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October 8, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 8, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON WAStIINGTON, THURSDAY, OCT. 8, 1953. .PAGE THREE HILL gtella Parsons Party i3urn Hill Community ing will be at the home Mrs. Dale Steckelberg. near the time of "All we are to attend in prize to the man and the lady wearing the or rather, the worst. business meeting ad sf'hnts will be played dlowe'en refreshments tell us not to be at anything! Mrs. Wm. Tveit and Leora and Bobble, spent end of the 26th and 27th the Puyallup fair and the home of his sister Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sumner. Arriving home, the loss of the I/Lee Guild /Goes to Odessa ' Reporting for duty at Odessa, Wash., on Monday, Oct. 5, Le Grand H. Guild takes up his du- ties in an entirely new setting as he moves from the Arlington headquarters of the Soil Censer- IDegree of Honor Pvt. Frank Herz Junior Clubs Scheduleri Stationed in Austria The Degree of Itonor Jun'o clubs will meet as follows: The ~'(,- School and Kindergarten Group, under the direction of Mrs. ~ffartb;' Naas, will meet on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock October 17, at the Recreation Room of Arne Wangsmo's home; 1st and 2nd graders will meet at 2:30 on Monday afternoon, Oct. 12, in the V.F.W. hall; 3rd through 7th graders will meet at 3:30 on Monday afternoon, October 12, iu the VFW hall; n]embers of the Teenage Club who are 13 and 14 years ohl will meet in the eve- ning of October 12 at 6:45, and those who are 15 and 16 and old- er will meet at 8:00. Both these meetings will be in the VFW roll. All members are earnestly ,'equestcd to be present and a I treat will be given to each one. tions of the Sons of Norway and !he Daughters of Norway wa~ )resent when they held their meetings on Tuesda~ evening at his truck. Appar- needed a battery Ithe home of Mr. and M~s. Arthur the cheap way of get-] LeGrand H. Guild ] 'P.od. A general discussion and ~ill !~eded "ita:2(~raft- Ivation Service, where he has/ } reportStee wasfthethemainbUildingitem commit-!of bus- Pvt. Frank Gordon Herz. ve~ much ~ reciate~been stationed for the last three [ ~.[" " .-. . . [ Pvt. Frank Gordon. Herz is now andI statmned at Camp Roeder, Ass DRIVER TRAINING IN HIGH SCrlOOL is recognized as one of the most eftective ways of putting Jmade plans to serve coffee ...... - ~ i ofy it sunPPa- theland one-half years. He camel mess The l)augh[ers of norway . " Y here from Snohomish .... trla He has oeen maue corporal re droner guests at the] , " I careful young people behind the wheels of the natmn's automobiles. The State Highway Patrol ]also conduct a Bake Sale in the]of t'he M t ~ Pc 1 a s " O O O nd rates tie heartily endorses the program. To make the program possible in Arlington High School Charles C. ]Silvana Mercantile in the monthlen.~ s his rosition'ver much ~rs Tveit's brother andl Mr. Guilds term as Work UnitI ~, ~Ir and Mrs Robert j Conservationist in Arlington has] Peterso~ of Peterson Motor Co., has furnished the school with a new Chevrolet sedan. He is shown [of October. The members of both[ ~ y ~. P. . Y " of Everett. " ]been signaled by many accom-[ acre delivering the car to Supt. of Schools Thos. Terjeson while amember of the State Patrol look [or~,anizations will heln sn0nsor] t~ecemly ne toured Salzburg t ...... i plishments. The degree of co-op-[ s on approvingly. Ellis photo. , ' ~ th~ Leif Erickson Festi~val ~which~ and then Horn. f.els, Ger- meenng I the vray'|er -ion bet e ...... '~ ..... SILVANA PlY ~an:c ~w "~ I !it]~Ce ~ t~ruYn Bran n e[miny anu has yen taking mv" O .......... ,at wentnebn~nser|HOrSthPslafl N trel?n --------~gebretson Burial was in thewlll be held at the Y tGrag . hep!!~!:qfi~:2cif~tlnYtieE~g ,c.r .meowmens.~nS'lvation Service and the Snoho-[ t 0 reea ,e ,mish Soil Conservation District u r dawYa:V n ~ao was nemr,.~tt~,~]has been the envy of the West[ t gton Hos- ---a------tV----f- I-? ---- d~?sd:r a'f~, ....... ~-'~" ......... ICoast according to fellow work-/Pital recently are announced as ] Mrs. Irene Vognild, ][Funeral Home. ]trisCoeeRa~dh~nC~ [ro~:wV~lgmld and]home again. !~ternn- J ms'firup]yrs" His skill at c'perative re" [ ~~m i d;tt'enda nce I I ~ eaIl~v?s Ef tn:ert~: ~ akola ] b Jhel (~ %Xnt bU:vi n ~ e? e3er~ nagt ~hll ] ~ iatH~ ma~Y:!~i ~t2!~:ndwrr;{P !!dm~i! heoCmes:,= ............ ]Steckelberg and David~rove a-'---~sl 2 rKl uber YDDyC:s t ecor !W. Johnsons, their ne.[far as Vancouver, B.C. Here they[ t priceless'ingtn'l Aa. {~,'i ..... {~--L--_[ [ Mrs. There Barlond, Miss Rose]home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rod.[address._" Lry Cdrlson his wife and[ browsed around for Se'-t 24 .qherry Denise Boone /'it OllCll|tl O~IIUUI /and Mr Harold Barlond all ell .. - .----7-- . - I Pvt Frank G Herz Idren were'dinner guests[treasures--anyway, for treasuresI P .... ' J;;'lb :" .......... I ~ars. tceeves m again making, . IVII anK, bouts 1)ago[a an(l iVllSS . ,, I evening at the home[without a price. Ronnie and Da-It Mr. and Mrs Chas. Boone, Aft- A month of school closes today] .......... . ~ [her home with Mrs. Brynhi]d[ U.S 56207140 Co. I rnea uarlono oi Wllmont, fd Mrs. Harry Carlson of lvid crossed the border, on their lingtn' and we have a record attendance] ........... "|Ness during the school term ~1 350th Inf. Regt c/o P M. - l)aK, nave oeen visiting at me " " Heights. The Gary[way home, with Canadian toys. ] Sept. 25, Dale Warren Natmns, of 50 students enrolled. We wel-[_ " ......... | Mr o,~a ~o , ..... ,.,.,n,,~,[ New York N.Y. " a " er some oI lvlr. anu ~v~rs. FaUlvln ,~,*~, *,**~. *-,a~,.y ~u*,u~*, [are here on a visit from[ Mrs. Gilbert Makus and ehil-It Mr. and M~s. Ulyes Nations, comed Mr. H tAng, as upp [ ........... [(Charlott'- M,,rwan"-~ ana chil[ A.P.O. 541 Darrin-ton .... +~---~'~ and .... ~- ~"r '~at li~arlonct Mr aria Mrs Barlonol = z s, u -, ~lontana. Their five-ldren visited Mrs. Robert Slayton ~ . ~uum t~,~ .......'~'~" ~'~ ~ " "" " v' " o .............. ~ .... /entertained their "mest~ exten-idren m~ted at the home of Rev.I ~ept. zo Janlce Lorraine wit- nng comes to us Irom the Arllng- . . . ~ ~ . - THE [ld twin sons and two-|and children Tuesday afternoon'son to Mr'. and Mrs. Elmer War-ton schools and we are happy telslvely w~th s~ght-seeingtnps, toLa~drMars~J. H. Myrwang SaturdaylTO Hear Talk ~laughter tended to liven]on the Jordan road. The groupl , ' rs ri[pmany o~ me oeau[y spots oI me ............ ltrip. Later in the eve-[enjoyed the Slayton's new tele-Isn, Lakewood have him. M . Reeves our p - ",I ~... : [ ~' all attended a shower]vision set, Etta Ling called atI Sept. 26, Michael Linden Harp- mary teac e , gins her f u ~ ....... ...... ....... .On Technocracy. h r be " ' o rth uget Sound area They also ws- Rev L A Anderson, formerly .... ..~ ~.. ..~.n ,~t...~ ,,r.~. u ......... ~......-. II[eo wlln l~ev. anu Mrs H. ~.loI ~vanston 111. now oi 5eat[le,] ............ ...--'-D'K~ ]Cod for Rite Pettus andlthe Makus home a short whileI ............................. u~- y ......... '-- " " .... ' ' - " The wasnin-ton t~sfimte Arli..~ton ' _ ......... |tmaison of East Stanwood. Mms~mmted at the My.rwang nome| s - or ~rapbeii at the home oflMonday afternoon. I ~ ,4" ,; .... ~.~.. xm,,, .... xne ~ysemer twins, Mary analThea Barlond is a member of the[last Friday afternoon. ]Social Welfare at their regular furs. Reed Webb. Goldie] Mr and Mrs Claude Damaske[ o=v ............. 3 ........... ~ ..... myron, returneu ~rom an ex[enu-lnarish Cervod hv Rex, C~r~tnnl -- ]pot luck dinner on Oct. 16 will |er lucky or smart tOlmoved their folks, Mr and Mrs.[t Mr. and Mrs. W. Harper, Lmr. ed trip to South Dakota lastl aalson in lmgnt" -bak - rs:l O,~en house was held at the]sPriser a speaker orl Technoc- , MY [two prizes Sunday the]George Lee into Arlington lastIrlnsgetttn.'29 Richard Kenneth Her Wednesday. . ]There Barlond is an'au'nt of'Paul:[ho~r~e of Mrs. Send Dahl last[racy His talk is said to be in- Onsons entertained the]week-end from Priest Point On[ }'-' . '.. " - .. .. A" This year Silvana has out two[vin Barlond and the Misses Rose]Tuesday afternoon when she ob.[frmative, with national and in- ryman to Mr ano IYlrS ~ennem tlsons, Mrs George Sa-ITuesday the George Lees left forI .... ~,, ," ~',~ ,,,~ " sets of twins--the Monson twins,[and Thee Barlond and Mrs Har-[served her 84th birthdav anni-[ternatinal relations as they are. kT A from Everett and East the mountains for a few]Me-z ....... A,'l,,~t,,., ~ - . . _____" ......... ~"-._.:_~ Robin and Robert, and the Ny-[old Barlond are his cousins. They]versary. A large number of~ An invitation to dinner with ~the Harry Carlsons of~weeks, work ling of nearly one thousand acres sether twins, both in the UpperJenjoyed their visit very much. {neighbors attended and refresh.[the group is extended. The meet- t,. Heights, to dinner. I Mrs. Amelia Zaretzke's home]of land in northern Snohomish Room. The Parkers Terry and l ~ ]merits brought by the self-invit-[in~* will be not-luck at 12 noon It:arlson's hand, which was the scene of a birthday partylcounty, as we,~l as the comply- Sherry, are m the Twin C~tylSons cmd Daughters ~ed guests were served. Mrs. Dahl,[the speaking to be at 1:15. ~TYS ed a short time ago, he-IFriday evening. All the relativesltion of severa3 miles of river schools and Delores and Donald]Talk Building Plans [who is hale and hearty for h?r[ ~o the taking of several not too far away gathered togeth-[bank revetment. Brekhus are in Arlington in the[ A record-breaking attendance]advanced veers was the reciw[ RI'BBER STAMPS much improved, er to celebrate Grandma Zaret-[ Mr. Guild's greatest skill, how- 7th grade. .... [of members of both the organize-[lent of ma~y gifts. - I ARLINGTON PTG. CO., PH. 493 UT. ~ Mrs. George WatkinSlzkes eightieth birthday The]ever, was in the field of agrono- ~vtiss ~au~ugner, SChOOl nurse,I ~- --. - :nters, Carole and Mary, community wishes her manylmy, and during /:eh Past three has completed the eye and~ -- ~, ers at the Cecil Preston more such occasions. As Ed Bur- and*one.half yea , as brought throat tests. Audiometer is sched-~ a rday evening. 'neWs birthday was the semele new outlook in that field to sled for this week and immuni- _ ~ay of last week San-day Mr. and Mrs. John Around.[this part of the county, zation later in the month. Sev- Ins went with Lefla son and Ardell were dinner[ Mr. Guild is a graduate of the eral children are sporting glasses ~.,to Yakima as th)s guests at their home in Everett[University of Wyoming. now. .'It representanve to earlier in the evening, later He will be missed by his many The children were thrilled with tn the state canning attending Mrs. Amundsen's friends in the Arlington ecru- le foods the ~ontestants ere prunes and corn. It ekes a boy to show the ,~linary art of canning ay, the state winner ~Y. He gets, as a real lll~ to Chicago to the Na- ~Vention. Sandra was to place second as she ear. She is first alter- Hs trip. She is attend- e Pacific College in- Seattle University as last week's issue. Y Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ronnie of Granite Mr. and Mrs. Dale mother's party. ~flrs .Gust Zaretzke and son Gene, last Sunday went to Se- attle to attend a farewell party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thorgaard. This was given in honor of their relatives from Minnesota, New York, and Nor- way who have been guests of the Thorgaards the past month. Mrs. Wm. Rock and daughter Patty of Seattle and Mrs. Alfred Soderstrom of Stanwood were Sunday guests of the O. C. Robi- sons. On Saturday the Sig Sund- quists of White Horse called. lations has resulted in the clear- munity, who wish him well in hi~ new location. farewell party was given on Friday night last week for Mr. Guild, at Snohomish, the local S.C.S. personnel attending. He was presented with a clock radio, and also the Northwest Co- op. Breeders Assn. personnel, whose office occupies the same building here as the Soil Con- servation Service, presented him with a Ronson lighter. Succeeding Mr. Guild in the lo- cal office will be Ed. Stephens, i veteran in his field, and well known to local farmers. I S ' I HALLECK FIELD 'T OSI, S f TUG-OF-WAR AT 2 P. M. " GRAND PARADE AT 3 P. M SERPENTINE AT 7 P. M. and PEP RALLY JUST BE- , ,q FORE THE GAME ' CROWNING OF QUEEN CAROL WAHL AT HALF TIME CEREMONIES DANCE FOLLOWING GAME II I IIIII I I IIIIII the visual aids last Friday morn- ing. We now have our own slide machine so will be able to add much of value to the social studies. Mr. Kt~hn, music, and Mr. Lar- son, band, have been out and those programs are in full swing. Our tennis court has been giv- en new wire, also the backstop for the ball park. A new circular drive has been gravelled around the gyms so that the school bus will not need to back in wet weather. This is very good. A light pole must be moved over a bit so that it is safe for coming out on the highway. School Boy Patrol is in fine fettle and the boys working are Dennis Reese, Allen Box, Dennis Rude and Norman BaAls. We have launched a much needed Safety Program here. Our first football game is scheduled for Thursday at Ar- lington. Mrs. Ellen Erickson is again at the head of our cafeteria and we are being very well fed. ---Report by Mrs. Reeves. Death of Mrs. Estb Marie Estby, 76, of R. 1, East Stanwood, passed away at an Ev- erett hospital Friday after an ex- tended illness. She was born in Clitherall, Otter Tail County, Minn., May 27th, 1875, and had been a resident of Norman since 1887. She was graduated from the State College of Washington in 1903, taught school for a num- ber of years and was employed by the postal service from 1909 until 1941. She is survived by a brother, Bernard Estby, of Nor- man; four nieces, two nephews and 13 grandnieces and nephews. Miss Estby was a charter member of Camilla Collett Lodge No. 25, Daughters of Norway, and was also the first president of that organization. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon at the C. J. Gunderson Funeral Home in East Stanwood with Rev. O. J. Haukeness officiating. Beautiful vocal solos were sung by Mrs. J. H. Myrwang. Pallbear- ers were Win. McDougall, Louis Stubb, Arthur Rod, L. B. Stave John Langsjoen, Qle Fjarlie. Cigar M~ l~a~ Olgar Hoe of R.~I, East Stan- wood, passed away Thursday in the Arlington Hospital after a brief illness. He was born March 27th, 1883, in Chicago and moved to the Norman district in 1907. He is survived by seven sons: Bur: hie, George, and Raymond of Arlington, Archly, of McChord Air Force Base, Everett, and Lu- ther, R. 1, East Stanwood, and' Donald of Marysville; one broth- er, Arthur of Sumas; one sister, Marie Dahl of Ferndale; and 15 grandchildren. Funeral services were held from the Salem Lu- theran Church on Monday after- noon with Rev. O. J. Haukeness officiating. Beautiful vocal music was contributed during the ser- vice by Mrs. R~y Fosse and Mrs. James Pryor and Mrs. George En- You can own a new And only . . . a month. You can pay MORE down if you wish.., or we will take yore; present ('dr as down paymen (or youy equity if it's not paid for). 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