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December 3, 1953     The Arlington Times
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December 3, 1953

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No. 32 f 8 Pw NEWS STAND AND COUNTER 10c PER COPY ' (~'*) Arling'ton, XVasii., Thursday, l)ec. 3, 1.ta,). Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle'April 3, 1915. Legion Tree Farm To SUpply Some I ,, ' Christmas Trees Christmas meeting at 6:45 p,m. The business meet-[ "This tree brin~s a messac, e[ Speaking to the members of[traffic fatalities in the State of fish County Cham- ing will be held right after from the great ou~cloors" that's[ the Arlington Lions Club, at their[Washington, whereas the fig- ~rce will be span- the dinner, and will be snort tol+~.,~ heading, of thk ta-'t),ot will~ regular meeting Monday eve-lure for 1952 is 428. He further ' ' " " i h ~"~ s ~ s --~ . ..!, by the Arlmgton give time for theprogra%WhniCe}aCcompany each Christmas tree] n mgA Ofhcer E. D. Redmond. ofl stated that .in November, l!~ ~lUO ann Will tnls Will De in tne~ryam L, g I..,~.*~*...,*H b,~ ha.v.~sted ,r...~ th,~! me ~[are va(rol, gave some ilg-irnere were ~a iatanues, wmAe ' ~). 11,~ | l J.J. E A F--~ 2~ IJJl ~:; , " ..... fld at othe Bryant hal}~lh:dSupperhWigr:ne Se~rvhed]American Legion Tree Farm, near] u.~es on traffic fatalities, that !n-lthere were in the November lust , .........z ........ s, ~-J ~:.- *~- . .... -~.'" -. Arlington and it will assure the/ dicate that already the mtenslveIpast, 34. He pointed.out that eun is aiwa s a celebration riv inltla e many, many years it me ' g' Y I,~,,r-hoo.~:' that th,~ harve~U,.-.,I d e "' ted by Gay. Langli there were 58 people killed oa he custom of the Ar- of the season ltsel . ]this tree did not contribute to] to r.educethe number of trafhc]the highways in October: If that Pie to host the County l, rogram Ithe d~o*-"-tion ^~ " -rowP'- f^r / mmngs, nas oegun [o pay OIL /many people nau oeen Klllecl ll~ " ~' 'l U'bLllAU UJ, a ~ lb~ U " n fact, so long that it The evemn~, s program Wl llest but was a "-art of a real con ] 'There are at least 40 people[industry, he said, we would con- -~a tradition, consist of musical numbers pre,[servation program [ alive i,,n the State,of Washington/sider it a calamity. However, he ram this. year. is slated sented by. the musicdepartment]. The balance of the message, on] today, he isaid' who might be[pointed out. that the.. public, ac~ ,. -- . berb/ It was cut under the super./ .... " ~1 " ' High School will be: a num Y "st " lives. ! , vl on of the U S Soil Conserva Mel Sass Heads G p tbe Girls ; q . ............ = ........... re rou Trio a mixed uartet, The officer said that the great- - ,, Boys' quartet" a trumpet solo, l%Wn~'V~C~" utLLile.~x'net3c~"~e'] Ill~ ...... .'-! ~|,,k ' test contributor to accidents seem ' , gIo ost l~o. ~b Memorial ~or- I.,UIIIIilC[ iCU - . - ummluee and a vocal solo /e~t Arli--t ................ ] I ~ ~.,lltlU |to be the attitude of an lndi- " re ~ , II~ Oil, YV~t~lllll~tO[l. , . Glenn Hill president will p , .,i |~.--L--.--L ' ~. .'1Under the Le~.ions forest pro ] I At the election of officers, held]vldual which changes when he ~! Vi~LrlU side at this meeting ~ne meet, ,/ ~s - "t ' ....... ' ets b hind t" w" " " [ " " " a Dy me Arlington ~ommercial g e " ne neei ..... tgr m, some curung of trees nas| . aer meeting held here lngs beginning with Janua~s[:cl~//al eady started the first tree Club Tuesday noon at the Blue He urged co-operation on ~he. it was decided' to form resume, kinthe ubUSlnesSthe matterP of g~ng to Mrs. 1', J. Teague, 139 Bird Care, Mel Sass, proprietor of part of the public and said that .... again ta g P ,, ~f~,~,~ ~,,,~ a~H,~t.,~ the Coast-to-Coast Store was heretofore the officers had been k-O " 1 ' ' " ' r ~-. ~-~-.- -~-~., ....... b ..... ' .... mmittee inArl ng aunt officers duties, wlm me e " c Y ...... l The Lea, ion's local bi~" three o~| I chosen president for the calen-]qulte lenient in issuing warning ~representation on the of the county olncers pres-/.~,i ..... ~. p~.~..,,~n ~...~.'] I dar year 1954. Other officers / tickets instead of arrest tickets. ent to resent a panel discussion .... z,~ .~r -- ~. ,.,u,,u ,,v..- " I lap Fire Council, with P .... [rwn~rla~"~ U1c] ~2~'~Irr,~n h~]~,~tnnt] ]elected with Mr. Sass are: Ever-,but that orders have been msue~ .......... similar to the one oI ~ovemoer,~ ......... , ................. ~ ........ asin the t:ouiltv .... o'" Thetne accomin" ." " g to ....... J~oo J~oms, program/..*andvorestCUrl" ry z"t=ommlttee,Wheeler" , Chairmandetermlned. of|t ]ettGlenWinkes,Biffer, vice-president,secretary, andDr'Nor-L']t~ons.lSsue" arrest tickets." for viola-. " , sponsore(1 y. . chairman. . . ._ /l-,, h,,]a ~ .... ~,.~,.~ ..... ,..~... n,,. [ Jman D Saylor, treasurer The officer paid a comphment = t~ea(]ers assm~am Members and frienos oI [ne ............... u ,,,,,,, ua~ ~=~. . . . ,, , ' ....... " ~12 and 13 and Dec 1~ ----~ o~ | I Installation will take place atlto the Arlington High School in ~u members oI tne Count Chamoer are corolally ~. a.u ~, . Y t " "| [the first meeting in January Ilts efforts through the Student ~Wards ;...~,~t,~ attend and held to/Weedy brush species will be cut| I. -" , ...... '""~='~~" - .'.~and D-,,~,~a~ ~; ....... -~ c~..~o, a ~ would Close Saturdays lt:our[ to rectuce recKleSsne,~,~ i h th A ...................... - . . Sis were sponsors of keep the season w t e rnng /,~ ,,,~,~,,~H ~,,~,,. ,...,. .... [ I Dunng Hohdays [among student drivers. He point, e d the Snohommn ........................... v-,,- h advisers, and men ton Cl~amber an loess ~.~ w.,.v ............ ~.~[ [ As Chrmtmas and New Yeats ted out, however, that the school n of the community County Chamb . . [ ...... ~t,~,~ ~t ,t, .... ,;..,... ~...[ [ flcn/a fall on Friday this year, Icannot control the young fellow" Interested in outh Reservations should be maoe - "-~'-~ "~ ~,,~ " y i ........ [Legi'on~bec~ ~'"~ | I members of the club thought I who has quit school, or who has lad consented to serve to Glenn Hill, C. J. lvmuonam,~ The tree "wh~-~ ~o I that it would be well to close ]graduated, has a job and a car, nrnittee. Mrs. Patricia members of Arlington commer-/nlaced at the nor~,'',~,-~'~ n~.~"/ [ the stores on the Saturdays, land hangs around the school u.tive director of Camp cial Club, or tickets can be oo:/~ic avon ..... ~'~$'A.'~t..~';:| I Dec. 26 and Jan. 2. Followin-~'a !squirriling and otherwise attract. ett Chamoer oI v ~ .o v.*-~ ..~ ,~-,,,,~,,, ~ . hommh Cou~aty; Mrs tamed from Ever , Ir'h~i~,,-~ ,~ ..... ~ ........ " ~.,,/ [ dmcussion on the subiectf it ling attention. These he referre~ Iesney, field director;Commerce, or local county cnam-/on-~e'~e~ion~ores-~*a~:*~,~] [ wcm voted to recommend that I to as "squirrels" and "knuckle Udley, the president of bers. , h,. ......... ! I merchants take such action, ]heads." :t Council, and Miss An advance sale of tickets nas/"~ ............... .~" | Admiring the first Christmas tree of the 1953 crop from the and to give the ~ublic auffi. He said that, in an effort to Kin re " na re re een made in Arlington oy a ~'----- ..... - _ g, g]o 1 p -b ....... ~,,, .... [ American Legion Memorial Forest are the children of Mr. and[ ctent notice of such closing. [correct the attitude and actions g Snohomish County, committee neaoec[ o).' unas. ~.[Ionn@r i.~rt|~ ~|~t'~ [ Mrs. L. J. Teague, Pamela, left, Timmy and Verna Lee. I Letters of appreciation were[of such teenagers Superior Court nt to brm g hel p. and Peterson. Anyone wishing to . at-. -- ~ ~vl~a~ ~a~a~t l ~~~--. ~ / recel veo, one Item county" Agent ~ i,,a,~,~.~, s=. --,,,,a'm'"o. o~,c**'~'-.s=~ ,,au~'"'~. ==~"* ." t~- et- I ln the formation of tendwho has notsecured^atick.[R~t~t,~mhnn f'h,k [^___ II ..... I~t lll_~-_ r____._ II__ _ , . t /Arnold Z. Smith for the support[Juvenlle court in which ~]l case~ uounll ~ort rive e[ snoulcl Call on iVil rgteiDull at at~%~&~.~i~II ~I~i~ - ' Y" " . / |upen house aI r, ew rurm home aaturaay, [given to the County 4-H Achieve-]which cannot be correetdtl in the re present and teniPeterson ~wmor t~o. / Youna neonle of the Arlington| !ment dinner which was held atlschool organizations are tried. mothers served I and La~kffwoodschool districts Br ant Gran and roper corrective measurea lag was called'to or .t t~o ~ ]are formulatinlans ~or th /peter Xen lflg, Jr.t Home Open For Impechen[N 19 th~gech:d1 nSatrwUrd?Y']take2 " L Evelyn Palmer, of l~ew UlIlCe nours /organization o}g aPClub, for 'the] The attractive new farm home t leading off the recreation roomIhalf the expense of the elugl He stated that similar school ~ho later turned the ~ f'tL "tOl__.J_ [purpose of recreation and enter. |of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Henning,]is the entrance to the office, 8x10 I members' dinners J organizations were being organ- -~r to Mr Dudley who rot ~.,i[y ~L,le]ri~ ttainment and toward this end e |Jr. on the Arlington-Silvana where the farm records are kept Another letter was from Prin-}ized in other county sehool dl~- ring thebt{siness sos- The city'clerk's office, will ]meeting 'will be held at the/nighway, just.west of the.Is!andlThe" office is paneled in the same lcipal John Danubio of the Arling- tricts. ] be 'closed all da7 Saturday, /A.O.U.W. ha!l at l p.m. Sunday,[~pone~on,tblii uO~l?geonlOr lunSpec-]nmsn as tne recreation room. iton High School expressing the[ Through Judge Stiger's Court ~s by the executive hereafter, stated City Clerk [Dec. 6, to wnicn all young pea-l- Y P bat Y I The kitchen is .a right angle thanks of the coaches and mem- proceaure,. . it is no longer lpOS- voted to form the Webb Moozman. Heretofore IDle between the ages of 13 and[Dec;5, from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. ttrlangle shape, with corner win-Ibers of the football squad for the tSlble,forparents to p. a y the fines o lnv rne nanosome ranela s~yie~dows and a een r l ]~ootball din r ior ~ne teena ers ViOlations DUll: ~ittee with Davel the office has been kept open |~1 years of age are " ited. | ...... " .... , " te o" workingl ~ ' ne , and support of] . g ' resident and Dr. Tom half a day on Saturdcr~. bur- [ The membership is open to all,!name ~f' low .an(] long, 0.ur tne counter which contains built-in the team by the Club. that action is taken to correct the ,~retarv Others serv- inq the week, he states theand a constitution and by-laws/,tou'IL !engtn is broKen.up~t)y tne]grill sink automatic dish wash- ._ ~ [driving haoits of the youngster, .... -- n S " " " ' " " ' " "" " Committe~ wil I e~ffie~ will be ouen from 9 in will be presented for approval oue oemg a wme er The working counter se at- mcludmg suspension of his driv- ;KX- or.i.- nn'Ul s o.m. The IThere will als be election of of:Jangled "V" slaape/ Itd~ built forlates the breakfast nook fromP~he Tree Plantmg lets' license, until he .has com., t" J6"hn' Jensen'"'Bi]il iunc'h" hoararrangem'ent haa ]ricers. /the. all-round ranch riving of anlback working counter which has h, Ill_*_ I~ | /pleted a corrective course. Lla Winkes, Met Sassl been adjusted so that there] Plans will be presented and|acuye Iam!ly, with all the con-[a built-in Thetmadore stove The[/~k[ rloneer i~arK / Asked if it were true that there venlenees Ior tne iarmer s wile Thermadore ve t a Inau ur were lain clotltesmen with tm Shaw I will be an attendant at theIstudied for a continuous whole-]recr_ati ....... ,] o n is a conve-[ g ating a tree-plantingl _P! ....... - d e on room ~or tne enuaren, nlent hel ht so that t e h ro ram s v marKea anu out aT state llCen~~ ty Council decides on] office during the noon hour, [some recreational an social pro-[ ~ ......... i " "g h ouse-/P g , e oral members of the[ . . ~" ." . , OiIlee ior the Iarm recoras, analwlfe ma lace her bakln r re S llla uamls plates engageu in the trame ~f Camp Fire in thel thus the office will be open? gram. Chaperones will be elected~ood hem- cam~ - f an a-- ' y p ' g o -~ t' g ' h Valley Pioneers[ ....... d with formation of hours through the weett, out item among parents an(] aoults[~.: ...... Y rorro [trac:lmove it without stooping or bend- /Association turned out last Sun-[([rive, lxeomona stated that the Ommittee Arlington closed all day Saturday. [of tbe community. /~),~roomng room, nvmg room ann ins over There is also a[day and under the leadership oftcars may.not be regular patrol vo ..... I "- Imarble slab for roiling pastries tBill Wallis planted about 200[cars, but they must have the SX du~e on rnmg[ ubP l ...... == == a| ~ qP I'~ t. /, Long and low, the lower partiete. The breakfast nook table isicedar and hemlock trees. [license plates, and there must be' ,~ es also ._ 6tTha ]hll.~nth II'l~*J|tt /A ~1[1~ ~{]~!of the house is of ~ray Willistonldesigned in a shape to fit the', The planting was on land[a uniformed officer accompany- t~e committee,.m, usI |||~ ||||| ~l[;||~|| ~||O|| |V ~[~ t,t~t~U[stone in different sizes but of rec-]shape of the kitchen I soutb of' the Pioneer nond and[ins the driver. He suggested that ~eaoers and glvmg --- .... . , . . .I .......... [angular shape to harmonize] c,** the 'a''--'~'' thrn~c,h whioh was the first of a series which[Where drivers are In doubt as to ~or their inoiviouai . . ,_,,~ ~ ~,,,u,~,. ..... ~, .......... . . . . , . . ~' LI|~ R ,hnnl Th||rcd ]fl with the shape of the houseIts a back entrance is a wash will see pine, fir and spruce add-/the officers Identity, heonot ac- Ii'~L II|~|| ~t~||ll~| |||M|OUU]~ Ill~W~= -[~ ]Planters of the same stone arelroom for the farmer'as he comesled to the list /cept the oactge as prooi of the of Camp Fire, asI "~ .... ~ .............. ,_~, ......... _ ...... Iplaced beneath each window fin from work ~ere he ma,, scrub] Mr Wallis assisted by Jim[identification but that he de- u at the meeting, is l Are you supersrmous, uo youlw~ ~ro~uy, ~ryce ~a~|,,~ea~t~ ..... " I . .~t J lw __ ~,' ...... " / ~ ~ ' ..... , .... til~*- ........ --= -..1~.~,~ ..... /,~ mediums and seances?lMrs Crosby, Carol Hammerly;] Aoove the stone, wiae board lUp, ano nandy clothes closets are,~rown anu ~ranK tioins, nad pre-/mano to see me oltmer s menu- ~,,y~e to %u ~-/~ ,~,,i.%~,,~2~-_..: ...i. _. ...... u see "ThelRoss Crosb"~ Dale Bur~,ovne" Ed:lsiding forms the balance of the at hand The laundry itself con- viously slashed the scotch broom/neauon car(] as well ,~u re.creationa~ pro-}, y~u_ vv,~, ~,~,ff-~ ..... r" in w~rd W~les Ar~,~ E~'~" ~nr~lwalls and the roof of heavy solit tains all the modern convenienc [from the area and lines were run . ~ i~rged~eaf/~[on?aS~e ~/rteaen:: wt~'iact~'wi~l ~e~p~r~s~ent. IEastwoo~,~Janet"~Gre~e;' i:i'e]'e~lshakes projects well beyond the]es, such as automatic washer, l~ which the new plantings were]Lutehsk Droner ~nition ~nd neW. ex-[ed by the Senior class, Thursday, ITrent, Betty Espedal; Howard]wa*~. [oryer, ironer ann SINK. mere _ .... [,, . , .. . .... oncr a[~o a large oeep~reeze in this ine ceoar an(] hemlock were ]December 10 at 8 p.m. in the[Standish, Dick Erickson; Philip[ C ete Walks lead to the en-[ " ' '[ .... II e _% tran w room secure(] mrough the efforts of the "'~'~'~*'~"~J~ u.~** "-----o-----------/Arlington High School Auditor-[Maso.n, D~k Russell. Elizabeth[_ '. ce ays, and a blacktop] ". "[Soil Conserv~*i,,.~ ~,~-, ,~,~ [ a,~,~t~,,..,~ .h,.~.~ ~o.d .... ..,.,~_ = /ium. i.-~rsKme, u 6 n n a ~unuerson;lariveway enters from the high-I The oeorooms are in the souhi .. ~ ...... .~ .... Y .... ~'~," . t.. ?"Y.~ ...... . .... ~.~ %"':'"."~. ~Y.- ~wr wains nas oraered me pine rnsK omners is scneauma [or ~u qn' lm-o I "he cast of the nlav will in-IGrace Standish Jeanne Knutson;iway to the two-car ~arage at the|end of the house and are servedl . , _ " ----~-,.~o ~ ~" ~ ' . Inerth ~' ' fir ano spruce from the State vana on Saturday Dec. 5th, when . . ]clude: Rosalie La Grange PatlPollock, Ron Forshmr, Sergeant end of the house. Iby a wide hallway. The four ................. - ..... ~ll~Ad IC-ra" Tim Donahue Jim Corn-|Dunn, Dan Johnson; Doolan, Ru-I A heavy front door of walnut ]bedrooms are of different shadesl~lmge:, ano upon..rneir arrivall~ne ~aoles A.!OOZ ~aiem Lu[ner- "~'~ ~ ' a mlts a planms oee Will De organ an ~Tlurcn Will aemonstrate me~r - - in~. 14~len O Niell ' Joan Huff; die Johnson. d ' to the spacious livin~ and are roomy the main bed- . . "[ . . ot luck ran out when "'~' *~=*~- v: ................. . room w ..... lzeo SKill at provioing the old coun- h ak- I .... The play takes place at a din-, , hlch is 28 ft. in lengtn[room being 12x16, while the chil- ,~ o have been m ... ~ tm_ _~2__ net given at the home of Mr and 15 ft. wide, the floors covered]dren's are 11x13, all four beingl~_BY this act!on, it is hoped that ltry delicacies," thedinner to .by. uiy oI ourglarizing/~rrl~na lvlee[ln l ........... Uwith wall to wall r,,~" of ca ..... ~occu~ied Mark 3 and Crai,, ~/- lme area sourn oi ~ne penn wnicia!neia in tne ~aiem ~viemoriai nalt, i " ="~'~ D :~nu Avlrs. Ixoss t:rosoy. At ml " " ~s ,,y-- v , , ~,, ~/z .. , , . . , ncludmg that at] ............. I ........................ ,~mlst color The walls are na-,,~,~-*Ioccunvin~, one room Peter ~i,,h ]is being overrun by scotch broom iservmg to start at 12 noon tzll i h " an u Memoers oI me ooaro oi u~rec- time the e~g~tgement el Wlll . v .... ~,~ ~-v ~, . ' ""'~ " can be dev ' 'i2 m and from 5 o' ~a-g School, r P/u, .... ........ ^~u~.,~.~. ........... c'~udated]Crosbv~ and Helen ..n'Nmli" .~i~ a_--I lwlth 16-mch. squares of walnut,ard, 10 havmg his own room, as[ ~ ~ ~loped rote an ever.I. p:., ... .. clock on... P at Mt. Vernon, i~ .' ................ , ...... I ....... ~ ,and birch with ,qastered ceilin-ldoes daughter Cheryl 8 I~,reen iorest as part of the Plo. I Among me tasty alsnes [o De Y nlaht ~cnool l)lS[rlc[ lelt ~/w2OileSt~y to IIUUIIUUU ' o __ . J~ ~i ,2 , ~ -- " I - --" .... ' ............. , - . " . .. in oasn Iinish and flush li~htin~ who hn,~ ~ ~,~o~o.~ ~, .... ,~ neer rarK development iprov]ded will be lutefisk, meat oraish "county men,/atten~ ~fie xa~lma_m] . Rosaiie ~a ~range. the me. lA large firenlace of stone%ra-ee l . "-~ others assisting Mr Wallis on~iballs potatoes rommegrot, sal- ~r the ~tate bcnool l)trectors ~so ~ium comes rethe name and . ~" ~, uL~LIIIII~ ltUt w~tt~I IUIII~:~UU LIl~c~ am, 23, Rt I L~ke/ ............ "] ' ]the inner wall with a wood h,,v[ ..... ~,,~,.~. ,~ .... ,~,..n **,.'....,.ISunday were: S. H Aldrich Hll. ladal Hotbrod and lefse, pie and Allen L. Kenney, 29, ciauon, wn_mnw,]ll ~enem anurs-I.~eems quite shocked at the pres. I behind panelecl doors Across ~hei~:~t[h,~=:~"~o~'~=;"~ ......... ~"/dur Eliason and J. C. Carpenter. icoffee. re said to have Dre I oay mrougn ~aturuay. l ence oI t~eien t)l~ieli *--nt .... "" l .................... / " ] are Directors I~ro~ o~ tne room glvlng a view :JheAPr~i~;t::edH[hl~ iiT;~eaWyse, aElsjn:;i;!~DlaR~n:dr SJi~Pii'P!lnaL~ae:Ya~e~ltebhe tst;~n~mh!?! i~nnt~:ishi:h~:a:n?n~e{/!iid~gnlbse~ Planting, Trail and Road Work $629, the largest . " _.. " .. _. =liz I The Thirteenth Chair I feet in hei-ht 1 " P Y Y [ ii l ...... ~n in several such Rocl was fo attena. {v~r.[ Inspector Tim Donahue is[ Just within "the front entr .... Ithe roof overhang. . ~m~l~l,l~i~ ~lIII#~,ll~llmIal~ I~#~I~I~l~m~'lmil~Ia~ I~l|~ltl , wangsmo is cnalr.man_.oI tne[called to the scene and proceeds are sliding doors, one for"~a A two-car garage north/~~ OltlltiLU~ IUl~Ot~lO uUOJ seems' were tr?( Ta'utlto, sIve the case. Who rea,y guests' clothes closet, and Darrington, Dee. 1.- Pat N.,should be in excellent condition ~ern,and severalI .... ~ I SOiVes the mystery of 'The Thir. other leading to the recreation ..... ~.a ~i~ ~n ,~ntr~no~ to the/Wick district ranger,Suiattle next summer. S LUI J 1UU $.1~=, '- ' " ,.~ ................. ' u et teenth Chairwill come as a sur room wh ,, " " I __o--I---__ / ~ "1 , ere the walls of mmilarto~ice ....... /District, with hea(touarters at[ For you folks, adds Ranger 'non an alarm sys- _ ~ _ _ _ [prise to all. [finish with elm and figured gum[ "-----------o |Dartingon reports that the or- Wick, "who enjoy a combination god, and when the l ..,,resents AAA i The play is under the direction[and a curved fireplace of red l ..... [~anization that was 0oeratin~ at[of dense timber, mountain mea- he High School a~;p Iof Miss June Hergert. Student D1-]brlck and linoleum tile floor t l~'t~| ~tY'~ [full blast durin the summer is daws, crystal clear lakes, and Lauthorities werel Ed's .McAlp!n S erv)ce has^ be-lrector is Cathie Walker. and StagelBetw, e.en the recreation room and l~aa ..... I'~"" |gradually "runging o u t o f/massive peaks, a hike into Fire ',~y were preparing come me AA~ serwce repr~e--livlanager is l)icK ~cnun the Kitchen. is the snack baT; and[|| g'~ ]~ ]'1 ..... [steam" the work force being[Creek Pass via the Milk Creek Safe they were ar-ltative in Arlington,.according to[ ' ' ------]U. U. lq. VllV [down 'to six men engaged pri [trail next summer will pay off. reformat" ion received this week . -- , " ~- ....... ] ........ m~bile Association of[~L-=Ajm'-- I" .... I~ .....J. ___ I _ __ I1~__ _JR / Chairman Robert Leach, o~ the/marily in tree planting. He says]Keep it in mind for late August. oilerlli lOre war H~e ~uto u r V ......... "1 .......... ands of'morn IUIIll Ulld /[ll K-Ml[nii[nn/amni,,n zT {local United Good Neighbo [that se enty acres have beenl~----~-------------- ....... ---. )berms including bets throughout the count y .... I , ...... | t I __t. I//. A. . . .lure on the local financial drwe]that twenty acres more may betl Ualendar ! )n:. t~gdmthe :o i! j, t r %ia ,U0mrea ugnts Aootot;nrmmas bplrmtl~O~w~: J[tmcthe(~mP~ee::drbem[~thgil~nw drivesll Dec. 4--Basketball g~me, BeD I I ]four [tee e[ Cea eroval of the Asso- With the aid of a group of district t~eally look like ChristmaslBryant ................................... $147.781 Mr. Wick also reports that the I levue here. . I tion PP F.F.A. bo s their truck, by making suitab,e window and,Oso-Clce o ............. ............. . 30.1 Downey Creek blowdown sale, I I t_ 1 DU I '--' ~ x~, u~t~lua a.Jt w / " I!oa(]s .or .unnstmas ~ trees were outside decorations. It is hoped]Edgeco.m.o - ......................... ~e"~,'~,,!was held Monday, Nov. 23, Doug-~i :~.~ ..... : | er s orchestra Studio " " ' ." ....' . ~ ~. ".. . L Prizes are to be offered for the[.~ ~v . 1/ " ~$x50.00 per hundred lineal feet of ll ~'i?.,.,,,,~. ~,.~,~ --" " I ;pleasure every/t .... ~ istringsat_~rhird anq rourtn, ancl]best Christmas window in the} nw lN, aallhOrS /road, it will be an expensive[I--"'"~'..'~.'~Y'Y" ... I aturday night at/$~LVIN BECKTELL ItOME oneat ,l~,tn.A~y, .stg.ns, o[-~%S/business district, and the Gardenia~_~-Y~'''"a'__"'~ lproject, tl ue~c'n~U.~a~n~.w rolo -- i zorn, Silvana ] Y/3rd Class "Alvin Becktell at-[Wlll oe piaeeu tms wee~ uy ~e~lCluo is also offering prizes forlf'K~,,~m~a I~vf~ / District Assistant Gary Woodsll D "-"'~"'"' ":'" " " . .. I ..... |.~,,on ~., n~o(,. ~l,w 2ath ~boardIuonoon- Ithe best home disnl~vs i~wulaot.aaao~ ataa~j |renorts that last sur,,,~o. ,h,.oll ec. z--~nrmtmas t~oncert, ~ I ex ~aturday, Dec ............ ~ ........ .... " , ~" .............. p m High School raorial ~n ~n'[the USS Bremerton. He was met[ At the same time a committee/ Other Christmas features will/ The Royal Neighbors Christ- / was maintained (removal of}] n~~" ~-~,~,,,,~,~o" ....... ! m till ~'~---~.'~|at Everett by his wife, June, and[of Amerfcan Legion men broughttbe the appearance of Santa Claus]mas meeting will be at the home, windfalls and cutting brush) 5311 ~..~" ~._--'7d".~'%~'"~ ~P.'kv~ ...... | p ill , o ~oosevelt ~cnooi I .tU p m " daughter Jeffery on Tuesday, ~ in a fine tree which was erected[here on Saturday, Dec. 12th, atlof Neighbor La~ama, 129 So. Le-[miles of the 143 miles of trails,]] Dec 23---Basketha~'l : ~t "~ | ~lDec. 2nd. Alvin just arrived from l in the Fountain plot at north end[which time he will have a treat[note St., on Wednesday evening,[ and did betterment work on 7 ad-il ker here ~" " --" ...... " I aa~, Dee.. 5, atlthe Korean waters A dinner waslof Olympic Avenue. It will be[for every child that he meets that[Dec 9th All neighbors are in-/ditional miles, [I ~ ~._R~t~,~h~l, ~,~,~ I a 3 miles N.W. ell prepared for him "on his arrival lighted, day. The Commercial Club will/vited to "attend, as there will be~ Bettermen work was accom-ll s'~ack he"" re"~" ........ "-- .... " I on Chuckanut!home. It was the first time his l The committee on decorations lsponsor a free matinee at the[exchange of gifts, each one is~plished Qn the Suiattle and Milkll Dec 24 Jan" 4---Sch--~ christ I' Y Shirleys Mu-~family have all been together for[urges all merchants to join inIOlympic Theatre on that day forasked to bring a gift, value not Creek trails, and, says Woods,[] mas vacation " | over four years. . ~the effort to make the shopping[the children, more than fifty cents. [aside from windthrow, t h e y I/ I