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September 17, 1953     The Arlington Times
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September 17, 1953

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No. :21 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Sept. i7, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 3,'19m i ............ " (.i W N ,, fmpic Theat e Chal Iges H and -- -- ~ I ~, ,. i[]1 ]5~~~coin orla0 e~':tLast0gl~ [ totaled[| .... ] t~ )y L~-- D : ] /i F B :k Comp,,;to, Buys Barne] Inter igto ) Eagles opened passing arm was limp, nettingI ~~ ~ ~ The Olympic thcatre has beenlseheduling late pictures. He wilt i football season last but two completions and 291 ~~ ~~ ~ ~ .emsea Ior severa~ nabs unaergo-lalso continue the Saturday mat- ~ht, winning an unim- yards, with a pair being eomplet-[ ~~ ~~ ~ ~ 1.rig remoaenng and .renovatign, linee, and plans to pay attention ) to 0 victory over the ed to the ,wrong receivers main- : : toi.owmg the sate of me popmar to famil t e ro - " " se ~ y yp p grams. He ' Cardinals. The fa-ly the Twin City pass defen., ~ ~ItlN ~:,i I~rllll .,bow house by Carrol Barney to hopes to be able to open the les won by exactly the Except for a few sparkling ex-I - Mr. Jack Comps(on. theatre b - Thursda ni hdown margin predict- amples the down field blocking[ ~i ~~'~: H ~ IVh'.CompstoncomesfromSleepy The p~ssing of Yhe gh:me of d to count twice in the was poor and the timing of playsI i~i ~~ I::il ~:~:~i] Eye, Minn., where he had beenlBarney from the theatre busine~ )d to do it. Arlington was off, which probably caused[ ~i ~EI~ U ~ engagea in the theatre ousiness[in Arlington marks the end of a t )ur times and the alert several of the fumbles. These[ ~i ~~2~:::i |ill] ~ for about ten years. He is mar-[long period in which the family ecovered three times, faults are always apparent ear-5 ~i ~~l[:] Li I~| ned and he and Mrs. Compstonlhave been identified with the ;[de their fifteen yard ly in the season, i ~~i ~~] ~ ~ .and son Gary, 7, will make their[theatre business here, about Cardinals also held for, Borseth.Looks" .C~.~. -. - areJ ~~ ~ Him home Ior the present in thelthirty years, according to out I their eight yard line Now ior the nmgnts, wmcn | ~~ ~~ ~ |~ apartment above the theatre, best information ~rcepted two of Dicklalways nicer to write about. Dick] F~~ ~~ ~ ~ The new owner states that a] Their first operation was the six passes to stave off[ Borseth was superb. His running[ ~~~ ~~ ~ ~ complete renovation job is beingt American Theatre, which was es~ .Chdown drives. ]leaves nothing to want for, Bor-[ ~~ ~~ ~ ~[ done, a crew o~ rug cmaners be.ltablished by Joe Barney, father. rely the men of Larrylseth being a fast and shifty run-l ~~ ~~ ~ ~ ing on. the job Tuesaay giving, lof Carrol, in the location now oe- and Ralph Pistorese her that handles hid 165 pounas the rugs a thorough cmaning'and~ cup'md by June's Food Store. In gg ] g. ] i ii/ mpooing the seats. Included i1939 Carrol Barney erected the. gh and ru ed Twin to advanta e Give him an open sha -~d to get further thanling and he'll go for ten addition-[ ~i ~i ~ ~ in the remodeling will be a wideiPresent building and fitted up, .gton 26 _yard striDe,ial.__ _yards. Borseth ...... packed the[ screen which gives the Hlusmn oI[the Olympm Theatre, whmh Is lnt they reached twice,[leather 24 times, picked up 1881 ~i~ili 3D, also a hlgtl intensity arc]modern and well-designed, and[ a fumble and the final[yards, give or take a few inches,[ ~i ~i i i lamp, rectifiers and new lens. igives Arlington a very attractive Jr. Arlington's line gavelaveraging 7.8 yards per carry,i ~i ~i i ~ Mr. Compston also plans onland comfortable theatre. yards in the 32 timesJwhich is good yardage even[ i i ~~ Y . . . erage of but 1 7 yardslscrimmage Johnny Larson only| PAINT THE TOWN---Not to be outdone by any senior class, and setting a mark for future class- . G ~LCit backs tried to dent against a Knothead team in ~~ ~~ ~ .... " - " ' ' i st h ' ' ' da nih .... BOB LEACH TO HEAD LOCAL U , whmh is mmerly no]a sophomore who will be a b g] e o s oot at, the Senmrs of 54 on %ednes y g t, Sept. 9, painted in white lettering the legend = }w you look at it. Thelhelp to his Mother when he at-! "Seniors, '54" to inform the world (hare is such an important group in the Arlington High School. . Following the decision by the[Society, Washington State He~'t tom leted four of tains his full growth, seemed to _ Other classes have been content to paint their title on the city water tank, or the grandstand at airectors of the Aningmn ~om- Association YM C A ,,,r~ ~esl gooPd for fifty yards,]enjoy plowing into the line with[ Hallock:fk~ld, but this, undoubtedly the most important class in the history of Arlington High munity Chest to join the United Center. , ..... and Y .... -intercepted once which[his 185 pounds Larson averaged (past and future) painted the label on the streets and on the Haller bridge. The school bus in the Good Neighbors Robert Leach In speakin of the U G N or - : i .... ' ' g " " " " Red and White team al4.3 yards on thirteen plunges. HeI P cture just happened along as The Times photograoher snagrmd the pmture, was appointed to organize the ganization and the need for ev- ){ 104 yards for the eve-~will be nice to have around thel ..... . ........ = .... .. ..... _ -- .U. G:.N. here preparatory to mak-lbryone doing his part to make it rK: . . . inext few years. warvin waymr.llSlane Wreckage tWdl n# /llh~n M illwar |'nn@Ae#Ad= canvass mr runus. .... la success, George Duecy, eam- :slzeu crowo attenuedlSenmr speeaster, pmKea up aaI .... ~ IIIIIIII V/ L.IIIIU|I Idl. q$1lllqam qdlUIIl,~Ol, l~U. The purpose oI _me umteulpaign chairman for the county, fling of Coach Larry]yards on seven attempts, anliT. ,., .l ~ ]~,.~.~. I __ , .... " Good Neighbors is to edminatelsaid: ,w h u h vera e of 6 1 ards er trip &~UlI~I Sl| I1YI~llL~II|~ I " " " ' hite hopes. Alt o g [a g Y P "1 ,~n~# ~n~ IM ~~ "~nnn~ multiple budget appeals. It will We the citiz~n.~ of Snohomi.~h ~s piled up seventeenJGerald Hendry was tough on de-J~.J,,~. ]'~w~.~l-~ I~|L~' ~I~|L~U ||| Lt~||L~L ~U|L serve the same purpose as far as]County are-facecl wit-h-an--z:ob" ns and netted ,a yard-[lense, playing a bang-up tackle *~;~a v~a**z,~i, ~ ~, . the Arlington district is con-[lem q'i~is nroblem is how [o fi" ~g over 300 yards there/host(ion Jim Corn[rig, Larry Ol-I c-.._, ~....., ..... m....~n~. .el The will of me late Lillian B.[man D. Saylor is named as ex .... a ~ ~ (',,mmunitv Chest t.....-;-,,.. ~ .............. ,." h to be ~mp'roved." The Js~on, Lyle Lindquist, John Jacob-] ~.'~"~nl w F~'.'~*L ~"~' *u=~'F'~ ":l Oliver, pioneer resident of Arling-I ecutor of tile will.ex'~cen'~, t~at"i't i"s more th~orou~,h'tL'~'g,~'~-,,~P~u~~o ., ......~ ,,=,,, ,~,,u. ,~=.,a,=" ~u, ~u,~,~o,,~ ~.- t S eeK Iouna me wreckage oi : ~son Dick EMckson, all lookedI . , ,to. who died in April of this year t The contestants are Eldon E ItWill su---'ort such or-anizations .......... ' a miHtar lane hi h on S 1 ur ' ' ste . pp g cnaracter.ounmng organlzanom~. A.l._ f_l.. Igood on defense. ~] y p g u ph txs being conte d. according to Best, Leona Best Franklin an, o= fr,,~ ]~,~,i,~,.~ o,~,~ cm~= Thi~ nrn~n,~r,~,,e ,-nmm,,,it*, h,.,~ rLIHI~I~ O~le / Arlington opened the game by lMountain, in the Suiattle drain- papers served on the city officials lFloyd Biggs. ' Monda ni ............... ~ .... " .................... _ m, *!/" |kicking off to Twin C~ty, the Car- la~e east of Darrin~ton the]at the y ght sessmn of} The smt charges that the willl ..... ~" .... U.YS:Z" ' "'.._ -_,l..e_.~ ,-, ........ : ........ Z:_~ . . o o , " il " area humeran wmlare ~oys .y a.~. v.,u. per t:lxpitet *ate ol :~u[.I-. le Buualn s dinals winning the toss, the only . . the city count . was improperly drawn and exe- ' . g [ ................ [wreckage containing two humanl .....w-''~ inter ............ [ .......... ...~ c~,, ........... [Club,Boy Scouts of America [port of these activities In Snol~ thing they won all nlgnt, iwH~ ..c to H ~ c~t *n ute t;ct~c t:uteu, ill(it 4~,xlm. ~-.x.~l, ~,~ ,~ .... ' mish " " Count m less than one dol l ort City picked up a first down inlskeletons. ]arises from the fact that, accord-time of drawing of the will, oflCamparens Fire, ureauGlrlS,ueaconessCathollc UflllCh!!'lla" o,,n ,,,,Y, "~"' ~'''s ~""'~".,,,r, _ three lays, but netted nothing The hunters, Wes Davidson[ing to the terms of the will, the/unsound mind and memory, andl , -/* " "2 ..... t. ? ..... :-~'.', "-v',. ~t of the Arlington Air- on theiPr next two line plays and and Don Miller of Vaugnan and[Oliver home on McI,eod avenue/that the will was secured by[dren's Home, Parkland Children's~Ur lmm.eamate,,nelghbr,..ral~ (mission was given to]. forward ,~ass being forced tol.. .- '~ . ..~. " ~. ~is left to the town 'for Library / fraud IHome, Salvation Army, United |g[%" ..ou. u%na~_.t~* .F~,~,,~to Council at Monday|~ick from their48, the kick goingl~art*fl, t~levelan~-~[A,liyn' n~}'lpurposes Other beneficiaries are/ The hearing is set for Friday ]Defense Fund Visiting Nurses'~[a, tewlct~ an~. nat!onany, we Ssi hen me t~oastGuara oz their " H l Association V'I n r iall iar aown me llS[. uommun- on by J. C Carpenter/...,. of bounds on the Arlington/o... ,Garnet Saylor elen Cyran. Nor- Sept. 25. J , o u tee s of Amer-hh ,~oa..o .....~ ~ .... a ... ." , out IlnU '"" ........ ~ ........... " ..... ---------- [ca W " , .g .~..,~.o ,,,,,,, ~,,~,,,, a,,u m- Port Commlssmn same[~. ...... ..~teen [ " l~ [ , ashmgton Children s Home] .......................... ' ~ ." The wrecka~,e6500 feet up on i~__ j p =,_. ..... ~u~,,, ,~ win, ~, u,e I~e,,~r~ g that the mty re(am On their f~rst play from scrim- . .... I blic are serio sl con pu , u y cerned, .aPermit with some re-lmage the Eagles broke Borsethitahesut g]dweaf ChhreeemoUrntfaoiunr ant an ec0mb P0st0ffices /Church Canvass I and this, our Good Neighbor ut that a aifferent poli-/into the onen and the fleet baeRI PP Y I / ..... /r~.~,~'~,~ ~ .... ~o,-,,,~ ~,,~ ,,,,, ~Ued in administration|romped to the Twin City 37, a years old, it.was .reported. An O.i...I..iAJ T-- IDA [.k~nnd~v ~!1~[ ~l| [t'l~e'g~o~lSemi~'~s[tl~e'~anlm~.'.~ u. i~,ain of fifty yards only to have[emergency, Kit:. Wlrll. ap.-[ UIII UUlI$u /U IHbUUIlUIIUI U 1" ..... ""r .... ,.o, ;,, ...... ,.. }~" - ' pearecl to oe meletters IXWAJ~, ............................ ~,.- ~.---v~*-~ .......u.=~ ~ort shows that the (Continued on Page 4) [ .... ] . | This Sunday afternoon. Sept.l.itizen~ wu, a.. ,~.,~. ,~, o~.~ oe o-----------. was rouna nearoy. The Post Office Department is had ,'eceived official word of the ~ ~. ..................... en under lease to the . . 20, members from five of the There is eneral acce tanee A .... t 104~ wl* ! O I I I~ ~ I Sulphur mountain lles north,recommending the closing of thelproposed closures. / ................. g .... P - "list-:~'Ob, uldin~;o andlllll[ll CIiOOI [of the Suiattle river, between'fourth class post offices at Bry-] In explaining the reason for[inca' churches wm oegm r,ng,nglt%~ %~emn~ tn_ato_ur e.~,ze_n_s na~_e, t t,,.~a ~ ....~ ,~,~] a.~ ~ ltl ~ . [bmpnur ann t~anyon creeks, lant and Edgecomb, according to]the proposed closure Mr. Abrams]doorbells and knocking on wood.l~,~ t e[~ prupeny *ntu*-nueu tatl~ , o,,. ::::,-::.~,.,o .o,,,-:':! &ttena lVlonroe fair I --------o------- letters received ~Vr .~en, Warrenlletter said . " {When one of them comes to yourl'"~,~"~'u....r ......... .... i~ not that of "us( for ~'~ ^---' ........ [ o__..^.,-- with 26 schools in]| D--.. I"~ ...... [G. Magnuson fr~ N. R. Adams,[ The rece,pts of the Edgecomb|door he will not be a~kin~, f.rln.vt nf th ........ it. r,,,t ..~1o. all uquxplli~cllt xr- ,~,Olllpeu~/~ i.t ~ " ' " ~ ~-- --e~ ""- v .............. ,,,u*,*~a' u~t~ ,.,~ ~,at. . . . . lt~y ldli~ WI$ assmtant postmaster general, ofhce for the calendar year 1952 . e also on hle. [Livestock Judging the Arlington] .... [ ........................ [ ........................... Imuch of your time All the in. IEven though some tnd,vldual~ o " ' v h In ~Uldlll~ bi:l.lU patlUll;~ Ol, tlltr~: WUII72 ,O~*'~O.UO. 1~117~ pO~it/ll~t~l" ~ " rt states that the fleldlFl~.A, team placed ele ent . [~i~IP'il~lYil~e Hn.nre ,..., ....................... ~.~ ...1 ............................. [formation he will seek ~--- ~..Ihave been outstanding in their " " i the "ud m Lt. Ray Grewe son of Mr. and the Arhngton rural servme with fifteen per cent for rent, hght, put down on a few hnes on the .... , industrial payrons,[f rst. Those mak ng 3 g g['- : " ' ..... (consider ....... -'me, - } . Ipomt w th pride to ,ts rec6rd. ne buildin~s have beenlteam were: John Engstrom, Ken.}~virs. ~nas. ~. t, rewe or Arlington, ,, ame savings to me tax ana,eqmpment.. _ 3x5 printed canvass card. No one It was evident that some ~Precia~,~a ~i .... ~,,~ be I..~~. ~r,qson and Bob Peterson Iwas nonorea in ceremonies at U. payer. Bryant s 1952 recmpts ............... I"ro"er --e ................... .~u., v..u._ "1-~,. *'~ ~ ' ' .............. ~ Neith"-a.__ ~ ~r Fl....a .....+ )e=o2~= 'T,~ .... +..~..~*..-,~ .._~.._..I*S reqmrea to give me lniorma-ip P ,n aauxe UL the w~t*aen~ at " " 10 ,~ r~aval Hospltal uneisea Mass, el J-J.l~ .Ea, l~t. %)yU pUaL" ~00 .UO. *(He i~U~LIII~I-~LI~I ~ ~(:~li:t[y tempts to convert for] In the Poultry judging the -['" . . ~.. , . ., [ .......... " ....... '.. ~ [ .............. It[onof course but th~ ~i,,,~[fa]r share was needed A group ,.-- , ,---~ =*.- : ...... q ion AUgust zz when ne vvasllIllh, tress at ~ryant, .u~ n. ~ln(.l-lVVa~ ,~.L,O~O.'~, plUS I.D per eenn , ....... , . .~ ~ . ". - u~e eai group piuceu otn *n t:~JILlp~ - , )bloonto at E f r r " ' h . m me community leauers nave [i-- " ..... [ ................ rd [ awarded the Legion of Merit with[ p stmaster dgecomb I o ope atmg costs. [c urches hope that you will glad- ngton Lumoer & rqY-ltion w~tn ~z scnoms. ~en uana ,1~ - ,,-- ;, I ~-"' ~ ~" ~ Th ....: ................ '1 ............. I]omed together to solve the prob- which .... operates in the Loren J~rieKson .... ann ~ary Erick:'tcomoat v. '~ " " " 4 a e ~t~:Sl~Lant. postmaster gen-I yhcooperate wl[n. me canvassers. 1,~m -..~'vh'~ e~,,i ~h~v~... ~.~1~, ~a'tt nt area of the field will[~nn were the iud~es Loren wasl The message from the hospital]Iruck ~oses~o~ I r ! pomted out that only15 box- [ T e cards will be sorted andl~]'(,~'t .... ~i~'~,~"t,~ t~'~,".'~'~ ..... " ,, " "-" e r t r " "~ ......... " .............. "- their ,~.w lno~tlon n,~|'Te~ r,~,h ~,~mv~m,-~ i,~ th~ con. lstates: Doctor Grewe was c,ted ~ , r~ ;.-, I s .a e rented at the Bryant post] u ned over to the varlous[~rnont~ of tho oe~nntv r~nr~,nt 'airie "wit"hin a' 'shor' [t' o"* ............... I for exceptionally meritorious On Lincoln IJrld ' :loffice and but four call boxes at I churches that should hav~ them l:c'"c"':" =z_:';-. ...... ~t. . ~,- .... me oest mlnKlng avallaOle ~o l they havo ~roed to[ Tn tho Hordsmanshin contest]cnduct in the I~erformance of[ ... o. ....... [Edgecomb. He stud 10 famlhes]Those churches not partm~patmg[mo~m,ro .......... ,~ ~tr ~h~.o ,~ tlTla~,,~ t-~ h/li|-tq~~ -~1 |^.ri''~dt-~ r~lno,~d thlrrl'- with 10[services to the government whilel " ,[azr/c. was sta~!ea ~or a.nme[and five patrons without families]in the canvass will also rece]velL'~'i.=Tj:jc.~'..~,,,~.."~L~.~.'..-Y..g'~'..~ to ~1o~ ~;'i'n~'ci~an~u;~[ ~-'~::~:~:-,~et[n~- ......... I ~erving with a Marine Medical ..... " g rnurs-I get mail from general delivery.I the cards that should go to them [ m~i'~'~,~"~t~"* ................... ,, ,-,~-~- -- ,~ ,- e o,_,,v,.,.o ,~.,.,,~, & (lavnlgnT when a lar'~ecellar -- in t~- , ..... a o.a I .... " .... IBattalion from 25 August until 5 i. . ' . o . 7" . ]Four of these families obtain]after the final sorting '[ .......... "" co'~:~'~'~'~,,~.~ ~,u,.=, ~'~. "~'|.oywtneriocaiawams'r.r.a. wKnooysPnZes.won [ Junewnl oe[ 1953. The. citation stated. ~riven'~ aror)oe~.t)v tdcnaraIrm a ~,,e~on~g truc~' mailof, ~ by Arlington rural, route al-[[ The information to be asked for[--,[~ ~.udge" .~ ..t~_9 ~rt . , . that outstanding among hm ~o and all patrons hve nearer or wi - wS~ggestt~tha:aa~ltnhee, hsted m next weeks ~ssue. [achievements was his establish- Gram te Falls and_landed in the as close to the rural route as membership, if any, church pref- lty~ t_.' --~. - ll be. Name, address, church , m uule ot me ormge a be declared sur lus ment of a neuro surgmal umt in they ao to me post offme erence ff an p | '" ' ' " " " I ," y, church attending ~or Iota] o~ $8~ ~-~3 tnd removed. [ I ' tldings occupied by the | [ Devoting considerable tim~ to 1-Hamme lv comDanv | [ the city budget for the year 1954. retained e~s would thee | [ the members of the cit~ eouneii ~ occupied by the Hans factory, the four cot- -~ officers quarters, and in the Hangar the former carpenter Warehouse, the former building and the to the report the run- ~s are in very arrd .the area ad- has been kept in ~dition through the of the Valley who have also additional fifty acres shows that the op- the field has been to the town and in the city treasury 9f $3,237.64 credited fund from fees col- Use of facilities. time, according the water system in very poor con- it will 'be necessary to ~[ve repairs in order service to the build- Operations remaining ill company moves. is little flying on and there is no pos- collecting revenue source, the Town ~at they be relieved for major re- e runways and taxi. On Your latest book "The Men in the Tro-icelled. jan Horse" (Beacon Press) has been widely acclaimed. O' Commercml Club To Meet Tuesday Although the regular meeting' date for the Arlington Commer- cial Club is the third Tuesday of the month, the September meet- ing has been postponed until the 22rid, which will be the first meeting of the fall season. The meeting will be held at the Blue Bird Care. O Dog Poisoner orov, o to Reported Here or functions that in nature. All events * f~,~ ~ char~ed or Night Marshal Clyde Parker ls-I ls ad~vert~ised w~ll 'waP- sues a warning to Arlington pet[ )lumn..'I~.e chargegl owners to guard their dogs. Wed-[ or a minimum o, $~ ~" nesday night he informed The] ~ische~'s Orheshra Times that one dog had been kil-[ Lncing pleasure ev- led by poison and that there isJ and Saturday night evidence poison is being spread[ Tavern, Si]van-a. for the animials. I ) in new Bryant He suggested that those own-] ROAD BLOCK. An effective road block was thrown on tile Lin- every Saturday ing such pets should guard them,[ coln bridge Thursday night, Sept. 10, when the cedar log pictured music. Refresh-[or keep them up to prevent them[ above was shoved off a logging truck as the load struck the over- ]becoming victims. ] head bridge bracing.~Times .Photo. according to Postmaster , Bill Quake. In the span "of sixty-three years, an even dozen ot P.M.'s have held the office. The~ Arlington office was commissioned in 1890 with Will M. Sanger as first postmaster. Others following Mr. Sanger were Addison J. Hill in 1891, Thomas McMahon in 1892, "l:h~mas Moran in 1893, John Z. Jones in 1897, Charles H. Jones in 1902, Charles H. Runkel in 1914, Bessie M. Sneddy in 1921, Sylvester Buell in 1922, War- ren H. Perrigo in 1933, James A. Dowdle in 194q. and Bill Quake in 1948. Monday night came up with a total budget of $85,263.00, which is $13,730 more than ~as budget- ed for the current year. Themew budget allows for in- creases in wages of the city era- ployees, the superintendent ot the water department, Paul Van Horn, being advanced from $3,- 840 to $4,200; Gordon Quilitz, who is street superintendent and mechanic, f~rom $3,840 to $4.200; the two marshals from $3,600 tO $3,960; the garbage truck opera- tor from $3,600 to $3,840; asst. supt. of streets from $3,600 to $3,84O. In the city clerk's office the budget has been increased from $2,200,00 for the current year to $3,600 for 1954. The budget also allows for cu- mulative reserve fund~ for the fire department, the garbage de- partment, and a general purpose week. The Arlington board was cumulative reserve, the purpose composed of Chief Clerk Bessie of these funds being to build up funds for the replacement of Snoddy, for years Arlington s Civ. equipment. il Service Clerk, Postmaster Bill The tax levy will be the full 15 Quake, and Earl Beeman. The mills permitted by law, and the abolishment is part of the govern, additional valuation over last ment's streamlining and revital- year's figure, will produce about izing post office board informa. $1,213 over last year's levy, the tion and examining program, additional increase being anHci. In the future, prospective can- pated in the operations of the didates for Civil Service positions water department. must apply at the post bffiees at Since the state law requires Everett, Mr. Vernon, or Monroe that the budget be adopted not to name a few of the locally sit- later than the first Monday in Hated offices. October, a special meeting of The above changes will in no the council has been called for way affect the present staff of the a public hearing on this pi'oposed local post office, budget at that time. O. Hospital Notes Born Sept, 10, a daughter, Loral "Summer's Golden Glow,' islHutchinson will favor with see- Jane Larry to Mr. and Mrs. Or-[the theme of the Arlington Gar-Ietral solos and Mrs Floyd v.. ville Larry, of Marysville. ]den Club Fall Flower Show, I _. _. ' ...... : .._ -~:" neamey wm enter(am w~tn p~ A son, Brent Parker Pistorese, twhich will be held at the Recre-I ..... " Sept. 10, to Mr. arid Mrs. Ralphlation room of the Methodist]ano numt)ers, vm ~atur~ay rt A. Pistorese, o: Arlington. I Church on Friday and Saturday, daugh,.ter of Mrs. Gus Pearson of A daughter, Jeannette Rose]this week. Show hours are 2 to 51Oso will rende~r vocal and aceor. Miller, Sept. 14, to Mr. and Mrs.]and 6:30 to 9 both days.[dion solos, and Mrs, Peggy Ken- De Walter Miller, R. 3, Arlington.I In addition to the floral dis.[nedy will sing, that day, accom- A daughter, Lynn Ann Edge,[ plays, there will be a program partied by Mrs. Headley. Sept. 15, to Mr. and Mrs. Robertlof solos and instrumental music.I Mrs. Edward Soper will make H. Edge, Arlington. [On Friday afternoon Mrs. Arthur!corsages.