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December 10, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 10, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, TtIURSDAY, DEC. 10, 1953. " PAGE ELEVEN .- ~ "! ~ m ~ a ] I~ ~---- | I STATE FOREST BOARD that is not included In this sale must | I~t.~/ I~ 'r~4--~'~ dl--t'~ I/ ............ I I NOTICE OF SALE OF TIMBER I be paid for at the rate of $50.00 per l% tl 1 ' I V INES BY 549( L rll ON STATE LAND - i/ ' | I Notice is hereby given that on Tues- g. if any. as clirected by the IB" .~.-- -- I" ~ ~ .ira m , day the 22nd day of December, 1953.1State Forest Warden, . Wanted I ill F DEAD STOCK t, Courteous Service ;t, Everett Bayview 9549 )und Byproducts, Inc. SNOIIOMISH. F. L. SWENSON ~ ~~ _~ I~l~.~~~. __ APFLICAITIdiON NO. dFo3wll31red ce and d~P~urtller'agree to assume ~11 lial ;5]. Everett. Wash. r e- u . .: Tne aeao scans ng an n - flit of whats ver ki d Owner, Auctioneer. --$30 month. Phone2642. [ll~r~t~ ~m,p~ -,mc ~& andf~r only onLots 1 an+d 2~n~!a~rlslYg out of~helr o:per~P~ls,nataU~n~ Call 2785 if you want to sell or ~~ ~--~qllL~ ~ ~__ ]ik ]~c-~~:~':~24'~ ==~'~'%V~i' cont~'z'l~-iagree to hold the state harmless there- 1 Livestock Buyer tradP cattle I always have a W~5 AttL ~UW in a poslrlon IO ~ ~ .|iK" ~dliik 17-'~*;-:;~ "~'~'2~ '-~Z~/,-~'::"-~oo-dino'l for. and agree to reimburse the state nsed and Bonded ...... 7- " - ticall . *L,~ *~ ......................... .Dior any duly authorized forest fire pro- few dairy cows, bangs tested, make G.I. loans. Prac Y Because oi spa~ limitations, ~ ~iiP ,to the government survey thereof. Tl~:Sitective organization includln~ the |8, Arlington Exchange r 100 er cent to the G I up to and ~roblems of mak~un in set ~i~, I tlmber will be sore on tne salvage ptan~ .......... ~:_- ..... ' ........ Y_ _. b~of at horne Joe Runnin~ $10000. Either in or out oz tinat-l,e~auertopress, i~iso[ten II d~" a.$o~aow~" ~ !a_s prv'~.:~,.'~" :'.T.~,~.~or~t~'~ and all fire fighting costs rea.~onably t ton (E. of Edgecomb) Get the top market for you P "" . .......... " ...... , ' , ...... , ........... ,~. ~ ..... ~n,~ o~s ~ o~,'~,~. ,~ ~-,y .......................... ~'" t~wn Lathro- Ins A~encv 413 ,-::-~ -t-22~-:--- -- ----'- ,-----~ ~ --io~ ~uo. w.~,~ ~ ........ maxle necessary as a result of their op- LIVESTOCK .... v e, ;, t~u~acs ssvl;e~az]f tu ou*at cti~a~a* uamage~, ~,m~er, " " 1 d and 1 icu aner el s Yorkshire ,, eraUons on saxd an s, n part - Dandy We ...... g , ~. .~ Olympic Ave. Phone 2675. Ar:notices. We regret this, but be. For it long time--farmerg, profe~ [ .Tl)e lowest acce_ptable bld._wlllbe20% lar where they have failed to abate a ur livestock to Seattle t2nester wnl~e cross. J~. ~'. in ton Wash If e o~ the semng price o* ~ne ~ugs. ~xt~ ~,,- .. l g , heve the necessa announce- atonalpeopleand se- mployed .~ ~,t~ ~ ~ . ur fire hazard as required and as referred days. , ry . ber must be bra ........... r_nd f - 1 1 7 vls C e of ~ f Ill UI'II~I~ IIUU~U UI IUllt U~tlL- o o ._ . .. . Washin.~ton ~al(1 ~artiesa~.ree to re- t~rown, R. 4, Phone 2508. . had the,r own s stems for say- l yes the to in said Tlt e. 6, Re ed o1 ...... L_:_,. ~. ..... , ..... , .... ments can be published each foll~ Y nlshed by the State before it ea ~ u market price. Call COl- ,m,,,~ ,~ a ~ ~'~u~,,rnished 5th & Wasl~in~ week il The following rules are lmburse the" state for all expertness tea- e 4180. 141 II/ ~/ILI~ ,s ~, .:^~ ~"followed" sonable incurred by the state as the DUTTON /L q~a~ ~a'~ ton. Phone l~uz. " result of a breach by them of any pro- LINES BY SOGLOW - Kellogg Marsh M. Jansha Tan- Marysville. FOR SALE Just Arrived---12 pt. barb wire-- Announcements to contain on- vision herein set forth. The purchaser. Cute Black % Cocker Puppies to For Sale gladden a child at Christmas. Males $5.00, females $2.50. F. FOR SALE OR TRADE: Near G. Brown, R. 4. Phone 2508. Stanwood, 26 acres with 3-bed- (2) Lovely Female Collie Pu room modern home, chicken house, barn. Terms or trade for pies. $5.00 each. F. G. Brown, young second growth land. R. 4, Phone 2508. Magelssen, Rt. 4, Box 686, Ev- HOLLY FOR CHRISTMAS. Jimmy erett. ly: Name of church, address, name of pastor, time of service ~nd sermon subject. All notices to be in Times office by 2 p.m ruesdc~s. Silvana - Lakewoed Lutheran Parish J. H. Myrwang, pastor his heirs and assigns, agree to assume responsibility for all acts and opera- tions of their employees, agents and contractors to Insure compliance with the provisions above recited. The purchasers of state timber are required to run out the lines and ere responsible for trespass in cme tim~)er t) cu~ on ,~djacent state-owned land. The bill of sale to be issued wilt give the holder the right to construct log- glng roads across the above described rolls .... Only 8.00 ca. Hollenbaugh, Phone 1123. Zion Lutheran Church, Silvana: . ,s~ , - are wa to Iance with the State Forest Practice Ac5 tract for the removal of said timber, ING: ON FEED & FO~ T--R~D-E-----Sppeedex YOUR FARM Saturday, Dec. 12--9 a.m., Con- clockwork, anaI s the s ... Y i and compliance with all terms of the but will not give him any exclusive Jur- FOR SALE firmants, ave money--~ystemaIicallyl bill of sale. ]lsdictlon over the tract. The state re- FARM SUPPLY Garden Tractor like new, with We have Responsible Buyers Sunday, Dec. 13 -- 9:45 a.m.,~ -- I The purchaser will be required tolserves tl~e right to grant rights of way disc, plow, cultivator, value No. 23659 submit monthly statements as to the, for logging roads or for any other pur- gh, $40.00; Shiplap or $165.00, for home made tractor Waiting, If Your Price Is Sunday School. 11 a.m., Divine NOTICE OF HEARING FINAL REPORTlamount of timber removed during thelpose over and across the above de- i and matched, $45.00. or young milk cow. First grav- Reasonable Services. Baptism. ,'F.'CITION FOR DISTRIBUTION previous month and to accompany suchlscrlbed tracts at any time and neither it l~sts. _ el road top of Burn Hill left. WE CAN SELL IT! Sunday, Dec. 20--7:30 p.m., In the Sunerior Court of the State of report with a remittance to cover pay-lthe State nor the grantee shall be ll- - ............. of~ment on the agreed basis The $250.00 ] able to the holder of the bill of sale for MAIN LUMBER CO. Phone 3090. Andrew Knudson, Frank J. Eddy & H. O. Zwarg Christmas Tr~e Program. ~,~mx~o~x ~n and zor une ~uuu~: _ " " main {n the office Snohomish casn deposit will re l any damage caused thereby. Oso - Phone 3520 R. 5. Realtors Christmas Day, Dec: 25---11:00 In the Matter of the Estate of WIN-If the State Forest Board and n aa2( Tcc Said timber on said land will be sold 916 2nd St., Snohomish Ph. 2932 a.m., Festive Services applies on the payment ~or the ias cx f . __ _ ~ RIOHT C. KELLEY, Deceased ........ m or not less than the appraised value, -- 1 Simplex ironer, You can do your Christmas shop- 1st Lutheran Church, Lakewood: Notice is hereby~ given that William thethe tlmoerarea provinceS .De. cu~.ana re.movea_~rOofan o~ ~ne ~erm~ as appraised by the Commissioner of all white fin-ping FREE! Come in and see in Arlington - Phone 1344 Mondays--8 p.m., Choir prac- filed Ofwiththe theabveclerken-the contract' agreement have been corn- bvPUblicl~w Lands~ ~t,t~rn~tin the~manner,,,~,,~... ,o~oPrvidedno---, on hlt~ PhnnP .q6(} how you can earn BONUS DOL- KILLOUGH CLEANERS tice. of said Court his final report and p~tl- plied with, and any breach of the termSr .... ~ .,'--'~.~ ................. u~t,~v o~ ~.e .xu~,vor o.* sma~- )f the said contract will cause the fo - eo " ................ LARS. for Saturday, Dec. 12 -- 11 a.m.tion for distribution in said estate, and ~ unvy. FUR COAT for Sale, size COAST-TO-COAST STORE ~,,. ALTERATIONS Confirmants meet. that Monday, the 28th day of Decem- felture or the cash deposit and actmn .~ ber, 1953, at the hour of 1:30 o'clock, to recover on the $500.00 bond. ~TTO.A., CASE, ...... .... wommmsmner ol l~onc L~mas ~actically new---S25. 226 Arlington ----~----v:~-=---............... ---------::" Sunday, Dec. 13--10 a.m., Sun- p.m. on said day, in Department No. 3 Log with a horse or small cat not .. _ . ....... , ~ecre~aly ~a~e l~'ore61~ ~O tenth. Phone 2095 eve- F~- gi~i/VlfTR day School of said Court. in Everett. Washington, larger than a D-2 or its equivalent. has been fixed as the time and plsce No unnecessary damage to reproduc- , O tric pump. Very good condition. ~s~ut~--st~,s.t~ Friday, Dec. 18---8 p.m., Park- for the hearing upon the same, at lion will be permitted. " !~ir'~1[} t1~1~ ~11~]~ Time for removal will be 2 years N, Model 12 Winchester With 50-gallon tank and pipes. ~ land Lutheran Children's Home whleh time and place any persons in- ]['~Jl~L il ~'~L)I"~ , full choke, 30-inch bar- Telephone Marysville 5186. RUTH M. "HEADLEY reception and program, terested in said estate may appear and APPLICATION NO. F-3203 file objections to said report and con- The dead standing and down timber -- Teacher of Piano Sunday, Dec. 20---11 a.m., Di- test the same, and may be heard on the onl., on the W~'NW~ NW~' section 20 DON'T THROW THATELECTRIC 60. ~. Dycus, 318 French Mrs. O. A. Bergen, R. 5, Arling- Beginners and advanced Dtipils vine Services. , ,2 ,~ ,~, . . ~ono 2093. ton. petition for distribution, township 27 north, range 7 east W.M,, RAZOR AWAY--Trade it in on ~-- accepted; your home or mine. ~ (SEAL) , cohtalnlng 2000. acres, more or less, ac- .................. a now .qohiPk nr Waminatn.~_....~.....~.~t airy Cows. Beef Cattle. ACCORDIONS--Demonstrators & Available for piano solos Silvana mad Lakewood Parish ANDERS ANDEF~EN. Clerk of said cording to the government survey there- ~-~,,~,~o,-~,,r ,,r~,,,-, thorns, save shrink, haul-used accordions at reduced and accompaniments. The Lutheran Free Church Court, By Harry FAIR, Deputy. of. This timber will be sold on the sal- ~L,n~,~ tTxtw~ 0ramission. Figure it out prices. Thorlakson School of R. 5, Arlington; Phone 2738 O.J. Haukeness, pastor J" P" MAT~IEWS and JOSEPH p. rage plan as provided in" Ohapter 84, ArMngton Session Laws of 1937 which provides for !e sure to sell to a man Music 1631 Cakes, Everett. ~ Silvana: MATHEWS. JR.. Attorneys for Adminis- the sale of damaged timber. ~X~h;,,,~t,.,~,o h~h,,,~,, ,~,,,i trator, 315 Olympic Avenue, Arlington, The lowest acceptable bid will be 25% ,,~o,,~,,~u,~.o ,,,~,,,~~j* ,~- knows cattle and not a ~ To V. TROUBLE. Sunday, Dec.13th -- Sunday Washington. of theselling price of the logs. All tim- neers may swltcn to use of white -~r who bids the same on t~eoar yence r'osrs---2~DC t~acn. ~.. Date of 1st pub.: Dec. 3, 1953. her must be branded with a brand fur- letters on red for stoo signs ads. Still will take orders MarysV.llle 5839 or A. MRoBenmi~ -Call- School 10 a.m. Divine worship II Date of last pub.: Dec. 17, 1953. nlshed by the State before it leaves the -- ~" " -'her beef. My_ ~nrice is less. v~ ~ miles east o OLYMPIC RADIO SERVICE a.m. ~t- Jesuus -Cia~.... landingbe scaledrbythea certifiedPrpertY'logAllscalinglgs shallbu_ 'RU/~Iht~I"*'"" OSTAMPS hi roam " Phone 1484 Arlington Lakewood: of Latter Day Saints on Pt~,. Co ......... nnlng, Call 2785 after ~ reau or scaler approved in writing by Arlin~t ~ Phnn~ d~.R Sunday, Dec. 13th --- Sunday Sunday School 10 a.m. at V.F. the State Forest Board. Brands are to ...... '-_ ..... e,. --y ............ T kPFLI.ANCh I~I~t'AIR. tor. general School II a.m. Luther League 8 rch Automatic Electric LOS appliance repair and oil heater Dm Mr Hialmer uulen and W. halk be noted on scale slips. One copy must ! f ~ . . ,_ .... H ~ accompany monthly statements. I U N C L ~ ~ [ Y | ;st..or Sale---Deep. well, 2 ;~~ulin, between service, call Wlnkes Hardware. eev O J Haukenes~ hosts The purchaser will be required to ............. xceilen[ condition, very j ........; ~d-ecomb Sat Phone 643. - .......... Seventh-Day Adventist Church deposit with the County Auditor on x / ~ . .~.q.M. gohr, pastor the date of sale. cash in the amount | \ ' // ~tlN'~ OUT NOYl/,~ ] rlable. Phone 2532. I UAr~lggt~)ec?;l'tb~ri~ Underwood, ~ Congregational Church Sabbath School 9:45; Devotion- Ofthe$5oo.oo,lssuancetOgetherofa timberWltha $2.00b111 offeesale,fr I ~" (I"~" / ~tl~ [ ~A V-~'~'l~'~3=lv~ ~A~"nn~z'-~__ I#~V ~r~ I Selling our entire stock ofl R. 5, Arlington. Phone Marys- ing, Cutting, and wrapping.,A. D. BroKaw, minister al services 11 a.m. or a total of $5o2.oo. In addition, the I. ~ ~ I~ ~_r~,~'~"~.~"~.~"- | and clean merchandise ville 5188 ____.~ ' Locker beef. Phone 3401 or 351, 9:45 a.m., Sunday Church Prayer Service Wednesday a1 purchaser will be required to provide L, ~ ~. ~''~u"~'~t~rwr's" ] uitting business. Poor ~ Arlington. School; adult group study, Mi- 8:00 p.m. the State Forest Board With a surety I" , / ,~,-~.'Jl~--~.~.-." .... I bond in the amount of $500.00, to gust- | ] ~ [ ~rf~./~t/~./.lr7~ | main reason. WallitnerI ANNf~HNCFMFNT.% ,~c~, BELl. cah: the Voice of the Forgotten Church located on corner oil antee compliance with all laws con- | ' % ! ,co ,~ $~/KERf | Ire Co ] s-z***,-.~,--vu- ....... - .......... EMERSON" .... Man~ . ," in the Know Your Bible Burke and Talcott at head of cernlngwell as compliancefire protectiOnwithandthe logging.state For- as I| Ik~ ~--.-~"-~~"" ~| ~~ SYLVANIA ~eries. ~ . . . Lincoln bridge, est Practice Act and compliance with | ~ ~--~ ] 50% OFF We have moved to Marysvllle at HALLICRA~rEI~.~ 11:00 a.m., ~ervlce of Worship; ~GTON CHURCHES: all terms of the bill of sale. b21~t~ _ ~ ~ ~ | :' FLOWER BULBS I the Veltex Station on 99, 1 qPi?| ~-~?-!O- ll'&'~? sermon by the minister, "To The purchaser will be required to sub- ~ ~ ~ s~ ~ | )S, Hyacinth, Crocus i blocks south of B. & M. Drop in l ,Lr.lOlUl l Whom Christ Becomes and Re- mlt monthly statements as to the I'~'~L~~ ~-~lk ~'i | n Feed & Farm Supply i and see us. Bob Kitchen. ~-- mains Real. Darrington Methodist Church l amount of timber removed during the I -'~" ~ X ~[~ J previous month and to accompany suchJ ~ ~ "~..w~ ~.~e~ iVlU(1Qy. YU~ in nogI r, a ~r~r, as low as 159.95 6:30 p.m., Carols and Candle O. I. Borseth, pastor report with a remittance to cover pay- I [ ~.. t lk _. ~./~""q Cone 1824. I VA[I~L,~ c~rv~ur. ~Ar~rc~ :w~rr-~ Lighting Service, by congregation Sunday .-'chool 10 a.m. Worship! mentcash depositn the willagreedremainbasiS'inThethe $500.00office |1 f~ [[ ~ ~ . ~/'4[ l| ~Try us for farm fresh ...... at ~'~'~'~ ..... ~'~,, and choirs, a service of Prepara- ll a.m., evning service 7:30 p.m ~of the State Forest Board and may be I [" .~'q ~ m ~1~7 I ~__ tion for Christmas. Offering, for L Orcler several days DANCE SATURDAY, 19~:u. ~z, applied on the payment for the last of | " ~..'~ _ -~ |"~'8 | Phone 1797 Ralph Her- Allen Pavilion 3 miles N.W. of SEPTIC TANK pumping, Fred "Meals for Millions," for the pre- Catholic Church (Darrington) thethe tLmberarea, provided to be CUtallandof removedthe termsfrmof I~. ~-~.~ lid ~]/1x7/~]- |1 mile east of Ed~ecomb Burlington o n Chuckanut Davis, 109 S. Olympic.Phone vention of Starvation ("3 eentsMass every Saturday at 9 a.m. the contract agreement have been corn- ~~,~ ~J | ~'[ Drive. Music by Shirley's Mu- 1562. # a meal"), plled with, and any breach of the terms I~/tT~'~'~x-~~. ~ I ,, Reject or rougn p y-[ .~ic M~ker.~ ~ Calvary Pentecostal ofthe said contract will cause the for- l~U~lt~~-~'~ | n (] .............. _ coting, 5/16, ~, an I ~ ARTIFICIAL ~ BREEDING. Our Savior's Lutheran Church Darrington , i feiture of the cash del)osit and action ~~~/'~'~-~.(~. | to recover on the $500.00 bond. M[~t'~~~(~,~ | Pick up at mill. A:ling-i IITA]~]C~i~ ~ Burke & Newberry Sunday school, 10 a.m.; morn-!,, All snags over 25' in height must be ~~..~tl~ ~ | ~ber & Plywood C . I V~ J'ILi~ L;tL/ GuernsPy~ Holstein Edwin Sandvig, pastor ing worship, 11; children ~ felled. [ ~-~~ ~.~ ~'" . .| ;ET A LEONARD [Bodv and Fender Work and ~~ Sunday School and Adult Bible church, 7 p.m. ex/angelistic ser-larger"Oat"thanlgginga D-4nlYor its withequlvalent.nothing I ~,~_~lUid:t-v,~/J|~~ ..~"~'.~='~ x...~.;~'~.| Jersey ~ Hereford Class at 9:45 a.m., with Holy vice 7:30 p.m. i Any and all timber cut or damaged .................... ! RIGHT FREEZER I Paihting. Expert workmanship. ~dr~ Communion; this is world-wide FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, s~orage sp.ace. 1~,~ cu.I General Body Rebuild. Fire ~~r~ Bible Sunday; sermon theme: First Baptist Church '-er that takes no moreI Hall Airport. Phone 2722. ,,,~'~lJ~r~t' Milkin~ The Bible Is God s Word!" II Pe- Darrington, Wash lan a refrigerator. " ......... ~ ......... Chas. F. Brown, pastor ?-TO-COAST STORE WANTED- Good Cedar Shake ~_.-' ter 1:19-21. Family Night at8 Arlington Boards. Singles or doubles. $100 | ~ Shorthorn p.m. Sunday School 10 a.m. Worshit Fourth and Dunham ~~-----~- per M delivered. Donner Shake ~.~ Choir cantata, "The Christmas 1]~,m. B. Y. F. 7 p.m. Preaching Arlington, Washington I ~ ~ Co., R. 5, Arlington. 5 miles E. Arlington 2141 Story," Dee. 17, at 8 p.m. Every- serviee 8 p.m. A Branch oI The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ. Scientist, one welcome' ,~k .~i -~ .~i of Edgecomb. Mid-week service Thursda3 in Boston, Massachusetts. ~.~ '~~'~, Iw~ED~-~, gal. Well Tile Culvert Pipe, . ..-'-Z---U-. .... night, 7:45 o'clock. SV~DAY SCHOOL ............................................................................ 11 AM. -~ew~r Pin~ 13rain q'ilo Phone ~rnng,on ana ,-a~ewooa SUNDAY SERVICE ........................................ ~ ................................... U..A.M. ~'~ ,~M with pumps and attachments; ~rch of God of Prophecy ~" ~ ~ ......... Methodist Churches "~~ ~" I also Columbia rear end, or one1~14. ' Arlington C o n c r e t e ....... " A Nursery for ]~abies is Provided in the Church Edifice ~ ,[ with gears for parts: Earl Wil- Products ~. r. t'or~er, minister Commercial Ave. and Cascade St Testimonial meeting every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Reading Room: Church I~~ ~ I liamson, R. 2. Box 316. Ph. 3092. " ........ Morning worship: Lakewood, Darrington, Wash. edifice---open Monday 2 to 4 p.m. and Wednesday 2 to 4 and 6:45 to 7:4.5 Radio & TV Service 9:45; Arlington, 11. Sermon: J. R. Rainwater, pastor p.m excepting legal holidays. All are cordially invited t0 sttend those Why Worry~ ~:=~l t~ Boy, 18, wants farm work, w~ ............... " " Sunday School 10 a.m. Morn- services, and to make free use of the Reading Room. Radio tubes and repair. Tele- .. . .-," ....... ing Worship 11. Evening Wor work ~un~ay ~enooi Arnng[on, 9 4~, ]L'~ room and board, compensa' vision service All service : : * Christian Science programs from The Mother Church in Bdston are now ' ~ 11| tion. Experienced. Phone 3093,guaranteed. " Lakewood 10:30. Youth Fellow. ship 7:30. broadcast Sunday mornings at9 o'clock from Station KJR Seattle. | ||| Arlington. ~ WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY ship at Lakewood at 7 p.m. " Wednesday, prayer meeting ~,~ ~.~,r~,~-,~-~r, I ~ANTED---TrucK ana trae~or~re~ The annual Christmas bazaar 7:30 p.m. bklx4 ~-'t,)WL)]~J~ [ pairing--hll makes, all m~d.Registered Guernsey bulls, ready at Arlington Methodist Church Friday, Young People's Servic~ for service, guaranteed breea- Dec. 12 at 9:30 a.m. Lunch at (V. L. B.) 7:30. re 1-- , ~ sis. tnternational - Harvestexers. Rent, trade or sell. Low 11:30 a.m. las a u auop dealer. 01, Ted Hammerly EARL WEBER PONTIAC prices. The choir of the Arlington Calvary Pentecostal Church Valley Gem Farms. Arlington Methodist Church will present a Darrington service delivery. " - ..... CLOTHING Christmas Cantata on Sunday C. B. Andrew, pastor " "~ ................ v ....... Sunday School, 10 a.m. R 2 E Stanwood Wash e enmg, Dec. zu at ~. The publicMorning Worship, 11 a.m. and Butldoz- ~ .............. is invited. Idsurance - Evangelistic Service, 7:30 p.m. 2401. ~nd Pumice Building ,6", 8". Pumice Chim- Phone 1314. At- Concrete Products. crutches, trusses. Johnson Drug. just unpacked a new of corner cupboards, card tables, ward- and lamps. Furniture Store. FOR SALE---Poll Parrott and Star Brand shoes. Expert shoe re- pairing. Arlington Shoe Shop. Farmers' Mutual ot Enumclaw Fire and Automobile Phone PeDDles 2111 PHONE 2601 COAST-TO- AND COAST Arlington ~y ]nstallallon Hotpoint APPLIANCES FAMOUS GENTRY SUITS tailored to your measurements by master tailors. Featuring many imported woolens, $55 and $65, at Pennev's in Arling- ton. In Arlington - Phohe 1344 KILLOUGH CLEANERS for EXPERT CLEANING FIR--- 2-cord ~- ------------------- wood. DO YOU KNOW that the Mar- Phone ~822 or low Milker milks faster, cannot Red, c/o Union Mill. cause mastitis. It's gentle, swinging action makes the cow TRA~TOR smile as you milk her. We in- stall, and carry in stock all FOR SALE parts and supplies. Valley Gem Farms, Arlington Phone 54. It condition - Ter s ...... ---=-- - Stanwood t eo. 22Fn" I U N C L E MELTYI reduced prices. Thor- of MUsic, 1631 verett. CAN'T STOP-- START wheel alignment, ight adjusting. ELECTRIC Service Phone 136 pUMp.. ~O~I J~4P-- WHEN YOU WANT TO 5TOP ON A SLIPPERY ROAO. PUMPlI~ OU~ KEEPS THE WHEELS FROM lOCKING-- AND SKIOC)ING.[ Complete Residential and Com- mercial Wiring, Contracting, Motor and Appliance Repair. Bracy Electric ------- Phone 201 SERVICE - CONTRACTING Commercial & Residential Wir- ing.--Lighting Fixtures--Ap- pliance Repair and Service. LEO G. HALL Phone 2042 406 So. French ARTIFICIAL BREEDING We use proved sires only. Your better herd begins when you c~ll us for ser- vice. , GOLDEN CHARM PROVED SIRE SERV. Phone 2735 FRONT SYSTEM, overhaul, line- up, and setting; wheel balanc. ing, all makes. Weber Pontiac, breast and, oven 1873. DISCS---59c, reg- & SON - Phone 2051 $5.00 the best grade. - Phone 2051 NOW OPEN. Use Plan. ~OAST STORE Arlington Arlington .... FOR SALE---1935 Ford Pickup--- $70. Phone 1830. Catholic Church Father James H. Deady, pastor Sunday masses: Arlington -- 9 a.m. on first, third and fifth Sundays, 11 a.m. on second and fourth Sundays. Stanwood--9 a.m. on second and fourth Sundays, 11 a.m. on first, third and fifth Sundays. Assembly of God Tabernacle Rev. V. Delgatty, pastor Sunday Services: 9:45 a.m., Sunday School and Adult Bible class. 11 a.m., morning service 8 p.m., evening service. Week-day services: Tuesday, 8 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study. Fri- day, 8 p.m., Youth meeting. !Christian Science First Church of Christ, Scient- list, Fourth and Dunham streets. Sunday School 11 a.m. Sunday Service 11 a.m. Wednesday testimonial meet- ing 8 p.m. Reading room, Church edifice, open Monday~ 2 to 4 p.m. and W~dnesday 2 to 4 p.m. and 6:45 to 7:45 p.m., except legal hpli- days. First Baptist Church 102 West Third Street Arlington, Washington L. C. Everett, pastor Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Midweek Service Wednesday ex/ening, 7:30 p.m. "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise." Ps. 100:4. Sisco Heights Community Church George Eylander, pastor Sunday School at 10 a.m. Sunday services at 11 a.m. Eve. ning services at 7 p.m. Free transportation. Tuesday, Bible Study, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Young People's Ser- vice, 7:30 p.m. IIN.A.WA!L FURNAC I Forced Air Circulation. Constant Even Heat. W operate if electric- ity is off. WINKES HARDWARE ARLINGTON Deeper lugs dig into mud and snow Ruff surface grips risky wet pavements Ordinary lugs are risky when you hit hard, slick roads. Our special design, combined with ,De special rubber, provides hun. SAFETY dreds of extra gripping sur- &ND CONTROL faces. SAVE 50% and get safer "rainy day" driv- ing. NOW is the time to bring in those smooth tires and let us apply this new better tread at substantial savings. If tires are only partially worn and you wish to save them for more miles next summer, we have a supply of our own se- lect, guaranteed casings with new Winter-Trod already applied, for immediate delivery. Phone 136 I q~