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July 30, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 30, 1953

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No. 14 'est On to local citizens is in the August issue entitled, "Bold in Our Schools." !describes on a nation- program of citi- for which the System was leader school in the -Woolley being the this region par- for which -Ar- this year was uished George for its out- pro- of the plan Teachers College, is to teach active,in-" - alert citizens in the are taught to be i ,-- by laboratory Heights Improvement Club 6 Years Old The Arlington Heights Improve- ment Club will observe its 6th birthday, on Saturday night, Aug. 1, with an election of offi. cers. Members of the Heights com- munity recall that, although the club has been functioning for only five years, it has done much for the community by promoting the social life of the community, providing a forum for discussion of common problems, and ad- vancing public projects, such as good roads, phone lines, first-aid classes, civil defense meeting, choral sessions, etc. The club meets twice a month. Members of the club are urged to attend the Saturday night anniversary session. o Opdaling Group Meets Sunday From the home Hans Sneve of Point Valdimar "Farms is is- Arlington, Wash, Thursday, July 1953. sued an invitation to all Opdal- projects in ing members to attend the an- participated to nual gathering of the group at citizenship re- Point Valdimar on Sunday, Aug.! 2 The invitation reads as tel. MAY BECOME CITY LIBRARY. Pictured here is the front entrance to the Oliver home, which, included a. thor- lows" according to the will of Mrs. Lilian B. Oliver, has been bequeathed to the Town of Arlington for ways and means to Silvana, Wash. Library Purposes. Times Photo. fen-age recreation [ingtn' results f Den 25nde Juli' 1953Urned over to the - - --* -- IXr..----'l| dt Gode Opdaling Venner: , ~Y tion Council. The' Varsaasnildogiagttagedette Rome of Pioneer Doetm i e o own, to school activi- kort sore den sidste paamindelse, . _ __ . . ,. _ _ _ at Opdalslaget moder Sondag den [ ied and the result anden August i skoglunden herlOhver Reslde~lce Desluratetl for Lltwary .rgementparking andlot, andre" paa vor gaard. Og igjen Kelko-[ ~ " men alle Med Hoiautelse I According to the terms of the ganization for many years. He[ In addition to the property, feting out-of-tOwn- ~ ........... "~ I wlll of the late Mrs Llllan B Oh- assed awa several ears a o the will provides that other as- Letie field and gym. DeresHANS ver, the town of'Arlington isp The OlivYr home ~ccu-iegi'4 sets be used for upkeep and the town was stud-E S / O'-dalsla-et afholder sit i willed the Oliver home at 415 Mc- . P i maintenance. v ~ lots two facing on MeLeod ave e cooperation of aarlige stevne paa Point Valdi- aeod Avenue for Library.purpos- , " The will has been filed, but no unwanted ma- r 2 i1 v t Ira Si1 es tvlrs uuver wno oleo In Aprlt was hauled ma , omtrent m' es " - .... appraisal had been made as yet. into this project vana, Sondagen den 2den Aug- the idea of a clean ust Fold vognhjuten Ira Kirken i .~ the thought of re- Silvana. Katie og Rommegrot hazards created by serveres. Paper, etc. Another -o-- Commiteen. a study of city ~P-~.0 maintenance, and Brya was a well . * and a cam-60 Years Old for oiling of Postmistress Jane Floyd, of the a survey of Bryant Post Office, informs us and a survey of that the Bryant Post Office ob- :rces helpful in served its 60th birthday on July program were 10, 1953. According to the records ects engaged in Ed. Verd was the first postmaster Jaboratory prac- at Bryant. better citizens, Mrs. Floyd received a request own community from Mr. Guy Rarnsey 0t Portland, s, and'helping to Ore., for an anniversary post- :d its growth and mark .from the Bryant post of- flee. ,bb .in Tire Business 34 Years q ............................ :::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::: .',s~. ~::::}~? ~{~ , :,~ ....... Nv ~{~{4 {{ { )ntinuously s'nce Union Taxi Cab Co, at Anchor- Shop of Arling- age, Alaska stating that he was~ reputation of be- sending in a shipment of tires to oldest tire b~s- be repaired and recapped. The tare, Joe Belus- order amounted to 350 recaps and being the onlk* 250 snow treads for the Anchor- ng Pearlie Robb age Taxi,Company. ! -~ars of continu- Mr. Robb recalls that when he started in the tire repair business out during his the methods were pretty crude: ~pair Work, Mr. compared to the present day and continued operations. In those days he said,I :build tires. He treads were put on in one-third the ,l~t[ equip- section moulds, using sand bagsl Northwest, five and pressure bars. being, In use in Watching Mr. Robb recap a worn tire, it was apparent that Robb s success the present day equipment not and recap man, only does a better job, but it a call from makes the work easier. With new operator of the rubber placed on the tread, the tire is I~laced into a mould, the heavy mould design having been ts provided to give ; or functlo~ tha! nature. All evcnt~ lee Is Charged, m sed will appea~ charge will b~ of $1.00 a st will be Congregational Y morning, 8 to members of the We bacon, Iso coffee and lifted by air hoist into position within the machine. A twist of a lever and" the mould closes up. The clamps are made fast and the baking process begins. When the tire comes from the mould it looks like a new tire, and says Mr. Robb, "it will wear like new." Tires of huge sizes are handled,] all the usual automobile tires,] the county trucks, stage linel tires, school bus tires, Arlington Sand & Gravel truck tires, and tractor tires. Several big carryall tires used on earth movers were displayed by Mr. Robb. Each of these tires cost, he said, $800, and a retread job on sUch a tire, he said, would cost about $400. Mr. Robb, who was born in North Dakota, came to Arlington with his parents in 1912. He is the son o~ Otis Robb. He is assisted in his shop by his two sons Hat. ley and Howard. Consolidated with Arlington' Chronicle April 3, 191 School Problems and Finances Discusied; [Group Urges Bond Issue for Construction :[" At a meeting of school patrons,, Of the 27 rooms available, 6 are members of the advisory council in the Washington school build- and the school board, held Men. ing, and are classified as sub- standard, due to size of room~ and overcrowding, which neee~.~i~ rates desks being placed against walls, with barely passageway in front of classroom. It was also pohated out by S~pt. Thus. Terjeson that the fur- nace in the Washington building-- is in need of repair or should be replaced. "As it is now," he said, "it is necessary during the school term, to start the furnace about 3-a.m. to insure enough heat in the rooms by 9 o'clock. "Should the weather turn cold," he said, "the furnace cannot sup- ply enough heat for comfort." He also pointed out that because of lack of heat, the gymnasium at the Washing]on School is not being fully used. day night at the Roosevelt school, and attended by about 30 people, problems facing the school offi- cials, and the district's financial situation were discussed, and the group voted to recommend to the school board that they consider a proposed bond issue to provide funds for additional classrooms and the repair and remodeling of the Washington school. Members of tLe Advisory Coun- cil and of the Presidents' Coun- cil were present on special invi- tation. There are twenty-seven rooms available at the present time, it was pointed out, twenty-six of which are required without con- sideration of kindergarten, which failed to receive support in the election last fall. Able Speaker For Pioneer Reunion There followed a general dis- cussion of the condition of the building, its arrangement and the soundness of the structure. It had been stated that the building had been weakened at the time of the fire several years ago. This brought a statement from Jens Jensen, local contrac- tor, who said that the walls the structure had not been sub- jected to great heat, and that they~vere, in his opinion, in good condition. It was also pointed out that several years ago, when it be- came necessary to replace the boiler in the Roosevelt sehool. the board at that time deemed it advisable to install a boiler with sufficient Capacity to heat both the Roosevelt and the Was~ling- ton schools. hue and two on Dunham ~venue, this year, was 'one of the mem- the property running throfigh the Mr. Sid Hammond, represtn~t- bers of the first Library Board of block from avenue to avenue. Norman Saylor, president of ing the architectural firm of Mal- ~rlington. The hguse is large, and Cwould the Arlington State Bank, is lis and De Hart, stated that Dr. W. F. Oliver and Mrs. eli- provide three apartments, in ad- named as administrator of the idea was sound, but that later, ver were pioneers of Arlington dition to Library quarters, or will. i when an engineer surveyed this and took a great deal of interest could provide two apartments Since the estate will not be i plant, investigating the feasibil- in promoting the Stillaguamish and additional quarters for club settled until October, the Town ity of such a move it was found[ Valley Pioneers Association, Dr. meetings, as well as library Council will take no action on that the stack at the Roosevelt Oliver being president of that or- room. _ ~.! the matter until that time WALDO CARLSON school is badly cracked, and it The Stiliaguamish Pioneers would be impossible to operat~ the boiler efficiently enough to Called To have:been fortunate in securing nearing provide heat for the two build- ings. Cnn.[]~v ,b,m~m]m~n~ l The crack in the stack, which ! is of concrete was caused, it is u ' ' nderstood, when the original To Federal Mdk OrderI I contractor burned, out the ~ orns use in the stae The Secretary of Agriculture has ~used i~l~I ~ k s construction. called a hearing to consider pro-I "As to thh41i~ ............................................................ e district financial posals to amend Order No. 25, I abfl~t " " y to meet its various prob which r~ulnt~s the handlinff of llington- All Guernsey Breeders [feeding. Harold Gamble and Del-[from Whitman College in 1924 .......... " ---;'.---.--F,---.:.-~ -~-~, ..... ~_ [4-H Club Members F,F.A. Mem'[mar Fleming both local dairy-land took a Master's degree at Co.,~_n,~Z_~VJfy_riammna gave milk in tne ruge~ ~ounu vva~n uting ilgures lie sall tna~: " "lbers and their ladies are invited ]men. have practiced green-feed-[iumbi,a, University m 1942. He]the $40,000000 for scho"l ~--- ington marketing area. This[says Howard Carroll, president of ling this year and they will re.[says: After a taste of the East lstr ....... ' ..... ,, ymq , ucuon, voted oy me peopte ot hearing will be held in the Clr-lthe club port their experiences of thi~[and a sojourn of eight years nearl ....... [ .. s!dered a. . .. ";.g ~ _ ]sketching contest Prizes will belterested in Guernsey cattle willlwas choir director for eleven[ ...... . . . affable, to enanges in location aajus~mems, ". . . sonOra ulstrlcI:s on a matehl ................ ]awarded to the h~ghest scorlng[attend the Annual Guernsey]years, served as personnel-man-Ib ............... .. ~ :l~ a proposal to put prouucers On . ~t~s~, provlolng [he alStrl~It~ ......... lwoman, man and youth on theIField Day Elmer J Meadows lager for a large fruit and vege-l ........ " ' meet cer ease z montns year,and a]judging contest Also a prize I Guernsey Fieldman will be one'table firm, has been acnve lnl .... tm.n cona~bmns. Where a ' ' local clIStrlc proposal to auu ~ltsap and lv~a a t, In Its attempt t~ ........ :twill be awarded to the personlof the guest speakers. [service club work, and bee met financ ....... ~- - " " - son counues [o me marKeung/having the best sketch ! The Guernsey Club especially|associate director of the Wash-[ . ~zts p r.ogr.~m, nas ognme~ area. utner proposals are con-[ One of the highlights of the invites the 4-H and F.F.A. as the[ington State Historical Society up to t~a% o~ ~m ~.onmng ability, cerned with making eooperat~veI .......... iu he a ~iso,,ssio,~ of iud~,in~, contest as well'as the|two years a~o then the state will assist with associations handlers for pro-I ~!,th ..... t~ ,,, t~ ........ ;~ ;~ | ~=;n,~ from Mr Carlson s ad-lmatching money from this $20,. ducer, milk. whleh they direct to .... g "I , p ra Wil b i 000,000 fund.. . fluid ml, lk plants and court, r yiP, 0* Procedure [ Remember the date Thursday, brief, including dedication of n-t t He pointed out that this precluded for these or anlzatlons dress the rug m 1 e qu te ~i!ii~!!!O;tr~ti~Sie:~n:;C~s~r~:~t~'~l~l~tli~i~~y-, ' vPe~lGruae~kt I t fa~hb~ r!: iiw~a~i ~ii~ar~S- I ~!~ ~~i~nS~' bi~ .... ' g " Quake that new regulations is noon turps. ] ~ , , e m noted h.e Currently the marketing area" "l heel districts of the larger Int, t sued by the Postal Department [ti " es from artiei ation in the is divided into three districts It " I H u# ] P P . . have modified slightly the proce, " fund as m st of t em v is, proposed that Dxstrmt No, 2, dure in obtaining money orderslFred Jenner Develops the Jenner zer .: . th . wnien now consists of Skagit and~ ~ -- . uonumg aO!llty to ~.nee~ u~eir ............... Ion rural routes. In the past, upon[ MEET YOUR FARM NEIGH cduld not be realized and always problems However in the small wna~com counnes, De (llVlUeO xn-! a"'-lieation for a mone" order ' " ~ [ ' ' " ev ~ an was a ar moss er districts, the s ate aid is often to two districts, and that the lo-loach nat ..... ~ ~.~,,o ...... ;n~]BORS. Fred Jenner has to have on h d c pet of ]. t~ " I ~ , adl needed cation adjustment for Whatcom by the carrier nlus havin- re- his fun and so he calls it playing waiting to welcome him back. I ~. y .... ". : ..... w ~" ~ ne sall ~nat with the raisln~. county be 40c per c t and the[ ....... "2 ~ .... turned to him the following day in the mud on his farm up the lDevelops Pocvupine Roller lee **'e ~....,n,.,, ~.;,;... ^, ~..,....., location adjustment ior ~K~glt he eel , ~,, ~.,.,,,..,,~ ,~,,..ty u~ ~a~,~.,~ ..... It e "pt stub of the money or- north fork above Oso. Play or no, Somewhere along the line Fred ldis~.icts fro" =~* *^ ~a,,, ...........~ county oe zue per ewt ~ ,. o z~ t~ .uTo ,~ vut~ . [der issued, play he has developed an imple-:became aware of the fact that]b,, ih .... ,~o ~ cg~r ^,u,~..,.: Producers are now paid on baseI Under current regulations the ment that loosens and aerates ~ moss ~s anergm to oxygen, con-[schoo1 district's total bondin~ and excess during the months oflpatron will. receive only the re- his heavy clay soil. Fred has sequently he started a campaign]abilltv nnw t~ .~n~.~a p~:,~ February through July of eachlceipt from the carrier, the receipt worked many years combating Ire devise some means of getting}b,~Ag ,~',','~';,~,~m,'~'~"-,~,,"'~'~,~"~- year. A proposal by the coopera, lstub of the money order will be the wet soil condition and the air into the surface soil. First he]lea'v'in~,~unu~"~on~t'in~'a~ili'~ tive associations would pay pro-ldestroyed. Therefor, each patron moss both inherent on most of built a roller with spikes and]of 22~0~n ~" "~ ducers on the base and excess applying for a money order wi!l his pastures. He has tried about spiked his pastures with it. The I~ appears from the financial plan througnout all 12 months[have to be careful of his carrier s everything in the book from in-results were encouraging. He[nicture according to the diseu~ of the year. Currently, producers]receipt, it being his only record of stalling tile to lime. Has tried,built a second roller with some[~i.,, ~;,.. **... "~u.,,~....- ,~,~,,~ ~re paid on the blend price for a money order The carrier will water tolerant grasses and le-]added improvements. It worked ~'n'~"t~|r~,,|'~"~h~t"~t~"~~ all of their deliveries of milk still retain a record in his money gumes. Used nitrogen when au- better. Now the third roller has ~-~'l"~ th'~'-;~Ta.~hi~t~n" ~,h~,~,! during the months of Augustlorder book and the post oflice thoriti~s a number of years back put in an appearance, with chis- h"~il~-d-i-m, ...... -'"" ......... th ............. " rough January. ~Lwfll have the application on file found that moss, oftentimes un- el-hke sp~kes and Fred is con-[ Mr Hammond suggested that ~opies of the notice of hearin$[~/or five years It will be much der Pacific Coast conditions, was vinced .he has literally chiseled]it ,~[~ht ho w,~n re, ~i,~ ,~_" a~d -of Order No. 25 as amend-Ieasier, in case of tracer or appli- due to a low fertility level and !the moss right out of its own[in~,-'~rle'ori~i'naY s*truc~t'u"re~'f'~ ed may be securecl from the]cation for a duplicate, if the pa- that by using nitrogen fertilizers back yard. In fact he liked the]~shin~,tonbuildin~, a~,~,=.~,,~:':_ Market Administrator, 200 Bige..[tron retains the receipt until cer- this pest could be overcome more, results this time so well that he] ing it With new o~e-s~'v~n" low Bldg., Seattle 1, Wash Itain the money order has been effectively than.with lime. A.!!]called on.the Soil[struction' at the same time mud- o---...-..-.--- pala. , these practices nelpea out s~ili ~ervice at Arlington and InvlteOlernizin~ the ~vmnash,~- -,,,~ T .... ves ? " ........ " 1 ~ , 1~ 1 I- he enangewlll take effect on Fred .was handicapped....By, th.e them up to_see for themsel b.[audltorlum in the newer part Of tad com rack local routes baturuay, Aug. l, time he COUld get on ms neias in True enougn me moss was u. -[the building _. _. _ states ~2uaKe the spring it was so late that the sent and the pastures were tOOK-/ ~....^;_t^'~ ........... " " t" " -a e 8) [ ,:*,: vu,. ~u uut mat me pres- ToPicnic' AllCr . o----- full benefits from fertilizers (Co/a muea on.r g . ent,building can be remodeled, -- " * the cost of which would be high, The Cub Scout Pack No. 29 will ~tree[s ~e~elve FRND JENNER, Use farmer, demonstrates spiked roller, used for perforating ground to eliminate moss in meadow. -- Photo by Soil Conservation Service. but that we would still have to confine the arrangement of roorns to the old structure. He also stat- ed that the state will not match funds used in remodeling old buildings. Mr. Hammond said that should the people of tim school district vote to issue $227,000 of bonds for construction, etc., it would be possible to reserve $100,000 for remodeling, equipment for new building and make available $12%00@ for state jnatching, thus a program of $337,000 could be undertaken, which could build additional rooms on the new Lin- coln school, raze the old Wash- ington building, except the gym- nasium and auditorium, erect a new modern school in its place, remodel the gymnasium and auditorium, and furnish the :new rooms, These matters will be given study by the advisory council and the planning group. the morning break. rOrchemtra ev- night vern. Silvana. in new Bryant Saturday music. Refresh. hold its annual picnic Sunday, Aug. 2 at Kayak Point. All faro- Coating of Gravel ilies are asked to be there by ll o'clock. It is potluck, with Gravel streets in Arlington each family t~king their own have been receiving a much dishes, silverware and beverages, needed coating of crushed gray- also 1 pound of wieners and a el, during the past two weeks. dozen buns for the Wiener Roast to be held around the campfire Street Commissioner Pete Enault in the evening. Games will be played and those wishing to swim may do sO.o Garden Club Makes Plans For Annual Flower Show Plans were made for the an. nual Garden Club Flower Show, to be held at the Methodist being assisted by Clyde Parker in applying the grav~l, which is purchased from the county pit. Dave Helm, chairman of the council's street committee, states that it has been a long time since the streets have been graveled and there is little advantage in grading the streets unless they have the proper gravel surface. O ,. OSO OILING COMPLETED The county road crew last week completed the blacktopping of the approach roads to the new Stillaguamish river bridge above Use. church recreation room on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 1,8 and 19. The theme for the show will be "Summer's Golden Glow."