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November 19, 1953     The Arlington Times
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November 19, 1953

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PAGE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASttINGT()N, TttURS., NOV. 19, 1953. Arlingtnn i imr , Successor to THE HALLER CITY TIM EE.S Vol. No. 30 ~ubscriptlon Price $250 Per Year; $3.00 per Year outside Snoh0[ mish County. Issued every Thursday. Publishedat Arlington, Vashlngton, by THE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. J C. CARPENTER -- FRANK MARSH L C. CARPENTER ......... Editor & Mgr. Entered as 2nd Class matter, in the Post Office at Arlington, Wash. mgton, under the act of March 3, 1879. STATEHOOD FOR HAWAII For some time imblic lids been watching the maneuvers in Congress on the question of statehood for Hawaii and Alaska. In consitlering statehood 'the politicians are inclined to gL;e more attention to tl|e i)olitical asl)ect lAtin to an)" other phase of the question. . , . . ------- It is realized 'that shouhl eltl:er territory become a state, it will immediateh" advance to an important posi- tion in the Union, for it will acquire two seats in the Unit- ed Sta'tes Senate. In the present mak(ul) of the senate it can be seen "that it makes a great deal of difference whether those two seats are occupied bv Republicans or l)emocrats. Then, too, i't is felt the great political power that will with this acquisitio l of iwo senate seats is out of bal- go ance, inasmuch as the populations represcnted- in both cases are comparatively small. Golden Text: Matthew 6:22. The light of the body is the eye: Sonic politicians consi(ter ltawaii to be Republican if therefore thine eye be single, and Alaska I)emoerat in 'their political thinking, thus in thy whole body shall be full of considering the qucston of statehood the one is balanced light. a- ainst the other. Free Methodist Church ~' " E.B. Seymour, pastor , Should the matter of slatehood be considered on the basis of terri'torv invol ed and natural resources, Alaska Radio KJR, Light and Life Hour L. F. Snyder, S.S. Supt. Morning should, of course, be admi!ted at once. But with a popu- 8:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. litton less than that of Snohomish eoul tv, it is ques- Worship 11 a.m. Young People's torY has attained" the status of meeting 7:15 p.m. Evangelistic tionable whether tim tcr[i' ~ ,,,, All are invited to attend. statehood hat would give th(im th( i)ox er in the United meeting 8 p.m. States Senate that would ha'tardily follow. Silvan,', and Lakewood Parish As for the territory of tlawaii, l)erhaI)s the same dr- The Lutheran Free Church gument is true. o.K. Haukeness, pastor Silvana: As for area, it COulprises lnU?)l n lore than our small-i Saturday, November 21st--Con- eat states, and i'ts population is greater than som of these firmation class 10 a.m. day School 10 a.m. Services with states, approximately half a million I)eople. Sunday, November 22nd---Sun- The resources ?f tlte Islands arc limited, sugar and Confirmation and Communion 11 pineapple being the exi)ortabk eroI)s, l iowever, their a ewood: strategic position at the Pacific Crossroa ]s is perlmps annualThe LadieS'sale inAidtheWillchurchhavebase-the 'their greatest resoui'ce, as it makes them a vital link in meEt Friday, November 20th, at 8 the U. S. Defense netw )rk, p.m. Lunch will be served after In the matter of fueation, (,ultural, polilieal and the sale. Sunday, November 22nd, Sun- civic advancement, the t(,rritor of Hawaii is perhaps day School 11 a.m. Luther far in advance of any territ(n'v l)reviouslv attaining League 8 p.m. Mrs. Lillie Nelson and Mrs. Conrad Bjorn will be s'tatehood, at time of admittance, the hostesses There is one great difference, however, but which should make no difference in the matier of statehood, but which is significanl jn the march of ACnerican civiliza- tion around the w.orld. In all oth ,,[ territo,'ial struggles for s'tatehood, the citizenry has been made up of peoples of European descent, a mingling, of the nationalities of Europe. In ttawaii the majority of the poimlation is Or- iental. Here l ,ast meets West. EADER- ' rnnlIM BURN HILL Times Out Early ]Dorothy Ann V II VIII.. AND VICINITY ...... I Weds In beat: { hltrI:hes Some latitude is allowed in By Stella Parsons Next Week [ Miss Dorothly Ann -- ' ('(retributions published in PlP, e{['n ........ adI elder daughter of Mr this column, as being ex- ~t,.aa aal.,ot.vaa . ..~'~','-~v ........... " A "Bill" Watkins, I~ j~__..,.~,, pressive of the individual It, ._ .... t.,~e,s are. urged to have [ G... . o ' h r their copy in early next orme of Gary Fred Ba ramona of the aut o. In Hospital ......... v"n- Da" [ son of Mr and Mrs Fr~ weeK, as ]nanK~gl ~ g Y h ..... ' , - ~4 ~ Cecil Preston Tuesday Nov falls on the regular press i!o[ .~eatrle, ,in ~ne W~ ~' ' The Chris[laD ~nurcn on Arhngton, Wash. 10th, underwent surgery in the day, and..therefor _ lIT, ........ ft ..... n ~i~ November 17, 1953 Providence hospital in Everettlimes wet oe prlmeo on II~, *L'*".--'" ...... :""". Readers's Forum This was f611owed Monday of this Wednesday sothat the crew [ll~ne f~[al~erglVenr~n mo Arlington Times iweek by a second operation Mrs. may.]hi) take aovamage oi /l|,~,~,,th ~,',~i~,~ n .... i Because of space limitations Arlington, Wash. j Preston reports that he is coming [ne 2~a[lonat riOlloay. []b"o~ee ~'nd'a~ fui[skir~ and Problems of makeup in get- r~,~, wa~t,~, l along just fine. She wants to take ~ :I...,~ ....... h,h;t,~ o~tl. ting t'he paper to press, iris often ........... Our hearts went out to our dear this opportunity to thank Dale ......... ,~ISTMAS SEALS ' r'~''" ~~'~'~'oc''~'v~f~'is.-~,-~ ...... toned necessary to omit church a,-u,~,t,~n ,,n,,~a n,~nnl,~ whon wo Steckelberg of the Burn, Virgil NOW ON SALE I,i o "o,~nt,~r,~rl with notices. We regret this, but be. ,'~'~"~-~'~'~ "~v'~"~i,~,~Y l'ot'r~r" "t~i Morgan, formerly of Arlington, Mrs. Otis R. Allen is chairman l~::'~'~,~"~'~r~ c~ lieve the necessa announce .............. Inow of Ev rett and their ne- for the Christmas Seal Sale in Ar-I_- . ' .. _. ry you l~t ween. " ' " ' eived the matron oi nonor, w~ meEts can be published each .............. I phew, Alan Watklns of Everett, lington. If you haven t rec];,, ~,,t,~,~ ~,~,~,,th ,,,~u,,,, week if the following rules are what y our o.usy t;]ty .ea[nersifor their generosity in having do- your seals call Mrs. Allen at 295, I~' ~,',,',,",~:(,~'"~f",,~'"~'., were able Io GUll(1 several attrac , a "~ ~' followed" "lnated blood in Cecil s behalf or get them from Miss ShOddy t ~" yff':. ~'~A "~'..^:~..= tlve amusement laces. Wouldn t Announcements to contain on. .... P .... IVernon Preston was up from To-~the post office. ,~,~ ,,.~c n~ ~nwor~ mey soon De iDle [o wrHe aoove ledo for t e week end to s his =;--~..7-~ ................... Iy: Name of church, address, ,, , h - ee ~ [)wi n[ ~isennow i the door of eachIt doesn t sat- father '~ c~ r ,They VlSHea g . .. " A reception followed name of Imstor, time of servzce . The]. dau~,hte June and, . , .isfy,,? .... ,ers old home In Abnene, r, ans., mony. The brldes mO and sermon subject. All notzces ~famlly from Eugene, Ore., cameI,.~..~ ~.. ~ ............ ~,~.h ~ .......... to be in Times office by 2 p.m., The world cannot offer any also. Mr. Howard and their:~)e'~n2~)uil't"~or'~'~m'~'~.hev"~rove lame .su][ w)~ Tuesdays. lasting happiness. Whole for-idaughter, Ollie, left Sunday but ,.....~fi ,~, ..... ,h,~,~ " .... ~:~ ~,,,n White accessorms.ana.t~ __.___ tunes have been spent by many i June and Baby Myrna are stay- ~..~...~:'..~..~,~_",~'-k~,.~',~,~,v~:~ morner, a [ansu.~.wl.uj wh- sou~,ht it b .... ~'~" in f'~- aH in,- f,,- ~ *,~w d .... r~'~-il will ~,e v-,s ,,~=-,,s ..................... cessorles; DOtE wltn pln~ - -, s : s .... s ,,, s ....... ~ ...... thri Okla where Chriattan Science ...... home town, Gu corsages About 120 fri~ ........... .. - ~t does offer only to find that it confined at the hospital for quite .......... in- ~lrs[ unurcn oI unrlst, ~cien[- ~, ;..on .h,~;. ~,~......~ ,~. ,~ .~.,~.*. o~.,~,~ ,;.~- ~., ~,~ o .... .~., sEe enjoyed so mien tee meet g relatives congratulates: rot, Fourth and Dunham streets . of old friends In New Mexico ho es not t lon lyweds and partook of no hope for Eeternlty. p DO g. v at the adobe Sunday School 11 a.m Sunday ..... - ~ they . mar eled . three-t'~rodl........... woddin~ro-t Service 11 a m . uur young people aiJ.neeu tEe u~,~, h;~ m,.,~,~. ,,. w,, dwellings and the painted des- ,The voun~ couule After ta .... s ................. - .... - Wednesday testimonialmeet- Lord Jesus Christ as [heir per- ,~..~ w.;n.~. ~,,..~.~n a~r,o ,.no erts--stayed overnight at Albu- three-day honevmo( ' ~ ~Lt .v ~lkat~t , .~J.a t:t~t ~,,,, ~ n,'~ sonal Saviour He is ~ods rem- " z ......... z*" -uernue This town was so dif ..... " ~- "- -,,e, u v,.,,,. - o " ....... , Pr~ot'~'' '~r"ve ~'-" t" Pu,,allu"~ t" "~ "t irleno s edDiE on ,.a Reading room, Church edifice, ecty Ior a alE-SiCK worio, were ,,~o~",~,,~' " f,~,' "wh,~'~, hv~h,~ ferent, the likes of which they Young Mrs. Baughn open Monday 2 to 4 p.m. and everyone of them [o love and live ~x~.~-~,~ ,.~.~ --~.~- ~'-.~.,~,~-~ had never seen In Colorado they navv blue dress 1 Wednesday 2 to 4 p.m. and 6:45 for H!m, they'd be the Iirst to say, r cgAFili;, s.................. visiteck'the Grand Canyon At one white for the trip, to 7:45 p.m., except legal holt- ~enu tee amusemen[ money [o place in the mountains a red fox the orchid from laer days. those poor little Koreans, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Damaske crossed the road. in front, of zircon" b~a,:c,ct-""^'"* The subject of the Lesson-Ser- We have Christ and He has given called on friends, Mr. and Mrs. In Utah the Zion National Park ...... .. i tee groom, iney are mort for Sunday,,,November 22, is: us the Life which is Eternal and Robert Maki, in Everett Sunday. was one of the outstanding scenic..,;" vv~t~'"~* o~a~t~c .... ,.. "Soul and Body. it satisfies." Goldie Johnson, who has been beauties. The Mile-Long Tunnel, Both are graduates Silvana-Lakewood Lutheran Parish J H Myrwang, pastor Zion Lutheran Church, Silvana: Friday, Nov. 20--2:00 p.m., L.A. Society meets Saturday, Nov. 21--9 a.m., Con- firmants meet Sunday, Nov. 22--9:45 a.m. Sunday School 8 p.m., Family Thank God! Christ does satisfy, employed for the past several He promises those ,who trust in weeks in the P. I. advertising of- Him that they II never thirst rice-in ~eattle, left this job for again" - photographic work at Frederick -If they don't believe this let and Nelson. She likes the job and them ask any happy, born-a'new it ~ six days a week. voun~ Derson thev know " ~rom ~riaay evening of No- - Psalm 34:8 say's: O taste and vember 6th to Wednesday morro see that the Lord is good: blessed ing Stella Parsons had as guest (or happy) is the man that trust- ivirs. Anna Lake of Seattle. etA in h m. MR AND MRS JOHN A. KLEIN, Enioy Trip to Kanscm Ver~, affectionately Mr. and Mrs. John Luthi rep6rt P. S.:~ Pel asP tell' the young.they and their two children, en- people they are welcome to visit joyed a.wonderful trip they re- Iour noisy (seven children), hap- centiy took [o r~ansas w]tn lvir. py home any time - and Mrs. beD mct;ullougn of Ar- ------------o lington. Going there they tray- ur at. ~ . !eled the northern route. They Willis lreals found Mr. Luthi's mother, who is ........ eighty-five or six years old, in Firemen With Corn better health than they expect- .. ed. In fact, she accompanied Up to their ears in corn, on tne m ,:, ,~ al iaunl~ tn ~oo . the on s..v..r_. ~ ........... cob, was the condition of the Ar-jrelatives One incident which hngton firemen last Thursday s r n " I u p "sed the Luthis was to re- night when Bill Walhs put on hisI ce!ve a letter bearing his moth- annual spread for thesmoke r re r m fri " " e s add as, f o an old 'end eaters I Earl Richey, who used to live at In addition to corn there was Brvant but now in Kansas City roast venison and beef, mashed i Karts. Reading the Arlington potatoes and gravy and bran Times, incidentally the Burn Hill muffins, and all the trimmings, column, he noted the Luthis were The vent.son was provided by going to visit in Minneapolis, Hugh Walhs, who was one of the Kans.--how news does travel--so lucky hunters this fall, bringing he wrote there ask'lEg them to home a three-point buck come see him. They regretted the Bill and Hugh were assisted, time was so short they were not by Gilbert De Young of Everett. able to do this There were so Jim Brown, Jess Cohoon, Frank many relatives to see, sixty of Hollis and Joe Sabo. them. The Sunday before they left o thirty-four gathered together LEGION AUXILIARY Mr. Luthi showed Junior and TO SEND GIFTS Eunice through the schoolhouse, The American Legion Auxiliary where he received his education. will meet Thursday, Nov. 19, at 8 p.m. in the Legion Home to pack ~hristmas gifts for veterans. All members are asked to donate ties, soxs or similar gifts. through solid rock of many [ utile l-li~h and nr|ar w riders '- ....... ~"" -'"~ ~" .... colors was a thing of o .,']riage the bride was~ As souvenirs OI the [rlp they all . t~..~**;..~. .' . ..... I the Lasley hi IlLLIII~ brought home with tEem pmon ..,,.. cones and bunches of graini atu~. called Westland MilD growing ]nl~ l* I~ the Grand Canyon. i~ Arlington IVI( , hr, nm,, Mr, and Mrs. Joe Roles and ~anet of"-- ..... ,,.,-.,., ,,..,.u.,,,,, daughters Donna ano J Seattle were dinner guests of When the Everett J the Gust Zaretzkes a week ago lege conference cham] Sunday Mrs. Roles is their niece, the Vallejo, Calif., J. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Almli took Shrine Bowl game at I~ their son Runny to Cub Scouts morial Stadium on Th~ Field Day Sunday afternoon at Day at least three forn Silver Lake, where Scout packs ton football stars will from Snohomish and Island coun- heup and possibly four tics were represented. These boys Glenn Rosenbach, g participdted in races and march-be in the starting fir es Runny Almli presented the Lindquist will probab colors. When this was over the the fullback position, Almlis drove to Everett, where Vosika is expected to, they had dinner with her folks, the fullback position. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson. ter, half back, who John Dickinson, an engineer- benched with injury, n ing student at the University of to the game. Washington, was home last Vosika bas been on week-end, most of the season v Mr. and Mrs G. A. Sherman of jured leg. Everett were Saturday evening -------------o-- callers at the O. C. Robison's PAST PRESIDENTS home Mr. Robison is not feeling TO BE HONORED well these days Charity Lodge No. Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. of Honor, will be : o~ Win. Tveit and family were Mr. past presidents at tF and Mrs. Walter Follette of meeting Nov. 19th. A Monroe, and Mr. James Stanfield of Seaside, Ore. Saturday callers were Mr. and Mrs Harold Tveit and children, and Miss Donna Statute, Mr. Glen McLucas of Bellingham and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nordhagen and daughter Betty of Granite Falls. be served at 6:30. 'low.up of the paign. The captains Irene Vognild, Mrs. with Mrs. Naas ning side. The losing the winning side with her. The Japanese population is growing rapidly, and due Night Social All invited Good Let's all participate! ..... program o to certain )rovismns of our natulahzatmn laws are be- Thurs~i ," ................... I ' ~ .... . . . . ay ~ov. zt)--x~ a.m., in-. t~atuJ Ut- TI'ILANK~ coming citizens. They are ]row in a majority po, htmally formal Thanksgiving Day Serv-I The kindness and sympathy of ,. " ...... ices at Hall neighbors and friends in my sor and fill man oohtmal aDS[hODS, m the territorml legls- .. . = ...... ] Y. - * . . . ~unaay, i~ov. zu--li a.m.--191-Irow in the loss of my wife, will lature and 1,oPal government. Other Orientals mugratmg vine services. . [always remain a precious mem- ..... ~:""--'- ...... "~ --"':"-~' "' "-*~'~" ~ .... th ~eas 1st Lutheran ChurchLakewooa:/ory. ~ay sincere thanks and grat- '[0 llawall are IlIDIIIOS H[I(I tl~ltlVUS OL ttUltU1 tOLtU k~ . Thursda-" N~'" .7,'",,_ . - :+..~ ............... - ~ y; uv. ~:~----z p.m., L. aI ttuue ~or an tIlo~E' comlortlng nds '. ' -- . Isla There is, however, some apprehension, on the part,of[ t 21 -- 11 a.m., L 'i rticle some businessmen, as to the political and business judg-I Sunday, Nov. 22"--10 a.m., Sun-[~ of furniture not in use, try a meEt of the Japanese in the conduct of public affairs, day School_ 11 am., Divine Ser-[ Times classified ad. ........ ,vices with HOly uommunlon o------------- It]s said that if there ]s any race questmn m Hawan, " /Catholic Church it is in reverse, the Japanese being quite race conscious Arlington and Lgkewood Fatn~:v JmaT::e2. Deady, pastor "n the matter of selection of business associates and era- Methodist Churci es Arlin-ton "9 a m "" 1 ' ~ ' ' ' " " i r g -- . on IlrSt, J P Porter mm ate ployees, and in exercising their rights as citizens at the "lVIorning 'worship" Lakewood, third and fifth Sundays, 11 a.m. ' on secona ano iourm ~unaays polls. 9:45; Arlington, 11:00. Sermon: Stanwood 9 am on second "Self Discipline Through Jesus Interviewing a businessman of Honolulu, recentl , on the subject of statehood, we asked if this matter had been presented to the congressional investigating com- mittee. He replied tha it would be political and business suicide for any person in the islands to oppose in any way the matter of tateho(M. With rapid transportation an actuality, Hawaii is no longer far away. It is, perhaps closer to the seat of gov- _.____ ernment in Washingt(m, than sonle of our backward sec- tions made remote by lack of transportation facilities which are only a few miles away. Since our citizent'y is. made up of a mixture of na- tionalities, and since as a nati(m, we espouse the cause of ultimatc elimination of race prejudice, it would seem that regardless of the Japane'se consciousness of their race and nationality and their seeming majority in the. islands,-------- the territory nmst become an integral part of the nation, and mus't assume* its responsibility and work out its des- tiny as a state under a state constitution in conformity with the Constitution of the United States. 17th Annua Sportsmen's Turkey Shoot FOOD i Christ" Sunday School: Arlington, 9:45; LagGed 10:30 Youth Fellowship: Lakewood, 7 p.m. Thanksgiving service, 10:30 Thanksgiving morning. Darring- ton dnd Lakewood Methodist Churches are co-operating in this service. Our Savior's Lutheran Church Burke & Newberry Edwin Sandvig, pastor Sunday School and Adult Bible Class at 9:45 a.m. Worship Ser- vice at 11 a.m.; sermon theme: "Christ IS Coming!" Matthew 24: 15-28. L. W. R. Clothing Drive. Thanksgiving Day Worship at 11 a.m. Congregational Church A. D. Brokaw, minister 9:45 a.m. --- Sunday Church -------'--" School 11:00 a.m., Thanksgiving Sun- day, Worship; Sermon, "Thanks- giving Unlimited" 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., Sunday Eve- ning Family Social Hour. for par- ents and children and all friends, "-------- and fourth Sundays, 11 a.m. on first, third and fifth Sundays. Seventh-Day Adventist Church M. M. Mohr, pastor Sabbath School 9:45; Devotion- al services 11 a.m. Prayer Service Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. Church located on corner of Burke and Talcott at head of Lincoln bridge. Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints Sunday School 10 a.m. at V.F. W. hall. Darrington Methodist Church O. I. Borseth, pastor Sunday School I0 a.m. Worship 11 a.m., evening service 7:30 p.m. Catholic Chuzch (Darrington) Mass every Saturday at 9 a.m. Calvary Pentecostal Darrington *. Sunday school, l0 a.m.; morn- lEg worship, 11; children's church, 7 p.m., evangelistic ser- vice 7:30 p.m., First Baptist Church 102 West Third Street Arlington, Washington L. C. Everett, pastor Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Worship Service 11:00 a.m. ,Midweek Service Wednesday evening, 7:30 p.m. "Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise." Ps. 100:4. Sunday School 10 a.m. Morn- SisCO Heights Community Church ing Worship 11. Evening Wor- George Eylander, pastor ship 7:30. Wddnesday, prayer Sunday School at 10 a.m. Sunday services at 11 a.m. Eve. First Baptist Church Darrington, Wash. Chas. F. Brown, pastor Sunday School I0 a.m Worship 11a.m.B.Y.F. 7 p.m. Preaching service 8 p.m. Mid-week service Thursday night, 7:45 o'clock. ning services at 7 p.m. Free transportation. O RUBBER STAMPS Arlington Ptg. Co., Phone 493 The Church of GOd of Prophecy Commercial Ave. and Cascade St. Darrington, Wash. $. R. Rainwater, pastor meeting, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Young People's Service (V. L. B.) 7:30. O Use Times Classified Ads effective, economical. Pin money can be yours--with the aid of want ads in The Arlington Times and Shopper. Surely you have outgrown toys, discarded fur- l niture, "antiques" and many other saleable objects around your home. JUST PHONE-. Just lift your phone receiver and call 493 to place a want ad... s{mple isn't it... and it niay mean extra cash for you. Times and shopper want ads reach 4,000 families hi the Stillaguamish Valley every week. Your friends know the value of want ads.. the cost is low only 65 cents for 22 words. Phone 493 now and charge it. iiIl r Arlingtmt and Shopper