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October 15, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 15, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES. ARLIN( ON. WASIIINGTON, THURSDAY, OCT. 15, 1953. PAGE NINE ] CDVlf'I "SPEED" MacTA1SH Sa"s . . . t ORDINANCE NO. 315 ORDINANCE NO. 317 NO, ,3577 [ a=~k ]r li%=,~hJ ~ , [ AN ORDINANCE annexing certainI AN ORDINANCE creating and estab- NOTICE OF ltEARING FINAL REPORT | [ )real property to the Town of Arling-[lishlng a Cumulative Reserve Fund lo1' ANn p,~l~1~z ~,,-,n n~TW~R~T~'~n~" [ --~ "I / ~[~ | ton, Snohomish County. Washington, as|the purposes of buying, construction, In ~l ......................... .~ . __ . -[ ~uzrt m~. n-.~uLr~z I " 4; ~.~ ~provided by Chapter 128 of the Laws|alteration and repair of municipal he Superior Court of the State of eeG ~]lG-~eeG i Teacher of Piano I ~ [of Washington of 1945, ~buildings, sdwers and sanitary systems, Washington for the County of Sno- " ~ ~fl" |COUNCIL F T E TOWN OF ARLING tion and maintenance equipment and " " For Sale ------------- -] Beginners and advanced pupils I ~ . I ~_~ | BE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN]Parks and park sites, street construc- homish ~EED RYE -- Recleaned AbruzzLI accepted; your home "or mine. [ (~.,., ~ , ....... bY H .... "]vehicles and police equipment and re- IN PROBATE ~--We m--~r pig, Hamp- Heavmst growth for pasture or[ Avazlable for prone solos 1 ~.,.; ~ R&NO ~ ~ ................. ,1~:~ a,~v ~f[hlcles, and providing for the dep.~ he Matter of the Estate of FI?.ANK t- ~low down Valle- Cem~ ~_~ ........ ;~......~ i f~l.~ /~" tmlFfr~ I. ~-%~'.'~-'..-"~ ..... :-~?r-o~y-lof certain funds and securities therein C BARNUM Deceased leat type hog), Ches- Farms. Phone 54. ] R 5, Arhngton; ......................... Phone 2738 I ~i! m [Town Council of the Town of Arlingtonl ~triOes thereto and providing for Notice is hereby given that Emma te cross breed. Floyd ~ I----~~-| ~x~.~[.~ | ~ I and filed with the Town Clerk of said)disbursements from saic~~n, a Barnum, Executrix of the Estate of Arlington Heights. ~^~vv ~r~ ,~ ~ ~.,, t~] aPPLIANCE REPAIR ~r ~eneral] ~x~._..._.J~m~0~ L Itown, a petition addressed to the May-~serve Fund ..... Frank C. Barnum, deceased, has filed ~za~ ~. ~-, a~ p~.~to, vy ~"~l "*-- . " *~ . ~ / -X~%.~ | . . -- ~ ~ or and Town Council of said town, i ".. in the office of ~he Clerk of said Court 80-lb. sack. Paper bags $.310. app.hance repair, ano oll heater $"~/ I ~-~ ~ ]uravinu_.............. that the boundaries of said[ BEy IT ORDAINED Bx THE TOWN her final ....................... R~n~rt. and notttA~,~ fur dt~ nt to sell your cattle Hunter & Son's, Arlington I serwce, call Wmkes Hardware.] ~ ~ I~own be altered by annexing thereto}COL~NCIL?oF!THETOWN OF ARLING- tribution, asking the Court to settle le man call 278W5 e~c ~~~ ph~.~ ~12 I ~--'- I t-~ ~ [and including certain real property ly-[ .............. i said Report, distribute the property to .................. ,_ ] ........... ! ~ ..... ~ ~;I ling contiguous to the Town of Arllng-] S~r~on 1 Whereas there is a surplus tne persons thereto entitled and to dis ~cker beef for sale, 5 GOOD ALI~'ALP'A FLAY. oy tne/ ~~/ "HALF WITS MOCK "-- B"-- ]ton, the legal description of which is set|of $2:000.(~ in the' C~rrent Expc],~e:charge Said Emma Barnum; alld that ~t and wrapped, truckload. $30 ton. ~ome Ior , p . | AT, Ul ]forth below, said petition having been}Fund of the Town of A.11ngtou, wh chm.~aid Report and petition will be heard ~--Guernsey cow, will less Hunter & Son paperhanger. Reasonable prlc-/WISE MEN PAY FOR ADVICE" Isigned by the owners of more than sev-l~um is invested in U. S, 2%% Cert!fi-]on the 13th day of November, 1953 at " I ~ ~x~']~,~..,~--.~,~,~ 1~.~. q,~.| ~, . l enty-five per cent (75%) in value ac-]cates of Indebtedness.SeriesA-195d" ]1:30 p.m at the Court Room of the about the 25th of this ~~ ~. .v~ c ....... S ......... uur erl 1 - . ' ' " .... ~ .... ,~ 1 .-. -- ~ , -- ,. _ [ exp ence s a~ your corn ]cordlng to the assessed valuatmn for]and [Probate Department of said Court, at ~ls0 ~Iolsteins for sale. Aoruzzl t~ye. ~e~eaneo. lvv ~_~.1anything usaom. ~.z, A rnng-| mana m the purchase of a uses car. Igenerai taxation, of the property for| Whereas it is the desire of the Coun-lwhich time and place any person ln- ~kovic, R. 5, % mile So. new bags, ~.~o. riunter & ton tJoroan uoau), mona] Remember we are careful of our ~whlch annexation is petitioned, and a|-il of the'T~wn of Arlington to estab- terested in said Estate may appear and Son s, Arhngton Gramte Falls 2752. |money also, and we take care of I ............... ] lish and create a.c~mu a "e-- e, test t e ~_~ ' " ; " notice of public hearing having been ~ ~ I tire z e v ~file objections thereto and con h .~----~--- .... ~---~ ..^.. ...:,~. .,,. T.;.~.~,;...^ ~.._~.,~ ineretozore puousflefl In tne Arllng~onlfund u~der and bv v~rtue of the laws,same. rimes a newspaperof general e reu Centennial All Purpose Mash, 801 SEPTIC TANK pumping Fred| - ..... ]1 -" ' .... o- ~rllZ~'on "nd~f the State of Washington, and ~na~ Dated this 9th day of October 1953 :-- 2 purebred Polledlb ~3 8n Hunter & Son Phone; ~^--:~ ,~,, ~ ~,,~io " ~h~[1947 Chevroie[tuber, ra(no &l a~1on ~n sam Town ~ ~ ,}~ , a_ [the aforementioned funds an~ sec~ri-~ Date of first oublication Oc~'b.r ~ bull calves, ready to ~ .... ; ~Vl~, ~uv ~. ~j..l~.~ ........ / ~,~ ~a~ino~lce nawng oeeu posvea zn ~nree puo-|ties amountin~ to $2000 00 be t-an,~-' 1~ ........ ~u~ 1582 l .c~* ........ : ....................... ~V~lllc places within the area specilylng/ .~:'~ ~. o~'~ 0~,~.~'.~o ~-~:~" .... ~ill make good bulls ~ ~.v " . ....----:-.,|1941 Ford Tudor heater ........ $195] August 10 1953 at 8:00 o'clock P.M. lnl~er~l~N~ ~I'~R~I~5~~. ............. t .ANDERS ANDERSEN, Clerk of said d, bred to Registered Polled bull. Located o e. tar rgt~n~ road,.7 miles south of OIL-D-MATIC Heating Equ'p- P " |19~6 Chevrolet F order. Really top| . . , ' " Pu~oses of Bu,,ln~ ~onstructton A1-IWas~" ' ' provaior disapproval el the annexa .~ ~ ment. Also several used oil and Valley Gem Farms. Arlington | " condition .......................... $625 tlon " " teration and Rep'air of Muni'cipal Date of last pub., Oct. 29, 1953. "-- band fired furnaces Both wood ~--~ ~--.,~. 11942 Ford Tudor heater $195 ~ ' .......... Buildings SewersandSanitary Sys- --------------~O SALE every Satur ay; ........... ~ecion z. Tna~ ~ne ~err~orypro- . ' re I "---'--'--'--'-'-- hayes r'acKlng Uo.--~usIom Kill- " 5 . ~ems Parks and Park Sites St et and sawdust burning. ...... |1946 Nash 600, radm, heater,.$49 [posed by said petltmn tv be annexed e~n~~.~,~t~ ..... ,~ ~t ...... ~o,,ln-[ No. 24124 and misc. items, 10 a.:E H H~WELL HTG & PLBG rag, cumng, ann wrapping.| ~o47 ~ldsmobile 76 radio heat- to said Town of Arlington is situate in ~,:'.*.~'~'~'-~;ot~c~e~'-~'~o~ce E~II~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS ~J cows, beef, young z~...... ;~ ~xro~ Free pickup on beef. Locker| ~. ~, ~ ..... *;,~ ~,a~,] the County of Snohomlsh in ~l~e State rn~-~+ o~a X~ohlclo~ ,, I THE SUPERIOR COU~I OF THE ,gs and sheep, 12 noon. "_^_' "72"~ , beef Phnn~ ~wrett T,,u~do| ' - ................. I ofWashington,and is particularly "2"'~ .~.~:~d e-,~ds -nd se-I AT OF WASHINGTON IN AND r u ................... ~ .............................. ~0 Phone 37~ o add ~ ........... I I bounded and described as follows, to- _ ............. h ........ rr^d *-to the/ R THE COUNTY OF SNOHOMISH. ~S AUCTION SALE, ~ ov~ evenings, Arnng~on ~av. ~ ORDINANCE NO. 316 I wlt- curl~ a~e .wc~y ~..~v ~ .~, I In the Matter of the Estate of ALLAN .......... Cumulative Reserve Fund hereinabove , (ISH. F. L. SWENSON, FOR SALE--Caterpillar D4 w~th STOP~ LO(~ ~ the ~ew twins) AN ORDINANCE creating and estab-I That portion of the south half of created I ROHR, .Deceased. Auctioneer. blade and drum ~ood condi- ~2" ~ ..... "~'~ r. "" +~ . +;~:]lishlng a Cumulative Reserve Fund for} the northwest quarter of the north- : 3 The moneys in said Cumulative)_ ~otlcefls nereoy.given thatKen ,Ba- 01~a~ . , v .. _ illg all new ~_.v.~..autvlilauu/the purpose of buying, construction, I west ~uarter oi .~ectlon 12 'low 1- uo=o~,,o w,m~ ~hon ~ ~,,~ ~,,m ~lger has Dean appointed and has quall- ~-od~, tlon. Call Bill Flood, r~amourg washer and dryer ~alteratlon and repair of garbage equlp-I shin 31 North Range 5 East WM o.o ~e .... d ~,~r~ ~d r~md as administrator of the estate of ay, at $1.70 each. Call Iron Works~ Mt. Vernon. Phone f~C)A~T.T(5.O(hA~ ~T(~ Iment and vehicles and garbage dumPSI Snohomish County Washingtor to Section l Para~ranh 2 of this or-,Allan Rohr, deceased; that all persons ~(~(~ -- "-"'"-- "~'-'~.'-"-"~ ........ Ior sites for garbage disposal purposes,~ described as follows" Beginning at idlnance to~ether ~lt~ such sums aul.laavlng claln~ against said deceased or ..... ) ~rHngton and providing for the deposit of certain| a uolnt on the sou~h line o~ t~eh~.~o~,~ ,=~-,, h~ h,,~t~d ~r said,his estate are hereby required to serve r ~ ~mD" A'T*~"~-~ o A= ~ ]funds and securities therein and thai northwest quarter of the northwest f'un~l~'~n" th:~ annual-~l~u~t~e*. "of theithe same, duly verified, on said admin- : PIGS READY--Heavy, 80-,~0.~.~.~--.~ .................. 'lC]Df*r."P?f*['l! I transfer of certain funds and securities ouarter whence the so~Ithw~t cor- q~ ...... ~ a.~.* ....,~ ~,:~'~ ..... ~]Istrator or his attorney at the address .~ldered Chester Whites This is our regular price. --~ ......... [thereto, and providing for disburse-| her of [he northwest nu-arte"r'of the i~l~e'Town'~'dou~c]l"sha~ from ~tTme ~1helW stated, and file the same with !ay Lake Ranch on Sun- HUNTER & SON SERVICE - CONTRACTING Iments from" said CumulativeReserve[northwest quarter o~ Section 12 !time nrovlde by ordinance ~the Clerk of the Court, together with ....... ~...... ~^~ o ~_~:~_.^l .z.._ mFund. I bearsSouth 8814'24'' West 13079 a ~h~ ~..o.~ ~. ~t~ f~nfl ~ h~]proOf Of such servicew thin six months ke Road, one mile west rnone zoDl u.u.~c~z,~t~ ~ a~ucntza~ vv~- ~ " " ........... " ................... ) fte h lrs in~ Ii.htino Vi~t,,r~ An I BE IT ORDAINED BY THE TOWN feet; thence along said south line lallowed to accumulate from year to a ~r the date of f t publ~cat!o~ sk for directions at He[- . ........... - .'---- o .... ~ ........ ---- --~'; COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF APJ~ING-I North 8814'24" East, 644 58 feet'year until the Town Council shall de- [~ed ....................... ater Service Station, in- w/o oIi on ~marance oI mesa pJiance Repair and Service. ITON AS FOLLOWS: thence North 618'05'' East, 600.43 termlne to expend the moneys in satdl " '53 Television Sets. LEO G HALL I ~o~tt~ ~)~ereas *~-~ '~ ~ su~lusl feet; thence North 8920'25" West, ,fund for ~he purposes or any of the| KEN BAKER, on of 99 and Stanwood- 21-In. Console, with doors, Phone 2042 406 So French l of $2 s00.00 in the Garbage Depart~nent] 4~612t? feet, thence Sou~h 4 29 2~:' , purposes specified; however.,] --. 3307 Colb ayAve~,.Evtre~t, Wash. blacktop. ~ .... .... ~,'o ~ ..... ~ a.H~.,... -,~-h ~,,m, ....... o..~= .=vv; ~nence ~or~nI tna any moneys m sam xunu sna~il w ^. u~,~,~,~ ........a .... - ~rade -- Regis" oionoe, r~x+ ~ T~ ~. ]y* v?_-y_ 2_~---- ,~g--~-~.~,~, 7,~-~'t.~-- f[ 89007,34,, West 199.76 feet to tale [never be expended for any other pur-lt, ate 315 State Street Marysville Wash 21-In. Console with doors ma- 1Y anti 1%a(11o Se~es Xt/~9~'an'd ...... nor.theast_.cprner o~ pl~t. lof $'pa- r p~e or purboses than those specified, [ ~blished: October' 15. 22, 29, 1953. terefords from weaner ~ , ] mc~a ~aa~zmn ~o arnngon"; without an approving vote by a major- good heavy animals -- T L400 lbs. Floyd Wagner, 1 FOR SALE---Used Easy Spin-Dry- .~ala~ ties amounting to $250000 be tranS-lwhlch' d^_^_l ...................... PASSED by the .~=own .~'o.uncll and of Chester White Pigser Washing Machine. OffersI OLYMPIC RADIO SERVICE ferred m~ ~ C~Umu~atlve ]land included inthe plat of "Pied Pi- of October 1953 ' 0ken for--Ready next i ..... ' Id c ' " ' reserve ~., ovu ~,v,,,~ ~u.~mv v.v ~wt'~uv.:~ oy Cue Mayor %nm 12th day ,'der now--Reasonable accepted. Inquire at Whitei Phone 1484- Arlington )fu~.u~'~e~e~s*~r~;~r:ated and eS-)oP~rpIHa~gl~y'pa~fe ~C/edcoir~V~ll~mnoeh14 ROBERT M~r ~ell, R. 1, East Stan- norse /)rug Store, ~ 3 rnone ~~ tablished a cumulative reserve fund |h .... ~ ......_'1~. ._ - .... Y " " ' .... O ~ ~ sl_nat~/ UIIIISZl ~Jounby waslung~n P.~I~esI~" 857, Darrmgton. ~"~. l which shall oe ~n wn anu ae ~ m _ _. ' " ' W L 'MOORMA ...... miles west of He|- ~ : ARTIFICIAL BREEDING as "Cumulative Reserve Fund for the~ec~ona 3. T ha~ said hearing was ~,~ e~.+ 1~ ~'l'own ~lerK. ~(~o ~AT ~ ~n~iv r~T.H~' ~ IPurp(~ses of Buying, t~onstruction, ~,~-) ........... o Sepr~emoer l~, lva~ ann ................ mars. ~v.~ ~. -- ~..~.~..~ ....... ~|p~ +o~**io~ and Renalr of Garb~-~e Equip-lagain continued to this date and said ----------~--O Washing Machine, good Guerns y Holstelnlment and Vehiel and Oarha elf :r %w?L t a' dda thae21 e I, Arlington-Phone 1344 new-- 65 00. R. T. Elliott R. 1 . Dumps or Sites for Garbage Disposal|_. ~ . g . 1WTTT('~TT~I~* ~r~^~T~ ~$~ " _ ~_ ~' . ' ....... ~~.'.~i .......... os-s " |town ~ounci, considers that the bes~ ................... n reo le~ ' .=-~=.v ~u-v ~ NTED. M. Jansha T n-i East ~tanwooo, ~no e p ~ ~ rlereIor0] a Th~ aforementio~-et; unds and se-(interests of the Town of Arlington, and for ....... O rysville. " 14Fll. ~~1~ ~a ]cur[ties are hereby transferred into the| f the described area, would be served ALTERATIONS einabove by annexing the same ~o ~,ne |own o ~~" [Cumulative Reserve Fund her [ .... '' - WANTED " ri d .~rung~on Brand New International Rcf g- .~~~ Milkin, lcreate ~EAD STOCK .... , Ft 175 Call ~'~mY.~lg i, ~ I 3 " The moneys in said Cumulative I Section 4 That the "territory set forth era]or, ~.~ ~'" W " ~ ]Reserve Fund shall be such sums aS]in this ordinance and for which said ..Courteous Service ~i~1~87~Y ~2:411~ i~ i: ~!~eef ~h~a~e ~~l~e i ~dyc~obapse~~! wntO~tg~! , Everett Bayview 954~ ] i ,nd Byproducts, Inc, G gnr?m~ld sbee~if h~ll~] c~n_cncr ~rett, Wash. o ~D E. ~I~ ~al WeH q'il~ (~,,i'vo-+ el.,e Town of Arlington, and such sums as the limits of the annexed territory - - " ~'~-~. ~--~----7~."--'-"~" --7--- "~ ~ "" -- ~, "~"~ ~'~ -- ~ , the Town Council shall from time to shall ever be taxed or assessed to pay Livestock Buyer FOR ~AI~=~--- Aparrmen[ size o-Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile. Phone time provide by ordinance, any portion of any indebtedness of and Bonded year crib, excellent condition Arlington Exchange $15. phone 2165. (E. of Edgecomb) Try our LAW-AWYAY .PLAN. With Christmas coming soon livestock to Seattle come in and see our many real buys, from Smoke Stands at price Call col-$4.95, to Ax. Rugs $64.95, Bed- 4180. room Suites $129.00, Chrome: DuTroN Sets $59.50. Wallitner Furniture Marsh Store, Arlington. Cedar Fence posts for sale; 25c, C. W. Gibbs, R. 2, (5 miles out on Burn road, then right on Power Line road) Christmas cards imprinted. Se- lect them early. Now on dis. play. Johnson Drug. THAT ELECTRIC it in on or Remington at DRUG Arlington 8.3 ft. Coolerator for a gas C. A. Johnson, R. Arlington. ~ly One outstbnding standard ! chain for all makes of saws. trouble-free,per- fast, easy tiling. That's Chipper Chain with Fast-File Tooth, the chain since chain saws USa. YOUR CHAIN SAW DEALER HAS ITI 1314 Arlington C o n c r e t e Products. GET A LEONARD UPRIGHT FREEZER ~or more storage space. 18.3 cu. ft. freezer that takes no more room than a refrigerator. COAST-TO-COAST STORE Arlington "oncrete an~ce Building Blocks, 4", 6", 8". Pumice Chlm. ney blocks. Phone 1314. Ar lir/gton Concrete Products. Second growth fir~2 cord loads ---$10.0(N--green wood. Union Mill, Phone 2822 or drop a card to Red, c/o Union Mill. NO. 3 SHINGLES $5.00 per square, the best grade. HUNTER & SON - Phone 2051 In Arlingto*n - Phone 1344 KILLOUGH CLEANERS for EXPERT CLEANING VOR SALF_c--Reject or rough ply. wood sheeting, 5/16, %, and % in. Pick up at mill. Arling- ton Lumber & Plywood Co. PHONE 2601 COAST-TO- COAST Arlington & Installation Hotpoint APPLIANCES Complete Residential and Com- mercial Wiring, Contracting, Motor and Appliance Repair. Bracy Electric Phone 201 Radio & TV Service 4. The moneys in said fund may be allowed to accumulate from year to year until the Town Council shall de- termine to expend the moneys in said fund for the purposes or any of the purposes specified; provided, however, that any moneys in said fund shall never ,be expended for any other pur- pose or purposes than those specified, i without an approving vote by-a ma- jority of the electors of the town a,t a I general or special election voting on a I proposal submitted to the electors to |allow other specified uses to be made of said fund. PASSED by the Town Council and APPROVED by the MayoL thl~ 12th day of October, 1953. ROBERT MURPHY, Mayor. Attest: W. L. MOORMAN, Town Clerk. Pub. Oct. 1~, 1953. ~ANTED---TrucK ana ~actor re- You can't realize how much easier it is to sit down and pmring--all makes, all mod- els. International ~ Harvestel Radio tubes and repair. Tele vision service. A)I service work guaranteed. WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY BREEDING Sires proved great. Your better herd begins when you phone us for infor- mation. G o I d e n Charm Proved Ser- vice. Phone 2735 LOTTIE'S BEAUTY PARLOR open Mondays, also evenings by ap- pointment. Phone 1573. IRVIN H. KALLOCK R. 2, E. Stanwood, Wash. . Insurance - Farmers' Mutual of Enumclaw Fire and Automobile Phon~ PeoPles 2111 Wheel Chairs, crutches, trusses, abdominal belts. Johnson Drug. Home delivery of Seattle P.1. Phone 2843. CUT UP FRYER TURKEY, 49c lb. Lawty's Turkey Farm. Phone DO YOU KNOW that the M~rr- 187W3. low Milker milks faster, canno~ the town contracted prior to or exist- lng at the date of such annexation; nor ~nall any of the annexed property be released from any taxes or assessments ievied against it or from liability for payment of outstanding bonds or war- rants Issued prior to annexation. Section 6. That this ordinance shall take effect and be In force from and after its passage, approval and publica- tlon. ~ASSED by the Town Council and APPROVED by the' Mayor, this 12th day of October, 1953. ROBERT MURPHY, Mayor. Attest: W. L. MOORMAN, Town Clerk. Fub. OCt. 15, 1953. ANNOUNCEMENTS BAZAAR at Grange Hall, Oso, Friday evening, Oct. 16. Needlework, aprons, home- baked foods, candy, fishpond and other usual games and at- traction. Kitchen Planning Center NOW AT Wondering how to have that new kitchen... ? Then wonder no morn-here's a way your kitchen dream can come trud soon. Come in today! Whether you plan to modernize or build, our new Youngstown Kitchen Plan- ning Center will quickly work out dealer, a gorgeous kitchen arrangement EARL WEBER PONTIAC Large Australian Shepherd Dog,that fits your floor area, your bud- xr^~----&--~----~'~~~ good with stock, to give away.get, your needs to a T. Best of "~:''~.~" ~ L* .... Y *~:. ~".'~'~First gravel road top of Burn all we will do everything possible lwancnes~er Terrmr. ~eo. l~lr- ~ ,^.+ A,....~....., v...,.~,.,..- "mr. ............ H.~ ~t. ~.~,~ ~.~v,,, ~.. to get the kitchen you want to oey, Fnone marysvnle aza6. ~090 taker at Camp Killoqua 1 ~' " I best suit y0ur plan. File clerk-ks, ge--~eral bookkeepers[V~D No charge! We've installed this needed. All businesses. Learn ava~ a'~ free service so that you can have at home for well paid positions. ~-------, exactly the Youngstown dream ""r ..... for ~ale---~--wnl~e or reo kitchen you want. w ~e ~ox t)~. --coop run. Call 967. John Housewives Wanted -- Address Campbell. Open until 8 p.m. advertising postcards. Must have good handwriting. Write National Engraving , Water- town, Mass. DANCE BENEFIT DANCE in new Bryant Grange hall-every Saturday: night. Union music Refresh- ments. DANCING AT THE MIDWAY ev- ery Saturday night. 3-piece dance band. LOST Don't wait for cold weather. Get your Seigler heater now. COAST-TO-COAST STORE Arlington, Wash. FOR SALE--20 acres pea'silage. Phone Arlington 2466. FOR SALE--1 practically new tL C. Little Automatic Oil Heat- er, complete with thermostat and 175 gal. storage tank. Price $145. Call 3158. HENRY MURRAY Arlington do a week's batch of ironing on one of the new Speed Queen Ironers unt//yo~ ,~- tu ll try it. Then you'll ut youry'lronlng" board in same classification as the Sez~ice SafetT cause mastitis. It's gentle, Courtmy swinging action makes the cow STRAYED from my ranch on smile as you milk her. We in.Kackman road, several White- _~ stall, and carrv in stock allface cows and heifers. Please parts and supplies. Valley Gem notify I. J. LaW[So):06 Calif -~ Farms, Arlington Phone 54. Ave., ,Seattle. Ph AU5708. H~'C~,'-,~u~om-~- Will compensate you. , m ing0 cutting, and wr*apping. LOST--High School Boys' brownI m Locker beef. Phone 3401 or 351, leather'jacket. Generous awardI Arlington. is offered if returned to Times~ mm "office. There will be no ques-I m Real Estate tions asked. I mm T AUTOMOTIVE ".m FOR RENT--Modern Motel UnitsFRONT SYSTEM, overhaul, line-_~ up, and setting; wheel balanc. with kitchens -- weekly rates, ing, all makes. Weber Pontiac. | Fir Crest Motel, Highway 99, 4 miles west of Arlington. Ph. Arlington. ) | washboard! Stop in and take a look at the new Speed Queen models. t HENRY MURRAY Arlington II Still the wood beater discovery of the century Ashley Automatic Downdraft Console Wood Heaters now feature: TWO AUTOMATIC AIR IHTAKES nofh[ng else like if--newly pafenfed TWO THERMOSTATS al+ernafing coord|nafed contro| ,~ NEWLY ARMORED CAST IRON FIREBOX LINERS a M [] a a a a WEEK DAY SCHEDULE Marysville 3775. FOR SALE---1939 Ford V8 truck, L,. ~rr: ---'----Female motor in goo~i condition, or e:dSa.m. ~'458.m a z:50~.m, will take car as full or part 3:4S p.m. ~:~ o _." 4:35 p.m. ~.~0 a.m. S:00 p.m. _~'T~. .... 5:45 p.m. FO~oom home, " payment. Herbert L. Morgan, t:~a.m. 5:a0p.m. ]o:~a.m. 0:~p.m. full basement, automatic oil R. 2, Arnot road. 12:~0p.m. furnace, birch cabinet kitchen, ~T~ z:ee p.m. h~rdwood floors, window dra- 14,000 cap. flat bed with dump SUNDAT SCHEDULE p~ries, awnings included, 2 hoist---run~ good. Will trade Lv. EVEP, ZTT: , corner lots on So. Olympic. Ph. for small truck or pickup. Ivan ,am. 5:15 p.m. 11:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. , a.m. 1:30 p.m. 10:10 p.m. P.m. ~:15 p.m. 4:35 p.m. EVERETT-ARLINGTON-DARRINGTON SOUTHBOUND NORTH'BOUND -~.-~-- Lv. Arl. .$d'r. Ever't Lv. Ever't Lv..~1,: ~'r. Da2.: Zll:Z0a.m. z12:00noon z ~:458.m. z 0:4Sa.m. z 0:$$a.m. ~Cept Sundays and Holidays and Normtown daily. On Monday, Wedn{mday and Fri- ]gverett via Sunnyside, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. S~RVICE PASSI~rG]gR $~gV]~il 1174 evenings. W. _Meyer._ R: 2, Ph-257_9: .... CLOTHING ...... TKAN s ...... Our heartfelt thanks to all who extended comfortiing sympathy FOR SALE---Poll Parrott and Star and help in our recent sorrow. Brand shoes. Expert shoe re- For the beautifiul serviicie, flor- pairing. ArlingtOn Shoe Shop. s+ab;lity beyond bel;ef NEW CHROME FINISH most glamorous heater ever set in a home FAMOUS GENTRY SUITS Tailored to your measurements by master tailors. Featuring many imported woolens, $55 and $65, at Penney's in Arling- ton. l al offeriif~gs, and other kindness- as, we are deeply grateful.---Mrs H. E. Wade, Mr. and Mrs. George I. Wade. O ' Times ClaSSifiedads ge~ ire mrs Phone 493. S~UL~ ~ D~-'SMB]ES 15, 1952 a Thousands of ASHLEY users from Coast +o Coesf report fuel savings of S0~o or more -- Wood, Presto Logs or Briquets used--24-hour fhermosfafic he fing -- unbelievable he f. ;rig capaify heating homes large and m ell aufomafi lly with healthy wood hem--refueling usually only tw;ce in 24 hours--burn|rig wood, the only cheap fuel left. Know fhe pleasure of refurn;ng to n warm wood-healed'home efter be;rig away ell day - the ASHLEY double thermosfafic control assures fh;s cozy comfort. BUUGET TERMS Fuel savings p ys for an ASHLEY-- NO PRICE INCREASE Buy while adequate ~eeks are availaMe ~ 3 models --- SEE ~'I|M TODAY AT Your Arlington Stove Headouarters lmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm|! a a m a