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December 10, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 10, 1953

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R I PAOE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, A LIN JTON, WASItINGTON, TttURSDAY, DEC. 10, 1953. ,, ,/ t [ e ,,.httni, tt Dec•on Issued " " I A Woru rrom I -- . Successor to I "Pw I', 1/10 Amenu TeE XALL R cmr MZS II lne overnor It x., , qt. LX\ 95 Xo. 331 ,.., By ArthurB:Langlie ! mUX uraer -.o ~bscription Price $2•50 Per Year, $3.00 per Year outside Snoho-to%;r~es~'aU~rlep~r?n~red°~e' A recommended decision_ to l~Sh County. Issued every Thursday. Published at Arlington, IState Patrol on the number of ameno uroer I~o. zu, as amen(lea, ~ashington, by traffic accidents was issue~ by Roy W. Lennart- THR ARLINGTON PRI1WrlNG CO. a n d fatalities son assistant administrator of J C CARPENTER -- FRANK MARSH that occurred on -. ' ......... • • . . rne t'rooucnon aria lviarKetmg J. C. CARPENTER ..... .... Editor & Mgr o u r highways ............ ~lered as 2rid Class matter, in the Post Office at Arlington, Wash- and streets the Aammm[rauon, u.~. uepanmem J~gton, under the act of March 3, 1879. day before• It al- of Agriculture, on December 3, __ ____ .__ m __ _._L..~. __ ----- ~o gives the com- 1953• This recommenoeo ¢lecision .patative stand- is based on evidence given at a -r~ 7" m ~ ~ "r ,4 T mg 1or the week mating held August 10-11,. 1953. I'~,' I.~ / ~' ~ ~ ~ 1 A 1.J and month with The assistant administrator has J. xJ J- ~ similar periods 'ecommended that se v e r a 1 °faye~arta'g°-unucoDer 5 changes be made in Order No. THANK YOU, COMMANDER WARREN Folks in the Arlington district who watched the TV show, "March On," staged by Northwest Arnled Forces, last Saturday night, saw a fine feature in which the Navy Radio Station at Jim Creek was pictured and a very horough description given. At the close of the feature, Commander G. W. Warren, USN, officer in charge of the station, was seen, and heard to pay an exceptionally fine tribute to the Arlington community for its co-operation and hospitable atti'tude toward the station and its person- nel. Commander Warren described the community as friendly and progressive. O MARKED CROSSWALKS It has been noticed that in most sections of the coun- try, where there is tremendous traffic, certain practices have developed fhat seem to be working well in regard to crosswalks, where it has been impractical to install traf- fic lights. Such crosswalks are marked by "ladder" striping. Pedestrians have 'the right-of-way, and when such walks are occupied, vehicular traffic must stop. Because there is no light=, the pedestrian must use Gov. Langlie the morning re- port showed a loss of 16 lives from the first through the fourth• I discussed this alarming toll with our traf- fic people, who reported that the full patrol enforcement strength was exerting every effort to curb the violations which were caus- ing the accidents• We discussed the problem confronting us. with about 1,500,000 licensed drivers in our State using the State highways, and only 265 commis- sioned officers on the force to patrol the 6,515 miles of roads in our State highway system. Twelve days elapsed--and 15 more persons died intraffic col- lisions. Then, on the morning of the 19th, the report on my desk showed that in the previous two days 4 more people were killed• * * $ IN SPITE of the efforts of the State Patrol and the local traffic enforcement officers, the unnec- essary destruction of life and property on our highways was rushing headlong into an ugly situation. What emphasized the seriousness was the fact that we were entering the most hazardous traffic period of the year, when shorter daylight hours, fog, sleet, rain, snow and slush increase the normal hazards of driving• vigilance before crossing, but once embarked he has the right-of-way, and should a pedestrian be struck, the ve- hicle driver is automatically responsible. It nfight seem, at first thought, a risky business for During November and Decem- ber of 1952, 134 persons were the pedestrian, but experience in busy cities, reveals that killed in traffic accidents• And the system ,- orks quite satisfactorily. . now we already had 35 deaths the first 18 days of October. This Here in Arlington there is need for such crosswalks folly had to be stopped--at once• on Arlin ,ton' CHvm ic ....... d.....~÷'[ I called together representa- _ ~. . - --. J r ....... , ............. ~,,. ~,: o '~'~ltives of the State police chiefs' the week unsafe to cross the street except at Thirdland sheriffs' associations, State and O1 ic, where there is a traffic lizht Patrol, license and highway de- } P " 0 o • partments, Attorney General's of- PLEASE CO OPER---R-A " flee, weekly and daily newspaper -' x~. associations, and radio and tele- Arlington residents .are asked to please co-operate with the telephone company, and the fire department, by refraining from calling central seeking information about fires when the fire alarm sounds. vision industry• As a result of that meeting, it was decided the time had come for action--and so, on October 19, I issued a public declaration of "open warfare against those driv- ers who persist in despoiling our highways and streets with wan- ton disregard for human life and property." Arlington has no special fire alarnl system, and is de- pendent upon the cooperation of the telephone company in the sounding of the fire alarm, co-operation that has 25• These changes include plac- ing producers on base 12 months of the year, decreasing the loca- tion adjustment applicable on Class I milk and producer base milk at Skagit County plants from 40 cents to 20 cents per cwt., making permanent a modifies. tion of the provisions under which milk is moved between plants, reducing the Class I but- terfat differential, and revising the method of computing the vol- ume of condensed skim milk or non-fat dry milk solids utilized in Class I products. The assist- ant administrator has denied re- quests to make cooperatives han- dlers, to enlarge the marketing area by the addition of Kitsap and Mason counties, to allow limited transfers of base with the sale of a herd, to use price esti- mates as the basis of settlement with producers, and to eliminate for plants located in Thurston County a 25 cent charge on pro- ducer milk used for certain Class II products• On September 14, 1953, a de- cision was issued on one of the proposals made at the August hearing• This proposal requested changes in the method of classi- fying transfers of milk to plants which have facilities used for the receiving and processing of other source milk. T h i s decision changed the transfer provisions for a period ending December 31, 1953. Copies of the full text of this recommended decision and of Order No. 25, as amended, are available at the market admin- istrator's office, 200 Bigelow Bldg•, Seattle, Wash. Persons who wish to file exceptions to any )oint of this recommended de- cision may do so. Exceptions must be filed in quadruplicate with the Hearing Clerk, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Room 1353. South Bldg•, Washington 25, D. C. They must be postmarked not later than 10 days following the pub- lication of this decision in the Federal Register° If free men waht to stay that way They must concede this fact: They cannot win by what they say, But, rather, how they act! 6 • ..L.. [Mr. Hill conducted a Christmas Party liness session, calling Enlovs New Hall [of the minutes of the • ' session and the minut At Bryant Grange I Board of Directors me, -- /then for brief reports 1 Although the attendance was .... ; ..... ~,~ ...... not as karge as anticipated, ath ......" *h .....:-- ~ne Annual cnrls~mas t'ar~yoI ....... Mr. /vlurpny wno cal theSnohomish County Chamber . ~. . ~' . . of Commerce held at the Bryant rienry ~acKs[rom [o gl~ G an Hall' --"~"--~'~" ..~.~ dress of welcome, wt it was an enthusiastic cro-wd who fo}lowed by the respon, enjoyed a fine turkey dinner Mitchell of Lake Steven • ' ~vir ~vlurpny s[resslng prepared by the ladms of the. _" ....... Bryant Grange, and the program mr Keepm.g .~nrmt m. < of Christmas music furnished by s.[area inat I.~ n as aiW~ m s - • [ne purpose in tnese ember of the Arhngton H]~h • ~" ° to remember the rent School Musm Department, under .... direction of Roy M. Larsen. ~nns~mas.. ~ ~ _ ne then m~roaucea The spacious hall, with the long tables, was decorated taste- fully in the Christmas motif, and a lighted tree graced one corner of the hall. Equipped with a good heating and ventilating system, and stage, from which the performers can be seen and heard, the hall proved ideal for such a gathering• The invocation was given by Rev. Edwin Sandvig, pastor of Our Savior's Lutheran Church Arlington, and following the din- ner President Dave Helm, of the Arlington Commercial Club, ex- tended greetings ol the Club to the guests, and presented Harold M. Murphy, who acted as master of ceremonies, he in turn intro- ducing Glen Hill of Monroe, pres- ident of the county organization• who presented several by High School were well received, and up by leading the two songs, a carol, H. Verd, "It Came Upon night Clear," and the chosen by C. L. Lang Syne," the with genuine spirit in both songs, GOVERNMENT BRIDGE DECKED WITH STEEL The government the Sauk river, Suiattle valley, has ed with steel, re wood deck which had dangerous with its fore-and.aft planking. 000000 0 0o 00oo o 0000000000000 I RETAILS AT $459.95 ADJUSTS ITSELF AUTOMATICALLY WHEN ROOM LIGHT CHANGES No Obligations---No Purchases Required. Get your Ticket and Complete Details at Your Friendly June's Food Stores. PREPARE for the HOLIDA WALNUTS Rose Sott SheUed ................................ LR. ALMONDS =omon Paper Shell .................................. LB. MIXED NUTS No.I Assorte . No Peanuts ............................ LB. BRAZIL NUTS ................................................ LB FILBERTS No, Full Meated ................................ LB. pFANHTq Large Fresh ~..~ ~ • v~,J Roe•ted ....................... CARAMELS ........................ Old CHOCOLATES F hio. ...................... ,KG ARMOUR'S STAR FRESH DUG been freely given. THE DECLARATION of war LBS. It is necessary, under the circunlstances, that the line against traffic violators took el- U • • • heke t free of unnecessary interference ¢'--- .......• ._~ feet the day before ArmistiCe @ • • • Lb. p , , 'F j " " tOt tt tuw llllnuLes Day and called fOr such legal ' CALIFORNIA CRISP thesoundillg of tile alarln, SO that firemen may receive Uniformed•enforcementr~eansas unmarked carS,officers,nOn- Ba','o!END'{ tDPIECES • • • • Lb."2~__~,' LETT[IC[ ...... • ' • • • ...... LB. It is noticed that when the fire alarm sounds the r?:arfly?Ugpmerc:aftaah h °p [c switchboards are-imnlediately janmled bv those curiou¢ surveillance. Some of these SUNKIST, JUICY . ,__ ,, .... ~ ,, ..... ~,,, ..... methods were employed immedi- =-t*" ~ ORANGE: IoKnow ,,ller~2, SHleilre: ately ' d . • • • Won't you please eo-operate " It amy be your nlaao Through the press, radio and , • " . " iv ~- television, every oriver m our • • • • • LB. one of these days, w]len you wall need help qmcklv State learned of our firm deter- - .. * " mination to stop the highway SallS '1 ~ " • • Lb. 59~ ARIZONA, SEEDLESS I~:]~. D_^Jn A&.*__ ' pr°d.uctl°n~per c°w was equal to killers. In the first two weeks of GRAPEFI LII] 8 IIUUUIk, UUli or nlgner than a year ago, with the campaign, the accident rate SKINLESS ~ ~.~o -- . ~ _ ]largest increases in the south was cut in half compared with " ~ ~ Bag her In October /and west. the same period a year ago.Wlen B 't | • . • " • wo ('Re ,ortin ....... Service*" ..... ._... ,, _ _ Livo ]states-W Theashington,Wholesaleaccordmgmilk. priCeto thein And we aren't finished yet.____.____o 0Pi: I[ NI T[ ']1[! P.M. AVOCAD0sJUSTRIGHT FOR S. LADS • •. • EACH ~h'~ milk'prodUction in the statetCr°p.._and. a~vestock Reporting IF. A ..... ~ ~'~,d~,~b • ~h,~,~,~ ~ ¢,~ ¢o~,~,~ ,~o.U,~o/~erwce, ]ncreaseo seasonally g~ 4"IkW~IM ~.,uaataa¢,¢ themonth'ofOctober-The '_ h .V , ePt. m eroor.,n c ooerl .O,wOCto- ,,. . ,.,__ .,, , pr ceas re,:.,.=, - total production of 138 mitlion/ _" ......... luesaav, ~--,,ndo w~o 2 ~illi ...... ~ .... /aoout lb per cent Jower man tne .,- SWANSON'S BONELESS . ~r the r~onth' nrevioV~s"but~qt{average realized by Washington ~'~ ~'];~rkw~ 1.F PRl:M " ~ 9"°" tfarmers a "ear a-o -Jsa a~aa..~. ~ was 6 per cent higher for the ~ s" ~ "~ . f ~nth th.~n nno voar nc, n AVer [ The Croo and livestock Report- Fred G. Redmon, chairman o "~'" Luncheo,, Meat ........................ 2. ~_a Can ......................... " .... a TU I:-°g' q0¢.~ /~HF~SE Kraft's Pimiento ~-Oz. ~P_ nrnduptinn n~r Pnw r~mnln~d mg Service states that during the the Washington State HlghW y o, a lovo, .... o o= year per,oo, ctooer 1, 194S to Commiss,on from a ,ma Can ,I,-! • "h,~ aver~ ~d~h~h~'~h~"~n'~l September 30, 1952, the yearly do- nounced today that on December ~-~ Pineapple, etc ........................... e.~ Jar ..... ~' ........ ~ .................. ard "~r~nr a~¢n Tho nrinoin~o r~nn in Imestlc dmappearance of butter 29 the ~Commlssmn would aw ~'~t,~-,~}~'~"~"~'~,:~,',~,~:'lhas declined and during the a contract for draining grading "~'-- i- **'-~ -'as ..... ,._..~ ~.^,~lsame per•d, the dmappearance and surfacing w~th b~tummou BEETS ........... .... s .o ...... o • i s Ro, olChef CA ' NO. a • .. .~...Iof margarine has increased The surface treatment about 3 m le unusu lly well this yea ................ • ~ ......... CIGARETTES--REALLY FRESH October rainfall" was above nor- uecime g}ven mr. tne amappear- o~ secondary state, nlgnway l~o. _~ m-I ~,o .... n~ ~,~n .~.~t ¢oo ance of butter is 12 per cent and 1-E in Snohom~sh county between • " PI Aq Kulshan . NO. 303 t"l~-ns h~a~"~:t'~'~l~-r"~',~'~,~'~'lthe increase of the disappearance Arling~0n and the junction of ~, OOMINO~, 189 ................. ~ ....... r " " " sL,.'-~J Fancy .................................................. CAN ~Ji~- ~,,.~,,otio,~ i~, th,~ ~n;~,~nlof ma garlne ~s reported to be 43 Primary State H~ghway No. 1. States" f~r"~'l~e~mon't'l~ ~of~ O~t'ober[ per cent. The butter consumption Plans call for about 50 460 cubic • I Carton I set a new record, when the total declined. . to a new tow of mar- yards of common excavation and w ..... ti~oton ,, ~'ma ,~,,,,~., garme is reported to be 43 per borrow, 8,160 tons of crushed • eaRN Kulshun NO. 303 ~,~-~ Foncy Cream .................. : ............... CAN ~u'~nd~'T-h~i~ ~hn~',t'~ .,~"~",:~.~'~Icent. The butter consumption de-Istone surfacing, 380 cubic yards ~ hi~'~-her th'a'~t~e t~t"~'~~ ,~,v~",'¢.~i~'~lchned to a new low per person, [of* mineral aggregate. 35 tons o1:~ [ .................... w " • BLEACHES CLOTHES WHITER I ]U|~,~l~ Campbell's 46-OZ. ~v one ........~ ........ ~*"] hen m 1952-1953, the consump-laspha]t cement 5,860 tons of bl- • h~'~t~ {4~t~¢~'h~r~"rni"~ ~,~,,~'*~::~]tion had dropped to 8.7 poundsltuminous mixture, 850 linear,~ ,s a,~xa Tomato ................................................ CAN ~-~u'£"~X]v"'::"JZ:';';'W'-':W-]:"--~-:lperpers°n'Margarinec°nsump"lfeeta,~.t to ~... puunu~^ .... petition has bean steadily" mcreasmg 600 I hnear'°f asphaltic concrete curb, ,feet of concrete plpe, l ~." C LOR 0 X 49 person per day, about the ~ame i " : " -~ •as* ......~ ....... .~_ .L^land n the period of 1952-1953 264 linear feet of corrugated 18.OZ. ;ear of z~, ~t'~' ~owesPt ;or ~e the consumption per person of metal pipe and other items, e Gal. SWEET SPUDS T l.,'s .OAN v~¢,nth in ~h,ut ~ m,,ortar ~f olthis product had increased to 8.1 Work is expected to start soon]..,. -"'century'--"~u, =~ff.7~ff,~,.u,u~...'2~"~"~-'--~Y~'-=4P°unds,~. ,c=,u,~ ,. . Price .... relationships be- after. ....... award of the contract and, ~ i| ~|~.~ Su~bilt 46-07,, , '~tween margarme ann outter nave wm oe completes some t~me a~- ~a~.,~.~ Gr¢~ef~it 'i ....................................... CAN , been favorable for increased use ter the first of the year, accord- BORENE $()AP of margarine, ing to Redmon. Cold storage holdings of butter o Giant MARGARINE Blue , 6") in Washington State on October In Arlington - Phone 1344 31 were down 13 per cent from KILLOUGH CLEANERS Si~e LINES BY SOGL()W o.$OO4.OW • Rm~ you heard ebout the Jones? ?/Ikey're going to Europe. For six ~eelk~! They'U s~ in England; visit Holland, Belgium, Franee Italy. It'll be a wonderful trip. life-long dream come true. You ~bly think Ms'. Jones got a raise. Well, he didn't. And ~mbody left him s fortune, either. Then how can he afford a trip to !~mrope? That's simple. He and Mrs. ~kmmss planned for it. They saved ~mmey regularly through United ~lme~ Savings Bonds. Some day---i! an be your turn. Do as they did. planning today. Your United ~lates Savings Bonds can take tou • o Europe, toot September, but were about one- third higher than a year ago. O ARLINGTON LUMBER PLYWOOD CO BUYS BIG BLOCK OF TIMBER In a sale of timber in the Mt. Baker National Forest, held last week The Arlington Lumber & Plywood Co. was the successful bidder, with a high bid, of $~92 800. • The timber was in the North Mountain blowdown area~ in the Darrington district, and includes 4,600,000 board feet of Douglas fir, 5,000,000 board feet of cedar, and 12,600,000 board feet of hem- lock with a total of all species of 22,000,000 board feet. The mill company is just com- pleting a modern mill on the Prairie lust south of the Arling- ton city limits, the gang-saw and edger side already being in oper- ation, and the head-saw rig ex- pected to be ready next week. The plywood department is still operating at the old mill site on the Arlington airport. for ALTERATIONS I u.c,, .,.,. l'l SAFETY COUNCIL Pkg. GLOVES Ladies" Latex .............................................. PAIR OUR SPECIAL PRICE DOLLS B.u.,ul Character Dolls .......................... :...EACH. ALICE LO VE PURE S TRA WBERR Y Oz. Jar DEVIL'S FOOD YELLOW WHITE Prices effective at Arlington on December II ~ 19-, CAKE MIX CAKE MIX CAKE MIX item unconditionally guaranteed. No sales to dealers. serve the right to limit. s 0' OO@OOOO@@OOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG