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August 23, 1951     The Arlington Times
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August 23, 1951

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TiiE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, AUG. 23, 1951. PAGE FOUR I I h * * " . " that guy who wrote there is no received their p ! p Pigeon Season Co op Members II Le Lon De ]1 place like home knew what he] Arl~l~t~'~ ~tm ~ s talking about These FrenchTheYin casegiVethere are eV(successor ,o ]Sept. 1-30 Receive Dmdends , ~" -- .... " " - - ~ wa .oo l /I L .u~.,. Itare qmte thepeople. Ill say[that are unfamiliar ....................... ____ Seattle, Aug. 4--Washington'si Nearly$500000 of unused]] ......... J"'Y'~* [ thismuch for them, they can[technique of Army r~ Vol. LXIV. Thursday, Aug. 23, 1951. No. 171band'taile~d pigeon season will}funds set aside inprior veer'st[ ~ S/Sgt. Leach [[ make the bestbread and pastry[have developed'a gre " [run Irm bePt" I ~ ~ me ~tatelreserve accounts and a d f rr d!, ee e . 11 nave ever taster put mat s save space ann car~,[ 8ubseriohon" Price $2.50 Per Year', $3.00 Per Year Outside Snoho- .Game.. Department announced pa ment for 1950-51 turke After a week m France, I about,all. I have finally figured of big equipment. , County. Issued every Thursday. Pubhshed at Arhngton, toaay.. . . growers are now being returned have come to oneconclusion, out way France is so famous for[ - - Y Y " " l APC, and it ]s a sinai, Wimhinuton, bv I rne aaiw nag ann possession/ to farm family members ofl I Perfumes. They can't keep colds/looking very suspiciot o - TttE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO ]]lmlt has been reduced to6, two[washington Co-Operative Farm.[TO WED IN CHICAGO [all.the time These French cig-[ aspirin, but it w!ll J C CARPENTER --FRA~IK MARSH [~essr than last year. ~nooting[ers Association, reports Harry J.! Arlene (McQuesten) Pearson [arettes are enougn remake any-[thing anp, everythlng: .]. C. CARPENTER ......... Editor & Mgr.I hJuUrS'be~Sr usual are one-nalt[ Beernink, general manager at[of Arlington, left for Chicago,[ ~i~e stop.smoKing. Tne.y taste[ly nanqy oecause ~Ie ! e sunrise to sunset. ]Seattle till nn Mnndnv whoro eha xxHll] e cnewln tooacco wmcn was|to sprain your an~ Entered as 2nd Class matter, in the Post Office at Arlington, Wash-[ Dates, as set by the Fish and/ .. ~" .... t L~.".Z'.'.~-"23"7,7.~" ":.2:L.~.("+\ ";~'1 chewed before it was smoked | a cold at the same ...... lurKey growers Will receive ~,= .,...=u up-,, ~..,vaJ, w m.. . " , e lngton, under the act of March 3, 1879. [Wildlife Servme, coincide wlth[~.,o= ....................[Edwin Kimball Mr Kimball is[Anther thing, none of themldont have to fool ar [I ~hnu~Y;f?~e~s~ga~ C~if~2~-t2i~[ ~fl/P~Y~y ~Pffsh~.P(gt~e!r a:crii ~hesS;~aZf M~e FrankmH~gh~s of[ ~peaoknlyEngnl~Sh' hmvatt~raf u~C~ ~~:fthdeffof~e~tp~r.ei T'~ T'~ T rIFT ~ T-~ T A T ]i " g, ill have a split sea-[ .................. " lOhica.... :'...~ ; .... ~.. .....;_[a word of English is a dog andl army will release th son ru " uurmg gne I~DU-D.L IlSCal year. ,~ s,,, ,~.~, ,~ ~,u#,,~ ,,,~,~ . . . , . I'q," I I/ "1 " g $ ~ / /-a I . 11 nnmg from Sept. 16 to 30[~o ;o ;.~ .~.~,+~ ..... u ......... [there The counlo wiU ,~.~.,,[he barked just hke my old dog, covery to the publiC; ~ AL .L ~ J. ~ .eL J. .~.~ [I and Dec 17 to 31 I ....~ ,o ,,, auu,t,u,, tu t,*~ ~gu~afI~. A~ Y .~ " ........ ITrixie Made me so h m " ~, ~ o,,,t ~,~,,~,~ ,,,,t it 1 |Bu~ldparents "w~th the d'a~ly schedule [market rice the receiv me~r nome m mat c~[y " o creelI ...... .~-s-.-y --~ ,, [[ P . y . ed ........................ ~. that I stopped and talked to nim m corn et. ou~ * . 'II~: o .,[when the...b~rds were dehvered, lamounts to 478c a ~ound forlfr a minute, did my heart[mYmber wY'hether I~ m aaumon, turkey growers " ~ good just to talk to a foreigner one or two drinks of DEFECTIVE WIRING Illnl:tnrno) rfirllll| ][[shipping through the Associa [1944 and .250c a pound m 1945. [i ............ [ ..... - n 1~ngllSfl DUl: 1 was a little cacti plll, SO De sore How often hav~ ~ood w~rkmen been nmlio'ned by the[H rU[ U[ [[[tion in 1945 will share in $54,930[ Purchases of feeds infl9.45 will[hoarse from barking too loud. taking three. I'll ha' " " " [.ll ,o ou ..... .. II[or .575c a pound being releasedIreeelve a otai OI ~60,ZU~ or[They say the weather over herelat Sick Call, after statement "the fire was caused by defective wiring."l/Oe'ontri b u'tio'n= s'~u~'l~ish'e~ in ][as an unused reserve set up in i~f% o~sa~es ana anot.ner~66,:]is very mmilar to that of Seattle. stand a morning's sl( ...... . ........ 'It this column "~s bein- ex It[mat year.. ?m or ~.:ov/~, o~ safes-win ue re[One thing I have noticed about[showers in today, sol ~ewsppa er men I, lnClU(llng ourselves) sn0ula anow Det- I .. ' .. ;.~ ~.fl : Ill Egg marketing members in!turnea to ouyers o~ Iarm sup-]it so far is that if you .................. dnn't onrolliko to got ~-irl of mV presslve ,,f th= ..d***dual " liesbo w " "-- - - ~ ~Y ~" ........ ,.... It oninions of th" a,,th,.- [[[1945 will receive $75,289 or 35c P~_.., th of hmh are from[for ~t, just wmt for a couple of[Ws t~me to hit the~ "~" . [" " ~ "~ "%' I[IPer aozen m unused reserves, uao unusefl reserve accoums. /minutes, it will change. All the lend with my Frene~ ~" " " ...... u'ld'n-- "ns" P I ~. land poultry shippers will get These payments will be made[fellows with colds have been go [the day as-we saY P_aleetrlelans, wnen tnev wire a D 1 11 g, I 'Lit t " " ' v ' '~ ck ~"322 ..... - , . ~ . IWNY NOT. lua ~ , 6 xrom mm~mr ac-,immeuiatew in cash, according|inK to sick call. The medics are]"Mess bucket." if yo~ heavy enough to carry the load expected of it Even wlr [.._Af er ~lttm~ for -- ho,,r -~[ counts for 1944 and 1945 Thisto Beernink doing a great job for not havin~ enough it means th$ ink done in days long gone by, is protected by fuse plugs, " h e " w'll " ~g ' O d So po "ng ~~ and should the wmn , become s ort d, the fuses ~ /it on the back of m. head I blow, so where does this ','defective wiring come in?" It[wondered (how comVe) therein: CAKE'MIXES--WHITE or DEVIL FOOD Wrr~. ~,~ll Apple just doesn't add up. There is some other explanation for]~n'tte~er twnice mapiettrte~os[~ 3UI[.,~ the fire. [talking to~-th~e'o~dtimers by'~-the[~ ~ ~ ~ ........... ]score, and they are 100 per cent[~ ~~~~~ ~ ~q Large Darigold Ice ~ven mls saIeguara, however, can .e clrcumventea for shade trees. So? I~ "i ~.~mmmm~ mm m mm~ ~._~- 'by the "thrifty householder "--when a fuse blows orI, c.E. WHEELER. [~ ~ ~ ~1~~ ~~ r g. CREAM uo. EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS 1~ oontmues to blow, instead of taking some of the load off _ the wiring he might put in a heeavier plug, or he might AND PAREHTS MEET OLIVIA BROKEN DELICIOUS IN SALADe Nalley's Dill even put a penny in the box. Then .when the load becomes ATwhHer2"wTigE~hDAY m,~,~ti...)lO A~ ..~ -- -- PICKLFS 9A too heavy the wires get, hot, with the result there is a the I~igh Sci]ooi" audit"o r ium on/~ ~l~, ~. Large ..... fire. But the cause was not "defective wiring." It was Tiu?daye~ienmghAug" y8frha~!]~ qIIII If" I II 5oz Pig Feet defechve reasoning, parents. The meeting will start[~ ~~b~ ~ |~, Call l~&ll~qPIl~ . . at 8 o'clock, the purpose being v ~ Vl'~llllll~ We may w sh a floor lamp moved to a certain place to familiarize both studentg and[O - in the room, or the radio or electric clock or a hot plate, " ' "]O VELVEETA A REAL CHEESE FOOD Rath's Luncheon or some other gadget installed a distance from the out- let, so an extension cord is plugged in and it is run around the baseboard or under the rug; maybe another plug is i put at the end to add other gadgets The drop cord then becomes an element, because it is carrying a load heavier than intended for the size of the wire, and since the wire is heating instead of "shorting" it will start a fire if the load is kept on hmg enough. 0f course, we might call such use of extension wires, "defective wiring," but technically the wiring of a buiht- inK is the service wires run in as part of the building, and the workman who installs them should not be libled by the ternl "defective wiring" when a fire is caused by some makeshift installed by the householder. 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