning Jan. 4th. n nlovment to several people. [double trio will feature the voicesuand a car is parked in that loea- lreacidy .... contracted" --'X~d forl invited .... to come from their ram- o~els.5 Gevaert', "~)~Te've Been A ._..c~-" ...... ~--.~u,~ .... .. ~'enin~,,, ..... De," 9~, "- Tlae Castle. Industries occupy]of. Messrs.,. Alton Funk and Lucius[tion. The matter was. taken under Possible expansion.--]ily gatherings .to worsmp, ~m While A Wandering," O. C. Chris- the High School auditorium will one of the buildings on the field,Wright.. Mesdames Rose Jorge-]stud~ as ~waspolnt.ed ~ut tidal ~/O(a S House clurlllg tile qUirt iallu " " .... " , " " na em lO about a(dozen co- ~,,-, ~,=u,,~,~,u,a,u, r.u: ~v,~- ~-~ P~-,~-~s aae,~ uu ~a$~,al~*~ . tmnsen, Foday The.e I~ a Rm - be the scene of the annual Chrmt- a p y . P . . _ ]oeaceful tame of late Chrmtmas in-" Christiansen" "Let Caro~ .... ~octi,,.~ ,,,r,l,m will ~,~ ~t,, [ole ]hart, and Mms MHdred Arnot. ]avenue is already greatly hmtt- ~----o------------ The sermon theme will be,' .~., ,, . . . ,, ,. .,-, ......... : .......... .~.s---"he r]i t n Pin Com an The Rev J. P. Porter will readied. ,, Ring, BlacK, Jeg Er San Glad, ed b " the H~ h School Music De. T A ng o . g p . Y ....... "Share the L~ght of the World n " 1,~ " Y g whmh was the ori mai o)eratmn appropmate scmpture precedmgIHoar Talk Aleut ~-n,~a el|l ....... ' Hokanso; O Holy N'~ht ]partment, under direction of Roy " g l [ _ _ ~--~ -'~ based on Jonn l:o-io. Adams ~M Larsen featurin~, the BandI')f the Alderwood Products Co |eacH numoer. . ] At the conclusion of the cx)un- .._ ~1~ On Christmas Day the annual[ " PART IV |.~,~ .~. ,',,~t~ several soln .... ]but was later sold to Sam Bunn| During the period when a vo~-|cil session the members listened mrees [ChristmasWorship will begin at[ "Christ in Christmas" . ........... I~)e~s,"'an'cl' with an artistic" stir'gel and E: E.spedal, has developed |unthryoffermg will be accepted, I to .a discussion on Enzematie by me thinning, and at]t a~. 'rue .sermon tHeme w~_~[ .................... Rev. E. B. Seymour lsetting in keeping with Christ-[into a DUslness tHat Has oeen ex-/_~_*_~-]. X~aa~:" a,u .~*.~.. ~nuu~o:,)Fre(a t,alalaw and. W. C. Beaver, irne h~,,~,~,~ .~omelt)e l)oes t~nrzstmas ~rzng ~oouI o [r~ panded unti~ it was necessary to wm p~ay an organ-..plano ouet, Jr., of the Market Coverage,'In~, ~e~aan~egni:n~thunA/d[ ~e~)~, ~n:OT;~i~n~oO/rffogrpe.~ on "'t-h~"M.._~morial/News of Joy to You?" Everyone is [ IAI_____.L_ y~9ab~r~c,'~[oY/n!~En~[a~t.b~rranlge~i [o~rtl~!b~! I~T_L__ ['"'~t" the~ha:Tp!ii~sy'~r~ewashingtn ~.h~.~PUo~!!!t~-.o.e ~h W~dd:{or~laT:~i~h:~Ce~:h:!hseek new quarters, and this op- i'Chris~masCalendarFantasy. [ ~h~iSs!~ig~itcu~im~weuU~!~Ys~tdeuj!manufacturers o f Enzematic. "ted akout 375 trees.,| ~ [Evans of Port Angeles, Wash_ ~ /ve)t school putting on the pro-[ ;~o ~,,t-~t~,m ~ ..... ~, c,|[ Dec. 18---Cub Scout Packmeet. [i ...... , .... ,.~oa .,,~ ,~,,ns2,,It _oeing aisptayect., atlEARLY MORNING FIRE ALARM I ~aoy .ooy, oo.rn l)ec. ?, ~6 tOlgram entitled, "Christmas inlo~=':'oe~u~i'es'"l~ui~i~n'~'s'~o'r~ the[I ing and Christmas party, [fce~f,~ynr'~"~ime'~t~"~,"~" ~ plrl n ,, -,,~-, ,- ~, ....... v ......... Service statm '/A fire alarm at 4 o'clock thislMr. ann lvtrs, l~ot)ert J. warren-]Many Lands, in which each[~,a o.a +h( ......... ha~)l 7"30 pm, Roosevelt Care- [t .... ~on ,,~ ~.~'"+~o ,;,:~. ~,.e"'~,~ customer ma take he burger of R 4, Arnngton ~ art tel z ~.~. , ........ e-~-~ -- ~ . .... , u~= Y (Thursday) morning, called t ' .oom will take p , l'~tg a "~ ~ ....' teria, ............... Only $1.25. ]firemen from their beds to make Robert Parker Huffman, born]christmas story in song or story,lgrwn_~.at_, aria l~portant..!ndus-)l Dec 18--BasketbaP ~,~ar.. I agent in garbage dmp o~al. __ ~1. He says there are]plywood mill dryer Crew mem-IDec. 12, 1953 to Mr. and Mrs. Ar-[prior to the public program. ] -- '- ...... -- ............. -- [[ De-" ~"'G.,~:~, ......... [,. " ......... -- tr [ ld Jacobson oz ~azewood[ [ untnexly,wg,,em t,,eva**e,[[ .............. ,~-~-c,,],m aroa eros ees r es " " " the no g g posal, ~t womo oe , and he u g hers stleeeeded m quenching o .... ~ Chris " , , Gem Farms have carried on a tmas Cantata, Sunday, ,necessar to cr te a ed of a Christmas tree blaze and the firemen s services Wash. " " 8" m y ea pond rote n a ............. ' ..~ ,.o,~a,~a who d~rnn~,~ Diane Marie Meier, born Dec Annnversar t Party farming operatmn that has kept _ P. .. Iwhich garbage is dumped. By use xlIAIIli:tl~f~ ~1. ~t~l~5 were o .~ tin ..... " ....... "-.'Z.~ .................. I~ lq~2 ta Mr and Mrs E Roberll -' l the area between runways and ll Dec. 21---Christmas t;oncert, 8 ]i of the enzematic the 01"~anic s, saoUgsOOUtone;d p~Opb: ~l?v~ei~r..of-~:-~. Arlington.' IOn December29 tLaxiwa)s.and surFounding the[I .. p.m=2--mgh School. n)solids are reduced to.liq.uld" and .'r -,.t" set~ a ..... t~ee , m~__m, mL Michael" Edward,' born Dec ........ 15 -- Ilying nero zree oz orusn mrougn t~ec. zz---~nrmtmas program [clispersea. as is the llqtil~l :~a ......... Imar , un Xour [t953toMr andMrs SamuelNa-[ A eommltteerepresentmg both]mtens,vet,nageoftheso,l. They[] Roosevelt School, 1:10 p.m. [Isept,ctank. This system, M*d, ,v.~mte~ out mat tnelg~ I / I~ .... ~ n~'~-~,tan " [the Sons of Norway and thelhave also cleared some 60 or 7[[ Dec. 22--Lakewood S c h o o 1 I not only eliminates odors, but it o were narveste(a un - ............. ~, ~ ' ,- ,n o ...... -[t, amenoar I -------------o------------ ]Daughters,of Norway met at the]acres of land while operatLn~ [[ Christmas program. [talso eliminates the rats, which he C_t ~nn,[~ICHRISTMAS CAROLING BY [home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rod]there. , ' H Dec. 23--Basketball--Mt. Ba- ][said infest sanitary, fills, or oth- o.nservauon oznce,[~rOTZ: This column Is provided to g.tvelCAbtp FIRE GIRLS /last Friday evening to maket While the town s control of the|[ ker here. |[er methods of disposal. ..way as to promote p_ubncl_t~ e_ven_ts or ~une~ons ~en~l Camp Fire Girls will go Christ-/plans for the anniversary parties property will cease, it is under- Dec 23---Methodist Church S Mr Beever said that the u:e atria ta teilin of ~e~r~'}'d'~a~~'a~a'~w~*~':~'|mas caroling on Friday, Dec. 18.]for the two organizations to be]stood that the Nwa~tY ?rill negoti-U S. pageant 7:30 p.m. Iio, enzematic to clear sewer sys- g g I ........... ~]lThey will meet in front of the]held in Stanwood on Tuesday]ate new leases " p esentll Dec. 2)--Sons of Norway an'd/Items eliminated the use of red. on ro r m pear m wnm column "l~e cn~rb'e wu r P g a . be 5e per word or a mtntmura of $1.00[J. C. Penney store at 4:15 p.m. ]evening, Dee. 29th. The charter]sub-lessees, so that thei ~ opera-l] daughters of Norway Christ-[ ding as it is now done and eo~;s o ok part in the tree ~[ -----------o [members will be nonored guests[tions will be abm to continue. [[ mas Party and Anniversary [[buli a ~raetion of the print Oon Murray, Bob ~wau~tu~nav n~whtP~Yrlnbgene'lClose Dee. ~6 '/as well as the visitation of set-| Following the relinquislament]] Observance at Stanwood [lmethod. He said, of course; the ae'rsythe' John Jen-[ fitYat the uryan~" y "~.irange ua" 11 "[ All the business houseSturdin Sfl-[ eral lodge dignita~ieSr in the area.[ of the field by the tOWnwthel Navy'[ll Sons of Norway hall, 8 p.m. l,]enzematie works on organic mat. , kstrom, A 1 1 e n [ "[ vana will be closed On Sa ay,[ A good prog am~is planned which| it is understood, i 1 p heel] Dee. 24-Jan 4--School Christ- liter, and would not be effeet|ve on tall, Ed. Wellman, I It's. Carl Fischer's orchestra forl Dec 26. Monson's Park and Shop[ will be ' followed by dancing,[ guards on the gates at the fieldl[ mas vacation. [) rocks or gravel such as mlRht ac- :h, Otto Bluemke.[-- your dancing pleasure everylwifi" have the Post Office Depart.]Members of the neighboring|and only those having business[[ Dec, 30---Basketball --- Nook-/[mumulate in a system whe~ er is supervisor of[ Fridav and Saturdav night at]merit open at train time in the/lodges and friends are invited to|on the field will be permitted toll sack here. [Istorrn waters are carried as well r ..... " V" P ogram, t the Town Tavern, Silvana. [forenoon. [attend. lenter. This, it is hoped, fll p e-q ]as sewage.