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August 9, 1951     The Arlington Times
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August 9, 1951

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SALE h0me-- Good loca- and clean--S350000. -..-_...___ ~rn home--l~ acre rnished -- $8500.00; 11 unf__urnished. ~SURANCE AGENCY c Ave. - Phone 2675 agton, Wash "-- Ten - weeks - old la Hybrid pullets, __ I. Bring your own . E. H. Bleeck, Pry- farm north of gas "--6-year crib Call "3-bedroom modern' )tactic washer, elec- tter tank wired for or ecluity. 220 ~A_Phone 834. ALL 1VI E M t3 ERS---'of 2-75 IWA: For your , Lina Nurmi, 517 Arlington, is dew ' the Union to as- ~rabers with their welfare (John lsurance) claims, information Giles ~si.. hess Agent.. town day-old eggs, le. John Campbell, west on Silvana Raspberries. Pick ~lf. Fred Traulsen, of Bryant and % choice lots at 13ry. ;enable offer re- Cummings, R. 4, cience Monitor, 3nal Daily news- e Mansfield Drug, )48 Plymouth 4- DeLuxe, radio, covers, in good 100.00. See Bob ,3 miles east OSO~ for Sale---Cheap. ~pringfield 30-06, 32R4, or write R. 3, Arling. -7o near grade dington 2051 Por DRAGLINE Work Call I' DBETTER Arlingt~a .WOOD ~Ver 3,G00 retailed in one ,.flY. Many users report ~re than 50% savings in duel costs, still enjoying 24~er thermstat-cntrlled h mr. heat. Should build p~t one fire per season. .. Pular in our coldest ~tes. Many are heating -eels and stores. :lean. No iireJ build on cold "mornings Remove ashes only 3 time| menthly. There's an ASHLEY for most every size home Wood heatere hem until the Patented featuree. uniform heat con.. at your author- THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, \ASHINGT N, P[I[,RS1 , A[G. 9, 1951. I'AGE SEVEN | l m ........ t i |[ IMPROVE 1-A SOUTH " FOR SALE ! FOR SALE [I I Loca Wo en County Bu lds Sta. highwa\ crews have bee. ..... Cwero-Trafton : " ": " . FOR SALE--'40 Nash 4-DoorISPECIAL ON PERMANENTS 3.95/IMary I At P.T.A. Conference Some New Road Ambassador Sedan, has '491 For Month of August [I correspondent. [ ............ .... v sibP :" motor, radio, heater, air con.[ Phone 641 I ~. ~.~ ~a~ .T 17 Neal (Ro: lne. ~I.A. Le.aaersnlp t=onier: A small county road project is '~ "~)':,"~ ~..,:~-~.~'~' ~" ditioning and overdrive, in ex-] CITY BEAUTY PARLOR ] -~:" ................. re ence, nela on me university oI being completed this week on at (.)i~ne o~ ~.~,~s ..~,,~,.,..,~- celia Palmer) and sons Bru_~ l z6 ro ,, ,, . ,t,v~u . ~ ,,t,~,,.,g ,~.u s,,,,~ - cellent condition--S395.00. E~:~~- ~ ....... c- .... ~e washington ~ampus JU. y the Burn hill. A stretch of road F _ _~ ...... : _ P Soper, Jr., Phone 193W3 /zEPTIC TANK pumping. Fred[an2,,,~ug. O~hL~W'~2~' j~mie: 27 was attend~.d on various days about 300 or 400 ft. in lenglh is lng ,acK m nigh ,anKs. / avis 109 S lvmnic Phone/ ....... v""t~'~ ~y -T~''~ -: .,_ oy me iOtlOWmg persons irom bein~ constructedalon~ the P' D , . O ~ " " son, spent a iew oays a~ the i t n A ink 1562. ' Mr Arl ng o . right-of-way of the new power LAKEWOOD ID CANNING SALMON [ / hum eel Mrs. Ne~ s parent, -r" Mesdames Edw. W. Super, John line that serves the Burn tom- MEETS AUG. 16 (Dressed) I FAMOUS GENTRY SUITS lane Mrs. L: l~. raln)er. ~atu- Lindquist, Frank L. Bartlett, reunify This road leaves the The First Lutheran Ladies' Aid Fallored to our measurements aay, a iamlIy garnering was en- ,-,,~,,.._.~ ,,~ ,-,_,_ ...~_ ,-. ,~ 37c Pound I " Y | ............. ~,~u~u r~uuJ-,a~e rtuuer ~. t~ blacktop on Hi,,hway 1-A at its of Lakewood will meet at the b. mastertallor~Featurln joyeo at tne nome o~ t~ertruue m~,,~... Mar" Gates and ~dessrs "~" SUPERIOR SEAFOODS | y ' ~ " g] ............... ~,v, " ~ ~ " intersection with the powerline church parlor on Thursday, Aug. ll many lm ortedwoolens, 55 l~almer, ~virs uari won oi ~ver- t~ .... ~- ~"Mall~r-and John ' ' (Across from Fire Ha ) ] P $ / .... " ........ = ..... .,r. u y and runs west to the old Burn 16 at 2 o clock. Hostesses will be ...... I and $65, at Penney's in Arling./etL on .~unuay, ~v)r. ano mrs. Danubio t road I Mrs Nels Jacobson and Mrs Sig PRICED FOR QUICK SALE---4- ton |Falmer had [ne iamily home ~ ..... "--'Hn~ s"^-kers on the " "" " ' ..... " ........ / ............. :--~-~,ut~ta~tu ~ v~a i Whi~ nieco of road isbeim, TomervlcK. Everyoofly welcome. room oWelllng, mooern, Wltfl IIor me flay, tile visitors leawng ..... ~., ........ w .... Dr *e~,-i,~ - ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" income property $275000 W [BEAUTIFUL HOME & INCOMEIMonday on their homeward trip. [~Roun~re~'"Direc~or" of" ~Home built to accommodate the school -----------:7--o.. ..... H. Fowler Agency, Phone 721. Southern tip of BIG LAKE, They had already visited Gla- ~'^onamir~ llnivor~itv of Wash-Ibus' which h~}s,dlff!culty In ma :1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS ~~[ nearest Arlington, Mod'rn, late/cier NatiGnal Park, Yellowstone i'~"t'~':"~' u~t'~le'J'~%a-~-le-bi-I Lng the snort oeno. into the ol~ In the Superior Court of the State o URBAN HOME with city conve-I 3-bedroom home 10 boats 41and other points of interest. :~:2/.~Y'~:~; :~ "~',,~;~ '~,t It~urn road where it intersec[s ~-A Washington for Snohomish County. niences; 1% acres; garage,[ single and 2 double furnished/ ~a, ~,~a Mrs Monroe Avles ,',=~'~. a curve. The new stretch will ...... IN PROBAT~ ........ woodshed chicken house, gar-| cabins, lots of ground and/worth of Seattle, Mr and Mrs ~ ..... N,,rdfors Oreoident oflellm~nate the sharp turn and the PETEPvSON Deceased den space. W. H. Fowler Agen-| garden soace and water, ga-|(,h~n~o ~ro~n of Mt V n ~*r..,-~.~.~.*,~. r, ........ D .... o bacK|racKing of me ous. Notice is hereby given that the line cy, ~none ~z~. [ rage and sheds. Good. . income.|were Sunday callers at theEd[ and Teachers. I It was necessary to instan a qualified...... as~'~Admln/st'r~ttor ~!o the ~- | Ideal all year living. OnlY[Avlesworth home. [ c~n J-lv 26 Mesdames Lind. leulvert as the road crosses a[tate or Charles Peterson. Deccan, d; FOR SALE--13 acres finest riv-/ $8,750.00 See STAVE'S REAL-[ % .......... :,..I ~..Z~: 7~7.-:f~_ ; ......... ~ ~- .... I small water course I that all persons having claims agalna~ ~r hott~m l.~d 5-room house/ ~,~ ~ooo" ~ ~,.,,,~n ~ ~,,,nf/ Tne Melvln moray l~tiltliYlqUl~t, I~**yIOI, DO.ItlULt dllU ~,~cttU~I ~ " [said deceased are hereby required to :~. ..... ~ .... ..... ,| 2_~, ~o ZY" ~. ......... ' "Z,~"~/nent from Wednesday through[ attended open house at theI ._ ~_~','.' . [serve the same duly verified on tmld O COW earn, electric pump,1Vernon, wash., at once. "1n-~5.%...~.. ..... ncntinn "t~i~ Thev IHelen Bush School A six weeks l j~/IN BLau~*-m, Jr,, |Administrator or his atterney's of rec- orchard. Located 5 miles N. of] quire Wymer's Resort." Phone|nP~:Y%~ Y;' "_Z~'~;,'~2L " ~ .... i',. ..... ), o,~n h~,~ ~,o~,i,~,, TO GO OVERSEAS lord at the address below stated, and Arlington. $7,500 with 2,000] collect 2-7981 [visited mr. ~wr~.. r~a.~,~i~v ..... ~-,'~ ~!y ..... s ~:~:','"'~1 John Blacken Jr son of Mr inle the same with the Clerk of said down $5000 month Calll ............. /~cnmitt at vor[ Angeles, amolcourse mr nanulcappeo cnImren[and Mrs John Blac'~en of Lake"|curt' together with proof of 8ucn ' " " Mr and Mrs Harry Gunter at was in session. A very large pro- - service within six months after the 279W4. , [PUREBRED CHESTER WHITE].. ....... I .... ;^....~ **.....e...~...~ ,....~o iolwood, who has been home On]date o, nrst pubneaUon o~ this noun, ~-- ~araoaloI, Ule. l~tt~ UL u,c ~ ~u~u *ua~u~ ~ ~ or thesame will be barred BOAR SERVICE. Sunday Lake " s " a too weeks furlough, left SMORGASBORD at Sisco Heights] ......... ~ Jack Spencer of the A~r Force] upphed by the Easter Seal .......... J Date o~ nrst pubncation August 9, hall, Saturday August 19. 6 to| nancn, ~. ~, ~_ ~tanwooa; ~|has reported to duty at his new|Sales for crippled children. [ report to uaIumore,|195L . . ' .... o .~ ,,,, ~ o~ r-~.~n ..... ,~.. ~o / mile wes~ oi ~ oi1~unuay/ .......... , ~ I IVlU. previous to going overseast thanes C. Peterson, AdmmxsCra~ o v.'". ,~..o..~..u~=,, ~,,.=. ~",/ ~ 1. .n /station in l~ew Jersey. rte ex-i [~ ' + ~ * "*1~ *1~ II ~2 [said W.~t~to Address McLend and Un n cin il s east o ,~a,e roau " r ,or a tour Oz outy Whii ute u. ~. - ............ " 50e. an g. 5 m e f/ ........... /~ects to be sent soonto Ge-[ll~ .....i~ 1~ ..... I. ,-,,~ ..... . [ion st., Arlington, Wash. Ed-ecomb" 3 miles north of/ ................. /f_'~_.. IUUdlI~ lib. 1~1~ I~rmy In b ........ ~. ~ I PEYSER, CA.I~TANO, BOTZEI~ e, , | I~UH ~AIA%---FOII rarro~ ano ~tar|iIlttlt.Y. [~. --------------~' ,b CHAPMAN Attorneys for Estate 1415 ......Getchell school.. | Brand Shoes for all the fern-/ Mr. and Mrs.. Henr_ ~y Speencer[l|_ |] ~ ~..... b---- l ......................... |Joseph Vahce Building, Seattle, Wash. FOR SALE--Upright piano---red-| ily. Reasonably priced. Ex.|had as recent gues[s, Mrs. ~gen-[~ll ~ ~O l[ill~.~t~li I .~m~%.~ c~:u, ~u~ ~et ,v [ Date or 1st pub.. Aug. 9, 195L ~, ' er and sister Mrs Et suits k'none aao,:l Date of last pub Aug 23 1951 sonable. J. Johnston, one-half/ pert shoe repairing. Arlin~ton]cers moth .....,. .. "1 Duane E DaVis, electronics l " "" I ............... mile south of Lakewood. Ph.[Shoe .Shop. |ta Faries, and mrs. ~aivln ~oian, ltechnieian seaman, USN, son ofI No. 22327 ' No. 13796 Marysville 4211. | ~ |both of, Colfax, ..... [Mr. and Mrs. Fred E Davis ofl r~O~,CE TO CREDITORS JNOTICE OF TIME AND PIECEO" ....... | ........... tt,'J~'~[~I [ Davi~ ~pencer SUlIereo quite] 1)o C~lwr~nio qt "Arlinr~tnn I In the Superior Court or the State of JHEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT FOR SALE---5-room house, fur-/ ta nainful accident recently when[L.""~^_~.,__ ^~._~_::",,=" ~.. .... ,~[ Washington in and for the-County|PETITION FOR DECREE OF DISTRI- " N ~" ' *~~etving auoa~u tn~ etil~=ta~t of 8nohomlsh BUTION nIshed, 1 mile west of Bran. SERVICE - CONTRACTI G he was injured in the face while ....... [ ......................... ir ] ....... /carrier USS Princeton, which|In the Matter of the Estate of LEAN-~In the Superior Court of the State of strum service s~auon, ~eaar-/~ummercm~ m v~ lfi~htin~ fire on l~lue Moun~aln,/hoo h,~,~,, ~,,~,~th~,, ,~f* +h,~ -,~0~tl DER D SCHULTZ Deceased | Washington for 8nohomish County. home Dist. Lawrence Fiske,/ ing. -- Lighting Fixtures--Ap / ~ '-tin a four-da sta in/:'=_==~:::-:~==::.'--I Notice is hereby g'lven thai'Roy A. In the Matter of t.he Estate of AUOUST] neeesslta g Y Y uf Ku~v,t ~n,uv 1,,~t D~mb~, [ d has N ased ..... --"-- ...... " ....... [ LE~ c: VlaLL I ..... :........ t Planes from the Princeton qualified as executor of the above-[ R 2, E Stanwood pliance Repair and Service. the hospital " . Shultz has been appointed an MAP,~E , Dece . Notice Is hereby given that G. W. NO 1 16-IN SHINGLES, $1025;| ...... " "~" %~== .. ~. ~/ r~arola ~Vllller nau an opera-[have been SUDDlvinff close air|entitled estate, and all persons hav-[Hlnman, as administrator d. b. n. of G_ , ,, .._" ~.,,,~ ,,_ , ,~'.._ /~'none zu~z ~ub ~o. yrencnltion on his nose recently This is~ ...... , ,__ -~.,.~..,L'~ ~,,_.:..__~ing clalms against said decedent or]the above entitled estate has rll~ ~o_~ .~p-~.,~a;~o. o xo-m.,[~ [... ., .... ,h of an nl~ iBiurv[~upprt tot w.n~teu l~Ltl~.Ilb his estate are required to serve the/herein his final account of his ad- :~b.Z3. t-IUIVI'~'I~ & ~Ol'~, ~rllng--f-)p~N ~a t-IC)IIRR Roc~innina flu- |aa~ ~,, .... t" ...... "~ ...,_~:~ ~ t ground forces in Korea, With!same, duly verified, upon the under- |ministration thereof; and that Friday ton Phone 2o~1 ---.-=~-:_--':.=--~." ~'~:-~'-u~- --Llsustalnea year~ ago when alstrikes aaainst e lines Of',slgned or his attorneys J P Mathews the 14th day of September 1951 a~ .................. ly Zb, me wnlte ~po~ ~ale win]cow kicked him. I. ...... ~.~,~,...~ nemy [and Joseph P. Mathews,' Jr., at the|the hour of 1:30 o'clock p.m. and't,h~ ACK TO SCIIOOL---Jeans T- be open 24 hours a oay. | Mr and Mrs Leo Waisanenl ..................... [address below st~..ted, and. file said|Courtroom of the Probate Departm.en~ ~hirt~ nl~id fl~nal ~hirts ~~ 1 _ " _,___~t_._ ~ ~ ..... I [cialms with prooi oi servlce thereoI|of the above entitled Court tn .... , ~ .......... , and oung uaugrlter OI ~,ug~n~, wi 1 rk t Cou C th i sh - o -""-~ .... GEESE FOR SALE -- Walterl Y .... ITO STAY ALIVE I th the C e of the above cour ,] nty our ousen the City of oes an(] oxIoros a~ ~6.~0 an(] .......... ~Ore spenta iew oays here VlS-I..n~.~ ~r~w a~ ~r~ I wlthin six (6) months after the date|Everett Snohomish CountyState of Lang,l~ z, d miles 1~ oI ~ran", , ~ ....... , . ' ' ~449 Comnletesize ran~,e in i:,,..~, xar~ Waisanen~ ~olatlvesl~..:~.-='="="'" "~,"'-', ,..of first publication of this notice and Washington havebeen flxed by the -.r ~- o | ILl11~ ~- ,.,- .......... ~ ' mon'~ Dickio~ c*.~.*o ~,~nlte Falls on Jordan road ..... .._** c .....~-~ ~xr~;o. I UkilUA(.~U---'I'O stay alive, oon [ claims not so served and filed within undersigned as the time and pla~ for Pants ;.. or.=:'~ ........ +a" ~ .. . -- . .,... Idrink and drive. Isald time shall be forever barred, hearing on said final account mad 1~- , "' ~ =~ S'~,,, ~'"~ "FOR SALE---6-room house, cab- anen is me Iormer Uolores mn-I m,,o, ..... ~ ...... ~,,o~ .... ~1 .Date of first publication August 2 tit|on and gray. Thermos jugs, camp ~,~,~t ~itohen breakfast nook ler .,_.,\~ ..~,~o ~,~ ~,~ ..... 2 ~" 1951. ' (SEAL) stoves lawn chairs slee"in"~. ........ .., .... , =. ~ ,,__ ~,.. ,___~ O,rutz~me ~atlonal ~,ie[y ~ouncll ai-I ROY A. SHULT~. AND~R-S ANDERSON. Clerk of alive - , .. , .V ~ fireplace, Utlllty room, Oll iur- lwr. anu ~vn:.~ n~cnaru ot - ter its figures for 1950 showed l J. P. MATHEWS and JO~SEPH P. entltled Court. By Myrtle Jordan. Del~ nags. lwany l~ems Ior ~nose nace Phone 144M M Wil- of Alderwooa Manor were weeK- that in ~,ne o-t of every five fa MAT~mVS Jr. Attorneys for Execu- uty. camp trips or outings. Carters li~tn~ end visitors at the home of their t .~ ,..~_ ~. i.~.-.- .~-^ .~.:. ^ ,t r, 315 Olympic Avenue, Arlington, G W HINMAN, Administrator, &r.* , __ ..... , Wash. lington, Wash. Camp & Home Supplies H~gn- " ....... -~ -------- ---- daughter, Mrs. John Main. o*........ E a"- uv.L,t~ t, 1 ............c ........ and r pedestrian nad been drinking. Date of first pub 1cation August 2, Date of first publication August; $, way w. C~ncrete bepue TanKs, abe t~ Mr. an(] Mrs..~. ~VL trooper The 1951 edition of the Coon- 1951. ' 1951. Mothers needing school funds. 500 gal. Well Tile, Culvert E a s y, pleasant, profitable Pipe, Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile. work at your own convenience. Phone 1314, Arlingtcn Con- Box 831, Everett. c~ete Prducts__._A.___----_.-- Concrete and Pumice BuIRlme ideal for elderly couple, priVa- Blocks 4", 6", 8". Pumice CAirn" cy and quiet. Clean. Highesthey blocks. Phone 1314. Ar- cash bidder. Quick possession, lin~ton Concrete Products. 223 French Ave. ~ ~Ay- p~ M.P. PHOSPHATE ~ 19% avail- able P2 05. Approved for P.M. A. payments. Non-acid. $38.00 ton, $2.10 sack. Valley Gem Farms, Phone 54. FOR SALE--Peat soil. Ira Hen- derson, R. 4 (Kackman road). Phone 20F2. * FOR SALE---29 shares Alderwood Products Corp stock, priced $120 per share. Contact Paul Bergner, R. 2, Anacortes, Wn. MODERN HOUSE FOR-~-I~E~ on 2 lots. Inquire 225 Lenore (Pull|am Grocery). Washer, 3 electric washers, in --Available now. New Buicks and Pontiacs. Weber Pontiac. Phone 1501. WANTED family of Camano Island have moved into the small cottage owned by Guy Monty. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mulholland of Seattle, former residents here, dropped in at the Joe Thompson home Sunday while enroute to the Grange picnic. Miss Tommy Lou Holler of Seattle, sister of Mrs. Fred Hill|s, spent the week-end here with her sister and was honored with a birthday gathering on Sun- day afternoon at the Hi]lis home. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Grote and family spent Saturday at WANTED---Waitress, at Co-ffee the home of his Dad, Bill Grote Mrs. Nick Swanson is at ~re~- Inn, on Highway 99, Arlington, R. 1. Good wages. Phone Ar- lington 20F4. ~--G-ISTER FOR FALL LESSONS in Paddy Hudson School of Dance Aug. 21 and 28, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Wangsmo Home, 140 Lenore St. Tap, Bal- let, Baton and Acrobatic. will accept a limited number of good working order; 8x10 side piano and organ pupils be- wall tent, and hundreds of ginning in July. Contact Mrs. other articles including a William Simpson. Telephone good piano, at Templeton's 542. store, 8 miles north of Marys- SELL YOUR L1VESTOCI~ ville on 99. Floyd Headley, cash Buyer, ~o CALVES FOR SALE, 5 to 7 mos., 5, Arlington. Phone 273J3. heifers and steers. Phone Peo- WANTED--Old, d~sabled horses ple's 14F25. John McGrath, R.and cows for mink feed. Call 1, E. Stanwood. Stanwood Peoples 38F13, col. CHICKS--Arlington Cash Feed lect. Stanwood Fur Farms, Store, Phone 491. East Stanwood Wash. ROCK PHOSPHATE--32% P2 O5. DEAD STOCK WANTED Basically cheapest form of Prompt free service. We pay phosphate fertilizer. Non-acid. phone calls. Peoples 13F2, R. Valley Gem Farms, Phone 54. 1, Box 378, E. Stanwood. J. A. Asmus. Plumbing & Heating Supplies & Fixtures Stove coils built to order. FRED DAVIS Phone 1562 109 S. Olympic HIDES WANTED. M. Jansha Tannery, Marysville. Livestock Wanted Beef cows, bulls, veal, young calves and young stock. GEORGE PIFER Phone 279J5 Arlington, Wash. WANTED DEAD STOCK Prompt, Courteous Service Call collect, Everett Bayview 9549 Puget Sound Byproducts, Inc. Box 651, Everett. Wash. FORRENT--- FOR RENT -- Furnished 2-bed- room house. Inquire after 4:30 at 458 Burke. 3-Room House for rent. E. L. Madson, Silvana. TO LEASE or RENT, small house, on 20 acres, 2 miles out on Burn Hill: Inquire 1722 Broadway, Everett. MISCELLANEOUS IRVIN H. KALLOCK R. 2, E. Stanwood, Wash. - Insurance - Farmers' Mutual of Enumclaw Fire and Automobile Phone Peoples 2111 Phone 61 DR. G. UNRAU Veterinarian A~ lin~ton, Wash WHITE SPOT CAFE open 24 ARNOLD'S J[W[LRY Arlington. Wash. Authorized Dealer Hamilton Watches SER VICE For your convenience . find it in a hurry! hours. Starting July 26. FOUND STRAYED on my property re~ cently, a dry Guernsey cow. Owner may claim animal by identifying and paying dam- ages 'and costs. Reuben Schlo- man, P. O. Box 41. Clothes Expertly Cle~[ned and Pressed at KILLOUGH CLEANERS In Arlington - Phone 1344 Exchange Olympic RADIO SERVIOE Phone 723 Bracy Bldg. - Arlington Prompt. Efficient Service Complete Electrical Service Residential & Indusbdal Wiring Oil Burner Repair BRACY ELECTRIC Phone 201 Port- Used and Division ent nursing Mr. A. H. Moll at his home . Hillis Bros. have started to bind their grain in preparation for threshing. Sunday found about fifty Grangers and their families pic- nicking at the Sparks home at Hazel. A most enjoyable after: noon was held--so many of us~ cil's statistical yearbook, "Acci Date of last pub., August 16, 1951 Date of last pub., August 23, 1961. dent Facts," s[a~es that 1"7 per--' -L,'l/I, ...... I "~ L ~-/ ~-~JiER ~--~g i cent of the drivers involved in ~'~[I') | fatal accidents and 22 per cent of the adult pcdestrians killed OPTOMETRIST in motor vehicle accidents h-~d been drinking. , BAyview 9015 ----------0 LARGE SALMON 2 6 ! 2 Colby Avenue Everett, Washington Bjarne Brenne, fishing at Hope Island last week, caught a .... ~ ~" 44 pound King salmon. Brenne was using a plug, and reports that the big fish gave him a half hour battle. 0 ANNOUNCEMENT! Frank Bartlett, formerly ot Bartlett's Electric Center, Arling- ton, is now with Allen Buick Co., Everett. He will be happy to demonstrate the dynaflow. Just call him at 613 or BA 5141. not using our will power at the picnic table Auxiliary will not meet until Sept. 6th, when it will meet with Mrs. S. H. Aldridge. THERE'S no reason under the sun why I you should postpone the extra satis- faction of owning a Pontiac. Stop in as soon as you can, we'll work out a deal--and then you'll appreciate the extra satisfaction of a Pontiac! You'll notice it first in the pride you take in your Pontiac's distinctive beauty, for there's nothing else like it. You'll notice it every mile drive, ])ollar for Dollar you Cal t beat a We pay highest prices po~ible for Beef and veal. Prompt attention given each call --CUSTOM KILLING-- FLORENCE PACKING CO,, Inc. R. 1, E. Stanwood Phone WC 1283 (Call Collect) II1! . Fifth and Olympic for your Pontiac will perform brilliantlyt year after year. You'll notice it, too, in the admiring glances of others, for Pontiac is always sought after, always valuable. But best of all you'll notice it on the price tag--for the extra satisfaction of a Pontiac costs nothing! If you can afford any new car you can afford a wonderful new Pontiac! Eq,6Ome~l, aessorks and tri~ illustrated at# ~bject to change without notice~ Amorlen's ILowest-Prleed Straight Eight Lowost.Prleed Cur with G~[ Hydra-Matle Brivo (Optional at extra cost) Your Choleo ol SHver Strouk Englnes-- Struight Eight or Six The ~[o~- ~a~tifUl Tldng on Whools Unleteol Body by Fisher Arlington, Washington for UNION DIESEL AND STOVE OIL Arlington Transfer Co.1261 Arlington Distrib. Co. 1071 to in good II