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July 12, 1951     The Arlington Times
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July 12, 1951

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THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., JULY 12, ]951. PAGE "IIT~ A l'~N'd'~ [ence as free citizens. [the four essential human free-[a cousin of Mrs. George. r~, r , n., [[ I'~.~Vl~ J [ "It appears superfluous to[dams- I am confident that you[ Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tomek mte~ )N HTS. ~oey-ba~ce ~uey [[L. ,., Istress the need for co-operation]are carrymg out iully me ner lt-lmoving to Chatham Acres at Louise Wallitner, [| (Continued from Page 1) this area where the natural geo- ~ at this point, for during the last] ge Irom our toreIatners ana meI French Creek, where they will be= Best. correspondent, correspondent [[thegoal of freedom we intent graphy and topography most fav. few days that spirit prevailed]trust they pmcea in us wHen meY~caretakers. guests on Sunday al Recent visitors for several davs[tn o~ah]i~h the issue has nevertored such a station The site!without being thought of in an]declared I Mrs HarDer recentl,, en+~-'-~ Lathrop home were /been n ,ou . [ . I . ] and it the home of Mr and Mrs. W. i d bt here m Jim Creek between Whe - objective sense Many of you and FREEDOM NEEDS YOU a visit of her brother Murry, George Bly- Wall were Mr. Wall's brother, H./ ............... er and Blue Mountams was se-]others from nearby commumtms/ ________~__ wife from North Dakota A si~ ~ tnd Mrs. J. W. Miller, L. Wall and wife of Devils Lake,]no~J~soIuUSfar~atI~grnsU~rlgne lected for logistic and techieal offered assistance almost before/,~, from Kent also visited" --'-'~ tle, also Mr. and Mrs. N. D. They were on their way to[ ...... ~ ...... t ..... a ~,~v,mt,, [reasons. Ithe first puff of smoke could be[[ [ rvr~ ~,,~ ~r~ ~..,~:.'.. ~...I.a,~.~ tayne of the Heights. San Francisco, stopping enroute.[~";,~*~'~'~,~;"~i,~~ ~vS,:[ "To give you a keener under-]seen' above Wheeler and Blue]] ('),~('} [ n~,"i~*~r,~'~'~t,~"~",',,~'~,~,~'~',~,~ e have had another Mr. and Mrs. John Woillard[~ou~h~ ~to~'uol~old~'tiae-doetrine!standing of'the purpose.for this ] Mountains. Itwas an illustration[[ Mrs. N~l~e~George, [ ersa't'tla'ebN["E."Nords;r'o~r~ho"~ae[ in the neighborhood, were pleasantly surprised last]the~ all men are created eaual inl huge layout, let me orieily pomt!o.r Amrlcan te~,,wu~k ~,d ~u.b-~! correspondent J A brnth~r ~f Mr~ Art p,~t,~.~,.~ Or another meeting to Thursday when their son John,[God,ssight - iout to you the fundamentalinCSpmttnatcomessonaturany[ Carl Bates and Larry Sand:and h'is-w~i'fe~have~'h::~,',';-~-~- ~ventive measures will with his wife. and children, Joan,| "Those~ opposed to our way of' need for. sUChwillequipmentserve directl" This i to,,our peopm.. .[strum left Monday for S~lverton :" , at her home. ............. the Improvement Club John, Judith and Jeffrey, of Bur-[life and freedom are attem,~tin~ transmitter y The hghtmg of the forest/where they met with others for bank Calif came for a short . . . v ~" the ships at sea The United fire this past week has been a[a suuervised outin~ of a few dav.~ 'ednesday, July 11 at [ visit ' |to k~lt thm deep belief and to es- " e ..... - ......... States ~s bard red on the east, dmplay of the truly American/in a school camp [a Wagner spent Man- Mr and Mrs Lowell Russell[ta'mmn a worl.~ o~ t.yranny..cru- the west and for a large part of feeling and spirit of oneness[ ...... J_, ...... For city anu sertuom, xou, Cluzens n r ~eu ~orustrom anu a uaugmer tttle. . are .......... narents of a little son Rich-[~f ~,r]in~,t,m~,.~.. W_~hl~ "~,t,n, as the south, by ear. mous bodies There. was no hesRancy--and, re]and tw- emm~, ,e .... ,~ SHOVEL DRAGLINI~ ' . o~ water ~n wa ume, ~ava~ ac thin recent test Arnngton pray r the Fourth with the ard Grant. who arrived at Provl [w~u ~ thn~,~ ,qt,~,~,,~ ,~ c"m " "~Mon .......... ' o Hoe Work ~raily were George derkce Hospital, in Everett, JulY[munities across the nation, must tinnl~V~Vresfl~nn;r~retcea?as ~d :t~ivWh3~e::a[ted dedication]day ~'ftl:/~v~i~ingr~oerlaoS~n~~UrmSe Call Lther of F19Yd, cam- 2. He weighed 7 pounds, 1 oz. [ensure control of this pestilence ,~,~,,o+~,~ combat b,, severai ........ " .... [here at the homes of Mr. Nard- S.V. LEDBETTER ast of the rhountains, Mr. and Mrs. John Woillard[emanating from the germ cen- ~'~'~''~"~" will be theZsta~,e for boa ra.m,[strom's brother and sister Phone 32Rll Arllnst~ d Mrs. Monte Toskey Were-" l|l=-- ogattlg .... ~" 0.~-- ,,~,,~" .-' .... .~-'.,~ 'ters ,,^f hatred anti reven-es We ....... .s . snow nor nre wm prove an in ............. ~onn ~trom o~ ~ea " " _ | .......... lonely cargo vessels carrying v~. surmountable obstacle and we , ttJe, m nrm- , of Seattle. uay. [must stop It now, oemre ~t tel material without which we n~,~d fear "-" ,~a,~ m~,~~ ,~,o, ling a well for Marvin Prichard. s reaas aria runs ram ant o e !es Lovett of Seattle Mr. and Mrs. C. Ambrose of[.P ...... P could not ensure victory. These lenge to forestall the American ]During the week-end hm family AD&|f~| r~C |~:Uff~| D~L/ r. and Mrs. Bill Buck- Richmond Heights were Sunday ],He entre, eartH.. ~ou can con. and other vessels traversing en.,,~av.~, ........ ~ .......~.~ ,~]was here visiting relatives and /~IMIULV 0 JL~LLllI| ~Y, also their daugh- ,~i=~t,~ ~,~ tho oornrm~nitv call- LIUI It, 11131_ 13y WI~IIUl tllilll~,lll~, galqol~ i~foetod xl/~:~tOr~ nqHet nhwi "" r a* ~'~l '' '~ ~ ~U~ tvltrlenfls ..... Arhneton .......................... ., ...... j .......................... - .... wasH Mrs. Ben Overton. ing at th Woillard home. ~ be~i:Yn~Uf~geu:gf~s~tght~amd ously, conceal the fact of their m:nsth~ S!:uhrnon~ilml::i~m~l~e~r[ Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mortenson . ' ." Mrs. Julius Norman Mrs Walter Bunten has been .~ ~s~ .~,*~., ,~s ~ ~,.~ presence In accomplishing this ~,,~'~,~"~ ~**~,,,~'~,,",' ~,,,,~o[of walnut Creek, Calif, came Authortzed Dearer ~ large gathering ov ....... -- ............... '- ~-~,--~ ~ ........ ~ ~'~ ~ ............. the shins cannot use their radio ""'.;~':~" ~'?~:' .... s ~ .... ~ .... "~l~vmnuay and visited for a couple h, sor~/e 30 or 40 pea- ]~ ~'e~nsevera~l~e~ay~,~utt"a~Vt~ perseverance and unfaltering which ~vould immediately sub- Wo~~ w~i~?~fi~o~nY ygur s~ritf~fl[of days with Mr. and Mrs. Clar- Hamilton Watches . . taltn In your Heritage can you Y r o e ence Gear e Mrs " " g the day with them. wmtmg ~s better, fight for the world's Declaration Juect tohe~h: thoesPTSm.b~hdm~luSe Model American [ g. rs. Mortmson m from various cities. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wahleithner of Independence ~ ..... ,**,~ ~. A~fi.."* ..... ~;, Because of the manner andl ~of Bellingham spent , ~ ........................ ~,, ............ and daughters Theresa Sara and T~ ha ~nooifio ~oh ...... ,. ..... ,~.. o~ ........ .... ,.. spirit ]n which the citizens of[ of the Fourth with ' - .... ,- ........ ~, ...... , ................. v Br nt Su da , ~v = c ~, . c.~t =v ~ E elyn, of yant, spe n y . . . Arlington have responded to the all had quite a dis- aft r w"- Mr L ui Wal must safeguard his heritage of powerful nondirectional shore ....... e noon ten s. o se "libert'" and free institutions b ............. everyflay requirements o~ me rea- Zorks. Mr. and Mrs. litn^r ~ 2 station not reamly susceptible to .~:~ o,-+= .... .~ ,~.^ :__-~:~.~ and Mr. and Mrs. c . his active participation as a citi. enemy jamming and with suffi- u,,. q~auu,, a~ u)e .m~eu,atF were also present Mr. andMrs. Laurence Wallit- sen in each phase of freedom o~.~.~t oovera~,e to ............ assurance m tHe Hour oi neeu, :s. Thomas Kaarmo Her, former residents, but now of Now--Fro~lom Needs You t;~,,~ h,, our shins ~,,, ,~o o.~ Y have shown that you are R:I, M...arysv]l~,e, are prouu parents Every American must endeavor other tactical reasons Radio Arl- ~, ................ s,~, ~ t .d with Mr. and ..... " ...... ~ ,, v - ........... well aw~r~ -, --,,~ ,,~',,,, ~-',-~',, oI a little ~ IO I oz son, WHO ar y on Sunday ..... "_ .~" .... " to spread the word of our free ington is indispensable to our received from riven at ~verett ~eneral nosplt- ~ _ government to people around the fleet. that her fligh~ al July 5. was most enjoy- We were surprised to find the is in charge contractor of the Administration office at Spinard, building, at the l~avy station, had formerly spent a year with Smith visited ,his grandparents here and at- over the week- tended Arlington school H e is Mrs. Bissell, John Hopkins and makes his and Harold Bissell home in Seattle. His grandpar- Coupeville to visi ents lived on what was later the Ervine place Cutler has returne( The Community Club members Seattle greatly im- spent a very enjoyable picnic at Ann Norman visit,- Indian Beach on Camano Island Tuesday and driving around the sonic old people s Island The only bad thing was ~ith, Wash. on Sun- car trouble for one member, but an annual event of this was overcome when the car Girls. . was left in a Stanwood garage rris of New YorR and its occupants enjoyed an ed at the Best farm open air ride in Bunten's pickup, the harvesting of The members are going to the Carey's at Lake Riley Wednes- from California day evening for a baked ham the Walter Best's dinner. were Mr. and-Mrs, o. and sons Ronald world by dedicating himself to This project is yours as well as a more active citizenship Don't the Navy's--You must remember let the other fellow troop off to this! It will be, as shown recent- the polls to cast his ballot while ly, an iptegral part of your cam- you decide that your vote won't munity' life. Already a number count anyway. This is playing of the local residents are em- right into the hands of the as- played at the station and more gressor. Learn all the facts pus- will be employed during future Bible about the candidates and days. vote accordingly Exercise your "You have, in your midst, the rights endowed for you in the unusual opportunity to express constitution by ensuring your I part in honest federal, state and and employ the magnificent in. dividual liberties, civil rights ;local government, and personal dignities handed I One of the many ways you can help make our free government down by your forefathers, who struggled, so desperately for the an example to people everywhere opportunities and developments is by ddicating yourselves to a which are yours here in Arling- more active citizenship by help- ton. ing increase production for Am- We must co-operate, for only erican military and economic through co-operation can we strength. You are doing just the right achieve the purpose of our exist- here in the area around Jim Creek Here, the Navy has a sec. and Radio Arlington. Although separated from the original Ra- dio Arlirfgton in Virginia by thousands of miles and half a century, this United States Nav- al Radio Statiod Snohomish County, Arlington, "~Vashington, is to be the world's largest high- est powered very low frequency Radio Transmitting Station. Yes, a modern 1,000 KW very low fre- quency station of the greatest coverage in the world. It will be the 'Daddy of them all.' An ex- tensive search of all the area north of San Francisco led to ARLINGTON NURSING HOME For AGEI) ANI) C()NVALESCENT ACCOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE NOW TELEPHONI!] 2013 726 Broadway ARLINGTON, WASH. Mrs. Kunstal is Mr. Kunstal trout fishing the best vaCa- in his life. and Friday of and Mrs Joseph sons from Pitts- Visited the Bests. held their mon- Marjorie Tveit's evening. Ardis Marjorie Tveit legates to County Use "Times" classified ads -- effective salesmen. Club Camp at Deception Pass on July 17. There was considerable par- ticipation in the Fourth of July celebration from this district Mike Stachofsky and Neal Dar- row took prizes in the children's parade The Improvement Club float took third place in the Ag- riculture division. The Girls 4-H float was a decorated car and they received third award Up To $14.95 These are mostly Black, but with a few very good Browns included. NOT ALL SIZES... But if your size is here you'd better buy several pairs, and HERE'S WHAT WE HAVE--- A---1Pair size 8; 1 pair size 101/'_'; 1 pair size 11. B--Ipair size 8; 2 size 10; 1 size 10l/.,; 2 size 12. C--1 pair size 7; 1 size 81/2; 1 sic 9; 4 size 10; 4 size 10t/ ; 4 size 11; 4 size 1Dfi2; 3 size 12. D--1 size 5; 2 size 6; 4 size 6Vz; 1 size size 9; 2 size 10t&; 2 size 11; 2 size 11 /2 ; 2 size 12. Yes, it's a SUNDAE ev- ery day for happy boys and girls whose rooms know what nourish. ment there is in our desserts. And we have Just the flavors kid LOVE! Send 'em inl ~~ Sample ,-. our sup- er sun- daes! ~ BIGGER SERVINGS . BETTER FLAVOR 1 BLUE BIRD FOUNTAIN and Delicatessen Arlington If you wish to buy or sell, our classified ads carry your message far and wide-- 3c Per Word Minimum charge 65c 3 Insertions for the Price of 2 Phone 493 1 n]oo A wan and In Its t,e a. sweeping 197% incheslong...longestinitsfield! streamlined action . . . in the model illus- ~~~ A huge and husky 3190 pounds of trated . . . heaviest of all low-priced carst And a road-hugging, road-smoothing 58 inches between centers of the rear wheels . . . widest tread in its fieldl ~~~~~& e e- r~ s_|- Chevroletistheonly I[1 |rS T|e|~| low-priced car offer- by Fisher . . . the extra-efficient perform- J "~~~. ingyoutheoutstandingbeautyofBody ance of a Valve-in-Head Engine . . . the cradled comfort of the Knee-Action Ride J ~~ ~~ ...~ndthevitalsafetyofaCurved Windshield with Panoramic Visibility and lumbo-Drur~ Brakes,largest in its field. and Shopper Arlington, Wash. .. and finest no-shift driving at lowest cost with Automatic Transmission* Chevrolet's time-proved Powerglide Automatic Trans- mission, coupled with 105- h.p. Valve-in-Head Engine, gives smoothest and finest no-shi]t driving at lowest cost--plus the most powerful performance in its field! OCombination o] Powerglide Auto- matir Transmission and 105-h.p. Engine optional o. De Lgxe models at extra cost. The 8e~ Ak (Co~tinuai;on of standard equipment and trim Iffv~. trc~ed it dependent u~m availability of materi~l.| in its field l Yes, theso, bigger, more beautiful more finely balanced Chevrolets are the lowest-priced line in their field. Moreover, they are extremel~ ec, o- nomical to operate and maintain, on the short drive or over the long pull. Come in... see and drive Chev- rolet.., and you'll choo~ America'# largest and ]~nest low-priced carl MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVRoLETS THAN ANY OTHER CARl PIIOI . ARLINGTON, WASH. I i !i !:i i/{!7