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September 24, 1953     The Arlington Times
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September 24, 1953

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No o) Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Sept.'24, ]953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 3, 1915. 0p i " 0nO,,,nent ,y M/ le Turun Clut f~r 3n Eagles, uncle- against the Cardinals. Russell,~'a il ~ Illm~ T~ ~ S~arts this season,[fullback, is nursing a broken ~ n ~)~ ~ m~ -- their Northwest League|nose but will probably get to see ;~\~ 1 ~!~ ~ In~ ~rida ni ht Sept 25 some action Thomson an en :~ Y g. , , . . :: :~ ~:~ :~ ,, and against no lesslwlll probably alternate with ~li:~l ~d~l~ f~l~lmlll~N I Burlingt-on-Edison Ti~ Dave Dezotell. , ~L~ n~:!:~: :: ~ il ~ ii~i~iii:~ 1~~ ~1| ~nm,, "'" are again expected All in all the p'icture doesnt :i!! ii iiiT! V nplt p,m [] b the loop champion-look too bad. The Eagles, the ~ii~! / IN 'tigers, minus t h.e ser- underdogs, are raring to go, ~::~ ~i~ln~~iilJ ~li The,e'll be a hot time in the Hagan's Mt. Loop Shell Service|have an opportunity to greet him all-State bacK ~itzger-lwhile the Tigers may attempt to [ll[~~ um~(l~~~ ~i old town Saturdcry night. The Station. . [at the reception have generated enough|take this one instride. If so, ~i~ Hl~~~ band will play. Thete'll be a Cpl. Donner, who was heldI The V Fur "^~A~,,.~.. T,,.,,.... upset the t~enmgna.m[watch out. These r~agles are no- ~i!~ Iml:~~~N ~i parade, and the whole town prisoner in a North Korean com-I .................. ~"" act wallop Sedro-Wool-[body's pushover and are tough ~};,~ will turn out to welcome Cpl. pound for over three years re. land the ladies of the Auxiliaries, ann conference contest on defense A httle downfleld ~ ~~ " "I .. . !.. "..~ ~ ll:l~,l~f~ ] Doiaald Donner, who recentlyturned to his home, R. 5, A'rling-!extend an invitation to the pub- aite the Eagles, underlblocKmg ancta urea up spirit ~~ ~l]~i~i ~1 returned from Korea, where for ton, two weeks ago. He was rear-Ilic to attend and join in the hear- tge of Larry MunizzaJcould see the Eagles on the mug ~~ .l~l~[~~ ~: the last three years he has ed in this community, attendinglty welcome home to this young a Pistorese, have devel-Iend of the score ~~ ~ll ~ ~~ ~ been a prisoner of war. the Arlington schools, and has soldier after his years of suffer- b a top defensive unit,I ~ !---~--~ t"1 / ~~ ~~~ l~ Ed Wellman of the Americnn many friends locally, who will'ing. generated enough .po~:lor. ,Ollege t,oacn ~ ~~~ ~ T-e~ion, infommed The Times~~~ aeoupleofgames, ooml-- _ .. ~~~~~i that a call had been made to ~_~m.~ te affairs The EagleslPaw$ Com-hment ~E~w ~l~~ II~ the Gov~or's offtt~ in UlTra s~rnttn e[urnmmsann~ he Twin City Cardinals J 1~ +: ~ ' " Ild th followed withI'' . ,- . 1" ,. pi. tn ena ,.or to have vmvvlw unt vnnnnmunnnnn mmN 1" en l lO/trlinaton POlK C, ov. ~.anglie present for the oc- m to 12 win over Belle-[ o Sgt. G. W. Frazier, of Arlington, receives citation for out- casi~n He wds not in Olvmoia, --~ m $ ~ I Addressing t h e Arlington standing service.--Official Marine Corps Photo. " " and AcHutcmt C~neral St'~ensI~-,~-'l II~mmm- ~-~ ~[:'~l~l~ ~Y comparison between[Lins Club on Monday evening, o ....... [ ' . ~---- of the "State National Gua:dDUfl~[1 ISSUe IUl atfluunu hand Arlineton is in alWalt Price, coach at the Everatt tatt fft. brazier Ii ,,-~,~k ~'~,~,,~,n~ will be here to renre~nt the ~ ~ ~w,~ ~. ~--- ~,, }~t manner."BurlingtonlJun!or.College, paidohigh tribute ~ . ~ s, 1 [1-'~a~'aa ~Ja~*aaaaL~a~ Governor in the l~rade and ^, **, .... ~,,~, ,.~ ,~,~ ~,,h,.,,~rm ...... ,~ ........ ~ ~,,~ ....... ~ellin~ham 13 to 6.lto Arlington as a zine piace to gasoaslvae I~lad~l II1~_ IT g~ ILlrv z~ce~tian- ~ ......... = .... s v. ~ .......... I ........... ~*,~e ......... ~ .--.- v dumned the Bells 12|live and rear a family. He said ...... ~,o,,,~u,,. Iror "" vrlve - i a~.'..:~_.. ^ .... ~ .... ,,~,,~district advisory group, held last ous groups, these to be headed by " he based his " d e h ' ..... ~'~ .................... gas beaten by Bellevue[ .... ]u gm nt on the New York, New York.---In t e[ ..... . ..... ~] h-- service men will escort C,-I Tuesday mght, it was dee~ded to,Mrs Bonnie Hjort, Geo. Espe and A, rlin~,ton~, ninped,_ Belle.[canore. oI young people from Ar- tranquilityj~f=, the New York City| ~:~.:-!ll~/,' ~ ..... .I ~ ......** ~,,,~" recommend to the school board|Morris Giebel ,Week 13 tO 12. Actual-[lington.who are attending Ever- Marine Recruiting Station off!ce;[~~ ~i ~st'er:'to~aun"A~a~e w'~ ~ go ahead with plans to call an[ This matter'was discussed thor Ads ,,- t,~ nothina butleft Junior ~onege. wnicn is in direct contrast ~o tnel ~ . . " , ~.7": ,_ =__~ glection on a t)ond issue in the/ ..... - ~." o ~,v_~-, .. ~,, ~' Price mentioned t-- na .... * tumult that was K"r~a Marinel ~ xorm or corner ox mapae ann .... ,..~ ....... ~..~.,**,.... ~...~.^jougnly at a meeung in August, g ' several of his ~o r an ......... r Olgmpzc, headed hy the High . . at which t~me the matter of re- ~t the Eagles have a ,~,~,~a ...... ~.~ ~ foo...~ll^team Staff Se ge~ ~t,G" ^,W^ Frame [ ~ School band. There will be ser. voters of.the.dist~ctthe propo-/conditioning the Washington kt~ 1_ ___ u_ . 'ton and SUZ, ae~torl that Avllncr arian M,~dnl from,~tonant /"nl | ' ; 1~ v,,.e .,~. ,~,~ ..... ,- .......... ..,~._._, .-~-, nnn ;1......~ ~,u,,u,,~ was u.u=r cons,uera- ~-r ' heavil ' ~ ................ ~'" ~" ............................... " " roceed t~ro.,,,mtc~y ~.,uuu, tar t,c vu, .... an Bacoka s Y ton fo 11 fan .... prvcesmon, which wall p . tIon, and It was decided that ......... [ otba s wpuld do well onel Carl W. Hoffman, Officer ln[~~~ II .................... pose of replacing the old Wash-[ ....... gers are spearneaueu[ .... v, 1 to ~ne v.r.w, na~,. wneze vv- . " g' " ]placeWma oe oetter economy ~o re- [ to orgamze an Arhngton night at Charge, for outstanding ser Ice in ton buildinmakm changes stand-out ball playerS.lone of thf, (~11o~'~ h........... f .... cl d,,ri...... r~tinn[ eryone wall have a chance to . g ..... . g . ~ the building with state aid, end and Tjeendsma, a[ "'~r~"~.o'~'~.,~ ~e-~'r~,~"t~'~ ~'~'~'~,~ ,,~,~,~,, w~"}~',~[ 1 meet the coxl~oral, and where !~n me .neat.rag system or. yne[than to rebuild the present struc- I ' " e ...........v .................~, ................ ~ -., ............... tcoosevelt scnooi ann provlcung .a top-notch defensiv [Juni,~r C'-lle,,,~ nna ~nid it nf Notohor ~ tn N,womhor 1~52 -" [ 1 dagmtanes of the town and ............................ [ture. The state will not aid in re- ,fin...^ u. ,~.~, is able~.- --~,-, b'~, ......... " ....................... I 1] M...~... ......~.,,.+.,4~,,o. of the the *UHU~ tor auu~uon to rue new, . . ...~. *~n'~,~, * ~.~ ,.*,.-- -llt~lC:~ tlt~7 tcaxlxfered a fine" back round In"its" ~,,,--,,-r* "~""""*"-"-"" - C 1 palr at I~-uUlIulllN O& O11.1 ~tlvdt~ :" ........ * able baeks [ g The citation accompanying the[ 1 ---~--- - --*-."- or-anizations will ~Lln o n school as needed. 1, .... ~, . ,m .~ ~ ...... ~n, a tackle last season, - .... .- .............. ". awar~ rea~ in part: Ee was _as-|~;~~ II loin in the welcoming exer- Toe group also recommen~ea to/struction orovided the local dis- dents who desired to goon to ~hifted to fullback al-lhi,h~, ~..~tih ,~.,..o sig.ned an isolateo sector o~ ~er.]~~ ~ eises, the school board that steps be/trict does its part by using its iWith Razar, a well| s .............. ram guarcnng a.aangerous ave.i[~i~j~~~ ~] The l~ublic is invited to par- taken to secure the Price, StaTe, lawn resources uo to at least 85 tality at that spot. Bit-II~ ,, n nue o~ approac.n Into trlenqiy po-[~~~~ ~] ti'cizmtein the festivities, and Boyden properties adjacent/Der cent of its bohdin~ ability McGlauflin will be at[r.l.A, rroeram sitions. He p)anne~ an(] .con-[ ~] Tl~e recention is to be held un- to the Lincoln and Washington[- ~,~ i,~or .... i,~ tho ~'s,~,Jot,~'~, te structeaessenualtress I nes, k slots, giving the TI ees of the Veterans schools as additional playground " "'[~ ~ v, ~ ' " ..... le bunkers and] ~Jder the auspi "[sessed valuation raises the bond- ~11 spread attack, in-ll0 l~e Held ngnung no s, . . _[[~l~~l~i~ nl[organizations of Arlington and In regard to the bond issuelin,, abilit,, to ~90,000 There axe ~_e one-man show thatl," , ~ _ "~e~ we~P:2nSe/~21~c~ment%t~7;sS~%nll~~~ n]wnl be aL the Veterans of For- proposal the group suggeste.d]at~'presen~t outstanding $163,0(}0 ~ergld put on last sea-[Mn~d~v .~d~nl" ]gN ...... "inll~i~;Q~ lleign Wars hall adjacent to J O the organizing of three panem tOHn bonds Thus the district may z,,~v**u,-j9 ,-,-1if,. ~ tense was never penetrated.Y t ~~lll~nn 1 -----~' ' ' "~ ~" ~/raise ~z" 2:/^ooo whlc'n WOUld"" qual" ~les got through their] At the first Fall meeting of the theenemy .:.. Onro~aetTcca~lli~~l~ll] r~ / ~-~! / I=,l d,,,/ [ify it to'receive approximatel7 tie at Bellevue without[P.W.A, which will be held at the wnne ~nspectmg .p o. . I~~~ l[[ ~t"lrg'~d~l'l |IUD r=lo~/~r ,~,~r)ow' 15127,000 of state funds, maki-- Als .... d., to brir, htenlm.~t- ~--~-^--1 next Monda,, ni~'ht forwarfl of the mare nne o~ resls-I R^bert L~._~. I~wu''~-~''' ~ / ............ -*6 ~, .~a. j o _, |xx,~;H ~t.~L~,U . . J , ~5 ' ~*~,a h~ *zr~a nai*~i%*lhr umundoal " '~"~'** I lavaIlaole suiilclent [unes to car- !eture will be Geralu|the teachers of the d~stnct will be .~ ........... ~o ~.,...~.t,...L~ =:.. ~:l Chairman Robert L~ch of theI " " A . l * ! /r,, -ut the co,~,qote -r-,,-rom Id en oy enemy ilre. btan ~erge n : Pat Connacher. H -[greeted, with a special lntroduc- ~. .................. rt- wereIIcal United Good NeSghbor or-[ WC[ ~ Success. Awards ooe n u 1 crazier s oetermlneu e~t~tu ~ . . ~w~, ~ gtl defensivetack e,ltion of those teachers new to the ........... laan,zut,on ~nnounoo that ~ev-] / ltd. m .m t " be . . inspirational tO all WhO ooserveo --~ ........ , -- . ......... . [Yhttle at Bellevue, .. -[dmtrlct. .. ,i~.~ o...~ i~ .... ,~,,ot th? .... h~,,t!eral district captains have been[ It was a lovely scene of florallP. Pearson, 4, Mrs. Pautzke, 4,11111[lIwa I-L yu in scrimmage toe[ The Arlington Heights Choral-i ...... p.,~ ,,,o. ..... .~,~LFt'",:'%TY-'2:Iselected i,~ nrenerati,~- forthelbeautv that erected visitors tolF1orence Sparks, Carol Riddle. I-- ~-. ,_2"_ _ ~re a ram- . was in Keeping wltn tne nighest -,v ~ ~ ,~- - . ,~ , Connacher, p iers, under the d~rectIon of Mrs r n Club s : " .~ [ o " ..................'*-d Ctates[financial drive to be staged by|the Arhngton Ga de [ Honorable mention: Mrs. P./Tni~. Wnd~.n~d to a lit L[~IAILIUI 1~ U J* L 1 1 ~::= UI 11%~ I~ (i ' '' ~ ~v ~ ~4s more back, saw Fred McDonald, will stag zourl ,, show Summers Golden Glow, b " _ "1 . . " [i. Naval Service " [the U. G. N. in the near future [ , IPearson. ) ....... ut sull favore~ an m numoers as part of me pro f the ' . "[ , " . " ....... I Irv Brandt, local manager ol[atthe recreation hallo [~,,,,i^~ n .... ~v,~ / State Hi~hwav Denartme~.t received two wee~S[gram. Also a group of musicians . While memoers oI .hiS starI[the i~ U D. will be in charge o~[Methodist church last Friday and[~'~,~-~.~'n.~.,~ fright-of-way'men'are in the vi- } Wlll be reaay to go at/from the High Scnool, unaer hi- iooKea UOl. nonman pmnea mel,,li,.i~ati'n,,~' far tho I~,,eino~ rli~t tSaturdav m ....: ~,,~,~ .~,u,. io|nttv nacrnti~tine~ f~r tha ~,,~ z~ach MunIzza wfll[rectmn of Mr. "Roy Larsen, win:medal on Sgt. FrazIer s chest. ]l.iCt ot Arlir ~"~ Wlth ~yrl Wil. [ The flower show was success-1..Red. Sue Wiggs, Larry Marsh-]chase ot addition,1 right-ofway me services ot Jerry|be heard. I Sgt. Frazier hails from Arling-Iliams han&".~Y, the industriallful, and the members of thellam. /for Fflghwav !-E, between Arlin~,- !Ok Russell, and Rudy[ They will be Glen Tissue. vo-I ton', Wash., on the Pacific A Ma:[solicitations,'~nd Mrs. Margaret[~lub express their appreciatmnIJunior Horticultun~ |ton and Isl'and Junction. '=" L F;~id [v~i~'~'a'["'ltll.lilllll;l~iilll~ll l%va.~a'~ stati0n, Post OIfice Bu" d. g, 6-[ ." . o I iecorative " [Ste m' . W 1 [e)r:l Thi a'~*'"'~ i~ *at"~" '- "~ ..... . ] ' 102 21st St, Long Island City. II~ll I 1 If ll [ BLue ribbons" Mrs Edna Verd I Red" Patty Hilton, Larry i -I_ ~z.. E,. """'_'.. ~ ~2=.P .... Z" le : ' local no . . , . " . . spect to tnls portion oI the roaG, , ago our .P ':[ Work is Dro~ressin~ on a new Mrs. FrazIer is the daughter of]UI{! YIKlnff flail ]2 Mrs. Mae Pautzke, Mrs. Peavy [hams, Marie Lind, Frank Hart.. |because at a later dat~ a diff,, Boyd Ellis entere concrete s an~ over the White Mr and Mrs Sam Williams R 3,, o Mrs Clara Boyd Yell6w" Carl Moll Sherrfl Mui- -- ....... " " t P ..... ...... ent approach will be developed ~fice waving, a re_ceans[chuck river above Crystle creek, Arhngton.. |Being Razed [ Red ribbons: Mrs. Edna Verd,[lin, 2; Larry.Starr, Irene Patch,|to a connection with the new ^ nana m wmcn wa labout 20. miles east of Darring- I ........... 12; Mrs. ~ob Jones, Mrs. t~oyer,lz; ~viarle ~.lnct, z; Jonn ~owman,l~,~w~,, ~ ^ ~hioh t.~ .~oh~rlnl,~,d ~ncerning the= jippO[ton under contract to McKeller ....... --o.. I. me Omm lng com.m~ttee ; o.~|Mrs" E. Eliason, Mrs. P. Pea~son,[Pamela Teague, Sandra Zahrad-[~o~i'ate~ev~lo~men~ ........... an itinerant Seattle m~oiner uouge r~o 6a ~ at ~ 1 erson Bonme Lfl v ^_ ii" _ ...... ]Construction Co of Chelan l.;athollc Children I ........ : ~.JMrs Ralph Currier, Mrs. Clara[nik Donna Pet , " -[ ....... " . ,or wno naa COilecteu[ ^~,~,,t ~ivt,, fi',,,~ ,,~ra~ ,,) ,-~n Iwen piease~ wltn me progress oI|R,~v~t ~tin~ f31~on (~-race Wi~'~'S [loren 2" Shervt Mac, John Bow-! Tne contract, mr toe improve- to 25 dollars and thenl ............. D ...... II~ ..... ~_ ItherazmgofV~kinghall. Alarge| v~n~,.. ~_~aoo wi~,~ 3" Mrs Iman Judith Brendemuhl [ment of Highway 1-E is sehed- . crete nave ueen pOUreu uy the rre eros .......... , ..........., ' " roduce an,: pictures [ ................... bureau $ [crew of men,have been working| ...... luled to be let in November, and " Arlln ton ~anu ~ t, ravel ~u.,. till= ~Yd'"Howdothev~et[- -,g ...... -', --- -o I~.*** 9 [every day on the ]ob wIll soon be|~ ~ 1 ~l 1 i~ -- a nm,. _ Ilt wlll call for a22.ft, pavement this stuff~ I wou'ld~n't]ctemc~ oemg poured.this weeK; ~ Catholic Children $ Jcompteted It is hoped that more|fl,0nlnl0r(10N ~,lun ~uppor~ ~-rl i,p|nner~ ['with 6 to 7 ft shoulders The ~r,,,~ ~,_'_ ,.,~,,,~ ~^ I nne oriage IS WlCle enough tc "'" " .... th w r" in~ ' " " ;--= to as~ a Ue-laccommodate two-lane traffic ~, ~ _ ~ men Will help wire e o K I ..... --. _ . [road will be repaved. lone If our|The approaches are yet to be con" Program ept. z~ [~he next two we,ekS.sThe )Heirs About County Plnnn|ng :ommissnon I In conneetion with the,later re- e want to De 1 eo,[ ~)ers at me uaugnter o~ ~o y V1 l g'PP structed . . , . . 's'on of the roans connection ~d do it. so the " . ..... The Cathohc Children s Bureaulare there every day serving the t In the first Fall session of the retary to the commmsmn. I with m,,~ ...... ~ ^ ~, ~o ....~.~,,~ , better ; I The ermanent structure,e- ' .... / mish) ....... ~ ..... ~ *"~' "~ "~ g'""~' : at least stay m local p - -" d of Snohommh County will pre-[ workers droner and lunch m the Arlington Commercial Club, He pointed, out. that Snoho. out that this approach will leave P ....... sent its annual program Tues- afternoon This fine cooperationlheld at the Blue Bird Care on County is growing rapmiy and~ ................ ,, . laces a wooden budge washe ]i!! " ann it win , ..... ' .. ,the present roau near tne ~ooo thllt ~%nt Om~tO It:te e;@~CjhS Yii~to:l!~ge;:gl~utr~nmg d?y~. S~vpt H291?t27817. oam~es, n A '*~eryl~Idilv~PPor~C'~wt%d~f the ~,~t lerllUgb~g~ts llveSleTbJ'llti~le1 :::nt~?tls 7J-I S r: c;h tltaloIomaTdnd San~ %1 t to blame for thisl - Everett Wash I senior membe)s of the Sons all for the annual 4-H Achievment[sources, typography, availability lthe hill * ........ *-'-- - **'- /12 ~'ljall~~b27ed2atItln~rv'~2~ ................. uu w.. ,IPerly processed -and Returns to U,- S.- de. p.endent children and the gra-[l~jarlie which occured on Sep-[nation. . ....... " the county in planning their de-Inn whioh th,.r. .............. rn~rl nan h. h~:tlt" d brown or faded out ...... tIf m results [ ember 21st Mr Torske was 83 The Achmvment Day affair, in velopments. Thi~ will ~,#ata~iv~ th~ rfamr~v~! " " TNC Y g .... " ................ " ........... ~ort time, resulting in san Diego, cam.', (FU~e S;~. Other outstanding features will and Mr. Fjarlie was 82. Both l~te years, has been attracting He said it is not the purpose of only a sma'~l amount of peat invaluable portraits lScheduled tOvrltUmrnnths in tPe be talks by Rev. Thos. Gill.linen although for their advancedImany of the 4-H club members[the commission to arbitrarily set!which otherwise fills this bott~ been ordered for keep 22rid after s . . Archdiocesan director of Catholicl age have been active with the I from throughout the county, and[rules, but that with factual mat-I~a,~a riced in, the Timll Cha~jlie~ll%aig~ebakr~: ~lm b a I thW2pi~rtheila~?tlefgi21;tTrl~tl Mr Ellis son Cliffor I " . _ . u . outline the drive and what i y ' Y , h g" , is P " "g "(.~.~.+ ,~, o, +}, ..... ,. ~...,..,. 'iat'ed with him in the lMrs. Edgar A. Teacnout at lxoute means to the numerous organl-!for both elderly gentelmen I Bryant, where there are accom-Ily their developments i t.s,,U,':'---~ ...... ~,, ,-, .... ts~,-,* " " n Wash . " . " mr x-A, no progress nas been he feels that he will|a, A.rhngto~ , - . . . ~ zations deriving benefits from it. ----~---~ modaUons for a large group.[ Mr. Remner was introduced by[,~,~o ,,, ,~o ,,,~.~o,.+ .... .., -~ to take on the ad- "me nas comple~a .net The public is urged to attendl~s~ol~,. ~]~,~I~ )However, definite arrangements/C. H. Fowler, of Arlington, woo. isi ........... v .,-,.~ ..... j~ the northwest and it] Force 95at Wonsan harbor, children p ,Friday Se-t. 25 I The members also heard a dis- [ V M Leeand'J C carpenterlCOntestOn where'ner uns blastea enemy " " " Lpossible for him to/ ' g Refreshments will be served[ J9 ~cussion by Felix Reisner, on the 1 were appointed by President t A welcome is waiting young aft assignments ' [installations. . I durimr the social hour followingl Friday night, Sept. 25 will belpurpose of the County Planning Dave Helms to serve on the and-old at the Free Metldodist is at nresent re dr-/ The destroyer was shot at se "lthe nr-~,ra-, Junior C D A ~,irlsla big night at Bryant Grange, asIcommission Mr Reisner is sec-[Christmas rogram committee. Sunday School where a mere- -- "- " " dam v .-~ .... ,, ....... tsprot .------------- . , . rlhFPwtTkm:ke ~e/Ig: times, but suffered no n, aCtu2~rl:Sh:rs" Come" and]Iroi~rBa~St~r:~gh:naDdraa2eP~C~l~[,.~, , ~'~'~i ~r~ ~, n.t /lerghy%l?hnt~::gei~urP~ug~e~a~c~h t carrier Task Force 77 g y he ent of Gra rs t,lub Mem rs near yr. tden DlIIer ll not be elaborate it[ With fas " . ..... ,[ ............. [t ertainment nge [ I _ _ [Sunday. and lots of interest 1 I Arlington Exhibits [ i! ulc!k ! I About B lOd TmYPn]ingc [ 7 ly;.C .thr lub 25 ) iili ~ar~ti~e~i i~t !!7i g / _ /Winner at hair [ The "r "" ws I held its September meeting on[ Y9 P [ o " .... /craft. . I I p ogram muo : ~ ................ I ~,. o~^- Biffero,,tometrist I OI new memoers In auring the i The Lofber sto pe4 for two F u Se 1 Officers' March ~'riaay me ~mn at me t=ecn t'res w, ,-,,~,, v contest g P airgrounds, Puyall p, P- " " " "' e Climaxing this contest ~t__ V .... I days in Pearl Harbor, T. H., on[tember 21---4-H Club members] 2. Juvenile Officers. [ton home. Mr. Landry of Stan-[announces that his office w!llb |will be the annual Rally Day on lour her way home lexhibiting in the State Juniorl 3. Presenting Flag wood, was the invited guest tolelosed on Friday as ne win oe in October 4th, with an interehtin*, _. .'~ [Dfiirv Show wound up their com-[ 4.'National Maste's Address. speak on blood typing. He g'ave[attendance at the booth spon-[program being planned. Plan t~ il;lr m ,n An,w r ]petedve events this afternoon[ 5. State Master's Address.[a most enjoyable, and enlighten-]o^,~d b,, the Washin*,ton On.|come regularly to church and I ................... /with the fitting and showing[ 6. Piano Solo. ling talk on the advantages '0f[~"" _. ~, . ~. :~,_. .... ~ ]Sunday School and don't forget 7 Pr r t tomel:rle ASSOClaUOn a( tne we nan is provided to ttv?lTi~rn ['~$11|~ .~lln~aw -- /contest at the Western Washing-[ esenting Silos S ar Pins. [every6ne knowing his or .herI ........ , ""[to bring your family and frientls. e~ or furUne~lnsv~ehn~/ .... A~lm~cn~i;eDe~artmentlton Fair. I 8. Agricultural Address. )blood type, After hearing nim{ern wasnington bta~e ~alr. [ , ' O: _ ~ " .......r! The r " g o " P 't Championship ribbons werel 9 Brief Remarks [explain how lives are very often[ The booth has been installed Smbx~jmubsord Dlmser an xee m enar~wa, u " da " ' ,II adVe&el~hwlll W~I1[Was called out twice la~tr:UntwY/awarded by Junior and Senior[ 10. Closihg Song. laved, not necessarily ones ownlat the Fair to acquaint the pub-/~rL, Sept ~6th nan. .e r_~..~/by requests for help ldivisions in each breed. The div-I Ilife, but that of an accident orI .... , ...... , **... ~..~,.~,~,. ~..] A SmorgaSbord dinner ~11 be or a nalntmum oi ~, ~ ommun 11~5 Wltll ~tJlill~ Ul I, liq~ ~Jl~u.t~;;lxl~ 111 .................. /widely separated rural c "lision breakdown is bv ages of the[LEE GUILD TO MOVE lemergency victim, each person/ , /served this Saturday evening, a, Dinner Sept. 26,[ities. [showmen and Juniorsare from 10[I~OM LOCAL OFFIC~- [present was convinced that co,[connection with three dimen-~eptember 26th, In the Zio~ hall, Silvana. 5[ Sunday afternoon a call came/to 13 years old. [ Mr. Lee Guild, of the Soil Con-leryorm should have their bloodlsional projection in the Shoving]Social Hall, Silvana, serving to r~, Public invited.|from east of Bryant, where the~ Senior Yearlings: Jerseys---~servation Service, who has been]typed "and carry the card withl,icture tndustru ~eommence at 5 and continue tin. of Lloyd Larcum was ae-/ First, Harold Metrakes, Yelm;[in charge of the kx al office forl that Information, with them at[" .... !tll 8, The public is invited. ~--'"~" ~,lo~*",,~'~ o'v |strayed, together with contents,l Second Johanne Engstrom, Ar-[the past four years, will move tol all times: / ...... ~' ~ ........ ~"~ vu'" .--o .... ~,,~ ~,,,~,~,,, ,~oht/Sunday night about 9 0 clock th | lington; Third, Frances Herrett,] Odessa, Wash., about Oct. 5, ac-I At the conclusion of Mr. Lan.[ pose of making dmgnosis or of-FIDELITY CLU~ 2"~ ..... ~..~ .... ~'-/firemen were calIed to the M,[Sequim. Icording to word from the Conser-[dry's talk, lunch was served, con.[ferin.g professional advice re-! MEETS TUESDY a ravern, ~llvana 1 - ~-[Porkeney home, 2~A mi.!es east o~[ Junlor'Yearlings: Guernseys---|ration Service. [sisting of apple pie a-la:mode,[garamg personal optic troubl~,] Fidelity Social Club will meet m ~ in new Bryant| Edgecomb, where a flooded oil| First~ Micha%l Mezger Arlington;I Mr. Ed. Stephens, who has beenl coffee and the birthday ca~e. EdJbut purely as an aid in under, Tuesday, September 29 at the " " ndin t r L1 every Saturday/heater wits the Cause of the] Second, ..John Klattenhoff, Van,l~n the local office for many years,lAlmli drew the birthday dime./sta g he p oblems presented home of Mrs. Arthur Thompson music. Refresh-[trouble. No damage resulted in[couVer; Thii~d, MiKe Ahmann,lwill fill the position now held byI The next meeting will be heldlin the new moving picture devel, at 237 Me~ a~ 1:30 p. m. the latter case. | Enumclaw. I Mr. Guild. I at the Steckeiberg home. ~ opmentS. '~ ..... ~ " Dessert lunch will be served.