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July 9, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 9, 1953

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It, T PAOE FOUR THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, ING ON, THURSDAY, JITLY 9, 1.%3. [ DARRINGTON ENTRIES I FOREST CAMPS ARE I ..... ~.E FROM CALIFORNIA I CRUISE ON SOUND I SWIMMING SCHEDULE IWIN PARADE PRIZES 1WELL PATRONIZED i :I's Purina McDowell former. ( Mr and Mrs Roy Lou-hnanl Following are the nam{ [ Three of Parr[nylon's paradel Reports from the Ranger Sta- v"oi~i)arrin~ton and her sister l left Monde-for a week's cruiselauthrized supervisors Mrs Horace Enyeart, |entries in the Arlington Fourth of|tion are that the camp grounds l r,. lva Fr~e both of Salinas'ldown the ZSound lo Ol"m'qa swimming pool and the[ . " ~ "--- I July parade won prizes, Chuck|were well filled throughout the] :.~:if "u'e here' for a week visit:lThey reiurned home Sund'~v ~hem11"12 a. m, Doris Brote~ Off for California |Spend Week in B.C. [ Barnhart clowning, Fire Depart-[ forests over the holidays. Thirly-[ q~ f'riends and relativ.~s 'r~e.,i~; .... r~ ..... a c. .... ~2~.....[ 12-1 p m Pe~, Reade, 23[ CharleSMrs. MartinTlle'naar'Tollenaar,Sn of;,l] Mr. and.Mrs. Stanley Ruski,~,~L.[ mentOW- and' their" model T, comedy| hve" cars were counted at Buck| spenl~ s five days lravel/nv ..... on thctof~ .......................... Almira. Wash. were ~uests~ ...... on[2-3 p. "m.,"Stma' Olson, 66~' and ski an.a ennaren st)en~/as~ ~r~ve]and the Queen',s float The Queen[ Creek Saturday and eightee!l at[,:ab, vi'.~ilin,~ wilh relati~'es and I the cruise, and 'are visiting at l3-4 P. m., Bernice MilesA: arnvea nome ~amraay, June z~.lon a slgm-seemg trip. Hmy u,u e[ float has ainu oeen requested furl butpnur creek on bunaay. Cnerelfriends alonT, the way ]the I ou~,hnan home The,, ~dan[45 P. m. Peg Sygitowiz, tie expects to leave for San Fran-Ito Edmonds wnere they lOOK Lithe Apple Blossom Festival iniwere no signs of fireworks and} ' ~ ~" ) .... ~...~ ,~. ,,.~,_ ,.~L.~ .,..f~2 6-7 ~ m Carla Barnhart 1 h went u, l,=tuxH ~u ttt~lt HUHt~ lucidly v' - ,~g~l~naTahrUrSwd?YneMrof Chha:t~Yl{errYitc~oPf:t bAyng~es,tl~e~ Ball/Wenatchee next spring. ., /Vae~pegO:d co operatmn from the[e~O,RGV. HANSONS tTh~ MrigS%yEnnge~en~ean:f M:.[peAnyOnng x~h~nngg t On~SS,' Timber Bowl Pontiac, and his[ferry line. They drove from Vie-[FORESTERS PICNIC [ .rh,~ ~'~rost S,~rvice states that[w~ autu ~uun ~ ~ " ~ .... ' . 1 ..... er~ his[Port" '' v' a[ ........ Mr erett were wmoer uowi guesrs, hours, ca. me sup father Martin Tollenaar, left turin to Nanmmo, Parks file nd The Suiattle district personnel|rh,~ back trails are nol onen vet [ . . and Mrs. George ttansonI [ohnr~,o Friday for California to get Alberni and visited frienas.]enjoyed a picnic at the Suiattle[bu~ that the- ,~lan to s~art ~tbe]left June 29th on a motor trip ..... .'-'U-Z-'-7-~.~ _ .I-"_--~" wife and children and to visit his[Thursday they drove back to De-[guard station Sunday. The ladies[trai1 work nex(week Tlie Can-[lhru,gh Washington, Oregonffamri.~)nO)gn~n.tC~'o4et~lowar~ anal Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Mster, Mary ]parture Bay and took the Black| at the ranger station prepared the|,,on Creek trail brid~,e will be[and Ca!ifornia. They planned to v.~:+;~ ~ +L^ ,.:: .... ,;__- . [ana ~wrs. walter i~.oO~ " - ,Y ~ - ' [ l~ltlll~;~ a" t.e m ~v~ru ~el- spent the 4m in t~i a, |Ball ferry line to Horseshoe Bay|foed There were about twenty ] .... ~ot,~n ,,its[, ~hnut faur["o Io Ulah lhrough Idaho, stop,~. -,z ...... , .... ". [ ..... g- -, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Riddle spent and drove around Vancouver and~four Deo~le attending | ..... 5~ ~,~,~ (~ ~oo,torl on the main] : ma to Vlml thmr , on,[~r~,~,, ~oet ~,~a~, '~_a - " ';] ~ m the week-end in Seattle at Long-[up on Grouse mountain, where[] .... [ ~.','/i-;~Ti~"t~'.~i]" ......... ]al~o in Reno and Virginia City. i~;:=~,',~'~h:;;~=~,.~=~, rem/:nf~[Parems, Mr. and Mrs. : acres, where they celebrated the they took the chair hft to the top CAPT. STERLING re.] ~'Work- is'being done on twolThey expect to be gone about twol erw~'t~h'em.rT'in'~er'~'ow~ gue~s==.[daughterMrS" Dewey Lougla~ holiday and their wedding annl-of the mountain up to the chalet. Mrs Gertrude Sterling has ..... *.~wd-'w- One hu,dredlx~eeks ............ "_ ,_ Mrs. Walter l~ versary. Wednesday evening din- They also visited friends in north ceived word from her son W. R.[slx~y acres in the" Straight ~reek[ andtnl~ir~.O~aarl~on~mvaen:e:f _[~({[Jr. arrived home W~ ner guests were Mr. and Mrs.[Vancouver. They had a picnic[Sterling of Tokyo that he had[area with'an estimated nine mil-| Harvey Woods, formerly of Par- "~,~ .... "..-d ~ .... a ,~ ........ [night, from Long BeaC~ Lawrence Mallonee. and famuy[ lunch at Stanley Park on SundaY[been promoted to captain on May[ lion board feet. Also in the WMte)n.ngi.on, his wJfe and fam!ly, are lMiller of Item[lion [Mrs. ~ Robinson s hust ) of Klover, near Chenalis. Timoer[anu returnee nome. [26th. Mrs. Sterling's grandson Ted[creek area, between the Suiattle]WSn!ngfirmnos ano r emnves in! ~. wa ~ ........ "c ........ [~an Lnego mr overse.a.s2 Bowl guests were Mr. and Mrs:[ [Bakke of Seattle is spending aland Skagit districts, about twolLmrrmgtn, tie plans ~o ~eacn in ~-;~. ...... . , ........ ~,., ~a~ *c,yi~ney saw some [emwsw~ W. O. Northrup and family or[ HOME FROM GUAM [vacation at her home. ] hundred acres and an estimated[Califrnia this f}H1. Als0 visiting mucn pmaseo wnen three school- [ and stars and many ot~ Sumner. [ Marvin West, son of Mr..and[ __ [ fifteen million board feet These[at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Us- m/~res CLime on her on Ju.ne23rd.[esting items. Mrs. Mr. and" Mrs. Harley Smoke[Mrs. Lawrence West, arrived] Many of their friends will bettyo blowdowns are now being]carWdsandMr'andMrs-N~les[~neu~eel~:re~ctVt~a~ers~lar~[(Kathleen, plans to l~Ve spent the week-end in Spokane[!mme ~unaay aIter ....spe_no[n_g!glad to know that,Tex and Betty|processed for timber sales. ]~),x~[ere]and' Mrs" 61,,~, Given of Bethel)a'~m" - .a VlSltlng a nephew and wife. [twenty-one monms In ~Juum. ,vU.lLou Steele of the t:aseaoe Hill-[ [~,,..?,u ~,~{~ ...... ,~,~u a-~l .... a .-,~.. g~ ....... : ........ [ Many mlks will be int~ satMrrd~d inMr~rTOgtSntOneny s~ent.[ ~l~LM~eWTrStorn~et th~ma)mSe~itr.# binll~ews:Tl~; :h: ~:h:atnW~g~v .] a Ar~ivlpgaaty tcheah?o?t~ oOf sMr: / i,~ar~)'Yt~:~r~oVH:;~m~.P:ho~n~t~V;s: ann~l ~;ennl~frs; ~am~eiiv~!U~ir~sd~ UTM~rst. I ~?nWe/h~iiM~. :fndvM/~ Bud Jones, of Clear LaKe, spent " r'v d It da was'their dau hter, Mrs An- g , " " " erly of Darrington, en day m Everett. Timber Bowl vm- . Summer has finally ar ~ e y g , ber Bowl guests for the week.end ~MMMr B~i!~ MWMil: ~ueantil ~~:s~.~t I~W~~ ] ~Uo~:Of~ aj:un~ dy .bM~o~n ~y y:~a~ ~ idtnahty~] ~.~n~Vt!n~ ~Mnma~ ] l~aIa~r~i s~!n! ~i~] ~7: tT i ms~Ie'r rro' ~nnodxdsv MMvI j~!l e~oLi~ ~i ~i ] ~:T~uein! nai Sisal ~I .... Miohnol "~11 of Seattle, and|and ' y ~ . P~ . . [ ~-.~.~ u .... ~ ..... ~o ,~ "~, ,n~]mediat'ely after the Timber Eowl[ Timber Bowl visitors at the ........ ". . . .. |well. ] ~Y'" ""'~"~-~-~ ~..... ~t .... an~]in Arlington ~aturuay, ana la~er[. ---,k,,=, ~'":: s ......... ~" :'-':'lnarade and drove to Sacramento.theme of Mrs Sylvia Hollings-[zvns" ~9" ~numer, Jr., ana 1amny Timber Bowl visitoPJ| Mr ano ~v~r~. r~,~ ~ ..... , ....... lvirs ~urKe rienson were i ~gt v - o . o.~u,, , ~".... tt [joined frmnds and relatives at[.~ ....... e ~..~.2o ,~;[ Mr and Mrs. Carl Curry and[worth were Mr. and Mrs. Elmerlwere mr: ana ~virs; i. ~am3~e~son:]home of Mr. and MRS,] "~""*: " ......... t Lake Goodwin for a nicnic Their! beo. ~e~ens, to. o. ,,,,..,,,~o, .,.] .__.; ..... ~.. a,~ .. ~,,~, 1~1./r~,,o~..... ,4+~ r.~a .... *1 Or LveretL Mr. ano Mrs. Bill Hall! ona ~,-~;hr _ +~,~ a..a.,.,-- n~ I,,]. 4th Ju-[ ...... r :: _lo-- r,;.a, laioo Lear,, Henson O~]l~tlllll~ ~)~llt tll~ ~ttll U Ot~**J .*~" UUOLaO~JII O. IIU tlll~2:~= IIIIUI~=II UI ....... I .......... ul t.4. l#.tA lOtllll~.d-- - ""- ......... P"~ "~ :"l~ r secon}l[ nmoer t~ow~ guests were Mr. ariel ~5~e=an(~]~l *Simpson of the [[days with friends on Camano Isl-[ Sedro-Woolley. David Gustafson ( a~l ~yir. Mrs. Don Backstrom, land Mrs. O'Hara and s0~ ay.Morgan cele~rateu ~ ..... r '[Mrs" Verco White ann Iami~y, oU~eat~ , ........ ~--e fromland Visiting at the Curry home[remained for a longer visit t'~ or Arnngton. I burn. Mrs. O Hara is i~] olrtnaay at me home oi net pa Seattle ~ana romt ~avut ~t~ , , er Mr ' Mr and Mrs ' " ents, M~l.sanadtyr~inEaarldMOrgoayi[ _ ...---7--'- .... [Wednesday until Sunday...arbint~Veryt~miTirm:~irB~lr~V~orest,oflHEn~Ta~rnaga g~e~tlu~eh ~ ~he]d!~t~ghter .tieat)~DanlJea~q~etn~nd t h~v~rS. S~ater~ld Bennetd muse a .~ . . ~] Timoer t~owi guests at me[ Mr. ana ~wrs ~aoyo r~ [Friday Harbor, and Mrs. wooas,[TimberBowl celebration were[WSmng at me nome of w~r. anait~ill and Miss Frank l~ Mr. and Mrs Joe Stoney andlRoy Wolfe were Mr. "and Mrs'|Miss Donna Morrison, "IS Air Corps. The "Freeses' spent/ ..... ;i .... k" .... Mr. and Mrs. Val Johnson and!her Bowl and also too daughter Betty Jo, spent the[William Wolfe and son Roy, oi/attle. . .... |tie 4th of July at Lost 2 Ifamily, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ed-IDickie home with her | week-end in Seattle visiting rmaqLake Stevens. They were also| Timber Bowl. vmltors o~r. ana[Their son Arthur is visiting withIfamp,, a and son Lyle, Ronald Bak- been staying at the 1~ t~'ves and doing_ their fall buying~l T~mber" Bowl guests. | Mrs. Harry Gmaslo anast ~am~Ylads. [ Mark Dasch near. Anacortes.Sulphur[ ;"Ar.h'ngton ~ ........... and later had~ ......... supper er ann uerald, Howard. spent, theat I dayfr over a month. AlS0~0~ for the store. Mr and Mrs Floyd Wri~,ht and/were Mr. and)~Irs. Erne G Enjoying a pmnm at ........................... 4th of Jul, hohdays camping Mr. and Mrs M~ .~am ~t n s~ent the[d.... ht~r ,nont tho Faurth nf u |Jo and daughter, m bea~ m... I Creek on the Fourth were Donald t,,~ ~,r~ ,,,a ~r~ , . ~ . Meaaow Mountain. mond of Everett sper~I _r_m J u, oole.ond ............ at the home of Mr and|,,'~"s;,~ ...... a.llnat~ ................ .... d via[ted wiih|" Visiting at the homes or wir./Faulkner,' Josephine and Joanne/,~o.." ...... ,1,,., ,,,,~. 1.,. B. Knlght~ in Mr. and Mrs. W~ll" Knowlesland were droner" gue~ ...... ~ "'" ~' - " ............... a and " "-'~ ...... t 2:"'~'" :"-~v~rs. ttarola=: =~:ngies'-'-- ano- famil"~Y' Mr ana'~'"a~Mrs." verne'" rnlton....... anaL/and . Mrs. Horace Enye rs / Holllngsworth,o Calvin.. Hollmgs- ~. Mr nd o'!spent" last week at their fanu' at Vm~tmg since T~mbe ^l~,~ +h,~,,~ woro Mrs Dnrina Me'l,,=u, ,m,~ho~n,~n .... ~tfattho|famHv, and Mr. and Mrs. Wll-)worth David Faulkner, Davldj . ..a Mrs. Glen Hooper an )Lyman and attended the Fourthlthe home of Mr and Doweil'"anci"~lVIrsT"Ena-frye, Of[ho'me'oi"~Ir~" an*'d" i~Irs-'Wrig'l~'t|l!am Enyeart and family over themGusta~son' Mrs. SYlvia Hollings-lcni.mren spent the Fourth weeK: of July celebration in Sedro- Peterson is their grana~ Salinas, Calif " Timber Bowl[were Mr and Mrs "John T Timber Bowl, were Mr. and Mrs.lworth Mildred Green and Mr eno camping and driving arouna|Woolley pnttw rM..... ~ttle.~ [ e " " "[Milan Johnson and two children, and Mrs Frank Faulkner. the Mountain Loop. They left, Mrs Alta Long is vtsitin~ at thel-~i~nff~'~o~3 Ov i'io guests at the Strum home wer~[Rhodes, Gerald Rhodes of Bell- . .... . , ~ ......... ~ J,,hn Laruon and son of Ev ~,,~,h .... ,~ ~ ~na Mr Vornotel Seattle, Mrs. Esther Sage, ofI T~mber Bowl guests of Mr. and[Fmday .,and returned SundaY;theme of her daughter. Mrs. Earl[home of Dr. and Mrs. ,~"~; ................... | ~';~st'~,~"~,,~"~hi"~h'r,~-,~'~f"~'r~l'in'~,~t~n'n-ISeattle, Harvey Williamson, Mrsq Mrst Fraok Faulkner and sons l~mDer ~ow~ guests were lvl~ anaI McQuesten, and family, of Arl-[ dle and family were JI .......... iCeeella ROberts Mr and Mrs were Mr and Mrs TOm LOng and Mrs ~'eell bmltn anti sOn ~-~reg In IOn Dlanne LO__ ~ -- "~r_ ~ ory{iofLdkMW:?~lvin I t~SUt ......................... 3 ........ ' g "" ng daughter of Furr of Everett and ~t:t~h:o:~~M~r~eli~ec~a~.t:~?~:~-nd) ~rne" Pa~l Wlrn:g~rrrgnl::i~h~Ve~re~:~:ri:l g~a~:~t~l~. BjUt~eZye rAermStnreO~lg~n~nil] Jones and ~;'ry:~dle, MrS'peD~rnig hLensgugf- Th'~mybs:nBflElglens . ~ ." ".. " "[ Y . ..... "]Ione Fleck and d g ~ about n0on on the foll~wing Me -]two daughters Linda and Carole|mer vacation at the home of Mr.[Mrs Lloyd Phillips a.~ Uenmar penter oI ~entrana b boy who arnveo at me ~:ver cattle and pv y roras worm re ~o - T~last W [ Y - , i _ . .'|Joe Balestrino all of S , ]day ..... [spent last week at Wenatchee land Mrs Morris Long and fam-[were Mr and Mrs Nal~ i ber Bowl uests at the ett General Hospital ~riaaYlx~-- ~'---'k Cole and son David t -; - " w" - F urth f Ju -he ent nd r' "" " " Tm g -~] : .... ,,_., a-i?.,...,~ ......... I rim~er t~o lano o o -I'1' ysp F" aynightatC!ea lily. Timber Bowl visitors were[erett. .-~ home of Mr and Mrs Martin mght, July ~rd lie wmgne0 o ~ Re Stevens 1 vlmtors at he home of Mr ~ are al the hem M n s _ . . . ~[ ..... _ .~ .Iof La _ .1 y '" t .1 ~" e of r. a d Mrs. Mr and Mrs Jack Long and fam-I Miss Bette Riddle is~ Tollenaar, Sr.,dwgrerlVlc~,?~an~. ?~[~a.~an~asn~e~:r~mg~aan~p~[[ Timbe~ BoWlgerUeeS~ratthe l~ires!land Mrs. Vie Gilm0ur were ML[Leroy Mills and atlended the 4th[ily and Mr. and Mrs. Paris Long|spend the week-endbe1 Jim Blend an o " , I[ " ...... e r Han"lGartn home .land Mrs. Gus Opitz of Snoqual-[of July celebration in Sedr0-iand family all of IVlarysville, and|burg where she will be][[ Reek Island. |ents are~.r, anafl~rs, n n y,. "[H: G. Overby of Seattle Mrs.]mie Falls. IWoolley Salurday. [Mrs. Sam Price of Everett Imaitt for a school ma~ /son, ann me paternal granapar:lOverby is Mrs. Garton s sister. I - ' - ' ' ~ GtM~r? a~tn~ grs.m EaW~r 1 ~iEorgana eo~tLiiri d aMgh e d Mer iO ie We!l va d _ '1 1 "! / Mr. and Mrs. Riley Jones atten -Igrand on e! g |sis'ter inLos'Angeles, i ~~ [ ~-~ _.~.l_ ....... 1 lt__ ed the commencement exercises,I parems. | Recent visitors at the home of ~, I I ! At ~'-I! lr-I ~ ~" ~ lf'l "~ ~'~ ~ ~ "!" -r ~ June llth at the Weste,~uW~ish~[ Timber Bowl guests atthelMr, and Mrs. Ben Meyers were I/ Ill I 1 I 1 I IIP %.-II 1 1 / ll in on College of E " home of Mr and Mrs Roe Wright[Mr and Mrs Phillips Eidem of ~1 L | | 1 | Y| ~ I ~ ~ | | .gt ...... , _}~[ " " " ~" -- ........ " .... "'" -" "" Carl = ~- ~ ~- I-.---,-- .~.,.,~-.,~- "~--~r ,~-v ~w'~,-m- ~ ~ .l...m~ wnere Mr. ann mrs. Morgan s soalwere ear. ann ~rs, Tom W~'.lgflt|SeatHe, ann mr. ano lwrs. .... ..~i was a graduate. ] and two girls, of Concrete, Mr.[Well and children. Mrs. Eidern is '~| I and Mrs C H Hill and three chil-| Mrs. Meyer s niece. ~'1 Keith Morgan, son of Mr. a.nd[dren M~.'Ei'lie Lewis, and Mrs.] . ' l~,, " Mrs. Earl Morgan, spent the]John'Mann, all of Marysvflla, Mr.|VACATION AT BIRCH BAY ........................................... ~ a week-end at home. He is station-land Mrs. Frank Charvot and sons,[ Among those spending this g ~d at Fort Lewis. . . |of Bellingham, and Mrs. Ann|week's vacation at Birch Bay are V~HBRB &~ two generally a~ptedmean~ ~ the d Last week s visitors at the nome] Wright and son Ed., of Calgary,[ Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones and fam- .-]- items Of the word "worth." One comes down ~ent. ! ~f Rev. and Mrs. Charlie Brown|Alberta. |fly, Mr. and Mrs. Walter ~ates -2.._i~rJJoH _~ . ..... . r O10 1 Reeee +~ o u ~ q u ar~ ana ceres vame xne omer nt wm was their arandson, Larry BlaKe-I Mr and Mrs Harold York s~entl and son Mr and Mrs ff'm ....... . +~ , . " . . o , more, of Port Orchard. Fourth of[ the Fourth of July week-end aft and family, Mr. and Mrs. Pau! ~ p~rsolaal; what something is worth to you m |~~t~erett, L~ .July visitors were Mr. ann[ttoods Canal. They had twenty-[Woodward and daughter: Mr. and ~t~lneaa, iapddeofposscssion, in reliability, [~!~.qI~r~,::n ". Blakemore daughter ana son-m-|six Timber Bowl guests. ' 1Mrs. Guy Lemmon ano ~amny, "'d u, other ..... I~~:~| |~!~=_" or law of the Browns, of Port Or-I Rev. Brooks is on his way tO lMr. and Mrs. Dick Gilbert and ..... J'" " [~~S of V ~hard, Mr. and Mrs. WalterMc-[Sylva, N. C., to bring his parentslfamily and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Either way you look at "worth" we feel |~~1 Mrs. Clain, and daughter Mary ~:nen]out here, those making the trip[Jones and children. .kat..ou,ll ~I~L" .... ,~ ~__a. _._,u .... [~~[~ a~d la_ no ~ ~u~ u=w oo ~uru wur~u mur~ ~n(l ~nd Mr and Mrs Torgensen a Ol back with him are Ray Green I Y . , M :daughter Darlene, all of Seattle.[Whitley Massengale and StirlingI Visiting at the home of Mr. and And here's why: joir Dr. H. L. Caldwell, sta~e sec-~Melton. They are going by way of[Mrs. Ivan Jones and family on .......... surp~ xetary of the Washington tlapns~Ithe Grand Canyon. IThtirsday were Mr. and Mrs. Steve 1I you,coma cnect~ the uaea car prices ot . , _ hurt .State Convention, will spea~ zn [ Charles Enyeart, son of Mr. and ] Johnson, of Long Beach, Calif. last year s cars, you'd find that Ford keepslord s Crestm~ Body is hull-tight to H~ i~ uly V4 in the leeward M~ ,~he First Baptist churen oz t)ar- Mrs. Horace En.yeart, spent a Mrs. Johnson is a former school the greatest part of its original cost in resa e " keep out dust, drafts and weather, field, the same type ofengine nov~ Wflcm rington at the 11o clock service week m Seattle vlmtlng his cous- chum of Mrs. Jones .......... .., I_ You ll find it welded where other cars iti~d'mth::aoofe~mpe~~:,nsgi::st~i~wt~. Lela z a 8rea~er poruon man an omer car a~ ~reen next Sunday morning?al~eUlnYdur.[in, Merle Hanson. . f|VlSIT IN S, _DAKO[fAD Andrews "'" rice Y' are bolt6d, for greater strength and ~1-3 miliio of Also the picture slides t _..'[ Recent visitors at the home o [ Rev. and Mrs. U.. any p ..... . ~ :-----:---- ,-am-"~uck ~ing the ,Daily Vacation ..BiD let Mr. and Mrs. Nels Bruseth. wereI and son David are visiting rela- ..... satet, y . ;. to chromate water,catching ~ff r s you the.ind.~l~ grand 'School al the church wm .oe[Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Caianan)tives in South DaKota. "rney left ~ow, as everyone Knows, the amount ot cracks wnere rust can get a IootnolcL most moaern ~x,~or evenie~sr~llt~ _ shown at the even!ng" serwce/and son Toby, of Seattle, also Mr. I June lOth. They went back to at- value a car loses l~tween the time you buy it " ~ _.~m~.T e~ next Sunday at 8 O'CLOCK: .land Mrs. Phil Brandner, of Bell-|tend the celebration of the 50th and *he time you ~eu :* "- ,L .... .~.~ _ _~_t ~~-- - - = -_ _- - ] ~: == :_ ~- - , for a s" visi$ ' * J u xt *a tuu autua, cuet ux his Spending a three weeg [mgham and Portland called Sun- wedding anmversary of Mrs. An- . . , . . = - -~_ -- =~ = | W~ - : -=- -- =- - _~: " -at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hen- [ day afternoon, after having spent I drews parents, the car to you. W~th Ford s low original cost rce. rto ~y Vognild is Mrs. Marma ~or-|the night at Monte Cristo. | Timber Bowl guests of Mr. and and high trade-in worth, a Ford costs you I~[~J]~~~[[~! ~~t~ me aaies rs man of Ch.icago. The twol -a [ Mr" and Mrs" Nels Bruseth went[ Mrs" Tm Ash were Mr-" and'Mrs" lesstoown. ~~~ ~/rL.H~ made a trip to Victorm. ~una y [ to Wh~dby Island Tuesaay to vm- I Dfllard~hompson oz ~:verett. ~li[~r/~~ ~~'.~ mr ,dinner guests at the. farm weret it Mr. and Mrs. Nicolai B. Aaall. | Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ash and And apparently a lot of folks have a lot Of ~~~ hite Mr. and Mrs. Leonarcl ~u_rson, oz/ Mrs. Pat Winks' mother, Mrs.[family spent the Fourth in Arl- --rsonal reasons'wh1" "' " me - ~~@": I ~~~~l~[I~Ve her :Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. H aa~on[Dru Neely, of Sitka, Alaska, will[ington and later at Lake Good- o ,~ _, , . ~~~-::- I ~~]m.l~t, ' Vognild, of Silvana, an a tmn[arrive by plane Tuesday. Iwin, where they were joined by them. ~or mats why people are willing to ~~ii~ ~~ek by C, underson. Mr. ana ~ars. ~ermce) Visiting from Friday until Sun-IMr. and Mrs. Charlie White and pay more for a used Ford. ~ ~ ~ - l eon . Wee Klotz and children of Seattle call- |day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.I family and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer_ ~ ~ --- I k. ~~ _- = :r CAI .ed in the afternoon. ~ /Don Tandy and family were Mr.)Afseth and family and Mr. and To help you evaluate the~e reasons for ~[[~/k:!!~i~ I ,~:~::: = -- _ - Mrs. Harry Butler will emer-[Tandy's parents, of Seattle. [Mrs. Bob Barnard and family, all =our~l[, we have su.~,qled a few illastrationa [~ll~!: - I ~~~iJ]~[~llll~.~ Mrs. tain the Bridge Club Tuesaay at/ Visiting for about a week andlof Arlington. ~_~ .,2_ -a-e t'v . ,,,- . ~ =~- I ~ -.:- --' ~ _,v~s Pier "her home. . - ~l a half at the home Of Mr. anal Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown and ~n ~ F ~ .- ann we oner you a ~est " Fordomatic Drive " ves -.ou the smooth ~o bs~ly hu: e ~ : , --~ un Timber Bowl guests at th |Mrs, Dick Pomeroy were Mrs.lfamily spent the Fourth in Arl- Drive m the 53 Ford at your convenience, effortless ower of a tor ue convertor ~vo~ over ~[~'~gton home of Mr. and Mrs:__Sam ~ates Pomeroy's parents, Mr. and Mrs.[ington attending the celebration. Ch~k the features that you want in a car and . .. P . q . . ~~Wheel. -- -:: ..... w W Car-I ............. Dell Garaens ............ ini-^ Colson and _ -' plus me savings ana response ot auto- ~brd's new ride cu~ front,e~i~.r that were mr. anu 1~1~. ~), ~, lllOlllp~U/l, U D , ~vn. arm ,vz,~. ma n corn are them with" even the costllest" cara ~ dr' W t penter, Mrs. Johnie Jacobs and]calif. They are expecting Mr.]three children spent the Fourth -, P ......... matin gears. Ford also offers you gaa- ~F'~ the ,~ ~on 3ohn, all of. Seattle, .l~)n[Pomeroy's parents, Mr. andMrs.[week-end in Tacoma visiting ~tsot~r,eetmg taatonce youao, youu never saving Overdrive or easy.shift Con- ~"~n th aohnaon of Birdsvmw ana smterl Vernon Pomeroy of South ate, lwith Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weberpay more tatm the price of a Ford. vcntmnal transmission ............ a new conce tr ...... of drivia~..~ the ~rs. Llewllyn Ledfora of Frank'[Calif., to arrive Sunday tor a twolfamny, the lino N C Mr and Mrs. Tom Long weeks visit. Timber Bowl visitors at theHar- , as ta ~nd grandson Buzzie Armstron. g[ Visiting friends and relatives__ trY Bullen home were .Mr." and . ~ata11;~ . of Seattle were Frmay. evening[for about ten days were wirs. M.[Mrs. E. V. Thuriow, oz ~eattle, ~ I,"easea I t WORTH MOPdg WIIEN YOU BUY IT...WORTH MORE WItEN YOU SELL IT )r(i Burnaby, and .Mr. and M. = rth[ Delta and daughter, of'Bre Mrs. Olin Cabe and sons o er e E. Olson and three ooys, ot ~o [ Spending a few days with Mr. Timber Bevel were Mrs. Jack Rug- SEE IT,. o h Bend. the hem [Henry Vognild on his farmM~rS" ers and daughter Roberta, Mrs. o o Timber Bowl guests at _ . . el Haakon Vognild, of Silvan . Jess Emery, all of Arlington, Mrs. VALUE CHECI~ ~ of Mr. and Mrs. Jo_nn L. vve~sn[Haakon Vognild celebrated his Lola Rogers and son, of Seattle, n and son Jack were. Mr. ana|birthday with his family on the and Mrs. Dave Mallonee and TESTDRIVE = Ed. Marlot, Mr. ana Mrs. ~rltZ[Fourth of July. Mr. and Mrs. friend, of Marysville. Last Sun- Wenrick, all of Marblemount,[Haakon Vognild were Timber day's visitors were Mr. and Mrs. AT YOUR ( Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bloom and taWS/Bowl guests in Darrington.e rt Jack Cogdil of Marysville, and sons, of Sedro-Woolley, Mr. I Mr. and Mrs. Horace Eny a Mrs. Hal Ensley. FORD Saturday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Col- lins and daughter Marjone were Miss Edna Poindexter of Mt. Ver- non, and Dave Robinson of Swede Heaven The party went on a fishing trip to British Columbia, leaving Monday and returning Friday. Mr. and Mrs. John Fortner spent the Fourth of July week- end camping at Monte Cristo. Mrs. Art Stierlen and daughter spent the Fourth of July watch- Stella of Burlington, Mr. and Mrs. ing the parade in Arlington, vis- Warren Beeerost and two children [tiny at the home of Mr. and Mrs. of Clear Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Cole and two sons, of Lake Robert Steen of Edmonds. Stevens, and going to Kinney's [Barn, where Ed. Hunter, Jr. beat Tex L~r~t' I~k at Okl H~mt$ . ] the drums for the "Cascade Hill. Tex Leroy, whose home iS re|billies." Eastern Washington, is campingI Monday visitors at the home of on the North Fork and visiting~Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Brown and friends in Parr[nylon. He lived in|family were Rev. and Mrs. Breed. Darrington for many years, love, formerly of Darrlngton, "Arlington's Friendly Ford Dealer Since )l 11674