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December 3, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 3, 1953

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P&GE TWO TIlE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, tINGTON, THURSDAY, DEC. 3, 1953. NA ] l okmobile Stops ]1 ARLINGTON HTS t[Former A.H.S. ,n charge of the County Extension A SILVA I..... II Mae Rmhardson corr II ,.. . Hope, Edwin Stpcker Mrs Irene Vognild, IilJecember-February II y , l/Debate Student . mish as Holstein repr correspondent. ISnohomish County Library t[ Phone 2372 ][ . o ~ Donald Smith of Mon: Jacksons Celebrate Bookmobile stops in the AriingIlmprovement Club tWins High Honors - sey representative; W. ton area will be continued froml-_ .. o ! ,.. . . The Calf Selection sale held by will be given the first chance to of East Stanwood as 4~h Anmvarcarv t December through February aUMeets Saturday T Nancy late, a .Iormer stuqent members of the F.F.A. and 4-H purchase, representative; and G ~v~m IMaMV .....j tho ~,~ularlv srheduled times/ j /oi Arlington rllgn ~cnool, class clubs of the county at Marysville The raisin~ of these calves will son of East Stanwood Mrs.L=~Th'~=%~t-,~,.=., dr~'~ic :'~nges.~o, ~..~ ~,. ! c~,~e ex-[ Arlingtn Heights Imprvement[f'53'wh m nwa freshman at'Western Washington College. last Saturday, was a great sac- als- bo crodi~tod tnward~ ~w~rd~ shire representative A: The home of Mr. and .......................... W Charlie Jackson was the scene ofiception is t~obb s Tire ~ervice/Club will meet Saturday Dec 5 t .... s ~, s , cess, and was attended by about in 4-H and ~FA praieot, and th~ mg ere Floyd Langa a nieely appointed party last/west o.~ Arlington where, begin-[ Following the short I~usinessln~elnngnam'~was,~nea [,~tnels~u,~ sale3 interestedresulted inYUngfourteenPeple'of Thethe animals willbevarious }airseli~ble~r'shw~'fall" teacher;lingtn' Arnoldvcatinalz. smia Sunday when their children en-lning Thursday, ~ec. 10, the DOOK-|meeting Mr. C. W. Fowler willl:~'"~7~.':"~-K.':..~#::'.~:.'~ ~,~s.: in~ at the next tertain~ed their parents on their mobile willstop every second/give a talk on the Snohomish/~,~L"_~ A~_'~,=_~:.~'~,~l~u~et ~oun~ young people acquiring blooded an~d in f,,t,,r,~ v,~r~ ' erett, County Extensi( . week ~rom ~z:40 to z:55. For-/Count- Planning, Commi=~in, |,.,.in at ~..o~g~ ut x- tg do ,,u dairy stock, the prices running The'r~w~'~rn'~r-~,~v,~ nff,~ro,~ and N. P. Gardner and 49th wedding anmversary. F!ow .......................... e/ - . ~ ~, .... o ..... |in Tacoma on Nov. 13 and 14. from $50 to $300.00. " but some wer'e'~not~o~f'the-breed Smith of Marysvllle as ers and gifts were presented tolmv[~Y t,e r~gu~ar vm,t wau m~, |wHat mey represem to me peo-lEi~ht other colle~,es also nartici- them as a memento of the oc- on wednesday. /ple, what they are doing and[~':~n ~r~o a~ho~ ..... t~,: ~ The animals had been previ, desired, or for other reasons were -- ------------o------- cos|on Dinner was served to the Some adjustments m time hat help ~s available through[,,v..~o" .r..,~o ~.. th,~ ~.i*o,~ ously selected by a committee of not selected Those participating CHIMNEY FIRE followin : Mr and Mrs. Bill Jack-]have been made in the booked-[the Commission The entertain- /~: "?"~ ,,'-'.~ ..... .'-~ ...... experienced dairymen, and they drew numbers for selections and A chimney fire at the g " . ] " ' " he merit c i ~tates. THere was atso tmpromp- came from the herds of prom|n- competition was s~irited for some garson home, High St. son, Mr and Mrs Ernest Jack- bile route which includes t ] omm ttee has a couple of[h, ^~to, ................ r~,,.,~ ~,~,~ ~tm-~,~,~ ] / [ reals purchased by the young at the Snohomish County Agri- the fire department to son, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jackson, Arlington Heights area Regular novelty numbers to present La-]~'~, ~ ..... To, ........... a ent county dairymen The ant- of the animals Th-e sale was held morning about 10 o'ch :Mr and Mrs John Jackson and patrons are asked to note these dies are asked to bring date or ~v ........ ~ .... :.--~ ..... an o"~h""u . . | best speaker m Debate, d c os-:people will be used to build cultural center in Marysville, There was no damage three children, Mr. and Mrs. Danlchanges, effective Thursday, De- nut bread on the refreshments, ben second best sneaker in Im-i Jackson and three children Mr cember 17. [ ~ [ ..... +, ~ herds for them By previous ar-starting at 10 o'clock Saturday ~ o------- and Mrs. Jim Cann. A special gift iwm. Roal's Garage, [. Mrs..Johnnie Patch is improv-/v'~'anc;"and her partner won allIrangement' should any of the an-lmorning and !,he last sale was A population forecast ' Mrs.'School[[ ......., ...... IT,-t~nn ~ evening On Swanson, Saturday, whowas Mr - and Mrs. Maude~ ~ ~ " Barter, who Is |reals be " sOld Bthe Ill rriE ginalFwnerBmadle. ~a ~ ~abutG 2 elE ck.BA ~e~/~ ~t~~ ~"~ ~*~"~~ igtnT ~~ .. in 20530!ii~i;* runs 12R ,0~l~ was a beautiful bouquet of large[ S.E. Arlington .......... 9:50.10:30~1ng at Home again:their rounds and Miss Tate was ~~ yellow 'Mums' arranged in aITheo Swimme's Place..ll:00-11:151ann altn,ug.n,.)lmpmg ~S aoie tO]oh.~n- oonnd best sneaker over ~~ light blue basket The group en-ITrafton School and |get avout wlmout me crutches /""".""'" , ........ - ~ ~ --o--- - -~ ........ . - ,, ,, senior lawyers, ana upperclass- joyed a pleasant day. Additional] Commumty ................ 11:20-11:50[ Colds and seem to be[ro~" --. guests were Mr and Mrs.,~,mINavalRadioStation- /prevalentm m!sglsmctcaus'ng'-' '?" - ..... uTU V A Dr O'Niel of Northgate. Mrs. O Niel[ Arlington Heights....12:10-12:30lmany vacant cnaws m Choralier[ ne. entereu me_ impromptu will be remembered as Louise:Lloyd Casner's_ Place. 1:25- l:35tpracuce lvionoay mght. ]speaK)rig and Had to give a a '%: .......... " " ~'' Contento ]M A Hartley s Place - ! ~uests at the Ed Chrisman/minute talK on wnate er paper m ~ m m m ~ m ~ ~ ~ ........ ::::::::..~:::~ ~A:l~~i:! [ Ari'ington Heights .... 1:45- 2:00[hme from Saturday:they wereg!ven. Her top_m was -~!~::~i~,7::.~!~i~!: geous, b dhant beaut of m gmal ttansI)a ' ':*': .... ' ............ ]~.,~..~|.,.r~.',,~,,~.~,,~ [ Herbert Morgan's Place. ]zlast weeK were ~v'rs" Chris']auven~m~ennquency'~newas WONDERFUL" ll'4]$Uiill]f i~!eili~l" I Arlin~tonHeights 2"05-,2'20|mans parents Mr and Mrs.iawaruea secona pest speaker -y~~ ~|" | [Charles~SpencerYs Place, "" [Charles Wilson, from Salem, Ore., [again. According to the college un nanxsglvIng t Arlington Heights .... 2:25- 2:45~and her brother and family, Mr./debaan~est stoeamCeherretttheYou2~ecoUP " ~ !~;~:::~ ~ fi~ "~::~~~;.:!i Thanksgiving Day holiday Heights .... 2:50- 3:001Ore Ipetition.. I t her yea . of observed in many homes with[E" Soper's Place | Members of the family home/college ae aung and to place ..... i . ...... traditional family gatherings anaI Jordan Road ' . ..... 3:20- 3:35[for Thanksgiving at the Roy among the top mree is very good. I~ I ~ ~I~l~ ~ii:~!~i!~' turkey dinner. Mr. and Mrs. A1-/Herb Tulin's Service, /Thompsons were Mr. and Mrs.. These same debaters were " ~ ~& ~:.Z~:~:~ .... ~!::~::'::~ bert Brekhus entertained Mr. and/ Riverside .................... 3:55- 4:15|George Edgar and children and Heard over KPUG Bellingnam -,~:::::~:~:~, ..... ~:%':i:~i~:iiiiiiiiiiiii!::~" :Mrs" Jhn Brekhus' Mr" and Mrs" ~ Mr" and Mrs" Luis Thmpson' during United Natins Week" ~~ Bob Arnestad and chitdren of Ev-/dlnner the parsonageD m [all of Seattle. Nancy Tate was a former de- SHvana ThanKsgiving ay erett, Mr. Ed Baeklund and son/ "Miss Marie jaio~s who" is~ at | Mr. and Mrs. Julius Norman bate pupil of Miss June Hergert ::~:~ :i-li:~:' Bonnie, also of E verett, Mr. and[ , "|and daughter Judy Ann and of Arlington. She was given quite And we suggest you t~ke his ad- ~ '~!~-~ .~iii~ ~"~" Mrs. Andrew Brekhus and C, S.[tenamg owestern nW~S~gtnOn|Juanita and Verne Campbell en- a writeup in the Bellingham pa. 'n:~,~,~ ,;~ r ' ,:!;ii4 "" ~i~' ~Olle e oz ~aueaHo g ..... -:' .. ::- Hafdell of Stanwood and the host g _ _ :[joyed Thanksgivin~ dinner at pers The debate team will go to vice, and see the Brand New and hostess and their three chll-t ............ [the Art Norman home. Oregon, Montana, an lympm ~. ham, was a week.end guest at o d O " the Home or lv~r and ~v~rs unHoro dren, Jerry, Delores and Don. Mrs.[ ...... iv" Drivstu'en who[ Julius Norman and Bill Roal in January, February and April, EdBacklundwasunabletat'[~o"~rs:'~l~e'~'~-''" [plan tgtYakimanWed'atleast30cllegesbeingrepre" * 19 4 HOTPOINT tend as she is in Long Beach,[~s att en.amg w.~..t~.,, ana .~.lSSInesday to attend a directors' sented. .~L~.,'~"'' vi-i*i----~ t ng with her dau-hter~ueneg ~rlvstuen wno. ]s attenamg,meetin . g oz ......... me ~tate ~enool o P L C spent their Thanksgiving and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.] :: ........ [Board members. R J~. ][} ]UUr /'~I,.L Li .... M---I Ludwi- ,vacauons at me nome or tne~r~ Mr and Mrs Wa--'a .... ~J. ut I. I~ .-~.,luu ~tlta ery ~. "v " . y~ n ~tarr aria parents, Mr. and Mrs. Iver Drl - childr " Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer en enjoyed Thanksgiving ~.~h. were Mr and Mrs Tom] [w stuen, Mr. and Mrs. Howard El- lth Mrs. Starr s parents, Mr and From,, ormer,,.em,,ero ........ vebak and sn were als guests Mrs "Will Verd in" " "Arhn tonl~ A AND christiansen and family and]~, ,~ ...... t~ h,m,~ ,,~,rh.,~. |~ ". . ~ , g Arlington Business and Profes- :Miss Rand| Husby, all of Seattle,|~',~,,~',~" .......................... [~unaay visitor at the Starr home sional Women's Club members and Mrs. Gudrun Husby. Mr and/~'*~v~'~'~d Mr~ ~h,~rt ~ret~hus{Wa~s H. Hoffland of Redmond. enjoyed two letters at their Nov. .......................... t~uests of me Clarence ~wan :Mrs, Nels Walen entertained Mr./,,~o~+,~a ,,,~h ~r.~ ^,,,o xro,~ u,~,~t-[ . " 24 meeting from two distant : sS Vn ,a :l n2 ynaWr;no:oSnohommh last I tSoiaS:L ! ikg en ;rM a d0 MMr:: wm mbh a :, ie trs V??hi?hgtWl, sen and Oswald Clausen / " gton and and is now in San Francisco a'nd Dinner guests of Mr. and superintendent of theI~lomY~Chz"~ now ..... , me on a mur-uay pass return- teachln m Aberdeen The latte~ Howard Vognild on ThanksgivingIZion Lutheran ~unaay ~cnom, tin ........... ' .. " g " - _ . | g to ~t. ,.ewls on ~vlonaay ~un- asked for transfer In order to Day were Mr and Mrs O' A announces that the ~unaay d . . a. " ..... " .... "... :.. [ ....... [ ay evening vmltors at tbe Swan- ~oin the Aberdeen club which maurstao'gnacnilarenoz~eatue,|Scno01 t~nristmas program willIsons were Mr and Mrs ~" -a ~ . . . ' . Mr and Mrs James Gallagher,[be held in the Social Hall on Sun [- ~ - - . has a memoersnip one nun- " JUST ARRIVED, AND READY .~ ... .. "/~nuerson ann aaughter Diane dred rift Norman Running, Mrs Mabel Iday evening, l)ec 20m .......... " Y. . . . . _ .,anu ~v~r ~ ~ ~naersbn Mrs Verie Hafner ave a re ort Stensen Mrs Lena Vognilct and! Pastor J rl myrwang spoke at, ,,~-x" " " o ". - g , p FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY ' ~. ..... ~ ~no e enjoying a zamily ainner on the Past Premdent s Council Carl Butler of Everett /the Sunday ~cnooi teacHers in-~on Ti]~anks_ivin ~ _. _. _ ~, " .... " ' "~ ..... " g g at me Lloyd meetln and me Clad voted a twiML'ands M?'wReV'tS2::KS;:n~l~t~tu/:h iatECee~ralast~e~2]Haa~t~ey home: Mr. and ..Mrs. cash gonation toward t h ear They are beautiful, and have all the latest features. ...... '" I ce r~aruey, mrs Liuia Christmas ro ram A lar e box TnanKsgiving t~ay at me nome|aay evening , ........... ".... P g g k . .... l~lrKS, Mrs ~lyrue m riaruey, of giftg was filled with articles of Mr. and Mrs. Norm RatKin/ Rev. and Mrs. ~. vi. lviyrwanglMiss Katherine Dirks'and *"'--- ~ ...... (0onvenient Terms) and family Gary and Jerry /attended the Lutheran Pastor's|Bar ....... m,~ mr me women in ~ormwestern " " 1 -- / .......... I oara tiaruey Later in the Hos ital and Mrs E~a Toome. stayeu over the weeK-ena with/comerence Helot last Tuesaay at, ..... " .. _ P ' y ..... ........... ~evenmg me Iamny enjoyea a will see to its deliver tHe ltateKins. /the rarKlanu unilaren s rmme in[snack su--er ....... Y" Miss Ruth Myrwang and her "Everett. , therinepp~ir~t t.ner~rKs Miss Judy Backstrom, who is You are invited to inspect the many Electric Appliances t o~usin Agnes Hallanger, both/ Mr and Mrs Orville Gulhau-I:~a s is ecuperatm.g not well, asked to be released " , .." . .. Itrom a very painzul Iall wHicH from her duties as club treasure crowd our salesroom -- "Electrical Gifts Keep on Giving." students at Pacific Lutheran Col-/gen and cnimren, ~.aren tv~arie- .... ' r, i .... i occurrea several aays agoSHe and Mrs Mu el l~ols(ad was a lege, spent the ThanKsgiving va-|and Alice Louise, Having recentlYislin,~,~ ..~ ~ .... ~. ....~..^ . ~ P- .............. ,. ~ ...... ,,= an, ,,u,, t,u dinted to serve until MlSS Back cation at the ~ayrwang ~ome./movea Irom ~eatue to me t~m-[ho.._~_~ .... ~ .... P " " - use to the garage injuring Her strom is well again Agnes Hallanger is the daughter]haugen farm, were formally re-lelbow and breakin ' a blood ws .... " ...... ofRevFrederickHal~anger[ceivedintomembershipofthel'.'__ g., u -i Tr~e next meeting will De nela !B ! ] I rB][ - " - - ', .......... ISel, wHicH caused me arm tOot the home of Mrs Gall hunter missionary in ~aaagascar, since,zion ~umeran t:nurcn, at me:swell badl and become ver .i ....... " Y y when mere wm de a fitex 1929. They both returned to col-[services last Sunday morning {: ....... { g" - ..... , isore anu ameomrea t~ranama change ~ege ~unuay azternoon. | ~ ID ........ " .... I . All the Myrwang children in/ RUBBER STAMPS ~s not teenng too well meseI o--------- - PttONE 201 , ARLINGTON, Seattle and their families were/ Arlington Pt~ Co Phone 493 ]' ~-" ............ Use Times Classified Ads ' ~ ~ ~" ' i mr. an(a Mrs. walter ~est Mr. effective economical and Mrs. Jack Thorsen and baby ' " i i,, ' , Kathy of Arlington Heights, ,and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thorsen of I Seattle enjoyed Thanksgiving II I II I II I I dinner at the Homer Thorsen LU L U L home in Arlington Mr and Mrs IIilil ~ii~l iI ,.iI K " ~ " " ' enny Planque and sons of Seat- tle spent Thanksgiving week-end . at the Jack Planque home At last we have what you ]mve been wa tmg for. Mr and Mrs Terry L Mitehell r ~ . ~ (nee" Mary Louise Super) re- Your lransparencies enlarged to s ze 4xo--not a turned from their honeymoon at - - .- , Harrison Hot Springs in Canada prmt but a beautiful 4xo transparency and tins and will make their home in Til . licum Mr and Mrs Victor Freyd framed m a blond or mahogan3 frame and all fllu- spent" Thanksgiving at the Wil ..... liam olmstad home in Everett nnnated from behind showing forth the full gor- enjoyi ng dinner with them in the ' " " " ' ' " "- Mrs. Leon Eekman of Seattle and ency--just like it is on a screen. A real display Mrs. Leona Montgomery were ' ainner guests at the Freyd home, piece to show off your favorite color shot. Com- and guests were Mr. and ~wrs. t~alph tiolmstad from Alder- plete only $5.95. See ii at our studio, wood Manor. Most of the family were gath- , ered at the Wold home to help Grandma Wold enjoy Thanksgiv. ing day. Besides Grandma, Carl I AMERICA'S Just 50,O00,O00th Installed, TELEPHOHE . .. your finest tribute to our service Ofir country's telephone communications system has . just achieved its'greatest ex- l~sion milestone. In barely more thaa 4 yeats, telephones ia operation have grown from 40,000,000 to ~0,000,000.We ioin with the ~00 other Independent Telephone comp~aies and with the ' Bell Telephone system to thank you subscribers and investors alike for making this record growth possible.., and necesutty. and Sharon Brown, there were Mrs. Evelyn Brown and Gwen, Mrs. Helen Woody and children Mary-Jo, Sally, Frank a n d Maechel. Grandma Wold reports that she is feeling better than sire has in years. Almost snappy enough to try a schottische'. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tveit are proud grandparents of a little girl named Janet, born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Severine in Evere't't on Monday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tveit and family[ were overnight guests at the Joe Tveit home Saturday Virginia Blehme is feeling much better and'was able to get home from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving to be with her children and parents The James Taylor family vis- ited relatives in Machias on Sun- day. _ ~ Leila Steckelberg Pres. H. D. Club The Arlington Home Demon- stration Club met at the Luther- an Church Nov. 19, for their An- nual Turkey dinner, business meeting and installation of offi- cers. Mrs. Frances Oleson, coun- ty extension ~gent, installed the officers, president, Leila Steckel- berg; vice-president, May Bag- ley; secretary, Alma Morrow, and treasurer, Jessie Monty. On Dec. 1, a candle making demonstration was held at the home of Stella Parsons. o A new 4-day blood giving total for much of the Northwest was recently set at Washington State College at 2,252 pints. 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