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September 3, 1953     The Arlington Times
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September 3, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASItINGTON, TttURSI AY, SLPT. 3, 19oo. PAGE SEVEN ~tr~lT|pl[~. ~ I h" ~ STATE FOREST BOARD No. 23471 | .~r.RV|| _r~'~ I I] l[ [ NOTICE OF SALE OF TIMBER NOTICE OF HEARING FINAL [ ........ [l[ HI ON STATE LAND REPORT AND PETITION FOR | -- Ill [[ | Notice is hereby given that on Tues- DISTRIBUTION - . . |Piano Lessons, starting Sept. 12.Ill II[day, the 6th day of October, 1953, com- In the Superior Court of the State of a~¢~_ _Q^^¢~ ]-.~v~av, nCb~ i ~- ~: ,~ ~ + .~ ~t_ r-~ III II/menclng at ten o'clock in the forenoon Washington Ior the County of SQoho- ~+~VV,. ~.-w...,,~ ! ~tuulo ~1o lvlc~eou. °°+•Ill ll/of said day, in front of the main en- mish. ' or male i Anita tJoergenson~ Ulson• ll] A II/trance door to the county court house IN PROBATE those hens now with Ill tl 4 II/m the City of Everett, County of Sno- In the Matter of the F_~tate of OLH Use Hunter's mash• ...... ~--~ .......... I Admiral, 1954 T.V. Winkes Hard- II A 1~ Illhomish, State of Washington. by the LAPS ROE and VERNAL VAY ~Son, Arlington i ru, r~ ~.r,---.un~ uJ.yuc~ua,c| ware Arlington. II H]County Auditor of said county, the . . ,, Deceased• --_________ " norse, work single or In team I ' • |! II ] limner on the following described state + ~,otlce is hereby given that Kathleen ^ ........ " , I I land will be old at public auction to t ~enaall Admlnlstlatrlx of the I~t~te ,--Recleaned Abruzzi I16uu los gentle rnone ~vlarys-iShirley s Music Makers ~la**in~ hi h s l] of Ole ' " • . " " V ~ d~ ~9 the g e t b dder therefor, to-wit: Lars Roe and Vernal Way growth for pasture or vllle 2866. I at Mt. Wheeler Grange Satur-I~V .... ]-]~ ~w~A~IP ]P~ee ~.~A ~|~- I Application No. F-3II8 has filed in the office of the Clerk of down Vallev Gem ~1 day ni+ht I ILIUI llqJlll+ &lq3+g~+i ]in, on L~; ~a,|L I Timber marked with white paint by said Court her final Report and l~tl- , Ph~..~ ~:~ - FOR SALE--15 fat steers longl ~ ~' • I . -- ~ .~ ],~ • • ~• • ] the State Timber cruiser and the down finn for distribution, asking the Court ,''~ ~"~" ,, , • ' ~-- Umber only on the N34 of NE+4~E~ to settle said Report distribute the ~ .... 7 ~.~"^^! yearhngs. John Crawford,lSTOP. LOOK. See the new twins.[At County Library I1o lsabelle! [section 5, town,ship 32'north, range'9 property to the persons thereto entitled ~,,.~-~un, po[atoes, ~.uo! Darrington. Phone ~z~. I The all new A B C automatic l, . "~ • , --o J ....... ~east W•M, containing 3000 acres ]and to dlscha]~e said Admtnistxa~rix; ~ttn sacks $10.00. Chris-i ~-- I washer .~ ~,~ " In these Gays wnen home ireez-I non [ Iorge~ to Keep passingl more or less according to the govern: and that said Report and petition will rS Potato Warehouse,! Fine large Hereford bull, 5 yrs.I COAST-TO COAST ~wnuw lers are becoming a common sight}the salt to Isabelle! She needs a[m,e~t~ survey thereof, appraised at[~ heard on t he^21st day of ~el~.tem,- ~t. Vernon• Phone 8851• I old. This is an outstanding[ "A'riln~fo. ~" ..... l in city and farm homes, books on I lot of it! [*'Anv"trees cot or d ..... n *h ........ [R'~m'o~' t'l~e *~r~ob~at~el"~r~ne~,,~u~r~ ~-~-7--W-h-n! proven sire from an Eastern[ ........... ]the subject of home freezing are[ Fact is says Arnold Z Smith linclu~ded In this sale"•m~s~ "b*Jpa~d *fo;[said Court, at which" tl-n~g-an'c(~l~ ~.::~,uay ,,,~A~ ~'Ul Washingtono herd• J. D. Pierson,I ~ ......... ,~, .,,~.~+~,o.o~t .... *~ an inereao.n~¢~ - num-Io,,,~ nt + • • " z' at the rate of $5000. per thou~ando • tany person interested in sald ~t~t~ "~• NO phone orders. ~ 2 Arllnc~tnn Phnno .~n4w3 t ~_41~ l~i.iONl~, ........ ~, ..... : ....... i~-~ y •Extension. Agent, DaIr5 ] Timber Is to be logged with hors~.~tmay appear and file objections thereto Son, Arlington••~ ~ "'" ~ ...... r' ? ..... au': ..... ,1. ~~ .... lung oA,, ~al,,~. ~uu~ ~u~.~clt;OW lsaoene needs a daily dose. I or small "cat" not larger, than a D-2 or and_ contest, the same. .......... o ..... on ~ar lng~on ro . [ L,~.~ ~.601 |Freezer by Ann Seranne, a re-lof salt--three ouarters of ~nlitS equivalent. , Dated this 22rid day of August. 1953. ~.. '~, ~ ~,- ~ r~^--+ -~:+ion to the enohomish~ ...... ~- ~ ~ ..... - ".'" Bond required to guarantee compll+ Date of first publication, August ~7, wanted FOR SALE--Locker beef. Regis-| ~ ] ~ COAST-TO- ]yyl,t ~u~,.- ..__ , ~ .. + ~ou~.~c~ a uay.xor eacn t,ouo pounoslance with sale terms is $500.00. 11953. rANTEr} M J~n~ha Tan ] tered Shorthorn bull, 3 years[ ~ CO$ST I~OUmy L~orar.y, mcm.~es mstruc-foI oocy weight. And that's notl According to the State's cruise therel (SEAL) • _ ~; ............ "t ,~ .~.,, o ,,.. ..... ,_ .-. ~ I ~Tm~A~I~ .... /Hons Ior ireezlng, recipes, menuslthe half of it~ She also ne",~lare approximately 6,000 feet sapling fir. I ANDERS ANDERSEN, Clerk of said ~arysvllle. l olci, Dill ~Ulllvan stocK.e.g. ~.[ ~ |~. M#~w~v ~rnnguon land wa,,s of handlin~ foods Thel,~.-^- +^-,-- -: ........ ~•V~[39,000 feet dead standing and down sap-lCourt. By Myrtle Jordan, Deputy. ~'~.~1 Williams, R. 4; Phone ZbZJ~. ,I ~e;~.~_~ 2._ I .... II+,:__ ]-. +~- ~ ..^~ - .~..W:.~--.^. :~. +~^]t*tx~-~ntl~ OUrlC~ Ot salt flallylling fir, 3,000 feet dead standing and[ ROBERT C. BIBB, Attorney for ]~s- WAINT~D .... I ~w~ --~'- +" +n+luuuuon /~tutnut t+ nut a ,~+ ~u.lvt tl+ tn~lIOr eaen lo pounos of milk sheldown red cedar 1 000 feet hemiocl~ a~.,ottate 808 Seaboard Bldg,, Seattle, Wash.; DEAD STOCK I FOR SALE--Parmenter Reds--[~/field of books on food, for shelproduces That adds un to ~er-]3'000feet dea~ standing and d°wnhem"1337 Olymplc Ave. Arlington. Wash • " numb hers " ~ t- lock. Date of last pub,+ Sept. 10, 1953. ~t, Courteous Service laying 60 per cent, for locker or/ATTENTION LOGGERS -- hand]has written a _ er of ot _lhaps 50 pounds of salt ver year.I Burn as directed by the State Forestl pt, Everett Bayview95491 laying. $1.50 each. Phone 246J4.1 made guaranteed 12 - incn/on egg ann. cneese coozer.y, n]And that's a whale of a lot of|Warden. I No 24064 ~Und Byproducts, Inc. - ..... I calked boots---only $25•95 at Isecond new nOOK on the suoject[licking if Isabelle ~ets her salt! The purchaser of the above decribedl NOTICE'TO CREDITORS , ,, ~ ttmoer t~is heirs and assigns do hereby" ~51 Everett Wash FOR SALE--Six Registered Jer-I HAMMERS /by Hazel Meyer is entitled Com-lin block form ~, ..... ~...~.~:-,I ., . - • ' ~In th~ m ..... ~.~ ~ ...... ~ +~.. ~o~ ~ ~_ Hey cows• Don Rlchards, R• 4, S•]~---------- [plete Book of Home Freezing. El- hasn't the nat]coon tn ¢t~, ,,ith dole nrovlslons of Title 76 Revised~ Washington in and for the County ,~ -, .............. . " . ,, • • ~,,~ t,,u~,a~y agree ~o comply s~rlctlv with aP ~+ ~ ~ "~ ................ ~ "~"~ "- ~]~ ~| ~ I from Victoria Heights hall• [G. E• 1954, TV. Winkes Hard- ther or both of these books may- that kind of an"end'uran~c~e con: Code of Washington. in con ........ t+ of Snohomish. . tva% o/'~-~ ~1 ware, Arlington I be borrowed from the Snohomishl~ ~ ..... ~. ~.~ ~.,A ~..~1 their operations on the lands described, i~e.M~tr~r of the Estate•of ELIZA- • . " FOR SALE---15 voun~ ~eese 25c/--~-- " ~ ~" ¢~ .... ~., ~ ~. ..... ~.~...~..~^~.~ .... ~ ........ -- V¢,~v .~t ~v~ H~I and do further agree to aassume all 11-I ~,~ ~, •,~k~,~,. kmce.aseu:_ _ ,~; r.+~, ...... ~.~.~, ...... : ~. --. ~.. ,. , ............ .....~., ,,,,,,.t~ ,~,~,,,,,~ ~,,.~,.=~ --i granulated salt~ It's a simnlelability of whatsoever kind and naturel ~o~lce ~s nerevy given ~nat ~ne unaer- :.'•~''-~--~ ~,~ VAa~Ul In• live welgnt. ~:rvln ~v~ontan-/ nuin m• t~.A~,.~.x I~,~ ,he various branches with-I-.--. +- ---,- ,+ • • ~ • ~ ~arisin~ out of their onerations an~slgned has been appointed and has ~ hood size 12. Price[ ye. Arlington Heights. Phone[ Teacher of Piano ]~'t~o~'~untv ~v.~y \~ ma~e her 3o0 eas!er. Fer-Iagree ~to hold the state h~rmless the,'~-]q.uallfied as executor of the estate of .an be seen at 128 Hal-I oacw~ / Flet~inn~,r.~ and advanced nunHs I ......... "" i,aps ~me means some[nlng [o a for. and agree to reimburse the state ~ne aoove-nameu aeceaseo: +nam all lrlffton I ........ [ --° ....... -~-~,7~ ..... "--'---- I After Labor Day bookmobilejcow, too. [or any duly authorized forest fire pro-]Pers°ns having claims against s.ald de- .... ~~ c~+~ ~^~ .~+.~. ~.^.* I .... --~v-~.~. . schedules are chan~ed in man-'~ .......... I tectlve organlzauon including the Unit-lceasen or ner es~a~e are nereny re- 'B---S-ark oil heater inIf'J++ °~ -- ~.uuu ,..~. s,,~,t,I AvanaDle ior piano SOLOS I ..... *•~ + . JI uornen researcners Iouno [nailed States Forest Service, for any andlquired to serve the same in the xonm m~..+..v. ............ I soon to freshen. Phone 250W5.1 and accompaniments ]respects. l~eguiar norary pa[ronslIsabelle will take twice to four]all fire fighting costs reasonably made lreq.uired by. law, d.ul.y_verified, on t~e aA~ILIUII F~L¢2F x~z~n, e r unaerslgnea or O ~" magneTs ann +~ : ..... I~.-:-~/ R 5 Arlington• Phone 273J3l in the Trafton area are asked m ltimes as much salt in +ranulatedlne essa y as a result of their operational • _- . . .. +'~: ~rnone 183J2 lyuH ~AL~:--neavy reG iryers./ • , ~ , i_.~+^ +~_+ ~,,~.~,. +,... v_~ .~^.~+~ol ....... ~ . Ion said lands and in particular wherelePh P, Mathews Jr., nm a~torne~a o~ "°+ ........... + .................. I oo ,r I • • • . . • + ..• as in Ol .o m. Tneyalso sa the have failed to abate a fire hazard record at the address below stated, and I 35C lb. hoe weight. Deliver on . lar •sir w• made • • Y Y ' ~-- the regu Vl 111De h as re uired an r ferr file the same with the Clerk of the Montgomery-Ward • Ego s e will take more salt on ladlno- q d as e ed to In said [ Friday. R. J. Ingram, R. 4, Ph. c$mcal every other ,Thursday instead of orchard ~rass ~ast,,ro th ..... ~ Title 76, Revised Code of Washington. above-named court, together with proof i~,~,,~v,,:=,,~t~,, ~o. 252W4 / C~DXrT¢~ /-r~,Tn~D^¢~r~ ~ ......... " ..... ' ~ ~" .......... "'lSald nartles a~ree to reimburse the oz service within six months ax~er ~ae PWh. " " / o~,,+,,~,~ - ,~u~,~,,.-,,~,,,,~ imonaay, m ]no Arnng[on nelgmslfalfa.brome oasture She'll takel ~.. 7~ ~ ~,~ ......... ~o ~ date of first uublication of this notice • ~ • • • • • . - • ............. s~.,ve .,.. a+. e+.., ..... s ..+.,s.,n.,.,,+.e .n .... ~ • • - .......... [FOR SALE--4 Holsteins 1 Guern /Commerclal & Residential Wlr-lsectlon a new bookmobile stoPleven less on bl + s hitolcurred b the state as the result of aland all claims not so served and filed 'v: ~ SHI.~.GLEh, , ] ~ov h ....... in~or~ a~,~/ int.--Lighting Fixtures--Ap-lhas been added at the home of]el,cot na~tbr,~ l~U~t~ra~s~,:w211~|breach by them of any provision herein within said t~me will be barred. ,square, the best grade. I +7~'- ";=:'-~ .~-~.':"+--~- .~';++l nliance Renair and Service l u~.~., ~+--~a- ~+;+h~ .... ,,~|ii_';------• r-: ..... : ~ *'**~u*t,a~*t.+set forth. The purchaser 'his hears and] H. ANDREW CLA.R~. Ex. ecul~. & ~(~ Phnn~ 2n~1 I s[OeK. ~lmer ~:rlCKSOn, ~. ~, Ar-/ ,- , ~ r. u^, ~ • i:.=,.-+\~ ..*X-.% *:. :,=*,s-~yt~` ~-=ltnlng is [o make H easy Ior nerlassigns' agree to assume responsibilityl J. P. MATH~S and +jO~'I~I. ~. -- ~v,, - ........... ] lin~ton (10 miles Darrin~toni ,.~v ~. ~,~ . i lnvHe~ ~o VlSl[ ]no DOOKmOOlle on|to ~et that needed daily salt d~.~-Ifor all acts and operations of their era-IMATHEWS, Jr., Attorneys ~or ~.~xe .cut, r, ~--:We~tin~hn-~e turkev l ~ u ........ ~,~,~ ~ [Phone 2042 _. 406 So. Frencn ISeptember 10 and the librarian[~,~" .~r~-.n~ ho~ ~h~" ..... 5~ [ployees, agents and contractors to in-|315 Olyml~iC Avenue. Arlington, wa~n- • .... , ........ ~ ....... o. I~ . , v" "'" "~"*'~'~ sure compliance with the provisions ington. ,+brand new, with cook-]~ IRXr+~ ~+ ~^~+~, twill help them to become ac-led salt• ~above recited [ Date of firstpub.: August 27. 1953• m . au~tt~±~ ~A,,r~ every baturuay; "--"" "" "'"'~'-"~" " with the K i i " • t 10 1953 and coaster table,[ ........ ,~ o ~. ~, ....... a x~r.~,. Iqualnteo 000 s n L| .... o-------------- | The purchasers of state timber ~rel Date of last pub.. Sep. , • A~ ~, A~ ota~twu~u vvaa,tA NOTICE OF o OIl R~¢,h "M'iYotto- nnrt-I poultry anG iIllSC• items, ,1o a.• ". ' • IOn September 10 and everv sec-I SALE OF TIMBER |required to run out the lines and ~rel .... + • lect • m • dairy cows beef, young ," insurance . ond Thursda thereafter" the fol ON STATE LAND responsible for trespass in case tlmher No. ~e~ ,. rlc heater, 2-speedI stock ho~s ~n~'sh-''= ~2 no-n Farmers Mutual ot Enumclaw [. • . Y .... • - "/ Notice is hereby given that on Tues-[i~ cut on adjacent state-owned land. [NOTICE OF HEARING FINAL ~ ~inum King Pressurel ~.~;-,~' ~.,~.,~...~- ~ ~.',~,~•Fire a-d A,,t~mobilo |lowing s~ops wnl oe ma~e near/day..the 6th day ~.f Octobr, 1953. corn-| The bill of sale to be issued will give/AND., PETITION FOR DISTR~:I~ ', 3~. mnooi~] riflo nndl r~tcm~.~ AUk.IIUDI ~Ab~-., .~. "'~. ~ - - I ~,rlin~ton" /menclng at ,ten o'clock In the forenoon|the holder the right to conatruct log-lAn ~ne ~uperlor uourt ox ~ne ,~,~.~ .~- ...~- "Y, ..... .-':-.'"'~-".'"1 ~NOHnMISH F L ~WENSON rnone ~'eoDles 2111 I+ ~ .: ~. ]of said day in front of the main en-lging roads across the above described| Washington in and for the County of tner Items. J. u. ~:a~s,I ~'w--- ----'-"..... ~=-------~-. |Wm. l~Oal s t~arage, |trance door tp the county court houseltract for the removal of said timber but| Snohomish. ) k) I] ~I', #k UCt 1oI1~2~2r B ne 251J3. J ___________ -. ULL SERVICE--White ~ace. yn.| S.E. Arlington ............ 9:50.10:25|in the City of ~.verett, County of Snoho-I win not give him any excluslve J~is-|In the Matter of the Estate of VINC~ ,.-=--r-_, , I ~__._.~ 171W3 Arlington ITheo ST]rome's Place 10•45 11"00/mlsh' state of Washington, by theldietion over the tract. The state re-] B. INM.AN., Deceased, • ..... ~LL SHOES for-ooys or| ~ub~u .............. ~ ...... __ | ...... -- • " • ]county Auditor of Said county, the|serves the right to grant rights of way[ Notice m nereoy given ~na~ ~'£o1~ I.. a~es f~r onl- ¢2 §5 atl ~ Z~,,4,;^ P. rOT/ ~,~,,+,,,g,,,+ /rraflon ~cnool ann ]timber on the following described state|for logging roads or for any other pur-]Inman, administratrix of the above on: ~..'.~.,~ ~ ~ " ~ FLOYD E. HEADLEY .¢~t~t~ ~ ~V A;tgtu~t,~ / Community ............. ll:05.11:55|land will be sold at public auction to[poae over and acroes the above de-[titled estate, has filed her ~:lnal 1~. l~r~ ~#klVlIVI~,I%~ | ('~h r.ivo~tcw.k B-ver Radio tubes and" repair. Tele-/~,,~ 1~¢~i~ ~tnfi~ "'" [the highest bidder therefor to-wit: ]scribed tracts at any time and nettherland Petition•~or DlSVrl~u~on ot ..... " .... Application No 22651 the State nor the grantee shall be U- above entitlef~ estate, an ,~-Garden tractor and[ Licensed and Bonded VISIOn service. All service work[ Arlington Heights ....12:10-12:30/ Timber ............. " .............. /]able to the holder of the bill of sale for]hearing sald report and petition l~ ~all. Addle Robb, R. 5, [ R. 5, Arlington - Kellogg Marshguaran~ed.. ........... |Lloyd Casner's Place .... 1:25- 1:40|of Lot 2, ~secti'on ~.~'to~nshl~l~'~32"l~~./an~v damage caused..thereby.... . ]set for l~riday, the 1.eth day of S~l~rm~- I W~.~'I'.~K~ AUIU ~UFFLX ' /range 6 east W m 1 In south of a "A'ne successiUl olaaer Will De ro uer Auao ~,b A'OU U cause* p a~a ~ ~th of Edgecomb. I Phone 273J3, Arlington Exchange /M. A. Hartley s Place - - - ' • •' Y g '[~uired to -ost a bond to ~uarante~ rull[nartment No 5 of the above"entltl~ • -~----~----~ . . . ~rucxroan running through the NW~,% ~ ~ ~ ~ " ' 1 R 5 Arhngton (E of Edgecomb) _ Arlington Hts, 1 50 2 051NWV+ of Lot 2 and excepting the SW,~- compliance with the terms of the sale court .... ,or Trade Coleman oi I ................................... Lenore St. Grocery [Herbert Mor-~in'sPiace " " " sw,~ of Lot 2 There is ~ 1" ~'/contract The amount of the bond[ That the cour~ upon sucn nearing i " " L] E K ~ , ,4 . a good lne ' ' ' th fan, in good condl V STOC , blazed r shall be as designated in the Notice ot is asked to approve the .repot, dlstrlb- Concrete mixer or what] Send your hvestock to Seattle. (Formerly Pulhams) ]...Arlington Hts, ..+=.~ .... 2:10- 2:25[sale ~x~°nUn%utth~lnaget/l~CLUd~rimnittp:~l[Sale. The arrangements for the bond[Ute the property to the near entitled to , ~ ...... .~ ~r~++~.~.~o ~ I nn Mnnd~v~ Location" On Lenore just ofi/~;naries ~pencers t'laee [exceut Within that blazed ~in~ T~.]will be made with the State Forest]the same, fix the fee of the attorneys .. ,,~,,~a,,, ,,,,a.,~, ~,.I ......... --" • .... ';+ ............ ' ^~lin-ton His 2'30- 2'501timber will ...... ' - ~'~ "-=" .+'+:~lBoard at the time the bill of sale islfor administratrix, discharge the ad- Inlru, veyono ~atnollC unurcn ~,. ~ uv ~wu on ~ne scale basis 250J5. / Get the market price. Call col- ~ - ~ ~ "If" ...... :+-• ~-~1 ............ ]as nrovlded in Cha~.+o- o~ ~ ...... |sent in for entry and execution. ~mintstratrix and exonerate th$ surety / lect Marvsville 4180 ~)pen ~ a.m. ~o ~ p.m. /~U~,l~,jUl~,ty ~a~, ' .. ..... ]SlOl~ Laws of 1951 ~" ............... "t Said timber on said land will be soldlon the admlnistratrix' bond. BOOTS--"ChiDpewa"| ~,~+,,-, ~,,.~.~7,~ Every Day Includina Sunday / Arlington I-IIS. : ......... Z:DD- D:IU] The low~st.--~nt~+h]~ ht~ .,+u ~|for not less than the appraised value | Dated this 14th day of August 1953. ~alues to $17.95---now/ rt _~ ~r~in~t~n. ~o|1,~ M~r~h ~|Hanson.WoldCorner .... 3:15- 3:30 $18.00 per thousand for the red flr,]~a~,,~ppr~als~ed. by the ~omm:ssioner o~[ {aS Ir~ . ................ ............... ~ ...... ~'~" ........ ' lace green and dead standing and down x~,~,,~ ,~,,~,~ ,1, ~,,~ ,,,.,,,,~. w.v.,,.~., ,++..-..~+~, ...,~..~...~.~.., -.,~--- -,. 00 at E Soper s P , . ABTIFICIAL BREEDING| ". ......... I m 00 per thousand for cedar ceda ..... :IbY law, a etatement of which is nowlabove entitled court. By Helen D. aeld- HAMMER'S / ~Avr.+xu~ Duxr.~ ~ / Jorclan l~oafl .............. +:+u- 6:a3 a~,'d h+.,;.~+ ~h+ ++us+ ~.. ~,~'2~/on file in the office of the Auditor of|enbach, Deputy. / Phone 171W3, Arlln~ton .~ ~ ..... [ ~ I timb .... +v+ ~.~ ~,~ +++ - ~.+~, ...... /said county. ] . . Mathews and Joseph P. Mat, hews, ]tuber for Sale LO~ or/-----:~_ ____-x_.--=-:_.-~-_~_~---- ~uernsey~ nOlStein/~. ~ *I ]of 20~ o'f"th~ese'll~'n~nrie~'~' t,~t~+~t~] Terms of sale are: Cash to be paid on/Jr., Attorneys for Administratrix, 31S LIV~.'~Tt)t:IK fiAULll~t~ the day of sale O ympic Avenue Arlington Washing tares, or will sell out-/ ................... Jersey ~~ ......... /VlnuD on Broilers. i__Lo s are t~,. be scaled by ,~ ce.rtified/ The purchaser of timber on ' ' " 1 • • ~IlyWIl~l"¢~ 2-~.lIytllIl~ J I-I~I'~AUI+U & • ~c~,l~r agreeao£e ~,o Docn par~les, DU~ lI ds partly built. Write] .......... ~ " | .... • --- [the -urchoo~- ~+~ ~ ~, .............. |lands wlll have 1 year within which to[ Date of first pub. August 20 1953 en ~2n~ West 62nd / ~~ [~'~*T~o ~ ~'kA L]~*'~oo ]to sub'~it oo,,4 ................ |remove said timber with the privilege] o '~,~ [Phone 171W3 Arhngton ~~ |li~g:l~ Vl Lll~ I |~g;i~O [~*ed in wrltin~ to h m. [of securing extensions of time under|, ;ash. " /~ ~[lil~x~lV ....... / .-- ...... I tual o~reement ca" ¢~ estate+ or.a mu:I the statutes governing. ' /I ~- • • ~ ~ • , ivlll~ln .~ ~ ~ ©AA~=A~A AAA~ uAtttb --- g A new plnup IS now avanaole ~ i o ~ A~c~ ~ OTTO A CASE o y~o Down paruleo A A for cold weather. Get~ WAN~.B ~_.1, ~, /to Snohomish County poultry-Ii~s ~re ~°b~ branded ~lth a ~rancil 3mlnt 'loner ,=ds. /I ~ || R N | ~ ler nearer now. r "" "'" ~ Sh~Shortnorr [ ' ' " furnishe [ ~ecre~ary Sm~e ~'oresg uoara. ~~ men. It s a feeding and manage- d by the State before they leave p ~ . . Date of 1st pub., Sept. 3, 1953. ~ U Ill U I~1 It [I O-COA, T STORE r w ~ /me r " the property. ngton, ........ wasn. ,Combining. $600. per hou . Ne arnngmn ........ z,,, nt schedule fo broilers and The purchaser.......... w~u oe requlreu ~OI .~_______..Dateof last pub.._ ........ Oct. 1, ..... 1953• l, machine. Phone 101J1. Elmer fryers. Idepostt with the county auditor on their |1 • k•, ~Reject or rough ply- Lohr, R. 2 (Jordan Road).SEPTIC TAHK pumping. Fred Arnold Z. Smith County Exten. Jdate of sale, cash in the amount of $1,-11 ~.. [/I ~- | R IMI | | ~- ~ Ring, 5/16, %, ½ and [~ Davis, 109 S. Olympic. Phone]sion Agent, urges producers to ~020~O0~t°gether~w~l,~t~ a $2.00 fee for ~hel| .v. [|| m~ / M |V| ~" ..~ k up a¢ mill. Arling. i'" ~'~v~'w~'~ ~'~'~.~.~ ..... 1562. "drop a card or stop by the County o[~]~'0o~,~. ~'n~ a'~]t[on+~e ~u~ch~eri| SHOVEL DRAGLINE J|i v -- • • ~w~ • v er & Plvwood Co. ~-" .................... ^,~,~,~,^, DD~'~r,,X+~ Extension Office for their copy. win be required to sttbmit a surety]| ... ~. w^.~ I11 ,"=--. --~ ±v*r~ ±~.~r~ur~u ±~UW tO uuy reg- • • • ItS 1D the la[est revision oi FOUl- uarantee corn li ni ' ' A LEONARD , ~o~ e~n o. ~,~ ~..~ ..~l. ~gn ¢'~ Breed artificially to production .............. g p a ce w th all terms ofll Call I+1 Ihe Arlington llme ~,,m ~n ~. ~. o~.~o ~,. ,,,,# ~.-~.~- ..~.,~ o+ ..... 1.. u.~a~. ¢~ [ry r'Dln[ers 1~o. ,~D: t~roller ann his bill of sale as well as compliancell ¢~ +dr T ~'nmT~'T~e~'~ I~1 O ...... ~o o ~. $30 at $6 00 N- mo~ber~i~ ~ees Fryer Production In Washington. with the State Forest Practice Act and l| .~.__ _ ~f. " ......... ~'. , if| ......... urage spa~. ~o.o ~,,. ~A~'~ ~- • • v ~ ~*, v - ' That's ~t~,,~i~,, l~,~ll~,ti~ ~H 29~ all laaws concerning flre protection and]| Phone 35~5 Arlington Jl| ~rnv~- ~o that takes no more ~~ Golden Charm Proven SlI~ Her-The new --..*-'+--+~-- --.~+~ +~-~ logging. . . , ] ,, ~ 11 I ~ ~,'ar~tnr ~J'A~T~.r] ~¢~ho ~l~ h~., ¢~ vice Vuu.uat*u. Wltll tile 'me purchaser will be required to sub-'1 ' ~ very latest research findings on m t monthly statements as to the ~O-COAST STORE straw• Phone Jarl Sesby 182W4. Phone Arlington 3281 feedin~ management h~,~ am0unt of timber removed during the/ ~~ _~r~ ~,, • ~ ~ --~ ~' ~"" ' ...... ' revlous month and to accom an sucn Arlington ~, ' , r " e c ha " . p p y I~LV~I~It. LV)Ufl~ . . ~VANTED--_.UCK an_ .ractor re TVand Rado~ . t., s just been received. Au- report with a remittance to cover pay-I ~p~v--:~-~,I ] --t~ lCl Pumiee Building pairing--all makes, all mod- ,., .... thors are members of the Poultry me nton the agreed basis, The $1,000.00] I ll--- ,, ,, • • • casn aeposi~ will remain in the office 6 , 8 Pumice Chlm- els. International . Harvester ales an0 ervlce Council of the State College oi .................... I ~+.~~ S. Phone 1~1~. Ar- dealer. Television and radio re~air Ou: wasnlng[on. Toe ~;ouncll IS corn- and may be applied on the last of the~ =~; -- )ncrete Products ~ARI. \,VE~E~ *'ONTIAC .... ~ = ~ posed of WSC staff members attimber to be cut a~nd removed from/ ~,~ ~" • - .............. ------" ......... -- WOrK is guaranteeo, racKaru Pullman an~d Pu,,atlu~, en~a~edthe area, provided all of the terms of[ ~/ 'k-to-School Perman- WANTED -- Blackberries bought Bell and Emerson sales ...... ~ ~ ~" - ~ '.~ the contract agreement have been com- I ildrm, nnd~r 1~ Price at Shortv's Sorvi~, Arlington? ~I.VMDIg, 'OaT~T('~ ~,~'rT("'~ in teacnlng, research and ~;x[en- plied with and any breach of theI ..................... sion work In poultry science and te t e said contrac~ will causeI I~14~011 lip ~nmu~ trcU[[lngt a specialty.. Combinin~, .~...-~ nn ~-ner h¢,.r ...... ~ew rnone la~,~ - Arnngton ~'natho]o¢~r'"~. the] forfeiture of the cash deposit and ___V~|~U |;~_ |_._rl[ S for $5 50 u City • , . . act on to recover on the $1,00~.09 bond,[ .... :" ~_+ machine. Phone 101J1. Reglstereo Guernsey bulls, ready The pinup chart for the fryer Burn as directed by the State Forest artor ynone b~l or ~ I • , ' for service, guaranteed breed-: house ificludes recommendations Warden. "41'11111" Tf~ ~T~l~r ,t • Tlme for removal will be 18 months /IIR¢ ItS J/tSI~K "r~ ~ ~r~ . . ers. Rent, trade or sell. Lo on preparmg the house for new ~ with donkey ~r ,,~t. " "] 0 ...... ° " " ..... ll stove automatic, I-x'rr t3| 14 prices, chicks and step-by-step manage, subject to easement for right or way| Thermostatic eom- .L Valley Gem Farms, Arlington ment from the first week through for logging ro d to be granted under WlHTER WARMTH Hardware, Arling- For Sale Hayes Packing Co.---Custom kill- the 8th or until the birds are pending application No. 22323. According to the State's cruise there ins, cutting, and wrapping• marketed• are approximately 111,000 feet red nr, i Other sections of ttie publica- 6.000 feet dead standing and down redl ~~, FOR SALE~----~ ~ farm, a|l Free pickup on beef. Locker ~ . . . fir, 2,000 feet cedar, 5,000 feet hemlock Phone ells. Johnson Drug~ cleared• Will take in Arlington beef.Phone Everett ~ruxedo finn include Information on mar- and 2,000 feet cedar poles. No estimate ~l~ '~'rs. property. Addle Robb, R. 5, Ar- 3648evenings, Arlington 3401.breedsketing' forefficienCYfryer production,StandardS'pro-! buckedhas beentimber.made of the felled and 1071 styl~ and ¢ lors lington, 1 mile south of Edge- ~ t-~-00 duct]on methods, rearing fryers l Said timber on sal~l land will be sold from. Plastic and comb. gal. Well Tile, Culvert Pipe, on the floor, use of equipment -~nt styles and colors rom. last ~ and • For Rent Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile. Phone such as brooders, feeders, water. D COAS! STORE FOR RENT -- 2-room furnished 1314. Arlington C o n c r et e ers, and batter.ies, feed rations ~t~b:n ~sforfreez-. apartment. 216Burke. Products• " lighting, preventing cannibalism A'RM---C~I~~-~S~ sanitation, and disease control• a~, jams, jellies or AUTOMOTIVE Arrange for factory-engineered --------~o-------- - pastry. Order now . installation through your deal- Ad~ce on Fall er -'lls, R. 1, E. Etch- miles west of He]- ~~ " WINKES HARDWARE Pasture o meeeJ=ng ' finn, radio, heater, white walls. 643 Arlington Private owner. Make offer• Call fair condition. 261J4. Ho point About this time every year there appears to be considerable Box 181, Bob Page, FAC.--~-ORY DRIVE-AWAY PLAN. 'APPLIANCES thinking about the seeding ol Available now. New Buicks Complete Residential and Corn- pastures a n d meadows, and shares Arling- and Pontiacs. Weber Pontiac. me-qial Wiring, Contracting, many questions are received at & Plywood stock Phone 1501. Motor and Appliance Repair.the County Agent's Office as to terms. C. E. Grove, FR~, o--'veerna~ . BRACY ELECTRIC the mixture' that would be best Eugene, Ore up, and setting; wheel balanc. Phone 201 . for this time of year. It is true h~ lng, all makes• Weber Pontiac, D~- that sometimes the fall seeding dy, 60c lb. Lawty's Arlington. low Milker milks faster, cannot of the pasture or hay meadow +Phone 187W3. ~~ cause mastitis. It's gentle, mixture will result in a good crop ', ~ Radio, big heater, washer, un- swinging action makes the cowthe following year and the years suits, sizes 36 and dercoat. E~cell'ent condition• smile as you milk her. We in- after that, and it is for that rea- ct Charles H. Grewe, Phone 54. stall, and carry in stock all son that many people want to parts and supplies• Valley Gem try the fall seeding• FOR TRADE Farms, Arlington• Phone 54. From long observation of the results from fall seeding, it would APPLIANCE REPAIR. For genera] appear that year in and year odt, DON'T THROW THAT ELECTRIC Community Club RAZOR AWAY--Trade it in on a bake sale Satur-a new Schlck or Remington at 5th, at 10 a.m. inJOHNSON DRUG Penney store. ~ Arlington appliance repair and oil it is not a safe practice to follow service, call Winkes Hardware, and especially if legumes are in Phone 643. • the mixtures and to have a good N.. 2~.~, pasture or hay mixtures it is NOTICE TO CREDITORS deemed advisable to include le- In the Super/or Cour~ of the ~tate ol gumes in the mixtuPe. Legumes Washington in and for "the ~ounty o~ apparently are not able to with- Snohomish• C. MAIER CLOTHING Organ Instruction ~n the Matter of the E~tate of ANNA stand the climatic conditions Wm. Simpson JUST~NA HOV~IN. Deceased. that occur in most of the winters ie 542 FAMOUS GENTRY SUITS Notice is hereby given that the ua- in this s~ction, and many farm- r t Tailored•by mastert° yoUrtailors•measurementSFeaturing thedersignedabove-namedhas been appointed andall h~l~ qualified as executor of the est.,to of ers have found that the young P~C~ deceased; that per- legume plants have been killed many imported Woolens, $55 sons having clalm~ ~al~t aald de- either directly by the cold weath- ~an and $65, at Peni~ey's in Arling- ceased or her esta.te are hereby required to serve the same in th~ form required er or from the fact that the plants every Saturday: ton. by law, duly verified, on the under- have been pulled out of the music• Refresh- ~ FOUND Mathew~,Slgned or Jr., J' P'hisMathew~attorneysandof Jo~ephrecord. at P" ground due to heaving of the the addres~ below stated.~ and file the soil during the winter time. In ~--~~ same with the-Clerk of the above-en- most cases the loss is severe Oso, Saturday, ~vle~,titledwlthinC°Urt togetherstx monthsWlthafterPrO°fthe°f dateSer" enough that reseeding in the ¢s 5-piece orches- cat dogs• Owner may have of first publication of this notice, and i spring has been found necessary. all claims not so served and filed within These experiences over a long served, 9:30 to .1:30. same by paying ad and their ~ald time will be barred, number of years have led to the keep. Cicero Grocery, R. 3, Ar- JONS W. HOVELIN, F.xecutor. for bills, other lington. Phone 324J4. J" P" MAT~WS and JOem~ P. general feeling that best results MATI~E~WS, Jr., Attorneys for Executor, can be obtained when the ground by myself. RUBBER STAMPS 315 Olympic Avenue, Arlington, Wash. is pu~ in exeellent shape and Date of first puh. : August 20, 1953. BARNHART. ARLINGTON PTG. CO., PH. 49~ Date of last pub.: September 3, 195:1 the seeding done early in the for not less than the appraised value, as appraised by the Commissioner of Public Lands in the manner provided by law, a statement of which is now on flle In the office of the Audltor of said county. OTTO A. CASE, Commissioner of Public Laands. Date or lst'pub., SeI~t. 3, 1953. Date of last pub., Oct. 1, 1953. __.__L_______o___.______.___ GOODWILL PICKUP WEDNESDAY. SEPT, 11 Next pickup of household dis- cards by Goodwill Industries is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 11• Requests are to 5e placed with Mrs. Frank Hollis, local represen- tative, at 231• Mrs. Hollis suggests that light clothing which will not be worn next year will make an excellent discard at this season. It is generally observed that the reason advanced for fall seed- ing is to get something seeded for~ pasture purposes just as quickly as is possible. Probably some: livestock on hand and little if any pasture for the livestock• It can be pretty well determined that the ground in these cases is not in shape for seeding, and this factor alone will have a lot to do with the success of the seeding. A better practice is to seed some sort of cover crop, which can be used for pasture early the following spring, or bette~ yet, .turned into the ground as green mar~ure and fertilizer. Such crops as rye, winter wheat, and grey winter oats have been used "very successfully for this purpose.. By getting the land in better shape, and by furnishing an abundance of readily available plant food for the young plants as they start their growth in the spring, pas- ture will be available the same year in a limited quantity. The combination of a well prepared seed bed and an abundance of readily available plant food will insure a good plant growth of pasture and meadow seedings. Cold weather has a way of sneaking up when least expected. Play safe • . , be ready! Ptrt in.your fuel oil o supply early and be ready for the first nip, of winter. , i?=" 4k-rll"- on Distributing Co. Everett-Arlington Stages Take the Stage Service Safety Courtu¥ WEEK DAY SCHEDULE Lv. ARLINGTON Lv. EVERETT: 6:45 a.m, 3:45 ]p,m. 7:45 a.m, a 2:50 p,m, 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. !1:50 a.m. 4:35 p.m. + + 5:45 p.m. B 9:40a.m. 5:40 p,m. 10:30a.m. 6:45p.m. 11:20 a.m. 12:20 p.m. 1:I0 p.m. ~:00 p.m, SUNDAY SCHEDULE Lv. ARLINGTON: Lv. EVERETT: 8:30 a.m. 5"15 n.m 11 :~0 a•m. 6:00 p.m. 11:45a.m. .:,~'_" 1:30 p.m. " 10:10p.m. 2:16 p.m. - .-,, e.~. 4:35 p,m. EVERETT'ARLIN~TO~I DARRINGTOI~ --- 8OUTH_BOUND ~----------- NORTHBOUND Lv. Dar,: Lv. Arl. Art, Evert Lv. Ever't Lv. Arl.: Arr. Dar.- zlO:OOa.m, zll:20a.m, z12:OOnoomz ~:45a.m, z 8:45aJL z9:551~IL z---Dally e~cept Sundays and Holidays a--To M arysville and N.ormtown dally. On Monday, Wednesday and Frl- aay zrom ~'vere~c v~, ~unnyslae, B--Via Sunyside Monday, Wednesday and Friday. EXPRESS SERVICE PASSENGER SERVICE SCHEDULE EF~ DECEMBER 15, 1952 I I I I I I