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October 15, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 15, 1953

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PAGE EIGHT THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, TttURSDAY, OCT. 15, !953. ]1I[! ' ' WHITE HORSE Cicero-TrMton Ill l! SOUTH FORK S SCO Mrs Horace Enyeart. II Mrs. M Fleming, IllMrs Iver Engstrom III Mrs. "Lynn'-Dan elson ]ii Mrs Oscar Johnson, Mrs_Willis ..... -- -"7 .,. I corresponding. [1[ Phone 3019 ItI corresoondent. ' I I correspondent .... lelepnone Five Deer liken I purchase unllorms LL l" I~t| Sll~klns" t D ~'lans Bazaar " " Baptxsm Servi'ces East the Mountains | The Juniors are working very,aromer-olster ,u,enn ............. I ......... ~__ ....... hnsor Community Club O / ~ t A I ham getting nlans ma(]e andl I ..... I Mr. an() lvirs r~lmer ~cflel naol t~art l1att~.Oll, %)~t:~l oo . p~Jonin~Y :It tho ham ~unaa ]~eIore J[o aom. carried outOfor the Prom next) their baby boy and their next and Victor Johnson left Satur- ~.'~--:--~, ~. ~":- ~._...e. Y month Meet After Many IMove to Utah youngest son baptized at church day afternoon for Texas Creek tlersnaw. ~lnaLplans~ Off No. Mountain I [ Mr and Mrs Glenn Simkins services at Freeborn Sunday[ in Okanogan county for a few ~or )He ~azaar to oe n t October 11th lhe first day of CabeLaStwentWeek Everett,and Mrs Elmerwherel Years of Separahon I ......... " " : ' "" ~'-" e ....... " ' , __i Z~.nan(]A crocnete(]lvely oeaspreaUoy mrs. are now hvmg in Utah where ltlmornlng. The youngsters namesidays of deer hunt ng ......... ' " I , ]lS Hoped tHat me dryer climate/dr uavl(] r~lmer an(] Daniel , hunting season for deer arrived, they were met by Mrs. Cabe s "Mr and IVlrs G E Tiem er and .., ..... ~ .. ur ........... H,,,~,, ,m,,, o.~..., Bou uet to "Pinkey" sahl, who is 84 years o a nice sunshiny day. Many of theI brother, Rev. S. D. Wlebe of the dauc, hter Delores of Indiana are/ ............. / .......................... i M ........ ~, ...... ,, .... act to be disposed of for ben . - . Y wall be uf be,cOt tu Mr. Sire.... ~"= "=or..... ='~'. ""= ~vv''" q " " [ ' I ~" KlnS neal[n ne Having suIiereu ~or~ were ~vlr. anu ~vlrs. J~llIl~l- zvta~v ,,= ~,,,u~, ~ -~,~,u , " d hunters went out before day- Nazarlne church at Halls Lake. makin an extended visit at the} ........... A':_ .. ............. [~.... * a/r.~aa......... .~ ~....h,.. ~uro Vrnot7 l-lo romind~ u.~ of club. An3one lntereste break. Quite a number of hunt-[They spent the night at the)horne of Mr and Mrs G. F. Whlt-[ ...................... ~..,.[,~ho~ A,o,. *ho ^,*,,~,~ .hA,o ~o.t[th~ nnorn "If" whioh aa~ "If yon tact Mrs. Harold Uelge, * g WltIl ~[tMl ltlb ,tO[ Ill.lily .~ ~61~. u~.l~ U J- ).vl~, J.v t*A 11 o. v O.ll~ %~O.IUI Y 11 *.~u**, ......................... " . 111~ ~UIU tllUll IJlCtk-~ LU tivoli ~a**.*a. nl~u, t~l~ nl&l~.u llau "--"'- l ................ 0 ..... d ..... era were welt rewarded on that) home of Rev. and Mrs. Wiebe and)son of Hazel. Mrs Whltson (nee [ ................ .. ,_... **. [,~,~ n .... ,.,~. r~....,.. ^_.. ~..n )can hold your head when all spread will be given f~rst day. There were five bucks)daughter and on Thursday. t . [Tlemyer) and her brother met for[~na M~ ~,,~- u,,tt n,~o~E.,~d[tizod tho .~rno rnoi:nina with Mr [about you are loslnu theirs a~d zaar. taken off North Mountain before)all went to Seattle to the nomelthe first time in forty-two yearsl-'"*Z" ..... ......... 77 ..... /'""1_25-,V-2 W:-'Zz.'_'~,'_V_~?sk'Y,",-:-~'lblami~u it on "ou'K ------ . . . . small son nave move(] up zrom a.u ~w~ ver,,on ~c,,e, anu oar- s z 3.0 a m )of Mr. and Mrs. Lennle Cabe and) and it was a ,ovful reunion Mrs [ ........... [ ......... [ Glenda Clauson, Shl " - ~ - " uali~ornia anti Will oe Jolne(] oy o~yn ~cnel as sponsors I~OIIOW- -- -- l family, Mr. and Mrs. Cabe vmlt-lWhitson visited last in her home] ..... [ .... " ~ "] Mr and Mr~ ""a't^- a. n.~.., i~, chanan and Burna B " w" " a il , u Mr. Butts In the near iuture, the- mg services, tHe parents an() ~. ** , c~ ou uqu ~, Ar ' Visitors at the home of Mr. and[ed lth their son and f m ) n'lstate m 1911 / ................... ~. ....~/ .......... t~,,~,,~a ,....~, ...... Carol and Jerry -f .~o~ttlo Mr hngton spent the , Mrs. Matt Lein and daughter or- til Saturday, when their son . ~u.~ ~p~-- .u~v~,t-~ ...... ,~,,u ~v ...... s ..................... an r .............. with Helen Underwood e ..... .~ .... ,~ , ,,~ ......... *~,~,~lh ..... m ,~,~,~ h~oU .* .... W,~ [ On the way out west, the Tie-[Mrs. Slmpklns were feted at Hey-[the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. d M s. Bob Crandall and ................ 1 .1.... ~,.... ~ e~.~H,, ,~ ,~-*tl,~ [ -~rmt ~,~ ~vermt they mot nr [myers stopped off at M 1 ,[eral partms, the last being a Bur- Ohver Schel s home. Mr. and Sheryl Arm of Everett, spent Sun- ...__,. u~..~'.'.V-* '*;"* "~"~':*z Y', ..... ~.',[2~" .V_.%~7 ~:_~ ;_" ~ .... ~=,_ U "|Mont. to visit a brother who[orise party at the Trafton school ]Mrs. Anton Ludvigson of Arling-[day with Mrs. Margit Lund and '~=="" VlSlIlng irom inurs(]ay until t~ t~. t~luo~e, who orougnt them ' .... " ........... [ .......... [lives m that state. While there)where their many friends show-:ton and maternal grandparents)Mr, and Mrs. Tage Swanson. Mr. and Mrs. Bill John batumay at ~ne Home oI ~wr. an(] me res~ o~ tHe way Home - - .................. ] _ . " " . )they toured Glacier Park and]ered them with handkerchiefs of David and Danny, were also Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Wise had Friday evening wHh Mr. w~ars" ~v~?n ~:l~l~ annc~ia, Ugl~eTj;)visSi,~ur(]aty t~]eightoman:f SUna~aY[fished in Flathead lake. The past [and good wishes, present. [as guests on Saturday evening i P. P. Vanasche. .... . . . .~.~ . r I " l week the visitors have been ta-I -- ~ l Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pyke of Se- Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B~ wells, oI uourtenay, ~.t~. _ . .iMrs- Martin Schoonover were Oli-lken ~o Canada, Whidbey Island[pTA Meets Friday We are sorry to hear Mrs Eng [dro-Woolley and on Sunday Mr and Orrin Underwood Sunday, Oct. 18, wi!l bethelasclver Schoonover and son of Ever-land other points of interest Of[ "Trafton PTA meets this Fri strom sister of Mr Swanso~:Jand Mrs. Wise's grandchildren hurtling trip east of ti [~rn~on~Yt ~r~abrJ[3r~wnat]ett" The men went hunting, l intense interest to the Hoosiers Jday night a't 8(}0 There will be was takgn to the iVlt. Vernon Ifrom Bellevue were guests, tains this week. i ... P .~ gl Mr. and Mrs. Charles Under-)from Indiana were the wild) ..... ~ .., ~,..~... "...A.~.~.,~.o fr,,,~ General Hospital last week She] Mrs. Mildred Rogers was pleas- M, ~t~ ~ff,o T Y~t lo~ tn~s.communlt.y: ..... [wood went b~rd hunting thls~blackberrles fresh fruits indict.^ ~.. .... o .... ~ ...... 1. has now left the hospital and is]antly surprised when a number th ...... ~- ,.~a ,,,i,~ T.a weeK-en(] visitors a) the Home . " l tilt: ~v~u~2 ~u~H~ tu o~ . . . - - ............ !week over east of the mountalns.{garden vegetables, the green,_~,~ ............. ,i,,,~~ .....rd staying with her cousin near Mt.[of friends called on her birthday. ~'/~a "~{2~,'~.~"~,~ OI Mr. an(1 ~vlrs. marry DUllen ann . . ,..~. ,,..o .... ,~,,~-,,.o ..... ~,. . Mr .............. ,_ ...... , ........ I Mrs Dale Perr,, formerly Shlr-[lawns and beautiful flowers, ,,, t~,~ ~,,,~a~,~, ,,, ...... ~,,,~,~, Vernon for a tlme. / s. John West and Mrs. Card-t~ ..... ~,~,~ ,,,~,, M, daugHter ~aroara were Mr. an(] v. , . ~,, ,,,. u,, ...... s ,,, ............. lina V ..... ~ ..o.,~,, ,.,,,, ,,,,. Mrs E C Thurlow and Mrs. ley Underwood, and daughter/mst f w hlch,we.take,frgrant:[High. Bill Lewis and Joe Lamie, A week-end guest at the Gus-]~r .... Oat spent.Thursday m Se- Gwin at Mr. Vernon. -~- - " '- .... ~Charlene left b- nlane Whursdav,~u ~,,t all OI [nls IS only (]ry anfll .... *-+~"~ *--~ +~ .... ~*" ,,,ql tazson home was Mrs Anna~U o-vvoouey VlSltlng Mrs. weals a/r.o u...... ~,T*..l~ t:narlene t~ranam ann son, all , v v ~ seared' In" the East at the au ,,,v,, ~at,,=,o ,,,, ~,,= .,v.~,,, ,,, Nelson f " brother ,,,,o. ,,a,v=y ~,=,~- ,~"* ~.=,~u=.a"-**" ,)morning .... for Albuquerque, New). . ...... " serve lunch o Mr. Vernon. On Sundayl mrs'* "A ........ Wednesday with" MrS ~1s/t?r~tth~ah~me2j~M:s~ac~ndMr~Per~tyatT~Hld~eh:r~)umf~ar~:~e~:~hi~e!2?hesc, hoolhasrece~vednew ~ioV~B~ten~l~r~nrduDgUleM~cltha~ndd [Mr~ Maeg~n~im:S~k~:~!ir~ S::dd Pl"vsr""''~q"-v""'--'''~'u~'''~" ay with Mrs Vi family were Mr and Mrs Belka Mr and Mrs Art Glads3o ha~e~ swings and a merry-go-round ' " " " of Edmonds and their son Ken-In new son who arrived at the:hi, geeh wn~ei~2:~l fishye nloarg(~Sta2J The children are eagerly await- children, and.Mrs. Martha Burk. l~ndodaUght~rlv~Pe.n~aS~v~2Ysanf" ~n~d:f ~doM~s and ! ' i e, v *- - land, all OI M) vernon neth. who is in the navy. Also)Everett General Hospital Satur-l ...... in .o**n f~. e~ c~ ...~ ,~.o ing the completion of mstalhng " " [ Mr and Mrs ]..~- ~ .....~ .... ~; .............. '~ ....... Sunda Mrs T E Keller and .................... word has been received that Mr.lday, Oct. 10th He weighed 9 ~.'~"~'..'**~,'~" ......... them. Y .... |Kent were callers at the c)~o~, Use Times Classlfiedi i . 1/UIlIU 11~::1~ ..... Cab~:rnn.~e~eiaM:~ Snt:wVebKa~yhn oflp3U;eCSr:ndd?OlnS a sister Jennie, daTh~TireTn~e~ssUla~so~i2i~iva ithBettaYnAylesw2rtmhlt~h:ilfm?ntt~ef M~id:ha~slFa~reUroOfLaI~g~y,/John?onh~vimse. jim Gallagher en Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Christenser~ Spending the week-end vlmtlng . t g ...... y ..... ~,,,~ ~ .... h ..... ~~'~s to thank day cake and greetings to Mrs.|tertained at s~' .... c'---~ ....... " - ~a~nr:~:it~h~:i~n~ ir~edY~rY:ihifc~e:y::nat~:~gthS?r gemne ~::n~!::e~?~!~E~r~:~hY!~tii~i~: SHOVor~ORw~o2! Sedro Woolley Visiting from Friday until Sun oute Thursda ev '' " " " Mr Ida "~t'the home "f Mr atnid" r" " -----"-- Ed Holland in Hospital y ening of last weel~ cousin had been up. S V Vmitlng at the. Home o~ _ .]. y ... _ o . .. m s; t, ...... ~,,, r.l,,h We are sorry to hear that Ed Mr. and Mrs. Copps of Bryant Mrs. Carolina Yost and Mrs. p~,~ _~s " ann Mrs tJeorge ~laers on batur-I~awrenee weB) were ~vlr an(] -- ............ z -,-~- "'~"---~ " .... *tent at the Ar and Mr and Mrs Hansen were Dee Miller and ..... - ......... " Holds Dl'nner Meet r~o~a~u *~ ~t pat - CHildren spem day afternoon was Mrs. John Mrs. John West of Monroe. The lincrtnn I4nunit~] Mr~ Holland'is callers at the Pi~ort homo Elders of North Carolina, who is men went hunting The White Horse Community J s't'a~,in'g "wit~a"her-'~'r-andson an(i The Wagners of Ev-ere--t-t" anent here visiting relatives. , [ Saturday and Sunday visitors Club held its regular meeting last fa~ily~until Mr Uoiland is well Sunday w['th the Harry Uans~ns Mr.'and Mrs. Frank FaulKnerl'at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday in the clubrooms ...... s~ t .... ........ ,~'~,~,~ Isaac John~cm ~nd ~,~n .~,,h~ and Mrs. Sylvia Hollingsworth[Charlie White and. family were with. a large number present. ............. ------~ -- and John Schultz were Saturday drove to Bacon Creek Monday!Mr. and Mrs. Ma]eres and daugh- Droner was served at noon by Nancy Seastrom has taken the evening visitors at the Gustaf- and enjoyed a picnic lunch. I ter Tony of Bellingham~ Mr. and hostesses, Dorothy Robinson, job of cooking lunches at the son home. Frank Faulkner' celebrated hisIMrs. Bob Barnard and daughter Mar3~ Lou Paul, Helen Paul, Mrs. Trafton school, which was for- Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kuhnhausen birthday Sunday with a family of Arlington were Saturday din- Noble and Mrs. Peary. The merly held by Mrs. Simkins. and Judy of Seattle spent the dinner t ner guests also long tables were decorated with Last Tuesday, Mrs. Milton week-end at the Kuhnhausen, Visiting over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wood at-beautiful floral arrangements. Sr., home. with Mr. and Mrs. John FartHer,tended the football game in Se- were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fort- net and ciaughter of 6cattle. They all spent the week-end at! the FartHer ranch. Sunday visitors at the home"of Mr. and Mrs. James Haga and family were Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Haga of Skykomish. Week-end guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hilton, Sr., were Mrs. Orpha Chase and son Dennis of Seattle. Visiting at the home of Mrs. Lenore Runyan and children this week is Mrs. Runyan's sister and children. Spending this week at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Elon Holm and children and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hell and family is Mrs. Clark Knights and children of Usa. Monday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathcn tlyatt and two daughters were Mrs. Johnn Ryan and daughter of Seattle Mr. and Mrs. Val Johnson and family drove to Everett Sunday whore they visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alien. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Eryson and daughter spent the week-end at Lyman. Mrs. Ed Hunter, Sr., enter- tained the Bridge Club at her borne on Tuesday of this week. Monday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin albert and * family were Elate Wheeler of Arlington and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kamm of Seattle. Mrs. Kamm is Mrs. albert's brother and Mr. Wheeler is their uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Paul and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Wicken plan to spend the week-end hunting in eastern Washington Mrs. Gerald Woods is visiting friends in Sacramento. Caiif She plans to be gone about a week. Pat Wick spent four days of Iast week visiting his brother at Vancouver, Wash. VLviting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reece, Sr., from Satur- day until Tuesday are Bob Reece, Jr., and Ed Medwood, both of Bremerton. The two men came up to go hunting., Mrs. Bob Reece, Sr., spent the week-end visiting her mother, Mrs. Rose Cabe, at Hamilton. Mrs. Bill O'Conner spent Friday and Saturday visiting friends at Sultan. Cleo, Ray and Day Riddle spent' the week-end bird hunting near Yakima. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Riddle were Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Dixon and family of Seattle. The dinner was in honor of Mrs. Dix- on's birthday. Wednesday visitors at the home of Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Riddle were Mr. and Mrs. Art Anderson of Se- attle and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stone of Honolulu. Mrs. Stone is Mrs. Anderson's sister Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are former rest- dents of Darrington. Mrs. N. C. Riddle was very pleasantly surprised Tuesday evening when a few friends called at her home in honor of her birthday. Those caBing were Mrs. Bob Hilton, Sr, Mrs. Elmer Cabe, Mrs. August Peterson, Miss Edith Bedai, Mrs. Ben Myers, Mrs. A1 Davis and Mrs. J. H. Boehmer, also the doctor and Charlotte were there. The report from the school is that ~veryone is excited over the arrival of the 1953 annuals. The yell leaders are planning a party to help raise funds to Goldie Enyeart has the Darring-: ton agency for Arlington's KIL- LAUGH CLEANERS. Call 511 for pickup and delivery service, Monday and Thursday. attic Saturday at the University of Washington. Week-end guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold York were Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Brown of Pullman. Mr. York went bird hunting and Mr. Brown went deer hunting. Visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Bruseth for the past two weeks was Mrs. Bru. Beth's mother, Mrs. Laura Falk of Seattle. ~ Stnlday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bates ~ere Rev. and Mrs. Charlie ~rown, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hyde and three sons and Mr. Hyde's cousin, Lewis McClung. Mr. and Mrs. George Elders were unday evening callers A dinner will be served in the msement of the Baptist church Saturday, October 17th, at about 3:30 p.m., in lmnor of Rev. and Mrs. Charlie Brown. All theil many friends throughout the community are invited to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Enyeart and son Lonnie spent Saturday l in Seattle visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winiger and son Merle Mr. and Mrs. Burger Bryson have a new son who'.arrived at the General Hospital in Everett Friday, Oct. 9th. Dr. Ernest F. Harold, district -:uperintendent, will give the morning sermon Sunday, Oct. 18, ~t the Methodist chdrch. Ebey-Lake Riley Terry Bunten, corr, Phone 307W2 Lad,es Club Officers Installed The Ebey-Lake Riley Ladies Club met Tuesday, Oct. 13,, at After dinner a short business meeting was held and hostesses appointed for the November meeting were Alma Purdy, Agnes Twilligear, Yerda Skaglund, Is- sabelle Swilling and Betty Szeck- eley. .------- . New Arrivals Mr. and Mrs. Art Gladsjo are the proud parents of a nine pound baby boy born early Sat- urday morning, Oct 10th, at the Everett General hospital. He has ')een given the name of Rudy Ar- thur and joins one sister, Jennie. Also proud parents are Mr. and Mrs. Burger Bryson, an eight ~ound baby boy was born to :hem last Friday, Oct. 9, "at the Everett General Hospital He has~ been named Eugene Lee and !dins one brother and one sister Four Generations Four generations were gath- ered at the Alvis Bertels home last Sunday when Mrs. Ed Cabe and infant daughter Teresa Lynn from Darrington were home for the day. Mrs. Caldwell, from Cal- ifornia, mother of Mrs. Bertels, is also visiting, making the four generations. Mrs. Lester McMa- hag of Darringt:on also visited with the Bertels on Sunday. -r Slippery Road There were two minor acci- dents on that slippery blacktop piece of road east of Fortson 4ur- ing the heavy rains of last~ week. One car skidded and went off the road near the Fortson road and one car went out of control at the Bertels home and landed in the strawberry patch, doing minor ~iamage. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Hansen at- tended the U. of W. football game in Seattle last Saturday. Mrs,. George Nermo made a busine~ss trip to Seattle on Thurs- Mrs. Robert Anderson's. After the day of last week. Felix Green is building a new ~irst part of the business meeting home on the Swede Heaven road, the retiring president, Dorothea near the home of his father, Roy Schmid, turned the meeting over Green. to the new president, Lydia Bass- Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Rand and ford, and she made plans for the sons of Seattle were week-end new yearbooks, also some form guests at the home of Mrs. Mur- al a bazaar for the November tel Fleming. meeting. Mrs. Frances Oleson,! Charles Bertels and Bill White, assistant county agent, was a from the Whidbey Island Navy guest for the potluck lunch !base arrived home today (Man- served at noon. She installed the day) to get in a few days of new officers and outlined the year's work for the club. The new hunting. work will take up a very inter- Sunday visitors at ~he Whitson eating project meeting in Novem- home were Sgt. and Mrs. R. Fisk and two daughters and Harry E1- ber on basket making. It is hoped liB, all of Seattle, and Millard that all the club members can Whitson and son George of attend the achievement meeting Marysville. Friday, Oct. 16th, tn Everett at Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Green the Y.M.C.A. Also that some will are the proud parents of a baby be able to attend the State Con- girl born Saturday evening, Oct. vention of Home Clubs in Ever- 10th, at the Everett General Hos- ett Oct. 28-29.30 at the Masonic i Temple. This is the first convert- pital. This young Miss, who weighed in 6 pounds 8 ounces, ~tion of home clubs ever held in has been given the name Marcia this state and the clubs of this community are fortunate in hav- ing it meet in Everett. The nex~ meeting of the Ebey Club will be Nov. 11th at Mrs. Geo. Swanson'., of Cicero. Mr. and Mrs. L. Palmer of Ci~ era called at the W. Bunten home Sunday afternoon. Visitors at the Byrl Williamson home is Mr. Williamson's sis- ter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall of Rose Kans. , Mrs. Bassford has ' her little nieces, Mary Lou and Gloria Beigle of Tacoma, visiting her this week. Visitors one day last week at the Bassford home were Mr. and Mrs. Hildenbrand of Portland and their daughter, Mrs. Holland of Sheboygan, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. W. Cooper went to Seattle last Wednesday. Wise Doer Deer season opened with a Annell. Mr. and Mrs. Estes Forrister of Squire Creek were called to Cen- tralia Sunday by the death of a close friend of the family. They returned Monday evening. Pickup and Delivery Service to the Home Grocery at Whitehorse MONDAY & THURSDAY Killough Cleaners ban~ r e. Haven't seen anyone with a deer, in fact haven't seen any deer. After eating all surhmer in our garden they've taken off for parts unknown. 0 Use '~flmes'" cla~ttma ads - effective salesmen. Mrs. Mulholland is very cheer- ful and is getting around quite well with the aid of one crutch. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jenkins (nee Wanda Swanson) are the parents of a baby boy. He joins a brother and a sister. The proud grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Nick Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Nels Bqcklin Bur- prised his mother when they dropped in Tuesday evening, staying overnight. The Bucklins were enjoying a week's vacation from thei!r jobs. They came through b~ Darrington visiting friends along the way and con- tinued on to .~Iarysville and Sno- homish. Gets 2-Pointer Bill Lewis was one hunter that didn't come home empty hand- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Anderson and Karen, Jerry, and Dale were Saturday evening visitors at the ~ Lynn Danielsonohome. ~" SHOULTES Where and When Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Alley of Birch Bay visited Mr. and Mrs. " ~ Seymour Shoultes on Monday .... We Do the Rest. ,~ The Shoultes P.T.A met at the school Tuesday evening, Oct. 6. Just tell us where and when you want your Entertainment for the evening concrete delivered. Specify quantity and mix. Our was furnished by Michael Kirk- rives right on the dot with the mix, as ordered, land. The 5th and 6th grade pour. Let us quote. mothers," Mrs. Dobesh and Mrs Hastings, served lunch. Mr. and Mrs. John De Costa left Friday for a hunting trip east of the mountains. Geraldine Campbell of Olmpia visited over the week-end with her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Campbell. ed. He got a nice 2 point buck in the Granite Falls area. ALSO CRAVEL FOR DRIVEWAYS ARLINGTON SAND & PHON . 1621 Here are two points to remember when you buy a new carl .... #n The thrilling yTwo-Ten" With 3 new series, the widest'cholce of modol| |~ Look at Chevrolet! You'll see that it brings you big-car smoothly rounded Fisher Body beauty, and a rich, ful interior with Safety Plate Glass all around in coupes. Features ordinarily---'found only in Drive a Chevrolet! You'll be equally impressed by standing pick-up and power as well as the smoothness hess of its advanced high-compression Valve-in-Head engine Test Chevrolet's handling-ease and riding-ease! You'll this car alone combines the greater comfort and Powerglide automatic driving, Power Steering* and the Action Ride'-just as it alone gives the protection of Brakes, largest in Chevrolet's field. And here's the best news of all. Chevrolet offers all car advantages at the lowest prices and with exceptional Come in, see and drive this car, at your earliest MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVRoLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! Optional at extra cost, Combination ot Powerglide automatic and llS-h.p, "Blue-Flame" engine available on "Two-Ten" and models. Power Steering available on all models. PHONE 871 - ARLINGTON, WASH.