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November 26, 1953     The Arlington Times
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November 26, 1953

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/ PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, NOV. 26, 1953. | Lions Join ..... -- " Di | looa ka,?np OSO il LAKEWOOD I:1 BRYAN r lil SISCO HEIG The uarrington Lions Club hasH Mrn NPIIi~ Gpar,e [ I Mrs. Hilde corr. I [ z J [ Mr~ Williu lq'ildo ~ ~'~. Mrs. Horace Enyeart, joined a Blood Bank Pool, whieh~l "'" o-,~r,",~,'~,a,~-,~;~" ' [tl rh~,e 2117 lil Alice Thomsen lit ""-~;rel"e~'t~on'e'21~lT-~~''L~ -'---'------ kvill enable this community toU ........ e ......... It" 111 Phone 2503 II'- .... Y .... 'J-------- I~ Ir~~ /~ i,~m~llc, 1/~t; [draw blood, through the . Lions[ Charlie Evans . I Kathleenand?JiehaelMcGrewl OnehmldredfiftyGrangersat-]m~tnet~ch~ieIogn~S~re21 W IV. ] , ||I UII 1 ~.~ ' ' Chlb even when the creait for[Injured in Wooo.s [and Paul Kearney with their par-]tended the gavel meeting at Bry-l~:Y2_E:.--2 ";';;L2_ZEh2:Tt------- . ~ . ILll'Ilt3[ Oil YV~UlIt2~U~V) this pamcular club has been[ Charlie Evans was a patient at]ents and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur[ant last Friday mght Four werelwv ....... ,o .oL.~., ~^ ~e~l~.l t, C.n used up. However the blood must[ the Everett. . General hospital. .la't" White, helped. Markle. Dunn ob-t from _Meadow Gran,~e~ in Skagitl at .................... tneu" next me~tlug w'~"~ aeifers. continue to be donated to keep week havin~ suffered an injury serve his 3rd birthday at the]County [ ................. '_ lbe opt ~'~'~ "'~ ~ " the ~upplb , In the pool large while at work near Darrington[home" of his' grandparents Mr.I C'.rnnao" will meot Wridav No-Jp,~,,,ou, .... h,,m h,~ ~,],~Arlingthr" There was a good attondancot Mrs Harry Bu.en and enough to eovor a. tho clubs andlwhen a log rolled over him. land Mrs Mark Ouon , o--o. ..... ........ rou wl." ....... s ono= oa. atthe last meeting of the Parent- ter Bafbera, Guy MeMah n 2nd comm. unltlf , who haye/bruising his side and chest.. He[ Mr. and Mrs. Win. Hasko. to-[business it wnl be a meeting tolfnrg IcPandv aPnd DreDariaYl nwWA' tBIll HIgaon went to ~eatne ~at. joined In tins pool. mon Jonn ve-/miraeulousl esea ed serious in- Walter ..... - ...... :~pe~_~E~" Teachers Assoemtion, Nov. 18. ,- , . ...... .Y P . gether w~th Mr. and Mrs. .consider changing the by-laws to for the Christmas progr pt Cc urday, where Mrs. Bullen re- vlg is organizing trips to Evere~t ur b bern near a sa hn r melia Hasho and ~ .... : _' Mr. Hash's room won the. room mained overnight with relatives for blood donors who wish to give ~re~ w~ich -rgotected him Pro~ Ericksn.;,M~:nAwho has iust re-ra~e the dues: .............. ,,, aunaay fllnner, gue ?pun.t: meeting open_ca_ .... ]The rest of the group returned to this pool. Anyone in the com-[the brunt of the rolling log. Helturned froS the Navy will enjov]meet Friday ni=ht with electionlP" W;.Vanascn~e~.nme,~x~u~ the y-iag balute anu one ve[se u~ some oringing Mrs. unarlene munitv may receive blood from~o ..., ...... ,,o~e~oin,, at home i,,.^:_ .o,~__,.o..:,.,... h'~ ....... ~,~1 ..... ~. ~, .... ~ana lvlrs. ~ua l,,,,,, .... s,L ...... " " " r asurer'sre-/ . - . .o ,,,.** ~v,,.,~. ~ ~ u~c~r ~,~an~;~vu~ u,m,~- *"~'* o[ Ol[leers the oraer oI OUslness. I Amerlea. The t e . _ ,Graham of Seattle for overnight this pool so therefore everyone] ~ [th~ (3 u k family in Ever-[ ,m... ~ ....... ., r~,~ a 14 c,..~.,Mrs" A10~sen and Mrs.~ r in . , ...... laf L e en ....... ~ .......... . ......... pOrt was read by me seere~a y tOn Sunday Mrs. Bullen was who isable is asked to please/Briaht Candies [~tt }~.d fho C~-~q ......... r'~,~ ~'i~,dOttsen oi l acoma, ~rs. ~"l~. the absence of Mrs. ttutn t~arKer.!brought home by Mr. and Mrs. accept this opportunity to go to[ ~. .......... I~ ..... ".-. ..... t~, ....... v. .... ~'':',." "~""W FA"-Igen and Tommy or tJra~-~ -*-- ,, .... ~ .... ,~ renorted tha~, ......... ,,- __.~ .~ .... ~.. .... .~ ............... ~ ~ars. ~orma rearson anti ~vxrs. The ~iflelity t~araen tAuo met t~roup oi ~ryam, wni meet at mel~,,a ~, ~na Mrs Orri~F~a~sefl m~. ~c~.a ,-,,.,-,- v I norman DUlleD ~tIIL1 q.14~Llgl$.tt~I O.Izu Everett ana an a little [o nelp me ...... ~, ....... Z7 ltlq morr~hor~ had heen signed up ~. ,..a n~ ....... ~. m,.,.~ ......... [Ralph Knights spent a day in at the Grange hall Wednesday,[Bryant Hall Friday, Nov. 27, at 9[wasd and family --L~/38, A .................. . -.,~,. ~,,~, . ..... ~umm~c =,u~ "~community a loL Lm ~ovemoer~ . u in on[ " d e ur the Pul -~ -" ~lin to t of the Drive . . Darrlngton last week p tt g Nov. 18. Plans were dmcusse a.m. to mak a to to p . g n ,~, -zu,.h c:..t,m i~ directIn~t .......... ,~ ~,......,1 ~/t ....... '.- ....... ]a demonstration on mak g[for their annual Christmas prol-Mill and Weyerhaeuser Mills m ......... a:~__ with one month lef . Seattle Mrs. Graham returned to 14th John Vevlg, Pat Wick, Par- " in ...... A group of friends ga awao. -~-- ............ ,o~attl~ w~t,, ~,*-. a,,. .,~.o. ~u~- Ker r~yer ano ttarola ueaae ao- e d e r t h me ttalpn nersnaw nomv tAV .~.~..,~.,~, , -r a ~v "r~is -he is ................... [Christmas candles. Thes can 1 Sleet. Also the Christmas party andlEve~ett. The leade s reques t el _ . _ {~*~,,~.Ljy: ,.- ""- "" ....... " " " " Imeetlng also " " P p Club to tak part m the {31.,lOMlzli~iSi' ;;TR;~2g~N]~amme,' LE " " t~-I ~ ~" "se~g-~--*-er for her broth" " [tion with the Mansford Grange [ In. Arl~gton - Phone 1344 [ Boulde'r Improvement Club meil[ ~l--lfhTTr rpl~ In'~ern~ Tho Camn Fifo Girls held ator w.,-,~ ~Ui~nn Sr~endin~, a few days visitina[put on the ritualistic work. There[ _ ]at the Wendell Peterson h me,[ ,..u.,v~.u,a.:~.~- ...... ,~_=_-2-oY,-2-'..~ +h2 E'nch-room im : ..... "': ...... ":: ..... at tile ho~ne of Mr "ann ~.rY/were over 140 in attendance. ] ..... mr . [Friday night Election of officersi' The Ouileeda Nei~ WEI ~a~e ~a~e m t e ,u , " Memaers of tne Manstoro ana . u '*** ~.| I Hal /51OCKin~ ancl ~leanlng "---- ~'-'d w:+h ~"~-^ ~'---'~--'~'" ~~.~ .*"~'-'lJ~- "~" mediately following the Parent-ltim Mount Wheeler Grange went James Haga and children this| .... ~ [~~wa~ .e~ . ~ r~uua mc~) Club met at the home~"~'~.,, ,,,-_-,---- . ..... ,~+~ .....tin~ ~ ............ weet, ~, , ~s .... c~...,......~. /maoy ~now~ ~man had to leave upon cat/ tot toeing eletcea as presiaent; l)elmalHaze1 Hammon on TI~ l~#'~l[ ,!-I,,,, ,i~,t vo,v woll ollin,~ ev It t~ryant ~rlaa.Y n g __[o Mr and Mr D-we ....... [ Miss Patsy Merrltt a brlde-to-[Adak, in Alaskan waters te aid[Carlson, vice-president; and Ber-I~~ova~'ie a~ rU~ --...., ..... a --, -'- ~, " a gavel meeting. lnere were ~. c ~ ~uu6,- , . . , . . a. ~ a .~ ,~,hi,~, thor h~d [ ....... nan ,qan '.- s,-,~--n ~'-,~ ,m....,.. [be was honored Thursday after-la boat in distress. [mce Mac Peterson, seeretary-l~~'~'~men~~ ~--a ...... b ~-~g ...... aoeut twelve memoers zrom uar- ~ .,, ~,~,.u ~,,~ .,,~,,,~.. ,, ,, . v , I . ,-ivin~ holida-s i,- ~,,~ ,,,~ [noon with a shower at the/ Leroy Merrltt returned Thurs- treasurer After the meeting andl~en~an'~13 GRO' .... IrIngtn" . . ~ ..... ~,h ~h.~,. ,~ .... ,.,... ,z_~. [Grange hall dining room wlthlday morning to Fort Lew~s after[serving of lunch those Interested[ .......................... i~----$10.( ,u~,~ I A birthday parw was given in ..... s ............... ~,,~, .~,~u,-, , - . ............... ............ ,leen and other relaqw~ ~....,IMrs Bert Armstrong Mrs J E , being home fifteen days on emer- ] played eards and spent an en]oy- [ - ~Mill.: The ~aemomst ~.ames i]onor o[ t~irs ~lmer t~aoe s ~irm- . ........ .~ ,-,__', ............. g --.'~^--L --2 -e ....... v ................. t -~'le evenin~ Next meetin~ will ~~ ~tl ' a u~:~l|lt:rl cf.llLl J.,~l;~. n4~l ~,D~AIILIL)t~I~ c%a ~ llL:y l~a C O~t;ctU;~ OJ. t/It= ~:~l " t~U ~. ~ at the Miller nome : u r~e wmhes to thank the public for day Saturday night at the home pi..n to attend a play on FrldaY[c host-sses Th- tab'e- were[-us ........ a"~ r [b th Christmas -art - [at the lvnner home. :~--L.k~__~ ~' night - c . v i ~ v Illness OI nls step~ tne, e e P Y" Mr and Mrs Clifford i making their bazaar and smor- of Mrs Bob Hilton, Sr. Other[ m, .... u"*v' ............. ~ ......r .... B-"e- ""r ail^- i- -e ^lm- Howe Lillian Lund and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford|ia Acros " " " " Ine iviiss S uc,x ~tLa~t: uc~=u~t~u WtUL ,*u- r ,~ur. cut X, ~,* . *~ cr a - ~ ~ , gasbbrd dinner such a grand sue-party guests were Mrs. C. An- . ........ e. Magdalene Parrl.s,]t .... e~,~wo~ a,-~a tl .... tti-~l,-un,~ratin~ at hom~ fr~,-n a ~ri l~lizab~th In-ham snent the day}are the proud parents .~.. mocI'~ tess. They hope to be able to :lrews Mrs. N, C Riddle, Mrs.l,.~nma,r.nunps and Marjorie ~Ol.[ re~'we.~]~: ~Ycai~.~lou~'~era~on ......... "1~ Everett M~nda" ~ "[~ter,~rlakson." ' ' IlnS SOl(1 cfla a~ a u** c-ta~acu cuu***~; ~ ~,c ul., t . *~ j. nces on two cakes Ann, born November 12 .m.ake this occasion an annual af-:Ben Meyer, Mrs. August Peter-! last week and made thirW d~" i in pink and silver The candles l Mrs. Bill Sluman and children l The Lloyd Hovik family were lAnn' born November 1Z . ---' Ialr '~on, ~virs lqoratiowe ana ~rs y tn " ~ 7: . "i lars for the veil leaa,~r~ *,~ silver in crystal holders ]Terry and Leslie came from Ev- Sunday guests at the Pat Clark In~t.on P- honeJ b~ I ~ioover ~mmer. i ......... v LLOI IEC.14foC,LE, NM,t ~ /Z "v dl pay for their" uniforms" The cakes ---------- erett Friday to spend the week- home at Fortson at a birthday[ KILLOUGH CLEAH at home MLr and Mrs Walter Bates and Mrs Bob Hdton Jr recei e - " "v for c " : .... were Mr. Wheeler Grange Auxiliary end with her parents, Mr. and party gl en for Mrs. EdBack- O~mis, son Jack attended the football word that her father passed away made by Mrs. Lola Colhns .................. n " Anacort-- KI ,~.~,, ~.. c..~,,~ c.,,..a~,, ,.~ i ..... .~ ,_ ,--- and Mrs Ruth MeD,mnM ~'l,~,,d Wlll meet at L/er[ruae ~unanerg's Mrs. g~ L. uanleL ma oz es. --,~.~,r~-r~,.,vr**, o e sure .......... , ...... 1. ~..., , .............. Wrw n ~ c~n~ ~,~,,alhome on Thursday afternoon,[ Mrs. Jack Davis accompanied Walter Johnson, who is sta-~ knows- twt-~en washington all(l vvaS~llng- ~cK. ,,lr ann lv/rs, l-llllOn let[ bat an.. ....~ ........ , ....... ,...~ ~:,o~. c ..... .~... --.~_., ........ r~ ..... .=. ~vere the lucky ~vinn_s.or ]Dec 3rd, for their Christmas par-[Mrs. Bill Smith and Mrs. Arlleltloned at Ft. Lewis, and Mr. andl]. .................... ~pr. who ............ !.~,~u~y .......... ~ ~ ~ ..... : Sunda- ninn ....... ,o -, .~.^ltY. An invitation is extended to Smith of White Horse on a trip to Mrs. John Kronholm and family ] ~ow ~.nn~utm ae~en~inds. St r l a Alene a ,.* ,,~* ~ ,~ ~-~ Ms. Walter Bates wil enter- - ..... homeofMrs KateTiland andso~lall the new women members who[ Everett on Wednesday. Iwere Saturday evening guests at/[ ,,TW,_~ ~ ~O~,T/~,~k-er I~e tam the isricge Club at her home: . Mr. and Mrs.. Jonn lrelana ana }ohn were IV]r and Mrs Jac~[are joining the Grange to attend[ A large group attended, many[the Lloyd Hovik home. l i ' ~~,~'~-~Unnin! esda Dec 1st aaughter Truav Lee pian [o Tu " " y, '. - : " - ~. ~,~r~,,~ " " [the Dec 3rd meeting, whieh[eoming from Trafton and also[ Mrs. Barbara Edmonton of P.m. Mr. and Mrs. George Klokseth,~.~l~n-d.~he ThankSv~.l~ng va~a~e L"~hYand i~frs Harry Van Arnamlstarts at'l o'clock Bring a gift[from Mukilteo and also many]Bremerton spent Sunday with her/[ ~~J'.'. ?Y~ m l~nensaurg mlt g I w ~ or vi~Rors at the home of Mrs J H ......... ~re t'he ~ioud" --~r". .... * ~ ~- iwortti less than one dollar, wrap-lg'fts ere sent. After the giftsImother, Mrs. Jim Miller. Bill Ed-/I ,x~a, ouuu~y, ,~ov. -.~ -~,~_ or Boehmer spent the wee'k-en~i nomes o[ ~v,r. an~ ~,rs. ~. ,~. ~vl~o arrived at ~t~e~Ever~_tt'*~--"!Ped for exchange Refreshments[were admired and Patsy gra-[monson spent two days last week[ "~" a n_a " ' "' e i tr~onla: vlrs i~ 5 trelano anu " '-'~"" "~ ciousl acknowled ed th m he own With frlend~ at Edmond~ Mr and+ ~. "'. -.'" " == ~ eral Hos'-ital Nnv lvth u,~ are furnished by the hostesses at Y g e , t ]f - - ~ ivwn1, , - ~. o~ner relatives. "lney plan to ~' .............. " rou en" ed 1 :, rum Mrs. Sam by, anion and Mr and~ ......... wei-hed 6 ~-~ ----~ ~o~ ........ Ithe end of the afternoon It ls[g P Joy a uncheon. [[ r~.r-~ r~ - ~ ~r~ i ~.~?~ roa~ ~ " ieave Wennesaav aIlernoon ann ~- *,-*o ~uu *~ 72 vuu~c~ " J r "~oZ or Mrs. Oie E:spciana. I .~,,,..n ~.nd~v ov~nln~, and has been named Richard Ed-lhPed we can have a candle- oanneB adle.y went to S.eattle/[ L~ ~L..~ L~ L/.~UF-~.~[~][~t---,az or ~ .......... - ........ o" -" " [ r Meyr]e Bt,emner, his mother.[ Mr and Mrs John irelandand win. He joins three sisters making demonstration at thlslon ~a u aay wlth the Arnngton/I ........... Mrs:J L. L'.oehmer, and Mr. and dau'g'hter s~nt Tuesxtay and Howard Wilson went to'Aber- " _ o I[ I akE Mrs. George )x;oKs(I~. were :,, .... ;,'/~,tne~ l'tv of last week in Se-deen Tuesday to see his daugh- Tne tirange women are eom- ~an[a paraae. /I ,.a,. ~*. a. ~ro pe~ guc';l:~ a~ d~c., home of M~.lattle. }~r." Ireland attended a ter, Mrs. Della Nigh. who is inlpIhng, a cook book, and eachwo-l.h~sUtren ~.rause and. Homer Ma-ll .... l~Ayv,ew ~u,~ ...... and MI~:. ]~ei, .yen:nor ot Eve,- )i.ivci,,ats,~ meetin~ at the Ed- the hospital, tie remained for a man is asked to contrloute ~ orlt;, a e eac.n aoctormg a oro~en i 2612 Colby A veaue Everett, Wa~hi~&L~---~ ett, tast weeK. "Fl~e sap~e: was inl~n,~'~d~l~/eane, tio/~l while Mrs few days' visit. ]4 of her favorite recipes. Please/nnger recelvect wnen at WORK. " '_. g mac ) ~ t ~ ~ v i ~ v , send to Gerhude Sundber res t honor (f ~- s ~ pr:.e ~s , ~' ~el-[iI.eland and bab,, visited at the O ernIght ~,lSltors at the homel g, P -~ --~ ~t^S2--~$56.~ atives, Ml. and ~wrs. Duane hel-[ home of 1Vr and Mra Glen Rea- of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wright andl dent of the Auxiliary. J ,., ~. ~ ~: l~om George L Ander on ~th Hank ler, of L~wi:ston Mont ~ ",n,~ ~ cW~re,~ ~arbara daughter Cmryl on Friday Nov ~. ": - :~ "" - [ [- .~ ~ir ~nd ~-I~'~. l~o~'d Cabs andlan,t Dickie o~ Seattle 13, ,vere ~II' and Mrs.[ey and Harold York o, Dar-[ ~ .~ t~ two children ',verc Sunday dmn,erl A turkey,dinner will be served Rhodes of Bellingham. On Satur. ] OnsS ent Saturday with the] ~ ~r~i~ ~ J~ ~,-- ~. ~ ~t~. ~..~-- ~a~ ~ ~ 6 too: gue~ts al the home of Mr. and!at school ~Aednesday noon. .tax Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes re-] .~ri. s nbeattte. ._ [ ~~r~,~~.~~~~~ h n a = mrs 1, K l~raaley was me re x , o [ulned to ~el n am nd Mr }~trs. Llo '(~ Yv.~=Zo~d and two son~.:, Spending the week-end at the '' g ""i ' '" ; " . "l ..... i~r-Jr~lr:]~~~~tV~til~~~ ~i~" visiting ~l ~l-~a home o; Mrs. Claia] home of her mother is Miss Gall ,Vright and Cheryl went with iC~plent oi a received Sat-] ~ 117 ~ ~~~ ~tl~rSlW~ ~m Trud.~i}:r: are M;. and Mrs. P. E. Meyers, who is working in Seat- ~hen)..where they stayed until uraay representing ten years as a] 1~ ~ V v ~ v ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -~ v ~ ~ lltlynalds of Seattle Thev rd:.~n In 'le, tier sister Eharron, who is at- me [onowlng ba[urday. ]~-n.leaaer. [ r , , ,v,r and Mrs AI OstIom and stay until after Thanksgiving. ending the Uni.,ersith' in Seattle, ~ [_ =. . .~" .... ' .... ] , , Wed m Alt~ka oaugnteIs o[ ~eatue VlSiteG rel Mrs. Rhynalds is Mrs. Trud~ian s ,:ill be home for ~he Thank~iv- " ] . , ' ~ | sister. ~ ,in,,: vacation, v Miss Arliss Wright, daughter[atIyes nere mr over the week-] la i --.. of Mr. and MrS. Roe of Darring. ena. [ . " ton and Mr. Bernard Sturgulew-i Mrs. Danielson (Bonnie Fry)[ " '~ki, were married Sunday in the came nome Tuesaay of last week[ HoltyF ml vCathi' a il blic Church atlfrom Seattle with her infant son / Anehorage,-AlasRa. They planned and is now with her parents, Mr.] t f r ~, ,ana iv, rs v, ~ J~ry o ly f om Anchora~,e to Juneau '- " | n 1 m a t t red Bradley anc~ Mr A Van Su day n'ght and fro June u ~" , " .. [ to ,Seattle Monday and on home iRY didn t stay at Astoria as long[ to Darrington. The bride is busi-[as planned last week Soon after tess manager for Tops, Inc., andtthey got to Astoria, Mr. Van Ry sI her husband is a civil en~ineer, json Anton, wl, o is a.coast guard- After their honeymoon they will]--'A-ba-by--s~~~on return to Alaska to make" their i Wednesday Doe 2 for Mrs Ruth[ iIome Mien. It is noted that written in-[ ---------- lvitatic~ cards sent out bear the] !iarold )~orkand Henry BagleYldate of Tuesday instead of Wed-I attend~t me bnrine ceremonial nesday Dee 2 in Seattle Saturday~ ' " " LET A TELEPHONE CALL FILL THE EMPTY CHAIR The best way absent loved oaes can join the family group Thanksgiving Day is with a telephone call. Your Telephone Company will make every effort to complete the long distance calls tha mean so much. Every long distance operator hopes to be able to say "Here is your party " You can help hot by placing your Thanksgiving Day calls early--aad calling number if possible. r ?BLKPgoI8 COHflil Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vic Gil- mour were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gil- mour of Tacoma. They also at- tended the Turkey Shoot. Return From Trip Mr. and Mrs. Jack Forbes re- turned from their trip last week and report a very good trip. They went to St. Paul on the Empire Builder and then to Oklahoma! City and Shawnee, where they~ spent two weeks visiting with Mrs. Forbes' sister, whom she had not seen for forty years They also visited her childhood home. From Oklahoma ,they went to California, where they visited with friends, then to,Renton by way of the Mount Shasta route. They spent the night in Renton at the home of Mrs. Forbes' sis- ter, and on home the next day. They were gone about four weeks and had a wonderful time. Mr. and Mrs. A1 Nystrom of Ar- lington, formerly of Darrington, attended the Turkey Shoot here Sunday and were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jones and family. The last 4-H meeting was held ~ ~AKi~ " 'at the home of Helen Holm, Nov.!~ 17. There will be a 4-H Bake and v TIR|S Candy Sale Dec. 5th. The next meeting will be at the home of Delores Jones, Dec. 1st. Eleven 4-H Girls from Dar- rington attended t h e 4 - H Achievement Day dinner held at Bryant Saturday. Two of the gifts won awards, Delores Jones and Janice Reeee won a special award. The other girls who at- tended were Helen Jones, Ivalee Jones, Brenda Lowe, Judy Woods, Beverly Miles, Billie Jean Deeter, Janice McArthur,. Donna Wells and Karen Curry. HAS ,,,YOU HAVE 0HLY~ 0NEI If your car has not had a "Safe- Dr/ring" check recently, bring it |a today. We will check: e. 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