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September 24, 1953     The Arlington Times
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September 24, 1953

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~t PAGE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, SEPT 24, 1953. ,rlin-tmt amKraetzLauded New Quarters For ,I SlSCO ! ,m, ~ ~ .......... ~t W .... l Mrs. Willis Successor to ~ ~ Snonomlsh Editor Sdvana Library Telephone THE HALLEB CITY TIMF :~ t Y , ., ........ ;~i~ ! ~ J., the Snohomish Tribune of[ Silvana has a new lit)rary--orJ Mrs. Margaret Vol LXV[ Thtlrsdav. SeDI ')4, 15q'{ No ")) ~$'~ ~ ~ 3ept. 1'7, Editor Tom Dobbs paid[-ather the existing library ha~ Vernon of Scott's - " " ~ ........ .'~' .(- ' -. "-. '-'-~------------- L ..... "--------- :'~'" tribute tO Commissioner Sam]me',ed 1o new accommodation'have come to make ~/~bscrlption Price $2.50 Per Year $3.00 per Year ouL-dde Snoho :!; Kraetz in the following editorial:[adiacent to Robde's Grocery]with the Howard Wt ~n ~ ,tJ b l-sued every Thursd'ty Published al Arling on : ' MR RAETZ qtore just 50 yards north of it ............ ~: ~rHANK YOU, . K ]e~ . '. .. ' [ Lowell Lmn of D a~n,ngton, % i: ~i :] "Real estate owners in Snoho-[-truer locatmn, has been visiting with "THE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO ~: ...... ~ ~: ::~ ..... i~} " unt h ld be e , Stove ]t~ e~tnhlim~ ont a~ ~ .' - - . ? ~]; :!:J ~i m . i (,o y s ou v r3 [ ........ ro . -, , I De(hlek the Bast week, a. t.. CARPENTER -- FRANK /VlAI~.~tl ~ ~1 i;:i~i grateful to Sam Kraetz commis, lbranch of Snohomish Comltv I,i-I ~^~,...-n ...;+...~ ni ...." ( a' RPENTI:R't, a~ 2n ...." . :_ . . .._ . . ~.;.. ~,". Ed,!or, &.Mg~ ~ ~ j ~.~mner representing Dmtrmt One,]brary. m December 19d.). . the h-I. Patch home were Mr. :.nter, t u t.aa.~s m,t[ter, In tne vost t3iilC{ ,tl Arlln/41on w.~t ~ 1 for his refusal to ,-rant addition Ibrary had been orwdeged ~pl ......... t ' ~ - s " . - " . " ' Jonn t'atcn ann iamll :gmn~ ,m,~,,r thv a,'t o! March 3, 187.t. ~ ~ ~ al funds to County Assessor Bar-lbaving its own attractive roomiMr~ g gwan~nn Mr 2.2 ......... ~ low for eompletio'n of his re-as-lin the Sons of Norwav Hall, a/o,~,..-:...'~r.,.,'.~.~..'._..~" I I I I sessment plan. Thereby he prob-~ most conven,ent.' central ,oeat,on i ~r. .~,,.~,u. ..... ,,"**'"~.,,~ '~"~az,, I /-I I T /'i D I A [ I / ably saved money for nearly ev-lThe recent decision to demolish/~er~-and"son"o~'/~na I err taxpayer in this part of the the old building and the promptlnn~ ta~ a~,i,~ Pntoh I " u , I I eo~unty. Icommencement neces.! ~ "'2s of the job I " " I I I, "Mr Barlow's office made some[S~tated qmck aetmn ff the hbrary lron,~ ..a n,~.i '_lo., l-- - " ~ I ve~'y arbitrar-y rulin-sg on the val-ilwas, not to be. d~sbanded, . tern: or .... Arlington. I)OGS 'ue of real estate in this area ear- arfly, so whflethe decmion was] Rodnev Taylor of El There |laVe been D'l'(~ll~ essavs written about man's I I I lier this year. Values were raisedlreg,rettedln, e r'r, ogresslve rmm_e-lvisiting at the Bruce I ' e " - ..... ., , ",, ~ '' ; ~, , o. J Ira Leffler grades "shallow grassed waterways" while Edlfrom ten to one hundred per centlmaKers ~uo, wnlcn sponsors ~neIhome. DOS~ ~rlentl--tiie (~og'. ~eI~Hmelltal mscourses are ortenI Stephens of the Soil Conservation Service signals depth of blade.lover previous assessments.lorancn l~rary, was gratelui] Sewing Club met heard about the ,_,'real fI'iendshin between il e boy and hisL ............ . ,.,-- .... ,., ---, ---~'~'--~'Equalization board' hearings onlwhen mr. ttonoe.mlerea a iterna-[Grace Wallace last v~ , . : ",. , " t:ount Chamber the matter became farces as Ev. uve accommoaauon In part oI nls were made for a Baza$ pal There are stones of canine ftdeht --the dog that ,e-Jl CNll PflMi:nUITlflM I y ler ..... m--ission r- "el ......... Istore The actual move was madel. _ . . .... ~ " . | ! t~tt co m e s j neu w~m loween party to De n~ ..... ... . , ., , , OUIL UUIIOLIi|H/IUII a ma'orit o Co on Sept. 8 and thanks to volun- luses to l(a e 1he bu,,al pla(e of Ins depa, ted master, or] I M O. n.t l i y f the unty Com-[ .............. lat the hall. The next : ,~ ,.u v~ ~v " n tary help lOCally, icy WhiCh tne ~ , mlssmners to extend pert a - . mg will be held at tN the pet who refus(s to eat because of grief over the separ-l[ IdflTl:q I The next meetin~ of the Sno-lsw,~r a,~,~ little Catisfaction tolCounty Library was most grate-[ ~r,~ ~,,,~,~ r~,~,,~h " IIU ......... v ........ ~ ....... e,--- ,, ~ ~ I~ ful, zt was a comparat~ ely at:on from a l( x(,d bo:v or g'irl; the (log which strug ,led J , [ homish County Chamber of Com-/complaining taxpayers, aepre-]si~...,.~ ~**-ir [from back east that , days and weeks and wore itself to near exhaustion after[[ Arhngton, Wash, [; merce will be Tuesday, Octoberlsentauves of the assessor s off ceI Light cream walls and a large[lng a very good tzme. t " were gUll[y oi ruue treatment to . . ~ ---"~- holnc, loft hv m~ awnor omlcino {ts wqv hnol~ .t,~ tha ,h], Ira Leffler is a good example 13, announced Jack Bennett.[ ............ .,,._. .... .~ ...,**. ,~...,.[dmplay window make the newlseveral residents and ..... ~ ...... v ........... , ........ ~ ........ ~ .................. of successful farming in the Ar-[nresident This will be in the ~o~ w~ u,~,~,=~m,~,,, .,-~,:[room bright and cheerful, and]that everyone mteresl) home . . , . .... . system oz vam~uon tne atutuoe ..... :. ' [hngton Heights community. Ira s h~gh school at Lake Stevens wzth[ ....... , **.^.r....'..~.... oe em Iw,th almost half as much sheh Icept thin lnvltatmn to " ['here is no (mestmn but that there ~s somethln~r fine[farm ]s a mile south of the Com- the program arranged by A1 So-[..~ ........ v.., ,N ..~, ~h,~ taxes[ pace again ]t will be posmble telsee for themselves. .... , ,. , ...... * - , , . o Imunity Hall, Its Conservation lem lv-~= ..... -,,.,. v,,z ~-,- _. Ihouse more books and still havelare unchanged -- Mo: aDOtlt Hie (to,lllptHllOllSlll|) DelWO(ql ~110 (lOg aIlti Ills master.lproblems differed from about Mr Bennett ur-es all intereut ]we say you sna~ pay, an.o ,yOU]space to display special titles to]Wednesday and Satu s nave notnlng to say aoout 11; We think there is a great lesson in citizenship in dogleighty percent of the Arlington ed persons to attend this first[ ", ........ ~. ........ "~.isladvantage. Already favorableland Mrs. Elefson will , ,,, ,. ~ , , .,, IHeiuhts uommunitv inasmucn:...,~;-., ,~fl-a. &h............. | 2-kllU ~U . ~v=.,=u. ~,~,t %" .Icomment nas Been espressea oYlWeicome you oV~nelSlll|)~ ~1 IOSSOll In st211 (llSCl[)lllle ~111(1 (lllI%. 1~ or OWll-I~: lrn hn~ or r~rhor h~d ........ |week a ray of hope was extenfl I .... . ' ~ ............................ non. vians zor the coming year~w ...... Kraetz refused to kow ] ersh p carries with tt resl)onsibihtv ~drainage problem. The drainage are being, made Your county|: ne~ ~v~. ~ :, . -, ~ ' " ~ cr* ~ ., : " ..... , , . Iproblem was further eomplieat- chamber~has done much in theItw to me ~_:ounnouse gang. ~v~r] ~ '1'[10 (lO~ aSKS IIOl~lllllg~ flpl)ar(.nllV, [)ut fl ellaIlCe lOl...~ ,,~;~ ,h,~ ~,,,, +L~+ T .... ~..~+ ..... IBarlow asked for more money mI ~ . . . =~, .z .... ..~, .,,~ .? ~ .v.~-way oz encouragm~ lmorove- worslup his master, to serve hm~ and to receive an oc-lacre farm hes zn the midst of an' ments on rends and hi,,hwavs )complete ralsjng assessmentsonI ~t' --. _ __ '__ i . " ~ .." , the rest of the coumy, out Mr. , almost flat plain Amer cans ro tl w v casional acknowle(lgelrlent. [have t)een dubbed :'Joiners" due Pr~ te~dngtriilld life, and de e~Tp.-lKraetz refused to give it to him.] a q ~k g g There are maslers who bestow up(,n their (logs]to a National inclination to join cogntv nterests oI ms[ "We .dont_kno.w what[ t ,. n --- i "" SUI[ Will De OUt It seems posslole groat affection. T|lev knov t}l(} anillhq]'s likes and dis-ll,.2ges',e!CnIF, a may,or maYan~!~l Many discussions and re.~olu-lthat the assessor's little schemel m .... 1;b-...... ~t *1 ......... ..~,~.;.~,, 1,;. ;.+,~ni(r ........... 1 ....... ;.,i.= ~ o,,, _ ....... ~ .Jltions from the various sections of)may be completely overthrown[ [] The ownership of your home is safe *rtt:S a*au v**t:f ttlst,tt~u, att: ~,S ~a~tr:a,,~t-,~tt: ,,.,~ ..t,~-.~a~]can De termea a co-operator, ne,th_ c-unt'" -r ....... ~ . .,-:-, . . . ", s .... ,- ......... " .... works for the N rthwest Co O e o y a e presenteu to tins Our Constitution calls Ior equm ...... ab,ht,es, and th,.v g ve a tent,on to his ,her, eomf,.'tl _ .. o .... ";_Plgrotm with subsequent eonsid-!taxation and the nresent set-upl t -ny po .ible title defect if it is . . ~bree~ers. t~e co-operates w~tn meteration ironin- out some of thel" .. , . " ...... I ~ ........... , g zs anymmg out equal tart or the and Ins training ISnohomish Soil Conservation 1)i-I ............ " ' . =1 orotected by our olicy of Title Insurance. . , ." I ....... ' . '; .-,, _IQIIIlCUI[leS mat arise or encour-lcount,, has been re-assessea at, ~ .... , trlct wzm ~nonommn t_ounty ano z Mav Ins tribe increase. " I ..:' ..... laging new and progressive ideaslhiehlv arbitrary figures, whilel " . .... wltn nls nelgnDors, b ........ Untrained and left to forage for hm living, the aver-I .... effler w ........ In I y group partm patmn. Ithe balance of the county facesI There ore m ny couses for which o Iond , , , . .. ,, , , .... t ~,a 1. .. .a~. u~,,, ,,.. LI This .is important to the bestlno change in rates. I m ...... : .... age COg (l~V~(Ho|)s ac(rlalll rou[lile. 110 Knows ~lle lOCaIlOlll~aOvOy, a~V~e tl;eJoOflnev~ent?:e2.A~.linterests of everyone asa whole.[ "So, a pat on the back to Mr.[ title(an be attocked. In such cases, w@ of garbage, containers which might yield a l)alalable m,or-I ........................ -. lDo your part in helping formu- Kraetz. He s our protector until m ;, .... ; ..... ,..oo , ~ ........ ... , # ...o [ e good pohczes for our countylreal estate-owning voters can m ............... , ..... --.... , ......... sel. Ilt? llaS clevelopeo a I(~CIIIII(tllO 111 U~:~S01[IIIg SI1CII con-]las Aircraft in t;adlornia. Helbv_ attendm" ~ -.._and ,_r__entmon o~ " ~lSnra~lr tn the asse___r~n by ballot, ~ ,I,,, .,,;, .... ;,.,.h..,,.;~ ......... ~^ ch. ' ' (, came to Arlington and bought , ~ ""~ ~'~", "*'~ '""~'"""I I'~u ~'1-' .v .,,. talners, and knows nothing ot the thoughts 1hat course].......... '---r--- '*- ~a.~ ,re.ere]yur countys area point of view. lnext year. When they do they'll ~ ....... z I'~' "q-' ...... - [1LU ~J&~7~llL IIU 1|~ ll| J.O2*~ JL |l ~ . I| through the mind of the owner thereof when, in the morn-]was about three acres cleared at! Ladiesare cord. invited to probabl.y t l. him they wa,_nt 4~. amount of the policy. , ,,. ~ ,~ , , ,. ,., , ~ , ., , h~.., ,~,~,~ o,~.,,~,.... ,~..~ ,,.~.... l attena. ~inner wui De servea atlmore snlue [ricKs LO evaue me "1 m lng'ne nnos the (t.O.lll~Ill:S ~llSHlD11100 aDOlll: Ille var(l /,,,~L,...... .;,~,~,.,~m~ u,~ ~,a,t-16.30 am Tickets: will be avail, lmill tax limit law.' I ., ~ ......... " . ,age was me olg proDlem ne ap-, ai~'e tiar" " *:~ " I ~, A so m the course ot tins routine lie mnkes certamlnlied to the Snohomish Soil Con-I ~ .. ougn youl':servme,] , " ..... * * * ..... . ~ ..... munlty or commercial ClUDS. lxes. stuffing mvest gah()ns around shrubbery, t-[e, of courselservatin D~stnct for assmtance.lervations also can be madell rt_ Ill tO|._ 1D;LL__ |l ." " The bOil t:onservauon ~ervlce I~IF.YV, ~11[]DIll~lF knows nothing of the h,g'h ant,ctpatmn of the gardonerlEn-ineers laid out a drainage]thrugh Jack Bennett, president )1 II m o . .. . ... . . , .... s . Iynnwood; A1 Solem Lake Stev. * who planted a certain ]ngh Dr, ced shrub, ll,s n(,se tells]d,tch ,vhlch, when constructed, ens. Gle- r~in .~'n xa ..... II nPTt UtTm(T m[ m unly lille Compel - ,. " ,. 'solvednot onl,, most of Ira's ' :t ................ -"'-~,1 ! v,.~,,,=-, ,t,~e. |! mm - - Iron lhat "Kflrov was here" and so lie does as Kllrov .... ble~o ~,,,+ oeveral ell vme-premdent, or Ida M. Pearl, l| II I ........................... and adds iust a little fIourish by turning his back on the[his neighbors as well. The Sno- ~ ....... a .... J .......... [I 02(] t y,,, pzc mm .................. ' " ~ " " i t ' 2915 Wetmore Ave shrub, scratching with his hin(t feet alld sending 1)]anfs[hu~l~ehr oCeU2tsYo RgaderDieS~rfl~ ,II A,~Ig,~,~-,tt~,~ TffT.ohml I '~vg~rSeWt, ew'na-s~l:/t~n -_ , . - v d For X-Z-Llbbl~Ul~ Yr l~bOl~. ' .: and dn't flying. ' ]the construction and helpe III II T]len there is ,]10 choosy canine, W]IO ]011VOS the ]lOmols~v~: 2:ff/e:h:~xPrtbl:md hi~ SaO~oe~2LINE I11 ..oo.. phone|l range in search of a smooth lawn ,n" parking sh'ip on eer-lhana" to clearing and now has ca,, I/I,' 0 a.m. to S:00 p.m. 3131 ml tain urgent occasioIls. [about twenty - two acres of S.V. LEDBETTER _ .m ....... c~ .............. "'" Icleared land. The land was not Phone 354s Arnngton [~| CLOS~-D TUP-SDT~Y~ |l tie Knows notiiln~ oi lne restrameq [ur~ DUlll; llp II W~l, iilllSid~OH Tl'lr[I INSUBAIM~III I~1~. , . ., lall cleared at once. but steadily ..... IlI 1 WAMIlNGTON 1'111'1.1 INSUILANCm CO. within the breast of the neighbor who finds it neebssarvlas finances permitted. -- ........ ---- - to use a ho, el before, the n. I .... s " " o. . ' Two Conservation axioms are .~ ,. ....... "; . . , ! , . I apparent on the Leffler zarm. vne ,~.,,.~,:~ ,~ He nttJe suspects that the pursuing oI ms naturallfirst one is the use of the land " ~f~ ~ 4 ~,. ".:~: ........ ~,~:. o, ,r for the cro s to whzch It ]s besl ~ ~~ tendencies am he ~,ocs about his daily or nightly fora ,es[ . P ".." " o , .~m . ' ::~{~;~ ~:~ ...... is the cause of certain human reactions. I i tneding.'rhoet Sne~yt}~or ~neCg/~wU; t ~ I~,~ , ,, .~jt~ Sometimes the gardener adol)ts tke BB gun as a pro-]years ah;ad but for five to ten It ~ kat~ ~/;/,m,~,,~=, am -- mm ,. n,easu,'e. A ,,'ell placed BB at the psvchologicallY SmaTkhee te~ref,~ldPvlapo~'ngn?~ eetive , o' ,y - moment brings both satisfaclmn and anmsement to the]possible. The Leffler farm is gardener, and a surprised and hurt expression from the!largely of Land Capability II!. ,, , Paa' .... Every new pmce ot seemng nas " ~ ~ unsuspecting canine. Ilowever, ,t puts the gardener m file/been preceded by a winter cover y ~1~ position of "sneaking" as he wishes h) teach the dog a/crop. _ ____,____~.._~_ __.,.~frye or winter wheat whicl' Ol~mobll. Prl,em Sm.aA. towA. lesson, but does not wish the owner to know. about it. ,,~mturnfw'asp~weu~u/~ru~er;'~t,.v,,-s .-. b-~---------- -- ,.--- ff O | Sometimes, however, the gardener ][)lows his top, /fertilizer program plus "limeing ~ ~ $# ~ H "1 ~ I resulting in a neighborhood quarrel, or m'aybe he is A. V . stable and resorts to poison, llent stands of grass and legumes. ~t,v~ Iotallyl ~ale *nd lemg Since there in a universal revulsion t.o such action I first glance the grass and w. ~ " because of the suffering of the unwary and innocent ani:[~egUr~enaStra.ndsg~nivgohtmPP~ar2 ~ d.~nd.u*o, hak~/.~l~_._opi[on,|e.qu .. . " . . I Y ' t occessor/es. Pr/ces may vory sdgn mal,' [ne unKItown poL~ollers Decollles the ob,}eet of' hate,]Careful examination o f t h e ing communltlesb~cau~ofshipp while the pet owner who failed his to Istands however, show them to be _ . :. _ -- _ - ......... J ' """ "-'"e',lfar from ordinary. In the slower ~11 prt~t ~ubl~et to change wti becomes the object of sympathy. Idrainir~g portions of the farm Ira Oldsmobile value is top vo~ , '" ~ .~ has seeded Lotus Major It is a And no , fez the beneht of those who ask us to wntel ,,h Annthe'r why so many people are an edi'torial about the (logs damaging gardens, and those[s w overto Olds! Actually, you who ask us to write an editorial about dog poisoners,[tMuchesLtus'ThisLtusprp: "'Rocket" Oldsmobile for l~ , . agattm by runners somewna~ here it ts. hope we have covered both asstgnntents/similar to strawberries The cost#f many models m ..... * / 1-nts were "set out" on abou! pr/eed" field! You'll eom WII.II one stroKe. /P a ..... ' . . ~__ I three foot centers. It has iiliea in tremendous power ol t~ I A ...... /..gL I completely and is a solid stand "Rocket" Engine ri I SHOULTES ~,~"'"~ l'ttl~U~tt~lLtom ]a~te~:t~uXteehna$bn:h2" L::~:dCi~ .big-cax luxury of Ol~. ..... rasses at age 41 I several stands and is doing quite . teriors . . . ride in st . . '~ well. As a Satisfactory stand el "Rocket" mile "aith the F.I.A. CommnRees Jennie Augusta Loth, 71, Routelthe Lotuses is usually difficult " -- Are"vv '" ~, Arlington (Edgecomb), died to obtain, the conclusion can be beauty of Oldsmobih early Monday morning at the drawn thatIra's thoroughness in Styling--a// for much The Shoultes P.T.A. met Tues day evening, Sept. 15, at the school. Refreshments were served by the ladies, under the super- vision" of Mrs. Gene Bowman. During the business meeting it was voted to have ls~ aid kits for all the rooms, as the project for the year. Dwight Newell gave a report on civilian defense and the school. A meeting of the county council of parents and teachers is to be held at Cedar. crest October 2. Mrs. Ed Spencer Mrs. Kay Robertson and Mrs. Phil Hastings are to be delegates from Shoultes. Standing committees for the year are, Finance--Earl Earnhart, Mrs. Frank Schueller, Phil Hastings; publicity--Mrs. Phil Hastings, Mrs. Fred Bates, Miss Marianne Bridges; program --Mrs. Kay Robertson; member- ship---Vern Sowards, Mrs. Myrtle Johnson; hospitality--Mrs. Helen C6ur. It was explained that tools were purchased last year for the school by the P.T.A. for extra in- struction in woodworking, under the direction of Mr. Richard Case, the principal. Officers for this year are: President, Gene Bowman; vice-president, Mrs. Robert Burns; treasurer, Mrs. Frank Schueller; secretary, Mrs. Ed Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jacobus and four children of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Dudek of Arlington hospital after a linger. ing illness She was born in Swe. den and is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Mabel Scotter of Everett; four sons, Henry Loth of Skykomish, Elmer Loth, Melvin Loth and Albin Loth, all of R. 5, Arlington; three brothers, Her. man Pederson, Albin Pederson and Hjalme r Pederson, all of Battle Lake, Minn.; a sister in Sweden and eighteen grandchil- dren and three great grandchil- dren. Funeral services were held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Schae- fer's Funeral Home in Marysville. The Rev. Edwin Johnson of Trin- ity Lutheran Church of Everett officiated and burial was in Marysville Cem&ery. Mrs. Evelyn Dudek. The Quilceda Neighborhood Club met with Mrs. Vern SoWards on Thursday, with an attendance of 18 members and 14 children. ; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hayes were guests of Mr and Mrs ~ Francis Hayes in Everett Sunday The Farm Bureau resolutions committee met at the Ed Lafay- ette home, Sept. 16. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Sprint and daughter of Seattle spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lafayette. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schueller and Mrs. Lulu Knapp attended the Puyallup fair on Sunday preparation for the stand is the reason for its success. Akora Or- chard grass also helps raise the volume of the stands The latest Conservation meas- ure on the Leffter farm is the construction of several ~'shallow grassed waterways." Beyond the end of the effective range of the drainage ditch is some land from which ~urface water needed to be drained. A shallow channel was constructed in the top soil tc lead surface water to the head of the main ditch. Ira's "water- ways" average fourteen feet across the top and a depth of fourteen inches. The "water- ways" will be seeded in the us- ual manner and are flat enough that farm machinery will oper- ate through them as in the bal- ance of the field There are one thousand one hundred twenty lineal feet of these "waterways" There is a new "loafing shed" for stock being constructed at the present time. When Ira was asked why? He replied, I've got so much feed there is no room for the stock so I have to build larger." How Christian Science Heals "USING THE DIVINE LAW OF SUPPLY" KJR (950 kc) Sept. 27, 1953 you'd guess! See us for stration. You'll soon smart move is... t Car ~/~t~ ~:/~L~ "1~' ~-Do~. OOMIS OVWI~ 'TO t IAND O|T A IROOKETa ]11 YO)UI NIAIJST OLDSJ~iOIII.I ~l&l.ilt Free# "How to Wo~h coo~es, See I:OR YouIm:I IUIONIIY -- OOTIAtt ON TVl smm OLOSMODIt|,II -pitmSS OXIPI ImvImw,' JUST, sm onm "SAMm OF THIn wmmx,,, SATURDAY,