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August 27, 1953     The Arlington Times
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August 27, 1953

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O THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARI,!NGTON, WASItINGTON, THURSDAY, AUG______ 27__I, 19___553: PAGE SEVEN " IMT, LOOP ROAD SHOWS HEAVY USEI i l l/ : : M-- ugo,o, irJASY TRAILS OPEHI FISHING REPORT [ mbrs i] J i ': 'I o ,ow s, ow ,ybuHe as, a,ur two ***er nt arp, n, J ,rom Ver ot nger Sta-l-es stopped Uy to ask--Where n r'=l w tion Monte Cristo district Mt Had they taken the t e to read " IBaker National Forest: ]page 5 of the 1953 ~shlngtonI ~~|~d J _ i V ~ m BIRTHDAY LOCALITES ON T.V. ., [Road Conditions Game Laws they would have : ~ajN]~~f ~1~ ENI~OF=MONTH v j I of ~ie~;:~M:e:~]tVhes~tInh~erws~ywpg~t~usannu~urctprllese ~ii~shTheM~:~nLy~pH`ghwwahy~und9:h~?gl~dr%r~ Octob::ivlle, l & JJ~~~ . = w i m celebrate her seventy.l* P P lit has been sublected durin~ thelCould they legally hunt bear[ I ~im~llL'~i~l~m~m] , ~ ~ ~ r flay Monday afternoon on ."King's Camera." Keith Sar- summer The Jroad is still in within the boundaries of the Mt. i, -~,~W=~D--~-~-~ .,w,, ~ "~ ~k',]A.A~hmmmmi~Ei :on McQuestenhomeinl~slan ann Jonn ~ngs~rom, wlm[~oodshanealthou~hwashboardvlBaker, Snoqualmie and Pinchot[ Because at space_hmzt.atzons, . /]~,~~ _______Nm[~ !. Those present were] two Days from Monroe, were tell-[~n shots a~r~d dusty~xvhen dry ~ [National Forests. )ann p.ronxems .oz ma~eu.p m g.ez- ~: Y--~ ~ ~ -m~ -mm, m lm v,mmh ~Irs. C. L. Marsh, Mrs.]trig something of the work of the[ r~,~ c'~ool~ l~,~.~d ..... t~,'no~,.]Vandals I tzng ~ne paper zo press, z~ zs.ozxen I U'l ~_~ ~i ~ 'm ~nnor Mrs Frank[FFA and their preparations for] ,~T~,~- .......-- ..........w,~ fo 1 ~,,~ ~, ,,~1 touna necessary zo.omiz chUrCh | j~~| ~l~ ~rs. V~rn Killough Mrs.]the Evergreen State Fa!r in Mon-[Crp~;ehueklMountain Road o--e- Persnsew~he trh~:he~Pesevera]l ~'ucesLwe regret mzs, nut oe- ~ 1 ~onald Mrs. Charles]roe. IvJr. ~arKisian is 1:he FFA.I .......... -- P "lroad directional si-ns from the]ueve zne necessary announce. [rs Gustafson, Mrs l advisor and John is the presidentJt~eamer l~aKe lran., t Mountain L ..... ,:s,_ ~ l ments cml be published e~ch "-: -- - ~;'of the local ~'rou~ for th^ c"~'in~ ~reen vJoumain rmaa--openl . . uvp n~gnway a Jew] week if the following rules are anger, ~v~rs:,+Jo,nes anO[ve.~r ~h,, +~ff~ ~,~ f,,~ ~v~:~]but has heavy truck traffic dur- aaysago zsproua o[ .ms souven-[ followed: ~:~__~v:~=~*:~ Sta]e~armer'an~"t~ae[ing week days. [~rs. fney snomo rem!no mm or[ Announcements to contain on- , p~ ~1~ 11 ~ ... ~enrgo~ Z~r~an~'~eeJFal~l'~.{State Da~iry Farmer for the past[c?:vn:2nLCl(eeTkrR~,ad-pen tl[~aa~nnma~yeea~rr Varn~ea't~Sa~mepanSr[~mN~eas~frChUmr%hofnsddre~ScSe , [~21PK! ~ i~ tcOuosten is MrsMc. lyear. ! ~ I,,~ ~,,~ ~,,~ ,~o~,,~ ......... ;11 v , w~,ww~ ~ ,.~w Fzshmg Condztions d se on subject. A I notzces grandson, and it was al....................... ) ....... lhave to be neglected to pay forI ,o be "in Times office by 2 -m 11 for her to have thel~u~tM~d~ TEACttKH MAtllIIES [ ~ne rains over tne past wee~-ith~ ronl~P~mont ~f tho ~icrn~l.. . * "-"' grandchildren nresent I The many Arlington friends ofIend raised the South Fork of the[~a~n-'- ................ ~'-~l~uesaaYs, ,~ .. ,-,1 . H - ~ .. .... , Stzlla a l " ~very item on our ~leanup [aDleS Is priced to make It sell this week Wed many lovely and]Mrs. Mignon Lindgren will be in.[ " gu m'sh and sent some " n ----------- ~ !ts and "everyon~e en.[terested to learn that Mrs. Lind-[mud into the river. If the rains[r~ , ~,, . [Christian Science" I l . . tr~ ~'~, . 11 . ' rtr~If~r-r~ # / I ena DUt very teanup tame has several items leasant afternoon,gren married M. E. Weiser of ficntinuehin w" even intermittently., freshman Week at First Church of Christ, Scient- ..... , , . iReno, Nevada, on June25. They/ s g fll not be as good as ~t /]st, Fourth and Dunham streets. ATr~Tt,rV 5- ~,~;~tra~tr~cD~:~yr~ov~rrl~ [_,- * Amet in Mexico the winter of 1951./has been. At this time of the year[~'~ ..... ~,~ 1 ] Sunday School 11 a.m. Sunday ~J ,J,, c.,c . . ~-wm~ ,~v ,-~v~ o~. cw,\ z~,~Jx- ~lal~asmussen[Mrs Weiser was a not~ular lan~-[we can expect a dropping off in bliClIC~9 t.J~;pL. 10 Service 11 a.m v! ' ' weeKs vacation aKer " "-"- " i ' ] .. SELF.. ] Don t want ~or your neighbor to tell you what she , t~. ............ ~.....~[uage teacher at Arhngton H]ghif shrug due to the seasonal rams[ En~torn Wn~hint, tn~ r~,m,~,~ ~,~1 Wednesday testzmomal meet- t School for several years While o e er zt will still be possible Educati n h Au us 2 mg 8 p.m. . .... B,~u;---~-~, ~,~ ~ ~o [ J .... ' .... [ o C ene, t 4-- ., ..... bou ht at Penne s for onl a mckell You lI love this bar am o,,, ....... ,.~__, Ihere. she was also aetwe m the/ten a zew nsh. Tn~ smallerlPlan~ f~r Froshmnn Oriontntirm t~eaalng room t~huren eamee, ...... ~ ............... " " "~o ca ' ~' g " " g Y Y g ~^t week to ~euro-YY UUI-' ' str .......................... e she is a physical edu-[A'A:U'w' P..E.O., and. A mer,canlo,~.ams have been producmglWeek are on Eastern Washington open Monday.2 to 4 p.m; and hunt. ~tr,,otr,. qh,~ 11~,~ thoIL'eg1On AUXiliary. tier nusoano is ov,,,=. IColle~e's calendar ann orie,t,.lweonesoaY z m a pm ann b:~o I- l e*'schooi' tl ereOvery]a g.raduate of Annapolis and a re:~z.nhLakes.a_lthough hard to tion material for enteri'ng freNCH-[to 7:45 pm., except legal holi- ]renrea Lieutenant - t~omma.noer]..-, , a~ attracteu a numoer mlmen and transfer students is in[ays" , ~z~,-P xz z ~'rr t ". X~ ,t~...~,~. ,,r e o e ,.,mlof the Navy. They are making/nsnermen ouring the past fewlthe mail accordin~ to Miss J,,liaJ The subject of the Lesson-Ser- ~t:w~ . . . l ou can buy as many mHerem items tar 9c as you ,~. ........ mthelr home ]n Reno [ . Catches of fmh are reported, lAlti~e~ ~,~m~ ,.~ ...... ,~lmon for Sunday, August 30th, L,. - - . , r -. ..... :ue church weanesoay m . . . I Can-on Lake remains ~,,,,~nl ~)'~. "":'"*. .............. "~/"Christ Jesus" nna out amy one or each uem per customer New ztems Will be rs Marshall will be the . ~ s,,,,~ or]cannon neRo " --" . [ Sharon Wayt is visiting, her[wzth nicecatches of Eastern[ ..... ~ _ . . [ Golden Text: I John 4:14. We '. ...... r .. ..... ~veryone welcome. / ..... ~. , ~n___,__ ~ . - I ~ome lnzormaHon was oistrib-~,. .......... ~ .,_ .~o,~.. +~..+ **... aclaea Dotn rrlaay ana oamraayx ~I'UUK~ oeln taken ll~V~ ~t~ll i~/lU UU tU~tx~2[ cxz~ ta~ C ~ - -h Wesle anmCuslns in unmaN. ~ne went g luted las* w~"k a''~ ,L ..... ,~,_ / ..... ~:..~: ana~ e ,- Y-~ldown Thursday by train [ PinnacleLake which has beenl ..... ? ~ ;,u rue co,Wxyte/Father sent the ~on to oe me uavlng a bake sam anu/ ...... "~. ...... ' _ . _ iorJentatlon OOOKle[s are elng~savi"ur of the world S~, too+, .Ha,, / ~vlr ~rea dacooson OI t-orHandlgOOu, lS reporter to nave .ecomem..-,-+~ ....... . ._:,, ~_ ~ ~ - .......... ~ .... stin w ..... P .... teu ,uw unu wm oe reaay CRAZY " ....... /snent four days in Arhnt, ton wzthl gy zth~s hsh Nine fish arel ........... / .... Maybe so, but what better way ~s there to sell odds ma Breaalng oz loron- ,- . o ' son, she announceu toaay. ( . ....... |his sister Mrs Edla Anderson [seen but the catches have been[ .......... Church of Jesus Chnet, ~ ~ .... .t~e t~ruce mcnarusons[ .............. Mr~ 1Trod ;~lnc, nr~o,~o ............... h.~ ~,alsmall Possibly~ the weather[ . Testing . aria onentanon, at of Latter Da~/ Saints ana enos we don t have room [o stock l Mr~ "NTc, I~ ~'~riok~on .f[a nice acatmn, ms]tmg her g p the sztua-[ ....... , .. Sunday School 10 a.m. at V.F. may to Monoay. " v .... [chan e will im rove freshmen is slated to begin on ~rff':,TS"~=.'X ~rs"]~r'~cl~-/daughters Irene and Louise. Irene ltion, i~ept..~, aria . wm .. contmue lw" hall. . v.~,..~ . /,._~ ,....... .... .... .~ ,....- +~... I Lake 22 ,,ave out wit*" + ..... ~,. Imrougn mat wee~ While the ad-) * ,.~o, ,,~r. anu ,.,o. ,~,~ "/c...~e~....~.....~ +~.. D_.;**..V.le Icatches which we ,saw laatlvancea stuoents register. Classesl ..... = .... , l[h g "E~ .~-*~1~ A~r~ |ol:Yattlc u~.tx~ v~ t~xc ~.a~,*~x~ ac "1 o m ......... ,~ m~evenm ray ,~avenfist t, nuzen ' m :-, at cr=,~. ,~=. /..L~__ ,~_ *- *,-- ~, ....... ,,:~^ Iweek end /Wlll oegln ~vlonoay, 5apt zl andre__ -". * . m !dMnr~ K:2ni~Sbrdn Tahnd[aPn~:iiml~i~RVa~ng~da;]~fP:rk~: [Tr~iolff2?di~~Ske Trail is open /ts eWr gd nt' ha X ' a ;V Devotion- ITEMS FOR 25 ,and 50e i t, enjoyed the secona " ai ~ervmes l a.m. ~heir vacation as guests/est, IlL, has spent the summer]If youare going in by horse,[. Mlss.Altlzer.announced that ai Prayer Service VCednesday, at Infants Shirts " Girls" Shorts [ ran no,oh n~t ~n (:n [here with her sister, Mrs. Edwin[eneen me last quarter o] a miie[{UU seneame naN oeen planneR18.00 n m ........ [ a~t ................. [Sandvig. Naomi will be a seniorlmrpassabiilty. . liar orientation, week including[ Ch~arch located on corner of ~znteuc ~upporters Girls 'Swim Suits ] ," . . [in high school this year. 1o eerry t~reek Trail is open to the/mixers, recreanon.nours, tours of[Burke and Talcott at head of Boys Billfolds Girh" Slio [ _ ' ..... ] The Irving Natales and DanJZallS. ~ |the campus, a eluos convocat!onJLincoln bridge. Men's Neckties Slipper ~ox [ , xour .~. mwesz . [Lunds spent the week.end at Ca. I t=anyon t=reek Trail is open to lana omer general orlentanonl________, Bo .... ... ,, .... .. . "-- , m atMrs. Vmtor Wrobhs~l[mano" [Saddle Lake but there are spots[meetings along with the two days/_ ........ Me~~, ~, '-,*~ ..... women s Nylon H~e | ,..Home. Monday. nzgn[[ Week-end guests at the Antonlthat are not too good for horses.[of testing. " " [~,greg-,a,una~l,,~nur~c~w~,',~ 11'00 ~vo~ns~n~P ~t;.~,.~o Drapery Yardage. [ weeks tri mrougn Th o ~,,.u,~ .......... ~ ................ , ,,.,,,,o . ~st duriw, ~hich they]Ludv,lgsnhme-were Mrs E ne l ~efiouth Fork section is open to[ .... ~ )clock. Sermon by the pastor, Women's Blouses Summer Pzece Goods [ , ~ ~ walsner, Mrs. walter nopst~u .~-*,*,,~ ~,,~t~. o ~ " L e ~namber of relatzves and] .................. ~,~ [ Canvn. r .t-,~ ,v~.u .... +,~|AIIIIuI:I[ l~l~hllo" i Rev. A. D. Brokaw. Women s Shorts eath r Face Gloves [ ~ld sow mamr noints of{ t,~ - - , / ~ [ Sunday School w111 reopen m ~erave.l!ng ~,#rk ~ffo:]at~ests of Mr. and Mrs. Keith]~a~:r ~Laa~l~e T~ail--not recom-[0f Beekeepers next Sunday. Plus - Surprise Articles for only 5 ! [ m~Jzon, .~- ", _ "|Sazkisian Saturday evening werelmended for horses. / ~ . . . / i Has two szs~ers, whomtMr .and Mrs C. M. Sanders,[ Twin Lakes Trail--open to foot[ The Regular August meeting of ISzlvana and La_~ewo~t Parmn m ~d, and they also saw]their daughter. Mrs. Robert Duck- ~ travel. " [the Puget Sound Beekeepers As- ]The Lutheran ~ree ~nurcn ' i~isters and two broth-[worth and Mrs. Martha Sand-[ Coal Lake Trail--this one for[soeiation will be held FridayIO.. J. Hau~eness, pastor i:Sin East Molme, I!l.[ers all of Kansas City. Mr. and]hikers only. levening, August 28~th, at 8 pm.,tS]~vana: ......... 9Ski has two sisters re]Mrs Sanders are Mrs, ~arkisian's[ Bear Lake-Pinnacle Lake Trai]]I. O. O. ]L Hall, 1109 Virginia, I ~unqay, ~ugust ~vtn---~zwne brother in Sterling,[Hun~ and uncle Their party is]open to Bear Lake, from Bear to]near Boren, Seattle,S!~ [WorsMp 11 a.n~ ...... ~ [ ~a brother and a s!ster]touring the West Coast. IPinnacle for foot travel only. | This is the first Fail meeting[. Weqnesoay, ~ept. zna--4,adiest ~~ l~d~l~ dl~lb,VIr V ~ ~ I Omaha, all of whomI * * * I Dickerman Mountain Trail_. _ __l---~a.u a,, ................ unu~uuny nne ro rammAia at z p.m. ~wrs. t~arston Lar-,. , I ~1~ II~itVii~ ~' V/Ii~ .w_UI~l.m,.=,l. ,,~,a,~,~,-'~m-immm i ed The also went to A o en to those who ar P g son and Mrs Leonard Ottem will ",,' Y . ]GUESTS FROM KANS S ] P . e willing to[~as been arranged. All beekeep.[ ........ ses" ) ..................... [ u~ty, Ind., to see a meceIAT SANDERSON HOME /go over or around fallen tim.lers and all other-~ersons who ar~]e noste~ . ~u~ auml~z ruu ~ women s xtalncocrts I ~rObliski's. But for.. Mrs.] Recent guests at the N. A. San- [vJ~wber which lies on the trail. Thc[{nterested in bee~ and beekee~-/La~ewa: . _ ....... ! Men's White Twill Pants Women's B:assieres | the greatest thrall ufl,~ ..... home have been ~wrs ~rom me top is w"rth thelin .... ' ............... -- ~ ~unaay, Augtlst 6urn: tnwne ............ , ! ....... k ~ Y I, ~ a~ *~lvit~u to atteno. ~xr.._..t.:.~ a.~. --. /Joys n-lnea uveralls t;nilds Umbrella [ )$rn~ whensheattese doed] Sanderson'ssisters,, .,. _ ,: [ Dr. H- S Telfor~' ',hazrman,' De .... "~/~u'rsPda ~.~ S~e~t 3rd Ladms' Boys' Bih Overalls Glrl~' R Gown~ I .q~l'~'~g aan~ saw her[Kent~n ~ ~Op~Ka,f ~enn~w~c~U[ -So'me-b'lu'eb"erries are show;n-[partment-qf. Entomology, State Aid at 2 ~m PMrs R Sarsten Boys" Denim Jeans Women's~Zs ~iends }or the first time ........... a*cc~om anted b two l up. Like fishermen with ~ secre~l~"eg e, o~ washington, W~l aq-I and Mrs S Gostal will be host- ~,~,,,o r~,~-~,,~,, ~,,,I,,,_ e,,. .... | s took They were P Y lake . ,, uress me meeting on Jnsec~ Pbi- ess s " " --- ............ ...... ,~r ,.,,,,,,-* , Mr. Jack Coolley. ~ [ grandchildren of Mrs. F]nk. Mrs. [ ~ .. , .the blueberry pmkers we[~ination Bee P,qs,'~i,-~- --~ ~ [ e . Men's Waist Overalls Cuff Links I e farm during their ao-|sanderson and Mrs Bertha MazeltaJ~ea with were vague as toIS ...... "_' _ ,, ,~, -s ,~.u "~l ................. " m wher Iprogress report on researcn prob-I women s ~tnzr ~nzrm x,eatner work Gloves / [took them back to Kennewzck last] e they had picked the ones lems ]Arhngton and Lakewood W " ~1. Peck (Bonnie Wednesday. From there Mrs. San Y had. Wesuspeet they found Ameriacn : Methodist Churches House Froc Women'~ .~e~nele~|a [ Thorn- -the . He will show shdes on omens Blouses Leather Face Gloves her aaugnters Nancy derson and Mrs. Maze plan a [hem on ~vzt. ~3iel