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November 5, 1953     The Arlington Times
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November 5, 1953

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e I AOE TWO TH E A i [ANGTON TIMES. ARLINGTON. WASItIXGT()N, T tbRSDA¥, NOV.5, 1953. New ~ •~ n , • 1 CARD OF THANKS Lawn DUllelln ; The kindness and sympathy of Av~i~5[O NOW [neighbors and friends in our re- ......... l eent sorrow will always remain Home owners with lawn prob-lwith us a precious memory. Our :!erns can get help from a new ~inrprp thanks and gratitude for • " a h .......... ° bulletin published by the W s - " " k ington Agricultural Extension all those comfortmg acts.---Dm Service. IiLindberg, Rickey & Jan Marie, The publicat~n is ,Extension Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Hanson 1Bulletin 482. Lawns. Authors and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dave are Extension specialists K. J. Lindberg and family. Mossison, agronomy; C. B. Har- o sign, soils; H. H. Wolfe weeds; ~.. ,~. .. ....,. ......... rtl,']4 D. H. Brannon, entomology; and ,,~ f11rnitnra nat In i1~,$k try ~- M. R. Harris, plant pathology, l"tmes'class]fi'e~l~ ad ....... Whether your problem is mak- ing a new lawn or renovating an ly w~l.. Keep it green ann g_~o ,- old one, sa~cs Arnold Z. Smith, lag. t:nppmg am grass case to County Extension Agent, you'll the ground, raking to loosen the find the answers in this 16-page :bulletin• Steps in making a new lawn include preparing the area, ?providing for drainage and fer- tilizers for the different soil types In Washington, and getting :the seedbed ready for planting• You'll find recommended varie- ties and seeding rates of grass- es for this area. Hints on mulching, watering, mowing and fertilizing estab- lished lawns also are given. If your lawn is already estab- lished, good management usual- surface and mat, and cultivating and reseeding bare spots will help keep it in shape. Nitrogen fertilizers are necessary, applied at ~1~ to 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Good management usually will defeat that trio of lawn enemies -- weeds, insects and disease. Recommendations for their con- trol also are listed in the new lawn bulletin. Call the county Agricultural Extension office for a free copy of the bulletin. Ask for Bulle- tin 482: "Lawns." "[)[ ............... Ilating for the Halloween party at Following the 8[ l~-|-|J~:.,~'|'|||]Y lithe hall Saturday evening, with Mr. Lloyd Walker, Notes ,, ...... -y. ....... j/yellow and black streamers, will talk on the less [i[ J~Y [Ijackolanterns, bats, beautifully game laws and will a ]J[ N(~tional Wildlife F ederatio- [ colored fall leaves, etc. They put question and answer pel i!~i~i~::~i~:!~!i~ili~i~i~::~"~i~i~'~':~'~t in much work and we all had a Funk will sing and Nel~ ii~[)~i~)~i~i!~i!i~iiiiii~)iiii~!ii~iii~i~i~ii~iiiii!iii~i~iii~is~i~iii~ fine time. Mr. and Mrs. Denny will talk on wild life. i]~iiii~i~i~i~!~!ii~~]~i!i~}~i~]~i~}]!~i~]!!]i]ii~ii~i~]i~i~¢~iii~iii~i~!i~i~i~i~]i~ Lilloren dressed in buckskin col. ments of weiners, buns a !i:ili!iriiiii i:i iiiiiii i i i:iiii) I ored Indian suits with black will be served. iiiiiii:~iiiiiiii!iii i::i~[iii::il] braided yarn wigs were judged Mr. and Mrs. Roy I~i iiiiii!iliiii~ !ii)ili:~iii)i~las. having the best costumes spent Sunday afternoon i]:::]:::::~i :: i among the adults. Prizes were ning visiting relatives i ~iiiiiili::iii:!i:ii::i:iil iiiiiiiiiiiii~ given to the following children The Swanston and Patc] ::ii::i::i:¢iiiiiiiii::i::i i::]iii)iii::i::i~ for good costumes. Jimmie Mar- and Mr• and Mrs. Came~ iiii!iiii~i ii!~!l gan--"the Lady in Red " Johnnie and children, were Sund :::::::::::::::::::::: .::::: .,:. :::::::,. ,. ...:::: : ......... ..................... -,~: ..... • .............................................. Patch~,..Drummer, Cheryl_ Lll- guests of the John LARK BUNTING lor,e~unLl~laeA,n,g~a;Irene Patch family in Arlington. Here is a sparrow that even the i--,,Bo ~g ,, ~ y. Jonnson Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Re - . -- -p ep t~erry Jonnson two sons Walter and rankest amateur will recognlzej,,Black Cat"' Looking eastward at rock revetment on Zachary farm. Zal The North Fork of the Stilla- guamish river ordinarily is a brilliant sparkling stream. With snows piled high in the moun- tains, a warm wind and rain can turn the North Fork into a were uncleared destruction of the soil by flooding was unlikely. the clearing of the river bottoms for farming purposes, the vege- tative cover being removed, the flood waters could flow freely across the land" in currents from ra.ging, torrent.oCountless, years of I from being inundated for long smiling ann [roguing nas laia~periods of time. down loops of good silt soil. These[ The latest and one of the larg- are usually rezerrea to as river est of rock revetment jobs on the fiats. The river in flood can de- North Fork is that of Roy Zach- stray as well as build, ary. The Zachary job differed When all of the river flats from most inasmuch as it was planned and carried out before actual damage could occur to Vegetative growth would retard cleared farm lands. Mr. Zachary the waters and prevent the de- purchased about ninety acres of structive cutting process. With uncleared land north of the rail- road tracks between Trafton and Cicero. He applied to the Soil Conservation Service for planning and technical assistance soon after the purchase. It was plan- time to time. This was one of the as being out of the ordinary run have purchased the of sparrows. About 7Ve inches Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Swanston home from Mr. long with a wing-spread of 11V, :~cccm,ynied Mr. and Mrs. Wil- all moved in. We inches and a tail 3~£ inches, it bu~ ,:/ eal to Seattle Saturday come them to the He] could be classed as larger than even!ng, where they visited an Eight-year-old a Song Sparrow and smaller thwart old Lriend, Mrs. Anna Schmid, ell is spending the a Towhee. The male is breeding who is ill in the Harborview Has- the Clarence S~ans plumage • more like a small pital, then enjoyed a dinner at tending school here. i blackbird or maybe one might "Ivar's Acres of Clams," down Our deepest I say a sparrow-sized blackbird• near Coleman Dock. " to Mr. Floyd Wagner The male has large white wing Several young people met at death of his mother, M patches• In the fall months the the Alfred Adolfson home on Wagner of Wilbur, wl male, female and young are Sunday afternoon at a party away suddenly. Floyd brown with striped breasts and honoring Miss Marilyn Tillman at Wilbur since white wing patches. The bird on her sixteenth birthday. Wagner left for Wilburi weighs about one ounce, which The program committee of the day to attend the is more than a Junco weights• Arlington Heights Improvement was held on Wednesda The Lark Bunting has been Club have a very interesting and found all the way across the con- instructive program lined up for Use Times tinent from the Pacific Coast to Saturday evening, November 7. busy, effective Massachusetts but in spite of this it is essentially a bird of the West• It appears regularly and in good abundance in breeding season from southern Alberta to southwestern Manitoba south to eastern New Mexico, north- western Texas. eastern Nebraska and west central Minnesota• East of this area it is more or less"ac- cidental. The winter months are spent south of southern Texas, southern Arizona on to Sonora and southern Lower California• In all its ~qnge it is essentially a bird of the open plains rather than of the wooded areas. In its natural habitat it feeds on the seeds of weeds, grass and grain and on grasshoppers, beetles and weevils. In some instances it Comes The Cost Of ned to clear all of the land, rock contributing factors to shifting of the river bank and build' build- has been noted that 78 per cent ,of the food may be grasshoppers the currents and channel of the ings in the same year In short ] ......... river - .. ~..+~-.. ~:~'.~...~ ...~ so [nere is little uouo[ aoout the • construct a. ~,,~.~ ~.... ,~ ~.,~i , usefulness of the bird under these Many plans were tried to bring productive land in one year.. mrcumstances about stabilization of the banks. Careful planning was required . . • The mrd has won popularity Log jams were remoyed. This as once the project was launched ...... enougn in par~ o[ its range ~o helped a great deal but also it had to be fully carried out be- ......... nave oeen seiectea as me Slate speeded the current below with fore the high waters usual in the ............. • t~lr(1 oI t:oloraflo lnls IS prooaD- results that could not be foreseen, fall. • . . Dikes were used in places. They The revetment is one thousand r ~y-nora - muu ta,u~ v~,:,~ ~n°tdueit°ianYrreC°gni~°nu°~ Wishing Won'~ ~ree.fmfeeCt~VeerbUotr Vbhg2cth~ ~t~e ~ihgohts:U2d:t~deefeetdnn2e£gthc'uSb~x ietrn~Y h?rgo~°w2ngngrameRa~h "'" when you buy meats in d~ke disaster could result, yards of rocks were hauled from , ~ ,,t ;, ......... ~v, ,rh: quantity and have it cut, ~ne rOCK revetment men nas tne zra[ton pit ann piacea on tne ^~, .,._, :, ~^~,:~ ...... , .... 1 Saving Will--! .................. ca~ .....s ................ " " " ntra fact u,at ~ uv~uuy~ ~CaL qua.- been used m Western Washing- Aver bank• The rock co ct was t,+,^- ~- -'-~'a" "hi~+'' ~^e"~- i~ wrapped and stored in your years. As ' modern machmery of Everett, Wash. ter how much of the sur'qus the m .,,,4~b~,~. / ton by railroads for about fifty filled by the L. D. Fairfield Co., =~t~. _~^~u~.~,. ~,fu.~ ~ ~ ~ . . . u~u~etu.~u.~uut~u,,a~- locker at Arlington Cold fish and fishermen. It hashad anCame into general use the Army Durra the last. week of the t nvea ]n iowa many years ..... I g bird might destroy there still ~:ngmeers oegan using rOCK re l r " a severe storm ...... :/rocking ape aAon would be enough left over to as- Storage. v.e[ments on the lower reacnes,o~land rain turned the roads across sure survival of Russian thistle. Dreams may start with wishes. But only persist- rivers: ~loou ~on[ro~ work of me[the newly, cleared farm ,land into The nest is built on the ground, , bOll ~onservanon bervlce usea a ua mire and brou ht a flash ant, consistent saving can make them come true! ..... • ..... q g g often sunk into the ground. It is gain wag..clams ann rOCK re-l flood in the river. A short space, made of grasses and is lined with Whatever YOUR dream nay be... you can turn vetments, wing ohms are seldomlnot rocked at that time, started down, fine hair and fine dried usea now because of the aestruc Ira eat awa under the erosive . . " Y " grasses. In the nest the female it into a glorious reality faster and surer',~ via our use eddy behmd them. Rock re-]action of the river. Mr. Fairfield lays 4 to 5 eggs eaci~ weighing LOOKER PAPER AND SUPPLIES your great deal of. success. As the]dozer was put into operation to light greenish blue rarely sprink- OF ALL KINDS plan for SYSTEMATIC. savings, in which ve[ment has oeen use(/ with aiwas equal to the task. A bull- about 1/10 ounce• The eggs are amount o~ rock revetment workihelp the trucks through the soft led with reddish brown spots EARNS MORE with ~ftv.a_e~. ~n2e~et n~r[n~iorK increased, t.nelfield and rock was dumped di- There may be two annual broods money s o t nc easeu m m r In ......... "ireetly into the e oding area• but this is not always the case• verse ro or[lon Tne laea oz me - P P _" ...... lless than three hours the dam- i After the nesting period the male THE CITIZENS rTCsKi:as~gr°eteC~sneh~ana~r°m age was stopped. Mr. ZacharY i loses the black appearance which . ;" ......... l now has a good farm of good]makes him look like a white- not only to protect [ne lana out .......... ildin"s well "~rotect ........ ARIJfl ~ DOLI +,-, h.~l 1 +~, + ,~ +*. l~vu a.u uu ~ , ~ "lwlngea olacKolra. ~., ,,=.p c.ear .,e wa~er .or .,e,ed from the river ' ...... STATE BANK tud in-i-wFh utevrsee arresting effect on siltation of -------------o , s y g o r~s __t o . . e _. - -- -~|• ! ~ • / ling one oz rnese lnteresung -- 7l/nelmer Jonnson l birds. Yet when a few years later At Mickey's ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON I1,,.. --. - -° I spent some months west of Ne- • I (~IIV~ (~II~IPIIIR~V .~IV'~ braska I got to know them well. PHONE 324 Member Federal Deposll Insurance Corp. ][1 ~ J Only this year friends of mine Ueterborough, N.H. -- Helmer reported seeing them east of my On and after November 15 we will occupy new quarters 2n the Bracy Building at 121 Olym- pic Avenue - - - Hours Phone 9:30 a.m. to S p.m. 3131 (Closed Tuesdays) DR. GLEN BIFFER Optometrist ARLINGTON, WASH. Johnson, Arlington, Wash•, has home in New York State. I envy just purchased the young Guern- them the opportunity they had sey *sire, Bear Canyon's Philip, but am looking forward to re- from Marvin L. Prichard, Arling- tur~ing to the part of the con- ton, Wash. tinent where Lark Buntings are This young bull is out of ~the an everyday occurrence• -- E. cow Bear Canyon's Anita and is Laurence Palmer. sired by Western Glow Royal Progressor. o S.S. TEACHERS" INSTITI]TE There will be a Sunday School Teachers' Institute at White Horn Sunday, Nov. 8, at 3:30 and 6 p.m. Rev. C. G. Olson, pastor qf Lake Ridge Lutheran Church, Seattle, will speak. O TTSO l'irnes , :lasMtleo Ads -- )e~ective. economical. ARNOLD'S JEWELRY HAS A Suggestion List of Jewelry: Bulova Elgin, Gru~n, Wal- tham, Hamilton Watches Ronson Lighters • Parker Pen & Pencil Sets • 1847 Rogers Silverware • Electric Razors • Costume Jewelry • Feature Lock Diamond Rings ARNOLD'S JEWELRY \ w ARLINGTON PHONE 1342 .O ARLINGTON HTS. Maye Richardson, corr. The Arlington Heights Hom~ Demonstration Club was well rep- resented at the state convention held in Everett on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last we~k. A different team of dele- gates attending each day. The ladies of the Choraliers were featured on the Thursday after- noon program a n d received many compliments• They had the pleasure of visiting with Mrs. Gertrude Stackhofski, a former Heights resident and past presi- dent of our H.D.C. here. She was attending the convention as a delegate from Spokane county. The November meeting of the Heights H.D.C. will be at the hall on the llth. Visitors at the Buckley home this week were Mrs. Buckley's son, Bob Overton, his wife and two-year-old son Bobby of Los Angeles, Calif. They drove up in their car and reported good roads all the way. Tlmy left Saturday for the return trip home. Sunday dinner guests at the James Taylors were Mr. and Mrs. George Garka and sons Jimmie and Ronnie, Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, Jr., and baby son Allen of Everett, Mrs. Linnie Crabtree and son Adelle Bradford of Machias. Venison perhaps? Peck shot a two point buck last Thursday. John Patch also got a two-pointer last week. Seems most of the local deer bagged we, re two pointers. Guy Kelley killed his buck right in his own dooryard, as handy as butchering a calf. Some people are just too lucky. Mr. and Mrs. Waylan Starr brought two doe~ home from their hunt- ing trip• "Mrs. Herbert Morgan and Patsy are spending the week in Seattle. Mr. Morgan is employed at Boe- ing Aircraft plant there. Jimmie is under Mr. Hopkins' wing while his parents are away. The 4-H Girls deserve a verbal bouquet ~or the fine job of decor- ?our Home Transparent w! rials. Keep Out Rain, Snow! This porch was the owner and just two hour and is to a screen You can do the s$ one of War Window Same Porch- L Cost Only $11)2 the Window Material best suited for your needs from this HcLndy Dispenser at ~our local c~aler. Just be it's branded '*Worp's" STO," STORM WINDOWS & PO ENCLOSURES with one of Top Quality Window M~ Perfect for Poultry, HoB House and Barn Windows, tool Lets in Ssashine Vitamin "D" 2S; 36", 48" WIDE Quality Wi~do'~ Materials,Are Not Sold By Mail Ord ! DISTINGUISHED Wedding Invitations Indications of your 0wa good taste----the correct- ness and smartness of invitations printed to your order. PROMPT SERVICE Call 493 The Arlington Printin~ Coo ARLINGTON, WASH,