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September 17, 1953     The Arlington Times
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September 17, 1953

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PAGE TWO THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, SEPT 17, 1953. Ill D^$^~ .... l$ D^$~* .... [ In Arlington - Phone 1344 NOTE OF ARLINGTON HTS. Ebey-Lake Riley OSO /[ WHITE HORSE ,ctc L||ct,at |,cu|co9 [ KILLOUGH CLEANERS We wish to thank Mrs. Nellie George, II Edgar Holland To i WATERPROOFING Carrie Kelly, corr. Terry Bunten, corr. kffie2:s:n Phone 307W2 correspondent. [~ ""e" ~r r ~"~,~'/~t" ~"~'' dad .............. T,-|,^ DA,,.^-- [ T~re during our late be Mrs. James Taylor Mrs. Bassford 'r= Al,ka [Andrea Kay Peterson |diSC lU~ItIUII I.ults Phone 493. The Barker family Mr. and Mrs. Jack Petric of Se-i Mr. and Mrs. Andv PetersorPeteEnault, long familiar fig- ~'- ~ HeadsH. D. Club HeadsH.D.Chb attle with the little Chenier girls]f Squire Creek are t'he parentS ure as the city street cleanup ['~[:~ ~ n ,,tn im=::u::p,~, Debra and Andra, recently down/of a seven pound baby girl born man, will retire on October 1st as L~ ~o q~.~o Lo ~qk.J -.llV The Arlington Heights Ham( The Ebey-Lake Riley Homq from Alaska, came Saturday andlat Arlington hospital on Sept. 17. the regular employee, but will be C)DT#,-~h~fETI-~lqT Demonstration Club met Wednes- Demonstration Club met Wednes. visited over Sunday with Mr. and[She has been given the name of day Electin i atlves. ~Mrs.. John Cole .and. other rel- Audrea Kay and joins two broth- ~lay, Sept. 9 The business meet- at Mrs. Bassford's. Mrs. Petrm is the formertersl and one sister, callHisfOrplaceeXtraondUtYthe streetr fill-lade. ............ BA-view 9015 ing was held and new officers of officers was held with the fol- partment will be taken by Edgar Y :ior the coming year were voted lowing elected for the coming Edna Cole and the little girlsI ~ Holland, who has been in charge 2612 Colby Avenue Everett, are the granddaughters of Mrs Mt Baker Tri ~in. President, Mrs. James Taylor; year: Mrs. Bassford, president; John Cole. / A group of White Horse Cam- of the garbage collection truck.~ ---- ~ce-president, Mrs. Gordon RatA- Mrs. Wall, vice-president, andI ' " P ?bun; secretary, Mrs. Ed Chris- Mrs. Pray, secretary-treasurer; ~ [munity Club members made the Replacing Mr. Holland in that po-~~ sition is Jim RatA. :man. and treasurer, Mrs. D. all. Mabel Swanson, sunshine chair. Davis Family ]trip to Mt. Baker last Sunday. All The announcement of the ~t.l~_P~_ttm~Pl~utdflbtlm ~t: lores. A potluck lunch was man, and Betty Williamson, song Hold Reunion reported the day and scenery changes was made at the meet- ~=w--~=,m~ww 4=~--mmm.~w~,,.. ~---, served by the hostesses, Mrs. Le- leader. The next meeting will be, Family gatherings of the Jack simply beautiful. a~a Arnot and Mrs. Roy Lenhart. at Mrs Robert Anderson's. Mrs. Davis family were enjoyed when Mr. and Mrs. Jack Swilling and ing of the ci:y council on Monday After lunch Mrs. Arnof and Mrs. Sutton and Mrs. Frances Wil. i the Davises went to Anatone, Vicki accompanied by Mr. and night. Wash., to get Mr. Davis' mother, I Mrs. John Fox and children, The councilmen, beside work- James Taylor gave discussions liamson were guests of the club who visited them for couple oflmade the trip to Lake Myrtle ing on the proposed budget for Take ,on pattern fitting. Meeting was Wednesday. adjourned until Oct. 14, at which weeks. While here members at'last Sunday. the next vear, received a letter 'date the new officers will be Works at Reformcrtory the family joined them. Among[ Picking Blackberries from Dr. S. FA.Neb_el in refere.ncethe iP.smllea. ~. ,,~n ~n,o h,~o ~,,,,*h,*-land them were Howard Davis Mr.I Blackberry nicking is welI us- [o the new v]ea riper aaal[lOn. -- -- ~. ~I-~|1.~,~m ,rioltad ~t thp Rob- and Mrs Raymond Bajoult and[dar way and many housewives in which he Agreed to ha e ]~ ~ ~nw ert~An(t~erson" ]ao~meone "clay the children, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Ro-land ot]aers are busy picking for streets in the addition graa.eo Stage ~ .a-a. a~-~3 ~ noo~ ..... k Mr Anderson has berson, Mr. and Mrs. Clif Davis.lthe canneries Marie Bertels is anagravele~ accoralng to specll- ~ ~]a,A i~;IJ~nle ~een worl~ing at" the Monroe re. On their trip to Eastern Wash-[buying up the berries for this lcatlon.s, of j.he county, .oeIore ~l..~m ~ala~; au~vaao -.._ formatory cleaning up after the lngton theDavlses vial.ted with[community this year. s~tme is I]nauy acceptea oy the WEEK DAY SCHEDULE we are very proua o1 the ~A recent fire there aaugnters ~ooerta ana ~lora anaI ~st~ F^rrister i~ doin~ consid ~ ~ Lv. ARLINGTON Lv. EVERETT: boys from. Arhngton Helghtsat tnde ---"--" also Mr. Davis smter at Anatone. ....... orahl~ elearin~,o ..... ~nd also is out- The council also received from 6:45am. 345 m. 7:45am. a the' showing they made .h Lee Anderson, Dick and Mar- Enroute. home they .were accom- ,.tin~, manv~ new acres under cul- Irv. Brandt a letter asking the s.~)a.m.,m 5~00-P'--" g-,~. S:~) a.m. Monroe fair Larry and Marion ,,b~ n]on took a trin over the pained by Mrs. Farm Bates andltivati~n on his ranch at Souire city to vacate the hillside where R 9:dOa.. 5:40p.m. I0:30a.m. Mrs ......... v" i i .................. Taylor, sons Of Mr. and Labor Day week-end to visit the children, who had been is t nglcreek This is the old Furland Maple street drops from McLeod ll:20a.m. 12:20p.m. James Taylor, displayed two Jer- H A Jensen family at' Leslie her parents there. Iranch" to the alley on.the west. The mat- 1:10 p.m. z:oo p.m. calves Marvin winnin a ...... " ~_Y , . . .g Stores Idaho. The Jensen family ....... I Mr and Mrs Bruce Seton spent ter was taken under advisement. SUNDAY SCHEDULE blue ribbon aria Larry a rea one. ~x~ects to return to their farm t~r~nge ~v~eets ~epx. ~u ~_ : . . ~. ~ ~ f~_.~.- .......... +~ .......~.. Lv. ARLINGTON: Lv. EVERETT: ~r- ,, " ~r and ~ v ~n. xxr~....~., r~........ ~' ~"v"l ine long ~aoor say weeK-can un-uma.c~ c~rau.U cumum- S:a0a.m. 5"15 n m 11:00 a.m. ~ary /~orman, son ~,~ ~,f _. here when they have finished ................... ~c ........[fishin~ in Canada tire reserve funds for purchase n:45a.m. _'._'-" " l:a0p.m. a~rs. art l~orman; proualy, uls- harvesting their crops there. .a party honoring Helen Mahlum[ -- ' of fire equipment another for 2:15p.m. 7:~p.m. 4:35p.m. ~played 5 ribbons xor nis entry, a i Mrs Frances Williamson is vis.lPaul and her husband Gerald only._ ,~ purchase of garbage dept equip- 10 months old Hereford Beef ' a sh : __Y " iting at her son s home nd eItheir social night this Friday lL~ltV lreasurv too,, ~nd ~ aonor~] .... ~ ..... EVERETT-ARLINGTON.DARRINGTON heifer. This won the Jr. Cham- and her daughter-in-law are[Sept. 18th, and those whose[ ..... ~., ,,,, ,,,,, ,n,,,, mulative reserve fund, were giv--- SOUTttBOUND ---------~--~--~-- NORTHBOUND" LV. Dar.: Lv. Arl. Art. Ever't Lv. Ever't Lv. Arl.. At :pionship and the ~r.ana ~nam- busy picking berries as a lot of[birthdays come this quarter willlK~l~ _~.~ /h~ ]._~ en consideration tonshi and the otner riDDons - a.~a~aa~*~* ~9~v~*~-~ . zl0:0~a.m, zll:Z0a.m, zl2:00noonz ?:45a.m. z 8:45a.m.s P P folks are these days also be honored. " howmanshi Gar now [ For the street department, z--Daily except Sundays and Holidays ~erezors P" Y Mrs Pearl Cooper Thompsonl Lecturer Mary Gates has her] Cash and securities in the City Chairman Dave Helm reported has a herd of 5 Congratulations, " 1 Thelma . ~ . . a--To Marysvllle and Normtown daily. On Monday, Wednesday _ and daughters Mabe, . [Booster Night program prepared[Treasury amount to $29,709.23, that a survey is being made onday from Everett via Sunnyside. ~" and Ruth of Tacoma callea onland it features mainly youth.las of Sept. 1, according to the Stillaguamish avenue, and it is B--via Sunyside Monday, Wednesday and Friday. nten Saturda after .... ---------- Mrs. W. Bu Y "[There willbe accordion numbers~report of Treasurer Webb Moor- hoped this boundary street may ~m~m"~zm noon. They came up to see theni~[by Rosemary Swanson and Jack.[man to the council at the Man- be straightened out. EXPRESS SERVICE PASSENGEB -unda Larr Starr broke his old home now owned by Mr. lie Evans and Betty Pearson, and[day night session, r~-......--.--.--.--.~ SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 15, 1952 .~ _ Y _ Y ......... Mrs L. Casner. Ruth especiallY[the Mahlum sisters will sing[ Receipts for the month of Aug-NEW GRANDDAU~HTE.R aoove ~ne wrist anu " nadrlgnt~oarms ena ........ a m nt in ~ne sos- wanted to see xt as that was land play There will be a little lust amounted to $21,593.77, Mr and Mrs .Pete FlngarsonI .... P ....g ~e-ms the where she was born. Mrs. Thomp-[skit with Harry Sparks, Ed Soper]while the total disbursementsJ announce the birth' of a new . ,~ ~~ephofnr~:~nu,!ew~ha:rn ~:i:/~?~Phi:a ::O~:neYdv;::il I iit!t(1GTaenhr~ ide~rhS:nsdboei~am!~:klng I ~20:4::e~1~?~5 ;'taXe~eand ~isi:~eSP~abua~inSrma!;M~?~i " at rdaYoMr andMr PraYd de/ T ------- $8778, Fines and Penalties ..... s, Denise ~I " = LIuT~~ ~!U,~s,son. -E~" B~. Mc'C'a~'e" ~~t dCa"h Oso Him ter :e: n P nac ~a~;p$rll9~L~: ]a~ ~SDtoW~ aS~St.er_ arm, den mother Y .... Y, P. , g $96760; Water Department $10- Mrs. John Arnot, _ .... ' her to Everett one day last week/discontinued for the summerk,~ ~ ................ "..r.ntl AT UNI~ERsrr~ " have me IlrSt meeung oI me . [ ,:~.ou t~o,uw ~ua. x~um ,~u, ~ "~'ll._ .. on a shopping trip. months. [T.... trr~ont fund~" a~rh~c,e De-I Among students from Arhng-! ........... o^_, Mr. Solberg mad .. [ ~,, uf the Cub Scouts at her e a business ~ ..... ~" , a it ]v r~ Mr. andMrs. Clarence George Dartmgnt"" $76570" "~ Consumer s ton din" ted to the Un" e ~ity x~me Tuesuay azter school, oept. trip to Mt. Vernon Monday. twr.lvisited the former's sister in Se-[~ .... ~ 'a~. 7,'~h,' ~t~,~t w,m,~ of Washington are: John M. Dick- :.r~. d Mrs Sut ~,_~, ..... ~ ...... ~ ........... ........ and Mrs. Bassford an "]attle on Sunday ,,..~. ,~rn .~.v e~oco~. ~n.~..~ lnson and Carol F. Funk From This Winter .~e~. nemxe~ ......... ton were vlsltors Sunday at the/ Mr. and Mrs Chas. Wassonl,,_,,^,^ ~_..~ .~5oaaT. qt,~,t ~il East Stanwood are Gudvexg "me members oI me Arlington " ve~,~:le run,u, .~ ...... , ....... " ............ tt,~, Ernest Solberg home. [dace Evalene Jenner) of Seattle[,.., ~1050. total includina -~4918Hlmes and Donald Marhn RELY ON ~nurcn.or JESUS t:nrxst o~ ..~ Lt. Christian reports he will be[came up Saturday morning to[~'~ .~'~ ~2 96 ~" ~ " Schroedl. vay balnts nave a comm~uz~ent -'-'----~-" ~"*-"-* the Naval Ra ~ ........ ' ...... , ....... i S 'for rell~Veu oz uuty at " get her parents, ~vlr. ana vlrs. . j ~---------o----------~ ~f 200 lbs. of blaekb~rr e dio Station some time in Novem-[Fred Jenner to snend the day in[ Expenses: Current Expense, AIRMAN ON LEAVE STANDARD Lheir relief program..Mrs. ~i:t~ry ber and will go to Yokosuka,lSeattle and' to ~njoy birthdayl$1'200"52; Water.Dept~. $1,005.02;1 Visitors for the week-end at the ~::: ~c'~ x~armnanaantnerlauyp~ceu'--'aninTokioBav 'celebration of Mrs Wassonandl~arage, ~'mo.~z; ~onsumerslF C Applegatehome Route3 H =AIING O1[ a ~,w , -. . . ' ' ~80 lbs. at Lakewood Tuesd :~, a-- nn4 Mr~ Walter Bunten[M~o T.,~Ho .Tonn,~r'~ TTnnn thoirlDeposlt $55, City Streets, $1,- were Airman Second Class and ~nd Mrs. Edlr~rlbD:V~lacndbsmall ann"Terry went to Marysville[return that evening the~'Wassons[527B'a9fances in all funds" Current Mrs. Pete Taylor, who are on a Let us keep your oil tank ful]-~(we ]] cheek i .~on p~cl~e ~ "'- " ....a d Sunday and while Mrs. Buntenlremained overnight and on Sun-] .......... '." ~. ~ two week leave Irom l~lrtiano ~eemtoDeplenuzuitmsyear n Ral h . ~.xpense, ~,t)bO~;; water uept r B ]arly and you can be sure voull never,be out t the Air Fo ce ase, at Albu uer ue .......... fruitland Terry visited a P ]day were joined by Mr and Mrs.! ..... ::- ~" ~' .... " q q S STANDARD SERVICE :are a nice aaaluon to the :Stuck home Mr. Bunten wentlAmer Foster of Belling'ham Mrs 1~,~i~; ..uept,.~.~- New Mexico. ~supply. :fishing in Lake Stevens. He[Leslie Jenner and the Jenneri482"60i Street IAgnL.~un~. (u~_~. -- ....... LAMP' STA ~a ...... ~ caught six nice silver trout and[granddaughters Katherine, Mar-[~.~~); ~onsumers~epomt,~6~ ; For ~-1~ ~tras a~ ~r ..... ve 4 H reported a lot of fishermen out]jorie and Susan Jenner of Seattle.lAirprt, water ~onos, t~estfiOOK n ~atur on the lake as the next couple of! The Ted Nordstrom family, Mr [$2,825.75; City. btreets, $~,~z~.~; ~I'~0V~.L DRAGLINE Phone :~lar.ts Thtenew~a~r ~u~a;~g:r~ Jan" weeks will about wind up the[and Mrs. Nels Nordstrom, Barrie[~U~.u~atc~etie~e~)v~0 0~0z~%~c~e or Hoe Work t~.~~, Y._ Y. ....... "lgood fishing for silver trout inlRankin and Larry Sandstroml_. ; ...... , can ]_ee. ray iO~ath~arOl~oo~s?r~u~rI~l~e lake. [went to the Evergreen State Fair'Casla, $1oo.t~" .~ S.v. LED E ER 2331 ___ _D~.rl~anL~ ,..n,, "r,~h..o "Caro-! I should have mentioned when[Sunday. [Arlington and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Phone 3545 Arlington !.~ .... ~".2'."~'~' ~"'_'_'~:' _on_slreporti~gMr. andMrs. BassIorasl Mr and Mrs John SandstromlHicks of Seattle were visitors~ - ! ~~_~___~___~~ -- 't the Paiama Ca:al Zone 1-- i ....... liven ~____ii _ _~ ~~~~ Mrs M E Chrisman spen " , - -- -- - ................. week-end in Seattle. Rosie andI Use "Times" classltmd aas - I ~ ~ ~ ~, ~ P P ~ Ss David had a pleasant weeK-enal ~ .... , ..... // TeCTlVe ,~a tesmen ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ in Everett with their father, Ver- - ................ ""----- - I \ ~ ~1~ rm rm| BI i~ sel Chrisman. [brother and sister-in-law, Mr.I ..~m~mi ~ 0t / //~ Mr and Mrs Wm Buckley,and Mrs John Dilbert of Bothel.[ eat, st; ,'.}sts ~,~nt'to Monroe Friday where[and Mr. Norman's sister and[ | ~Lll~ ~~1~/~ . ........ laf Th~- attended the Evergreen brother-m-law, Mr. and Mrs. O I I ~, t-] m ..v :q, ~. --':~ .............ed the dif Bjorg of Silver Lake near Everett } | ~| ~ III ..... i NormanI Mr and Mrs. Harry Carlson~ ~ m m~ ~ ~.;tii i:i:i: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mr' ana ivlrs JUl us " : .... " ran Brown and[and Mr. Eutler and daughter[ f - li i k ~ 5" .... tendedana zamuy, ~na___ f i{[:I I' ii~~ .......... [Gertrude, went to the fair Satur-[ ~~i ~ Mr. ana ~rs. wm. ~ummers at-la~. I ~| ~ ,, the fair at Monroe on"~a~; i ........... // " -a It s outcnermg ume on the l i ~,~l i " ~una y. , ..... [Heights. Fred Myers butchered[ ~1. Mrs. ForresI t~rown ana aaugn-ttwo hogs last week and this] ~ml~.~ ~ll~lq~~~, let, of Seattle, visited at the Wold i week the Carlsons are butchering [ ~ _ ~,~ home over the week-end. Alsoltwo [ ~| x\ ", Sunday guests were Mr and Mrs ! ?~r nd Mr~ Viot~r "6'rovd havel ~f_,~:t~m _ ___. a ................. . , ~'t ~" ~hllmmm H Alton Funk and family of Ar- put a new roof on their homel .~i'~*,(=;] " e the Thri"" lington, complete with gutters and drain] ,~"~ I~l ~e IIing Mr and Mrs Walter Lathrop]pipes. ] ?~k~v I~ "~.,mm,.lt~nd qh .... and Stevle went to the fair Sat- Freyds, LefEers and Carlsonsl ~"~ urday. Mrs. Lathrop especially have been doing a lot of hayingI Evory Child ~ * enioyed the 4-11 booth. !the past week.: They put up Joe[ ~ .k,, ... Visit Interesting Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, zveit s aria ~reya s nay ano ........... _ ........ Jr., of Everett, were callers at the "Red" Hartley baled it. . the- Olsplays & I~xhibltS James Taylor home Friday eve- The Carlsons are pouring ce-[ .... ~ing ' ment Tuesday for the floor of[ ~A I O . - .- - Ir/ I 1% Laugh on me anrway Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor, Sr. their new barn. [ were among those who attended We wish to remind everyone[ Bo suro to * he air Saturda again of the entertainment eve- ',,.,,~ C,~,lu ~-,, u,,~- t " f Y" " ..... : ...... brin--'our- ,,-v,,,~ .-~--./'~.w7 ..~..~ Mrs. Ed Soper was hostess to sing at me nail ~aturaay, ~ept.[ ~ y the Garden Club at a picnic 19, sponsored by the Arlington lunch Monday at her home Wed- Heights .Improvement Club. AI nesday. Mrs. Soper judged the delightful evening is being[ Home Economics display at the planned by the committees. Vis-I Evergreen State Fair, Monroe. itors are welcome. [ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Best and daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thorsen of Seattle, enjoyed a picnic at Camano Is- land Sunday Mrs. Donald Tveit and Mrs. Doris Bissell of Seattle visited at the Dirks and M. A. Hartley homes Sunday Miss Barbara Hartley, who teaches at Olympia, was home over the week-end. She acted as maid-of-honor at the wedding of her school chum. The wedding took place in Everett Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hartley had a letter from Van Roberts He is now stationed at Camp Pickett, Va. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hartley took in the fair Saturday. They reported it seemed like Old I-Iome Week--they met so many Heights folks there Mr. and Mrs. Fred McDonald have had as their~guests the past month their two daughters, Mrs. Harry Vales (MuTiel) and Mrs. Ernie Medema (Lassie Lou) and three little sons Lynn, Ladd and Lee. They returned by plane to their homes in Kodiak, Alaska, last Saturday. 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