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November 5, 1953     The Arlington Times
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November 5, 1953

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PAGE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, \VASIIIN(IT()N, TII['IISI)AY, N()V. 5. 1953. | ][JACK ANDERSON /]'~,~,~$ ^l: ~.]:,,L .......t ton State Highway Commission.!CHEg-KA.MAy CAMP FIRE PRESCHOOL P.T,A. l of proper toys will & ~dU'_,.J ~---, [[COMBAT TRAINEE LIcpt. Ul all~liWCt~ ]"Our merit system has contAbut- Wednesday we made cider and/TO MEET NOV. 10 !gram subject to be l: " Pi /'~ IqVUlrU JVi['U|U [[ !!~!;:7: :::: :/ ................. :l])nlrlo" ]~Ar~ ~/'~r~r ed to this favorable development took orders for eighteen gallons. The Preschool P.T.A. will hold representative of Coy. l~e ~o~ernor | ...... : *~ ....... .::~ ........ ,-,,, ,,, , if an employee knows ti]at the Friday we had our Hallowe en ~r~.v s~a ", o ~,'~'s --~22~)2~ I of Everett. A report . .: ::: . ~ ,,,, . ,u ,~t o p.,,. ~,~ t,,v ~-t,~c-lress of the kinderg~ By Arthur B. Laaglie[ : !With Less tlmployees [competence with which he doesiparty al the home of. our guar-lvelt School sored by the Preschoc TItERE'S BEEN considerable!:,:: ~* Building highways in Wash-hhicJhbilsSth?k:lYudr!tdrlni:~iiglalnDr~o~rgh~lWgrds~.a~rpl~y3(~ __P!aY_th~_ngs_~and_ ~l_e selection also be made. talk of the water storage benefits ington is big business and one of . J g ~ ne : !games and danced. Mrs. Kesling, ienjoyed a nice lunch--Scribe. Refreshments will of a federally constructed high- the bits of evidence attesting to more valuable employee.'Jour" sponsor, told fortunes. WelCathie Despres. Iwith the officers as head d a m at! that is the fact that the Wash. Hell's Canyon. It] has been pointed out that Hell's Canyon h a s a storage capacity of 3.880,000 acre- feet while the 3 low. head dams that could b e built at o n e - third the cost of nigton State Highway Commis- sion, Department of Highways, employed for 1953 through July an average of 2,539 persons. But this is considerable less than the average of 2,654 em- ployed in 1949 and the 2,589 em- ployed in 1950. Despite this lower number of persons employed, the Department of Highways has been doing more work. In 1949, total contract awards totalled about $24Ve million and in 1953, it is expected that total contract awards will exceed $45 million. Almost twice as many dollars in contracts will be awarded in 1953 a single high- head dam, but Gov.~ Lcmglie produce a b o u t the same amount of electric en- ergy, include only 1,000,000 acre- feet of storage Here is a point that needs ex- declares as in 1949 but the numbers of p]oration The HeWs Canyon pro- " " ..... t personnel employed is consider- ponentsh~PneaK2~u~awPa~tet/~va~l Marine Pfc. Jack Anderson lably less /')f fl/] ~ say notn g a o " able for stora~e Camp Pendleton, Cal. (FHTNC) A breakdown of personnel by t$1tt~ ~" g %" ..... n --Undergoing four weeks of indi-ljobs they perform shows that the t~own near ~enver mr 1 - " " " ba rainin at the' o, ..... to,,, ~,~,~,,,~1 ,,~v,,~-m,~nt vmua~ corn "t t g I biggest reduction has been made " ' ........ e Marine Corps base here is Mar nelln maintenance forces In 1949 a ~Pa~tw~l~ ~l~ltl~ nt):ci~yr~)~t Pie. Jack O. Anderson of Box 125,|total of 1,394 persons'were em- ~ 9 .... .: .- v ""--~e Arlington Wash , Iployed in maintaining state hn~ITt aYdtn~renm ~:stev~gen Before 'assignment here' the ] highways while in 1953 this hum" ~ I ~-~r~ w~ b- an" water to store trainees were promoted to Private]ber had been reduced to 1,137 bnehlnd 1;'T~is d~m incidentall- first class after successful corn'-[Numbers employed in the shop . = .... " .- ' .... J' pletion of 10 weeks of intensivelhad been reduced, too from 214 was owlet over the protests oI lo- trainin at the San" Die o Mar'he " ' .... , ..... g . S g ] l in 1949 to 173 in 1953 Persons cal engineers wno nag salo me Cor. s Recruit De--ot I ..... " nrieet was unsund and waste" v ' P ~ emplye aselerKs ana engineers[ [I ~0 o~t : ." i o--------------had shown an increase, however, iul. [~|[clerks from 212 in 1949 to 232 in * * ' 1953 and engineers from 724 in THE PUBLIC is being told of] BRYANT ,- ~o~ v o Hell,s~ ............ , .... o. the tremendous alue f Aline Thomsen ] ' A merit system for all high- ~" ' . [ Phone 2503 llway employees provides for en. Can yon s greater storage facility but it is not being told that onl ~-v once in a ,,reat number of The Grange Bazaar will be held trance examinations for employ- ~' ~ at the new Grange Hall Friday ees promotions based upon skill earsisthereenough water o Y ~ . [evening this week wit ha cardland industry and protection oil p he on the main floor. Grang.[employees in their jobs wn c. is ~ xce , t ers, don t forget your donations[ "The fact that we have been comolned three low aamSthe parts the the er ~ ar;ee ,n~: Owr~ ' e1~,~1~ ~ ,, ....e.,~t.,, ;o ~ ~'~.. ,;~r[for the bingo game, also each able to reduce the number of .... ~t, ........ .;~ ,~ ~u,~.lone is to brin~ one ~ie and some-[employees and at the same time~ stretch of river. It dieters trom all ...... "~ " - '- .... 'to increase the amount of w other of, Columbia[~n~tngiIr?r P.ra~'##eaD#~ sate|we do, makes certain that system oecause along t e upp ~ wll have re I! ........ t tthey won lots of blue ribbonol 'I mo money for build-: ~naKe there are many irrigation ,, Ithis fall), the Juveniles will haveling the roads, said Fred G. Red- projects that oram the stream ............ ~a fish pond. Come and have a mon, Chairman of the Washing- anotenatolevelo~tneIlow. -ood time and el someChri"'-~i ~ ~I~ ~n,~t~,~ ~tra-,,e charaeteristiclg , ,g " re'land Mrs. Otto Molstad and fam-I "" ........... ~. . . Imas shopping uone. / il I about the Snake m that ~ts h~gh . . . Y. ~ ~ water comes in the winter Th~s corresponaent would 1.~keI Mrs. Eda Deacon of Los An- months and the flow occurs in t acKnwlege her apprecmtln]geles is visiting at the home ofl the summer'months. This is just of the work some of the Grangers|Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hafterson.[ the reverse of almost every other|are.,amg on our .new.nouse. ~nelMrs. Deacon is aunt of Mm. Haf- parHtlons are going In ano tne terson tributary to the Columbia. ,." " " . ....... [ School election went ratherlof Cower d'Alene, Idaho, werel THIS MEANS that in the winter ..... lslow Tuesday. Peoule do not seem|week-end guests at the Hafter- months when the nigh flow ~ " - '. .... [to realize tile importance of ade-[son home Mr. Haynes is a retired "~hi |1~ N~S~1 oome owno+y d -- '+'" ....... ._~ Iquate schools. [Forest Service supervmor. orop or water IS neeaea ior the ~ ....... [ There w-s ~ ~mil,, ~,'~therino~ Mr. and Mrs. Lydell Davis and oownstream aims. There m nO[at't'~e Ott~ l~o~s'ta'"d~ho~r~e Su'n~,lMr. and Mrs. Fre(l Peterson were A0 S |~ GOOd -'---- chance to store it. In the summer/ u "lSunda cal" rs ~ "h "" "~ y le at t e natterson ~ .................... k ..... w/day Nov 1st The occasion wast ~ j i lIIOlltll~) UIAflllg till2 DIli~. Iff ~ IO ' " " h fl-w thoro iu nn ohnno~ to t.relOtto's birthday. Those bringing] ome. . ........ :~,~,, ',~'~t-; q~,~'",)),:~"q~,~}=n Ibirthday greetings were Mr. andl mr. ano mrs. rcuaoipn uarison .... 7 ................... ~ ..... , ~... e~..., ~,r..~+--.-.. ~....~..~ a~-~ /of Stanwood visited their son because it must all be used to :*::~. ,~a:~ ,,~,.a,, ~,::. a.u :,:,~. . ....... ]Carl nusby and family Albertland family, Mr. and Mrs. David Because it adds uP to" ge~oP t~i~r~t~esg~ntg~r bein~lBruseth, l~r. and Mrs. Palmer|Petersn Tuesday afternoon. ~-]Molstad and famil- Mr and Mrs| The Grandvmw Auxiliary will drained off for reclamation, anal ~' " " e v" "e ' " " m etattheDaldCarlson home ! gTTER BU the need for all available flo ~ [Tues,~a- ~nv ~n w Clar nce Larson andfamily, Mr. . Pete Moistau and Inor. . during winter's high water, there " Th"~ I~ ........ " " ...... [ a,~nette Lars,,,~ celeb~-ted h~r[ e eautfful sunshine whmh remains only the possmflity ot a .'t-. " - ."- ." -.-" /arrived Sunda- o~tor .... w~ limited amount of cyclical stor- mrtn.uay.Mommy evening. ThoSe|welcome visitDr"'~re'are en~o,~ dam---and then they can only/ The loeal P.;i'A. met at the[ M'r and ~,hs "Albert Bowle~ TED HAMMERLY... BUD JACOBS . / BACKSTROM'S use that stored water in a low-|school house on Wednesday eve. Rand "children spent St~nday ali ' ' ' -~a,@~.,~tv'~ / ~-- ~. dt-: -::=:- water period, which is one out of]ning. Mr. T. Terjeson, Mr. Lawty[Coupeville visiting Mr. Bowles q~c~ a" ] ~/ __J ~,~r t.___ every 15 to 20 years according tO|Mrs. Matson and Mrs. Munson[eousin. Glen Cramer. ,eec a Used i flowannual records of the Snakes[conducted a panel discussion on[ The .N.ight Owl Bluebirds had a C] ffAIN SA WS' II [the proposed bond issue for|Hallow en party with the Okiey- q V The average annual undeplet-[school construction. Afterward a[anowe Camp Fire Girls as their i ed flow of the Snake River is only]fine lunch was by Mrs. Evelyn ]guests Monday after school. 2 II USED Cfikl 15.6 million acre-feet. During|Baker and Mrs. Doris Badgley. [ The 4-H will meet November " - " Phone 401 April, May, and June about 9 mil-] Bob Peterson surprised him.[16th and the Juvenile Grange Jion acre.~eet are piacea on irri-|self just before the close of thelFriday the 13th. gated land, some from the 60 up-[deer season, when he got a doe.] Mrs. Jess Udell got the biggest ' I .. Phone 1771 : stream reservoirs and some di-/Bob was driving home from|deer of the s*eason. It dressed out 1~,,,Y-55 Mc~ullaeh $) rectly frm the stream flw" [schl accmpanied bY Melvin [ver 200 lbs" Cngratulatins' 40' bar ...................... . 7 ~ 2 --- New P..,,M One - $ .)~Q I~ ~ 1952 TUDOR. " "Carhfe These reservirs then must be/Wheeler when suddenly the deer [neighbr" ' l~,,Model 12A Moil, " Su_ii.O. ....... : "lMan saws, 32 barred Head h .... $O~O I I ~guarantee. Overdrive, refilled, and consequently, the|was sighted, facing him. Bob was| The Hallowe'en party at the 30' bar 150 eavy R.& tI. ............................ poor tired river can barely wiggle|very unprepared but made the[Grandview Hall was a huge suc- by the time it reaches HeWS|best of the situation. [cessSaturday, October 31st. There1---5-44 bloc ueh, ,pan - ,, " 458 ~} ,_m~ C,~TOM'INE Canyon dam site. [ Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Daniel en-[were 43 children attending, com- 40" bar ........................ ~,-~ duty, 48 bar .............. J ~ ~ A-- ~~ v'oraomatie, [joyed caring for their seven/ing in varied costumes. Even ~ / ~r I~ IZ~ ~ radio and heater ........ i "||months-old granddaughter, Les-[though they were neighbors some ~ ~ ~" ~ ~ 1952 .V$ CL. CLUB CPE. $ i OSO line Sluman, for over the week-|weren't identified until their I~l ]~ Radio and heater ........ I ...... itend. |masks~.were removed. There were mrs l~ellle t~eorge, [ . 1] Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Drake|43 adults attending. Games were 1952 ttUMBER tt&WK. ' I [ eorresponaent. [[of Concrete called on Mrs. Drake's|played by all and a parade was ~h S~W Leatller lll)holstel, "r[j if I* __D___I ......J_ /niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs.|held and the judges awarded lst I Ill ~ 19051;L LOOKmg oacKwatu$ ]Clark Knight, on Sunday. Mrs.[prize to Kathy Carlson and Karl e Henry Hayton took the first|Knight has improved since her[Bratland. Second prizes to Iris UB $ drovebUggY uP the river as far as Os/hspitalizatin' cnvalescing last[Ing~ and Jhnny Stuart' 3rdfrom on ~ See I~lll ~ FoR on Memorial Day in 1891. I~e[week in Arlington at the Elmer /prizes to Judy Brendemuhl and Fir the Skagit Riv-]Robb home, and was taken here|Larry Smoke. The potluck lunch 1947DOR er, accompanied by Miss Jennie[during the week-end. |was served to all. Some square Grant. The South Fork was so/ The Home Demonstration Clubldaneing was enjoyed after the ~!~v.~l~ I~l ~ ~r'-~.__ _~l++"~""""~'~ deep that the horse swam, and|will meet Nov. 11 and a demon-[tables were cleared. 1950 VR FORDOR, the buggy-was carried across in[stration on candle making will] The Grandview hall is taking |~,,t/ II~l {~ V IG;or~o M overdrive, radio, heater acanoe. [bemade. Anyone making candles |on a new look. The members ~ 2 Ii/ ~I~5~5;~CF~:::::E |bring for display. Anyone inter-lhave held scrap drives which Mr. and Mrs. John Slack and|ested whether a member or vis-|have enabled them to purchase T | children visite4;l with Mrs. Slack s|itors are welcomed. To the vis-lmaterial to finish the interior folks at namiTton on Sunday. [itors note there is a potluck din-]walls and they spend Monday ~ ~ ~ ~'~a~t~,~ ~--'-~'~-=~l 1947 CHEVROL~:r ......... A shock to the community in[ner at noon. [evenings working at the hall ..... ~:,:.:~,,,:.'..,, ,:+~+~:~:~