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October 29, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 29, 1953

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PAGE TWO TItE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGION, \ ASHINGT )N, T[ URS., OCF._.), ")( 1953. Lakewood 4-H Westland,for Revision l . [j Lumber Production Poultry Club Of Reciprocal es ] About That of'52 IT'S GOOD NEWS! Rejoice evermore, Pray without ceasing. In Takes a First Trade Agreements LAcl cdnh (-~{~r~ u 1~11~]c] [Tr lasPrtland'fir sawmills haveOre" OCt.donelh---DoUg-a good give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ The Lakewood 4-H poultrrY.I Congressman Jack Westland,]~--k~-,tx-]Jtt~]xxx./x~.~xJt~9.L) l.,txJtx..t I..J~ job of keeping" production and cerning you. Quench not the spirit. Prove all 1 judging team composed of Ma :iSecond Congressional district, ] -r-~l -T ~ -, ~ :shipments in balance with orders fast that which is good Abstain from all appem vin Nelson Kenneth Nelson, ann pledged himself today to make during the first nine months of levery , J~ lorence Island ~'arm the year, according to Harris E. And theveryGodofpeacesanctify you wholly; ~revision Smith, secretary, West Coast God your whole spirit and soul and body be John Jacobsen won first place in possible effort to secure a tm try ] g gul 'ud in at the recent i i n of the reciprocal tradel. , . . wasmngron ....... junior Poultr-'y Show .... agreements m oraer to provide~l Lumbermen s Assoclatmn. less unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. held in Seattle. [protection for the lumber indus- Smith said 6rders for the first , John Jacobsen was second h!ghltry of the Pacific Northwest. three quarters stood at 7,748,556,- man in the contest and,~.~[ While Pacific Northwest lum- 000 board feet, slightly above or- I Thess. i awarded a banner. ,John placedlber camps and sawmills are be- ders for the same period for each , ,,~,,,~,~.~M ~,~ first in the last years contest, ling shut down, large lumber us- of the past two years Production i ~R~IIC-~ ~~,U~ Eleven members of the clu'blers in the United States are pur- of 7,891,602000 board feet was participated in the judging con-lchasingDouglas fir from Canada, above 1952 and only 33 million ;test and eight were in the blue/westland said. feet below 1951 record output. :ribbon division with three get- "Tremendous amounts h a v e Shipments through September OPTOMETRIST Iing red ribbons. [gone to the East,Coast buildingI were likewise ahead of 1952 aw Gary Zwicker, Bucky Hasko, lindustry alone, ' Westland de-] some 23 mHhon I eet bemw 1951. BAyview 90[ 5 and Gary Vance exhibited tur-[clared. Price is the factor which ~eptemoer weeKJy average pro- 9.612 Colby Avenue Everett, keys at the Junior poultry show.[has determined purchase from duction oY~180,656,000 board feet Marvin Nelson, Kenny Nelson, ICanada instead of from the Pa- fell off from August weekly out- ~ - --~ and Leonard Nelson showed[cific Northwest. The lumber in. put. Unfilled orders went up 54 chickens and eggs, Stanley Nel-[dustry has long been a vital fac- million feet in the past thirty son and Larry Bjorn showed]torl in our economy. What hap-]de.[ days and inventories held about .~"1~" "~'~i~ chickens and ducks. Mike Kaa-Ipens to it affects not only the even. !aon~ ~h{~ " . . ~m~ ~iei: b~ ~hUe~ r ls~tYa me~ n ~I CeTma?e/~ ewmea~ I~Z5 cg.t03~ ~ ~ f~eitr sed }XhciP!l~ ~ ~amheigCm~:n;: [ gwma:g~ acl~nnj 1 Y : g .... won fifty blue ribbons on their|Washington. Up till now war Act ....i " - i " - r t ...... 951% of the 1948-1952 average. ;~ ' .:~" oipn u en lOOKS nto relrlge a ect mllK t~nK ~~; . exMbits and judging and also mands have made this industry " ~ " :Ord r aver 4 / / e s aged 169, 09,000 b.f., ~; got 11 red ribbons. Istrong; now we need protective/ On the south portion of Flor- into the gully. He can now farm Shipments 178}115,000 b.f,; Week- In the other judging contests|tariff to avoid unfair competition[ence Island is a farm midway across it and nat act h~ machin-ily averages for August "were: "held during the year the Lake-|from outside our own country." [in the develo,~ment sta~e Eve~a '---~, ,.,. ~'f..,~ -- iProduction 190480000 bf.; . ~ ~, l ery caug.,~ v,, ~, ,,.,,t ~ ' ' wood Judging teams placed m[ Only last week Westland at-l in the midwa,, sta~,e it shows the " 11003% of the 1948-1952 average; the first three positions. At the/tacked the purchasing of plywood|benefit of Conservation farminu This forty acre farm lies alongIor~ers 164,956,000 b.f.; Shipments Evergreen Fair the Junior teamlin Japan for use in rehabilitat-[Conservation farming is not ~ Hat Slough, which now carriesl186,817,000 b.f. won first place and the Senmr m Korea sending a protest to s m r 1 thou h ~t con _ " ...... " [" g , " ..... [ yst~ o p an g " ,- most of the Stillaguamish rivert ,Nine months of 1953 eumula- ~eam got secono "me ~enior team lSecretary of the Army tooert ~'/tains both but '"a wa,, of life ' - ........ !t~ ...... ,~,,,,,~.,,~ ,, Qm cao a,~ ~. ~. ...~.-,-~,-~r~:- , . . , z " water, lne aanger oi ilOOCI waters ~.v= v,uuu~,v..,oo~.,,,.,v,,, u..., placed second at the PuyalluP[Stevens and Admmxstrator Har-[This "way of life" has been ......... INine months of 1952 7630106000 ~'*~ eroamg tne Iarm lano is not asl Fair and also placed third at the|old Stassen of the Federal Over-/adnnted by Mr and Mrs Adolnh ~ ~. ~r~ ..... .ho ~'~ '-z q~a. \1~1~ State 4-H Fair in Yakima. Then[seas Administration. [Oie~ .... great as further up river , [(~,0~,(~,l~.f ................... - .... FOU[,, to V in the final contest at the Junior "I am reliably informed" he " Th Oie ' ' " " o-i ....... the t--ed the ........... . / Adolph was born about one e ns f,rst problem wastol Orders for nine months of 953 Ke_ rou u~ o~vw y t, vp saio mat da an nas omy lliteen " ass and e " , ~-.~ . .... ~i'"* .......... ""~" [ ' .~. gP ...... [and a half miles west of the Ar- estabhShthatgr 1 gumelbreakdewn as follows: Raft & "~":- | m. " .,~.,, a.u wu. ,~t ~,,a,~= ears curun lelt yet our gOv [Y .~ .... ' ........... i:hington Cemetery. He attended stands would carry enough|Truck 5,364 970,000 bf; Domestic LOn~ e|~t~ ternmem nas almwuu lIltglg~t5 11/ ............ COWS tO iv ..... #~ "--- " -- - ~ ......... t ~ --illion~Arnngtn ti~gn ~cnool AS a ooy . g e a za~r return ot m-ICargo 1645425,000 bf ; Export lime to Control t~!i~ai~U~Y~:m~ ;{i~' ~~-/y[elhm~'fathe SlrplYcdmeCml~m~g cme~" ~rc~he/m~Un~tr/~nms~: 378,042,000 b.f. Local 350,119,000 ~/ S " ~,1~|-- | .*_-- ]erPl Overseas Administration|the district at that time, and the ~enntq:an/oitl:s. CO~ae~l ande green[ The industry's unfilled order erv|ce ~lllkl, llD i.dlk;C / .... 1 /hard work associateu with farm- p ot Y arm I file stood at 746 411 000 b f at the Cattle can have a lousy time|plaid twh~yerCln~e,b/rap:npSs: P~" [~nge ~oa~kdno~tSa~tfi:ul~rly atcthac1 s~lntneg V~ha~atnyeleo::/?:(~ Isn th~[e~d 0~5 S~.~)0mb?~' gross stocks mad lose a lot of precious weight|mins anu processing pmnts are/ .... ~.,n ~.~ ~,~,~, ~, a]~s~ Orchard ~rass wa~ seeded in mix / ..... if you don't get rid of the suck. Jshutting down in the Pacificl~'~,,'~.~'~w'~'~'~,,"~,'~',~'%t~'~:~"~,~"~' ture Su~nlementa-1 comm-er-ciai[ (>'---------- rag and b~tmg pests that cause Northwest Let s protect Ameri [ "|in~, for Boeings in Seattle at the fertilizer was added to the land|Attend Llbraraarm , all the trouble can homes by buying lumber for . s s b o " ..... ...... [ ................. it[me of Pearl Harbor, Adolph about ten day ef re seeding. [Workshon October 24 Arnolcl z ~mltn, uounty ~x-ltne renaDllltatlon oi ~,.orea m tne~ ...... i th U S ...... ~ " " ..... ~'" "ted ~tat " ~soon iouno nlmselz n e . . me umns nave oeen on this l ~enslon Agent remmas stoclcmen onl b es " r a " "" ...... , .... J ........ " .............. |Navy plowing th ough the w - place, about three and one-half[. Arhngton school hbrar~ans,i tl~tt (lry cola weatner anti longer/ westtan~ urg~tl tn~ natiu[lttl|t .... *ho ,,,,*h Pacific Adolph's -ear~ ot nt~,~..* ~'h~ nlao~ i~ a]l/Mrs. ~essie t~ierscn ann ~vHss " eeded ~=' ............. *" ~ o .. e ......... ,- ....... hair on animals signal the start leaders to purchase the n .... ........ | ............... [real farming education started in seeded to Ladino clover and Or-[Gladys West, attended the Sno-. ot llL~ oreemng season. He urges|plywoou ~rom muustry m tne lt~e Le,,te Gulf On a cloud,, da,, chard '-rass ex~e'~t where a~nomisn t:ounty Liorarians worK-: producers to treat animals while|state of WashingtOn. The Con-]~,';~,~ ~'~,~ ~o~:momete. -t~ one w~-to, os,~ ....... Z" ~'~' ~,~n,~,~ ,,./shop held on the Everett Junior the weather is favorable and be- [gressman is now in the state and/~'\::,'3rZh'~de~'r~'~%" and " aT,'"dive man:,-2" %her ' i [College Campus, Saturday, Oct. fore there are enough lice to|suggests that anyone with a/~,,~'~,'~,.~r,, h~,,zz.n. aroun~d likei~nilk'~'n~ cow?" -- " the 24. They were accompanied by weak oorl nou , P Y " . " . 17 ]7 ! ".. ,.. ,ho I good stand had been accom [ians Workshop was devoted to can unlock it more quickly if you always suffer the most The lice pOpula x'aaaaaa L~aa aoa.a-a. .~uv.v ..... ",~ ~ s" ".," ........ ~'1 " " " . .. "]' ~ I,. .... , .......~o~ f~rm h,t Dhshed The fifteen acres carried/helplng students create interest tion Is relatively low during tne/t, !~ |. 1~. ..* ~.~F~)LY" ?" "Y';'-~ . ...... 7_7" the thirt" cows "mite easil:-- ...... in modern library practices Stu- this simple key--Call by Number when [ ~1 and control is most effective l ~r l"Alllll~g P.IIIAgllIAlll ctld settle aown to zarmmg on ms ~ ~ y. _ .......... "_ ............ J --'"It" ....... ~*~-~r's nl .... ear Arlin-ton ~,,. .... r,..~., ,~, .... .~.~, .... ~ uents anu norarmns nstenea to ing long distance calls. Keep a list handy at this time. - ..... ~, ,-,-,- ,, ~ .... = v v,,, ,~. ~,,= vu~u,.~ ,~ the Arlin ton .... a number of interesting book re- (I.... I~,~ i~ fh.... t nnn,,lnr Members of g After five years he had the op- mthe eating. To startwith . . .. .... ,~,-,,~-,s ............ t-~x-- ..... the " . mews, ~ttended a sesslo,~ oil cub- the numbers' you call frequently--you'll m,~na ..~ ~,,.~t~,~] ~,.oflve ,'on- F.F.A. who entered b~rds m portunity to buy hm present place Adolph consulted the SOIl Con- ~,.~, ~.,n , ..... a ......... -,-l~':,~,'~,,~'~'~,~'h~',~n~" me Northwest Junior Poultry Exposi- on Florence Island. The place servation Service and a plan was "'YT, .':"V."-r. .... ~'" amazed at the time you'll save and how easi :~.~--'~,.~:2~,~5~,~,a~hene~. ehTordane" tton in Seattle Oct. 20-21, were had been badly run down but two worked out. Adolph followed the o~ oOOK omumg. ~ill~d~ne',"~I~IC"an~ rotenone ' Gary Zwicker, Gary Eriekson, years before the Oiens' purchase, plan. In one case he exceeded it. -------------o your connection is made. "~-,~- ~,-*~ ..... ~ ......;enone Loren Erickson, David Fullerton a start had been made to bring The nice new shiny milking par- W.S.C.S. ME~-TIN~ NOV. 4 ,.,,,,y ,,,~,,,o^: ............ r icker " " ' ..o.. h..,,.,.,~ n. dairy cowsand Walter Moran. Ga y Zw the place back. When the Olens lor and the refrigerated milkWoman s Socmty of Chrlstmn ..... ~.oti~,.. t~..~n,,c, hlv an- was awarded Reserve Gr nd arrived on the place some of the tank ~s evidence that Adolph did Servme will meet at the Metho- _l~e~o~V~nv"of"'~l~e'lns~ti~ide~ Champion on a dressed Beltsville restoration had b'een done. A better than the Soil Conservation dmt Church Nov. 4th. Mrs. Pete ~/ ~nb~i!~oiflg~ii o~i~i~re~n~rl~~i, in:g ii[olip!~hAii:ilYe~santn~(~:~i'i~i:i Se~e~ct~th~:s e: clFlfn.w::s;~i:g:ohs~:;~Swt~h only Pn~- ILEPHOIE chemicals~ will include specific son, and Nell Danard placed 2nd and had still more dirt pushed busy, effective salesmen portant coal mining industry. tlirections for use. in the judging contest, 34 teams Detailed information on control competing Loren was third high methods can be obtained from man in 1he contest. All the boys the county extension office,and Mr. Langdon were guests at ........ o an award banquet s~onsored by Puget Sound has more than fif- Sears Roebuck and Company on teen hundred miles of shoreline. Wednesday evening in Seattle. Cares Fe The Washington " Children's Home Society, which cares for homeless children in Snohomish county, is now helping more chil- dren than ever before in its 57- year history, Spencer H. Crookes, state director, reported yesterday. During this year the number of children in the Society's care has averaged 498 each month, a 45 per cent increase over four years ago. The Children's Home Society is de[~ending upon the Snohomish County United Good Neighbor Fund to raise $5,625 to assist in meeting the cost of its services for children and adults in this community in the coming year. The statewide budget of the So- c!ety for 1954 is $437,092. Within this budget the agency will pro- vide care and services for some 900 children and 180 unmarried mothers from all parts of the state. It wilt continue the opera- tion of its four children's institu- tions located at Seattle, Spokane, Eent and Walla Walla. It will maintain six branch offices which are so located as to make service available to families and chil- dren throughout the state. These offices are in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Walla Walla and Yakima. Last year the Society provided for a total of 852 children inelud- ing 40 from Snohomish county. In 1952, twelve infants and older childrela were placed for adoption with Snohomish county families who had applied to adolht chil- dren. In the first eight months of 1953 seven more children have been placed for adoption in this county, and 24 more children from this county have been placed with the Society for all types of foster care. The Children's Home Society is a private non-denominational child welfare agency functioning on a state-wide basis. Its services are adoption, boarding and insti. tutional care of children, and counsel and assistance for un- married mothers. The Society ('oes not operate a maternity ~ome but helps the unmarried -z.pect~ant mother to use one of tcveral independent living ar- rangements . A e c o r d i n g to Crookes, this agency's service supplements without duplicating the work of the approved mater nity homes which are operated by other agencies in Spokane, Se- attle and Tacoma. T h e Washington Children's Home Society was formerly a member agency of the Arlington Community Chest. Arlington res- idents, Crookes explained, will now be able to support the Socie- ty's work through the county- wide Good Neighbor Fund. O IIN.A.WALL FURNAC1 " Forced Air Circulation. Constanl Even Heat. W operate tf electric- ity is off. WINKES HARDWARE ARLINGTON What's the "right car" for you? 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