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August 20, 1953     The Arlington Times
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August 20, 1953

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No. 17 a crowd of over 400! many former all parts of the a gay picnic dinner~ native, 1888; Mrs. George Rogers, native; Mrs. Mary Cavanaugh, big flag raised by and Joe Husby, music, "The Old sounded forth by Mrs. Helen ram for the 42nd of the Stillagua- got under way at Sunday, August 16. ging of "Washing- fington" by the au- .~morial report was [argaret M. Barber, ~g the .names of 17 had passed away Year. The Arlington lOrali's then sang ably "Tipto Through and "Old Zip Coon," Wearing sun bonnets i sporting ersatz mus- McDonald is director Personnel follows: red Arnot,. Katherine Kelly, Etta Hartley, Myrtle Hart- Gladys Len- Judith Starr, Una Carlson; men, Harold Cutler, Way- 1884; Minnie Fowler Kinsey, Se- attle, 1888; Clarke F. Kinsey, Se. attle, 1888; Mrs. James R. Pier- son, Arlington, 1887; Andrew Hovik, Arlington, 1888; Mary Hi- att) Hovik, Arlington, 1882; Joe Francis, Clear Lake, 1886; Antone Kraetz, Arlington, 1888; Mrs. Em- ~ma Aldridge Payne, Everett, 1887; George Monty, Arlington, 1885; r Mrs. Goyor Gallagher, Arlington, 11888; Mike Kronholm, Bryant, 1887; John Stenson, 1880; Josh [Allen, 1885; Leet Palmer, Arling- ton, 1882. These pioneers were greeted with cheers and were well pho- tographed. !Introductions After thanking Henry Murray for the free use of his fine pub- lic address system, the chairman introduced the following prom- :inent Pioneers: Jacob Lough, :trustee of the Pioneer Associa- tion of Washington; Robert and !Letitia Campbell, Max Strobel of Seattle who worked here as a !tailor 43 years ago; A. J. Suttles of Seattle, who came to state in 1889; Jennie Gilchrist, who is working with C. J. Gunderson on Pioneer exhibit at the Evergreen Vern Hurlbert Farm Suffers Heavy Fire Loss A barn, milking parlor and silo were destroyed by fire on the Vern Hurlbert farm, R, 1, East Stanwood, Monday evening. A call by long distance from the Stanwood operator caused the alarm to be sounded here, and Chief Frank Arnot and four men respomied with pumper No. ,, ',,,,, , , I Consolidated wiih Arlington Chronicle April 3, 191 . Arlington, Wash., Thursday, August 20, 1 }53. Garden Club Plans Show; To Be Held Sept. 18, 19 The Arlington Garden Club any subdivision of a class. show, "Summer's Golden Glow,"6.. All entries in Cultural Di- will be staged at the Methodist Church Recreation room on Fri- day and Saturday, Sept. 18 and 19, from 2 to 5 and 6:30 to 9 p.m. each day. Special features will be a Silver Tea, Bake Sale and Plant Bar. There will also be a program every afternoon and evening. The general chairman for the show is Mrs. Leo McCullough. Mrs. Mac Pautzke is president of the club. vision must be grown by exhib- itor. Naming increases value of exhibit. 7. Containers for Horticultural Specimens will be supplied by shOw committee. 8. All containers and acces sories in Decorative Division must be marked underneath with owner's name. Committee will not be responsible. 9. In Decorative Division fol- iage and accessories may be used unless stated otherwise. Material need not be grown by Water Shortage Continues; Fire IPump Keeps Busy There will be three divisions competitive groups: Decora- tive Division, Junior Division, exhibitor, ing the temperature in the plant, Horticulture Division, with sev- 10. The Standard System of the increased demand in afldi- eral classifications in each di- Judging will be used, with rib- tion to the heavy sprinkling use Arlington's heretofore plentifiil supply of water has suddenly run into a shortage situation, that has required emergency pumping by the city's fire equip- ment to keep the supply above- the danger mark, and makes necessary the limiting of garden and lawn sprinkling. A week ago, when the Glacier Cold Storage plant suddenly re- quired approximately 500 gallons. of water per' minute, due to the large load of produce now being frozen and the necessity of redu- 2. The call had been placed be- cause the East Stanwood depart- ment, which answered the first alarm, had exhausted their water supply and there was fear the fire might spread to the home, which was nearby. Water was hauled in milk :ans from a neighbor's irrigating sys- tem, and this meager supply was used to refill the booster tanks on the fire trucks, which stood by until 1 a.m. The alarm was re- i ceived here at 8:45 p.m. [ The fire started in the hay mow ,while the milking was proceed- 'ing. An attempt was made to put it out, but as the flames kept i gaining the cattle were turned i out, and all .rtaachinery Was re- moved. Ab6ut100 tons of hay was destroyed, most of it being baled. Chief Arnot states that the fact that the wind was blowing away from the house was all that saved Kelly, John Patch, ~ State Fair; K. O. Rod, who slept i the dwelling, as the lack of water vision, buns as awards caused by the hot dry weather, , Nobel Kennedy,'in the old Denney log cabin at~supply wou~i have prevented the Rules and regulations for the 11. One Sweepstakes Ribbon was more than the one pump at l. Walter Lathrop, Alki Point in 1891; James Sip- firemen from renderin, effective show are given herewith: will be given in the Horticulture the city well could supply. Accompanist, Hel- I prell of Seattle, who when a boy i halo~ 1 Competition open to all Jun- Division and one in the Amateur Whon fho r*uorvntr wn dra|aabd worked for the Arlington Times! ..... ~ iors of the community and mem- Decorative Division to the person nnd'th~ ~i"t'~,~ti~n'h~'on"r~"~'~'~?~"_~ - Electe~l as a "devil"; Mrs. Mamie Fish- ,, .... " -- ~-~ bers of Hostess Club only, except having the largest number of hp"eA~,'~ -,~-J'n~f"fi'~i~o~t"~,~t'~-"~' gave the report of:er Knutson of Hoqmam, M .]|.to-glalpe Wn~tf[~nr]g~lrc by lnv]tatmn, blue mbbol~ points. ,n~p nf fir~ th#~ firo donnrt~|r [r~u c o m m it t e e Minnie Fowler Kinsey of Seattle,[='~vbb~"'~ ........ ...... ARLINGTON MARINE IN go- 2. Entries will be received from 12. Three or more entries of one was-c~te~on'anc~)~)um~'in~"~,~ v ~ H Moll Anton Garfield Kirk, Pres Snohomishl D___L & ....... L : ................. 7:30 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept 17 variety or color not so classified .............. 2'. f:_:Y.'~" ,:~_Y, Zt2_" .... ' ~lU~lll t~l~A --- marine iv/aster ~ergeant ' . til~ well liltU the ~y~tein, tol~t~ar~r )e Hu.~bv It named County Pioneers; Josh Allen, re.[I~l~I1 /~k~rl~ [ ~..~... ..~,.,a+ ~ ,,,~, ...... ~ ~ and from 9-11 a.m. Friday Sept. in schedule may constitute a ...~+~. ~ .^a..n+,^_ ^~ +*... ,-,,.,~-. ' President Board of tired game warden, and. .I Ne-otiatin~" committees for the .......... 18. Judging will begin at 11.30. Class if warranted by show chair ............................. ' ~ i f he ~ s I valesKa ano sons ~eraia, ~, ano . ~u. cun~umption, tile water a~v~a Wnllis" President lKnutson, former pres dent o t [Tri-Countv Loggers Association ^,... n 'u ..... t ~r~,'~,~ u .... ~h~ All late entries and courtesy ex- man. w~ huilt ~;n ~nd wag kant ~ ~a..~--,i^.. ,osenh Stfllaguammh P]onee s Iof Everett and the International - ......... h]b]ts will not be judged but dis- 13 Decisions of Judges shall be ................. ,,,~at u., o ~, mac H ~ Arlington, WASH. IS ,, " . oer control until luesuay ol mm Vio,~.Pres Harold; Mr. Frank R. Atkms, Sec. of theIwoodworKers of America - CIO' .... Y:.," ~,, ,,e ...... ~,~,, played and marked Not for final and they may withhold an w,~tr u,h,,~ sosi, th,, a~s,,t,~,.r,-. Se,.n,w~ Vice-Pres Washington State Pioneer Ass "[have reached settlement terms . ,,~. ,.~ ~o, ~o~,~.~ r,,.,~i,,~ i, Competition. Entries must be award, at their discretion, from ra~ir~d mnra uz~tar ~e, Treasurer, Mrs clatlon, was introduced, brought]on the spring demands which zr .... u~ ~ the s~,~ ~f Peter removed at 9 p.m. Sept. 19. any exhibit unworthy of same,} ......... ~u,~,~ ~ .o ,,- ,- un Tuesday aiternoon the ~m. n" ~,~,- ~-s Edna igreetings from that organization lhave been the sub~ect of collec-~ - .'. ..... o. ~_:_~..~_ ~^,.. 3. Entries must be made ac- even though such exhibit may be[ ...... ',~',,~'~:',..*~'~, .... [,,land pleased the audience bylch,o ~, .... ~'i'~"~=ionssince ~cnmlaL ~]xtn or., ~gs,~un ...... cording to Classification. Use ex. the only one entryin the[~ pumper was again sen~ to me .... ~ .............. ~1 .... " ...... ~ ...... ~ ~ ~o i v well and ~egan pumping, run singing Down on the Farm. learn February i ....... act number of blooms, or stalks, Class. [ ......... " " " v be isx e d nlng eonunuously untu ~ I A gentleman from the LummiI The agreementwas signed in [|'w~i ~!1' ~|]~P~I~ etc. 14. E cry mem r " e p cte [ ............ B 1 in ham asked ~.,,~,~ ..,....u.~ .~,..~.n,,vr40nl r all wed er to make Show En r w s weonesaay it returned to ~u~ ' I Murphy doing the J reservation, _ e 1 g , _[Seattle last Friday, August 14, by_ -- . .- ' : _- y one e nt y o p ..... t~iesas el! a to-at- ot 6 -m tt'ed-"~ov dlowing pioneers of}mr use o~ me micropnone anu)R I Studebaker for the employ-il~---- ~$,~,1,,~.1,~,, exnimtor in eden class, to oring articles zor ~aKe 5alel"S -. " .. ~'.. ': "'-y'~.~, ~ M~ r t s pumping mrougnout the nlghr. Years were called[Proeeeded to give a short but el-]ers "and by J E Fadling' Gilesi|'Ul- O U~ p 5. In Cultural Division an ex- and Plant Ba . Con act Mr . Win.[ if'the -latform andloquent talk on good citizenshiP[Evans an~i ~]ern Castle for IWA ~- ....... hibitor may make one entry in Bagley for tickets | To meet the demands of the lill H ~erd Arling land Americanism He evidentlY[Locals' 23 75 and 23 93 at Sedro I uuring me.~me summer Wwsto~ _~~ iGlaeier Co. the city water depart- - , " " " " " ~er ot me past rew weeks cr . en a e a " }n Severtson, Kent,[was,mvedby the promptmgs of[woolley and. Sultan respectively, the state road depart(nent, coun- Howard Koskela Bavhst Church l m;n tv ; ~o~- ~ollingsworth Ar-[ If accepte~ oy me union me-i ...... -~ aio*rict and the Arlin~ ..... -- ~ . ~'t"~ - '-. " . '~." ' I t~lUe~tU U OC ~" ' r The second art of the ro ram tlon o~ lar e mains to me lanr., ; C E Wheeler, Ar. - , P P -g i- - I bership and the individual em-~ton Cit,, Street Department have Passes Suddenly l~ Now ft,,o~o~. I . gt. p _ '; Harley Aldrid~,e Iopendo Tim me singing o[ hit-lnlovers the new contract Will- _~ ...... L_:_ ,.,~,:,.... -- j , aaa s,,.,w ~t~a~aL~,ao |and atso a(lalng a new pump a~ ~8" 7~'i1~ H Fowler'1 tie Gray Home in the West" and l ~r~zide' for "a,, for holidays i-een 9usy m~xmg u[~x~ ~a~:~k,,.~- Howard Melvin "Koskela, 27, of Rev L C Everett nastor of the[ the filter plant. An additional , ,, ,,, ~" ~" ~ ~ ping Ior StocKpiles r~ De useo in v aw , r 871 Mrs C "J Wold [ Suwanee Ri~ b~2~oy Larson,[which fall On Saturday, includ-I ...... :'..__ 323 Dunham,~ ~.son-in.1 First Ba~ti~ Church which has[PUmP has also been ordered for , , - ~roaa surlace ~ttgI~II~ ' 1~ )4; Essie" S~e'tser Held song }e~der for the. day. ling Memorial Day and July 4, i ............ ~--v[ b "-~-n bus" of Mr;'. and Mrs..Clarence^Hart.- heretofore.held its services in the[the well p!ant, but this has , - -- ,.~ c^ Dig ~flr /~oa ~]~l|{~rt~ |~a~,~ . .~11 nthae ~aena,t tho, IIle slate Cl-e',~ ila { ~ J sen, oleo suddenly at l:~U mls Rahort~m l-ln]l nnnnHrleo~ thnt/yet arriveR, alrnougn it ls ex- , oennle uroo~ o=- - -- !xoo~, "" ~'" ""'~" "~" ........ at the old ravel It south of the mo 1 ................ ' ......... .... ;am ~rdnbl ~stJve'l A highlight of the day was the contracts are renewed until Anril g P . . rn ng. Mr. Koskela had been the Church has secured the house[pected here by the end of the kl~'~ia'-~'-"~']]~'~,~'ldedication of the ll-foot, 700[~ ~qKzi ~,,h~oot tn th~ union's city, while county men nave user in good health, and his passing, at corner of Third and Wo~t[present Week, ..~..,-?s ........ ~, .... lyears old s.ecten of fir log, don[~all~wa~eop~n~ing] tnh:af~%rn~n:n~f:h~o]dihgghway s~th~U~oW~si~gmC~m:a~ agr?t avenue, formerly known as the[ It is thought it will requite ~, .... Hated to the rioneers Oy l~e The committees have also ......... . Y Y Johnstone home, for its center of|several days to install it after ax- aca|i~ [Oberg and Wm. Roal, theend.oflagreed that, following accep-:the city n_as .mixer ~s. mate~aJ friends. . ..... activities. [rival. tea o , on lvicheoo avenue uetwectt o ~ He leav s 1 w ie D.._g~--g,~--, Ithe section oeing accord . . Y tance of the new contract, furtherunu---~ and Third streets . " .... e .nm ~z Jean and The braiding" " is" large, and Sun-I The emergency also has dem* /[Ut~tOl[~ [many nistoncal events qurmg!discussions will be held on an in-, . .. ,~-monms-oia o augurer, nm par- day school and other worshiP lonstrated that the nresent well o !the life of the tree. The scnomr-]forma1 basis to try and work outl To secure a good mix, it is nee- ents ~r. aha Mrs. ~mit ~osKela, services accordin~ to Rev Ever ! ..... ,.. ~ ,,_~...a w~.':. ....... ast week accord s read " r ' ' ~ " 51.~pi~l~ 1~ III|IIL%$1L~ lllg ~lA[l||l~ II~W P , "[ly dedicatory address wa [a new naid holiday contract as alessary to do the job du mg dry Minnesota, and a sister in A1- ett, will be held in the down-[~ .... **.~.-.. ~ ..... ~-~-~ .-~ --, - ae Game Protector[. by W. H Verd, prancer logger.. It[ substitute for the -oresent agree-I warm Tenths. The material then bany Ore. . .~ta]rs front rooms. Additional] ing 1,000 gallons per minuet, lker, several fmh[traeed the use of Douglas fir forl,.,~,~,t " [can be stored and used at any Mr. Koskela came to the State uDstairs rooms will nrovide room ~-n ,,~,~,, t~,~ ~J~,~ ,,,mr, ~ ~,,,~" -~re made from the[spars and lumber from 1825,['"~'~,~" ~io,o~]~,~-* wasltime thereafter of Washington in 1947 following ~,.% ........ .~^a ~.t-...~..-=~.~-^~ I.~'~ ........ _.~ ...... "; .... ~" ~" ~"T" ttcher ............ the Fortson a Tat w 11 was ~" ......... ~ I . . ~,,, ,~,, ~^p,,,u=~ o~,,u,~y ~,,uu~. Into operation ancl is run up m .... Y, ~^^ .. [when. .. er-po er mi !reached by Tri-County employers! The city crew stockpiled about hls military service.. Forsome and a Training Union program[over 500 gallons per minute the ~elvmg ~,~; ~eaverlbuilt by me tiuason s Bay corn-land IWA Local 23-46 in Belling-[100 cu. yards of material, time,he was py .refer- as well. I water le~Tei in the well dr~ ~epos~, z,~, ~ren.cnlpany at Vancouver, .wash.; meIham on August 3 That agree-I ..... o son .~roeery ano lately na~ p.een Rev. Everett states that theIalarmingly fast. " k tunas. ~,~t~, l~cno[construction of *the first boat OZ[ment also provided for Saturday']l~_~L__l_'_~ f~L .... LA- driving oH truckfor the Arnng- church is in need of a piano andl ,thee ~,,,ot~,,, -o~e~ ~ ~eri,~,,~ I, og, o,vuu; [fir timbers at Nootka on Van-lholidav nay and extended the]l|[llUUl$[ ~bllU[t;ll~ ton uistriouting ~:o. asks if there is one in the vicin, roblem t0%vater de artment ~ tO Crmto Dist.) 2,000.,couver, Island in 1878, on down[onr~t~.ot~rio ~ AnrH "[ 1954 with.]-- A . . ' He was a member of the Ar- itv that is not in use it ho rnndol P ..... P ..... te al t hroat ac ............... ~" ........ .......... i1ClalS wno may oe iacea with [~, 1 cu t , " [to the present time, illustrating] out other changes This local un-[ Observe Centennial lhngton Fire Department. ~ available to the church. [ t~ ' alker and should be ~" ' necessity of developing an "~' , [how our forests supported the ion has also serve~l notice on the[ , Funeral arrangements will be i Services are as follows: SundaY!a~t~litional surmlv ~[e.Xt year. He was as- early settlers many of whom],~(lovers reouestin, a fall wage] Methodist churches of Wash-t announced by Moll Funeral School 9"45 a m each Sunday" ~-r ~. |t ' S "* ~'~" J "1 ~ ' " ' " ~' ' v. ~ h O Nml of Mary - were mentmned ........... and extolled.[ h~oro~o ~ mgton are observing the Centen- Home. worsh]n~. 11 a.m.," m]d-we,.,.,~t, ~,r~ .... -[ . It.was thought. . last week.when .' iu ' ~The generous gift of Messrs.t A strike bv IWA-CIO Local 23-~aial of Methodism in thin state ...... o------------ ler service, 7"30 Dm each Wed.]hm~ted sprmkhng of lawns and r~2 reported t t~.t on[ Oberg and Roal was formally aC- 93 against l~Iiller Shingle Corn-[by holding special commemora-IW~||~ ~~, nesday. " -" " gardens, was requested on the ]~ae.e~ea rive ns.ner-[ cepted by the association. Inanv at Granite Falls was also'tive services next 5unaRy, Aug.i "~ am~aaaa u~aaaaaoL~a~ ! ~ lpart of tHe townspeople, ~nat the StZES. j:tcmity of the ~icero] The Choraliers now sang "Homel~',~n ]~t w~in~,: ~-d the crewI23rd. ]~- ~ I ~ |~ ]~--~]] |--~--- [ emergency would be over by this ~ ~und four steelhead / on the" Ran,e" and "Whis-erin~l ~? .... ~"~ ~._'_"~_~,7:U.,_.. Au- I ............... ~....^~. A ..... 1 } Vlnll~lP_]~'$~1~1 ~ I g, 1-. ltSUllli~ll ~Ullll~ week However Mayor~ Murphy 11% ~1,, - , _ .. . ~,. .. ~ b returnea to wor~ l1uiiu~l.y, E,l 1lie F~l.12111c l%lUlLllWC~t ~"&ll~lua ~avsa~,~a~ a~v,~ | " .......... a~. "l- ~v pounds. /Hope,- winning loucl appJause.~ q.h,~ ~t,i~e started June 1 andlConference at its ' session int ................ i,/r, .! lr~,1 laSKS the CHlzens oI the town ro " strike issue and the vacation p Y the anniversary service because " " " " Ar annual trip in the Cascade moun g IrectorWashington Ter'rltorial]issue was com'~romised on a 50-1 ............... I Having hved in and around -I ......... "[the hours for ,sprinkling as folo ~ 1~ is Just prior to August ~D, tile . ' r" tarns, ne was [o meet me group ,/ l nmneers [Centenmal was now introduced[~n h~i~ "~*... e---,.~an,, withdrew[ ............. [hngton for over half a centu Y l .............. l lows: 6 to 9 a.m. and 6 to 9 p.ra. ....... ' . . , ........ ---= ,,-,~, z Gate oI the Ilrst sermon preacHeR ,, ,, . at the ~ouuie 1~ w[ouNtaln ra~cn L -o ....... ~and entertained with. a succint[A damage suit filed in SuPeriorly, ..... ~n .... ~..~,o, ~t ~,,~ t Bill Bannister was wellknown,I,.. ~,... v.,.~ .......... I Water Safe started Monday account of the Centenmal observ v ral and had many frmn s h rs e res I! ~listaf~teud ~rM; ~- I ...... -~Court against the union se e coom the Rev John F. DeVore [ ........ ~,A~ _.[ The tour will run until A,~,, 29[ Contrary to the fed xp - In_ ][Ig~ag rocz zrom melance including rne remactmentlweeks ago--Tri-Countv Loggerstm~o ' ~,~...~..~. ..... ~t~,~l tie was oorn Aprli zu, ~a, ut ~nrl ,,in ,.r~ "~"/sed b some that the water ..... un ..... " ................... s ........... anu ......... ver much of the high Y . . . [~_ R:R 33 toto thethe over.. Iof the crossmg of Naches Pass bYlAssociation R. I. Studebake ,r ~,,ilt t~e f~t ~e~-nist church]Waxfrd- County. .. Minn.:,. -. countr-i-t~" .... ,.,, ,~u~ ..alpumped by the fire en~me is en- _ ,~nt j.obs on the St n-[Longmemr parW in 1853, then re-[manager" [~,,~m,~ ~ wo~,,t,~, T~ [ Washington w]~n . nls[G,~t ,~ m~,~ o.,~o,,..~ ,~[dangering health, the fire pump- -[/']~a_r Silvana. The jODSl verting to the nerils and hard-I u " ~ I V ...... ~" ............ ~, ....... v ~ oarerits in ~t~. iv[r. ~anmsterl .. ~"" ~:~2o ~'? .... ~? ~...... $ .... | ,~. ~o ~,-~t ..... i~a fram the. rivar "- ' " r ~e urest east of Mt Rainier .... , .... , ~/~,6,000 tons of-rock[ships of the covered-wagon pio-[~ , ~ , I"1 _._ [ :Y.' ........... . ]had res]ded)n the Arhngton a eat Among, ~hoso ,or.,,,, ",~,, ,.L~]but from the city s well, along- ' [,~er. a total of 2.000[neers Mr Carlson a young man,[rrlesl rolm uran e i At least Iour ~vmtnoms~ cnurcn-[ever since, tie was a memoer o~ .....~ .... ".~'"~. .... --~':-l~lside the regular numn The ~" [:[.river bank on thetis a fluent speaker and held thel .... ~ [es were started in WasHington[the AOUW Lodge of Arlington[~Utm.year.are, people ~rom ~an.],.hlorination ~)~ the ~itv's~"water ~Usen, John Brekhus[attention of his audience. He was[SO 5ta~e Barbecue [Territory in 1853-.Whiafly [sJan~[and Stillaguamish Valley Pio-[~~lma~anJ~%~]oS~ad~o?m~owiVl2nt~qn~]~akes place in the wel~, so that ~k~r~eve farms. [accompanied by his wife and! ~ [~tenacoom, .~eatue and vancou-[neers Association. Surviving rel-|York as'wen as a'nu ~' - Ithe water is in no way eontara- .~{,,, |~2nstruction=_,._ Co. and[some friends. [~,,~,~,, A,,mr ~ ]ver ~vlemomst Miss[on work oe-latives include hls" w~dow" Mar-I_. :, ..... moer ~rom[inated wasnlngton state ~eat h on ~H~ ar'~ --,~ an in the r lo 40 w a _ ~ tle are t e c- Mrs Lennie Hi~ins Pierson .~ ~ ig " eg" n in 18 ith I~,aret; two daughters Mrs' Peartl I " _ u ~=oo " -~ .... ~" ' " D " " ~ ....... in Mr onnell made a tn m the [was introduced as a covered-wa-[ The Priest Point Grange is mak-[m]smn house for Indian work[Miner of Seattle andMrs. Inez{ .... - ........... P . .I ..................... e, .. ~rtClude sloping of[gun pioneer who crossed Sno-[ing plans for another salmon]erecte. near old Fort.l~lsquai.iy.[Ketchum of Everett; one brother,[.~.~cau~es~ wifn..m~s ^grou.p lflS~[V,~dr~vI~r~. ~e~or~r,~.~ t'~l~aeing of rock, and[qualmie Pass in 1887. [barbecue to be held on August[THe nrst .sermon m me reglon[Archie of Concrete; one grand-[~:'. ~_ ~ ~u~t~ ~tn~as[~c]_ ~,,~.:ZZ,^roi.~a2, ,, ,.y[,~. u was r a n v auout the OUtlng aiioroeu D ~tllU Uau~llt~ u#. #~l~uU, 111 , ~lJ~Ilt , [~e under the super-[ Joh~ Wrage gave a demonstra-~23 serving from 12 to 5 A Slight-I.. p e cued at Fort'Va cou er[daughter Mrs Jean Simchim of[ ...... Y.I ................. 7: ,.,L'L~_ _ U:S of En i " ~e t 28 1834 b the Rev Jason ' " ~mese ~mps wnicn are sponsored ten uuy~ w~tu the r~. ~ w~s or~ & ~ / ~,U:S. Corps of g -[tlon of an old maul whmh float-Ily different menu hasbeenl P. , Y ITacoma and two great grand- ~ .......... [ ..... h'l~ her~ the-" ......... I m$27 ........ Lee pioneer Methodist mission- oy me American forestry ASSOC]- ~. ~. vv t e ~ ~y eiljuyeu /~'$27,000. ted down the Stfllaguamlsh river[planned this time, which promis-] , _ ......... [daughters. [~.... [f'~',,~, tri~ t,, ~'~ki .... n ~ a,h,,, -- / ~'i~~'-c--~ Iwhen in flood and landed at the]es to please everyone "l~he Grange[dry- wno urn[tea ruget ~oun.a m[ Funeral Services were heldl'~Y~'' ~, ............. [='_~:;'_'~ +~.~'~.~._~.^~_~'t~_~ ~-~'~2 m " l~ [o surve mission ossiDili lne lrall l~laers oI me wooer- etruu.u ttt~ ~v~uuut~nt ~uup. ~. ~. ||i~ V~..- Idoor-step of Catherine McCurdy;]orehestra will entertaint h el Y P -[Wednesday afternoon m the[ ......... [ ...... n .................. : al JLUUE ~ | ties " r " t ev ness opera[e severat trips ot tnls ~ ~t u cte u~ ~w~tuor v~c~u~ vu J. UUE l al o expanatmg on the work and.guests during the afternoon,[ I Methodmt church A ling on R .I ...... v" :" " " ' ' m t ' i~' ch nature In many sectors ot me tne mltors were much lm- -- [~ Ilnfluence of the Pioneers. and it is hopedthat the manyt A onument was erec ed some[J. P. Porter, pastor of the c ur ,] ..... ,.,, [ ...... n ,,,~th tho ~r~,,t~. .... ~, ., _.~[,~,~ [ Aside from the singing of Auld people wh, to at-]years ago on the site, [officiating. Burial was in Arling-[~_Z."~'"''~" _____.____~ ~"~Y ...................... "___ rx ~7:~~[Lang Syne, the program concIud-~tend the 1 une 211acoom church and he [ton Cemetery under direction of].' ' [ ' ' | ~9~~~n~_[~a,!led with old-time music by "Thelwill be aL ~is one.[commemorative serv: IMoll Funera't Home. ]| ~ ~ .~ ..~ ~\ ~t~on~ture. All__even~[Preston Sisters" which was much[The gene nd all[held Sunday morni [ Pallbearers were Ray Van Ider-~ll ~~-~ ~--- I~ ~ ~ w~..~m~ ~_ .{ e~.~ge_a'__~.|enjoved and elicited a jig byIGran~,ers ~ ally in.lo'cloek as part of the /stine Micky Ryan, Louie Bron- | ~~1~1~~~ I~~ ~uver~lsecl Will &ppeal~ . ~" " ' " ' n ";PP2:[Frank R. Atkm . Personnel of[v]ted, tCentenmal program. Idell, Eml! Wahl, Donald Stro g, ln m, mmm mmm ~.~'-~mintmum ot $1.00 [the group were: Cina Christen-/_~_ ~ -------- - - ]Larry PowelL II ~ ~' |,W, $~.lsen, Lillian Larsen, Mr. Larsen,l~"~--| ..... 4 .... . I o-------------- 11 ' __ _ ~~'in~"a~'l~m.[Etza Badger and Mrs. Teehout. [~lO ~r~ ~. UU] ~ . [YOUNG ROBIN HOOD [m _ _ :~zA r~v~'n~d "297h~of[ An interlude was offered by) " r-I- Y ] Albie Bundt 12-year-old sonll ~I~llI-lIl~ ~~h.'~u'il~'.[Wm. Wall[s, who called for ate,T t ~__. ~_ Iof Mr. and Mrs. Everett "Bu ,1! 6 ~ ' ~gh~'leaners[monetary reward for C. L. Marsh l~/~-W ,n~s .~e [won the Junior Championship of[] ...... ~" ........... Ifor his work on the Pioneer .... !three states in archery at the In-t| ~'-~]~--~ ~- " |~rounds ~durin~ the Dast ten [terstate Archery tournament,[] Because of water shortage, residents of Arlington / ...... ~/~J~r?PO~l~ored:y]years. A little later. Paul Tangs- Iheld at Salem, Ore., Saturday I are asked to co-operate, ill conkerving the water sup- ~,,,~u*, ^.~u[~ua.y,|mo presentea mr. Marsn wire a i:)unuay, August ~a ana . Im ...... '' thin i raay, next door tolbox containing the results of the lseored 265 points, his nearestl| ply Dy ooservmg the following hours for irrigating [wanis appeal, found to contain l eompetitor having 193. Distaneell lawns and ardens. ] 'laeh l$28.50, for which the recipient Iwas 20 to 80 yards and the bowll " t ple ure-ev [expressed his thanks, thad a 401pound pull. HiS father|I .. .- -- __ __ ~Ik "~rda-ynighl] Registration at the 42nd annual /states that his own score in thell D [0 ~. m, aria o ~o V. p m. m~n Tavern. Si]van-a. [pioneer picmc was 233. During /adult competitions was not sol! - ............... [the observance 50 post cards ]good, and that Albie's core was]| " ~~we Bryan,[showing the big log section were ]better than that of half of the]] ADI IM T M U 4TL'I I I DADT1UII k]T II~llm~. ~_ S atu_rda_y/sold, and there were many de- /adult bowmen. The next eompe-I| ~INdl.mllll%,lll&um~ IfV t%111.~% ll~lF~-/%il%ll|iEdl l& ~,~n music. Refresh--]mands for'more of these souvenir ]titi0n will be at North Bend, on[| ' |cards [Labor Day. [| ~ ~ ii ~ ,