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October 1, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 1, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, OCT. 1, 1953. PAGE THREE ]] 1Confirmation At BY II Lutheran Church " " " BILL QUAKE [] [ On Sunday, Sept 27, six young II i people were confirmed in the LU- ..... ,'1 t theran failh at Our Savior's Lu- Goes IArlington Seconds Wallop Snohomsh 32 to 6 [ n 2::h'H2:]h'lgtB'ar;l::y ~e ~.~.~., ] The Arlington High School Re- up the second six pointer in the[ Sele, l)arlene You~lt, Ph~jlis Lien, ,~ao atonal ]serves traveled to Snohomish[same period on a six yard run[ [(~ary mose anti uarry Forsman. to ....... Ilast Monday afternoon and hand-laround left end. Jack Larson[ ]At tile same service Larry vors- nm ~,~agles Wlil}ed the Panther Kittens a 32 to 61skirted the right end for the ex-] [man's youngest, brother,born nUaSr~nlstl~:lawany' ~[lacing. Coach Ralph Pistorese's[tra point. Snyder, a fast and[ [la~.August. was oaptlzea. t~' -'~ .... I Eaglets hopped into a first pc-l elusive sophomore for Snoho-[ i lnese six young peopie were L mmet~owes Ti:[riod lead and were never headed.]mish, counted the losers' lone] [examined as to their knowledge ,s~rry,vlumzzaana[It is hoped that this is a prevueltouchdown early in the second[ [of the Christian faith at worship in~d ~'.'~.~K,~'~[of the Eagle vs. Panthem fray[period on a 65 yard run, round-[ ]services on the two preceding - ,"~:= ~' ...... ?=Ulwhich will take place in tim nextling Arlington's right end. The] ]Sundays. On Sunday, Oct. 14, '~a~t,,ne ^any,~,,:ea]few weeks. ]try for point was piled up and] ]they will partake of The Lord's i527~'''~" "~ ..... -s;?':'l Arlin-ton countinc~ i,~ over-Arlington had a 13 to 6 lead.[ Supper along with others of the [~is a~l~.v~er,~a-l[neriod Sran'the Sn~ohomish encls]Mments later Jack Larson broke] ]congregation, for the first time I~ ............... "]~Ji~h ~n~ A rPonv~rPd fumhl,[and romped seventy yards for a] ]at the morning worship. At this I-n'~ Dick ~"sseP- '-' .... v"-lscre again around right end./ : . ....... [same service Mr. Lloyd Larsen straight game the[.....~ ......... .~ ,... ~_.., .... ,,..,[The score at the half was 19 to] : ~ tbrother of Roy Larsen will speak ]th.e underdog. / ^ :: ' I/"\ [for a few minutes on the work u along with Ana-I _______~" .~" ~ ........ ," ..... [ After an exchange of fumbles[ iL>s : . !::::~ : land purpose of the Gideons. The .top club in the][J] .... TL^.. ~....~ {in the third period the Eaglets{ , ~/ L~ {sermon theme will be "The Lord a izza, Pistorese and[~.|UW a||~y OILallU lagain began to roll. The drive] ~/~ ~ >" ~ ]in Liturgy," and will show the touchdownsfavor-] Northwest League Standings lended when Larson again hit[ ~ "\ ~ Icentral place that God in Christ ,~ [uss.le. l~ot amY]Team WonLostPF eA]paydirt from six yards out. once] ' ~- i/ ~ [has in the Lutheran order of ~ls big, zast, ana[Snohomish ........ 1 0 34 25[more around his favorite end.[ ~),:~;~ ~ : ~ ~ ~:ma ~ ]worship, and also remind the ey_ will be piaymg[Edmonds ............ I 0 32 13{The final Arlington points came{ :~ ]~ 1 ~ [worslaiper how he fits into it. ; Used to the fast[Anacortes ......... 1 0 21 0 in the final stanza when again] ~~A~ ~::~ J i~ 1 ~ [ o- it own solid turf,[ARLINGTO~ ...... 1 0 13 6lthe Eaglets drove from deep in[ WELCOME CUB SCOUTS ABOARD SHIP--Alvin Secktell, yeoman third class, USI~, of Arling- ]ARLINGTON IN a_~nd[Mount Vernon .. 0 1 25 34[their territory, the eighty yard] ton Wash., was one of the ship's crew to welcome Cub Scouts aboard the heavy cruiser Bremerton IRIPLEY FF~TURE -u peat of me rl-[Marysville ....... ... 01 13 32 drive culminating in Monte] in Yokosuka, Japan recently. They were met by the ship's commanding officer and three Wash- [ Mrs. Carl Johnson, of Los An. 0-e ..... ]Burlington .......... 0 1 6 13lNess explosive effort ~om the[ ingtonians. Back row (left to right) Richard D. Patterson, radarman, third class, USN, Hoquiam, ]geles, sends The Times a clip- ~nea melr Ieague[Searo-woolley .. 0 z 0 zli~nonomIsn one. aonn JacoosonI Wash.; Captain Robert F. Martin, USN; Lt. Ted Stuart, USN, Bremerton, Wash.; Alvin Becktell. -- ]ping from a Los Angeles news- , vriday, walloping[Games this Friday- ]ended the day's ocorin by notch-] Official U S Navy Photograph [ a er showin a Ri le "Believe .... o . . pp g p y ~to 13 It marked the[ AD*'"~G"C'N at Ed'~ond- ling the try for polng on an ef-I ..... ~ ]Tt ,,, ~J"t r'-~toon ' which shows that the T~gers had fort around SnohomIshs rightI * [ " w e 0 I Anacortes at Snohomish[ . ,, - , ^ , ^ - Local U Students a chicken with four legs, o n d ~n this season. Ed.]Mount Vernon at Burlington ]ena. nmAm usre ~:mm~. : nuam'mn _ . _ [by Walt Holmstead, Arlington, previously blanked v uuu~mnuu~umm~ma~mo ~vl, imm~mm vvmuw~mull, muum " w 0 ] Marys ille at Sedro-Woolley]favored in this affair Anacortes J[~,,',t,,,',.n~-', ~,w,~ea ]Wash The same clipping as and tied a strong a~,~,~,av~, a~a~, o " ington of Kirkland[ With the Northwest League]travels to Snohomish, with the ~ || | P _ ~ m m ~ ~A [sent from Honolulu by Wilbur Ed,~..-no ; ..... t.,~n[race thrown wide open as a re-ISeahawks in the roll of favorite [~|1~.~ t~r |~J'~.r ~n._m More than 750 University oflAnderson, son of Mrs. Mattie An- aa ~,'j~'~f~'o~ff.~."~,'~]sult of Arlington's win over fa-~having three impressive winsi '~"" .... v ...... .,,.vvv Washington students received/derson, of Arlington. ~. ut,,=.~ .ut,, ...s ndefeat this ear as a alnst a air of vie / h~__',, .,. ' /vored Burlington four u -[ ' Y g " P " " -'October 28 to 30 are the dates December for the purpose of pro- ,, a ' i and list-~-~el-ow~ ,mule. warren runs ' ' .... h . . , bachelor s degrees, te ch ng[ . his backfield spot [edte:y~h~ll mi~t thhaiS[rIdayf~an[tnr~e~dfr:nr~s-/~:nthe~" A~:2:nteS; of another important First forlmotlng adult education. It s com::nursing certificates and ad- Arlington--John Dudley Alex- ir Bill is one of his/~eachin effect on the loo title Itwo for the conference chain" Washington homemakers iposeu o3 coumy councus I vanc~d degrees summer quarter, ander bachelor of science (pub- . g p " - " homemakers groups WhO serve her re istrar ' ' " ,ets at his end posl-[Arlington, winner of th ree/pionship. Mount Vernon travels Those are the dates of the first]in an advisory and nlanning Mrs-..Ethelyn,~T..^,.' g ,;l~.c health and prevent~e..medi- ~- ,~unuun~u tu*~ wccr, clue), l~loy(1 lvtarK Williams, r ....... [straight, travels to Edmonds in alto Burlington, with the Tigers annual convention of the Wash- capacity for home economic~ ...... " ..... o ] ..... ~ ,~,~,,o,tlon ~t [1 n season , , ~nere were aoa oacaelor s u l masler o ~ me } lS .... ]head-on collision with the South-{due to get on with a new winning ington Homeemakers CounciliPhases of the Agricultural Ex- ' . ..... ., ...... ~: .... : .... ~': .... .. . . anOUla De at [Ull i a green ~ aoctor oi (1ent,u ~--s=-z ~astbtanwooa ~_:arroll La 0 .... ]ern Tigers. Edmonds poundedlskein. The inexpe ienced Tom "Everett will be the convention tension program. - ' ..... ,, .....~ ..... I .- .... ---. - ' : ,,~_.oack Jerry b.arter,]Marysville into submission last]hawks invade Sedro's stronghold city. The Snohomish County Th,~ 3-,~ .......... ~ ..........9egrees,.o+o~ teac.,j~a,p ~,u,~:!verne ~.IIDer[son,. oacnelor o~ urst contest w~th an]week and sports a two win one[to decide early who will finish in Homemakers' Council will i~e w;n "~,~,~'f,~ ~'~'~,~\'~,'.." ~,,sA:,~ lng cerunca~s, ana ~u actvanceu science in mecnanical engineer- Will be a wemome[tie record. Edmonds shouldbe/the league basement, hostesses for the event. ' throu~,hdiscussion and work 'g . .... ling, Doris Anne ~ygg, oa . seconaary ue~ense/ .. : ......... ~" ....... Stuaems ~rom mis area are o~ science in nome economms. will- use/ ~v~rs. Alma t=ooi, presiaent o~ sessions, talKS oy lea~ers in Carter will yeoman work to offensive back- ning, John Lar- , and Mary Tay- boys taking the] ....... e attack will bel A Mack ~ennet~ movie was ca- son and Rudy[aeted in Arlington last Saturday ; Gerald Hendrv[morning,-when Mel Sans. proprie- uh m,ards Joh~]tor of the Coast-to-Coast Store, an' -~hnson and]and an itinerant "knight of the Olson" This is a[rad' put on a cops and robbers Club, a team that]chase across Olympic avenue, ~gether The Eagles[dwn Third street and along the 'ell nnl'l their thirdlrailroad embankment, the flee. ~t of~t~e s'eas'on'"in ing robber bounding along the large delegation of street with Mel close behind ~s will travel southlswinging a rifle, and merchants Ust to see the an-[ and shoppers on the busy thor- question how goodlughfare rushing .from their hting Eagles~ stores and stopping to watch and ..__" "~"" .... wonder what was going on. I~ {~L_~ ~'-;,, I A train was approaching from 9talC rali the north, and some thought thc in,, ...... ,~ ' werel Jesse James gang had held up a k'~green"S~ate Fairl freight train and Mel was rush- of'~-t-l~e- Arlington ling to the rescue. -~r Chapter: [ But, it all happened thisaway, ~' - I according to Mel: tom, blue-red, t~vol Mel was checking some mer- A Klein, blue-red, chandise about the middle of the [imHathaway blue, store, when a man, wearing a i. Geibel, blue Hol-long trench coat entered. He rseth, blue, Guern-lwent to the window, where there (lein, blue, Guern-]was a display of rifles and hunt- 'icker, 2 blues, twoI ing equipment. Mr. Sans, busy :il Danard, 2 red 1/with Checking. noted the man ~uernseys-one Hol-[who seemed to be interested in Larson, red, Guern- the display. He saw the stranger ]omsen, red, Jersey; lift a rifle from the display and red Guernsey; Bob seem to examine it, then Sass's .% two Jerseys; Ger-]suspieions were aroused as the blue, Holstein; Bob man turned and looked bacg, ano ~eds, two Jerseys;I apparently not seeing Mr. Sans, 'lor, blue, Jersey;! began edging toward the door. red Jersey; Cy Mel approached along the aisle rsey;'Louis Stange- hidden by merchandise and ar- ,lstein; Ken Nelson, rived at the door in time to grab '; Roy Peake blue, the man by the arm. ampion Milking He said Wait a minute, I want to talk to you." ': ~ "What do you want?" asked !an, blue, Jr. Cha.m-the individual. ~.nd Champion, J*m "Where is that'gun you took ue, ~eserve t;nam ,, " from the window, asked Sass. The stranger denied having ~ing: . , taken the gun. And Mr. Sass ~. blue 8th hign , . opened up his coat and found the Klein blue J~m 3 ~ , ~.'... rifle, a 0-30, tucked up under ~eo. ~eloel he man's arm blue; Don "You're going to jail," said Zwicker, blue; ;ass. red; LeRoy Larson,! "Oh, please, Mr.," said the Taylor, red; Lar-~ thief, "I'm a sick man, I'm hun- Cy Swett, red; go" gry; let me . :nd, red; Ken Nel- Then it happened. Mel turned red. to call to Mrs. Sans to call the marshal. With his head turned, Trio---B. B. the sick stranger landed a hay- blue. B. B. maker to the Sans jaw and jerked red. B. B. Bronze away. Mel turned and'swung-the rifle butt at the man who thr?w B. Bronze up his arm and took a glancing B. Bronze Hen,! blow on the elbow, but the rifle Champion B. B.! came kerwhack up against the blue,Grand Champ- door jamb and broke the stock. The pursuit then began, the Bronze Trio, fleeing thief, with coat tails fly- blue; Bronze ing running across ;he street, White Trio, west on Third street, then he cut White Tom, blue; north along the railroad era- Hen, blue; Ne- bankment. Mel was behind him, blue; Nebraskan carrying the gun. A train was Hen blue. approaching from the north, and AT FREE METHODIST CHURCH 9:45 SURPRISE ENTERTAINMENT This is the Kickoff for Unday School Membership Campaign THE PUBLIC IS INVITED IIII I I II .,, the County Homemakers' Coin-home economics and agricultural 6~UE'AD TU~ VI~,Tf~9{~ UIM~TD~I ~99 Jell. announced plans for the education, reports of national llEd'~l~ Illr- l~kllq~l~ a,~ lllllOll~L,O [meeting just received from Mrs. and international homemakers' a~ --.~..,,rv,.~. ,....,.,i-. maw,~,~.--,~v,~ [M. Simmelink, Kennewick, state meetings, and plenty of get-ac- ~li- z~.i~iVl~l~X ~i~" ~.L~-l~x~X~l~&U~ai i| I president, quainted events. ~ ....... ~i~ I . . .... . , , I Mrs. Cool explains that the An International visitor will be .... m the ~eeing man Jumpeu ~own~state Council" was organized" last one of the featured speakers at ...... .~ . :.. ......... ::~ !i!ii~:. ~!;;il ~ [ the bank and slippe(1 across the ........... - " - - the meetin~ Che's Mrs Ada ; ::: :: ~!~!i~;~i~: u l Sha of Vancouver B C who .............. ...... .................. .............. .............. :~:::: ,.:~ :.~ ~:~.~.~::,~ track In front of the locomotive *w ...... ..................... ..................... : ................... ~ ........ :~ ...... ~:~:~::~ .... " ' "tHerman So 0 son , ................................................................................................................... ........ the train throwing an eifectlve wl iv ................... .................. " ........... ............. ~ ........... ~.:"::!~ ...................... ::=:~:~:*~:~ ..... llg e areportofthe53To..:!:~:~::}