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October 12, 1961     The Arlington Times
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October 12, 1961

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A PARK COMMISSIO ~ The Arling,on Times Thursday, Oc,ober ,S. ,96,. U.G.N. bleeds [ " serlou, ooo.ide.a,ion i. bein ,i.. b, Mayor We would re ommena tha, .hould a Pa.k It isll Trlh:d Ri : IlnialE,a I ll rfl Your Support I [ Wilhy to creation of a Park Board, according to Board be formed, it survey all the city-ownedsu,, ana~,as as1 F ~agg~,lal,P~ IM Ipll g |gl "Nobody ever gave me nuth- [ ~ , the discussion that took place at the Council ses- areas that might be developed into park or garden By Karry W. Mull in'. Why should I give anything [ /# sion Monday night, spots--Terrace Park, Lebanon Park, the riverside Special to The Arlington Times to help anybody else?" I ' - ~ - We endorse the proposal, since we think there propety, the unusable portion of Division street-- ~ DARRINGTON ."Z It is .said]359 Indians returned to the I wish I had a nickel for theI ~ ,~I ~| .... mat omy one wrote man m a rnce home ann partooK a should be developed m Arhngton, a park pro- then hire a competent landscape engineer to lay million ever is invited to at I-rent feast Wo---en han worked number of times I ve heard thatI ~ "k ]i| gram aimed at certain objective,, a program that out a plan for the development of these areas---- tend a traditional Indian triba]l~or four days nreoarin~'ftmd for re.mark over the past years. IfI ~: .I ~] I did, I could almost make a[ ~ ~ll would not be interrupted or changed by each a program that, even though dependent upon a ritual in Snohomish or Skagitlthe feast.-A~ i'mpro~zise~l- pit large enough donation thisyear[ --~2~'~.:f'~ ~1 change in council committee appointments, meager budget, can through a cumulative and counties. ]made of sticks was erected in to the UGN to wipe out anyI i~M~t~(::, ;'.il Under the present setup, with no program, no persistent program, carried out year after year, . That being, the case, .I con:l~ohedYard :~lmWohnmhwe~Oad~al~nd deficit that occurred in past [ ~ ~.~~ ~'ll particnlar objective,IL]l the item of Parks] in the an- gradually developII,| .................. a worthy park system. [ ~la ere: 1~ at~ e~ 7r n~r aD ~S I nv ~wa [/Stewed ...... chicken, " . numerous" - they. this? years. Ie~ 111 ~llV q suppose learn Do they that., the have such guy to R who be children burnt says lq| I I skim Persons milk, were1 or '~qA ~ I=..t interviewed wereJW ~_1~-,~,.~ ~._ drinking in I I and " !'-lll~~ ~-~; Pallbearers S ~lle'~ ~" une~aY "~Ime" " Ed.~-- Almli, [| ~ nual budget is usually given an appropriation of And in this connection, while it is pobably not days ago and make photographs[ salads and vegetables, peaches, this really believes it, but he's[ r'/ $1,000 and then practically, forgotten, within a park board s jurisdiction, each city de- and write the details of thel apples and watermelons were got a mighty short memory- I t.,,I .~--'~/ ~::~ :!!/ A, for maintenance the park department" ispartment should be charged with the duty of better ritual for the papers. Law e,n.|plentiful:.. , a real convenient forgettery, I ~~ i~/ as one of our famous Senatorsl " ~~ -:;f~ ~V dependent, for help, on the manpower of otherhousekeeping---the city's property should be an forcement officer ,Charles 4.|~.~mhme2~a~e~Y after ..the .pot- ' " '" .... l~lanton, uarrmg~on s new mar- ,ate., .,= ~,=.v,,s.,so uz ,,~ u~- departments wh,ch are usually too busy w~th their example of chanhness and neatness, not a place saul ~1~o w ......... ti .... aJceased and gifts of his family once put it. J ' ~-~-,~[] .[~ ~T s u ................ " ......... Everyone zets some kind ofI __ -'~,)~-: "~" -" ~ ~]] seasonal work, to take time off for park work. to drop ca toffs, worn o t machinery, etc.he too, was given nermission|were brought in and distributed help from someone from the [ ~~ .~.] ~ I~{ - - ~- to'make pictures of he various|to members of the "opposite" very day they are born none; ,..["N~t~r~(i~r/'~g~ ~ ~]~. .~ tl T~.* n ~. phases of the service, impiety or clan WhO nad dug of us is absolutely independent, ~ ~[j~~~~ ~. .., ..... the grave, aid the ourying, I II rlre rrevenuon ~t was the first t~me m hm-| v ....... no matter how rich be may be. I .~~~ I[| I "| * l] tory. where an officer" accom- [Serwomenea aSwhoPanoearersdld, the cookmgan(]" reefer or how sure he is that nothing I ~ J~p]~ / ~ l~ Week 0ct. 8-14 pained an author to one of these .. can upset his own private little I "~- "['N, ~'~ ]'~ |[ ~" vmnla Roundun , 'unusual ites ...... the feast In addmon, each of apple-cart, t ~ "~, ~" |[ I 1~ . r , thanks Io ivlrs. " . . I l~' 11 National Fire Prevention. I Wesley. Patrick of Marysville, /themservmeswas..Tms.glvenzun~ $hwasfOrpossmle.thejr Yel. it continually surprises [ ~\ ]~ ~ ~t~ ~ ~ J ~|. .~ l[ Week (October 8-14) is m6fel smter of the deceased, Elmer/. - " ......... me how often I hear tlTe- above ~ ~'%.~ J . ~} 1 "n~/tl]~ ~ll ~. ' I than a reminder of the tragedy Jobey; his mother, Mrs Mabel/~rm. Iree'w~li oHen.ngs Dy .~ne remark, and ~rom men whoI ~.~-J~ ~| Olympia...Although the,19621 ment. The new issue should]that threatens when careless-I Jobey, Wapato; two other sis-|~rfb~:ers ot me various lnalan are not only dependent upon I ~"-~~~ || ~- general election as an off-] result in a lower interest rate. In:ss ridicules fires destructivelters, Mrs. Judy Cassemier, Mrs.[ Clarence Cheer bf Leaven help from others to earn their[ ~~~" l| year' ballot battle, in that the[ A principal financial benefit [..g a so renews the hum-[Christene Celestine, Wapato; [ ..... +h xxr~h ,,,h^ ~.,~n~ ;.....f daily bread, but from many'[ ~C-~~'~ ~=" oHng annual lcture of man s James E Jobey, son of the de v posts of president, governor [ will be, however, that the bond [ " . P'. ] - [o'~e"~o,.",~'~"',~'~t~'~]~,~,=: other segments of society where [ ~v%"~'~~ " .... old r 1 " . ............... v ............ and other state electwe of-I resolution now will reqmre the I est p ob em oemg tackled]ceased, Kenneth Jobey, Par-h... ~.; .......... .~ .... ;..+;~.. ^~ interdependence is a daily rit-[ ~~ by the tribes youngestmere rington, a brother, and Jim ~'z .................. ~" .... ' ~'~ ficials will not be on the block [ setting aside of only 100 per [ " [ |*h" v~r; ..... 1" ..... ~. ..... ual. ~ / ~~ the size of tht ballot has al-I cent of interest and retirement ]bers. ]Price, an uncle with whom he Imon,/'as~eVvwere carrled~=ou~" It's like the guy who refuses/ t~ -~t~,~ readw~ reached record ~'-~'nrnnnrt- ..... I ,-~n,,i~,~,-~,,,t~.t ..................... ~'~" ~ ......... s -'--" I All across .the. country this I had made his home since 1929. ]~,.xplamedS' thatS m" former years,' to have anything to do with in- | ...... week, four mllhon elementary From what we had heard . . lens and is continuing, to grow. [ enue, Including tolls lrom the [ SChOOl ........ u il ,[ ......... |everv Indian wh_o had a na__rt l__n surance he's never going to/ ..... p p s enroiiect m me trom np to np or me outsmers, Latest potentml and probablyl Hood Canal bridge, rather than | ........ ~ - Ithe - bur-in- o the "- n,~on die, and if he does, his wife/__..-- __ . ....... .... Junior ~lre 2darsnal program we nap expected to see great " s. ~, - -- ,~-,~ 1962 m~tmt~ve to the people] 140 per cent. The guarantee[ ..... [ .... [cleansed h~m.~lf throu~,h ira can get.out and shitt[Ml[k Drinkers Iltarry Chrlstler emerged last week when the I fund makes this possible. It is |are.learnlng--ana earnestly ap- I permrmeu, sucn as/d]tiona-1- Dur-if-i-n---ri-te~.-- 2;h~s for [nemseives, li~e ne nad to. / I Washington State Sportsmen's[ all part of the state's effort to [. P~y~ng-n-:ve~eS~a~ema~y ah~Ual:~.[the, wLtcn ooctor casting oUt[was doneVto ~em~)ve the con- That's line--except that his[|~ ~,~. i.~m,a, [~]|~ ~ ]'~ evil spirits, all elaoorate pew Council disclosed that it pro- I get the state lerry system on a [ ............ "[ ...... [taminating influence of the wife and kids probably won't /~aa a,~,w~ aava~,o [ v,,~aa~,,~ ~,j ~,~Lu ~nat ~s, tnat me mgmat way wow ann me aeceasea wrappea poses to ask ..... the voters to ap- ] self-sustaining basis so that |to ....... eliminate ~ires in the spinel in a grass mat, put into a]dead' or actually_, ...*he ~,~host,..-h,~ be ableto get out and shift for I What do city dwellers think[ Harry E. Christler 48 : "It prove a rex-man commmsmn to [ further sUbsldms out of tax | ......... [ ........ I fore thev could resume a nor- memselves tne.y will probably I about dairy farmers and milk?[ ton, died at the Arlinuton o~ determine policies of the State [ funds will be unnecessary ]~s Dy appiym.g are sa~eLy rules] large pox ann oumea ~n a ~ree ]real life" seek out the md el a. U G N I_ A survey of 752 ] tal Friday after an extended " oe~ore any are can r~bbim.x or a cave or a canoe ~o, ~o set ~ Department of Fmheries The " break o All these serwces were con-agency unul tney can Ilnfl tuner I~ive wasningmn cities reveamal ness. Born in Monroe, M: new commission would employ ] At this same Toll Bridge | During, l~iro provontlan Waotr I " " ut. the outsider strmght, we never . . ~.,~ ~,~thi,~, u~-,~ ,h~ ,,~ UU-,,[ ducted before an ~mprowsedlmeans of help and support. ]most people in the city feel] uan Nov 3 1912 he had me olreetor ox nsnerles, now I Authority' meeting, the mere-/childre'n~' i-~.'-..~.:Y-~.;'~.~- +"~'~:~"1 ~',~'~.,"o'~,~'~,~'~~' ,~,'~"~,~'~'"h'~=[altar erected in the living room] But he's not ,going to worry[dairy farmers work hard tel ]n Arling'ton the ~)ast 14 ve an appointee of the governor ] bers had to change their minds |fourth ~n~'i~h ~,~ ~,~u~ [ ~.~.~,~,,:,~.,~,~,,~.,..~,:;;~, ,,~,~[ of the Price home. Above the i about that-_,he s six feet under ] earn their share of the' con- I He was a member of M'ol ann responmble to the cnleI ex ........ ~" ..... ' .... ~" ...... s ..............s ......... " [ about letting pedestriansand |with students in 15000 other [ ..... ,,~ t;, th .... ,~o ,.~ .~.^ ,... [ altar ~s a wMte cross whmh tel anu coumn t care ross. It s I sumer s milk dollar. Only threel Con~,re-ational Church a'nd ecutive , s ............. ,,=~'~ "- -,= =-" h , ..... ~, b [ bmycle riders use the new Hood |elementary schools throughout ] vironmont their traditional I them represents Chmst. Several[ t e commumty s responmbfl~ty, [ per cent of those mtervmwed] AOUW of Codv Wvom To begin with, the 1961 Legis- I Canal Bridge for free. The/the countr~ will malce a safet" I ..'ri'm'iti"v'e'"buri'a]"ri,2"~'~:'"~av-: I lighted candles which are not] not his same attitude he had ] suggested that dairymen have ] Surviving, are his widow'He when he was alive. Death has I an easy way of life. I at homeYtwo da,~htor' ;~ai not done a thing to change] Respect for milk as "nature's lsa and l~aveda C-h~'r'is'tl'e~r'ar nim. I most nearly perfect food also son Emery Christler 'all Bug it's left that community [ received a boost from those in- [ hn~:~-, hi~" ~thor T~,~ it .... bi'i ......................... w n another responm i ty--a [terviewed. Eight out of ten ] Christler Codv WYoming" responsibility which, thanks to ]persons said they drink milk] hrnth~e~'~nd ~ ~i~~ i~~'' -guys who weren't_ like him, will [ regularly,.._ with men drinking [ and ........ a br'~'~2" ............... .~.~" ~:.~eC oe met, somehow-- |more mm than women. OnlyI Michigan How do you change the | 7% of all those interviewed re-I wun~-~l ..... i ...... ,~,,~ t i ....................... h nkmg process of people hke |ported they had switched to| Monday .t a n m ~ w state auditor. | climbed up in the house of the / first introduced the program I in an all-night service on the I old days,, says .Mr. Cheer, I out before they learn that good]less milk, for health reasons. I Rev James Fairbrook and In the field of initiatives, the [ engineer operating the draw- I 14 years ago as a public ser- | night before the funeral Durinu I ~ney aev~sect, tnesnaKer me~n- I neighborliness is. a .necessary~ | Most. of this small, minority I Rev'. Marsha~ ~.~cKit_.,~i,~ " ~" oa to marK ume Tnese ma ~e part of community hying. Do ]stud they were trying to lose[ ficiatin~, Mrs E E molle League of Women Voters pro.]span and became a nmsance.]wce. ]this service no one is allowed] .... _ .. y -I they have to father a handi- ] weight and had cut down on allln .... i~" w,,,-i~ ~',.~i~ at: maoe o~ wuou, pecan snellS ann ballotPses tOwhichPlaCewoulda measuremakeOnlegis. ]the [ money.The state founa itself losing ][ sponsoredIn Arlington,by Fieldthe programInsuranceiS [I sacredt eat anything.Dart of theItwakeiS the most [[ walnut hulls into which are ] capped or retarded child before [ foods [ "7..~'~-.~. 7 ............. ,, . :. " placea small peDDles In recent . , . . . to. ,~,,~,y. lative redmtmctmg mandatory. ] We have given the pubhc an [ Agency with the cooperation of ] The rituals were conducted by'{ Uoo,o the,, h ..... ~,.~,+~n +~,,~ I The .... Tax Revolt group, headed | o~portunity, but they,, _ have [ the .elememary scnoms ann. | various Indian, leaders during "d;~-~"~'~', .... b'~llS ......~, ....... one that. ...... parents alone cannot | coma, Spokane, Yaklma" , and ] Parker Behner, Frank up m Spokane, proposes to can- I abused the privilege said Gov I the hre department under Chief/the eleven o clock rite at the "m,:'n~n'+~;. ,~.+ +.;*. ,+~. +.. ] are ~ne respon~Dmty oi every- |their own homes in Seattle, Ta- [ ford Tungate, Ben Nt " ' 141~.. (~lu flail1 .t~t t&IUUL~ tu cel all tax increases enacted by[Rosellini. "There is no alter-]Robert Memr. , ./gravemde. Shaker Froth mem-lth~ degeased -'-" +*"- --;-*'~ *'-~ I compm~y cope w~n SUCh a |the Tri-Cities of Pasco-Kenne-/and Omar Bunkelman. ,, ,, ...... u,= .. ,,~ ~,,~ problemr I ~ / - the 1961 Legislature by the in- [ native but to rescind our [. The statistics of fire s annual/bers sang Praising Christ in I ........ s _ " I ,, lowing interment ~ymmetry itiative process. That would I action / navoc are grim. More than 11,- | their own dialect, led by Alonzo I o ~n ,h, .~ifi," -h-'.-*;--- .-* *.^ I Must they be called down to ] t ere would be a lot more pep- |wick-Richland Every Derso place twelve proposals at the l " 1000 lives and a billion dollars ]Sampson of LaConner I~-~. -,s-n ............ s T~ -,~1the police station some late ]ple after it maybe even old |those cities had' an-e*qual top of the ballot, and the in-[ Washington State ranked sec-| worth of property are lost each | Similar rites were performed [~n~nA'~ngsh~VawshaCCean~?attiee~s[ hour and see their child, asham- | hardheaded non-giver himself. |portunity to bd questic iative to create a fisheries com-[ end in the nation last July in |year. Tne. ounmr ~.~re )viarsnai/at the graveyard with other[,,ith h,~ n~-~ .... n o,A ~;,,o~ ed or belligerent, under arrest, | Like sin, I suppose he and/though three-fourths Of t mission would make it 13.[ average welfare payments to|Prgram mspwes mrec~..actmn/speakers participating ]~roken:" ................... z] as a juvenile delinquent before]his kind will always be around, |interviewed were hom ema There could be an initiative to I unemployed parents, said the U. It reauce ~nese zearxui ngures. |The Grerr~ Ferret " | ~ ~,,~,~ ..... ;- .~.^ q,,~o**~o [ they can be made to realize the | but I'd like just once to see the ]who do the majority of when me youngsters cnecg ~. ........... ~ ...,o., ~,,= ........ legalize the sale of liquor by the [ S. Department of Health. The ] ............ | Following tl~e last rites, the [ Ii~dian Cemetery on the Sauk [ value of a YMCA, or a Boys' | look on his face when some |shopping. Fifty questions ' drink on Sunday, which would department said the state paid |possmie _~re nazaras m me.~r~ .............. |~ver ~ ......~o~n .... ~,~ i Club? [child seeks help, silently, with ]asked in the survey condo: be No 14 .......... ~or, .... , .* Inomes, me enure Iamuy ~s/ I'v .................. - ~ I wish I knew the answers, it [arms outstretched I d like t(~[by Joseph B. Ward & As " ** * [ ~a ....... total of~= V~almos~V.o ..... ....... r ci~ .... | alerted to fee preventmn ] r~/ ,* , . [~hde many famous chmfs" whose [ would make my job as a volun- [see him turn his back then, ]ates of Seattle for the W What it takes to -ualif-" an [ tents in ~" fa til:e~ ~dPr [ methods and emergency safety [ ra{lu~a~ion iHlpor[all~ i ages when they dmd ranged [ teer a great deal easier, but I [ and say Why should I give [ington Dairy Products q y D~ m s u procedures ~ : ~om 85 to 105 years | initiative for the ballot is to get[ the new nro~ram, financed bv I . . ....... [, ~ .,! ..... [. . guess if this job was easy,/anything to help anybody?" I mission. the si natures of 97 260 re .... -~n ~mpormnt aspect o~ mls , , g-lthe federal government, pay-] ....... ,o o, lin ame aga t Deeoee Dee.eoeeoeeeeeeeeoee --oeoooooO istered voters on the petition ! ments are made to families | ~"~.: ...... _~;"- .V .......... . "1 " t " n be " ~v~erl~ earnea Dy me youngsters "~ sheets. We think thin ca [where children are deprived of [ - w .... h i " " wh n ] ~|~AL^|''" . A~,~,J ]~ PICNIC done by the Leaaue of Women I ...... "~ ~. ....... ,h,~; ...... ~o I--along lm t e r phage---- e [ el~t.uuuli~au ~u]~l t.~ , they complete the safety in ,, ~l~ Voters the Sportsmen s Council[are unemployed In Washing-[ ......... " [ Alcoholism, our No 3 health[--1 1 / I I 0 ' " specuon oi lnelr nomes lne " anTdhteh~aTaXo~R~oeVlnttgr:fP'now I ton, each~amdy ~ved Sdlu78~8 [ Certificate, contained in the [ Pt~rble,~, can o~Ynbe C~anttr~llhd/ ~ 1 ll I1 [ [ to pv Izor tom oz :~ ,oou gl~,,..i~. ~-;r~ ~o~h~, mo,.azine/ n g a q t , .|l 1 1 1 I busy organizing local head-lthemonth. I~r"h'e~'H':rt~'orc~"~'~._2~._ ~s/Cameron Angel of Alcohol ~ 1 1 1 I / 8 quarters in every city and town I . . . ]~_ _ a~ - . .mstriputeS/Problems Assn, when he spoke I ~ 1 1 ~l I where the have su " s ~ ....... ~mrougn me scnools, is aeslgnea~ ..... ," .~ - ~ ~ m m , .y " pporter . I Delivery oI ~ree surpms ~oo~ I t" be hu"~" in the home as a/a~ tins week s ruesaay noon I ~ ~ ~ ! I / Lb. T)~,r~ ~ l~upport~, has been surpr,s- [ tel areasneedYoz tnelamilies zs remOteoemg I[ ;ear'run'dSlire safety reminder. /] lu~Ctealnofsttah:d KeiwearmsCrl:o~ [ ~yP | I ll ll ,I [ Avg. "We admit we are scared by [ started by the State Department[m /in the room was probably af- [ ~ 1 I 1 I our state government," said [ of Public Assistance. Ar-/lrees ann Iou / fected in some way, since there [ 1 1 i Lb. , -- -- " " I Merle Glafhn, spokesman forl rangements were under way to I .... / are 73,000 alcohohcs m the ] ~ 1 II the Tax Revolt organization. ] both take the food to families I Gene ~ryfield, Farm ~--or~s~e~ / state el Washington. For each I 'It seems apparent that pres-[ and to briny recipients to state [ Dept. el ~avu~m aesom~es, /one of these, said Mr. AngeL|~ r~ ~-wr~.e sure groups, invariably wanting ] surplus foo~ stores, saidI~on-[- - Sultcm . _ /there are20othersinvolveddi.'[~ t~x~lxo I Gene ~~- to spend more money, are get-lard Hegland, public assistance| .Lana owners wn.o p mn ~O|reetly and 20 more indirectly./. ~,.. ~k; 10 [ ~ TI~S~O~ TC~-/~ ting more attention from the [ direclor'The food deliveries | pmnt trees tins ~an, winter, or / He said that many firmly be- / ~ ~ 1 " '- next spring snouia oe starung live that alcohol is a food, and Leglslaturt than the average ] will o to needy famflms m Re- ] .... ] | -- - ~ , I E taxpayer. It is time to see l publigc, Oroville, Bainbridge Is. Imp.prepare planting sites nosy../ that it is a stimulant: He ad-| ~ l~ I ~ 6-O~.. , , mere are only a zew areas in vised medmat authoritms agree groups of citizens pressuring I land and remote areas of Is-I ........ [ ; |~ 1 0 in behalf of the average taxpay- [ land, Mason, King and Grays[~nOnOmlsn ~:oun~y.wnere ~rees[that it is neither. Rather than[, ~_..llltJ~ , LlllU~ ) Pkg. 1 7 [ PLACE OF A BACK" er who doesn t like higher taxes. Harbor counties. The depart- [ can^ oe if.lance(1 wl~.nou[ some [ a stimulant.alcohol ~.s a ~epres- | ~ ~ [] ~' I I We will do just that," [ment also plans to open newlC~.vY u' ~tF pr~parauons. - [sant, ne, ann If taken ll~,~. 1 [ BONE. * * I stores in Tacoma and at Zillah, I ._~oung trees .nee.a ~o nave q.uanu~y Will act as an anes- I ~ Meeting last week with a bat- [ in Yakima County, to ease a [ ~nelr raps ou~ m me. ngnL ~z thet~e. ] ~ ' , me orusn or grass las~ summer tery of attorneys, represent- I heavy demand on existing out- [ ....... Mr. Angel, Director of Church[ __ STAN S wouia nave oeen over me ~opsR~~ V AO 1 Can I ~k,~lal~ D ~lq~lwllIi GENE$1 O c atives of bond houses and other ] lets at Tacoma and Selah: The I ......... t and Community Relations for ]'~ o~ne~reesyouln~ena~oplan, C Jer 5 financial consultants present, [ state now has 30 stores for dis- [ ........ the Association, described his[ ~ I somemmg must oe none ~o Keep the State Toll Bridge Authority] tribution of free surplus food[me ............. compeutmn hewn un me work as that of arranging for [ 1 O 1~ # in the space of a few minutes I which is~ urovided by the federal [ ~rees ..... get aoove ]~ weekly appearances in the [ ~ ~ 1 m~,- . , ~ approved a resolution authoriz- ] government. Hegland took ] _ " .. - . . churches of the state by mere- [ ~ 1 I 1 I As your ~arm ~ores~er, t am ing the sale on the open market [ note of some abuses in the pro- ] ......... bers of his staff. But he added[ ~ |l 1 1 I ava~lame to g~ve on ~ne grouna of $38,000,000 in bonds which[ gram which contemplates dis. [tecnmcal ....... neip to anyone" " wno- that thew atrganizatinwe call a iSrevenalSol ~ ~ 1 I 1 I G "STA -" will refund two ferry bond is- [ tribution of $40,000,000 worth [ re ues-- "" doing h P ~'[ ~ Illll ~ 1 I " sues o~ 1955 and 1957 to get[ of the free food in the current l ~r"~ ~l~nks for seedlin"s tive type work, presenting pro-[ ~ I ~ 1 I lower financing costs. Later [ two year period. Ht said some I ...~'~Y..=~..~ .......... , ~,~' grams in the schools to reacnI 1 1 the State Highway Commission [ of the free commodities have [ +g~uov~n ~e t,,,~l~,t,~r~o,~rties ~or youngsters before they nave ex: ] w -A also approved the refunding| turned up in restaurants inl. ........ perlence with amonol. Ange~ I rarest or t=nrls~mas tree plan~-i " fthrou heducationwe ~' plan. It came almost as an an- [ Yakima, Pasco, Auburn and [ ; ..... m h~ ~v~;]-h~o ~- ~z,,sa d .I g . . ,el ~ ~l~ ~ I B O ti-climax to the battles during I Spokane I-'~." .... .""._"~" .... ":."'.''=can geep a youngster zrom,. ~L IIIi. [ BEVERAC [ ..... 'ORNED I tht last gubernatorial campaign [ *** i ve^m~er a~ ~ne._J.separcmen'c o taking that first drink, we [~ 1 m' I 6 As.sorted Flavors I Tll lU over the $30,500,000 Hood Canall On another side of the ec-[ ~%t~.~~.,.~,~,~ ~.~ have mane some real prog.ressl~ III bond issuewhiehisapartof[onomic picture, liquor sales[~onse'~vat'ion~e'rv'l%e"'i~l"'~no~ho" with the alcohol PrODlem.'" [~ .... [ ,6Lak391y I lUll the refunding package. [ were up Gross liquor sales in [ mish and Arlington, a~ at Asked by Pen Mathews if he I _ ir'r.r, Charged duringthecampaign]Washin~ton amounted to $7,-],he A~ricultu,o.~P~o,~o, ~er wassattsfiedwiththe.results0fl, Detergent r.r.r [ D I was that sale of these bonds to 1805,503 last month, an increase [ vice i~ Ever~ .......... " the Association's work, since I ~ F~ h~ S ~ 'L ' I'~ ' state agencies holding "trust" [ of $482,169 or 6 58 per cent over [" Tuesda~,~ is m", da,, ~- ,h,, of alcoholism seems to be an[ ~ ~m, funds imperiled the fund when I August of last year said Don G. I rice for ~l~o~ who w~)u'ld l'll~e ~o ever.growing problem, Mr. An-I ~ Gt. r | , 12:0z, : ...... eak ' 7 the Hood Canal bridge boggedo lAbel, chairman of the Statelo+~,o.~v ............... " ~ ho,~,. .... ,,,..~o~e;.,~ ,,,~" gel answered: Yes, and. in re= ~* . , ' 6 Can, 1,19 0 - down from storm damage. Th_ ]Liquor Control Board. Also l Sultan I'm in th~ one o* +ho gard to our work w~th young ~.h.~ J ] N.R.~ ... ,i - /_,! bonds now have been repurchas- ] 150,569 barrels of beer were sold [ old CCC camp on First street people, we have numerous 1 t- ~ ed from the state agencies. [ last month as compared to 136,- [ ........... ~" ............... ters in our files from teenagers ~ . We,t~rn B~ " " " ; They are backed by a special [ 696 barrels during August of I Commerce and Economic De- who admit they were becoming , , , -~ guarantee fund in the ~ state's [ 1960. I velopment says visitor travel to involved but were straightened c ,: Motor Vehicle Fund and should[ * * * I Washington has gone up out by our school programs." 1 Bros. 1 provide an attractive invest- I Profits from the State Liquor i more than 10 per cent over ~ 1 IL" 2-Lb: ; ~~~~~ [ Control Board's revolving fund11960. The department said h,- __ .. 1 ~[]~] r ilU IStanw'd ~9-Z0W Ar G~e ~-~/~[ totaling $2,100,000 were dis- 1000,000 tourists spent $423,000,- ~ra~'~d~ll~ 1 I' ~raait~ l~alls OW 1-~1:~I I tributed last week to me state, [ 000 in the state last year, pro- ,15 ~~---J~ ~ 1 " . ~a~*vmeoLIbds0~[Icounties, and incorporated cities [ viding the state with its third -- 1 .._l Drip ':l~ I i~I~ i _ALLEN CREEK)I and towns. Half went, to the[ largest source of income. ~m .. or e Vr . |lstate treasurer.- Cities and l -o-------= IH[ Illd 1. o.2:~,.~.s.~'~~,~,AL ]~I towns divided 40" per cent ofI RUBBER STa~S Reg. ' r ' '' : :i ~i~'~D~m~'~-~ME~xl~''C'~t[ ] $840,000. The remainder went I Arlington erinUn o. AND " ' , . " I ~,enmp aa~ nouaa~s can 11 to the 39 counties. It brought[ ~k Marysvme OL 9-4~o~Jr[ the total distribution for the[[ *lPIJ' IDI In AT THE PRICES EFFECTIVE Ruerv, Right to Limit, I -- l~m~ ~A~ -- lyear so far to $10,400,000. II am == =. J. M. I~IrK$oN . . , / ,. /I II P 10 Lbs 1 s TttUI ., FI I . , =_~I IThe State Department of ~l~ - ' ~. -------- . . I[FORC0 TRACTS O*,,O., 29' MINIT ] MINT ! i i tmr STORE i K |MARKET I ', II O[ IVlUI~I~I/-~ILI~ 8ympt0ms of Dlstresa Arlslng from Subscription Price $3.00 Per Year; $3.50 Per Year outside Snoho-I| . HUNTING fish- MAR ET mish County. Issued every Thursday. Published at Arlington, [ I We Cover OIV Ill ~I1~ il U L~ r-- Ii ~.~ ~ " ' i I Washington, by II STKT~- & NORTHWEST DUE TO' EXCESS ACl D CALIFORNIA ing licenses, deer tags OPEN FHE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. II YOUR CALL AND "OK" nUICK RELIEF OR NO COST IIII I. * ' ~' J. C. CARPENTER AND FRANK MARSH II STARTS APPRAISER ...... - ......... 7 -_--, i [I I[ and punch caxds. A .. I Da ..mgton !,:: I 426 Olympic Ave., Arlington, Washington II ~ ~.~ w~v ]Ask About l5-Day Trial Offer.~ ,| /g% " .m.-lun m . ore , Telephone GE 5-2498" II ............ I - All popular .ua . . L b$re J C CARPENTER - . .......... Editor & Managerl[ Call Shailer Webster ~_~_fi_ve__~_!t_~_._~.cka~ot .tl~. Per Head ......................................... '" I I ST, ~.'/~tfl WIL~RDTREATM~NYnavemmaSOL~ y -- " "''" for relief of symptmns of distress arising from Member Natmnal EdRorial Association ~[ ~,,~,~ Open Sunday for your mCLUDm SU DA S STO V- Member Washington Newspaper Publishers' AssociationII ............ ce~AId.-P(mrDl~km~$m~ro~Ulmet . 8 to 8 -- 10-6 Sunday ..... " aLV.,A due to eld Ask oonvemenoe. Above Prices effocUve at the Darringhm S t _to Entered as 2rid Class matter, in'the Post Office at Arlington, II ~ .--- ,~ ..... "_'~r, :_-_ ~.~h,.., ..... nor ,ho ~t -f March 3 1879 I! O.~M~A~TV wmsr~.a.mqw na~v.q..~. Th~r~l~.Frld~.Satmd~, October l~t.l;I.14,/;l~ 2401 Market N W, Seattle 7 ol. LXXIII. Thursday, Oct. 1'., 1961. No. 5 I[ " " sw srx n XaLL 4sk About 15-Day Trial Offer