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July 16, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 16, 1953

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' 39" No. 12 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, Jul.v 16, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle April 191 . and Wives husbands attended wive,~ of Arlington 3 attended t, he Fire convention at Aber- Week, were royally en- a seafood din- Yen at Wesport, and ~e I on a tour of the Ls and docks On -~r loon a tea was Y. M. C. A., and on [g Greyhound buses ~s to Lake Quinault Olympic National salmon was banquet and the to Aberdeen in the parade of and the grand at the ath- there were dem- Bob Kitchen Leases Garage Bob Kitchen, well-known lo- cal auto mechanic, has leased ;from Iver Drivstuen, the repair shop adjacent to Iver's IMand Service Station, and will open for business Saturday, July 18, under name of Island Service Garage Mr. Kitchen came here from Aberdeen, S. Dak., last November, working for the Peterson Motor Co. He operated a farm equip- ment repair shop in Aberdeen for nine years He is an experienced mechanic Mr. and Mrs. Kitchen and son La Verne, 11, reside in Arlington, occupying the former Frank Krauskoff residence, on the South countyroad. O TEENAGE CLUB Circulate Petition To Keep Sanatorium In Snoh. County Petitions addressed to the Sno- homish County Chamber of Com- merce were being circulated in the county this week same be- mg in an effort to retain Alder- crest Sanatarium in operation. The move is in opposition to aI suggestion on the part of thei State Board to consolidate theI Snohomish county institution r with Firlands in Seattle as an/ economy measure. [ Aldererest has an exeellent record in the treatment of tuber. culosis, but the state officials contend that eqdal and possibly better results can be secured at Firlands, where there is room for several hundred more patients than are now being eared for of fire equipment, ENJOYS PICNIC there. The Aldercrest institution or Over 30 members of the Teen- is filled to its capacity, the over. to the Olympic Nat-~ge Club enjoyed a picnic sup- flow being taken care of at Fir- was marred some-per at Schu s Park, Lake Good- tunas. the leading bus fail-i win, last Monday evening. Swim- Since the state is contributing late a curve on the ruing, boating and games were ~a large part of the financial sup. lntain road and hung enjoyed by the youngsters. A port of the institution and statel e of a precipice, all[ bonfire and wiener roast were officials seem determined on con-I being- removed] the main attractions of the eve- solidation, the fear of loss of theI ' emeruencv door. J ning. The group was chaperoned institution with its payrolland1 fou... ~'_.. ~. ...... :^reI by their director, Irene Vognild contribution O business in Sno-I ....................... II%#YV 111 I.I t~l~ WU J~ IOCK l~e:V~l_~i _~i on river t)anK at ~moKe J~ros iarm prevents l ......... ]who was assisted ,by Martha homish county is resulting in the/ ~o~narouna, an?,as t.u~l Naas, Delores Robb, Leila Steck circulation of the petitions andl bank erosion. Job complete~l this spring under co-operative plan uu narrow to riSK "[ . 0' ,~,,,~ ...... l elberg Mrs Jantz and Wilma other efforts to keep the msntu-]---state land owner and Soil Conservation Service - pass ~,~.~ were .. _. ' _. , al'- " -~':* ~ yen~l,~amer tlon l~. DaCK aoout ele [ ............... __.___ o,.]C p S" '11 Op ly 27 B tect" am dverton Wi en Monday, Jtl ank Pro io9 -*bus that had thelF gt d 6th G ade r0s, of Darrington '.W rr n r eoan or Arhn on Yomlgsters of 5th an r s Stops E vim n Quilitz being on aI About forty Arlington fifth ands2"30 on Fridav the 31st. I~uit a flash light andoa,camera Under a co.operative plan be- s. ]sixth ~rade vounesters are ex-] o,,r,,, ~ ........ m ~,:, ~,., ,.~,,~][f one is desired, and mosqmtoitween the State Department of lay night the convent-[ oected~to at{end {he week's ses-] f:~,,-,.r ~,,-:. .... ~ ............ ~?'~:~"1 repellant. It is also suggested I Conservation and Development - oi me Arnngton group at met Vith abanauet at thelsion at Camp Silverton beein-I , Lhat a very light lunch be packed and the Smoke Brothers, with the ' followed by a danee.lning July 27 and running until I camp, and she states that any lLo eat at noon. Easy marks of Soil Conservation dmtnet doing ~en attended sessions lFriday, July 31~-a session that lyoungster in either the 5th or 6thlidentification are also reeom-the engineering and planning, a ~ornings being de-lwill be packed with fun learning lgrades who is interested in at-I mended, revetment job has just been com- a~Structmn and" theland adventure. Itendmg the camp should contact] The weeks camping is well pleted on the North Fork of the to demonstrationsI The local children will belher. The charge for the entire supervised, and is made possible iStillaguamish river that gives ras simulating actual]transported to Camp Silverton in lperiod is $8.00. I by the school district. All the some much needed protection to There was rescuela bus, which will leave from be-I Those ~/ttending are asked toldirection and supervision of the the valuable bottom land of the aid, use of smoke andihind the High School at 8:30ltake along sleeping bag, smanivarious phases of camping are Smoke Brothers farm. and operations of a. m. The children are asked to pillow if desired 2 towels and a handled by student teachers and At the request of the land own- be on hand at 8 o'clock to be wash cloth tooth brush, tooth their directors from Western ers technicians of the U. S. Soil lay there were many[checked in. The bus will returnIpaste, soap, comb, change ofIwashington College of Education Conservation Service surveyed between the var-/the campers to Arlington aboutIclothing, fishing tackle, swtm lat Bellingham. the situation and recommended uo,~*- -.-- *~,~ use ell ----~-----~------- ' _ rock rip-rap to prevent the water .... ~ ~"' .... " " " " of thehnver from eroding further , IYouth Quartet I Twenty-F]ve FinishICannlng C ter into t e'l~ laying of hnes etc en nds ~rom Arlington at- . . wimmin _ _0 ___Classes To Can For The District Superwsors l~e Chief Frank Arnor,[Commg to Sdvana S sented t~e ciaCse to the'State ~e: ~;:y~gyIt~irRmW:b~/~l~rY~aa!0~i~ii~~mr~i! IRaA~!ci~i! ~:r~n~'~i~Pw]mf!!~c, httahi ~uT~Ode~Je~h~aen--~n~Un~epiS~ceS:/t wt ihl~ ii~tpeii~t e~l ~o~:h~iiiii:?!?~ii~ [This male quartet is unusual'be-'le~arnlngohe of the various swim.[opera~e this summer, on' the ure of cost was between $3,000 I)n lffures ]cause its personndl is made up of["'~;~ ....... . _ [same plan as last year, with Mrs: and $3,500. o " outhful -asters touring with the~ tnqse eompieting requirements[G R Bradley in charge, and will The cost re rated er acre of Illm ~'l~e~ [~outh D~rector of the Luther]fr beg.inners were: Judy I-Ier-]can for the school lunchrooms land direetl~ affeeteclPwe:as about -,u aa,,,.,., tLeague Federation in the interest snaw, ~aanene ~SOrK tmanes or- oniy. $50 per acre. "It is impossible to ..~ .... [ton, Linda Erickson Pattie Hilt Mrs Chf*--a m,n com ute the acrea ~ d~r Stands fifth from tneloi youm worK. ton E1 .. . .~' ..... " " ........ president of P , ge "n " ectly , mer uavIs, DiCK ~cnroeai, the Arlin to ' benefitted ' state st of c~tms iven m ! " g .[ The personnel of the quartet is]Tim "r~,~ .... n xre ..... 0..**. ] . ~ ..g ,n P W.A. has ap- oo.. ". , . conservation nsus oureau repo as follows' Rev Gerhard Bre-I " ........ Ipomted the iollowing committees ornclais, and 'the oenefits down population of theitheim Pemzina 51 D ; Rev Bern-I .Completing the Advanced be-lto assist Mrs. Bradley: Mrs. Dale river are tremendous. The stabal- Owns of the State.lhard 'Bretheim' Siael'ton ~]ash ; glnners requirements were: Clau-ISteckelberg, chairman; Mrs. Ira izing of river banks prolongs the "~d~ *~-'-'lace '~ "iD^, r.r .... ~ ....... ' wn,~,,: ]ilia MeCredy, David Pierce, LarrvlParsons Mrs Flo~d MeKenzie day when the river channel is in t column laura .,~a v~,, ~,~,,,,,~ q ,, I wnnams Jim weyer, Bill Pierce, land Mrs M L Thomas filled and dikes must be raised he A ~_...,, ................... tr..m- ,o___7,. ....... Y . _ " ~ammy ~eoei, tsaro~ ~urm], BettyAn one ] h Clean stable river banks are the tion rank it holdslmen of Minneapolis. I .... " ] y "n t e district havin~ 'laeo with a t),,nula-I ~vi~ ...... . .. . ~urmL Atleen Hukanen, Nancytfruit or v -" greatest aid to good fishin The ......... -~v .......... rt presented by tAm Wi " egetables they wish ,, g ,,.~' while,. ~ the,~h ~.a~aOtYc~of Igrup will feature not only the Terrlhams'H Vanessea Christler, I canned for the use of the lunch- imt is nearly endless. ........ y ammerlyand Arlene Fred rooms, ma call an " of the _The Sm ke B others ea ~ue nst ....: o~ .... .-.,is-at, tea songs oI me peopxe mlrrinn - y. y _.. . .OJ. r n look passed the nait mil-lf~r.nart harmon- but also so-' -"" aoove-namea women and make torwara with more confidence to 1~ d, I " " " []A~ .~,.,~ ,~,,,,,o *,,, ~*, .... ~ ,.r,,~ ntermedmte swimmers ass arrangements the future This is alread ev] ,,~o ,,,,u u~=~o off t,,.~= .~ ~,,~ :___ .~ , . . .. P " . _ _ Y - ....... ..^^---..--.i--........^-., ,.,*. .......... ,,~mg mexr tests were t~aren Tay o aeneea Dy the constructionof a tssigneo om pxace IIIUIIIL,IUI~ L~~'~.) U,l[. 'YJLIJIII VV~ZI~ ~lJllJ" , ...... " __ .. l ~ ,i,~,~ .... ,~ h,, ~no- t~*s for several -ears with the lor, ~atny Taylor and Ann TaR. R,v.;.,I q ..... "~.. new milking parlor. It is of the :,'0"~_~ ~"t'v"~naZTaco , 1~4~6,- Au sburg College~Choir. Mrs.. Norman, in charge of the. ov~,au.a Idl~Mlity newesI..and, most modern, design.. ~o o,~ -..a Yak ~g .......... swim progiam, states that tAm I~ . ~* !I The Smoke Brothers watchword m -*,~ ovu a.u"_erlor [o tne concert the quar- d es not " " ' . .............. q necessarily conclude the aepresentauve here now good farms good cows and tee Wlll meet wKn me youm tea(a- - . ' ~ . , , sw~m 3rog am for Ar mgton, be- good quality products.' cause any Arlington youngsters county other as follows: She- Edmonds, 2,828, i, Monroe ~1,5567 !, Stanwood 7251 392. ~igures are corn- ate Census Board in the allocation of 243 incorporated state. Previous population 80. to the commission's lost rapidly growing e state is in Chelan nd the city of We- 'f Honor. I bs ly 21 e ree 'ers of the Ddgn a~ 'Clubs, inclu " g 3eginning with Pre- those through 12 ~, Will have a picnic .af.ternoon, July 21, at *rk, Lake Goodwin. are also invited and meet at the Depot one o'clock for All new members especially invited. bring something lunch. For further garding this picnic, :ha Naas and Mrs. in Your ----- ~n Is provided to sire ~nts or functions that In nature. All events m fee is charged, m advertised will appea~ The charge will be a minimum of $1.00 Jcher's O~ehNt~a eing pleasure ev- ad Saturday night Tavern. Silvana. in new Bryant every Saturday music. Refresh: ers of the Salem and Bethany parishes in a workshop session from 5 p. m. to 7:45 p. m. O Choraliers Sing At Zenith Home A very pleasant day was spent by the Arlington Heights Choral- iers on Sunday, July 13th, whetI they journeyed to Zenith. By in- vitation of, the Masonic and East- ern Star orders of Arlington, they entertained the members of the Masonic Home and their guests. The program of favorite songs and hymns given by the Choral- iers was thoroughly enjoyed by those present. They made the journey in a group on a special bus chartered for their convenience. Even the driver, Wilbur O'Neal, was a for- mer resident of the neighborhood. On arrival at Zenith, the Chor- aliers enjoyed a pot-luck lunch in the beautiful picnic grounds at the Home. Then, after a con- ducted tour of the building, the group met in the impressive au- ditorium for the program. The Rainbow Girls of Arlington and Marysville presented several in- strumental numbers, followed by the singing of the Choraliers. -----------------O Sons of Norway Picnic ve Plans for a joint picnic ha been completed by Evergreen Lodge, Silvana and Stanwood Lodges, Sons of Norway, same to be held at Wenberg Park, Lake Goodwin, on Sunday, August 9. Several thousand members of the Sons of Norway and their friends enjoyed the Border picnic, held at the Peace Arch park, at Blaine last Sunday. Evergreen Lodge, of Arlington, won a $25 prize for having sold the greatest number of tickets in the queen contest. The social meeting of Ever- green Lodge, scheduled for Fri- day, July 17, has been cancelled. swim program for Arlington, be- cause any Arl ng~ ~n youngsters between the ages of 6 to 13 may now take swimming lessons at Lake Goodwin. o Jack Anderson Enlists in Marines Jack O. Anderson, son of Ossie Anderson, Of Arlington, and a 1953 graduate of Arlington High School, left Wednesday by plane for San Diego, Calif., to start his boot training with the U. S. Ma- rines. Jack left the Seattle-Tacoma airport" by plane, in company with 75 other recruits from Wash- ington state. He was accompanied to the air- port by his aunt, Mrs. Rick Gray, his sister, Carol Anderson, and his cousins, Miss Joann Gray and Mrs, Jack Sturgeon. Hosp Notes Births. " Marjorie Lou Williamson, oorn July 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Wil- liamson, R. 2 Arlington. Debra Kay Knutson, born July 3 to Mr. and Mrs. John B. Knut: !son, Jr., R. 1 East Stanwood. Brenda Kay Bradley, born July 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Brad- ley, R. 3 Arlington. Stanley Melvin Strid, born July 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Strid, 130 Washington, Arlington. Gerald Frederick Erichsen, born July 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Ron- ald Erichsen, R. 1 Granite Falls. i Tina Charmaine Green, born i July 10 to Mr. and Mrs. William Green, Darrington. Jerrilyn McMahan, born July 11 to Mr. and Mrs. William Guy i MeMahan, 149 Division, Arling-. !ton. . " Karen Lee Culver born July 12 :to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Culver, 119 Burke, Arlington Laurin Glen Blacken, born Ju- ly 14 to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Black- en, R. 2 Arlington. Galen Renae Johnson, born July 14 to Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson, R. 5, Arlington Members of the Stillaguamish Pioneers met Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wangsmo and laid plans for their 42nd annual reunion to be held Aug. 16th. Committees for the event were named as follows: Appearing before the city court, cil at Monday night's session, Dr. Samuel F. Nebel presented a plat and petition for admission of Pied Piper Heights to the town. The new addition consists of several acres, and lies just east of the present city limits at end of First Street and east of the re- cently added Patricia addition. According to the plat First street will be extended eastward to the top of the hill about 400 feet. One block east of Stflla- Next Tuesday o Also a resolution providing that ............... During the first 6 months of Garden Club Croup vn~' ......... ~i,~ ...... ~ v-~o,,~-~,;'~'~"* ...... .... toSUgmh~v-lS~'z']'~v ........ xor aamages saia 1953, 72 residents of this area ' 15, w Mrs Wangsmo fell on and in the future be known and ahenOeen sustame(a on a~ay took advantage of the "neighbor- At Stillaguamish Chh are hereby elected Trustees Em i- - ...... hood visit" service maintained at ................ e s oewalK near tne union :~er- erltus ot tne ~nuaguammn yah vice ......... Arlington by the Everett office of Twenty-five Garden Club mem- ley Pioneer Association." Olvmp~at~nenuaet' norm ena oi the Social Scurity Administration. hers were entertained, on Men- The president was requested to ~/Ia or :" ;" " ~ " y murphy appomte, a a Eighteen of these were appli, day, at the Stillaguamish Coun- write to the State Parks Depart- committee co si .... "" cants for old-age and survivors try Club, through the kindness ofment requesting" that the cedar m .....~ snng o] t~ouncn- ......... en J~lllS nansen and Helm to insurance benefits. I Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hutchison. stump on mgnway ~ be sprayea investi at' ~ ..... .. g e me emlm ann report D. W. Chapin, field representa. A po~ luck picnic lunch was en- with a wood preservative; also to at the next rd -" tive, who comes to Arlington on joyed during the noon hour, a again take up with the State De- The counei" eetmg. , _ _ t also acceptea co,- the third-Tuesday of each month lunch which, it is said "had just partment of Highways the matter tract with Su er ..... p eetroieum t;o. [o at 10 o'clock, invites local resi- everything." of blacktopping the parking area furni ........... dents who would like to do so to An impromptu sing-song led by at the stump, na gas anu ou ior c~ty equip- come to the City Hall Council Mrs. L. C. Palmer followed. In- Appreciation merit. On motion of Mr. Wangsmo, W.] t~., " r~ - t~ Chambers at Arlington on his stead of the usual meeting, a H. Verd was authorized to drawI LltV IS Free Ol next visit on July 21st. walk through the woods was en- ------------o -- joyed, visiting neighbors, and ex- up a resolution thanking Oberg~ -' & Real for donation of section of ]30NI~ ll~J~J~.~ claiming over collections of burls, Rev Todd Named ferns, bottles, trivets and a ll-foot fir tree to the Pioneer: ..... ,,4~,,~,~,~ many Free Metho&st"" . other surprises. Association, and for placing same Treasurer Webb Moorman re- on the grounds of Pioneer Park. :ported to the city council, last Although a slight "Oregon The action of the officers of the Monday night that the city is Youth __ ._l}irect.r mist" fell at times, it failed to Association in accepting this gift free of dampen the spirits of the group and their arrangements to have maebt.eqness,.generalthebltgatinlast bond being bond who left that forest glade and sar~ treated with a wood pre- retired this month. The Re,. Floyd M. Todd, pas- kind hosts with reluctance, ser~ive, sanded, properly in. The only Indebtedness now tor of Snohomish Free Methodist, and former pastor at Arlington, ~ scribed and covered, was ap- against the city is the revenue has been appointed full-time di- CO. Commissioners proved Also approved was the bonus against the city water de- . ]rin artment wmcn rector of intermediate youth for action of the officers in h" g P , are retired from kJ__L t~..J." ..... Mr. Albert Kluin to take care of revenue receipts. Norththe FreeAmerica.MethodistHis appointmentChureh of /'~UUpL IJrLIl|llilIll~e the mowing, etc., at Pioneer Park . The cash balance ~n the city's was announced by Bishop Charles ~ t~ ! 1~o ! for a three-months period ending treasury, In all funds, according V. Fairbain, chairman of the un ~iaroage vlsposal August 15th. to Treasurer Moorman's renort as Commission on Christian Educa- At the Monday meeting of the _ Mrs. Eleanor .E)iason was ofd::Yl., was $32,917.58. "~ tion for his denomination. The ........ -'---'-- namea as a committee or one to erupts zrom taxes ann assess ~nonomlsn Lounty ~omml~luit- " " me ' " appointment marks a new era for ........... -" .....arrange for preparing Prancer nts during the month of June ers an Orolnance rl2guiiat~n~ ~ax- a " this field as this is the first time ba e dis osal in the county was hall for the annual Reunion. mounted to $2,435.04; admissio~ -g - - P ............... At conclusion of meeting Mrs tax receipts $227 19, fines 13. a person has been selected for a~optea, un(aer t(ae orumance ......... i~ _ , " , $2 - its direct promotion .... s(,.oa~=r" .... v'~*" ""*~ ~" .... ~,~,,r"~'~ "~'-~'~""~'n'~'""~* wangsmo, serve~ ngnt retresn- unch Boards, $7250;. State Liq-- After the annual state confer-ca- ann ...... it is mane- a misuemean- ....... ments. ^___ur tax, $486.56,- Water Dept, .$1- ' . ' o - - o------------- ~2~28; Garbage De t 5.96 ence at Burlington, which closes or to oispose oI garbage on roan- ""E .......... MAP"" " , .. p., $82 ; ~^~ ^.^ ~, ~ ....... ~,,o **.~^ ~-A, ,~ ~..~.~n ,~ I t~onsumer s ueposit $15 August 2, Re,. Todd and his fam- ~,ue~, et~ xt al~u ~*=~l"~*~'~ ~**~ ...... e ...... -- " ~- ,..~ ,,,u,~,,~ ..... water uepartm m crews start [ ,~xpenditures month of June ily will move to Wlnona Lake, operating garoa~ .......... , .... - ..... ",... Ir~d. He is completing his secondvices ......... to Iurmsn oonu~ ..... ea worg on extensmn oi water t:urrent Expense $1,527 56; Water .. . .... main from Third and Lenore, Dept., $3,221.33; Garbage Dept, yearFree MethodistaS pastor Ofchurch.the SnohomishA complete .... nst oi rurai gar: to north side of Athletic field, l$579.11; Street Light Bond, $1~'-' ---------------o bage dis osai areas nan not yet t thence east o a connection with[428.00; Consumers Deposit, $35; COLORED SLIDES AT : been madeup. ^ existing main at Alcazar. The]Street Fund, $525.91. , t,----------- mains will also be extended Balances all funds: Current CLUB, SATURDAY NEW PUMP INSTALLED ] north on Washington and Stil-[ Expense, $4,148.14; Water Dept., An interesting collection of colored slides of Northwest flow- .Work has been completed by]laguamish t0 F!fth, thus elimin-I(o.d.) $660.37; Garbage Dept.. me city water aepartment on m-lating the smau inch pipes andi$1,19911; St Li ht Bond Fund ~rs and scenes will be shown by - W " " g " of a ne _ 750-ga!lon dead ends in this sectmn. [(o.d.) $137.56; Consumers Deposit Mrs. Floyd Langdon and Myrtle D. Hartley at the Arlington per minute pump at the Intra-I From Aicazar new mains have]j395.00; Airport, $259.64; Water Heights Improvement Club social tion plant, previously been laid east totBond, $2,825.75; Street Fund, $~,- meeting on Saturday night, July In the near future an addition- i serve the new Victor Heights ad.1715.36; Cumulative Reserve, $2,- lath. Friendsas well as mere. al puree will be installed at thelalnon. The new extension wi111592.51; U. S. Securities, $18,4~9; hers will be very welcome, city well. ~ I compmte the grid. I Garbage Fund Reserve, $100.(~ Committees Named guamish avenue another street, ........ Hamlin Avenue, will extend erogram---~ L ~vzarsn J r .sout ......... . . .. ". "- .. .'. Z" n irom vlrst tor a Olstance e~ wrage, w. n vera naroia lviur- abou ............ h " ' ~ t one mOCK. lne aaoiuon ra- P Y" i eludes twelve large lots of vary- Nominating--W. H. Verd, A. H. l in~ sha~e and size Moll, Jos. Husby, Anion Kraetz. ~,skedas to the~si nifican -- Hostesses--Mrs. Frank Kraus-[the name Pied Pin,~g~ei~,ht~en~ koff, Viola Holhngsworth Mrs Nebel said " ~ **.'-~-- ~-^---- tiariey Alarlage, ~rs. wnl J~ow-[to build a home in the additin~__x.. ler, Mrs. J. E. Wrage, Mrs. Len- and that other young eounl~--~ nie Pierson, Mrs. Emma Wheeler, with families might''----be e.,.x,,~--='L-'-'--- Mrs. Mose Waterman, Mrs. aged to build thereon and o,~, Eleanor. Eliason, .Mrs" Ethel Verd, children and their" "" pet" d,a~'~ Mrs Mary Hopkins Mrs Nellie would be we co George, Mrs. Mary 'Huglaes, Mrs. -i .- 1 me. ..... Fr~nt. u,,ui~ ~n,o ~ ...... D~,~r [ b nce me new aaoluon rlse~ 170 . - ' ;:, ... e grit equal to mat oi me cx~ son ~v~rs ~mme ~umvan reservoir an ther -" " ' . " " . I , o promem IS pre~ Seating and. Arrangements---!sented to the water department J. C:'Carpenter, win. walJis, mose[in serving the new additiam waterman, t.awrence try, Ar- IHowever Councilm~, u .... thur Morris, L. C. Whitman, Ted chairman of the water e~omm|t''~- Eliason, Dennie Pierson, Walter tee states that t ..... =2--- Higgins, H]ldor Eliason, Elza idly out~rowin~ t']ae ~)r'ese~* "r~~- Wheeler,. Geo. Fraliek, Jim lerv'oir a~ad he'is ma~king'-pl-a~ Brown, Chfford Rod, Sam Kraetz.[for possible erection of a new Reception---W. H. Verd, A. H.[tank on the top of the hill Moll, Frank Hollis, Wm. Wallis,] The dedication is sighed by Mrs. Harley Aldridge K. O. Rod Samuel F Neblel ~l,~aV,,,~ vtJ,~ !W. H. Fowler, l~rs. Nellie George I Nebel, Arne"G /-ianson,"I)e;o~ Mrs. Lennie Pierson, Harold Mur-lE. Hanson. The plat had previi. phy, J. C. Carpenter, S.H. Al:]ously been presented to the eoun.~ ~rmge, ~ar~. C. L. Marsh, Pam[ty commissioners and has their wangsmo, Fred Jenner, Mrs. Mar- I approval The council also atx- garet Barber, Mrs. Emma Wheel-[proved and voted to ae~nt the, er, Mrs. Emma Payne, J. E.[hew addition. - ...... *'- "" Wrage. ] Routtno Business. Parking--Frank Hollis Reuben D " .... , _ [ urmg the session the council Schloman, n. ~nason, J e s sl, attended to omer ..... routine Ousi- Phelps. ~ ...... Iness, such as canvassing the bills iransportauon ana t~eIresn-,an -" h-~-:-- "'- - . " ............. / (a earing the treasurer's re- ments--wm, vyalllS, riaroid lvlur./nnrt phy, Carl Lang John Enselman [*'~A"n " J" E" wrage'"' ", . ew nre siren was ordered "-- .~ -" -- - --- Ipurenased by the council and t~eglstranon--t'aui wangsmo, ......., .. ~--... ......... 'lOl(1S Wlll De Calle~l tor same This Mrs. bopnla uavies, ~wrs ~anal .. , ..... " ~acuon was taken at request of Verd, lvirs. Jessie Monty. , ....... Good Order--Marshals Bagley,/~Ire t~nlef Frank Arnot, Who said ........ ,me present siren on the mu rarKer ann ~umtz . . - ....... " ......... , Imclpal building is not putting tmmmKtee on IvlarKer u*u .~,-~ .... egraph Line--J. C Carpenter, W.[ut the vomme, and firemen li~ u w.,.,~ tr ~ ~5~ ~J~ ~ ..... Ilng on the hill are unable to hear iia' o n' "" ......~" ~'e'~"t"[it. It is suggested that the new alarm be placed somewhere on Committee on Upkeep Cedarl.~ _ Stump, Highway 99 -- Paul/~rencn avnue. Its cost will be aoout ~d Wangsmo, Jos Husby, Wm. [ ..... .... Thomsen, W H Verd / t'once ~mez t~agiey and Leon- .... " "-- ;" .... lard Hayden, the latter assistant " L, ommlttee on tviarKlng ,rumor. 'chi ......... ......... .. ,.,_, / et ot the AUxnlary police ao- lai Trees--4~. L,. ~larsn wm weu-~ e ..... ' ...... ;" -'--_ ~p areu Delore tne council and llS, Jonn wrage Jos tlUSDy, 1-tar-. ........ old Murphy and J. C. CarpenteriasKed that caps ann ~aages De W H Verd offered the follow |furnished to the Civil Defense 13o. " : ....... 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