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December 3, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 3, 1953

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!I>AOE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARI,IN(;TON. WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, DEC. 3, 1953. r!! e Ott ittlPfi A Word From / nerica ) Everett-Arlington Sta TH .ALL RC .ES The Governor [ [ ' 7ol. LXVI. Thursday, Dec. 3, 1953. No. 32 By Arthur B. Langlie [ ~----~ [ ~'~.rlJl ~~ t "To UAM,Ue ] to I ~D~Nmription Price $2.50 Per Year; $3•00 per Year outside Snoho-that while Washington's Work. 0~o’11 "m~JR ~m/sh County. Issued every Thursday. Published at Arlington, men'sCompensation Act was I~ ~ ~--~'~'-~ ~3~]liP~-~uo~ | passed by the [",anmB~~,~_ ~~~-'---CO~t~t~'vfeRI I (,,,,,~ f~f"~P~ il • JI.dI~IW~'%~IFJA A~JV, AL6. I the q~m~ington, by THE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. 1911 Legislature,I /~~~ ~ ~c~ "me' | J. C. CARPENTER -. FRANK MARSH making ours the I //Y~.'~t~l~lZ~."~l~~ ~ ccam~W~ Tc~ | • . C. CARPENTER ......... Editor & Mgr first state in the [ ~~~'~(~~oa~e ~t~w~ "~ I Stage ~:: ~ert~l as 2nd Class matter, in the Post Office at Arlington, Wash. Union to provideI ~~ ~!"'~]['~i~.~' ,~ 6 ~ c~Rep I ~n, under the act of March 3, 1879. compulsory in- [ "~F.~"~ .: .. ~ "n~eu#, ~ cAtt[o ~, [ dustrial insur- I "- ~ ~Ls,--~lp "t w~mc~r~, ~ uo.~, / WEEK DAY SCHEDULE I • eos’ +s / ance for work- ~mm~a~.~."~/~r A~ ~ ODII~R~ [ Lv. ARLINGTON: Lv. EVERETT: men engaged in 6:45 a.m. 7"45 a m 3"45 p m " • • hazardous i n- /t~lc~; s~t te~aEm~--~ / t 8:00 a.m. 5:00 n:m~ 8:50 a.m. dustries, the law t~ stm,~y wP~ ,%~E 190 i B 9:40 a.m. 5:40 p.m. 10:30 a.m. EDITORIA L emnlovee ~~o ea~.,~ ~ 11:20 a.m. 12:20 p.m. ,, ~ ~ I f~''~B~v~. /~/]~YO~’'"Ot~t~c~q~-~,~,~ l:lOp.m, a 2:00p.m. ----- _~------ -- _-"L-___.-7~__----- -'-- --'--- --'--- weliare was ex- IV .,.d~" ~x///l~ ~,t~ ~,a~w~o~.-m~~'~ ~t_~ UI'IRISTMAS CLUBS .......... handed f r o m IM,,'~ ~ / i ~ "~o~-~,~,; t,,~ ~'-~vm~.~'~l ~qi SUNDAY SCHEDULE • ~ . ~, • . ~, .~ To ~ ~UV. ~aZe ~i " "'m I ~IbL~X I /I IS~l"~tEOA'Ol~'ff~flET~th~e~4 ~..l~,~ ~.ff~ Lv. ARLINGTON: Lv. EVERETT: LtO VOll Delong IO a ~_:llI'lS[lnas t/IIlD~ 1[ Vail (IO, Yon t me to t! e. I_ /t~'~'~ / /I | "n4$~t'r~o~Esut~r~t~u ~k,~'-~iRi, i~7~,~e".~ 8:45a.m. 5'40-m 9:45a.m. . ~ • ~ ~ , .~, ~ ~• ~ •. • " In 1917 the Legislature created )~~..A v~u~uw;~m~.~'me~l~ ~kxi~it~,~,~l II:45a.m. " _f" " 12:45o.m are not going io lOOK WlII1 a Ieellng 0I aoprellenslon,. Medi.., Ai,~ Act which ex F~,~’~'~:Y~t~uoAav et~w~M ~|~~[/J.~H 3:45 p.m. a.~o' p.m. 4:35 p.m.- " the present Christmas season--v on have prepared for it, tended protection to provide and within a few days vou will be getting your cash that Pr° Patlatndapr a p r oTed cale and ~ ~~ EVERE2"r-ARLINGTON-DARRINGTON ---- SOUTHBOUND ~-- NORTHBOUND will permit you to "pay as you go" this Christmas. I jured on covered jobs as well as l'~.--~ -, ~'..~., .t~ ..?,-'~ ~ LV.z 10:00 a.m. z 11:20 a.m.Dar': Lv. Arl.: z 12 N~onAr" Ever't: zLV'7:45 a.m.EVer't: zLV'8:45 a.m.Arl': zAr The great thing abou,t the Christmas Club is that You [ts omes l° Sr%mP ls ,U°nn ndpe h [ ~~:~c.~ i i~'g~O ~°'~°~c~°~" ' Z--DallyX 7:00 p.m. Xexcept 8:30 p.m. Xsaturdays and9:15 p.m. XHolldays 4:35 p.m. x 5:45 p.m. x • . | Y x--Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday .et the amount of your dues and then at the end of thelclaims. year you get vour dues back plus interest, an(] vou do not I With the protective phases of I ~-.~.v~t~-~:~v ] a--TOdayMarysvillefrom EverettandvlaN°rmt°Wnsunnystde.dally" On Monday, Wednesday " • : labor legislation well developed B--Via Sunnyside Monday, Wednesday and Friday. have to attend meetmgs and do a lot .of conmnttee work, • ' the Legmlature then began to EXPRESS SERVICE PASSENGER etc. You do have a nmmbership card, and the pass word plan for setting up regulatory .... . SCHEDULE EI "ECTIVE NOVEMBER 16. 1953 ~;o ,,M.....,~ o~;,-I,,.;+t.. ’.n l~n.,,.1,~A..,~ +1,.+ measures and work standards ~vmrcnano~e. May Be Opened for Until Christmas." "Merry Christ- • ~ , ~ . . . ~., , .. ~ •~ ~ ' which would serve as a, preven- Postal Inspection, together withlmas, Happy New Year,' etc., you are not swalmng 3"our ere(ll~ to say ll:--le~ s nave tide program to reauce tne num- tne name ann address of sender, tother written additions subject tions~prepaid at the first class[ United States Gyp, - -- • - " ber of factors which contributed as sealed parcels not so labeledlparcel to letter rates Do not en more oI uaese clads . . . ' or • ~ • " rate may be sent with parcels by pany hds recently dis~ • toward the growmg number of endorsed are subject to post close letters in arcels as doin accidents. • • • ag~ .abt the letter rate. Pareels/so would subjep the entire pa~ securely attaching envelopes to lime plant which was I~l~r,D.l.~l~t.l~ JLJt~£D£-J.TT)v°~r -r'UJLZ~LJI. U~+'tmAm+'t . . y e marked ' Do Not Open / cel to letter postage. Communica- the outside of parcels, near Colville. In 1919 the Legmlature created k~-I--~ .... How much 'time do we spend wishing we were some- the Safety Act and created a ~"----OOOOO~OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI~OOOOOOOOOOOOO{ Safety Board which later devel- where else, instead of counting our own blessings? How wonderful it would be to live where we could swim in the warm waters of other climes, to step out and pick our breakfast from a banana tree, or to be relieved of that everlasting job of getting in the winter's wood, or preparing for the cold blasts of the North wind. We do not realize that many people so "blessed" are "wishing for a "White Christmas" or to see the turning of the leaves in 'the Fall, and the rejuvenation of the world in the Spring. In that Paradise of the Pacific, Hawaii, many of the +aviators who fly between ttie mainland and the Islands do & little shopping while away. Recently, one of them returning to 'the islands from such a trip brought pres- ents for some of his friends of all things, potatoes, good farm-fresh h'ish potatoes. Bananas, bah. NO DELINQUENCY H .RE " We recently attended a 4-H Achievement dinner, where we over 300 live American youngsters, full of vim and vigor, and'all engaged in good, sound practical projects that keep them occupied. They also demonstrat- ed their talents by entertaining with music and skits. And last Saturday some of these young people and also a group of F.F.A. members entered into a very se- rious sale of lected livestock: 'to be added to herds owned by the young folks. It seems that among these folks there is no need to worry about that rOld bugaboo "Youth Delinquency." These kids are so busy working on worthwhile projects and enjoying goodwholesome fun while doing it, 'that -time does not seem to hang heavily on their hands. PHO 0 CHR S CARDS Let us help you work out original ideas. O Cameras and Equipment Our Expert advice 'cheerfully given• Whatever your picture problem, Ask Us I III Mrs. Buyer and Mr. Seller Get a Break Through the Want Ads • "3c Per Word • Minimum charge 65c ’ The Arlington Times" and Shopper ARLINGTON, WASH. t I I~ONE 495 oped into the Division of Safety i within the Department of Labor and Industries. This Division en- forces safety standards through- out industry which are estab- lished by the Legislature. It car- ries on educational work in the field of safety throughout the State, and develops safety codes upon recommendations by laborI and industry. The Division atso[~ provides for an inspection service l~ for railways, mines, factories,| construction jobs and hotels. /~ The Division of Safety is per-/O haps the most important in the}~ Department, because the estab-t~ l]shment of effective and accep- table safety regulations, together with the development of full support of these regulations by both the worker and his em- ployer, reduces the accident ra- • FERG'S EOG tio appreciably. This pays off to the worker by saving life and! limb--and to the employer by saving on the cost of the insur- ance program. • • HEADQUARTERS for the De- partment of Labor and Indus- tries are in Olympia, but branch offices are maintained in 13 strategically situated c i t i e s throughout the state. In 1941 the Legislature estab- lished the Apprenticeship Coun- cil under the Division of Indus- trial Relations for the purpose of encouraging and promoting ap- prenticeship agreements con- forming to standards established by or in conformity with the Workmen's Compensation Act md in harmony with policies of he U. S. Department of Labor. The apprenticeship Council is he State's approval agency for ~pprenticeship training under the so-called G.I. Bill, a program fi- nanced by the Veteran's Admin- istration. All in all, the protection and benefits afforded the workers of our State engaged in hazardous obs are second to none in the aited States---or in the entire world. Every year officials from not only other states but also from foreign countries visit Olympia to study our program which has long been considered a model one. O Buy Stamps Early, Avoid Holiday Rush; P.O. Asks Co-operation In aa effort to gain the co-op- eration of local patrons once again during the holiday season, the Arlington post office person- nel are making the following suggestions: Postage: Save time, purchase stamps in advance of the rush period. Vully prepay postage on all mail matter. It is suggested that first class postage, 3c, be put on all out of town mailing. First class postage allows the sender to seal the envelope, enclose written messages, and have the article forwarded if necessary without additional postage. If undeliverable the article will be returned to sender with a nota- tion to that effect, if a return ad- dress is given. This is one way to keep an Christmas card list. All unsealed cards, with no written message enclosed will go for the usual 2c, or third class, rate. Such cards, if unde- liverable, are destroyed, and for- warding postage must be request. ed if the addressee has removed. Over two thousand Christmas cards were destroyed last year, all being third class matter. Mailing: It is suggested that all cards be faced before posting in post office. By facing it is meant that the stamps should be in the upper right hand corner and all cards bunched so that the address and stamps will all face one way. Local cards should be mailed before December 21 to guarantee delivery, cards t o neighboring states by Dec. 17, and distant states by December 14. First class mail is given pri- ority over third class, with air mail getting even better service. Parcels should be mailed accord- ing to the same dates. BEAUTIFUL BIG 21" RETAILS AT $459.95 ADJUSTS ITSELF AUTOMATICALLY WHEN ROOM LIGHT CHANGES No Obligation---No Purchases Required. Get your Ticket and Complete Details at Your Friendly June's Food Stores. FERG'S ,RICH FLAVORED FERG'S DELICIOUS FERG'S MEXICAN STYLE V{ 16°z.c= 29c 10ez 15c 8-Oz. Cans -Oz. Can GREEN BEANS Sonny 2 Boy .................... Canse.~e.~ TOMATOES Garde. : Brand ........................ 2 Cans 2I/z 39c OYSTERS Golden Spray Smoked .................................. Carl 35c MEAT TENDERIZER Adolph' .... ,at MARSHMALLOWS Clown 19 • , Colored ........ Lb. C CAKE MIXES Dromedary .................. Pkg. 25C ]EWEL BRAND -Lb. CaB WALNUT MEATS .................... 8,%. 59c PECAN MEATS ........................ ,ackaoe 35c VANILLA une Rose -O,. Imitation ........................ 8 ,etl. 33c EGGS Mediums, Grade AA .......................................... Doz. 57C DOG FOOD Begmore 2 2 Bonus Tickets ' Cans29c LIQUID LUX Detergent Giant 63c So easy to use .......... Size MANNING'S (2 extra bonus ticke:s) Mission Brand., Extra Good .-OZ. PKG. ’ Mission Brand -- With Extra Eggs "-OZ. PKG. ,’ q~ Wrapping: Pack articles care- fully in strong durable contain- O Prices effective at Arlington December 4 and 5, 1953.---Every Item uncondltlon- ers. Wrap and tie articles se- O ally guaranteed. No sales to dealers. We reserve the right to limit. curely, but do not seal them un- less they are endorsed: "Contents SUGAR CURED ENDS & PIECES PURE LB. • • • • SKINLESS LB. • • • • • PORK LB.PKG. LB. • • • • LB. POP CORN -Lb. Bango 2 Pkg. SHREDDED WHEAT New size. NBC ............ Pkg. COCOA Nestle's 8°'' m ........................ COIl • .Lb. CHEESE Pab:stett .............................. 2 0. DRESSING June Rose Salad ................................ Quart MILK Darigold ' 2Q.. DURKEE'S FAMOUS! ' Lbs. Swift's well balanced food. Case of 12 - 5-lb. boxes... $5.35: LB. BOX STALEY'S, Corn or Gloss 16-Oz. Pkgs. Fresh Produce FIRM nRY HEAVY MEATED CALIF. • • • • LBS. CALIF. BEEFSTEAK • • • mm • EACH SWEET JUICY NAVELS • • • • ARIZONA SEEDLESS • • • IN MESH BAG r@OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 OOOOOOOOO0