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October 8, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 8, 1953

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r i ~ i -r (~,) PAGE TEN THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, \% AStlIN(,TON, TftURSDAY, OCT. 8, 19oo. % i IlL I I III ', -\',-,-- ,. '.,, ............. ,, - BY Iil gH nimui Hi " "" ,iLL QUAKE Ill I 7TA'EA |glGl II " At Safeway's ........ I i ' Arlington Seconds ] [Eagles Play Host To i Wallo Edmonds S.ohomish ........ 2 0 58 45S.-W FrndayNnght ! i ~ +^ 19 Edmonds ............ 2 0 52 25 Coach Larry Munizza's Arling-[ ~ . ~.~ .... o uO L~ ~. .... [ ~nacortes . ........... ~ ~ ~ ~[ton Eagles will come home to the [| ~ ~:~,~2./..,~,~5,-~(~:~,~ ~(/'.'-x.'7"x.':y-x.~~2~~ Playing on the home ileia last]Xr~ln~on .............. ~ ~ ~ ~[friendly confines of HallocKil / - z Monday afternoon, Coach Ralphl g ............ [Field this Friday night, whenI| m ST" , ' e o t a Sedro-Woolley 1 1 15 28 e SAVE by the canl SAVE by the dozenl SAVE by the dozenl SAVE by the casel Pistorese s s cnd team go ,.. ... -~ ..... [ the shghtly battered Eagl s meet !, mall measure of revenge on the]~,lun[ vernon .. ~ ~ ~ ~[Coach Bill Campbell's up and]| HIGHWAY GRAPEFRUIT SEGMENTS IDEAL FOR BP~EAKFAST FRUIT ----_ .~_~i Edmonds tiigh School whenthe[Marysvlue,- ......... u z zu ~qcoming Cubs in a Northwestlm " ,~ .... " .... Eaglets ran over the Tiger bee-[Last Weeks Reslts: )League encounter )m ...... ,o ^_ -- -- ......... on ds33tol2. .... [ Edmond.s.202:~RLINGTON12 ] The Eagles put up a good)l qu, r lp zrul . . 1.75 A nineIeen polnl spree in me bnonomlsn zq, nnacones zu [h~ttlo tb~a hi~ ~nd f~tll "-- ' --m~m 1 -- m first ten minutes cinched the con-[ Burlington 25 Mount Vernon 20 ~'~'=_]~gT=l_2-~ast~wZi~:" los~lm ....... ld et" ~'edr ~Vo lie', 15 Mar sville 7 .r~um~nu~ ~,gcr~ , -(m HI-C DELICIOUS ORANGE DRINK READY TO SERVE KEEP CHILLED .s- test t~eiore z~amonas cou g ~ ~ o- o b , Y in~ 20 to 12 while the Cubs lm " " " -- warmed uo to the task. Rick)ihiday,sGames. [r,~.)e~it,,al~,t,~7winoverwin. i| ~ ....... ~_ ~ ~_ Dozen .... ,~ / ~ ~~,~~/ Connacher'rambled thirty yardsI Sedro-Woolley at ARLINGTON]less'~Marvsvilie v ]m Ul-anlrlll l r|][ll 9 :-2, on a reverse for the first touch-J Anacortes at Mount Vernon .;+~,. ,._: _ oon.o m .....o- -------- -- down with the game only min- Snohomish at Marysville .. .... --'--.- ~'~ "a~'- Larson rammed[:2 ..... : ~ iwooliey [nls season. ;ne ~u,s COUNTY HOME. PLUMP KERNELS IN THEIR OWN RIC~I SAUCE. | swept right ennd Jr fif~etn,,a~d[rnonds meets Burlington and An-]a rare safety, attestin2 to theip ! LARGE RED BEANS WITH MEAT AND DELICIOUS CHILI SAUCE. I ...... ~I.,,Y~L'I~| ~,v~,,~, ~u,~.u,,,~,,. -,,~ ~ "" na'~'~rtoc travel~ +'~ Mount Vernon ~*^--~ ........ ,- n^~__+~_,,.. +~.^..,. , ................... ~ .... tl~hemtin~tlstm~r:epTd~o2ntiallhinlBurlington has~o win to staY]are~ncaV;a~e'~'o;Utt~ea;~ngy =;)m t,s, a 16-Oz..,/$i, I .............Iwithin striking distance of the Northwest team on a given night ~.~L~_w ~ ~i~l~*l~l~ . ~. ~e-~ Ca~ ~ ] ~ i which offers $10,000 in 1-Lb. Iougnt nls way up me mmmellnnn |,~ndor a--cnrto an unsetl ............. lm ~mov~J "-I'/ [ prizes.. Ge$ entry ..+.. and broke into the clear for a 65! ":.%'=. "~-~;~L~" ",'"" Y-~7' . ~" _ [ ffor the IlfIn s[razgnt game [ne!l I blank at store. ~ua. yard scoring jaunt The try for[wcum o~ ~nonommn. las~. weeK, Eagles will be missing key men~| DE~ MONTE HOT SAUCE IDEAL FOR MEAT LOAVES CASSEROLES. I Sw-~-t'~r~am~}~foU wrapped cubes . ' " ~aKes on a nigh scoring tmnaog " " " issin fro ac I ' , l~mt m~ssed and the Eaglets led . [due to injuries. M g m -~ , ............ [eleven, in a contest that m~ght,tion last week was end Dick Er i ,r,,,,.., ,.,, 8oz I, I ~~b~ ~b'/~]~ ~-o;ge~s ~tnnate1~: s~Trnednelea [be. ,~, __ ~ ~ _a wild scoring affair.. ,_,____.___,[icksn who was injured againsi!| ,,m, VJ.lqMe, I,V ~q~iD, ai, S~,~ acre ,~,~ ]~ rind unti! the f~nal two seconds, lE2;?esere~ler~aTn, abe 2t'e'nt~ga'~i~'!Burhn.gton. Er,ckson,_.a strong " TASTE TELLS RED BEANS. HEAT WITH CHILI SAUCE FOR QUICK MEAL wnen Edmonds intercemec~ a| ~ .~' . a ,ae[enmve prayer irom nis eno po-, _ " I pass and returned it twe'nty-onelgd Sedro-Woo]l.ey club. For theIsition, will also miss the SedroI IF' ~-,~l~-,,~.,, t~,~---,, yo en. .. ,, l GOLD MEDAL yards for a touchdown. Halftimetseen(1 nine mls season ~.nelcontest, being replaced by Dave] ~l~[l~..~" IOIq~iC~iK]l,~ I I q ~,~"" 1U I -- ." ended 19 to 6 with the Tigers on[.~agms wm De ~a~orea [o wln,[Dezotell, a willing but not quiteI ~ ..... i ~'~hAPPIA~ the short end. [ out tlne game coum ~e cmse;.~n9- ]so capable worker.. John Larson, i SUNNYDAWN, MADE WITH RED RIPE TOMATOF~ STOCK UP NOW I IJ lU ~ U / I V O t'h,~ ~'.~al,,to ,~^, ~.,+ .... ;.~ ;.~lnomlsn [ravels To vlarysvllle in sonhomore fullback nla~ueO all ' " " i the-t'hir*"~l'~ner~o~t"~an~~ a'~a~i'~' 'i'~]the fourth game of the eveningllas~'t week with a boilon~his foot [ ~,~-,~---~,~d~ ~'a--~-,~.~ Dozen 46 ~'z / i An oat cereal ready to eat. Box was Conna~her going over fromi and should cop the game by alshould be running at top speed[ ~U~~U ~i~ 2s39 cadv" ~/~ [ color crayons with every package. twenty yards out on a reverse tcupie oi [oucnaowns. l again come Friday. The res~ oII ~ i The Lar-on~ to Duane Smith ~.nas~[, ~ I the squad seems to be in top l PRINCE PAUL LIGHT MEATED. IDEAL FOR SANDWICHES, SALADS. 10' -Oz for the extra point was good. Ed- The,, Like To Hear shape physically and mental[y,] ~l~ a-- ,i ~ ~ m Dozen n... ] ,,.~z , ~AC monds came right back on their[ J ]the team knowing that they oia[~AI~ -m-lmw,ma . ~ 7-Oz. i "~" -'~ own account and rammed one]~',,~,~ T~,~ [-I,~,~,~ T^,,m!a good job against Edmonds,! Iz=wVi,,m,1~D 4a,, aMa,~4~'lb, ,li,, M,i&m~K~, ~,~) Can ~/'~,~ ve went l [llUlll U~; aavzga~; auwim losm to a ood team o r from the t y, but ost a g g . . llllll point on the exchange when their[ October 6. 1953. Y g " ' Probabl roundm out the hne SWEET YOUNG TENDER PEAS IDEAL WITH ANY DINNER MEAL try [ailed. A last quarter pass,] Sequim, Wash. [up Friday will be Rudy Thomsen A _ _~ _ _ ~_.~ ~,~ Cruse of 24 u.,. I CREAM 0' THE CROP Larson to Smith, was good for~Dear Mr. Carpenter: at the.other end, Gerald. Hendry ~k.~m~rlleDsio~ .iB~[~_m~L(i~ ~ ~ 17"Oz'~/$1 I :~-----:': ....-- .... eighteen yards and the final six) Enclosed find remittance for]ana UlCK bcnun a[ melr [acKle[ --~ ..... vw~s, Z.~sU~.~ 71 ~ I II ad;,mis~ L ra'~a pointer of the game, the score(the coming year's Times surel~sts'. Dan Johnson and JohnI Nalle"'s ............ -- [ mISUIUIII coming in the final two minutes l sorr,, I'm lat,~ ' l uenms m me guard sin]s, LarryI e,-~-,-,., .v~E~ne | -.. ~.~2 ~-~ea~ ,n a can. Ideal /or Lunch. l ....................._--._'='_ .... Of the game. The try was good. [: M: a er ~v~as late ettin to[Olsn at center, Jim Corning at! ........... | CHILI ~'~'~]~ ~'AO]~J~' 15.Oz. ,~/fl~l I ~raoe "'AA.- Every egg guarani, ~!!st;e~rd'c~n:'~D!l{i:R~nr~deq!~:t 'R~hi I !i?i~?fiia~Kh:mnm~!lst ~l:g/!!!, now, son ~?~Neydrlr~/i~r~ifablcc~kd" , Froz[n a0t t?e p Peasnowll ~ s~~fl;~T?ii2:F ;m:l ?/?/" ~C [fresh. fa Ka ~ Vroman and John Jacobsen. The ''" .r . y y . e" " rlr.l orlr.l u/-llplll . " " I I Doz.Dez ~ victor- was the Ea,Hets' seconOIhave hved here for a year Duane Smith, Gary Duskin ness and flavor. Stock up Pkg. in a " row having~" previously|! still think of Arlington as be:[Lyle Lindquist, and Jack Larson at this low price, i Complete Macaroni & Cheese Dinner in a Dox. ling m~ nome and rom ano l tacked up a convincing 32 to"6(miss oYr frien~o v ....... ~ (are scheduled to see their share,Doze~ : ~ I R'~&~"T hlNNl~Dq. W,:oz. ')/,),'I-. win over Snohomish. ( ..... ~ ....... oI aciion. . ,~,~ ~10.Oz, ~'~/~,~ i a.a~na a ,a l ul%v Pk= ~/~'|~ i - . -_ ~ [ We were really thrilled to seeI ---------o----------: l _'dq, p,- i .. i .......... "'- . - - I asp erry or trawDerry .nm..uqUJ *n,m ua ewoo . Uolore l JuDes 13naranT. a resn a aiway fir' if . . ~! ~Cpl. Donner get such a big wel-I In Arlington - Phone I344 .... - . .......... 2U ..... " [ __ " . - |OO Late [o LlaSslty [come. Seattle can't put a thing KILLOUGH CLEANERS !,,...... -----i FRLStt MARC, ARINF ~o~ i ~,,,.,.,.,,..~ i~,, .... ? . over on the small towns whenl for .~.~o ...... i ............... ~'~ Pound ~L~ n Liimui tOO #Gill TIRED OF.PAI.NTING. H~gh fueltone o~ the boys come home. Cpl.] WATERPROOFING ~--.-..--J . .... m Lunch Box. Pickle Relish in Rich Mayonnaise. [ .-. , m-o __ , . , Dill~"~ DI~ ny and see now [ne Dr i rure made irom ripe pmmp [ s. ' "- " tuner certainly deserved every .... ' ~t~,qe a+'>'>9 Burke eli,-~ina*en] ....... [Iplmilln~'lpsm~l~lSill~ ~[l[l~U m,er i ~AKII~U/IPLI ~PPiTAI~ Quart ~... i ~' made irom ripe, pmmp [ V'.~" - :'j""" ~ ..... ,.."." oZ_.'*[m[ oI ~t, we were only sorry we[ ~smm~JmSl~ie i ~/-~*~u vv l~ll ~a%aax'l~u Tar U~ i ..... pro oiem oy apv,~-,g ou~-fcouldn,t be there to see and hear[ Schlitz Pabst, i .f .............. - 9 h;dL~ ~llX~* ~[ry miul~ ~ll~S, Economical. t.olor i'~ew permanent sen~ 4 Lb .... , . ,, "~all but The Times filled in the[ ~A -- Budweiser 12 Oz c~i~ i ................. i 4-Lb. 1 tional. For compmte iniorma, ga' " , " " " 3.Lb *a) tion (:all 821, Arlington Lbr,,['Ps ,'ou ~,ave ~robablv hearn[ ~.~~'~- (tliof61,9.0 Can zoc, t'OWOKEO MILK . ..ox" 98c n c= __0r ~v[ite_303 Pine, Mt. Vernon. Ithe slogan for Sequim and little[ . [ ~~ ~ -- ATTENTION LOGGERS---Iamollsi neighboring villages is "The Wa-/ ~ ~ ..................... --. ........ Bradford all-wool black union.ter is tile Wealth." I can honest-!Eve. 7:15 p.m., Sat. Mat. 2 p,m. ~'(J /$/~,' (J1V151V AVYAY AT ,SAFI H/AY suHs, only $7.9o at ly say my youngsters have cer- HAMMER'S tainly thrived on the sunshine|T}|U FBI ~AT OC'r 8 9 I0 II O ,, , .. n ~ 1 I m .................. ~,nd dry climate T might also sav) "" "" .... " " " "" N | STRAYED from my ranch on' " c~' " Kaekman road several White-t~a, when, %cattle is having Robert Mitchum- Ann Blyth [$mG | k,)o I)IIS L1 |iUl Dm(l c . -~ o~ ers ann CIOUOy weamer we face :ows andheifers. Please ....... -.. I in - . -~ , llave ~un~fllne ano DLue SKy TnlS , no1.1fy I. J. Lew~s, o606 Cahf. . ~ .... . , ..... Ave.. Seattle. Phone AU5708. IS Jufit a..plug for the beautifult,,0NE M!NUT E TO ZERO ' No obligation--Nothing to buy. Get your FREE Ticket and complete details at ,- ~ , ceunTrysiGc aIl(l moumalns wnlcn WHI compensate you. . Korean Adventure Arhngton SAFEWAY. ~'oR-s)~LE-- Eight weeks old Yorkshire .Chester White pigs. Ion Langdon, R. 5, Arlington, Wash. Phone 863 FOR sALE---DeLaval--Miik-i--nng Machine, excellent condition; complete, very rea.~:onable. P. O. Box ~Arlington, or call we can see through our front room windows. Everyone should see the Olympic Peninsula to ap- pr,'oiate Washington scenery. Thank you for listening and all. Yours very truly. ~RS. TOM HEATON, Jr. Sequim, Wash. FOR SALE--Used DeLuxe Ken. phone53. SUN.-MON. - OCT. 11-12 Jane Powell . Farley Granger "SMALL TOWN GIRL" Musid~l Comedy Color by Technicolor 2nd Prize 5-PIECE SILVER SERVICE 3rd Prize M-PIECE SILVERWARE SET . CUDAHY SLICED. DELICIOUS, TENDER. Bring in your kiddes--any Friday or Saturday during October. We'll take BEEF AND GRAVY . ,6o, their pictures -- There will be no camera charge deposit... You will be taking * can Oranges U. S. No. 1 best qual- ity, smooth, even sizes. Lb. ARMOUR'S. EASY ON THE MEAT BUDGET. CHOPPED HAM 12-Oz. " " " " " Can Fresh, try them early for pies. Cranberries.. lb. 27c Cello bags, clean washed, no waste. Fresh Spinach pkg 17c Fresh, now in season, large size. Artichokes ca. 3/25c Delightfully seasoned .... -ring. For sandwiches or POLISH SAUSAGE Beef Pot Roast . Lb. "CHOICE" or "GOOD," BLADE CUT. VERY TENDER. Sirloin Steak . . Lb. Ground Fresh Daily. Ground Bed . lb, Bar S. For Sandwiches. no chances. If you don't like what we do--you don't need to order a single picture. If you do we will give you a Special 10% Discount during the month of October We admit that this offer is "Bait" to get you in our studio. However, it is an honest offer intended to get our portrait business rolling before the Christmas rush starts. Appointments advisable but not necessary 513 OLYMPIC J Boyd Ellis Studio TELEPHONE 1241 REAL SOAP. ORANuLATED FOR EFFICIENCY. NU BORA POWDERED ,,oz " Pkg. Win This Beautiful Philip Morris "I Love Lucy" Do/l Nothing to buy*. Just fill out the blank provided at the~tore and drop it in,the box at the sore. Winner names will be posted Thursdas,, Oct. 15th, deter- mined by a drawing. You do not have to be present to win. Anyone over 18 years of age, except Safeway employees and members of their immediate family, may pa~tlclpate in this drawing. c .oo 2.13 cold meat plates. lb. 49c Ring Bologna.. lb, Carstens, A Breakfast Treat. Link Sausage LUX INT~R DIAL mscov..r co.11sT D I A L $ 0 A P For a "Lux Lovely" Get Your Entry Blank at Safeway plexion. Reg. dr* Reg. Size "" Size Bath 2/35 Bath Size C Size . effective~ay and Saturday, October 9th and Prices Arlington. :('~ ~r" .~: , We're all Read:c, Let's Get Going... Let's Throw out Some Bait SWEET g --/ia -P'urci ase opies-:of Col" more Washing Machine, $25. leetor's Items. Priced at $3.95! Call _17_02 ArlingtonL .......... 1"~ 14 to $5.95..Special ~ $1.00 each.{ 10~. Off on Clearance of these!*U~-~''~u" " ~... o- Paul s % ariely , 7 . .__~[ 53 Television Sets. i John Payne in , L()S-T~]'e, an-] 21-In. Console, with doors,[ " .... ~AZV't* i swers to the name of Toy,'[ blonde. I .Llrl~. ~-~ xx'~,,~ cream color. Wears collar with| 21-In. Console with doors, ma-[ FOREST" name and Seattle address. Re-[ hogany ...... JONATHAN. Armour's Star or Diamond ward. Call 1031 Arlington. ] 21.In. Table model, blonde. [ Adventure ]n the woods F. 10-14 lb. average: Ten- I.- ------;- . . I OLVMPIC RADIO SERVICE I Color by Technicolor Crisp, sweet and juicy, peak AA tier, ready to I~ke and u.b. WEANER I IGS 10 weeks harper, - ~_~ ~o~ I R. 1 Box 64,' E. S'. tanwood;[ Phun~ ~o~ t,~ of the season Fcy. and ex. fcy., 24 La U]l[ s,iee. ~%Varm Beach district) ILOST--4 red metal chairs Mrs.[ _ _ buy a box at this low price. B;X | 7115 " Whole or half roast. Serve with applesauce. .~-:=--. --=7-.- ----.-;-~'~--=1Al Bundt. Phone 591. tTHU.-FBI.-SAT. - OCT. 15-16-17 POUND - - - 10c ~I,L'.,', Cnaimers ~v, oael ~ rrac~rt ....... | .... Leg ot Pork .... lb. with plow. Also electric chain|PUREBRED Whiteface bull, 191 Boh Hope . Micke R~ney RED BEAUTIES, FANCY AND EXTRA FANCY. ~aw with generator, with power[ rues. old, $200;. also beautiful[ Me,ril~m MaxweU taI~eoff fr~)m tractor. F. O. Me-} regmtered WhlteIace cow, aj ........... Delicious Apples . . Ib, 15 Cut-up ehicken for chicken and dumplings. Gre~,'. R: 4. Arlington, on Kack,I years old. Phone. 1869 or 1962. I "OFF LIMITS" Fresh Fowl ..... lb, man Rd. _ . .--]FOI~-SA---L--~--~[ Zanv - - - Hilarious - - - RED FLAME, BUY SOME NOW AT THIS LOW PRICE OP THE SEASON. ~Dy-~--~--M--~-T'I~-O-NDAY m chair, chest drawers, Bendixl - l,a" ug h Pa" "CKe(I Tokay Grapes . , S The Lady Lions will meet On[ Economat, 9 ft. Westinghouse[ ' " % RATH'S.o FANCY,. QUALITY. NO. 1. LEAN. Monday, Oct. 12 at 8 p. m. in the[ refrigerator, one twin bed corn-] ~,~~~~ SWEET, JUICY, EMDIUM SIZE, BUY A BAn FULL AT THIS RIC . Sl @ed Bacon . . Lb. RaiDbow room, Blue Bird Care. [ prate. Phone ~w~. ~ --" --" "--" '" --" , , ~. 6 Sunkist 1//2c "CHOICE" OR "GOOD." SERVE WITH FRENCH FRIES.