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November 22, 2000     The Arlington Times
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November 22, 2000

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22,2000 COLUMNS HOROSCOPE, CROSSWORD The Arlington Times/The Marysville Globe B5 Silver Linings by Debi Marshall gh loved timeless tradition Fate, Rod and Jody: love you for heritage alive and us Love, Georgine Shuler" s~ pokes its lazy head Cascade Thanksgiving Day will like it has for decades home in Darrington. aroma of roasting wafting throughout in the early morning fully stocked with and the countertop best china and silver later in the day. Shuler's family will Martha Jean Kenneth Shuler and and most of her One person will be !; Yet his presence will be gathering to give thanks. two years since Shuler, passed that way, too but yet, in September of orange and yellow leaves :the treetops with their the cold Thanksgiving was "his" special holi- day; and although he is gone, he left behind a gift that will never die; a rich tra- dition filled with good memories and warm thoughts which his beloved family will carry with them always in their hearts. It began in 1954, a year before Jim and Georgine were married. The couple was invited to spend Thanksgiving in the home of Jim's sister in Darrington. Expecting a backbreaking day in the kitchen, Georgine was pleasantly surprised when her date filled her in on Thanksgiving Shuler-style; turkey with a twist; the MEN prepared the entire meal from start to finish. Jim and Georgine mar- ried the following year, and he insisted they carry on the tradition. "For years we continued to get together with Jim's family when our kids were little, but eventually, as the families starting getting larger, they all had Thanksgiving dinner on their own," said Georgine. "I don't know if they continued to celebrate Thanksgiving that way, but Jim kept the tradition going in our household. My children know Thanksgiving is the one day a year that they all come home. They made me that promise years ago and they've never broken it." Jim began including his three sons, Fate, Leo and Kenneth, in the meal prepa- ration at the tender age of eight, initially assigning them duty as potato peelers. Late about it," chuckled Georgine warmly. "Of instilled in each of their hearts. To each November, he comprised a list of gro- course we all know that men are always on Georgine's tearful amazement and grati- ceries needed for the feast. Georgine hap- time for a meal and no woman alive has tude, her family all came home. Oldest son, pily volunteered to do the shopping, know- had to wait for them to put dinner on the Leo, solemnly took his father's place as ing she could look forward to a day of rest table." head cook. instead of a day of heavy cooking. In the spring of 1997, the close-knit "It's the only time Leo ever got to Throughout the years, the men family received a devastating blow. Jim was instruct his brothers and get away with it," worked tirelessly while the women chatted, diagnosed with cancer. Doctors predicted said Georgine with a deep, heartfelt laugh. played games and went for walks. As the he had 90 days to live. He began aggressive A six-foot-seven-inch Rod Moore busi- children grew up, left home and had fami- in-patient chemotherapy along with 26ly prepared fruit salad. Kenny took over as lies of their own, Jim requested they return radiation treatments. In the midst of it all, chef of the sweet potatoes while the each Thanksgiving to continue the great he suffered a stroke that left him blind for women kept Fate hopping with requests Shuler tradition. Eventually nervous new six months, for appetizers. Green beans and corn sons-in-law were initiated in the bustling Once out of the hospital, he continued became outdoorsy Jody Brooks' specialty, kitchen. Soon they were up to their elbows chemotherapy on an outpatient basis.'and the grandsons peeled potatoes. All the preparing appetizers, mashing potatoes Ninety days came and went, however, and guys helped make the dressing and, and making gravy. Of course it hasn't been the determined man was still alive. When remembering Jim's advice throughout the without mishaps, but somehow these have Thanksgiving rolled around that year, Jim years, they ceremoniously added more salt. made the memories all the richer, insisted on retaining his title as Chief Cook Tomorrow, as the Shuler family sits "One year I got my kitchen wallsand Bottle Washer of the Shuler down together, they will give special washed because a very nervous young man Thanksgiving Feast. thanks to the husband, father, father-in- who was making fruit salad got carried "It was hard," said Georgine, "because law, and grandpa, who filled their lives away with the homemade whipping cream we knew it was his last Thanksgiving with with sweet memories and gave so much of and when the beater flipped out of the us. Yet we decided to make it a holiday himself. bowl, it put whipping cream everywhere," we'd never forget." And although he could- "I didn't appreciate our tradition as Georgine reminisced fondly. "Then there n't stay on his feet to cook for hours on much through the 43 years we were mar- was a neighbor boy who thought it was end like he had for decades before, his ried as I do now," Georgine said. "I think such fun to be a part of the mad house, he sons, sons-in-law and grandsons frequently Jim has instituted this into these kids' washed all the dishes for the guys as they escorted him from his chair to the bustling blood." cooked. His mother called him home for kitchen to ask questions and make certain As long as there's Thanksgiving, Jim their Thanksgiving dinner, but he returned they were following his instructions to the Shuler's memory; the tradition he lovingly to wash the dinner dishes." letter, passed on to his children, his grandchil- When a fierce winter storm knocked "Of course the dressing always need- dren and their children, will live on. the power out one year, the men hustled ed mdre salt according to Jim," Georgine the turkey into the gas stove of a camper. ' said. "Even then, he had to get his two (This column originally appeared in. Years later, another power outage resulted cents worth in." Remarkably, Jim lived an November 1999, but I wanted to run it in moving the celebration (turkey, dressing, entire year longer that doctors initially pre- again in honor of the Shuler family; their dishes, pies and all) from Jim and dicted, commitment to each other and the com- Georgine's house to their daughter's home. "The fact that Jim lived 12 months munities in which they live. Happy "It was only four miles away, but I bet longer than he was supposed to - well, I Thanksgiving, Georgine and Kay. Jim will there was a whole tank of gas used on the feel I got my miracle," said Georgine tear- live forever in our hearts.) trips back and forth to get everything from fully. Sadly, Jim passed away in September one house to the other," she laughed. Then of 1998. He was just 69 years old. Two there was the time the women decided to months later, Georgine was uncertain DeN Marshall's award-winning column go to a local restaurant for coffee while the whether the family would feel up to cele- appears in several weekly newspapers through- men slaved away over a hot stove. When brating "their" special holiday. But the out the west. If you wish to share your story or dinner was ready, they weren't yet home. Shuler children weren't about to let die the comments, please write Debi in care of this "The guys had no sense of humor fond tradition their father had so lovingly newspaper or email her at n stag Kids Dr. Sylvia Rimm November 19-25 Aries - March 21/April 20 Think before you speak when meeting with an important person early in the week, Aries. He or she can offer you a great opportunity - don't take your bad mood home with you. Keep your priorities straight, and remember that your personal life is much more impor- tant than your job. 2000, Creators Syndicate, Inc. if you don't upset him or her. So, be courteous, and keep your Leo :- July 23/August 23 unusual opinions to yourself. Biting Don't hold a grudge against an your tongue definitely will beacquaintance who makes an honest Rimm is a child will give her the confidence that worth it. mistake on Thursday. He or she lical professor she can trust those who love and doesn't mean to cause you any of Medicine and are raising her. Taurus - April 21/May 21 problems. Realize this, and try to Your temper gets the best of you work with this person to set things on par- Dear Dr. Sylvia: My 16-year- when a loved one involves you in a straight. Your efforts will be appre- to: old and his father have a hardsticky situation. While youneed to ciated. A loved one needs your help Kids, time getting along. I try to stay let off some steam, don't staywith a family matter. Do what you 145, or e-mail: out of their disputes, but it's get- angry at this person for very long. can for him or her. Dr. ting more difficult. I feel myHe or she doesn't mean to cause located at husband is driving his son away you any harm. Try to calm down, Verge - Aug 24/Sept 22 Com. from him. My son is a really nice and work with him or her to You have an important personal kid. He is thoughtful, funny, has resolve the matter. Libra plays an decision to make this week, Verge, My brother a part-time job and is a good stu- important role. and you shouldn't take it lightly. Be a Woman who dent, but my husband tends to selective, and do what is best for Gemini - May 22/June 21 you. If you're not sure exactly what daugh- focus on the "clean your room," and she "pick up after yourself" irrespon- Everyone seems to be pulling you that is, turn to a loved one for married. The sibility that goes along with being in a different direction this week, advice. He or she has your best Gemini. Instead of stretching your- interest at heart. Scorpio plays a biological a teenager, self too thin over the next few key role on Friday. to talk about My husband told him today days, you should set your priori- My that he didn't like him or his atti- ties. Only help those who really Libra - Sept 23/Oct 23 adopted tude. My son has low self-esteem need it; the others can get by on Don't get upset by a close friend's because in as it is, and awkwardness has set their own. That special someone comments on Tuesday. He or she is Ogical fatherin. He has a couple of close takes you out late in the week. joking and just wants to make you friends but doesn't socializeEnjoy yourself! laugh. Don't take this ribbing to much. I worry that his constant heart, because it doesn't mean any- bickering with his father is Cancer - June 22/July 22 thing. A loved one asks you an pulling them further apart. My A problem at work upsets you dur- important question. Answer han- son can't wait to go to college to ing the middle of the week. While estly. get away from us. the higher-ups put a lot of pressure I feel as if I need to remind on you to rectify the situation, my husband that we are the for his a happy fame- brother. I / brother that my father. Wife maintain understand ~f this situation 10 years old." about this Wrong to me. almost that this iSts. He does, How that Mary, for her in Pretend that My fear is out about it in way deception. steps inform man she not, and Unable to she was Zmportant, finds out deceived. a matter-of- to trouble her rela- and it esteem, not break it down. How can I approach this tactfully with- out being critical and negative? grown-ups, and that we need to constantly boost our son's self- IIH II I1' II !1 I as a way to get their morns on their side and to get out of doing something they'd rather not do. Although that manipulation is hardly ever conscious, it success- fully traps dads and sons into battles. A good test is to encour- age them to take a trip together. If it's a success, you can calm yourself and stop mediating. If you hope to get your hus- band to ease up on your son, don't put him down by dis- cussing his shortcomings in front of your son. That will put him in a no-win situation. Many kids can't wait to go to college, but they usually come home for their first vacation to place an entirely different value on their parents and home life. Edited by Stanley Newman ABOUT FACE: by Lee Weaver Exercising from the neck up ACROSS 86 "What __, chopped10 Media Initials 1 Westammest liver?" since 1926 Aieutlen Island 87 Actor Bestty 11 Sigh of relief ::::5 Yellowstone and 88 -_ Club (Big Apple 12 Tam over the nightapot of yore) time spot Ymmmlta 10 Wine valley 90 Ranked for a tournament 13 ExplorerTesmen 14 Agent 86 91 Musical siiance 14 Board-game feature 19 Heifer's housing 93 Society newcornM 15 Handcuffs 20 River of 95 Ancient Greek garments 16 Malt beverage southeastern 98 "_ Had I Hammer" 17 Thing, In law Franca 98 Choir ~ 18 Six-point plays: Abbr. 21 Fishhook part 101 Word form for "tan" 24 Type of tie 22 LoSt color 103 Plrate~ plunder 26 Don't ditch 23 Bully 106 Bicycle part 26 Corn or pod starter 25 Audacity 198 Looked after 32 Atoll barrier 27 Houston teem 106 Dlebeerfened 33 Old Russian ruler ..... 28 Consume 112 Mimmd vein 35 Extra magazine 30 A~reel Verdugo 113 Umldorned e~-'tlon ..... 31 Give notice to 114 Type of boom 36 Only me. without 34 Father of Paris 115 lYeeless plain a holiday 37 Pitch tents 117 Family dog, for short 38 "The Scourge of God" 41 Maintain a cheerful 119 Utility-room Ippllancos 39 Business news disposition 123 Ogle 40 Stream branches 45 Snowball-fight 128 Hard candy 41 "To Autumn" odilt participant 131 Get gussied up 42 Consume wholly 46 Pitcher parts 132 Sundance's girlfriend 43 Poetic Mule 47 Freshwater duck 133 Pang producer 44 Musical staff symbol 48 SOme noncoms: 134 Melodious .orne 49 Batter's position Abbr, 135 Secret meeting 53 Ague, to Pierre 50 Back-to-the-peat style 136 Acknowledge an 54 _ code 51 _ standstill Invitation 56 Asperagua units 52 Turn to Ice 137 The Last Supperls one 59 Had en efiect 55 Urban roads: Abbr. 138 Sleek Jets 60 Civil War side : 57 Give autographs 61 Uke sardines : 58 "Don't do thatl"DOWN 63 Prairie home material 82 County festivals1 Palindromic pop group 65 Roneld Lauder's mother 64 Tailless simian 2 Seafarers 68 Had a requirement 50 Stage of a Journey 3 Jogging gait 69 Hlpeter's great time 67 Eating, as cereal 4 Opens a S Down 71 Adjectival suffix .... 70 Deeply involved 5 Birthday Item 72 Anglo-Saxon harvester : 73 One-dimensional 6 Cry of discovery 74 Olepeneem of TLC 75 Old gold coins 7 "Bsiderdeshr' 76 Badger .... 76 Express distaste8 Jerky Joint 77 Denver or Spanish 9 Celestial being 78 Anti.tic pioneer 82 Love song Answer: You may want to observe how your son and his dad get along when you're not around. Some boys use their dad's criticism and expectations Scorpio - Oct 24/Nov 22 Try not to let your ego get the best of you when a close friend thanks you for your assistance with a financial matter. Be humble -- not conceited --- if you want to remain close with him or her. A business associate reveals his or her true feelings for you. Let this person down gently. Aries plays an impor- tant role. Sagittarius - Nov 23/Dec 21 Things Bre going to get hectic t~,'s week, Sagittarius, when several people need you to do things for them. Don't stress out, because there's no need to panic. You can do it all if you just stay calm and get organized. Those involved will be impressed with how you handle everything. Capricorn - Dec 22/Jan 20 A family friend turns to you for advice on how to handle a sticky situation. Give him or her your honest opinion, and try to help as much as you can. Your efforts will ...... be appreciated and rewarded. That special someone asks you an important question late in the week. Don't worry -it's not that question! bit of progress toward a personal goal. Take advantage of this. You meet an interesting person during the weekend. Get to know him or Aquarius - Jan 21/Feb 18 You're on your own this week, Aquarius, and that's just how you like it. You have the chance to set your own agenda and make quite a her better. Pisces - Feb 19/March 20 Everything isn't as rosy as it seems this week. Don't be fooled by some of the things that those closest to you are saying. They're keeping something from you. Try to find out what it is, because it involves you. ..... TS- rss ._ __ ..~ 79 Canadien capital 100 ~ fresh 121 Take an apartment 80 Forn~r French coin 102 Mountain pass 122 Portuguese women: el Sea eagle 104 Curly strand Abbr. 83 It m/ly be bid 105 Tea parties, e.g.123 Summer hrs. 84 Produce skim milk 107 Olve approval In Denver 86 Archia'a spouse 109 Zllch 124 JFK poMing 89 Ceremlat's oven 110 Up the creek 12S Cryptogram-cracking aid 92 Having poor sound 111 Soggy ground 126 Off-road trene, 94 Bowler's nightmare 116 -do-well 127 Besr-kog ad~nct 98 Convae bade 118 One of the Khens 129 Holldllne of 1914 97 London neighborhood 120 Supplements, with "out" 130 Sports-car grille cover