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October 22, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 22, 1953

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IS i boat : tirect0~ )r the | -- i Fre~ and FL_ :ised der, _~VI. No. 26 -- ?rF--- Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Oct. 22, 1953. NEWS STAND AND COUNTER 10e PER COPY Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 3, lffJ . G 3hercial ponsor ] aouse,L Mpeti, tFootb F ] [Arlington Commercial said that it was felt that the en-I ~l sponsor a dinner meet- tire area just beyond the south! in the near future for boundary should be included, ~tatives of the various and that members of the council along Highway I-A, of discussing the improvement of the with emphasis on the of the link between and Lake Stevens. chairman of the lo- s road committee, said had recently attended a in Snohomish where it that the dfstrict east Washington which is with the East Pacific Association, are anx- e development on the to the florth Since this lly populated district, it that their efforts will in securing the need- of this im- for the meeting has set, but arrange- and he had made some calls, bu( that they felt it was not the place of city officials to do any solicitation along this line. He asked that the Commercial Club study the problem and see if the residents could be induced to join the petitioners Appointed on this committee were Henry Backstrom, Dewey Dunning, C. H. Fowler, Everett Winkes. To Treat Football Team The Club decided to sponsor a dinner in the near future in honor of the Arlington High School football team. Appointed on the committee to make the proper arrangements were V. M. Lee, Robert Murphy and Chas. C Peterson. Hear About Bond Issue The Snohomish balloon of in-~maxing touchdown. Jerry Carter% vincibility that tins floated overJattempted place-kick hit the up- Arlington football teams ever}right and bounced back into the~ since 1941 floats no more, burst- /playing field, leaving the flnai ed by tbe talons of the Arlington]tally at 27 to 6. Eagles of 1953. Although called~ Local observers aereed that it an upset by many, this battle ac-!was the fine--s-t team~er-form~ tually was more of a surprise, the[that has been put on by an Ar~ Eagles being the better team on lington team in a long, lomg the field last Friday night. Coach Larry Munizza and assistant Ralph Pistorese had their Eagle eleven at a fighting pitch and the outcome was never in doubt, in the minds of the players at least, the final tally being 27 to 6. I Arlington opened the scoring in the first quarter, scoring the sec- ond time they got the ball. After an exchange of punts, Snohomisb took over on their fifteen. Three plays later a holding penalty set them back to their nine, a runn- ing play lost five, and their fourth down punt was partially :blocked by the charging Eagle time Each and every player that got into the act performed to the best, and a little .better, if that is. possible, of his capabilities. Again it was Arlington's driving, charging, slashing line, the men.. up front, where games are wo~ and lost, tha~t made friend an(} foe alike sit up and take notioe. The Eagle linemen blocked like demons and tackled like sharp- shooters, stripping the Panther backs of their interference and letting their halfbacks and line- backers come booming in for vi- cious tackles Dan Johnson, sen- ior guard, led the Arlington for- line, going out of bounds on the ward wall in their greatest in the handsof the Several speakers, including 'Panther nineteen. Taking advan- achievement, both or, defen._~ Henr Lawty of R 5, Everett tee . .Y . -' -- .~ ~ - FORTV-THRW.E THOU.qAND qEVEN HUNDRFD FI~ FEET OF FLOOR SPACE are available in ~tage of this break Arlington and offense.' No less outstanding winKes ann J t: t~ar enter spoke .... i 1 " ................ .in to me cmu, 2...q~_..,v.L~ PinLuLmaq"nL u the_. new_,plywood. ,. ..... mill of the Arlington Lumber & Plyw~d, ..Cmpany" The. floor area has just been qUmafleCk Iour y tw laDlCks a Borsethfl ~ was the efforts of Rudle" T~hom- ~ooert ~vmrpny " .... "g -- " h 1 olaCKtOpped ann some machinery installed rn~ lathe,In thiS mill will have a 106-inch blade and : . . . o p y n ..neD sen ann ~eral.a rienflry. ,n~ma-. ' " " " ' (~!?ts eis- ur?' newlll ." ' i~i~e~hd~?b~iid~!!tx~b~ilhtltn~gi~~ ' i~ifnt~i t~l ~e~'In'31Tc~h~e);!~!:itiekur~ '" " '' t"~hee CpapawereiedY" ~k' D A -...J.~ .. l..--' t%m~llr wj1 llb0es~%P';?~%te:#'27 Mh2t:~d: "r_ l,, p'~]br |" "~ ~i --h lft The machz !Jte~a~ii ~igdB~tri~hodmlOl~i' tS win this he crowding and to replace the ob I " " " [a h 1 ~ g Fotlo " g ". , ......... ..... ,--or,~m~ono,e~m ab't of setting them up for his vast games. For Hendry it was a )t near the solete Washington Dunning, also t.J- . _ IX[--~. %I! l#.a_llll[ H I iIIVt:~ I (JILII - ---~ ---- - --- t m ..... n w " her group ! ' . ~ . _ I . ~.~ I '~ ............. I ......... eam ares. lviarv Taylor swept e experience usually playing 1 o French avenue also the need for an accreuitefl aunior ... . . a, -- "" n on t tr nd It e t bu f ] . . , . Irmn, l~I IlOW ]~l|| the same e d he y a in the tackl spo t shifted to. I a similar petition. HelHigh SchOOl system. ~| .... {~ ~L t'~ rj j[~ C*_L..-.~_ {~t~O j[~ J ................. was 7 to 0 Arlington with four the end slot for this contest, 14en-~ "--" ~ , ]| ~(,)~ NOJ{JO.~.)~.)~ ~.~f|{,){.~|~ NOOO~,~ } Bricl~ing in of the boiler at the minutes still to go in the quarter, dry teamed up with Dick Schuh ..... :..k i ame Beoartment tgaret Lord, residential captain. Figures for t'he !2 districts re-I With a" strictly modern dutch .... ~,,a ~,,~,,,,a r,h~glo,~Y., ..... * like he nw-,~d t, qmo ,~,1~ ,: ~Yt~CVCEIIL,fl I---- . ..... IMr Leach reported an excellentlporting are given below Quite Sloven i"stallation the boiler ............................... " ' " .......... * ~" "'Deo-e"in-, " . . ~ .. - , . . ." .... t ,* , Ior seventeen tmrsem ior mree ~uug .ero wu~ ~veaoy. oonn 13~n- n response on the part of teachers variation Will De no]eft In me o ~.___~n boys from Arlingto ]of the waterfowl season in wash-[ ................... 'l.." I! . 2 ......... is constructed of concrete and eleven ;raylor picked up Dis, plugging his guard hole and ~[~r'[~l~l leaderSpen M athewsKen KaniKe- ] ington, s p ent ] ~,,,,ti,~ ~,disc~sedfnr ducksgenerallYand ~,eesegd] me- t[a'l ..... reafly turneflm'matin.: amountsU'V'Sln"'aFto. ~,~o "1[ [ai.S,soticitorsaUe tOlounflSlze ......... var~at~nP'mat, some[blcKs] onl y oneandoI whichhUSes istWbeinbilerS'g corn " passeight'putandthea ovalBrsethon thet Corningpanther measuringthrough his ..... thepositlonPantherm Inches m-advance ! ]~ n~r~ R,,ndav at Camol"7"t:'-e % .... ~" ~ . '12ne lnflustrlal fllVlSlOn, in cnargelcases a majority OI Iamlly neaaslnleted at this time the other o~v I o-can nlnurar~ thrn,,ah oan ~toad of varde ......... ~ ~ While aeer nunnng continue[, to .... .- , , o,^ ~ v - nner the . of Merle Wllhams, IS not in as were business men who contnb- however bein hun i .................. ~ .... ": ............. # ~,on Lake Co , [be good in its second week of the[v~t h,,t n .... dlncr to Mr ,xr,! [ ....... h.~i. ~,, .... ~ ~;~*-eCs [ .... ' g g n place on t er for the touchdown and hit Each game brings to light ~ag devotes to camPlseason U~land bird hunterstG .... "V .':_~: ...... ~. F".''",";"l-ut.=_'~.~ "k%'" vL"%~ Y; uu~,,, ~g,,=Mlm steel supporls, rne same nole Ior me conversion different back in the off~-mive pOther Scout activities [ .... n "hun~in~ sli-htl,, slower~nams' latest rep.or~ to[l.,eaen,, .neju!st l---lv~rs. ~.~.;~nuason..~.~,~] Forty - two thousand bricks Snohomish put together their on-" and scorin limel" ht 7,~aAraaLrl,a tho trin were].'Y .... - ~' - ~" ~ ..... lexpec[s to complete DiS WOrK Oy'DiSt. z--mrs, rnn ~]orn ...... ou.tmlhave been used in the brickin~,-. -~-~ ..... ~.....,~, ........... . . .~ _.g _. l g . Fimt it bU "~---"~, ~v~ ,- man opening flay,, aimougn " 00 ' ~:~ l y aLIVe:: UK LIll;:: lll~llt. UII Lilt: II~.~L. was ~orsetn, then uarson, ~m'~- bU6b~tz~er Timmv Hale Dour] ............ ~the end of next week. }DlSt 3---Mrs. Rudy Johnson 38. liD of the one boiler and the en .... i,~ ,~ n~.,~ pr,~*~,~v -~-~ **--- ..... = ,- . , o hunters wim flogs are S[lll ilno ............. , v--.~ ...... ,~,, ,,,, t.= rag, taylor; no one Knows Wl3~ ~Larry Pryor Denny Ray,tin. excellent shooting, in bird[ Teacher solicitation was takenJDlSt. 4~Mrs. Paul , .. ,,]tire masonry installation has first play after the kickoff went will be next This time Lamam~ ?~-'~h n Lees( ~ [ care oi oy vir aonn t~efleen t wangsmo .... a.uub .... ' Oz. les, Dale Wesso , ... areas , ' ~. = . "::i:.7" nn[ een encased in a half.inch steel straight up the middle for 53[ took the plaudits of the crowd. .' as l~oo' " Mrs. Lord reports very good D,~t. o--M,s. E R. M=,,~r ...... 39,.., casin - -- -- l~R2chartp~,~/Huff [North Central Washington response to the calls of her so- Dist 6---Mrs J P Mathews 10650[ Th~',~,~vl ...... *r,,,'',,," " th,~ yards to Eagle. twent.y. Threelas.Snohomlsh, set tostop. Bor- I. ~'~'~ .... S~u~ler Bob[ Scattered showers and rains}licitors The total for 12 of the}Dis( 7--Mrs Chet Th0mp- ]new'm~-l'l'~]oca(e~on'~en't,s"l~rair':. ~J~,~'~..v*~+~w~.,.~u._,, tound.roo many iea~: t~ , ~,~ ~,-. , .... ". " " , " ..~t uuw. u,* u*~ ~,utgtu. ~uur plU with their uezense rio Oz. '~'.~o.~nn ~.ordon Sante-[fell in most of this district over]13 districts under her captaincy [ son ............................ 39.60]io i~ r~nd~rn in ovary ro~r~ot D .... , ..... ..... ~ ........ i g ......:~P . * -- ....... , ........ "~, ................. d --"'~" .... !ir~a, lr,~ ~ IUUiLil UOWII P~ more Jonn ICKeG U IbM I. the week-end, with deer and bird is $563.35. Mrs. Everett Bundt, Dist. 8--Mrs. Harry Yost ...... 37.75and when com leted will" re re found a receiver" in" Nor h u ] P P Y " "cer~[ .......... [hunting conditions improved Isolicitor for the district not yet Dist 9--Mrs Lowell Death 31 00/sent an inve-'p n" " " P"- ...... t r p andlmore than the entire Snoh~mish~ ~rtation was ~urn*~n~ulo_~... u~ ,~u~ ~.. th^ hi.hert ...... ~ .......... .~.^~ ,~.^ I .... ~,, ---- ,,h~ ---:----" ~',,,~]; .~ stme t o[ close to ne countea tne ~nonomisn score, team was able to garner, in 25 Ot,~ Lord, KenzKamke~!areas Car ne mountain in Chela n[When her return is in and thelDist ll--Mrs Ken Kazeki. [nazi a mlll:ton,~o_~a~_ ......... The pass tier. the extra pointIcarr}es. ~orseth followed w*th 52 '.e"~rlvlarnews, al r~yne aria, ~ : ~ " i hes :f -now t a.~ ....:. ~ .. .-. ~ ! ,___-_" ., ^^/ ~ ,urge ~ug ponu has ueen cA- zaalefl anfl ~nonomlsn Srnl tranea~yaras in eleven nips, Taylor net- hV~h ~ /cunty reportee o nc o s . resluennal ~rlve IUlLF complete~,] uerg ........................ ~~] v " , . nter. f/ ...... ca ated and convenient 1 o g by a couple of touchdowns, 14 to ted 29 in nine, Carter thirteen ir~ .~ ~ i ..... I27 buck deer were checked out o ,it IS hoped in the neighborhood t Dist. 12--Mrs. Jack Id ..... ,,.~.~n.,., .,h .... .~, ...... = ... ,,. ..... J .......... ~" ]revenicn is an meal spotIthe Buck creek, Dirty Face moun- of $600 will be credited to the 13} Sturgeon 28 00ifu~lT~"-"~-ter~-' L"Cv"",~ ...... q ,,, at~ ......... . ..... two. ~ornzng seventeen in tar~, ......... ,- ............... , ................. ! ~ oi wa anu ample space Alter a scoreless [nlm quarter and Lonnacner 3~ in Dis SOlO '" ]~ia~Ime~ingp~2gnsw~m[[twajnka::d ~a~trte laarKeeia~?aaStt:~s ....... . ._~~will allow for sorting, some ofthe which found Arlington threaten-[dash The Eagles netted 306y~ ~'~ .... ---~ .... "--,, i /__ _ " " ................. T! ,,,.b,, ~'~||a~e ~ 7~-,[ |~ogs being prepared for the ve- ing but Snohomish still holding from scrimmage and fourteen ~e~.~a:~gi~erels~7~drgn~nat some o,:tnel~i~t~er~areasV.,~n~] u~,~ a~vl, ma~, IA v,.a~,o va ~, |Deer plant others going to the the Eagles began to march in the]from passing a total of 320 yds. , aown from the g . ' . . _ ~0~m and mess hall - hunters were]qPL--- IlL_ D ..... ~l~ q' ~ ~[r OL.._ |head saw or the gang saw final period Starting near mid I Arlington s hustling defense held ~k~' thr0ughonut the 2"56- thec~hSl~t~rDr;~ 3h36 week with 55[ |'ilt~y YV lll II'lZC Ir.t. . variety o,mw, : It is expected tha{ the new field the Eagles racked up three]the Panthers to 105 yards mm- ~DII~ff ]~le~fl area encomp-assedl~bucK ............. seer anfl me Kln In mlsTI AV nice new CBS. Columbiab~. ~ ,. _ ~,.. 3awmill. machinery, will be given first downs to the Snohomish]nin. g and 28 passing for a 133 yd.' ~DI ]~ are Adirondak lean-~ .......... '- ............... om~ ] " " set was taken home bylllmrsdav , a trial run some time next week. three, from where Larson again total Borseth hit three for three v ~ect*on na~ ~luwcu uuw. ~ ~" Fred Thunb r ~ ~ [ : d.e-l~- g~call'. . a 10cated, trails] w.aL. .................. ~uup~r mou.ta--," ~,,~""n ~.~h~l e g, manager of the[ ........ [ Spur. tracks, have been laid to rocketed. Into the. end zone. , This passing as compared to Snoho- ?ecia~tothem. [,,~.,, .......... ,,.,,~,,,~,n q,,...~.,.~-~,, Five Mile] J" C. Penney. Store, on .Monday[._~tc~.2.m.,r . Thursaay,_wct.. zv:] the. .... mlllszte by the Northern Pa- time It was Jim Coming s turn mish's three for eight. The Eagles~ from the ~aleway store ne nemg the u ~aln oI rne mgn SChOOl 1 ~ .... ro eft- of theI ...... I , } [c fie Railway, and will afford for the try for point and the outdowned the losers fourteen to is the p p a creek am not proauce as many a e w '" ~~ouncn ..... ~o ~cou~s ] . . [the holder'of the winning ticket]st g,, ill go up for: Follies of]convenient loading and also will" blocking" back made' It" oDd seven. ~'~lade availaby largel~;[de~er as last weeK-ena: Din Saturday evening's drawing.!:53, a variety show sponsored byI~erve as a log supply, through the middle. Snoho~ish Danny West, ace Panther back. The mu In the ~au er moun The sec nd the Jocal P I |.tinancial aid ~iven bv P.J.. " " ~. . g . .-} ~ . o ..prize in the drawing,} . . .T.A,,The prograrn this] While the~ sawmill is almost drove to the Arlington nineteen, averaging over 209 yards a game ~.~h, for Whom~ the camn]ta,m area o~. uougias coumy ls|a ~-plece shyer tea set, was won]year m In me nature m. a ~ooq[ready to start, there is much con- but was again held for downs.]rushing in three p~e~ious league ~,- "[ ~tlll.g0ofl; l~lneteen PUTTS w~l~e[by M. E. Herrah, of Bryant, andINelgnoor program, ueslues Jocai[struction still to be done, a planer The Eagles pounded back, to the outings, was held %0'24 yards in~ m.~-. ~s !Pter resmes .............. u,[ t.~ v*uv- icneclced irom mere. of Douer rlaseithe third prize, a 64.piece silver-, talent, there .will be. a zew hum-[mill, building;, bein~o one of the Red and. White thirty-three, fifteen attempts. Pressley.. due to :? ~'~ar round, and thus the week'end'.,The_prtIn?i an~ gos ware set, was won by Let tle{bers from neighboring communl-~structures still to be erected, where with seconds to go, Patlhis 53 yard jaunt, led the enemy -" .1 ~re~- ............ ...n~v.~.~ ;-,. a...~-"~='lcunty In ]De ~rmgepo u -i~nultz oi the ~vergreen no]el I rles An accomion ensemoie from! The veneer ._nlant buildin~o has Connacher, sophomore b a c k, ball carriers with seventy yards" t~. ~ .... h~oh ter creek areas has not produced At the Store tMount Vernon, a barbershop been com leted and awaits in- skirted hls own left end for 1~ oz i tin , a rogr ............ , . P a ch- n a d en tr es, or I~ ~g- tP~ ~r,,t,~a ~ood[many buck deer through the Mrs. Alma Hanson, of R. 1, East]quartet from Mary~vllle. and ac-[~tallation of machinery ~. ~ "~. ............ [week. Bird hunting in this area[Stanwood, held the winning tick-lrobatic dancers from the Paddy~ A well has been dug-and ump , . . una ...... P _ " ~e~i~ ,~ ~ .... *,~t,~ ,f]has been slow. let WhlCh entitled her to the West- i Hudson studio In Everett are/installed with water mains be- I~A~ ~IP ~m~ ~A~AAn ~Al|i~lqiAdr~" Okano an count had a hea y In house M1 amon t e ae t~'- .......... . g Y ~ . .i" g "xer. , J g h Good Neighbors who[ing laid throughout the area for II~IGU I~1 ]1~ ~q~II|UU| [G~III[~ "~ "~,....__..~~ Igenerai rain on ~atumay and] -------------o lwill be guests on the program.[fire protection and services, m~ m ~ ~ ~ m ~I_ ~% . ]Sunday. In the Methow region ~'~ ~. ].~;|~ ][~ .... ., Miss Paddy Hudson will also ap-| ~ I.vni~lnA~l un n iliAd~iatlld~ ~ll~ nnetuun, nt,~ " rrlest, through theweekGame Prot22:l,.,. ,mac --u.Ta . Ipear as a solo dancer. I CALENDAR inApUUIIINq~;U mnu U OLu uuo ainu rlllON~O, m -- - ;ors cnecKefl hunters wlm zuan,,,-- -- " Two short lays are to be done' ' .r S~*~, ......... ~P_ Ibuck deer 135 grouse, 37 pheas tm"d-",'omh [ .... P . ; . . [ Oct. 24---LakeWood Carnival. . [_ In last week's Times there appeared an'article about the propcoed ~ho~ " -'Jlr~RIl|wPr|-~,,~a~= iv/UI I , , . -[a~ ~m.,~, aaam~ ~,,PLvi~g, }oy lOCal actors Mr and mrs Art I oct. 24---~lsco Heights Community a~ona msue. same giving question and answer Information as to the need~ ma~t ~I~i''~u ants and 93 ducks. Some line! --- ......... I Brownlow ,,,{1]" ~.l.~:, fh.... ~,~ .-.! HaUowe'en Party Icost of such Iacilltles /4{~ ]~ ....~4~ ]deer came from the Mazama,| u. ~. HIISe, oI l~,eltevue, Ior-I ......... ...ty.,~.~ ~y~ l-,att~,v,] Oct. 27--Evening ~)rogram at Wash- [ Herewith is the s~:ond instalment: ~t LUOtU~ill entnuslasL an(] me in ton SChOOl ~or arents _..~111:. r.~i~tt ~m~nd,~v,,.~, ....... P~tter~nn lak,~ and~mer manager of the Pure Food in] flumo ....... ] g p Q. What is included in the sec- cluded w ich will provide ade- e t c M ket, Se odd cate or that of re laem uate hea as well as hot water the Plk Stree Publl ar Iemaie WhO has never De- Oct. 29---Annual P.T.A. Talent Show. . ~n Republican women[Twlsp river areas. In the north-[ .......... "[fore seen a fo-'tball "am~ a...~1 oct. 30---Football Marysville here {_ . g Y-- . .._ P_ .].g].q , . - " " ~ ~" -" "-" * nTth at'er- "-"rtion "f Okano~an count" ~atue mr zo years purcnasefl me 7. v .~.. ~,,~ .'*| Oct 31 Grandview Rec Center ~Ial |fleteriorating parts oI the ouim- Ior Shower ur oses A new stair I ~[~ ~u~es2av'~c*;2 ~tt~nd ~,~mPUth~ .~tnlahel.i~ Al~mei~]Edgecmb store from Hugo Lind-]nnarmus comeay cauefl; ~oot-] lowe'~a Party, at 8:30". ' " Hng? ]wav to the,l~u~)itorium and ~vm-" -,-,~= v,,~ ................ . ............ bloom, takin ossess~n on Oc- Dall ~ever. Arlington SChOol fa- Nov. 3---8chool El~tion--all day, . . ,. o., ~ ~onvention of Womenlmountaln, Aeneas.valley and Or-I,..~.~. ~o.~. g p tcultv memb~r~ di~nl~v dram~tlo] Nov. a--l~all Concert High School / A. The major need is for a morelnaslum would be included. c Clubs to be held in oville sections, 301 hunters were] ........... . I, talent In' the- ..... famous"-- .......... one act Music Dept. _ _ |adequate heating plant. At pres- Q Why_ new stairwavs ~v.Dlrd_Ivy Baker Prlest,]checke . P "[ .......... -c ~ ' ...... comedy T ..t .,uo. , th~[ ~ ~ ~,. ' lent. the old furnace is NO cap-] A. The State Fire Marshal re- " d with 42 deer 14 heas A butcher by trade Mr. Hilse ,, , " Nov. 7---Camp ~are Tea Methodist ' T " - " reLlr lr a, he .~,~B.,h,.., Churc -4 " e nd eu om ousmess In l~'V0, ...... ~- ..... -v~urer, will be the lea-[ants 5 hurts, 55 grous a 9] ......... [sCene being, ~th~tr, d,,r~ ~[ Nov 6--Bryant Grange Bazaar ]able of adequately heating the[ommends the open stairways at ' moving to a Iarm then iOllOWefl ~ .............. ~ .~ " " ,, ,~ker. " [ducks. [ .... ' ..... ]rehearsal Mr Tscher"i ~'la"s the[ Nov. 8-14--Nat!onal Education Week ]gymnasium and the entire base-]present be enclosed with plaster a " her sections of the mree years oi travel aDour Hie . ~ P Y --School hawng open Douse. Bate will be elected to] From ot .. ] .......................... I part of the director who i- ,~n [ Nov 10--Oub Scouts Committee Mee~- [ment floor making those faclll-[board partitions of one hour fire | w~represent the Arlington[Okanogan, in the riDe creek,,~:~u,.uy a,u mw ~ue~,cu ~.Ulments ,~f o,,,.,~ .... * ' o",~'~ ing Tony B'Jorn home 8 pm " 'ties less usable in cold weather, resistant duration and metal cla4 a~'convention [Salmon creek, Loup Loup, Chilli- AlasKa. - ......... [down from t~'~'+~-'~,'~,- .~.'i-.'~| Nov. h--Arml~tice Day ~tnner. V.~.W. ]No classes can be held on that]doors self closing." ]z~.. ~flti~rsTiEll be h;ledr :t]~iStte}ndwC?nco~u~y2rea~ 251 ~E~gh~m~liS~o~!!!;~liwi~l~pe]apd trh: l~s~i~s~iiy~i'p~aZi"~i! NN~al!~4_~cePLomrliUa~arish Bazaar. ~]OoO~s bNeeiathequC~e~Y theatU2Penr]b2fi2:~cce~Uld such a program Rd. All Republican[deer, l grouse. ~ira hunting wasl .... ..... "ler and the te----^ra--- ......... [ Nov. 14--I~yal Heights Bazaar. ]the coldest weather. J A m, ,~:.'~,~ ,, h...,,~,... ,~... [ " " " hiss cdon of the crate it along the same lines as , ' . ,,,v~ ,~,~,~a~ Ca~LNOV. 15--Evergreen Area Gub Scouts . . ~,j ,,,~ ..... ~ ~,,,,.uu,~ ~,~ at~the Arlington area are/better in t e ............. ~lncludm~, Mr r-'~'~- .... *- -~ "-~ "=^l ............ r ............ Q. Does the present boiler room[Distriet ~K~o attend. . (Continued on .,..~.....,, n .." - " ~ tnero Mr ~-,-,~ .... .,--- -.:, , noon ~mee~ state Safety regmauons: I rn xxrh., ~.,-~ -~l~~'' 1 an marries. Ilain 'Mis ............ ~ ul~ vii-] NOV. i~,Cub SCotats Pack Meeting, I A No The State Fire Marshal] ~ ..... " ~s~'"~" 953 le " r, -.._ . _ _ , Mr and Mrs Lindbloom have, ,s 'ecocq as the adven , ;--t ins-ection re .......... ' " ecau t e g,slat.r _.___ o_m_ , /moved to the Cliff Hurn home onIturess who beats up on the vil-[ Nov. 19--Bethel Ml~.~lon" Ladles' Aid ]at la~ p ,_ _ porteu[maae possible State assistance lain Bazaar me room snores De encloses oy , r i l r.Tlnn . am [R 5 'Vhe,, '~urehas"~a th"~ ~*-'rl " , Miss Turner the heroine~ . ~^. . _: .......... |in school building constructioL -~ ['~mvv~V v~mv | - .~ v "" - ~ " ~land her fo*~.-.- ~.-' ,i__,,...,. i ~ov. ztv-~enmr viay. i[ne lnstanatlon oI Ilre resisung/~lXV if 1,~ol ,~..+.~..+~ t......~..., ,nl01~ *-n ' /from Ray Farrell March 16, 1945,1 ..... =-, ,,,.. ~a,,,,~uerg. I Nov. 20-21--Lady Lions Rummage t .... rial -'lus two m^*~" "'~ ":--~ ..... : ........ .... ,~ ,v,,~,, o, Of lntere 8ale xnate v ~ta~ t:,au *,re themselves in excess Of 85% Of and F.F.A. Members [r drtatgh hytatrheYiha aenEJ yged[grownups ~tk:wChlldre% and[ N . liil---4-H Dinner, Bryant Grange Jdoors, self-closing. ]their bonding ability :| -- ~m ~oomb community }gician act by M~giian Bob Sum'| ......... i ............. / Q.JVhat about classroom facil-| Q. How much is State assist- Laelection sale for 4-H consigned to the sale. The com-[ "" : Jbardo, who, when not bein- a[s~ -t-~-m-.--a~-~-v ............. titles, lance in new construction? [~ members will be held|mittee consists of: Edwin Stock-]~B , ~ , ~ .~magician, is in the office f~)rce[l~larK |[ ~,~il/o~r [ A. The rooms at present are de-[. A. It varies in districts through. .......,1]'Nov. 28th, at the Fair[er, Jr. Clifford Bailey, Albert il~l~$[ eglster |o {of KRKO i~ o *, lclared substandard by the Fed-|out the State. Arlington School - al~_~ Marysville This salelffteffen and Dick Dykstra, for~ ..... ] For af .............. Ualenda ~eral Inspector after his survey of]District has been getting 48~. " ,, =vemng m goou ciean -- A t It ~?l~onsored through thelthe Holstein" W': D. Larson Al-/~b~n ~ell~ /entertain ................ ] I rling on facilities in oonnection|That means the local district l~ ' . ' " . ' ~,~aa ~t&~O ,,-,~v,,~ ltitrlltfor t. enure ~ w" Fed r " IU. TF~ of the County Ex-)bert Klein, Delmar Fleming and] ]f=,~mll. ,, h .............. ~ ]NOTE'. This column is provided to give] lth . e al assistance allowed]pays 52% of the tota~ cost. J, ure to come to ~ol .._ |t ~,~gents/--~'FA instrue-ICharlie Grewe for the Guernsey;/{L.L-..| D_lL.t ' [~--~ ,~e ~ ......... :~ publtctty to .events or functions th~ by the Installation of the Naval Q. What would the financial ! k ad-ers', b'reedclubs and]Doh Smith A.'M. Temples, Gar-I llUUa Uat|UL [a'udit"oriur T Lt:.nlgn* s-enll awr erC an emrl ] nm,nat rec g eno }RadiStatin" [picture look like if the bon-! ' Lt Utt Ut2L ~ ql " ' Y O. ~throu~-l~out the\county ~ret Klein and Pete Hennlng for! Hunters and others who will| .... ] where a sale is advertised will 'ap-[ Q. What is meant by substand-[proposition is aDoroved bv th~ aLe.orn~{tt'ee ~reports that the Jersey breed and H. Garvik[be absent at time of the Nov 3] -- o [ pe~ in this cob,ran. TI}e chargewflqard? . ' [voters in the No,ember election; L ~bred and high grade Olsen and OttoKlein for the Ayr-~chool bond election, are remind-~FALL CONVENTION WOMEN'S ~ ~e~cper w~m'r ~m~,n_'mum~L'~'] A. The rooms are so declared]Total bonding ability $390~. U, ~all breeds will be cow]shire breed, ted that they must register and[MiSSIO~~ ............ ]@Its Cc~l Fisch~s Oreh~tra]for inadequate lighting, inade.| Present Bonds .......... i:ii:~$153:000. ' con " _ , ..~. r=,~,~.a~..~,a, /for your dancing pleasure ev- uate classroom s ace made B~ - [ , These men are busy now -/obtain absentee ballots in order! The ............ n -.. . ....... [q P , " "[ ---------- 5. 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