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July 23, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 23, 1953

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PAOE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1953. I L C EVERETT I1"~ ,,il [ BAP'TIST PASTOR ,oupevme ] Services will be conducted at lO ! A [1 I :tie First Baptist Church, aobert-[ aunoay, Aug, on hall Arlington next Sunday, I ........... [~ ' ' as olympia, du,y zo-- Tub' 26 by L C. Everett who h Under date of July 12 Elsie Bi- ing off this morning no foot .:ceel~te'd the'pastorate of the lo-]awn~lU~lCge~pevi~l~r~b~:" ' her, who is accompanying her~ brake. [ cal churcH. . . [Woodland )~ark Seattle, father on a trip to Fairbanks, via "The Alcan Itighway, startingI i~ev. E~'erett comes Irom ~ne[day Auf, ~ Mi:s Ruth the ilcan Highway, gives some at Dawson Creek is wide and ex-[ ~outJlwestena seminary at .~ortlsccretar~'l~:ts announce( interesting information on the cellent gravel Seemed like heav-I worm, Tex. ne mrmeny resmeo[ ~,. .: , . "-^~ highway. The letter is as fob en after the potholes and bad[ ~n Tacoma and Wmlock, Wash [~, .~mce l~: was organlzv lows: road. We are here at Mile 294, the] key. and Mrs. Everett have a[tnls picnic Has yearlyc "Dear Folks A line to mention first major repair shop On look-[ ............ .... mughter who is at present at-IIrom 350 to qou people, the !rin throu~,h Banff Lake ing the cars over, Mechanic Jack[ ~ending the University of Mis.lOt resl~en[s or Iormer , ouise ~nd JasI~er It is ~;1'1 most Masters found more broken brake~ ~, .... 3issippi. }ozone js~ana county ; beautiful--lots of wildlife--bear rods and worn parts, all from bad} llll~~~ : _ _~o-----~--- [,,~,,,,,? .......... .~ ..... h~ and cubs mountain goats, moose road from Clyde Corner through[ RAINBOw ~t~L~ I Lacn year, prizes and young deer. Slave Lake to Grand Prairie I ATENTION ' [awarded to those who c~ ' The Snowmobile trip 3 miles "To save someone else the bad] ~[~ Rainbow Girls are invited tolthe farttfest distance ant up on the Columbia ice' sheet is road conditions, it may be best to[ day at the beach home of Mrs.lwho haxe the larges' ve~iY/htih~n:ountr from Jas er go ov~:th~Hart HioghW~Y,i:n~c~[ I~ Cu~~ Ji.c~n~nt~aba:o Islan~/~a[dnodsPrmra~!~i~darnCe~W~ ........... .... ..... : /)on g g y p Y P a relief to have good brakes :: : through Edmonton to Dawson o,o~,~ w,~ -,~w have 1 231 5 miles[ ..... sleeping bag, and $1.00 for food.[ ~o--------~ creek is a peat soil, or swamp ,*s ........ ":". ~ ' " . .......... : .......... ............ i Provide your own transportation SELL IT--If you have aJ ,..n ..... h.,* ;o .onon ,~.~i.i,~ ]to reach Falrbanks.. [ DESERTED---Terrace Park with its play equ,~ ment and wading pool were deserted when the (.~,, un:,~ .~. me *... ,--* .... [ .- * .... , .......... u ..................... v ......... here is a lot of hi nway T" ra ............................... - .................... ........... I T g [ lmes photog pher dropped by one hot day last week The wading pool is being filled up and ~... [ m ..... ~.~f~o,~ .d a~o irul~, trees or any K lnu, anuI traffic a ear or truck about every[ will be discontinued " ~ ..... I ~unes emssmeo au poor urlnKlng water we were o,~ .~'...,~.~o Gas stations noU- ..................... -- ......... ~ ,..~ --" told at Edmonton that It had re than 50 miles a-art / ..... ............................. ~ ~7 . Iv~ !', , o, ~ ~~.::::~i~ rained 17 days and stopped July m,,Much oil drillin~p or" exneri-[ Irrom Last atanwooe 3rd The road from there to Grand[ mental drillin,~ H~ve see~ I.~ o ..-. ~. .......... Prairie is rou h On askln what ~" " " :': :"~:: : |0 ' / g . . l g, [much unsettled territory. It is ln-[ ~aual Araala ~ii| _ rough meant we were tOld pass- - d educational Sin- ~ :~ ..... ~:. .. I able' We took off on the 'rou h' terestlng an " I .... " Washington State College Pull- ~] mabnnaonl,na . g cerely, ~ ,, ~ ' ~i:::::. II uvIn~ I~ ii1~11%~ ~,,~viiil~ road to Slave Lake which is 80 ~t.qt~ BIBER i ~(~~ man, July 20.--Rolf Thorsten ~] | OV~fl[ IV |||~;ll[%g ]~[~V| miles. Noticed many mink farms[ "P S" After so ~nuch- rain t'he] ~ Skrin(le, an East Stanwood man ~] _ . "~ there, and the lake is noted for itS[mosr~uitoes are terrible Repel-[ ~~!:~, ~i~~ is now in Saudi A~abia, having ~] ~t~|~t~ |~l~t~, |~h~l$ unedjble fish which are used for[ l~,t'~is of some heln There. are[ ~(:~ ~[]u.~t joined the Point Four mis- ~l~Jll~ I~$l |~|1~1 " mink feed. [ ..... ~ ~ore to sunnlv the whole[ : ::i:~ ~~ql ~qon m t Jut nation of the United ~-| '~ '~ Gr ~ .r~T hPerair~ebe~?rrSe~etdo,' twV~nY ] ............. b a?l e~ e~nS :s a mT~Ve ~ r on~e I ........... ....... :~ " " ~::~: :~1 ~ og~ "n~PaenYn~: ' to .......................... :" ..... States Technical Cooperation ad-:: :: ~: The road from Slave Lake world ............ :~:::*:'::::~. ........... : ............ en- " " re Daw cars just p ", Hart[ ~ News of Skrinde's new loca-i ,.. m_..~ ntherfi~la:d Creek. Just befo entering -las ours. One came over the | ~ ~ it[on came today to the college] ~_~-~..__ ~ith fi-eavy DutY son Creek we had no foot brake [Hi hway says 400 miles of Hart ~z:,.- /:~ ~ news bureau from the Washing- ~ ~ ~p'~"~,,,~ Oil It being Saturday afternoon ga-]Hi hway same condition and to ~ :~ ...... ~ ...... ~ ~ ~ D r headquarters of TCA I ~..~'~ ~n'd"~tra]n crank rages were closed, no mechamcs top it off had 3 flat tires. Say l ]JJJ[i~ Sk,unde has added h,s M.S. de-~/~/" casesre;ularlvThiS working. A man in a small ga-[may ship his car home by boat.[ 1 ~ ~q'ee. from Mascachusetts Insti- ~Y..~.~':~ a./,,~,,,. w r 2 o l ix it He th rod ma be[ ~ " ~: ~::i~~ ~ " " " ~ " " " ~" ' ~'~'" .... ' ...... " rage o ked h urs o f" " We are hoping e d y ....?~ lute of qechnolog since ettmg ' o ": mi [ .............. .......................... - Y, g . [ ~\ ed through ate found a broken brake rod and b ter on returnin to Dawson ~ ..... ...................... ',,is R q i,~ olV;1 e,~i-,~,~rin~, ~ ~d~'h~rul .... [ et g I ................ ~ .....~,l ~~~ research, eon~a~n~ fluid gone. We started off again, Creek. I isanitary engineering specializa- ~X~ -compou'nds which driving to Fort St John On start- E B .................... ......... ~:: ~ .............. ~ : ,~ ~.) m eoruary 1951 s s of .... [ : : : : ....: ~.~ : . ..... ~re-sis~the cau e , ~1 ~ ~ ~~"~ Skrinde has taught surveying ~ ~ ~'li ] excessive wear ] ill sc~'l~rlat~T.-T'l~T 11 ..... ~ ...... ..... :~!~:~: at both W S C and at Manhattan ~V~#/ \ ~l[l~l~'.. ] A detergent loos- K.Jl'12JRk K..)III2J.LJI.J ' - : :: i ..... ~ . " -" " ,. i I" ] LAKE.WOOD ill Mrs winis Hnde cart ii OLD SWIMMING HOLE GONE--The old swimmin hole hi'he C y:,HeI a d- emovq 1 ~vzrs. nnae, corr. ill ;relephone 21i7 " II ttaller bridge, where children have gathered on summer dab's to ~cho1 i East"tanw J s [ ~| --~ carbon, gum I Phone 2117 Ill [[ enjoy the cool water of the Stillaguamish and the sandy beach, " o n ~ oou. [ ~ . . ...... lacquer from.cyhn" ra o ders rings and other parts holds all contammanw Silver Woddl~ ~ The Getchell Home Demonst -[ is gone Last fall's high water scooped out the beach and now ; -.,~ ~ [ ~r parts, holds all con " r For Einar Olaons ~.. . tion Club held a special meeting[ deep water runs along the steep bank. Here'Larry and Bruce l Yoicanlc Ash fl th drain[rigs, ache ~vzr. aria mrs. ~inar oison cele- at the home of Mrs. Anna Lerouxl Marshlain and their pup were disappointed last week when they . , ~~ation and compounds m the off remst omdahon and sludgang, brated their silver wedding~ ann[-Ion Tuesday evening. Plans were[ found the water too deep for them.--Wimes Photo.[gamM,, R#z a ff A : [~p foaming. They also keep versary at the First Lutheran ~ made for the annual county pic-I ..... " ..... -----~_ .----'7-~---------~. ~ .... Y*~" ~'~'~'*''~ ~n lal parts, whether not [ social hall on Saturday evening[ COnic to be held at Forest Park on [ I C~TC~/-~/'h I_T'U~I/'aTXrlaO I[ Jaok Sin~,l,~t,~n le-v~ -~t The! ~cation and protection agains ' 12~I ~ ~ ........ : ~ ..... " with around 150 friends andlAugustb. Acenterpieceandlapell[ BRYANT [[ ~x~t.~....xi .... ~r_ra_.L~ l/Times office a small envelopei ~ing and idle engines. relatives present Rev Myrwang ornament de lctln Washm ton iv]rs Willis tlllOe, corr ~ .... P" " g " g /I ..... w,, [ I : .... "._ " i containing a sample of volcanic~ gave a talk, after which Lola Centennial were planned. [I ~';~ "'.'Y.;.~Y." i I TelepHone zii~ I ash sent from Anchorage Alaska[~o~l ..... Aken gave two short readings. Mr and Mrs A C Westlund[L _ rnone_z.~uwa I Mr and Mrs. Orrin Underwood by his daughter The ash is of a tirange zvzeets r naer~ , - .. . Odvar Elshaug rendered two Nor l r "and Nicky made a trip to Mt. Ba-[ ,-. ........ m m,~,~t ~,~,, night spent the week-end at Lake f ou .fine texture and was said ' "~,~1 wegtan songs, and Norma Olsonker and spent Sunday " .... ~ ...... ........... ~ ~" ' r B llin to have fallen to several inches ..... ,qa,,ea a s,dectio,~ ~,,~ h,~ a-o-r ]July 24. Juvenile Grange will al- Whatcom ned e gham ............. For more information about Standard 01l Company of California ,~ a ............ - w r h . in oepm ourlng me Mt bpurr Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bos o t so meet Friday night at 8.30. In- 1 nd " dlon. Mrs. Myrwang played the .......... . o ....... ;~;+...~] ................. Mr. and Mrs. Hare d Helgelaeruption coil your local Standard man Waddin~ ]~[~r~h Mr ~nd "/~'v ~tZlU /~llilay Ut ace.tile vx~*tCU/ltlatlon oI a canczlaate Will take ............ " ......... .,... ,~,,u. ..... ,,,;fh the ~,~lnh ~,~w,,rths on/.., an(] iamlly plcnleKefl with vlr. o " w ...t,, t,,~ ..-.v ...v.~ .. ~ mace Olson ,ere presented a sllver Sunday [ " __ and Mrs A. K. Curtiss Mr. and CARD OF THANKS T m-- purse, after wmcn Iuncn was " ., l ..... - ..... ' .~ .. We wish to thank our nei-h 1 m _ served Saturday dinner guests of tnel"usy ~eason. .. Mrs. A. tL uurtlss, Ivlary t~urnss .......... t, : I $ .L__~ Ever one is en o in me sun oors ano ~rlenfls ~or melr Kma ~ Herb Oleotts were Mr. and Mrs.[ Y " J Y" g " and Mrs. Sigrid Helgeland at " . . ........ shine Ha m is still in re ress expressions at sympathy in our ~q, rllng$on, Sgt and Mrs Darrell McMillanHomer Leen' and family of Au-] . " . Y" g ' _" " ..P g_ ' Granite Falls on Sunday in honor .....?'_ ...... ~ ................ ' " ' " s oerr icKin btrawoer- uereavemem. Ine~ expres~on~ and children have returned home burn and Mr. and Mrs. Wllhsl~lSO ras.p "Y P- ~ g" "~--1 of Mrs IIarold Heigelands birth- have been dee'~l'' an'~reciated from their trip to Oklahoma Hilde and family. /ry picking lS aDOUt over. ,'.at "a " . v s Ft~ . .-- r nd Mrs Gear e W1 ms]Wood still has his crew working o y Mabel Tlllman and family Mr and Mrs Vernon Scoti and M . a . g "gg" " " " "~ daughter Sandra Lynn of Ever- and girls were guests of the B. J. Sutherlands at Alderwood Manor. Rev. Strom of Marysville called on the George Humphries Sunday evening, Joyce Green is spending a few days in Seattle with Judy Mich- elson. Mrs. Sam Dockendorf left on Monday for a week's visit at Spo- kane with her daughter, Mrs. Bill Hart. visited at the Melvin Iverson home at Intereity. Mrs. O. D. Furr and son Wayne, flew up from San Francisco on Saturday and were met at the airport by Mrs. Otto Bjorn and Mrs. M. E. Tate. They plan to spend a couple weeks here. Mr. and Mrs. George Aken called on the Mark Dunns on Sunday evening ,ett, were Thursday evening din- ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Arvo Karna and ,children of Warrenton, Ore., are visiting at the Clifford Bjorn home. Mrs. Louis Stullel, and Mrs. George Stuller were Friday after- noon callers at the home of Mrs. Mark Dunn. Stanley Tate is spending this week - end at W.hidby Island, where he will represent his 4-H Club at the County 4-H meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Ingvald Iverson and Ione of Puyallup were Tues- day overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bjarne Olson. On Wednes- day evening the Olsons together with Mr. and Mrs. Ingvald Iver- son and Emil Iverson of Everett, When you make long distance telephone calls---service is HOW YOUR FINGERTIP ACTION SPEEDS LONG DISTANCE SERVICE faster if you call by number. Keep a list of your most frequently used long distance numbers handy for ready reference. With your personal guide at your fingertips / you'll find it easy to call by number and to enjoy even faster long distance sei'vice.. TBLBPHOIB l]lltllI Callers at the Brendemuhl home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Heimer and son Mi- chael, Gerry Rengler and Mrs. Les. Iiaddenham. A recent visitor at the G. P.[ Rengler home was Mrs. Prior of California, Mrs. Rengler's moth- er. Mrs. Rengler and daughter ac- companied Mrs. Prior to Utah to visit her grandmother and will go to California from there. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tun[ugh of Los Angeles, who were Bryant residents 37 or 38 years ago, were at Bryant last Saturday, calling on many of their old neighbors. , Mr. and Mrs. Art Fullerton and children and Art s mother, Mrs. Margaret Hoshaw, enjoyed a trip to Blaine last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs..Tony Ivan and daughter Linda' Of Seattle were at the Fullerton place one day *last week to tell Grandma and :the rest goodbye, as they are moving to Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chard of Bellevue were Sunday visitors at the Frank McFarland home. They brought their niece, Virginia Hull, a wading pool. Mrs. C. ~. Jack an'd Kathleen i were week-end guests at the Thomsen home. Sunday after- noon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Lester Haddenham and Sharon, and Clarence Jack. In the evening Mrs. Pearl Lindal and daughters Patricia and Sharon, and Mrs. Marion Longacre and two chil- i dren, visited. They left about 10 a.m. Monday. We regret to report our neigh- bor, Jack King, is very low. He is :at the Harborview hospital in Se- attle. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Monroe and Vickie of Dalgreen, Va., spent a few days last week at the George Espe home. Mr. and Mrs. Wells Soden of YaJfima and-Clara Soden of Sun- nys~ide and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Speer of Arlington were Satur- day dinner guests at the George Espe home. Week-end visitors at the Albert Hafterson home were Mrs. Hal terson's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Joy of Emmet, Idaho, thei~ son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Joy of Fort Lewis O Bryant 4-H [Guys and Gals AL the meeting of the Bryaw Guys and Gals 4-H Club, held a~ the Grange hall Monday at 7:3( there was a discussion on the 4-t Fair, and the group decided t~ exhibit at ~he,fair, which will br held August 19 through 22. After the business meeting th~ girls went to the kitchen, wher( Mrs. Steckelberg judged the cook ies. The boys met with Mrs. Steck elberg and talked about showing their calves at the fair. 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