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July 2, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 2, 1953

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Arlington imes Successor to THE HALLER CITY TIMES rIA Thursday, July 2, 195"I. No. 1,0 ~n Price $2.50 Per Year; $3.00 per Year outside Snoho- lty. Issued every Thursday. Published at Arlington, el, bY THE ARLINGTON PRINTING CO. J. C. CARPENTER -- FRANK MARSH ENTER ......... Editor & Mgr nd Class matter, in the Post Office at Arlington, Wash- ~e~r the act of March 3, 1879. EDITORIAL , ) THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSI AY, JULY '2, 1953. PAGE THREI 'i )N ....... _'nee and Kansas City, where they ing the Cascade C~st. sue h la.kesI Out-of-town guests were: Mr. Thomaswill move to Colville:t~ . lvirs. Hoover was nonoreu at -an into 104 weather On the as AlasKa, Joe, Eaas, uLacler, lana lvirs, tcolf Mynre and Mrs. resume nis routine auties in mac are so many diversions these days, that the av SX?%brLd esf2e r? psU Zai ;turn trio the,, came through:Spectacle, Spade, Big and Little[Thelma Hovard of Shelton, Mr. area. "~ ~ ~" "~ " "~ " " "-o. ~' ....... :..:1 ..... g g Y ' ' " 'Estes Parl< and i:he salt flats Heart, Angeline, Ilswoot, Neck-land Mrs. Stanley Sundberg and ~----------- m me umtea ares, en,]oylu~ the ln~vHe~ u~ lip Bjorn. Other guests included ----------- " lace Valley, Marmot, Square,]Mr. and Mrs. George Elders and STRAWBEKRY FESTIVAL in this ,reat country are a,)t to ~)ass over the Mrs. Ernest Ludwick, Mrs. Mil- ~,,.~, ,~,r.~ ~.r~q.n,~,, Copper and Malachite, were all]son George of Stanwood, and The annual Strawberry Festi- i~_ . ~ ~ ~" ~ ,-~ ~'"l ;+ ....... n lard Lord, Mrs. Ralph Pistorese, ~.~,~,~,,~~" frozen over. [Miss Sue Gaston of Everett. val will be held at the home of , ~ observed as lnoel)en(tence J~a.,., a,u ~ -,,~,, - Mrs. Dan Lund, Mrs. Tony Bjorn.,r~..v,J*~,.~rT~ . .-. - North of Skykomish river,1 A telegram of congratulations Mr and Mrs Ed Soper R 2, Ar- Mrs A1 undt Mrs Otis Allen vo ,gSt oi [ar nO Simms Sunset, .oward, Slanca was received from Mrs ohn's lin ton on " riday, )'uiy ,Whatever inanller we observe tile "(]lorlollS Ml~nGergeMFy~Ytrht~uM~h2Uth were Dr. and Mrs. grthur .Cu~"~I a~edteTWl:oLiaR~S'w~.t~resaloS cmd[relatlves m Norway. ~Oem:3~, t~ 10 po~.tSpo~ISe~d~ 'We should be nlindful that it is an anniversary; son. Mrs. Lord won high prize ningham, of Spokane. Joln!ng Y [ RUBBER STAMPS Churcl " " " ' sh ...... i "- -urselves to those -rinei-les and Mrs Lund second high. mem at mnner~aturaay evening ;the above lakes are only ran-[ ARLINGT~N FI'G CO, PH 493Publi'c is cordially invited OUIO reuea care o t" v , .. ." .... were Dr an(] lvlrs walter Koei-_ , _ _..u ......ob ~-- " " " " " " the patriots of 1776 fought to est,ablish, and mil- p2rV[y" v~re~n~d:;?~ereg~e ia !ng and~oheinrt d~Urghter a~d faun~- sa:rme~Xwa~P~SwereUs~il]'~ce~cov.[[ ] ace have defended, many making the supreme sac- honor of the fourth birthday of ~lY,~,,~I~ms and Ei~21"in~s were ered, and probably will not bet] Complete Line ] It - .: ~" % ., ~ her niece Julie Bjorn. The chil. ~,:,s..- --n-er- ~ "~ "e- fishable until at least Jmy xOm|l . ] ant we may e~ontlnl_le ~o enjoy ineln---tllose lnfll- dren nres'ent were Mike Ander- ~eHow-passe ~ge ~ oL }he ~ ~" or later 1[ ~ ~p~n-s~ ~m~.~ [ . '" ~ -- lingsonthe~ Brazil Irom l~ew o r ghts by which man ,s endowed by tl e Creator, son, La~rYTandBrad Somitnh, :ud York toRio. In the evening all ..... '" ister [[ P~/IG tKL~INU UAU~ [ hibertv and the pursuit of Happiness. ~;o~- , ..... ,~.~. ' n ...... n enjoyed seeing Dr. 1Keslings pie- Mrs. victor ~onnsons s 'l] ] er the'holiday Arlington, under the leadership of rendee"I?t omp ( n ,Zi ob=l ;'Hoov- turps of thel, trip. MrS~e~ t~eFOl~oO~d:y Wane~a~uneee:}[ Pinta, Quarts, Chicken mad Turkey Size. ] LterleanLegion, will observe the PH~thda3: ~riSsharnBoera~h' yna~nYu~i2,ds ~.Mrs. Lena Arnot attended ,the da~ufthysl~enekheon guests of the[[ Cardboard Cartons ] program has been arranged, which recluses not brothers. Tony and Mike. Grown- ~ate .A~emolYo OI ,, 14e~eKan Verds were Mrs George Byrd off| I - - ~oage in ~eatue Irom ~unaay ~o naqonal 'birthday obserx, anee. but also the ups at ...... the affair were Mrs. At- ur~,,,~,~ .... ~ ~* ..... v ~h,~ Kennewick and Mrs. Lena Eng- [ Pinta, Quarts and Half Gallons [ ~ v ~ , thur inompson Miss ~vlargie "'~ ........ v ................ lt~h nt nRthoU II ! uentennial and Arlington's Fiftieth Anniversary Thompson,: Mrs' Phillip Bjorn stayed at her son Sam's home ;I,'[iohansen was'homei[ SPEOI&L ON OU&RTg l I ' ~ r Th " n r Ch t in North City. Sne reportea a ........... . ,~ --, rporated town. . Mrs,~yhet o ompso~r,M s. u~ very interesting and instructive from Richland fortheweekiend. [[ While The,/ last .......................... Do-- /'~ [ ............... ~.. ............ . ...... ~ ~ Additionat guests ot me Allreo '%lth the celebration--let the Eagle scream, vernon Anderson. Mrs Lowell time at the con entlon. ..........~,,,,,~, w,~,o ~r~ }~ ....... . . -. I Beath Mrs Mack Smith and The Rebekahs and their hus-,~ u. Y ..... ~. ":"" ;"~S'[I Lt)CI PJRS AVAILABLe[ I ~.i , _*___ Au.__J Mrs. Tony Bjorn. Guests who[bands ~Y~du:mP2:lt~ck:u~PPner ~n~?si~inSaS~t~V~r:nwa~rjenns~n[[ [ lanonl LIOli~ A~LL~llU dropped in at the Bjorn resl ......... v " ve " ftt [o ..! t~ R t~ denee that evening were Mr. ~v~rd. TLW:22Y~n;ot w~e ofEr ret~.Mrs. Harry Wood spent[[ ARLINGTON MODERN COLD STORAGE] L, m Mrs Leif Jonnson and Jerry, " " ' the week end on Hat Island at eaar ~eattle Dau ua e ~ ....... "[nis*rict de,-ut,, renorted on the " [/ I i~elanconi was the sue-I Twenty-five members of Arl- ~in,~ gr~r~dwa~er~It?'i_i~n?ie~a[Rebekah A~s~mbly~. ~h.el:Uwmamn~r c22tg~Of" t~/~r S;2d[| Phone 324 [ ~der today on 90 cords]ington Lions Club attended the Biorn of Lakewood " Mrs. Kitty Isaacson of Monter-~.:~ , re wmtom~ 'They" were~] ' [ red Seattle Ralmer.Oakland ball . ey, CahL, Is spenmng a w e . located m theI .....~- ~,~tt~,~ l~t "rh,,r~dav Tony Bjorn celebrated hm[~,~ with her broth,~r -~nd their aeeompamed by Lt. Commander[, ...... re:reek area The high s.~ ...... "~'- .............. " ninth birthday Monday June 29, ' .... ....... A Harder night, the trip being made by . .' famlhes, the Robert Klrchgess- " n t theVerlotR g rspecialbus .... ...... ners, and the arry K~rehge - _..;_ .......... ][ ORe C-n. nA U=RMAI~I [ I a an e w~th a Hopalong CassLdy lunch- L " ss Mr and Mrs Rud~e Johnso U a,, ~_~, .... .: .....t . . _ eon and outdoor games wire nlSl .... are expecung tnelr son ~lcnet*uH . ~'2'~ ~?.' a~:t~u w.a~ A gods game was seen, ann a friends They were joined for/"~" ~..a ~.o ~r~... ~, .....a home for the Fourth. He hasl] OPTOMETRIST . ] ,,u. omer omaers In- "oll art en'o ed, the group [ m,. ,.,~, ~,,.~. --=-, ---~,,,, .... d r .lY P Y ] Y middle.of-the-afternoon refresh- " " h accumulated a 30 day leave an /I I ,, ..... ; PP'g ..... ments by older frmnds and rel. I '~ .................. '-' expected to leave Norfolk Va.,[[ BAyvlew 9015 I ge Krleg of Snoho sto in en route home for din- . daughters Patrmla and Kat y " & xanale OlI ner reachingArlington aoouL ..alive~ 'l~hn~o nro~ont woro Christspent me wee~-enu in ~arrington . . ~ ' II .,~,,,-~ f, ,. a ~ --. .. . ] l'n,n,~. ~hot~o r~.. ...,~ .- _ __ .~ ....... -:~.v ...... =. ~ ~ = .. twith Mr and Mrs Floyd Wright ~my . _ zotz t..oioy ,,Avenue ~verett, WaShington ~ --~:V-~,:,~d~ ..... ~}~:ou a.m. and Tim Anderson ~arry Bala-/,,A: .... k ....,.,,:'; -~,~.:~ ~: Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clifford[[ ,I -~, bommorpe Olt ,.,,....~. o,,.n =~.v,,~La,~,~ Kit/*[rote t.c ...... . .............. .......... we,k]~--~~ ......... " LS~:: ,i;:g 2:/ .................... ~,= [:.~1G B!aWylo ,onnston ann uaugmer ,--t1~ ...... g~he&eU1 ?efet,$5500eP~[g~ehs~USa2dv~rdr G3rd~el~v~skli: S?::dl~aK:?Pael~ e~ night~e3r~ne2, ~hhee ~:SguMrnJh~st~2i~in~C~.M~rhe Now! ONE Brushing With ~r,ce~ntlcedar in this area. pMike Anderson, Tim and Susan 7..',.., a-d (l~eir families from the Johnstons took her home last] ~,m~m am minim,re...L.~--..--.-, m ~mL-,----- B]orn, Wayne and Bob Beath, u; ..... o.~,,ti.o ~t,.~ r'n of Wednesday and vlslte(~ ner t "| ~r'~n ~-n"n~" ~Em~'~'~Nmm rm~ili~ !f~'~r" n,,,,e t.~ ~,-~r,~.e*~.,,'~r~r~'e R~2dm~sonD, er~oY ~ndver~.e~id~e Eve~e(tt:'for"strawberry*"sho~tcak~ ilY~itrshe B~lmlFe~gusn;~ Mr and] l~lt~W~i m ~~ I~nll ~lsn~n~u ~, L~v),,.~ ~.J! ~.~,OI/~e,e ,~ " ' Mr and Mrs Herman Haggluna ~ s, " " t and Julie Bjorn, Mrs. Phllhp ...~ ~ar o,~d" Mr~ ~ ..... Pr-or Mrs. Harley Robb and Jams spen [ _ __ t Bjorn. Mrs. Winston, Baldwin, aer~e'co'h~osts .......... the week-end at Hayden Lake.[ ~IMIlMIII/~ |btT~ ~K~ ~ ~u ~/_~.._ :Mrs. Vernon Anderson, Mrs. Oz- ~,~. ~,..~ ~(.,~ ....... ,~ ~oattle Idaho also visiting in Spirit] n,t~,~umuruwl,~ ~ |~ V~p,'v Vl 1~6~15 ~.n~~ ~'~ ~ zieAnderson, Mrs. ArthurThomp- (r'~':'~,.=,~'~,~'~,'~'=~..'t ~':~'week aake.'They attended the wedding[ m mare ~ ..... ~:~ , /~.f~f'.~,~\ \ s.on, Mrs. Chet Thompson, Miss ~"2'~,,*;L"~,*;~,~nL~LT *~, bus- of Mrs. Spiering's nephew, Ken-| A~[~ II~U'-l~H_e~ff~~l (b--.~flgrF~tl~ t H ~,~- ........ v .................. e ho : ~ (~ ber dover. ',,,~ h,~m,~ ~,,,a~, Church In Court d Alen , Ida ,L ~,~L~~ I'- ] (~J,~'fi~ ' -- *~l~rs. Harold H;ndricks of Au- 9n Sunday afternoon, returning[ ~It~ Cot~t, w~y d b~,0 ,~ r,~, ~~ RETURN FROM MIDWEST nd rlome monday ,~. o~,m ,t ,~. = t _ [ | .~__ ~ ~ .burn is visiting her daughter a " o--------------- [ ~ ' 0' m ,~.oMy ~0~ ~~ $ 0~ ! )J]]~________.,,,,~ Mr. and Mrs. Ben Knudson re- family, the Jack Barneys. She ..... ~'_" .....1344 ] r~,,A and~cpt,dh~,~t~! ~~ | ~..// ' '____.._..._~].,/!--- turned Sunday from a month's spent Sunday and Monday with inv~I~]~)g~t CE~'~ERS | ~ t~y,i,,,know~ ,oaoy~ ECONOMY StZ| i~l~-~ | trip to the Midwest. They visit- her sister-in-law, Mrs. Jens Jen- *" f"r [ ,PT~f , \ ~11~" | -- ed Mr. Knudson's brother and sen. Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Hen- Hat Blocking'and Cleanin : dla~A~ 3~ OUNCE ~IANT SIZE 47 I FOR D O W N E R S Mrs. KnudSon's brother and sis- dricks had dinner Monday eve- Hat BlocKing ann t~leanlng [ "m ~ ,, ,~-- aunt,....., ...= ter in Montevideo, Minn., while ning with Mr. and Mrs. John~ it their daughter, Mrs. Arne Wangs- Jensen. rt&]~[ll~ ~_ /'tll)&~l~lII - ,._ , ! ........ t*.___ me attended the Degree of Hen- Mr. and Mrs. Will Verd went toO/'Ikl~l$ Ot ~U~Vm-.n- l[ T. ,-r~ ~,,I-,, .-,. 2u "?:"2u', w:~Ce?a~rytml ;;i !ed:;bP a ~arTbv~e ~ !h;~ ~~t:h:d ;y h~;t~S kii:g} rAie ~hc%t ~:n~;a'r ~S roanS'" t/ JL 'I~'U 6~ ee e , Y Y Minnesota, the party visited Mrs. so present far the occasion were VFRN 'BJrNN KeR [{PHONE 151 ARLINGTON, WASPL . Knudson's brothers in Earlham the granaparents, Mr and Mrs ........... nu " ' " a t-~toEte IOl:~ 2~rLlngr, on have I| and Redfleld, Ia. They report the Dave Reid of Raymond nd an- II other great-grandmother, Mrs. EL-CHECKED our Ford service mbchan- before you leave You'll time and money, too. you'll start your trip with easy mind. OUr repairs now reduced with Issued to You Without *Cost 75c Travel-Check applies on lubri~xtion m~d oil . $1.75 Travel.Check applies upon ~ Motor TAKE. ADVANTAGE OF SPECIAL PRICES ON MANY SHOP" THAT WE ARE OFFERING DURING THIS MONTH ONLY! OF SAVINGS SURE SIGNS " Is i ; High Lakes.Remain ilver Wedding For Fawn Tagging Covered Wxth Ice /Mr., anMrS. Hans Bohn Sets New Record June 29--From both aerial sur-] Mr. d Mrs. Hans Bohn cele- Seattle June 29--Steve Thorn- Anne Meugniot veys and field reports, it is ap-]brated their 25th anniversary by as th. C:'~r~ nonnrtrn~nt'e ~l~- Phone 152J1 . , ...... ~- ...... ,~ parent that those who hke to fmh~entertaining a large group o, ' ............. :" 7, ~~ ~. ~. the high lakes will find most oflfriends Sunda beaver trapper from Kapowsm~ them still iced in on July 4th. By[ e-- Y" _ ..... has tagged 334 black tail fawn~ FROM SAN MATEO, CALIF. [ RETURN FROM MISSOURI comparison with surveys made in[ *lne rooms were (]ecoratea w~tn this vear to date compared with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoove-~l Mr. and Mrs. Vern Killough, previous years, it w'ould appear/bouquets of carnations and talis- last ~,ear's total of 162-The w''a" nnd ~nn Bobbv of San Mateo lTnita, Gregory and Terry, re- that the ~high country will not]man roses -~. - : -- " ~--'~ ........... ni i " " o " . . is oelng none in me upper m~y- Calif.,,, arrived~, ........ in ArlingtonTh,,., have'JUne' weeK:Urned vacatmnFrlda'y ghtrneyafter aarovethree-to ~Peet~: ~hien? t~natnil atrlmea~t Amh:ncg:hT12;ny:~t?orb:::td allup river area, and the final 19 fu~ u[e ............ ~ I .... " -- sons. / y , P ...... "Jtotal may reach as high as 400, INIlSSOUrl wnere they spent two been stayln at the A1 Vellleux ......... - g ; " - Specific examples of the many[fur silver canalesticKs Irom reL- ~th .... h th,~ e ........... , ..... ..... .~. m .... "~ ~h .... m~r, weeks wltn tvirs, t%ltlougn S par- atives in Norwa , ....... ~, ............. ,, ~ ,,,~,. h ............. v ................ lakes observed on a recent aerial] Y" t about finished since"th here. They brought Mr. and Mrs. ?nts I n Eaglevllle and ylmted survey included such lakes asI A centerpiece of carnations and] , e small Veil]eux's goods up in a trailer. Mr. Klllough s_brothe.r in the Cougar, Dewey, Swamp, Frying[these silver candlesticks were the]animals become too fleet to be The Vei]leuxes were to come ~ame county. Tney .enJoyed. see- Pan, Dumbell and Twin Lakes,]highlights of a wonderful smor- caught within a short time afro- home by plane Tuesday, June 30. ~ng many rang =t,me _.friends all inr taheFaVV~h~teer ::r~-C~ll~OOk[ gaasbord served in the late after-lbirth- Mr. Veilleux is able to get up mere. lwr. ann Mrs.. i~)Hougn with the use of crutches spent one weeK-end at in~epeno- Pass e . , - noon After the fawn season is over~, MODELS ARLINGTON, WASH. 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