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July 9, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 9, 1953

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No. 11 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, July 9, 1953. , f Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle A'pril 3, 1915. Bob Leach Suffers 1 Home Broken Arm Mrs. AI. Veilleux re- Although some of his friends uesday, Junelaccuse him of breaking his right where they arm while attempting to pat him- g at the self on the back for a good job daughter and son- well done on the Fourth of Ju. and Mrs. Herbert ly in handling the wrestling MateD, following matches and assisting in the big on May 25th at parade, Bob Leach says "tain't which they were so." He says he came by his broken arm in a freak accident who received a at the ball park, when he was as- fracture, is getting sisting in returning bleacher and in a wheel seats, used at the wrestling to be so matches, to their original loca- Arlington's 1953 Fourth of July i stuff" ~o stir up the crowd, soline Corps drill team, put on an and Centennial celebration spon-]that a good time was had by all. exhibition drill at intersection of sored by Arlington Post No. 76, The Western Shows set up a Third and Olympic and thrilled American Legion, went over the fine carnival at the Lions parklthe crowd with their expert ev- top in grand style, and drew and on the west side of Olympic[lutins. whatls thought the largest avenue between First and Sec.t The Firemen's water fight, as crown ever to witness a cele- ond, and with lots of good rides, t usual drew a large crowd and orauon in the town. and shows, started operation onlthe Marysville and Arlington Combining the Centennial idea the night of the 2nd and con- firemen got all wet and had a and the Town's fiftieth annivers, tinued on through until the night good time wetting themselve~ ary as an incorporated muinici- of the 4th. and a good portion of the jolly pality, with the Independence' Kiddies Parade spectators Who won the water Day celebration, the entire: A splendid feature was the fight? Nobody. community entered into the Kiddies Parade. held on the] On the night of the 4th a peppy month. Mrs ~ion near the baseball diamond spirit, and window displays, urg-i morning of the Fourth, the par-]orchestra competed with the Car- from her in- Leach was working with Don ed by the H. A. T. club of old-ade forming on First street and]nival ballyhoo, but attracted a Backstrom, Con Hjort, and Don time clothing and family heir-marching north to the Fountain. / good crowd for the street dance, Mrs. Veilleux ex- Britsch. They were using the looms, appeared in practically There were ma~y fine features, and they carried on until a late appreciation of the Backstrom Motor Co. "cherry every store window in town. the youngsters also carrying out hour. and letters contain-picker' when the hook on the end Many of the menfolk sprouted the historical theme, and several Kiddies Parade o, ..... th,, of the chain caught the section beards and mustaches, some -uaint "~^~* .... w .................... ~-,v-~.,J " " r ' t u uu~tu,,v~ v,v ~ve,, a~ rrlze winners in tne K1GCIIeS ~, ,h~ Leach was standing on. It ]e k- luxurious and some rather doub - well as many comic features and .... n.. ^- ~. ~. A,u ...... ,... ,,,,~'~=~':~, ""~::~ ed the section suddenly throw- THE CAMERA caught Queen Becky I and members of her Court as ful Among the ladies one or decorated bicycles and famiP" g ....... ~, ou,~ ....... = a~, LUL- t'[t'willbe "so~e ing Bob to the ground from the theJy strolled downtown on the Fourth At the Queen's left Princess two ventured forth in gowns of pets being entered' y lows: .~ . ri ht arm was ' " ...... ancient- si . .. . ~omic eeatures--lst Jill Roch all ,,o,. h,~ ~,,~,,,~,~d second tier. H's g Christie Waterman, with Princess Lena Arnot at her rlgm an(l ae gn. In the afternoonrne ~rana ...... " .. ~,,, ~,.. ............. . ..... , ~" on, ~teve ann Don Anaemia, broken at the wrist, and his right Princess Lmme Pmrson just behind Queen Becky s shbulder. Prm- In the queen contest, which parade drew a record crowd and -~2 00- 2nd Julia D-cus G r~ side bruised, cess Peg Gaffney as not present at this time.--Times photo, was also in keeping with the was itself a record in the number ~us ~1 ~" ~r'~ v:~,o:,, " ~" ._! ~ ~/ ] o Fiftieth anniversary idea, in that and variety of floats and ~^,:~ _o.., ~ ..... , ........ =, Deara o_-.t_ ~_ll ILI:__. r.. a.. / [!| . ~ _1 all candidates were over 50 features, reM=;hin~'uu" ni--- -- Iomlms Dell rlOlIIC riremeu attenu i nea[ opeu years of age, Mrs. A, F. Bundt was Headed by the National Colors " g U t ~t, Cub was Scouts, $7 50, 2nd Ll[tle Leag lrv Contest 1.. o / ! l~. o ii i~ . ] ~ ~-,~ s~ell of wet weather elected Queen Bieky I, and and Color Guard, followed by the _^ ^-. _ . - . ._... " [ture and household effects for re- " g ' I Satu d y Y " the after on of the 3rd with a Divisi ........ 1'00 "" ' .... no on rne entire route oemg ~ [moval to Aberdeen. They have Department are in Aberdeen this perature was in the high 70s, Field Da'" for children 'results to lined wi*Li ............................. /. I s~ld the home here located ~ust - -- ..... I ....... y t tn nterebteu bpectatorb DOll eeatures--lsr Noenelle ~ 17u' .......... ' .... J**__ week attenalng convenuons anuIMonday it reacnea ~i, ann Tues- be found in another colu~nn), who crowded the sidewalks on Ludwick, $2 00; 2nd, Patsy Ann j oenlna me. plgn ~cnooi. tO_tile fire school I day 90. Tuesday night an elec- This, was followed by two Little both sides of the street There Morgan, $1 5"(~; 3rd, Arlene Smoke, ~~ SChOOl alStrlct ann nave purcnas- --- ~ - " - ~tric storm develo*'ed brin~in ....... " " ............. '--~ ~ t;niet Arnot is attenuing the v ~ ~ League oaseoau games ann in were so many entries that over $1 00 ~~~l lea-,a nome m.~De.raeen.: ..... convention f ......... [rain and cooler weather, but me evening a large crowd gath- half of those i,n the parade failed pot wont..... l~t l~ntht, and I~;li:::/ | The scnool OlStrlct Will sell me o ~tate rlre bnleis, clearin~ a~ain Wednesda-' after .................................... ---~*'*, ...... - -'-~ i~!:l~l I ......... ro ..... - ...... ~ g ~ ~ - ereu at l-iallOCK Ilel{1 [o wlmess to see the IlrSt sections wnlcn Shiri Har~'^r eo no. o-a ~. a~,~. ~~i:~l [house, ll: IS unoersmou, me p p- At the same time [ne wasnlng- ---n ,~. ..... ~..,,. ,...,,,o o,,,~n i,,, n~w .... ~n ,~.^ ....., _, ,,.^ ,~...~ .., v= , ~.-,,, ,~,,u, ~,u,u, l~~:l ]. Y -. ~ 2 v ton State Firemen s Association/ The barometer reading Thurs- wrestlers The bouts were fast march and disbanded long before ,~i-k-Y'-~ "g-_'~_Y'~,2~2 .......... In vehicles / ' - g r . . . t~ CIID.Ftl ~D.~, ~L.L~. ~~ [ ~r~..u ~.~;h ~ .... h,. hn. hoonis in session there Arlington tday morning is slightl3 above 30and the wrestlers staged a good they were In the line of march ............ .............. , .... -- .......... . ' " ' " ' " h F ll w" one t~nllaren s paraae was a~- l~~ I~ occupying the old home, has pur- having two delegates. " I, and settled weather is lndlcated~ ~~shw' working up enough roug o o lng the parade the Mar- rected bv Chairman' Ed .WeIl_._amm ~~ Ichased the former Lown home on During the conventions thel ~ r ~ " ~]r WT a ~'~* * ~ ~ The Judges were' Bicycle Fen- Washington avenue and has State Ir " , f' e school sponsored by the W tures, Ka~y Mathews, iVIary Ann ~l vdhisfamil thereto ..... ',_ liVlrs, t;nas, . 11111 Dies In t~ar txasn ,mo e Y " -.~,~ ,,~o~i~,~, ,~i,~,~ ,.~m., ~ Fo s~the, Doll and Pet features, ~ "~7~ -'(. .................. 2"[~][ ~ ~, ~ . LaVonne Meier Anne Field; mittee 1 also held at which Marchl ' ~ ' ' * "ng units, i~orgie Allen, Ha- lWnt r Denartment time the firemen undergo a~,,r,anu,,,rs. Skllhngstad, Mr. Hill Injured zet Kesling" Comic features, Jud ....... r , Y E ~',~ac',~..~,.,o ....._~Ul~us,~orma.~S ~v.t~ n . ur t t% course of training in the latest[ Mrs. Alma J. Hill, 65 wife oflRawleigh Hospital, Mount Ver-[of the Arlington Barber Shop. Backstrom, Mrs. Lee Atkins. ,- ~ " ,. I I~,usnes WOrK tJn methods of fire fighting and the lohas W Hill cashier of the Arl l noon According to Mr Skillingstad's Grand Parade ,tae paraae. 0UilU.S,i ..... use of various kinds of enui'~-]-~ -" Z.. " ..... "1 Mrl Hill and Mr. Skillingstadlrepoi't of the aeci~ient, they were In the Grand Parade, held tlm ~ennlal .peara, ms[ Pttm~ In~|l~ln~ . ~ v jlngmn blare banK, was lns[ant~Ylwere released from the hospital[enroute to Hope Island for Sun- afternoon of July 4th the win- ,gn~ ann me Lincoln A ~a~ ~,aa~l~,~l, a~ van ment m o 1 i ...... ..... I v _ ........ ]killed about 5 p. . Sunday, U Y]Tuesday, but are still suffering day evening dinner, and had just ners were anfiounced 'as follows: t~..... =/'="~. "'-v":.l With the advent of hot weather,] Others attenmng are weD[5' in an automobile accident lfroin bruises. Mr. SkillingstadI turned west off Highway 99, at Patriotic Floats--lst De~ree of ne marwreu pres~ ~. "] and the increased demands on[Moorman George Forsythe, .War-lnear Conway, when the 1953 Mer-]was taken to Seattle by his sonlthe point where Highway l-It Honor" 2nd, P T A ; 3rd, Arlin~- ..-_ the water system, Supt Paul Van'ren Perri o Bob Leach andlcury sedan driven by MurinoIDean, where he will remain for a (McMurray to 99) intersects 99 ton Commoro|'~ '('~;h ~4,r,,w~,* ~e .... Horn and his assistants have[nn~.u, n .... jSkillingstad, of Arlington crash-lfew days. Mrs. Skllhngstad, it lsIThe short strip of blacktop eros- mention Boy Scouts Church .lps were aown anu~ ~ ~.- "r - of been rushing work at the filter] .... ~ .... 2 . - led into the east end of a smalllthought, will remain in the hos-lses a slough before entering the float, pioneers. ~ ' g own oy many [ ~orman ~ayior WhO is Seere n .plant where a ,new .750-gallon ..... ' ~. . "lbridge on the blacktop road be-lpital at Mount Vernon for sev-[old highway (which runs south Cnrnrnoroinl f/nnt~ "let II~l~ leenfl~k~,~ncm~m, emll Goulds pump is oeing installed: Itary o fme State vu'emens As-]tween Highway 99 and the old[eral days. to Stanwood). Just what happen, strom'"l~Io'tor'* d2r~-'~a~' v'-.~2~ n's Fiftieth annivers At the present time the load is[ sociation expects to attend some highway at that point. [ All ot those involved in the ac-led, Mr. Skillingstad is unable to Gem Farms; 3rd "Paris Laun~l'~'~ d=,~n .~.~ ,h~ ,~,ht ~f being carried by a 40 h p Deny- of the session~ Mr Hill and Mrs Skitlingstad cident are well known residents explain He said their speed was ..... ' ..... ::d." . " ', . , , ~onoraole mention, rmrolo T t ~'~ .... ~'---d er-Gardner pump, capacity 750[ o I the other occupants of the car I of Arlington Mr. Hill being casn-lnot excessive as tney had just snn "1" ..... ro ~. ~,.i~. ,J,~.~,~,~" - Aoe Lincoln Dear " i h the ad ~ " ' ' " ' ...... ~"'~ ~" "'"~'~' *'"*"*'*"*~" ........ gallons per minute. W t "[~ / ~t i ! were injured, as was Mr. Skill-tier of the Arlington State Bank,[turned off 99 and must stop be- ~on ~vn was aeelareu tUG aitiofl of the new pump the ca-ii~umDer unemnloyeo i ingstad, all being taken to theand Mr. Skillingstad, proprtetorlfore entering the old highway. ~"~ ........ ""~" ,-~-;~,, will be boosted to 15001 a I~~ J ............ etorai -rioats---xsr tiaraen pa,~,~, , l~lrs, ftlll aceoralng ro rne re- Club" 2n H " ' hers were: Blackest, gallons per minute. Shows Decrease " ports, was probably the only one ., d, ospltal Guild, .3rd, ~; Blondest Howardl ..... esda-the,mm~o~erated[ Time to Remster for Kmderaarten [ ......... Darrlngton. Honorable mention, ' il ~n .u ~ . ~. t, v . . ~' . ~ WhO saw tna[ tne crash WOUla dest Gordon Qu ~ is about twine Olympia Wash, July 7 Un Russell Flower Shop ~_~ ,~ ...... "120)~ hours, which ... 1 : '. ".. "-- "[ Registrations are still beingiequipment use'd previously. /occur as she is said to have made[ ....... : .... ~u. Almll; .t~rayebi,: what is ordinarily Callea mr. lemploymem in Wasnington State[..~.~.~ ,... ~.~.~ ..... ,~.~ ~.,~.u ! Transoortation on the regular|an outcry iust ~ tho or~h ~,,. I &UUlt ~viarcnlng unlm --- IsL ~r), Fullest va At the rlver well a Peerles school bus one wa will be ro Marine Reserve 2nd, Arhngton ' ~ 'emalned virtually unchanged . ~ , Y, P -curred. Sqffering with a SeVere , incrust Geor e Dal allons a ment for the Fal semester ac , g um capacity of 1,000 g ~med arthri Fire Department " P P' - ~ luring the week ending July 4 .... " -- ~ ~, "' " t' "tic condition, Mrs Hill was card softener The ure of the present pump --- . . ~B , " " ' ' Y ' " ' vi 1 ' ' ' " _ .~ " ........ "_..helOf the Employment Security De-lreglstrations be made early ,so contacting any one of the fol, o ently head-on against the, Comic Features--lst, Clown. salew razor se~ The growing aemanu~ o~ t wi " " town plus tne ............ aamuon uema*,u'~[ partment reported today. [that final plans can be made. flowing:" Mrs. Robert Leach, 47W2;] ~dndShmld'i and apparently kilt.[Chuck Barnhart, 2nd, Ford and of the Glacier" Cold Storage plant, Increased work opportunities A room in the Roosevelt school l Mrs.l Clyde" Ruckert, 13W3, or Mrs,]eMr "nstantlY.s i I B,,.~.~.z .... ............... ~,~ ~o. a.n r~...,..~.....,~ .... Reunion i whlch at its season height ex [in the harvesting and processing is available for use as well as Eugene Pierce, 2635. ]= . ~k'llingstad received severe Fire Dept" Honorable mention, ' , ~ "of the states food crops was the~ ~~lchest and leg bruises. Mrs. Skil.[Marysville Fire Deot. ! g "" Fred G. Re , " ]tions and do draw benefits - p t two weeks a " g it'* I " s Hill Ude]l; Best Cowboy 'or Cowgirl, - held Tuesday even- ,h~ ........ Wa=hin~ton State Highway| in~, the two weeks that the mills: Red Cross Swim School at Lakel ~,0|~ o[orage r|an[ [ were held Wednesday. afternoon Mrs. H. B. Burke, $..5 00 Honor- 8 p. m., at the home Commission from ~Yakima, an-fare shut down. Stevens. "~ "~ I at the Congregational church, able mention, Geor e Dalton. [rs. Paul Wangsmo, ,~-unced today the aooointment] Payments were made to 10324 Bob Ludwick director of the Kecelve$ lSerrles ~ev. A. D:Brokaw conducting the An equestrian fergere that was ilttees will be ap- .'~" ~ ..... ~,~t, nf C~*-lvmnia asJpersons last week for a total of, school stated tl~at Arlington had . ................. [service.. interment was in the given special mention was the other., arrangements, u~e..~,~.~;~,, "~,~h,,~" "~Washin=ton[" " $254 536, of which $11,186 was one of the largest enrollraents in l Almougn ...... the ra,n~ during,_ thel tamll, y plot. in the Shelton eem- group from Bryant, headed by ~Seana" i~~~;~il ~ahe~ei! ~mt~! ~~!t ~~iiriii ~i!!!~ his services in the armed forces, An additional 286 were denied -eT2:lml~ ~rmaemple-'t!n t'-fne c~a~ s~mthese~S-w~m vItest is e.xpeetedwm star~ some rime that the. peanexthar:[ the first graduating class from Floral .%., Mrs. Marian Shea, Mrs. t~|t ~||t~ he has been employed since 1937 benefits for voluntarily quitting ~" ........ Y~ _ . ~ - -[ :he new Lincoln high school, Se- J. A. Healy, Mrs. John Danub~o. !, . -- a~ a research analysl" bv the work, being' unavailable' for suit- re~ume. ........... at LaKe ~ooawIn unaer:.., weeK. . . | ~ttle... She and Mr. Hill" were mar- Equestrian,; Dr. L. S. Batdorf, ~rnngton Washington State Association of able work, or other disqualifying ~ue :rUp:rvl~r~~Ntone~ecreaun The hot weather over the week | nea in beattle in 1916. Lee Utley and Edward WJ Soper. - causes : v ~ ~ . ena an~ up untn l uesaay even.| ~v~r anu Mrs Hilt have resided Patriotic Mrs J F. Cohoon, t Office to the Era- County Commissioners. - "" .... Th " ........ ~' " " " " ....... ~,~,,~,~,~- l-ha ~nli~t,a'l in the Army Air ~umoer oI persons certilying to e next major nlgn nght oi ing, Drought on the late straw tm Arlington for twenty-eight Mrs. John' Enselman, Mrs. S. F. Y ..... ~.=Y ..... ~ - a week of unemniovment week the summer program will be the berries last, and oecause of the!years Donneil C:d that itinerant Forces on ~ecemfler u: I~J. ana ending July 4, 1953,12,412; week camping session at Camp Silver- shortage of help, it is felt that[ Besides her husband, deceased Ag. Fioats, Harry Sargent, AI. e purpose of servea overseas .m varlous, cap a- ending June 27, 1953, 12,453; ton on July 29th. Additional in- there will he a considerable fail-[ is survived by one daughter Vir- Nystrom S F. Donnell. at insurance claims citle~ He waq olscnar~ea in 1~o r ' , ;.. ......... [ " ;" . ....... "week ending July 5, 1952, 9,877. fo mation on this will be given ing off in. this year s berry crop[ finia (Mrs. Wm. Cox) of Santa Juvenile" Marching, Mary wul De msconunueo vemoer, tu4.~ ann returnea ro [ Rosa, Calif., and twin grand- Hovik, Laura Snyder, Mrs. AL ly 15. work for the County Commission- :laughters; also by two sisters Nystrom." of service the small number Who are still filing and to re- of the Everett Of- 5, Unemployment residing in area who have their claims in report to the Ev- at 3021 Colby taker who will be [ington on July 15, give claimants for report- Office: 011 Your to give that In nature. All event~ fee is charged, o~ advertised wiU appea~ aThe charge will of $1.00 in new Bryant every Saturday music. Refresh- Orchestra ng pleasure ev- Saturday night Tavern. Silvana. ers Association. Since 1947 he has served at intervals as execu- tive secretary to the Joint Fact Finding Committee on -Highways. Streets and Brid~es on leave from his regular nosition. Goetz replaces H. C. Higgins, who has served as secretary~ to the Commission during the first two years of its existence. Hig- ~ir~ will return to full time du- ty as office engineer for the De- partment of Highways___-- Old Hotel Registers Come to Light During the Centennial and Fourth of July celebration there were a number of interesting pic- tures and records of the town's history brought to light. Amon g these were :'two hotel registers displayed by A. Strotz. These were the registers of the old White House Hotel, operated by the late Lee Rogers at the Forks. and that of the old Whaleback Hotel, operated by Mr. Kennedy. The books contained many names familiar in Arlington and Hailer City early history. They were giv- en to Mr. Strotz by the late Otto Wrage. H. A. T. Club members, w h o worked hard to put over the win- d o w displays and inject the CentenniM idea into the 4th of July celebration Pres., of the Club Mrs. A. Gierseh, with Mrs. Hildor E 1 i a son, Mrs. Mac P a u t zke, and Mrs. Violet Jensen. The la- dies appeared in the parade wear- ing costumes of authentic design of 100 years ago. It required ap- proximately 15 yds. of material ,for each costume The work of the group resulted in excellent d i s - plays of family heirlooms, pic. tures and relics of pioneer days, i n j e c ting the Centennial idea into the Inde- pendence D ay ce lebration. -- Times photo. md two brothers, Mrs. Imogene Garnett, Chelan; Mrs. Ada Travis ~helton; Glen Yowell, Seattle ~tanley W. yowell, Bremerton. She was a member of Fidelit ~apter, O. E. S., and the Lady Lions Club of Arlington. Commercial, C. L. Marsh, Clar- ence Shaw, Sam Kraetz. Adult Marching, Mrs. Edw. Soper, Mrs. L. C. Palmer, Mrs. J. P. Mathews. Comic Features, L. C. Palmer, Mel Sass. June 12 The committee in charge'of this vear's Border picnic has complet. ed all arrangements and it prom- ises to be a bigger and better cel- ebration. This event will be held at the Peace Arch park at Blaine on Sunday, July 12. Sons of Norway lodges from Washington and Canada will participate. : The committee announces that free coffee for the adults, and ice cream for the children will be !served at 1 p. m., when the pro- gram will start. There will be games for adults and children, men and women's tug-o-war contest and a horse- shoe contest, with prize for win- ners. Movies of the events will be taken by expert cameramen.l These films will be the property of the committee and will be available for showing at lodge 'sOcials later. Sonja Wangsmo will repre=ent the Arlington lodge in the queen contest. Included on the program will Evergreen lodge will hoM a be musical selections by the meeting Friday, July 10 to make Thelma lodge chorus and the lfurther plans for the picnic. Af- male chorus, crowning the queen, t ter the meeting a card party will cowboy singing, accordion band, be held to which all members dance team from Eidsvold lodge,!and friends are invited. Lunch Victoria, and many others. I will be served. ? /'i :i ! ;i i;ii i i !i :/ { 7~ :j i!