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August 20, 1953     The Arlington Times
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August 20, 1953

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASt{INGTON, THURSDAY, AUG. 20, 1953. PAGE FIVe+ Sectin Dedicated.iI ur"r buLu "'" o,v s sgo sL! Mr and Mrs Carl Sward and wn ,er eunwn .... , m~ mm~ ~ ~m~~ ~ mm~ -- ;on Donnie of Everett were Sun- 'YeasW:llyn:e~dnred' b'lb~:rea~ds:g?eaCt~3rdgShing~'es'l' " " " l/ II II /l~ / ll~ ~ da~gd~22~r guests f the Harld eted to say a few words est, that had been waiting for the --------- tion of this section of]hand of man to cut and create/ [~ ~[~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~[~ ~ ~ Visit Okanocjan Lake .~Uglas fir tree, donated]into a product for his uses.. AI ~ ME ~ ~~S[~B ~ Im~ ]]l~ Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Under- lllaguamish Valley Pi-[forest tree was a resource,, w,th/ l~ ~ [~ ~~[~ ~ [U~.~~ ~-~[[l~l wood, Helen and Darlene, Mr: ~iation by some of ourla cash value. When.our prancer/ ~ L~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~~ ~ and Mrs. Ralph Hershaw, Dick ag people, born anolneeoea money mr ms neeas, ne/ ~ I~ ~ ~~~ ~ Ml[i~~ ........ ,and Judy, and Mr. and Mrs. John in our'own commun-lwent[ to work in a near~y lg'// ::':~ ~[l~ ~ ~[[~/~ ~ ~[~~ u ecau~ o: spamcet nmzt.auon~,lMartin spent a week vacationing nd da hters of Stilla gin camp or mill For 100 years ~i~ ~iii! ~.V~ ...... v' ~ ~l~mlm~m mira M[~~i~i!~ ~na p oD eros oz a~eup an 9 " and fishing, ~t Ro~vor T.ak~ Hg " g . i~i:!Y, i!!ii i: i~?.:".::.~i:~:~!: i~.-'.:!:~i:i: :: ;i;i: :>:::::: .: .... ,:, ............. " Valley Pioneers. Itlthe Douglas hr has been theI ~ii~ii;~ili::i::}!i! ~. ::iii::iiiii}::!!ij~i:::~:.ili: ~l~ ~ ~~!~ !mgt.hepape:tP.tess'i.t. is.flen[Lodge Kelowna, BC. Mrs. Ethel aeh to us to have our[backbone of our lumbering in-[ ~:}~! !~!@ilil; .[~}iiiii!!};~;~ ~}i~ ~---- -- ii i~iii~}~~} touna necessary .o oml. cnutcn Jorgenson cared for tho II-.~,~. r { " ' o} :::}!{{:i::::::i!}~::}i{:!:!:~:i:i: ~::: .......... ......... ::: :!:.~::~ ::~i:i~:::::~~ ~crtices We re ret this, but be- " .......... " en so thoughtfully and dustry~at t~mes a medmm f ::, ::::: :::~. {~::~ :~ ...... < ::~::;,~: :: :~'~. :: g wood place while they were one. tffectlonatel , remem- exchange with all the world ................ !+~:v.':...'~.:::~:~ ..... ~:. .... i~i:~+...2 .......................................... ~ ...... lieve thenecessary an ~.ou ce -------- Y / :!::i:!: :~:i:!:~;~:'~,~:!:~:>?i :: ::: ~! ........................ ' -i:: :: ': $: ~ ::::::::::::::::::::::: flour~[orest, asdidBen This was a new land, with[ i?! i?::, i!~!::!~ ~i Dt ~~/ / ii[ii rnents.~, be..pu.bhshea e~cn, The CommunityClubhadabig s wife Agnes Sampson]great wealth inthe forest for any i ~!~i!~iii ~ii:i~ii ~ ~~~ 1 II~~~i~ #ee~ ~x. me m,owm~ ru~es are turnout for their picnic at Wen- nd William Real his|man who cared to "put his hand :::i:}::::i!::i::}!::N~}i!}~!! ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~~~~i m~owea: .... berg park on Saturday. se ::::~:~: ~;:;:~:~:.":~.~}:s~:~:'~ ::::: ::+ :2:~: ........ " ..... " f,~ ~;~s~;~:~'~ Announcements 1o contain on. . Krauskoff Real. Here to the plow. Men and women ...................... +,~.:~ ..~: ~ ......... ~ ..... ~: ~:~ ~i~:. ........................... . ......... --------- orn, attended schoolJwho came here from eastern ++~+++++:~+++++:+++::+ ~++~+ ++:+~:l ~Z~i :~++: +++ +++, .......... ..,,,o ^, .... ,,.oi Trappm, Coyotes ~ :~:~:~:~: ~:~:~:~:~:~~ :::~*}~. . ~:~:~: ~:~i~ .~ ~ ............. : ~:~:~:?:,::: ::> ~. :::~:::>::::~:::~:: It: N,,,.~ ,,f ,.h,,ch, address, 'r)ed have fine homes/states and other lands took on :::; ii!i : ~i~.~i~ ~lll~ii ~.~:i:i ~:i~ii!i~~iii name o* pa~mr:....y....:: ""::'+:l The game warden is settinffout (r z - :.: ,...:.:....: .: .:,x :~ :+ ....... -." . .~ +.,- . :too sermon SUDJeCL ~tll nol ces . ue part of our soetal new hfe A burnmg hope sprang ......... )~i .... . . '1 - . . [ ~::~iiiiiiii!:ii!:!~i~i}!ii++i!i!il ~ ~.~:::~ ~/l~ ~ ~i~~~ to b-- i- Time- offi-e ~'" 2 -m Itraps for coyotes on the errs Un- ousmess life. in their breast. This was their[ ~ ~ ~[ ~/1 ~ I[l[[~ l, ue~.~v. - ~ ,,~ v- "[derwood place, as they have been .~rg senior the father oflland, this their chance to mare|Ill Illl I ilil / ou ~o. Igetting their chickens. The Un- it Ben Oberg, came to good, and thousands did. I []llll [][] ~ll ~/! II~ []lll~ ~'s Lutheran Church de:woods would like to have Work for my father in[ I like to think that this" greatI il / Iim[ Burke 2.. Newberrv l everyone watch their dogs for the + remained my closelforest was placed in the hands[ ll I~l mlnl Ill 1 IilN~ ..... ~ ......:" .... [next week or so so they don't get died A kind of our pioneer forefathers as a 1 " " i hewn r~uwm ~a,,uwg, pu~wr caught in the traps. ~ he "~ .... [ ........... I The air conditioner in this Chrysler produces o d eqmvalent to meltmg the three tons of e s w,,,~n ~ .... +o,~ ~t ~1 ~ m'[ "p cmzen ano pmneer.[ ~aenL given m ~rust, vy a wme,j ...... h ........ ~" .................... | hzn ..... Where a car 1.~ a broflmg 110 degrees mmde, Chrysler s fast cool-down fresh-mr system brings t e sermon theme" "ChristO ens JIM CREEK H. D. k of him, I remem-I ]munlhcent bemg. I also feel that ..... il l " ! N Yorker New I P man. .... they were faithful prancer ser ...... temperature to the low 70 s x n four blocks. The um~, wmcn)s avat an e in iChrys er ew , Ears and Releases Tongues Unto] CLUB MEETS &UG. 27 Yorker DeLuxe, and Impermi raoaem, m ~he hnghes~ eapae~y sys em now n use. 1 Joy " Mar~r 7.31 37 ~l the father of William vants and used that trust in a ........ .............. I - -. ~ The. Jim Creek. . Home Demon- s on hi~ farm in the Is-[wise manner Among o t h e r] ..I.*_--L._ 11/ .... [ ~-- [stratmn Club wtll meet for 12 .raent a much respeet-lthmgs they set aside certamlJ'M['ll[l[~[~M ~ UIII~II . Congre~oh~nal Church 1o clock luncheon on Tuesday. "lorect' citizen and oio. ltimber lands to be used only for[ ~., ~_ / * ~e~ 111,,~. , nn. ~ . [Rev. A. D. Brokaw, minister [Aug. 27, at the home of Mrs. W+ rhaps sixty years. - [public uses. l atteno rucnsla lOUt ITlmalv TIn.G: I 'rnm Sunday, 11 a.m., morning ser-/.% Wood. There will_be an elec- ~a , n 1 ht mHhon dollar rou / .ILXltLL%.~ j.~ ~ .L J.~.~xmtmt B ~lon o~ orncers zor tne ensuing !rnpson Obergs par-[ oA e.Lg - "..t!. - gr Pl Among the hundreds of people}[] ~7 l"~ [vice. Sermon by Rev. A. D. rO-~vear ~oneers of the Bryant lor capttot ounamgs has oeen[ from near and far who joined in II m~ . ~ _ At . Kaw, minister, l" " .. + L where they have]built [the garden tour sponsored by]]l ' | '~.1/:~ | '/~11~'~t~F ~ ~lr'K~t [ Sunday School will be resumed| .. ._. ~_ ' ~M[l[b X'~ [lll~ use '-rlmes" classified aas -- fanny years and are[ A great university has been es-ISouthside Garden Club of Ana-]]l JL III~ ~JP ~ ~ [Sunday, Sept. 6. [ ~ffoottvo ~al~.~m~n "~Cted. I tablished with beautiful build-l cortes last Thursday were Mrs.l[[ 1-- | ...................... Ifrauskoff Real is a[ ings and campus. I Albert Lamp and Mrs. Leo Me- -- , ' [Free Methodist Church [ Arl~gton and Lal~wood of Mr and Mrs Frank[ Also, a fine and very useful[Cullough of the Arlington Gar-[ II ur / lv'*n [ IT T ,r,/ , [bth St. and French |Methodiat Chu~'ch~ Who" have lived here]great State Agriculture College]den Club. They were accompan-II~lan~ weeo Xkulers; I eep up lna[ B. Seymour, pastor ] J. P. Porter, pastor. )n for many years. Mr.[ and campus..Likewise, three col-[ ted by Mrs. William. Nickerson.[....-- -- ... n o I ,,. _ ~.. I ~-.,~.-z~""a~" ~.~,....,.~-~"~' ~:~(~ a~ .......... ~ .~ x~,,r.,.. / Mornin~o worshi~ at Arlin~,tono_ opened a blacksmithlleges for the mstructmn of teach-]and'K. Kamkeberg w,th]W~_~{:!S 5till Problem IUomnost File It. Worship 11 am Youn~ Peo.ln:00; evening worship at Lake- lington in 1896 taking ers. , In the teaching and gu]d- their young, daughters. ..... . . I ~nl ............ ~ rn,~mi,~,~, .... ~ a~ ~.- .......... ,-,, ~.,~n~o,.| wood 8"00. . Sermon.. Rehl~iotm_ Part in the business,_ mg of the youth of. our land. The rusUc gardens el Ann There. has. ~.een mucn written[ .Are you feeding, that compost[ ................. ltett#, mootinae, --:~ ~ nn ~..m.n- /Pioneers." c Also our ubhc schools are Rmhards the old fashmned ar and sa~d in the fast few years ~le~'Toda s lawn ch m s iv" " e m P " " " g " P Y PP g , A "z i n f b ine s Bible study Wednesday 8 , m hfe of th co - . , . . n orgam at o o us s pma. e wa ar ted in 1897 partly maintained from the sale den of Mrs LR Polhs featurmglabout the chemical weed controllleaves, stalks and other garden]lavmon th,~ c..0~l~,~,~ win havMat Lakewood Thursday 8 v m at s m r . . , . +_~..._+., ............ , .......... - -. - area Evans Thev eele- of thm state-owned timber grant]fuchsias; and the picturesque materials and, m some quar ters,!refuse can promde needed organ-!char,,e of tho services bota .... IArlington Itgolden -'weddmg'~ in It is true that our forest, is fast rock gardens at the Slonakers' the impression seems to be maHic. matter for next ~vear's veee-I,...~. ,.~ ~.uY-"~ ~*e,,,ug.^" -Z,-- " ....... "'1 --v~t+"~ ......................... oh,,,,,h ~,,h,vn ,,,,, _ I disappearing, but in ItS place al"Whispering Firs" where tuber-lsomewhere there is a materlal[tab]es. ] All are welcome ItinuesthrotlghAug. 28,10-11a.m. rear God fearin , intelligent ous be onias and fuchsias corn that Will ena aL~ weefl worrles t~| ,m,~ .......... ~ ' ' Was seventeen ,,ears[g - g . .[ g ". .......... Z ....... s garuen remmoer comes ~ .--------- I-------- th ........ ~ T[ people have grown into mannooa] bine in a rainbow of color, were] m true mat .grea~ s~rmes nave]from Arnold Z. Smith, coffnty ex-[Fi:st ~-ti~ Church [Chz~fl~ $~ s ~uT~,'"~'='f,,~:~'~'~'~[ and womanhood to inhabit the[ the three places scheduled on the[ been mane ny research men'[tension agent. I L C Eve~rett, nastor [ First Church of Christ, ~t-- ~h'.:~'~.~. ~.'~",Ar~'~/land. Because of that God Given/ guided tour. Tea was served at both at.con.eges ann m connec-] Most garden soils, he says,[Cor "Third an~l West fist, Fourth and Dunham strtu~s. ~na~;.."~'~"~,~'~'~2~ilVorest, in 1853 this land became a[the Slonaker home at two beauti-ltion wi~n private mqus~ry, m ?e-|need humt/s, and composting is/ o~---,~v ~,.hm Q-a~ ~ m urn., [ Sunday School 11 a.m. Sun- - "" " ~ """ ite States n velo Ing ma[erlals tnat greauy ~u,,u ~ , ,, ~r~:'~'u~,'~ ~'~'~"~ ~]Territory of the Un d . [fully appointed tables, o e in-[ P. ......... [an excellent way of providing it[~,.,.. ~-~ .................. "|day Service 11 a.m. - ........... -- ~"[ This Stillaguamish Valley was[ doors and the other in a charm. I assis~ wRn tne. comro4 ot wee aqwhere a~imal manures ate ~earce|~"~P,,~--.~;-~" -- ............. ~,~[ Wodnesday testimonlal meet- redominantl, settled from Stan- in settin n the outdoor atlo. However, experience snows tnaLIk..~v.,~,~t.,~ " ~ / ~vz*u-w~ea p*-uy~r ~erv,~=e, +:onI t.. ~ .-. }.n,]wise and faithful Lutheran pas-/attle; Mrs. John Whiteley, dis.[iments indicate that some Of]hose. That's b ause the pile| ........ [daY~ " " ~. Isiana,,[tor" True to their' faith and re-|trict director elect, and Mrs. Sid- these weea mnmg materials are[should be kept moist. Dump all[.m--~.v~n-~---'~'~ .... [ The subject of the Lesson-~- LU Ills sailors DUlI the eachln s the earl ~ ver tt Mrs usea in connecnon wltn a gooa, . ume. , ~ _ . . . [ligious t " g y y,ney Pierce, of E e ; . . ..... ]lawn clippings, leaves and gar-|, ,. M-'rwan- "astor ,men for Sunday, August 23, iS me l~orthwes~ ~merlj erected places of worship at]Lamp, district garden therapy] thorough program ol culuvauon.|den refuse on the spot selected.|~',-n_" .~ .... ~'S~v^n~. ["Mind." uougias nr at mat[Stanwood, Silvan.a and Lake-]chairman, andMrs. McCullough[the weea.proDl_emcan ~e reaucea[The decay of the organic mate-|Z"u~n'~'~u~.~''' o~ ~,,~.^ ~^ ] Golden Text: I Samuel 2:3. The ,_ . . wood Between ~itvana and Ar- alternated at the urns tm a consmerame uegree. Irial can be sneeded by the annll I ~unaay, Augus~ ZO---~U:~ a-m.,ILord is a God of K,nw~,~a~,~ ~ , ~nees were maaeI hngton, men and women from] Before returning home the Ar. [ Part of the program arises from[ cation of commercial fertilizer.[ Divine services, . --. - [by him actions are weighed. of. D?uglas nr/Germany came and made their|lington ladies added another]the fact that there are manY/Hot temperatures and moisture| Tnursaay, august z --z p.m., ~ms fir were[homes. A sturdy, honest, upright,]garden to those visited, that of[kinds of weeds to keep under]also help. The following propor-[L'. A. Soc)ew meets. . ~Catholic Church Scaffold, where two] intelligent, hardworking, law-]Mr, and Mrs. James Dowdle,] control. In the first place there[tions of fertilizer can be used | ,,~rst l~flmeran, ~aKewoom [Father James H. Deady, pastor ).P of the.rag ann one[ abiding people. ]which. though very new, shows[ are annual weeds, those that]four parts of sulfate of ammonia.[ ^,~unaay, Augus~ z,~---m:~a.m.,| Sunday Massses" ~n the pit laqorousiy| Veterans from our Civil War,| careful planning in keeping witht grow one year and then produce/three harts of ordinary or 18 nerl ~meon ~erwce program_ t~p.m.,| Arlington--9 a m ~v~rv ~u~. whipsawed the l.ogS[restless and not wanting to re-ltheir attractive home. Here justin seed crop anti then die. Then]cent superohosphate, "and three|Luther League..meeting: rrogram~dav ............ ~mnKs, ,ri~s and um-[ turn and settle down in their old| off the front patio, a mass plantq there are the perennial weeds[ parts of l~ydrated lime, finelyl ann social garnering ~y youngI Stanwood--8 and 9 a m. eve~ le oI me ,, ,, ,, ..... - building ] homes, wandered westward,] in~ of roses Pinkie and Rose] that grow for several years. Somel +round limestone or oyster shell I people. All lnvitea. |Sundav " ,_ o . | seeking a land to fulfil their[ Elfe" creates a lovely picture in~ of these perennials have different]~se a r~und'of the n~ixture forJ- . . [ ........ , oooms were careful-! dreams of a future life. Some oil pink contrasting with the blue-[ methods of propogatlon, such as~each wre]l.paeked bushel basket[ ~l~~na. cmd I~kow~d ~m'l~n :Sl~:o HMabts Comm~ ,,~m uougias nr trees]these, settled down in and around]green of the. sea water directly] by seed and some by seed an, ]fulI of compost material. |Tl~oLutnmmm .~ ~nu~a ,'Geor e " lander.g Ey ,pastor" ame forest. When. met Arlmgton.. Others homesteaded] below the h~gh bank. I underground stems. Again. theree[ Remember...of course, to keep] (3... J. nauKeness,, pas~or [ Sunday_ School at 10 a.m. s completed ~t was along or m the valley of the Southside Garden Club has is the problem of the resmtanc the compost pile moist. And turn ~nvana. [ Sunday services at 11 a.m a Douglas fir .spars[ North Fork of the Stlllaguamish[made outstanding contrihutions[of different weeds to the weed|it several times during the sea-[ Sunday, August 23; Divine wor-[ning services at 7 v.m ~or the China franc,]river. This proved to be thefto the state federation's garden~killing material Some Weeds aP,|son piling, the otitside~ towar~ls]sh~p ~[1 ~.m. - " ...... [ Free transportation. [1 + - - " ' " ' ' ' " " ' n Neares, remar~.[ Place of their search, for the/therapy work, especially in thetparently are not damaged:~ by a|the center. /La~ewooa: I-~--~~ --------------- ~hops of the North weS~[pot of gold at the end of the| interest of the blind, and the pro-~dosage of the material that will~ Compost materials should be[ Sunday, August 23: Divine[ .,* tne spars mr all meI rainbow. | ceeds of this fuchsia tour and/kill many other weeds as well asl free from plant diseases and nox./Worship, 9:45 a.m. II ~ llff t~l__ B.'t.[__ 1 !e world." l These old soldiers dominated[ tea will add much to the $1800~ many of the desired plants. | ious weed seeds. Composting does[-- | l 13]~. ~. ~PM[I ][)][][][~]r ~Wmill in.the)North-)the social, civic, biminess and[ this club is raising for the pur-/ There are differences in the ac-[ not destroy these. [ Chux~.h of J~ul Chrh~t, [ | ........... ~[ ~Uc~llt in 1.~zv a.t w.natVpolitica1 life of Arlington and tne|chase of a "Seein-Eye" dog. To|tion of the weed materials thatl -------------o | of I.~:~er Day $otn~ [I , .~'ouver, wasnmg~on,|North Fork valley for thirty years, lbring the subject closer to the]are bein,, used Some of the types], d Sunday School 10 a.m. at V.FI| v........... .. | ~uson Bay CompanYqtheir standards of life and gov-[attention of the public in thisbef weed~rnaterials acted only bvl[ ETCHELL IIW. hall. 11 ~,~ ~,~ ! t~,~sb_uilt In 1847, at]ernment.belng felt even to .thlS[dmtrict this clue is sponsoring,]sterilizing the soil, thus prevent-[[ ~,~ oo, _ ...... II v~,,~,,~ i ,asn. Tnese were wa-Iday m (nis commumw. JUSt as ton Aug. 20th, at the Anacortes~ing the ~,rowth of ,-tactically MID ...... :;"*: ..... ~Y:Z"" " ii~enth.Day Aaven~t ~nurcn l1 , ,. , + v,, , lmills. By 1855there[the lif~ religion, and teachinglGrade School auditorium at 8[plant lit% for a period of time.'[[ Tetepnone z~ tIM. M..Mohr, pastor +. |l 2a'-T~Tb~O~" FFa~n. i ~team powere~ saw-tof me ruritans nave innuencea[ociock, an evening oI mowes|Then there are those materials[ Mr John Lindborg returned .Saooath School 9:45; Devouon-[i __ I 2 on ruge~ ~ounu,! our way ot ite ann zorm ot gov-I giving the story behind me ~rain-| that will kill some weeds butl ,-,- C_^ ,_ ~,^...^....+. .... i~+Hn~, , a servmes ~ a.m. , I - nouns - ]Fhnl~| ~Y Douglas fir lumq ernment through all the years[ ing of "Guide Dogs for the Blind,"[ will not harm others nor' wilil ~,~'~"~' ~nd'~'Mr.~'~red ~lnd~-[ Prayer Service Wednesday, at[ I o.~n- _ ,_ =.M ,., -o'~- | ~uma .ann ~an ~an-| since the landing of the Pilgrims[ also a demonstration by Mrs.| they have a detrimental effect on[ ~'~o~ ................... | 8:00 p.m. ] I ............. v.~. oJ.o~ 1 ~n1849 an.d the l~O S[ in 1620, whether they be O~[AimeeTerhune who will put her [ u~e desirable nlants [~"~,~,~,~ c,_~,~ w~s admitted tel Church located on corner oi]l ............ ! ,~a(ls ot uougtas nr/Catholic Protestant or 3ewisn re-I dog through its pacesI ......... ~- ~- "-~ **-^ ~--.-I-,-'-"~,~:2-i~2=~%-~.-;~-, ,-- ~eattle IBurke and Talcott at head oft] ~Lv~*:~ Tu*:~a,~ | ~,~r~-~ken" to San Franci / hglon,, white red or inI. o~ [of life of th~ w~..~,~ will also have~l ,,,~ere he l'S seriously, ill. 1 Lincoln bridge. J~ nla por~s. COlOr, or oi wna~ nauon tnelr ' me lng and sawin~ into] ~,~o~th ....... tha* influence]~h#~r~ IT .~ .~ I~om~ ~,~ct ,pen th~ ~mou,t o~l ~h~ Community ~nd He / Our r~ .... ~a~ qr and/ ............^ ~.....a ..~ ...... [ I+kilhng that ~s done. For those me-]Demonstration clubs have earn d ~ D ~ I | ~ I I I~DIL ~ ~k of o,~"f'~ marie ...... ,.,..a "'| Far East (FHTNC) --- Ser ing! lective weed killers that have the[ a lovely coffee maker by selling 1..~ll-~o ~...e Le LP'~ t:J Lll-~lVll P'~l "~l ........ ) "~ LIUJl c:~l|q,~ lll~llg%lll~* urge " aboard the destro er USS G common ma e 4 D ef:pioneers tOm~i~n:[ So it is of tho..seearlyday pie-Itn Korean waters isy Jack Oversby weather gre~lr:aLi:s the wf~rm]vaMi~laand Mrs Ralph Bosworth' OPTOMETRIST ........ neers oi ~ne ~tlnaguain~n vu~- "r R te 1 Box 127 "v " " "rthda o~ .... n ~,~ ~nal .............. [fl eman, USN, of ou , ,[tt eness of the spray or dust | and Betty attended a b~y u^..:., on~ ~-~-=~, ~,- ......, tey, we lnIlerl[ all 0 tnelr goou ,+, " " " i S ~,-~l,.~cw ~v,., a~ ~.,.n..~,,~,. h,m,~| ............. | ~ast Stanwood Wash. I When all these condmons are]party for Bruce and Ronn e y- [~vvs~or "['he~r"cattl~| quan nes, acuons an.~,..a..eeaSte~[ Before enlisting in the Navy in[ taken into consideration then[ dew in Everett on Sunday. 26| 2 Colby Avenue Everett, Washingtou u ,, me naa an VII qLt~,IIti~ tit s milk butter, cheese,| ~-~Y..r--.tteny | December 1951, Oversby attended[some basis for planning a we~d[ Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pearson and .. r _ 2 .......... 1 22~ ~ ~u_. ... __ 1 Twin City High School. ' program can be had From thel family of Everett were visitors at ~ - -, anu ou,c~ nc~=~- pl~l~ers Me~uolle~ i " of the " " " " e on 'T~wn and eitiesl the **, ...... +, n ..... ~t~ ..... ] Operat ng as a unit Jbest !nformatlon available at thmlthe Audral Moreland hem ~ ~, VACTTTTM I T.ITEV? - ........... ,_...,,.~= ~....# ..~: ........... e the " ' . .... v....~ ..... v~..- . ........ .~, ,,, I .... +, , .......... IBlockadlng and Escort For: ,~t~me, a good weed cdntrol ro,[Frlda evening. ~ ! 1 d;~ ~e d to ' . . " killing material at the rtght time home of her uncle, A Huson, on y were enable '[ this valley and m this country;] A grand, loveable mt~zen.[ and in t ........ "~[ ..... .... t " r,~ o~ t~ ~ ~e ~. I~U[D |~qp ~|E~lp]pIOqp ne right manner Arnol ~aturuay mgn ~, flour, beans, sugar,tWilliam Aldridge, veteran Ir0m[ Peter Carlson, 86, came to this Z Smit .......... "-- ~| ~;- ~--~ ~-~ Bill Moreland :alan .nun .n ur .na l, o~,mn 1 )~e of the other bareIthe North Fork for his happy be-]valley in 1887 Cleared his farm " .ltn, ~ounty AgenL / ~,p. ,~,,u+ ~.,+._ ......... ) ' " , -----.. ---- ana DaDy O[ ~oseburg, ure., VISIT- FourtIl ano ~unnam + ?:l~leei~ ~ir~:l~l tsh:l~t.]llef ,~:he:?rtil~YsOf Che;Oialr.old] ~aErideg~C, OaPSe~VO~k~?nm ;:mp;.[ On~r~iuZe~. Moll, 80, homestead/ed ~uithathev:udlal Morelands ~ .ranch ot The Mother~;U:~=n'ThW:s~::t~hurch ot Ct~r., 8,ea.*. ~ | section of a giant Douglas fir tree[ Now family awaits his departingl ed on the Sauk River in 1898. Thai -- ' -- -- " ..... ' me [ to the memory of those early day[ time. . [first forest ranger in the Darring~[. ~v,r._ano tvtrsk~u_s_s_~un~erre_- tn Bostan, Massachuett~. th Pacific our n 1 mrnea nome mm wee rum hern ers and P to d SUNDAY SCHOOL |I A M , e Nort " :lpioneers, our fa~h 'l eter Henning. 85, came here[ "strict. Built and owned one[ week's vacation at Friday Har- " ................................................................. ---'"-'-" s extended over thet mothers, who are gone away to]in 1888. Homesteaded on Pilchucklof Arlington's first cement build-[ .............. la-ds sv~,~ s~.Rvxc~ ...................................................................... ~..~.m. r at * oor in me ~an ouan *~ n ~aching tidewate :[ :est, and to those Pioneers wholCreek, contractedeonstructionlings, occupvin~it as a hardware[ ..... ~, .....~ " .... Testimonial meeting every Weanesday at 8 p.m. Re~dlng Room: C'hurch I + ~ lvirs Jonn ~a,,,~ ,,,,~, ~ esd n ~883, followed by the[ are with us yet; also to the chil-,work on the Great Northern and]store for a quarter of a century-[ .... " , v~]]~w~h,,Po. M.,,~ ~'~" edlflce---open Monday 2 to 4 p.m. al d Wedn &y 2 to 4 a d 6:45 to 7:45 -'rn Railroad in 1893,1 dren of the pioneers and to their! other railroads, logger on the Tu-/President of the Pioneer Associa.[ cnlloren O1 ~,,-.,,.,.~-p, ~v,~a.. ~aj- p.m. excepting legal holidays. All are cordially invited t,o &trend then :ee a few years later,[children,s children d~scendants[lalip Reservation ~" An+Alaskan]tion for two vears President oi[rY .~lemmg .ano. two cn*~ure~ services and ~o m~lte free use of the I~dtug Room. ' " " ~ " ~ ~na ~wrs Jonn blverson, all O~ ' of Seattle put the~rl of those pioneers that came to]prancer and cleared farms, legm-}the Arhngton Commercial Clut[~, ..... : ~clt,ar~ ,xHth Mr Willis Christian Science programs from The Mother Church in Boston are now ithe "wheel" and byi this beautiful, lovely, fertile,]later, president of the Stevenslfor three years. A fine type oll~'..v~" ~ .............. broadcast Sunday mornings at 9 o'clock from Station KJR, Seattle. errs built the Seattle, I fruitful valley, seeking a better|Pass Highway Association (past),] honest, upright citizenship. [ n,u~ ,,,, ,- .... ~. ~nd Eastern Railroad life, with peace and happiness. Icapitalist. A truly great pioneerl John Cole~He greased skid=I. ~ t -- ......... ualmie Pass, north to F~pecially do I want to men-[citizen, honored and respected[for Bryant and Hyatt, a half mile[[ [ ..Connection with the tion a few loveable pioneers: K.]by a host of people. |or so from this building in 1897;1[ , T4OTTLTES I ~R.R.,alsoabrancn O. Rod, 89, came here tq makeI Fred Jenner, 83, saw and[23 years later he was foreman]l ..... [ EO'l" ~|~Tlf"~ cl into the City.Df his home in 1889; worked in lum-[shingte mill operator and build-[over a large steam powered log-[ Lt and Mrs. W. F. Dudek have .... .~,.,~,+ mm..r-~,..~mm~.~.~ another to the ber camps, cieared his land, onler; logger on the North Fork./ging camp on the North Fork. Atreturned here from Alameda, _,,dl~l~'~lqll~'~l~ r-r'~.m'=.m==----~mL ,,,,-.~ n, Wn of Dar~ingt0n which he and his children and]Bought and cleared up a farm ]real logger from grea~e bucket tolCalif ~--~..~~-~LIr,,, l'-t~l"]["~" 1 [~[ 1 ho t ' " ........... - trade throug u their families live, even to this and made himself famous in the superintendent. The QuHceda Neighborhood ~f the United States day, [county inwhich~helives. Weare] John Brekhus, 80 came tothis[Club will'meet next Sunday, ~~ ~~"*~ ~'~ Y, many fold Train George King 89, came here in[proud of Fred Jenner and thelvalley with his parents in 1874.]Au~ 23, at Wenberg State Park '~~~ ~.~r-~w,..p~..~ )er departed every 1896, cleared ~nany acres of his]citizenship which he ' expounds] Helped his father clear and oper-[ i~rs Mike Bauer ofPresser is ~Prv - ,.- v 1~ ~t frm ur Puget land' and in ding s' used upland teaches" /] ate his farm living there even to[spending the week with helI Pints, Quarts, Chicken and Turkey Sizes. New and larger two of his cedar trees, one 16 C.L. Marsh, 80, came to Arling- this day; celebrated his golden daughter and family, Mr. and built in the towns feet and one 18 feet in diameter, ton in 1891. Taught school, sold'wedding a few days ago. A kind-]Mrs. Norman Hayes. ~"~,..,,~,,41~.~,,~,.~,~1 a"~,.~,,.~.,,~,,~- zentS o along every rail- for fencing and building materi-,fruit trees. Purchased the ~rling-ly, quiet, honest upright, citizen[ Mr. and Mrs. John DeCosta at. ~L=,~I, II-UUUCI|'U ~.,Cll~tUll |~ al. Was president of the first ton Times in 1894 and was its and farmer. ]tended a reception for the Grand Pint~+ O,,av),~ ~ma W,i f,..~n~, 7rite: ouglas hr forest creamery m Arlington, for 25]editor for more than 50 years. He Harley Aldrich came w~th hisIRoyal Matron, Irene Larson, at ). B, ands of men from years. [knew almost every man, woman parents to Oso in 1887. HelpedITacoma on Saturday night. ~P~0I~L O~ OU~RT~, ~ ~,- ~orests of Maine, Anton Kraetz, 86, bought land[and child in the Stillaguamish his father clear and operate his[ Sunday visitors of Mrs. Evelyn .......... 1' ~ _ /~| |l.; , Wn~le ~ne~ n-as~ DOZ onsin and Minne- on Cooks Slough in 1889 at the]Valley and always had a good homestead and lived thereon for]Dudek were Mr. and Mrs. Fred ......................................... e w land men were age of 21 years. Worked in log-]word to print about them. Wrote 65 years. The Aldrich family[Stober, Mrs. W. Wakefield and LOCKER A,:A,.Ar L . oetter and greater ging camps, cleared his land,|many noted editorials concerning have been a fine, outstanding~children, Mrs. Emma Psaris, all o ,.~v ~ o r. IA succeeded. The built his home, married, then[this valley and its oeoole. Today family of noted oersons for many, tot Startup, Mr. and Mrs. West [ .... ess was in men had some of his cleared land]is comoleting his 10th year as many years. [Pete:son and son of Belhngham, AI~| |~|g'~P~LI I~l%lr~l~l~ ~f%| lr~ ~qPg~tl~Al'~l~ zes. Men and the the land on which he continueslpresident of the Stillaguamish May God bless and keep these]Miss June Peterson of Spring- ~l~|l~.$|~21~ l1~Ji~,,l~ll ~,~l,ai~ O|~l~t2~ All because of vashed away 4)y a freshet.lValley Pioneer Association. To- honored pioneers and all here]field, Ore., and Mr. and Mrs. PHONE $~4 Douglas~fir lum-Bought the land on which he day he is Arlington's number present. Fritz Dudek. i ~ L