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November 5, 1953     The Arlington Times
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November 5, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, AI LINGTON, WASHINGTON, TItURSDAY, NOV. 5, 1953. PAGE THREE I LAKEWOOD Mrs. Hilde. corr. Phone 2117 ' to CircleThe OrphaFirst willLUtheran Sewing ~sttinued from Page 1) their dally assignments keep meet Tuesday, "~ If these violations our highways and streets safe. Nov. 10, at the home of Mrs. Olaf ~e stopped by persuasion, "We must discard some of the S.ather_ w)th=Mtrss Christine .Sa- must be stopped by impediments which handicap mer as co-nu~t s . ir " these officers in arresting viola- The Marl< Dunns received news .'|resolved that men and furs and in gathering evidence, of the sudden death of a daugh- I~0 ....................~;ar too many people obey the tar-in-law at.Portland, Ore., on []~,Jw ue~tlIleu to nil:= eta a 1 ...... nlw urh~n nn nffioor i in Oct 25. Mrs. Artnur lvlc~rew ano h[fecklessness ann law: s~tv"~nd'er~'t'hi~"" Dro~r~/m"~ he Mrs. Mark Dunn attended the ,a our nignways snalt a . . ~ ~, . . ... , ~nd ,h~ Phriet ..... with may not be m sight, lie may be funeral on Friday The .husband, ]~il'ies~i"f'~anv'ae'~'oTm'ine anywhere, anytime, in any kind Nohn Dunn, ann en,naren,, are I~ ,,.~_ ~ of a motor vehicle staying at his parems nome. . ~ mere. " ............ " "he Mr and Mrs Ben ramo and 11 t call "Tnn~u, t am caning upon t : " " , ,~ll, herefore, upon ....... daughter Mary Evelyn x~ere f " ar to press, raolo, [elevlsion ano every, '. ' orce is accessy ....... u- !Sunday droner guests of Mr. and N/ ag~'~,~oo*.~n of reckless otner mmrmauon merlin mr s p- .. .. ..... ~r]llgel~mo~'or vehicle o- port and assistance in this mill-Itvtrs UOUlS ~tuimr. . ..... r|?~ P" .,,., ,~e~ t ...... ,h,~ ~ .... of l The Fidelity Garden Cluo neio ~Flton lives and -to-art .............................. ~i'~ state and arn~de~lar~- those who face death between__...,.,.,~tooc~m,,ho~m,~mi,~its annual installation birthday ii~warfare against those now and. New Years Day, ff Pr~i~-i~ev~rl;~ecora~'e~-b~r~hday-ca~'~s i;l~o "-ersist in des'~oiliw" ent Onvlng practices are perm - . .... i~[P P v ..s ted to continue were a feature a[ one O'CmCK ;y:vays and streets win _ . .- ....... luncheon The installation care- |Stun disregard for hu- "I t)e~ieve mat mrougn the . 7 ............ 1-_ " " ef orts of all nones iouno mrs. u~oyu Jom~- y~and property To the at- umled, delermmed.~ f - "i- son receiving the president's ga- :[ ot this objective I am our people states nov bang, e .... , ,~ ... ~z.o ur.,*.~ ~ ..... ". ~ag the full-force of the "we. can. cut [he preventable T~e o~er*new offiict:/s are~VV~ce: l~eol and of every other waste oi human n~e ann prope~y pres Mrs Del Neubecker; see., f0rcement a~encv that ON ou per cent oerween now a ~" urm,,, ~th. ,~,~ ~o ,~t Wlth us In thl,a battle Decern.ber.31. Do ~ili Viggo Thompson. Incoming and :~ raaue this aeciarauon, p!e wm..nve wno_o_m_e_rv ~..~e --'ill outgoing officers were presented ,tlenculnbent UPOn me to ole norrloly. 13o tnls anu we w. ~t~ .......... ~..o xxr..,..., n... .,tto the ~'ublic what we save ~4 mmmn m property . " ...... y~ v : ........... " end to somus was presemeu a g~t~. o and the reasons why tms ann we snail put a** ,~.~.~ ~..~ r~.~..~,~ e ~.. ~.~. :~ . . ,, Mr. ,~,u m~. ~,~.=., o. ~a~,u, ~ Period the crisis, and two Children of Seattle vis. ~,eI am proclaiming a pc- ~ Jr a w r~INN%R en now and November ~'; ~,e'~'~,~' ~t~Vle Yarning period. Within ............... I am calling upon all Mrs. Anna Langdon, chairman fement agencies to join for. the Business and Professional ~inated traffic law en- Women s Club dinner on ~ov. m campaign aimed at reports that through the medium and prosecution of ev- of committee meetings, telephone e law violator Within calls and ticket sales, all plans )d every motor vehicle are shaping up nicely. A lovely is advised to inform gift has been secured for the Ully as to our traffic door prize and another .for the oldest resident. Those who wish ~21dl injury. Within this CARD OF THANKS u ask mesa agencies .... 46 ry lawful means to at-To the graduating class o~ u c law violators This we wish to thank for the beauti- le the use of unmarked ful flowers and offerings for the 's, electric timing de- altar fund of Our Savior's Luther- ar spotter planes an- an Church. Richard Lindberg and personnel from plain- family, Clarence Hansen and ~ils and surveillance family. ~e we re-assessed the o __ idea of conspicuous PASTOR H. E. BAALSON of our traffic an- "personnel and cars. allows many to make a game of of the officers' c]uty to law, witfi the result public servants risk -in carrying out TO PREACH AT OUR SAVIOR'S Pastor Herman E. Baalson will speak at Our Savior's Lutheran Church on Sunday, Nov. 8th, at 11 a.m. Pastor Baalson was our pas- tor here between the years 1909- 1924. His former confirmants and families are especially invited. ~o~_ COnversion turns Ford Pickup Into ][~"cred hydraulic dump truck Mount does a~. increase loading height. Dumps ~rmV|est loads o Pickup can handle. ~s ' ....... * "'~'".'ii :~h unit provides living quarters for ~r!~rl~ adults. Has built-in galley, dinette, !~rds, closet. Fine for vacationers,\ !:i:i'~"e~iae ~rews, range work on randy. ~11 tallgote lifts 1,000 Ibs., handling heavy items. Operates Single control at tailgate. Uses ~ngine- gear type hydraulic pump. The famous Ford Truck V-8 engine, now 106 h.p., makes the new Ford Pickup the most powerful on the road. 3d Annual Convention _Yood Sense?Not Nonsense h h 0t FarmBureau _urr_es The third annual meeting of the Snohomish County Farm Bu- Marysville Tuesday, October 27. The meeting was called to or- 41 der by the president, H. W. I11- man of Snohomish, at 10:30 a.m. After a short business session ~_~~ consisting of reports of the secre- ~..~.~.~...~~~/~/. ~~~~ - P~AA~" ~ tary, treasurer, and committees, f, "",-,~/~~. /,~x ~ ........ the interest of those present was ~-~ uecause o, space, l, rmtauons., centered upon the welfare of ag- :rod problems oz maleeu..p .m g.e~- riculture in Snohomish and ad- !ing paper *o p.ress, l.t. ls.oz~e.n joining counties. Much time was touna aecessaz~ ro oms cnurca tako, nn in fnrrninc af r#ae.nh~ notices:. We regret this, but be- tions, which will be taken to the lieve ~ne n.ece~., a~aoua,~- state resolutions committee meet- men~s can oe pua~mmm ~m in= i- Walla Walla Nov 3 by week if the following rul~m crtelth~ county resolutions chairman', muowea: . . - E K Iverson of R 1 Stanwood. Announcemenxs contain on- "_." . " .' tv. Name of church, addrnL Tne resomtions aoopted by this -" ............ group will be presented to the Need A Lantern? same oz pastor, um~ oz .,,,.'~ .................. Far-- B"r'-au and sermon subject. All notices ~_5~J1~1..gtU" .o~a..~,. ~./_ ,uje :.. g~{.l~l'~itlOll, Wll/~ll UoIIYelle~ Ill to be in Times office by 2 p.m. .......... No matter how you see it---vitamin'A has.eye appeal. It plays a role Tuesdays. runman rmv. m ~o ~u. in keeping eyes and skin healthy. Lack of this vitamin produces night __ " By this procedure the farmers blindness. The victim of night blindness is the motorist who in the twilight C~thalic Church of Snohomish county are having F-at ............a v -astor a voice in presenting to Secretary strains to see approaching traffic, or the theatre-goer who upon coming her James H De d, .... into the dimly lit movie from the bright foyer gropes blindly for his Sunday masses" = , of Agriculture Ezra r. Benson seat. This difficulty in seeing in dim light or adapting to darkness is Arli~'~ton -- "9 a m on first the information which was re- the most clear-cut effect of the lack of vitamin A. Night blindness is a third a~d fifth Sundays, 11 a.m[ quested from. Allan .B. Kline, dietary disease. It can be cured by eating foods rich in this vitamin, on second and fourth Sundays. presment~ .... oI me American l, arm The role of this vitamin is alsoskin deep. Too little vitamin A may Stanwood -- 9 a.m. on second t~ureau ~eaeranon. cause dryness, itching and scaliness of the skin over the entire' body. and fourth Sundays, 11 a.m. on .. On June 5t.h, 1953, Secretary Shortly after this vitamin was discovered, it was thought to have first third and fifth Sundays. uenson wrote rresiaent Kline, re- soma effect on control of colds and respiratory infections. Research, ' " questing that each of the local ited Salurday at the Floyd Kay- however, has failed to show that fewer colds occur among persons re- First Ba-tist Church units of. the Farm Bureau, lor home. calving supplements of vitamin A than among those persons who eat ...... V ........ throughout the nation consider a well balanced diet ~uz west Tnrro Srree[ _ . . ' . , The Lakewood P.T.A. will meet - ann give concensus oz sucn proo- Arhngton Washmgton on Nov. 12 at the school. For an A lalus diet, eat plenty of liver, milk, eggs and green and ' - lem~ u~ L C Everett, astor ....... vellow vegetables. Table fats contribute wtamin A, too The generously " P ~ ~,,~, T .....~,.~t,n;, ..... a Among those attending par ....... 5 a ~" " ...................... ~ ..... ~uttered shce of ennched bread offers a tasty way m which to get Sund,).y School 9.4! .m" ~ .......... antS'oct. 25,daYwereat W.W.C.E.Mr. andnMrs.SUndaY'Ivan important. . parts, of an adequate_ . diet--needed vitamin A from the fat,. Worsmp. ~ervlce. ~:t~d a.m.*"k*'-X-~''~*?~-z. rroouction 'ano- lviar~et ...... AO- B wtamms, mmerals and protem.from the bread, and energy from both. Midweek Service Wednesday ,us,_.en,_ Brose, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tate Vitamin A, as such, does not occur in plants, but is present in the evening, 7:30 p.m. j t,~ t~ .. - . ,, 6 t~onservanon ano improve ' and Mr. and Mrs. John Hart. " formof a brilliant yellow substance---carotene. Yes, this paints Enter into his gates with ~ . .. .. c r men ot yarm t~esources The Carnival sponsored by thethe carrot orange, and carotene received its name from this vegetable, thanksgiving, and into his ou ts ....... -. Lakewood P.T.A. on Saturday The body produces vitamin A from carotene. Vitamin A is a fat soluble with praise." Ps 100:4. ~. ~apltai ~ee.os of Agriculture ~, D lraoe or AI(1 i Oct. 24 was well attended. Only vitamin and needs the help of a dioestible fat for ~ts absorption. Fish' ~ . throdgh the generous donations liver oils have long been known as rich sources of vitamin A. However, ~ioc,, ~ei"hts Communl*v Church In the reply of President Kline of the businessmen of Silvana, it is manufactured extensively in the laboratory today. ~-o~,~* ~=vlander nastor" to the Secretary's request, assur- Arlington, Marysville and local ..... -----------:'::~": "~Su~-~a~OSchool'a~ 10 a m ance 'was given that the five of Washington in competmon uu y . v" 1 Eve broad problems would be brought merchants, was it possible for it Sandra Parsons with other states at the National Sunday ser Ices at 1 a.m. " b,~,,.,, ,~.., gn.,~a,.. - .-. to be the success it was. The " nin services at 7 " m ........ ~,,,m iamnms, 4-H Club Congress at Chicago g v. . P.T.A. would like to take this up- ~,_, I[.][.~L Ir~ ..... " - Fr"~ tr .... or~otion comprising the membership of portunity to thank all who so wil- ~ lll~ lll~ll l~llUl[ ~ Sandra is 18 years of age and ...... v .... the Farm Bureau. -- ...... hashas completed 7 years of ex- ~ _ . Mr Richard Nelson, who re- lingly helped and contributed to- iA S~on~miSharC::2:y4-% t=~ cellent 4-H Club work, under Christ Scient cently came to Washington as wards its success. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lee and ~ '. , " "' "'" '- n" guidance of her leader, Mrs. Lei-] ..... , . . "]director of organization was the nn run nas won m n sta~e no st sons were Thursday evening call- " g.: ..... g ..... " la Steckelberg. During these 7 i n Fourmana punnam ~reets. Speaker of the afternoon session erswoodMr.Hanight,The llowe'en at Cardinal school the assisted 8th Louis graders party and entertained by Stuller Mr. their on at Powers. the home. Saturday teachers, with Lake- An a i~a~ ] ~i:i~ ~~iii [ ~z~[!d Y~rk [ ~lll!a'm ~u na aY [ Mr" Ne I son ~oO~[2gi~2:' ~i?i~i~ interesting program was present, ner and will represent the State " " " Reading improvement, meal preparation lpen Monday 2 to 4 p.m~ During the business session of weonesctay zo ~ t m ann and poultry for 2 years; andt. _.__ ....~. ~,~..~ ~.l~ ithe meeting, the following were ed, with prizes given for the best handicraft for 1 year. _ " elected officers of the Snohomish Freestad Tillie Leckwold, Mrs ~,.,~ ....,,, ..... e.--~-~ ~.^~laays. Count Farm Bureau costumes. Cider and cookies were .. , ......... .......v .... ~=a,~ oa,u,~ ,,~l The subject of the Lesson-Ser-]. Y .... for thecom- enjoyed by all. ~aunsgara ano ~v~rs. bwamng shared her knowmuge with oth- _.... *--r Cunda" November 8th mg year: rremaenL harold w. Among those from this. tom- Friday afternoon callers at the er girls by leading a 4-a Club[[s'~/,~am and ~allen .Man" 'lIllman, Snohomish; 1st vice-pres., ~en Srensaa, Stanwood 2nd vice munity who attended the W.M.F. Howard Swalling home were Rev. with a group of girls in begin- "o..~.~.. ,~A.,t. ~..,,a,,~ ~'i8 As " " p es, George Stocker Snohommh convention held at Our Savior's and Mrs. Myrwang and Mrs. A1 ning clothing. In add~tmn she i,,, th,~ offense of -,ne ~ud~mentl " , ; Lutheran Church in Everett on Speer. In the evening Mr. and has been a junior leader, assist-l~/~meupon all men"to cgnd~mna-lSee"treas:' Elmer_J" Uammon, lvlarysvllle, stare director ~:o K TueSday were Mrs. Deering, Mrs. Mrs, Les Baunsgard and sons ing Mrs Steckelberg. I tinn" "W .... b,, the ri=hteous-I " " ' / " '* o --- ell/ arson, Stanwood. Thorson, Mrs. H. Jermen, Mrs. lexhibiting at 4-Hra~rsa.u e.t~*-' " upon all men unto just'f'.l~Ll atlo' on[ ....................... A dehcmus potluck droner was called Sandra has beenveryactiveln ness of one the iree g! In ' ! ~elV~t~ ~tt HOOD oy the inGleS ing various contests pertain" g of life. , I to her project work. She has wonl-------- I. ~ . honors in garden and food judg- I ~. [Church ot Jesus Christ, II Cicero ~r-~ I ling contests several times. ~ne~of Latter Da~/Saints |1 . -z U,l~Un, ] was county winner m the can a at " " " "/ Sund y School 10 a.m. V.F.|| Mrs Iver Engstrom /ning contest "for the past two, W hall II "h .... I II r one 6u~u I years and won second place in'----------- ! JACK SPENCER Seventh-Day Adventi Church. | WEDS IN ENGLAND the state cannmg contest both st times, i M_M. Mohr, pastor .. | Comifig as a happy surprise to San