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October 1, 1953     The Arlington Times
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October 1, 1953

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t E Power & Phone Lines # nttho r oL m" ~aSOfn;P:tr}::kaf2?/g Dick Er~Ck~on andsR~dYckTshO?a ~~~ ~ liL:mCal P.UdDa ~)n~ty ~elmeph~n~[mTherPly~odn om;lelra~P:n Palta~r ~ontest. The Tigers, a standout defenseman the last ..Sunday ni~ht~. , be~_innin.~ g about 6 airport, and will remain, there for down favorite, were two games, played as expected. ~~il~ o'clock, when the windsto~-m[some time, cleaning up the ma, many quarters to cop Thomsen, playing his first con- ~~~ ~ which had been building up all[terial on hand. Own this season also. test after missing the first two ~ ~ ~~]~i ~ day, struck with considerableI Robert Harlan manager of the est crowd of the young games with a~inLn2~lrY, s~Orkeed i~~H m ~orce about 6 p.m., felled trees, ~ mill company, states that the la,~ any Burlington" fans hard. and co " y . .'PP "ipped b anche~ from other trees carload of lumber wHI" be Shl'pped [~atch their club rack BUelinegt~e?anCkS t~f thm:liigt::n ~~~1 / and S~ont,ethees through power|from the old site this week. He 'fteenth straight win , . ...... ~~ ~ ~ ~ P " [says it is their aim to get the new the ~ backs an easy target ior his nali- ~ ~ ~ .--, , battle. The Eagle~ _ .......... - ~~ ~ There were interruptions in}mill in readiness to start up ~ DUCK [O nail Jim L.ornlng, oesloes Tigers a first half . .:" .... ~~ ~ the service off and on through-labour November 1st. I the ~ countingme two six-pointers ' ~mmm m ..... , The mill corn an s~ar- - . n came back in a ........ ".' .m~mm i OUt the night, i p y [ tea Ol~er- [i tall was an anchor in the role(lie oi v to count twice , , . ]~~a~ ~ ~ mm ] On the Darrington branch ] atlon on the airport m a small LCOaCI~ Larry Munizza the Arlington line, white ~arryACKNOWLEDGING THE APPLAUSE of the citizens of the community who greeted him on his there were numerous breaks in|way and grew and expanded tm- trai olson piaye(] an outstanamg ' " " t C 1 D "ght win of the year, ........ ' home-coming reception last Satturday nigh , p onald Donner found the warm, friendly greet- the lines and the crews worked[tfl it employed about 100 men. u se ~ r nne backing posmon ~. P t "n a ow. . .-. .." .. .. ing in great contrast to the agonies of the death march to the Yalu river, which he survived, and all night. The trouble also ex-[The facilities on the airport. ~r(i straight game the Offensively ~lek ~orsem., ~orn- which took the lives of so many of his fellow soldiers. Here he waves to folks along the line of the tended to the Stanwood district. I built for military purposes, were etense played a vital ling, and Jonn ,.arson earned theI parade. At his left is Queen Donna Brown of the Marysville Strawberry Festival. Evergreen State Most electric services were re-|not adapted to efficient mill op- unin~, ...... the ~,ame again load. Borseth. carried, the pigsKin, i Fair Queen is at his right, and the queen of his heart Miss Barbara Deverna occupies the front stored by 6 o clock Monday morn-]eration, and restrict|bug made it. ~!ng the offense. Bur-[a dozen times ann managed toI seat. Ed. Wellman, chairman of the celebration committee, drives the convertible.--Times Photo. ing, and the tired crews caught[necessary that the company seem c~ed up a dozen first[ net sixty-six yarns, averaging at ~~ ~ up with the emergency work bv[a new site. Arlington's ten but neat 5.5 yards. Larson fullbacked[~ : ~ [] [] ~ @ m ~ [] ~ Monday evening. "[ The old Navy buildings which ;irrtYyradadgsetC;m:bl~e he~S;?Yte~r:7n~a~d~ ;nr~en~a~lPnrndn nnd Ilntnntmn I;nr (nl IInnnnr coR;p:rtinAgl frdths~atteei~ph~m~f~)eCcUdPYltahre27Sre~u~,illtaraeala~i~l~ ~'sixty offensive plays, Hot to Go Corn|rig carried twice lEM|~b~M~ MIIll~l II~l~i~EEVIIII IVI ~i~l@ E~MEEEE~E one time there were about 600|date, a catalogue issued and sale ~trol of the ball most and gained 57 yards while Mary [] ~ "hones o"t "f service the area of|date set and advertised. ~ning By comnarison, iTaylor picked up the rest of thel It was like the Fourth of July~ g~ .......! l~ ....... ~ v u u . ' .- . . I " " r or~u UOI1 " ~amage ranging ~rom uarrmgton ------------o ~anaged to run thlr- ground yardage with 27 yards in in Arlington last Saturday night [ ~L,O p ller [~l~ln~n~ ~e$m~J~r ~n ....................... [ .~s from scrimmage,|five attempts, a nice 4.6 average.,when with flac~s [l-in,, the band[ IL~ ......... I ,,,* w .... l'l,~d o,, to re-lace/|T~.N ~aan~ ~.a~, )lc d m r ard . . ~, ~ b, . ~ .......... v ~.a~at *t taaa~ ~aa.~, ke up o e y -[ Although glwng up but 56inlnvi,~, ,rid the ,qtl.... ]|.hqct[ r xpre e I[-[,dJ Iooles three being, re-laced on| ~on netted 183 hras " air at "--'"" ...................... ~ . . ~ ~v~ta ~aao,.,,~,.a,a,~ . , ~, v Y yards to the Burlington " the Darrington line and one tng plays, an average|tack and intercepting once the[the sidewalks on Olympic ave-[ Annrecmtmn [.. . ,,.. [ ..... . ..... o.. [Under Way Na and n " " rr ~,~ ~,, ~.u~.,u. ~,~.. ~,.,,,.. ,, y, 64 yards o [Eagle air defense looked a llttle[pue, the community gave a rous-[ . imonoay ~.~C~e ~ ~icl thnt th .... w workorl MI[ At a meeting of eaotains of the ~Lonsln six passat-[weak. The Tigers completed half[lug welcome to Corporal Donald [ ~7 ;he ~ePle~Ar!Lng:onnt Arlington Assembly Order of ni"g~lt ~t'o-elear atol'i line "to-bar-/UGN Fund drive, helcl in the City TAb's -.~- ~ ........ ";of their ten attempts. TinS com-/uonner, WhO recently returnea! ...... :.- v~--:~.v ..... ~. "*~'~ I ....... : ....... rin~ton the line ~oin~ down intHall Tuesday afternoon, Chair* i~tn nearly twice asling week the Eagles go to Ed-[from three years in a Communist[ responmme Lormewonae.rlul I t~alnoow Ior tilris, wm nora its thai.evening It wa~ res~tored and|man Robert'Leach of the UGi~ ~, gained 173 yams in mends, and the Snohomish Coun- prison compound reception ~amraay mgn[, Fall I-nstallatlon on Monday ev- ~'" " ' cam ai n ave final ins uctim~ ~g plays, an average ty Tigers are noted for thor po-[ The parade up Olympic avenue[ Sept~,27:ao...h, ~h~..u,., ,... [ening, Oct. 5. The public installa- ta~enn abUtotlOer3Orlt tW;pted:nttto thl~ dgtvegeaptains an~Tande~ i',~_ per carry, obltent passing attacK. The ~:agieS[was followed by a reception and] **.~ It|on will be at 8"30 followin~ a the line. [out the kits to be used itl the so- ecompmu2ns 1.n ten will be busythis week snarpen-lprogram at the High School audi-[ ~'~,~"'~t"t'l~"~r~i~n~"~'i~ tree,liar RMnhnw'rn'ootina in the By Tuesday noon most of thellieitation. ~r|~.~u,,.~..~ +~a~[ rag. [.heir. aelenslve.omwarKs..miter|urn, which was attended by/ ~%,,'":,-~-"7 --:---'~, ...... - -o-- ....... ---: .......... - ....phones were back in service, but Captains of the various divi~ ,~---~,~,, .*::=~.=/., ~=[anuelpauon nlgnw toute~la large crowd, who heard Senator[ ~*~" d:udit~]um Sa~trday, [AO. U.W.hM1. ~till some outlying lines were}ions are: Meryl Williams, in scoring, attacK, born|Henry Jackson, Maj. Gen. Lil-| -'~u~'t~eV~rea{est -ift of all ] ~viiss Leslie Larson is the new giving trouble, icharge of the solicitation from u ,~,,.Lc.t w ~,vc uv grouna anu aerial o ~, I t'-- --~ ..... +~^1 |burn Stevens, Judge Denney, and[ is know|m, that you neonle|Worthy Advisor. Other officers West of town, on the River|the Industrial institutions, while th~"~o~'~;.v'n,,~[ . .., ~ [several other dignitaries extend| have not ~or~otte'n th~ m~n twill be" Associate Advisor Mira- road, a large maple tree on thelIrv Brandt will have charge of. .~Y'=."2~ ":..?~v~'.'|A.~.^,~ K~.~n~,~ |a warm welcome. He also heard[ and women ~,ho fou-ht and [.-.-,~ ~- ~ o~..~;+. ' D .... Valley Gem Farm split, the|the solteitation of the merchants. ~astne.nne SUlIenealfillL~t$li ILI~L~;;I.g~ " [Mrs. Jack Westland read a tele-I .~,..n ,.. Korea asw-P ~--"-ose | ..... murphy; ....... y ..... ~ heavy trunk falling across the tSchools will be handled by John ion |he Dall go[ tO me . u,~u ,. ~ i a~ u, M ...... |V.,li^.. J),^,~,~. igram of welcome from her hus-/nnw nwar~onS and thn~ nf ug [ ock; Hope, Carolyn Thompson; power line, ripping down thelRedeen and Margaret Lord wilt ~,*rty Yar(] nne. [I~.ii~Jf llUll~l~ [band, the congressman being un-[ nT~w ro't'~rnod ............ /Faith Donna Speed; Treasurer, wires and the tree trunk bloek-lhave charge of the residential ~or~s ~.~, . _ [tq~ .... __ O~ /able to be present in person. . [ -~I'can~stiilolainlv see that [Pattie Jacobsen; Chaplain, Janetiing the road. Near the Arlington|district, while Harold Murphy ha~ ~ureless .r~st quar er,/l-a$$e$ at l/e be | Corporal Donner at the meet-| we are and "alwa~;s will be [Grewe; Drill Leader Sharon Roth-iSand & Gravel plant other treeslagreed to take charge of the rur- ~Oroke th.@~ice w n.en| .-. ~. - ~" ,..- c...~+ o. ling was given life' memberships[ the ,,rent team weare known iroek; Love, Linda Palmer;,Reli-lwent down, one striking one oflal territory. ~_eornbinati.0~ ofD~ckL~.~n^_~un~ay even.~'~',f=~v~'f_~lin the American Legion and the/ tho ,~,~n -v,,- t,, ho nnd so [gion Roberta Gilroy; Nature the buildings at the plant [ W..~oh onntain will dovolrm h~ -ast~ Stone Ke(l Ior u,c ,u.g a.u, u~v.~u, ,,z~ u, ..= Veterans of Forel~,n' "~ Wars, and ................. ' ....... ' ' " ....... ~- ................ *" "- yard comelY)on and[of Arlington s earliest pioneers[ ......... ~..~n ........ ,..~[ long as we remain that great LOonnie.Giebe!- Immo~ali.ty, Bar-] __In the. DeweyDunntng ya.~.lown organization to do the actual '11 ~,~,a 7~-I~,,,, linelcame to an end when Anton|L*~ v .... .- ....... ._'I'~?_':_~'_~Y v2[ team we will never be dora- |earn lxlce; vl(]enw, l~eglna Da- corner ~..~ ..?,, ~ t.~=~|scdieiting" ~gh"onq~/~t~y for[Kraetz, 86, p~s~e'd away at his[tn~t~asfm:mflt~erl~o~it..a| inured by any other |via; ~a~r~tism, ~onja wangsmo;, aiso~sp~iet a:waeali~anen carrlea| Complete information is eom ' / " " P Y' the world " " ~erviee ratty ttyan; Musician way p e. ~ .... n th "t~ t e ive blocked Van Putten s home, followm~ a brief illness. ...... t~l t e ki o b g n the Burlin-ton nursedl Mr Kra'-tz had resided in the[sultablyengraved~lthhis-'~a--m-e'] It is one of the greatest ,[Judy H uffman; Choir Director,;. ~ |:61|citers and~ in addition the ~.~e oint leaclS for the re- valle~ near~ a/;iinaton for the/l--t-v-as~pre~s~n~e~a* by ~re~lnun-| honors in the world to say [.Peggy James; .uonlictentiai uo-] i.~r~l~ I.~t'~l~.~l~ [folder "bni~ed Good Neighbo~ .... [ the second nuarter.[nast 65 vea~s:~v'l~er'e tl~rough in-ie~.:-~w~*m.~'~-u~,;'=~2:.~'~/ "I am a citizen of the United [server, ~.oreile.~reaefi.c.Ksoni uut-] ~'--. .... ".'~--------"77" Iof Snohomiffh County" has bee~ 6 to 0 lead at half- clustrv and steady aoolicatFon he[~ .... ~o~.'~n ~.~v ,~ u~.~ ~.h~| States of America, that I am [.er observer z, wmona me~t; A mer-] |~le~d Rv Rn|l [mailed or sent to every home in '- v l- - -. - "- -~ /""'"'~ ..... : -*'-. "".~- ....... part of that great team" ,lean ~lag bearer ~aunara oonn-~-==~,-*~,-,=--~ ~-~== ,the ,,,~,,.,,y ~, ............ , ...... i~e ,.e_.o_pea ms (]airy Iarm. He 2SlBand under the dwectlon of Roy| But remember and never |son; Rainbow Flag Bearer, Wal-I On Monday evening, about 5:30I' "~u~t na;v~aU.ha~,t~;Isurvlve2:,oy seven cnlioren, z~laarson. The ~irls Tri~ JOella[ forget that united we firmly /dene Zimmerman; East Page, Vi-laorenz Lorenzen of R. 1, Arling-!.... .-_ " ~time~atBe{levue last ~ran~co'~'ren anu iour great-[Wire|us," l,.atnerine .lxeinuoit,[ stand but divided we shall[olet Bleeck; West Page, Bernice|ton, wa~ severely injured when[& ~ .~ Hamseamtne 1" ................. [~ranuenlmren. ./Theresa Murphy,, sang two hum-/ surely fall /Thomas. I he was knocked down and buf-I'. ...... " .... u~va~u===6 a ................i " / [ Bein~ one of the men just| All fr'ends of Rainbow Girls[ feted by an angry dehorned He -[{~*.b ~e~=. ~'~6~,~ Q u c~uu. taOming our- June 11, 1867 ~-----------'-- " " ~ ' " r ~;~ ~us ~s~.,tuu~;s ~, t~ ................ ] , , o[ ...... | back from overseas my heart /are invited to attend, stein bull on his fa m. [ ,:~ thirty, ~-~r~ngtunI He was a charter member oiI ~ ]4 - is deeblv filled with Dr|de in | ~ I Mr. Lorenzen suffered two brok.[ The annual Homecoming aetiv- ~enty yarns to score.|the Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer|at- an. ~. ~.,a~oot.o ~ knowi'n~ that the ne'onle of ] . ' .... " .-- ] en ribs on the left side and onelity of the Arlington High School ~'kUpu~lsdr~tqya~ea[As~~'ea:1~nservices were held at the United States of America IArme Wangsmo Io i on the right .side: also a.brok.en[w!l.1 beheld on Friday, Oct;~ 9, at .- _ ._ ..... , [a~a~.~.. vaa* , are still everything we are ~ left arm, me t)reaK oeing 3ust oe.]wnlcn tlme |he Ulass ol a~ wu[ tnrougn tne mma~e the chapel of Moll's Funeral .... r in the his known and oroud" to be * low the elbow be honored :nd romped th~tY-]Home on Wednesday afternoon [. NacmleaS fa~fiillas of Arlin~'tonI .. . ]'ake Over Stage Line i He manag to escape from the[ One of th'e features of the event pay-airL uicK ~or- h ev E B Se r r tory oi c ss o ~ ~ignect . . " he u-rights with his[toe-R --" "~; L eymou:, paste thigh School reappeared recently] DONALD E DONNER / Arnie Wangsmo, well known] animal by re!hug under the elec.[wl!! be the Homecoming foot- kick rand the Eagles[.z .tile ~ree ~wet.nomst.cnurcn, oi-[when upon the opening of schooH C,q U S Army ' ]Arlington resident, and former] tric Ience, which was at)out ten|bali game,~witn ~searo-wooiiey . ,nc]aung. mrs. unve lxoo was so-m. __ , .............. ~ v .... , ..... ~-:v-r -n "hursd ..... r- 'feet from where he was attacked 'Iurnisning me opposition. to 6 lead I,..;~~..n .,allb.~ar,~ro we.~ A-" /for me o6- o~ term me c~a~e~I /~tage u1 e , U J. i~y lilt) I|" . ..... " ...... . ..... v.o~ a.u v ~ ~ o ~ " I He was treateaat home on _Yellowing me game mere wxtt . ch It " [drewStrotzHans Sander Peter/elected their officers. Gary Dus-] . .. _ _ . -- ling, Oct. 1st, assumed the man- l . ., ~ir winning streak go-[Strotz Henry Brodersen Harold|kin. and Denny uL in w lArhngton F.I;.A. Boys | gym ntof the Everett-Arhngton AMr~n:2/o21ghta~d b~o~ght:othelb~l al~aneeam it2eteg~?:a~eU~ now r in Bur ' ' eleete(] president oi the ou ., ~tage ,4He~. ~ v " . n the d a , -|Carlson Leonard Ottem Burial] ........... ee [ .......... [ ................~" ......... lanee Tuesday mornine On Wed ~the festivities :tled back furiously | was in Arlington cemetery | an(] ~resnman classe~ rc~v -! ~l/==~ ~.g~L .... ~. L'A.u / Xt ~ ultu~r~tuuu ~Hat ncguu~t- i -- --" ", " ~ers drove to the vi~[ Deceased is survived by one tively, recalling that their Dad,] ~. |M |~k|UU~||~t ~L I'~M- |tions have been completed where-~ nesday afternoon he was reported[ o he Arlineton thirty | nn John ~f ~oute 1 Arlin,~ton'[Grdn Dusk|n, was president ot] Members of the Arlinf.ton F F [by Mr. Wangsmo will take over as resting fairly well. I / t~_ . ltr. :a~le defense arose ~o]~i'~'d'a.~h(ers." Mrs Meta S'trotz the Senior class when he attend-[A cha~ter won numero~t~s -rizes|the ownership of the line as soon~ '.,, , I Jonn r, ngs[rom wm~ ,n.- m~,in~ in and[~.;'~ ~'A~7~.~'*...~ '~.. A .... , ted A. H. S. Also it is noted that|at the Western Washin"tonvFair[as the deal has received the o. k.t3nelaI Lunclma- i ....... his time the Eagles|Sander of Silvan'a Mrs Bertha|*he buskin boys mother, ._ .tat Puyallup The herdsman while|[,the State Public Serv!ce c m-I .. =.......~. . {Cattle Jlldglng l'me five plays in going[Strotz of R 3 Bell'ingha'm; Mrs [(Preston..) D.usKin, was p~nesm~;~Ithe animals" owned by local boys|m~nv,~r,~tt Arlin~ton Sta-e ~o I~0~ memomst t.nurcn ,I ohn ngstr n, of Arl~n~to. final payoff Rose rodersen of R. 5, Arling-I , n c o o i r y.ass our ]were at.t .air wer _ ary or- o era s een : rlingto Women's Soeiety of Chr s-lplaced eond out of n4 boy a short Borseth to ton" Mrs. Margaret Carlson of R. '~ " ~ .y man, ~eil ualnam and J0t~n v:ng- ~ . tian Servic .... ~s. " " ' - ,,I Other student names noted Onlstrom The~o hnw tied fur ~,.~nd/Everett. and Arlington and Dar-[ ..... e of the Methodmtlcompetmg m the annual dairy , Cornmg ramb!mg!2, Marysvllle, and Mrs. Elle ............... ~-=^~ have a,: "- --7= ...... 7. ....... ~rin~t,.- "~h,, .,re~ent -wner is'church wiu serve a special des-liud~in~ contest held at Carnation ,~ards to the prommed[Ottem of R. 1, Arlington, 211the o.~z]cer ro,~, .wm~) ..... ~lin nemsmansmp out of me twen-/.~"~ ..... .. .... v ~ -- Isert luncheon f-r ..... ~o -~n!~c~t,,~a~,, ~,~n, ~a ~nkidb:D!gh:EDe~el~/g~andch]~dren. ?d four great I~Aie;a~/~relincW~;ker:C;t~r![;YT~hehea:!e:~H!dw~P~tGagrW;rdSic~On!7 ?e;7: o_ /~c~m}ersitite lch~;:mh ;Wa~id~i:e.s(~aY~' AJh:gFo[~hJU~ga~g:tme;ms:~o~ / ~ '. I-aci{er ' I.. _ : .... ' ~tn{~tall .~n~r / pec'a program has been ar-i Don Klein Bob Peterson and John g convoyed goalward|l~ I' O . ~ "| [n .~. " ........ *-- /blUe; l~eil Danard, t)lue; Gerald~a~aaaa~aa ,.*uaa~,..,~j ~ ran-ed cons|stint* nf m,,ei., antl I~,.,*ot.n.~. ' ~oha *a~,~ ,.la..~l 1~ ~Eagle blockers. /~,U~ ~COU[ rack t .llne oli~eers elected t)y me .~[[Brekhus, blue; John Engstrom [~T, /, ~ . I / "t ' [fPms ................... [~:'.~o-~..~.o~% ~.v;~.~.- ~-~-, Vital extra point boot|~ a~ !.t..ttm . [SOClate(] .~tuaent_ t~o(]y ann tOe|blue; Marion Taylor blue; Don z'll l nt lO[alea I In. / ' {ll'w ..... ....... ... vari us cia~ses a~e: I " , ~ " ~ , Ull~t:~ll U& tll~5" ~,~UllllllL[lllLy ~tIUIll Wd.~$ ~Wt::LI~t:N.I ~ lll~(lt~l i-l~l* g~v]ng Burlington all'101d~ first Meet ' ^~ociated Student Body of[i-IK1,eln' blue, Gary Norman, blue;I According to the rain guage at|are invited. A nursery will be pro-[stein bull by Carnation Farms for brou-ht the follow-I The Cub Scout Pack No. 29,1cers.'President, Dick Schuh'; vice-~lre~; Jim Hathawi,, red " ,|the city f!lter plantt p "P.' _:!vided for small children, ihis oLltstanding judging. back t'o the midfield]held their first Pack Meet of thelpresident, Jerry Carter; Business "~, "~"" quon (luring the ~un(]ay n]~ntI ...... |etermined drive wastfall Thursday night Sept 24 It~Manager David Bisbey; secre-I ------'--'-'-- [storm amounted to 1 inch. Their= . . ,am .= . .... ' " " " ' treasurer Bar SONS OF NORWAY TO MEET heavy rainfall brought the river an all deter was a good turnout with many tary, Betty Olson; , " [ : eq.u y _. "i~, ......t~; ..... ~o~t~,,,, ~,,*h,~.lho~ ~--,,WOH" asst treasurer,[ Evergreen Lodge No. 54 Sons|up from the low of 2.72 ft. to the,UlStrlCt meeting, llegree lit Honor ggton~t nne. on. tneu come'"~ "'- Cub ...... Seouts~ -vv ...................... Sergeant Red Marcella JohnSon" y'ell leaders of Norway,. will meet Friday Oct 9 8 mark. ~ " Charity' Lodge, Degree of Hen- ,tamment'-- two colorful drills were talnh Pistorese, a[Thomas Brad y ' .[Board of Con o , P ~., [ " " " __._. lat 1:30 with the state officers in Mrs. Pauline Christ|arisen, ~ne- ~an'~ .... n ~t~i,~d|Joe Wiggs assistant Cubmaster[fo u r classes, representauves| !charge with Mrs. Alice Feeney burst No. 72; Mrs. Gladys Ivy --~-v~ ............ land Mr. Tony Bjorn Committee[eletced by the four classes~ben-] I I" / '* / I AJ r's , . state president, presiding. The Everett No. 85; Mrs. Aleith~ San" Meetm ad burned lors (4) Juniors ~3) Sophomores On Your [Chairman... ' g .- j , [" . _ _ ,.,, ,nigh cnoo usl eporrmenr School of Instru~ion was con- derson, West.Seattle No. 84; Mrs. Iwith Den ~eHs irom me various|(2), Freshmen ~). ._ I ducteo by Mrs. ~:stner Morgan, Aaa riut)t)ara, beattle ~o. 7; Mrs. Class Officers and14epresen- .-~1 -- - state direct r the Gla r [dep. s. ' [ " "ent [ " "" ~t ** a"~ II .. U " o , assisted by dys Christ, Rhododendrum ~~i ~E~~~ml I ~iev~r: ! ;~~;g: ?2eni~f~~e:;i ~{ ~~anD~Yoi}it:aLd::s~}'sg'i~i ~i~if};;i! ~~!:S~~ii? ls advertised wil~i ap Erickson ' ch thls y~t ill be ,, [ "Column The charge ~n]lis in conjunction with the char-IBob Alexander, Dick,[ ............. Inov. noon session: Everett No. 85, berg as co-chairman; hall decor- " Lawson Known as Autumn ~lmouettes n the sta 1 or a mtnlmum of *100 |ter IDan Johnson Elaine I [ Featured i ge settinglPinehurst No 72; Seattle No 7; at|bus and flowers were in '1 " o------------ * [ Junior Class---President, Gary i It will be given on Tuesday, twill be fluorescent autumn trees University No. 68 and West Se- charge of Mrs. Myrtle Lamp and ~geffur~.ey ~maeri11. ~ L" --! [Dusk|n; vice-president, Ed Bor-!Nov. 3, in the High School Audi-]and a huge autumn leaf made of ]attle No. 84. Mrs. Edith Real. Everyone ex- ~, ~ Lo p.m.iNarves[ resuval [seth; treasurer. Delaine Sele; sec- torium, and the music students of]a curtain o~ smoke. Black light, A Smorgasbord dinner was pressed themselves as to a very ~, children 50c. | &. l~../ !.. f~ ]retary, Delores Bergevin; repre-]the high school are presently[will be incorporated again and served at 6 o'clock with Mrs. successful meeting, the smorgas- fiaturday, Oct. 3, at]~t~ rlaeuw urange [sentatives, Rudie Thomsen, Lar-lpreparing for this first in a series[the use of dry ice is a new inno- Olive Rod as chairman. Accordion bord and to Charity Lodge as a -gational Church, al-|, ,, "~. ,. |ry Olson, Darrell Bergam. . ~ [of three annual concerts, under|vat|on this year. selections were played during hostess lodge. ~d coffee will be]~. Uctober | Sophomore Class---PresiqenL the direction of RoyM. Larsen. | Musical features will be a the dinner by Mrs. Rod. The o . Congregational La-.~'~"~ [John Jacobsen; vice-president, This is the annual fall music black light setting, illuminating tables featured Scandinavian -~. qThe annual Harvest FestivaH3ack Larson; secretary and treas- festival and promises~to offer as|the band, and featuring the band decorations and those serving Ir'~l|dmnlllml' ~- .'G;7-~-:~. - .--7---~.~--Iwilr be held at Fidelity Grange[urer; Irene Wahl; yell leader, much and more than last fall's and choir together with the Sep- wore Scandinavian costumes, v~.~.,aa~= -mcner-s ~rcne~tra ves Pat a- ' " '|hall on SatUrday, Oct. 3, featur-[Monte Ness; representati , famous AHS Musicafeteria The tember Song; band concert; solos The evening meeting started Oct 13--Pre.Sehool PTA ' uelng pleasure ev- er " " " "" ' " .... a,,-, ~+, --~-- -,~,-~ing a hazaar and turkey dinn .[Connacher, Syrus Swett. . . staging will be worth the price of and ensembles; massed choir; at 8 oclock with about 150 pres- Oct 24---Sisco Heights Corn- There wH] be a lant sale fancy Freshman Class Pres]den adm~ si T~vorn ~ilvaria iT! 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