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July 2, 1953     The Arlington Times
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July 2, 1953

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No. 10 Arlington, Wash., Thursday, July 2, 1953. Consolidated with Ariington Cilro;ficle Aprii 3, i9i . i ! Answer [Gordon E. Lanfear Carniva/ Attractions Set Up; . arms I Sees Hawau ,, ,- ,.. . . , .,. afternoon the Ar-I Marine CorpsAirStatiO,~eKanx many vine .enrenmo u sploys Departmefit was eohe Bay Hawaii T " . . . ] , , -- Combining the National Birth [Originated the idea of the old S. Lmdell home on[months vacationin Hawaii is da with the Stat " " " " y " e's ~=entennial[time displays find themselves a severe chimney firelover for Marine PrivateFirst o"servance and the Tow- -" Ar ........... ' " 21 n u n ut "lUusY provlolng lnIormarlon ann gress The fire waslClass Gordon E Lamear, , so lin-ton'- "~if'i-t ................. ' g s r t e n mrmuay as an laDenng me man nemooms 'Y Harvey Conover [of Mr and Mrs. Leslie Lanfear of incor))orated muniei-~alit-- Ar ] ....... Y -~A~ .~.h,.~. ho " ,- p" y, - ~ne om spmmng wo~,.., ,.v~,~ county truck w Box 172 Oso Wash lin to ' " ' [ , , g n is all set this year for a[mllls, ox yokes, gramaphones, and used thepyrene[ The Marine, who has been grand celebration, sponsored by[dishes, pictures, old family [rom ms. [rucK. _ [serving here with the 1st Provis- Arlington Post, American Legion.]bibles, a beautiful wedding lay morning the ae-/ional Marine Air-Ground Task The numero-- ...,~A~....~,~ Ishawl olassware and numem-m as e 1 the Robb , . . . u~ ~muuw ul~-[ , ~ , ....~, a led to Force s Third Battalion Landing 1 " other ite re " : - .... [ . p ays of old time pictures furm- ms a on display. ion, where a nre nao Team at Marine Corps .q, ir Sta- ur " " ' "I " " " in a tire warehouse [tinn l~".... h,~ Rn." T4~w~ii i~ 'm-' t e, clothing,farming equip- Nearly every store window m ................ ~, ...... ,~ ~ ment ' . , ' ann nousenma appnancesJtown is featurm the dls la. use and stock of tlreS~route to the States where hisl are ~**r-~*' ...... -'~ ........... I ..... g _ p ys, ~d rl~h~ 4~i.nman fll-~ft- l ..... ' -- I art dt:tlllg eUllblf.lt2Li:tUlt:~ att~lt- ann lmeresteo crowns are seen -~. .,,c .,.c,,,=,, u...~- ~outnt WIll once more oecome a~ tion ~.u-~'n (uv*t" n*" .~- ~m c~uo,'~'-L WntCn~lnspecHngL:-'-] ..... them [rom a creek on the|part of the Third Marine Regi-[ ................. b ~ussen place, using|ment' Third Marine Division[ !J I T f~l..L ] The Western Shows carnival ~feet of hose to reach[camn Josenh H Pendleton'] 11. ~. l, I~iUU [has set up their rides and shows this source. |Oceans|de, Calif I~.__L__ ~. ]on Olympic avenue between First I ' [ Marine -i ten .... [ r.mers reamre ]and Second Street and will con- . " . f. eu ant ~olonel [tinue t .to[Melvm~ I ~. .a ,~.......]..~ o operate through the started, according D. Henderson, command- In ron 'tm I Fourth When he and Nefls m ug~ ~al~muc . . . ]" g officer of the landing team, [~,..,.j ~_.. were tarring an an-[indicated that all hands will be Members of the H. A. T. Club,["~'~ ~'~.. ... ~or Mr. R.obb's boat. |given up to 30 days' leave before[ the organization responsible for[ un .rrmay,.tz noon until 2 the fine window dis la s of old- P m. mere win oe a field ~a~ Was too rainy, outs}de[the unit rejoins Its parent organ- [ FOURTH OF JULY IN ARLINGTON, 1892. Making the Eagle scream on the Fourth of July has ...... P .Y.. .tfn~ th ......... t ....~th ~, ~,,n [tap tar pot ~.n[o [.ne]ization at Camp Pendleton.[ been an anffual event in Arlington since the "Early Days" as evidenced by the picture herewith y~me pictures ann zurmsmngs OZl:K'Lk'y__/yy':S~:"~" --'t'L'~. "'~. " l'O I'D.II10[ S orts [or Cnllaren me storage snea ~te me nays o[ rang ago, have en P g P - :[ The Washinaton Leatherneck| In the picture the parade has halted in front of the Arlington Hotel guests on the second-story ....... ".i~,. ~o ,m.~ ............ ,, ,. .... ,. pot boded over, analentered the Maline Corps in| veranda havlng'a fine view of the proceedings. The Arlington Hotel stood on the spot now occupied terea a Iea[ureln the ~ourth ot[no, ;h,~ ~2~,~ ~,~,, ..u~ ~.~- g reaL so [na[]Februarv, 1952. Prior to entering[ by the Signal Service Station at corner of Second and Olympic avenue. We are unable to identify omy paraa.e, ana we are lmormea~,~:u,~'~ ................ ,, v, ~a~vage homing - an tes that h~ e W several wm appear m gowns o[ " the service he was employed b~i y of the paraders, but W. H. Fowler sta "s lath r, G., was one of the band members ....... |"~'~'~'~ ai**~,~ , .... ^ ~..... ~...~, ~ing was an old chick-[the Washington Veneer Com [ Chas William Fowler son of W H, is general chairman of the Centennial Fourth of July celebra- aumennc uemgn of 100 years| ... "~" "2 ...... ~."= ~'%~'~..~2" " " ' " " ago /wItt get unapt way, Ior a aou~le ~t ft. wide by 100 ft:[pany" tte is now serving as am-[ tion this year. ,-[ ............. |header the first game being be- t went u zasL me , , . *he rl A T ttielrioom Antique , P munition technician with ordin- ~ * " " " w ' " , t Pen Murphy s and Arhng~n ag a hot and fast fire.[ance detachment wittiin the/Maroon and Latoras ILeal Fishermen ISuoerwsor Harmon radi on, C~ub, is headed bY/Lumber & Plywood while Shen 480 new retreads, 551Third Battalion Landing Team. h,.~ . - I ....... I,,..~-, . -. ~virs. ~essle t_,ierscn, presiaent.[narn,s a.,.~ w .... ~,~o',.,m ,~. ~ The committee which i i /v .~ -u , ........... v***~ ~s, 6 truck tires, 4 trae-[ .,, . . _, /Kecmve bentences IMake Good Catch IV[sits Arhn ton f .... ;~_~ m~s,t~n,charge second game. Admission to these new truck tire [UDeS, " ~., O th~ a,,t~,c v ~ and[ v e ent~ is free and the will be -~Pair kits In addition/l lurphy $ lake / Appearing before Judge Noll-/ A fine catch of salmon was[ Supervisor H. A. Harrison, o which is responsible'~r'~he idea, t e~ ~" "" "" - "~ ?'y i s ag r riallOCK ~ieiu. .toss, Harley Robb lost[~ .... ~.;---_ ~_--.L--..L [meyer in Superior Court on Mon-]displayed Monday morning by a]the Mt. Baker National Forest s composed of Mrs. Violet Jen-] ^~ ~'3n **"~ w .... ~..,. ,...... .... m l~natStor~d a:Urwn~ture~ ~~l[-tlllll~ 1.,~||l.~I~t , 'day, June 22, Rick Manion and]gr~Uppenft Ahrhngtekn.enf~sh~r~ee~ in company with H. Phil Brand sen, cn~,hmanlviMrS~Huitld2r Eha. lbe~stage'd:'~;is-also,~t~"~a~i1~ Manager John Simontaechi s Angelo Lafores alias(Drake) no, ~;~h~,~,, f~nm" **.., U~,,~,~ her, former supervisor, called o~ .......... ""~ " Field The main event will be b~e- ~otors [ " ine , , ~..~ ~, ...... ~ ...... .,~ ...... ,~ . league leading Murphy Feed n entered a nlon nf mdltv to oh.rc~(l o-~ . o.~h~ D.~., lr.~ T~..~.-*t~. IThe Times Monday Mr Harriso~ r~ ! ~ , ! Itween Luther Lmdsey, 212 pound evening the hreme came from behind three times of ~'r--d l .................. /.~ , ............ -:, .............. can namstau [co.ored champion, and A~elCad- d .... en resi ~ .............. g a,, arceny a.u recewc,~|ban tv~ou xwe~ ~ass fleis analanu avir t~ranuner DOra a[[enoe( |ior " " ~O me Lars "lastweonesaay nighttotakea II ' ' " . . . .~,Swedish champion weig ~t!lla s spended sentences of 10 years Harold Land succeeded in land-the Timber Bowl 205 ounds It will be'2 outh~ guam~h av~i~u~ 13 to 12 victory over the l?~ in reformatory. They were put/lag over 200 pounds of King sal- Mr H-r-is,~- : .... ~....~ oo Inlured on Highway [,o,,y, ~,~ Ilre~ ,~. ........ p iplaee Arnngmn Lumoe ~ron probation for two years, dur-tmon. A 35-pounder was the larg-/ ....................... l""27 ..... ?'" . .... ~j~e nuuse. - - .]r'lYWfl squacl. Jne fiflme-wem[ing whieh time they must reDorttest fish taken caught by H Land /attte, where he attended school, The fire department ambulance| Tnefieml.wlnaup, z ou[ o~ was eausea oy nea[Iseven innings Demre MiKe ~Sloom remd.rlv t,, th,, ,,~,,~t ~,,,~ ~,,|~.,~,), r-~ v,~'u ~,~,q~:.~ ~,,~ ~,rnm~ti)~, e~,,,~ t),,, T~,,~ ..... ~h, was called to Trafton last Sat.]three [alis, 45 minutes, will be I. of the plasterboardlsingled Wes Evans across with must'~ s;rve "9"~ month's "'in ~t'l~el;{~s~'" an~" Van" iderst'i'nSe"'a= 3~ %-'='[":-':'~ f'"'= :''. "~:"-~" .... ~f urday afternoon about 4 o'clock [between Bud "Lil Abner" Rattal, . ~, o~.,,~ v~ o~vv asnlngtonbcrlooloI cores[ the partition wan.Ithe clincher the blow coming ~^~ ..... ~._;, / ........... ,...~ ,u^ " where Carl Ramstad of 1810 Col-'|203 lbs. of Vancouver, B. C., arid ' . k.U lilly J~tll. ounaer. Vlel ~ass alsu ,~au t.c - - }pc from the kltchenIwlth one down. Evans paced his Man|on who was shot in the/pleasure of landing a bi,, one. I ry m 1935. He states that he was by Ave., Everett had been injured lDave Jones: of London, 205 lbs. .\~o cruse to me watt, lteam s sevemeen nit ar[acg oy .,..~.. ,'.'_2 ........... i ..... :| The ,~roun left W~dnesda,,lemplyeu as a cnocKerman at me in an automobile accident He| A specml event, 20 minutes, ot the partition trame-lcollecting two doubles and three ..... Y _ Y- |morn'n- and re ....... o.._.~_..Is Creek WORKS" of the Sauk was taken to the Arlington hosoi-[one fall, will be staged by AI II d c varKer a[ nine arrest was mane ~, ~ N tu~neu ou.uay River Lumber Co In 93 a " the wall was eharre l.,ingles in five trips, and scoring ...... ~..~.,.~ [ " . " ~ 3 nd '34. tal .IFriedell and Arnold Snell. Fne- ~a,.;._.. /bin~le Dick Enselman and Mikebelonging to Dee Miller. of R. 2 fM~L.Ae [-~^...^ ~][~,~ Icoupie havin_~ two sons. Ro~,er 8lthe trailer hitch, when the trail- Chairman Bob Leach states 1~1111~ /Lar~on each had a pair of hits to Arlington. The car was wrecked, l*~a~' aaUlll~ a&~ [and Chariest6. They expe~t toler was struck from behind by a that the ring will be set up in ~),~,,,, ]account Ior half of the loser's damage amounting to $705. Members of the Fire Depart- make their home in Bellingham: ear. The tongue of the trailer front of the grandstand, with any iei,~ht hits -- |ment took the ambulance to 8e- Mr ~-~,~,~,~,~ who w~ ...... struck Ramstad uncturin the most of the seats in the grand- ry was born in Clarks-I ~railing 5 to 1 in the third STUMBLING BLOCKS lattle last Friday to bring one olivia,,r" ~'~-'~'~.'~:'2;-7^.:':7^2uP~t: flesh of the righPle~, on tge in- stand. l., May 18 1876, and|frame the L & P club made short Night Marshal Clyde Parker[the original department mem-lnnw ut~tln~ar] in th~ ,'~,ain,.oT'nf Iside above the knee Pr~ram for Fourth is education in thatl,vork of Flax Simontacchi chas- calls attention to the hazards set bers O. P. ("Pat") Cull to --o " The Doll and Pet Parade at ', He came to Wash-ring the southpaw by making hits up by children's bicycms, trl.I lington, where he will make his[to ourchasea"l ; mea' , ' ZE t 21 ! .... i/" 10 a. m. will start off the pmgrara t ' " ' ~ .............. 904 and settled m Ar-[by Larson and Gary Waugh and cycles and.p, lay. wagons, etc.. lef [home with his sister, Mrs. Fred|fatal|V there He owns hie hnme ~111~ 1%, ~ ll~ll for the Fourth. This parade will 'ash He married Fay|three walks good for three runs on me pUolle slaewalKs at mght.lPlymale at 222 West Avenue /,.-, m~f,.~.~,.-~ --a .... 22"7--7 ..... form at First and Olvmnie ave 1 in'1920 at Ketehikan, IThe Lumbermen tied the count He urges parents to pay atten-I Mr. Cull suffered a stroke'last/exp~=ct's"~o'reta~nUowners[~n;~ ] Rece]ves Bronze Star hue. Chairman Ed" llma at 5.all off Evans in the next tlon to me enilaren s toys, as an Februar " " " , and ~s now confined he ho states that fifteen prizes will be [ ^" "dent could occur resultin tn/ y [ pes some day to return to For 20 vears meritorious ser ...... no r. Berry has.not beeniframe and went ahead 7 to b m acel , g 1~o a wheel chair ~the NorthweSt , . . ~ ..... " ....... d. . " vice to me ~av names ~irK )rap years, hm sudden the fifth on hits by Larson and damage claims. [ Mr .................... I _ o [ ........... Y, ..... At 11 a. m. the eononation will ' / '~,Ul, ~:C~III~ tO ~ilingtun| - L)1~ell, ~JnIeI Aviation ivlacnln- ~,~-,~ ,~ rap as a shock to all Enselman a walk, and, three er- He states that he now has an/wlth ,ho ~o,~n., ~.. ~o ..~n ~./llt I~ ~ ................ vlaee at Terrace park, th~ h ' he sixth , .....,- .-.-~.# .~. ~...~ ,~,~u ,~-~w~- ~m~.m~.~.~J list s lvtate has oeen awaraeu the ,.~ ~.~ ~.~)) .... .~n ~...~.^ ..~._..^.~_ im He passed away rors Glen Lawty hurled t unclaimed bicycle at the city)~he a-e of "~ .... ;...~ ~-~-. --~..,~ vv ~a~va~;~auil~| ~.._ ~. ...... ~ ~,~ .v..v,,,,~.. ,-,# ~,,~ ~,at,~u,~ ~- " ' - - en ..... J s ~o ca,[~,~ m~ ma./ ioronze s[ar in lieu oI a secona . ~53 at the age of 77 frame and the LumDerm hall whieh was picked up m tne/bv hors,~b~-h- f,,,m a~H,~,t,,,~ ~,,/n * lt~ , ~ , ....... address at 11.30. ' "" b count ' .. -- -~.- --,,.,, ....... s-,,., -,,~ ten year ~aval r~eserve meual showed no favoritismy - street. [Darrin,~,.~.. ~ .............. ~|no" ~,e~alred [ ............. .. The grand parade will be held " " d ' ~,,,,.,~ wao u~xc ux u,cI ~ r ~nleI u l~ell Well-Known in a charter member of mg twice on a pair of walks an h rt .... ' at 2 p. m, and will form at Fir~ .......... ve ........ [c a er members of the Arlington Repmrs have been made thls]Arhngton, ]s the son-m-lawof n~,~ ~lvm llsh chapter o[ the hits by ~arryi Jensen ann ~a NOT MUCH LONGER Fire De t ..... - pic ra,~ ,,- ........ a ............. in thefr . { p., formed in 1905 week to the War Memorial m the|John Contento 132 Division St -'7" "" ::". : ...... -.~, ,,~ ~agm~ anu uan~lolo, zraumg ~ tu o Those flour|shine, beards whicn~. __ ~^..o ~.,. ,~.....~a ...~-.^_ ~^_ I.._ __~ L:_ ,2_:,_ . ,,,~ .... ~ lmmealately IOllOWlng the pa- "' m ......... to wor~ m kem.~t ....... ,,n e been sported, by m .nY Ar-[RO D CLOSEDTO aged tiling has been coveredIPatricia, now live in Seattle. """~ .......... ~"~ ~"'"'"~ "~'- *;~*-'t .... ~ i~o w~,, men wel ................. e hngton men, will ~ave thelrImal~TWIN LKKES with a facing of Roman tile the[ Chief O'Neil is now on duty at ~rm ~eam,...o[ ~eatpe, w m p.u~ ~, ..~ ,,.o ,,~oro ~anteioru, WIIU W~:~llt tll ..... f.~.~ _. _ Y ............. o, fling on the Fourth. The ~uagingl Due to road. oiling now in work being done by Wm SimD-lthe United States Naval Air Sta- on an exmomon arm on ~lympm al Berr of Ly.,,a~stance [or me losers r~ax o, - Avenue Patricky Berry oI: montacchi openeo .... [ne zram" e with" willa d occur, the night, of. the Fourthar 'iPrgress' fishermen, are warned, son, and the woodwork f'ramingltion, Seattle Wash., attached to ~b,~ "~'," ..... ,~ w~t~ ~,,h~-" ......... n suitable prize will be aw d- ithat the road to Twin Lakes will the large glass panels has been'the Naval Air Reserve Trainin~ ----~ ;. ....... ": ~.. "'~"" .~-~-g?'~ , ~larence ~er- a. slngle and .scorea as ,~vans ed. I be closed until July 7. repaired and repainted i Unit o ~vtlarysvllle vs. 2rl12g~o2; W?l Se in Ja an w1H1 CIOUDIeO m center r,vans eounteu " three daughters; on Neil Hankins' fielder's choice, ~ there will be a street dante on Cain of Port An-, on which all hands were safe, Mrs. Alaska Cast-Hank|us later scoring the equall and Mrs. Bett izer on a wild pi~tch. Arlington two sisters L & P continued their onslaught of Chewelah, against Lawtv in the seventh Mac La~vstad of when with one out Larry Wil- ' Wash. liams and Waugh walked. Jew Services were held on ~en popped out but Larry Sand- Stanwood Metho- ~trom singled for two runs, and Rev. J. Ray Neiser ~allied the third on Enselman's ~urial was in Ander- safehit. Murphy's came to bat in under direction of the last of the se~/enth, again Funeral Home. trailing by three runs, this time Were Clifford Myron, ~2 to 9. Bobby Buell, pinch- Roy Hills, Manser hitting for D i c k Kallstrom, F~ed Carnes. led to start the stanza. Leon Badgley fouled out but Kempt ,M FIRM kept the rally going by doubling. ~coring Buell. F. Simontacchi Inc., of Belling- singled to score Kempt, and gton, was the sole counted the tying run on Ev~ns' bidder Monday on fifth straight hit. Lawty was safe blowdown timber on an error and Hank|us walked l~onte Cristo District to load the sacks, setting the aker National Forest. ~tage for Bloom's game ending board feet of single. Sold for $23.00 per Murphy's pounded out seven- board feet of teen hits during the contest, a cedar sold for $6.90 new record for the le~ague, sur- and 570,000 board !)ass|rig the sixteen that they had hemlock and Pa- oreviously set against the same fir sold for $6.70 per team on June 15. Santeford struck out ten and walked four as he went down to his third defeat in fot~ starts. Glen Lawty notched his second win against one de- feat, all in relief roils. The three Murphy moundsmen struck' out Is provided to glw eleven between them, but man- or function~ t, ha~ aged to stay in hot water in nature. AU event~ ~ fee Is charged, ol throughout the game by issuing m advertIsed Will appea~ a dozen walks. ~ar. The c1~arge Will be ~r a minimum of $1.00 Short score: R H E Arl. L & P ......103 122 3 12 8 2 WEEN PARADES! Murphy Feed..140 103 4 13 17 6 le l~icnic lunch. Con- Santeford and D. Jensen. F. Si- J Cl~urch, July 4th, montacchi, Evans (4), G. Lawty Complete lunch 55c. (6) and T. Simontacchi~ ~-.~d home made cake Who Will--Be Queen? ~ac~ in new Bryant Voting for Queen of the Cen- all every Saturday tennial Fourth of July celebra- l~lon music Refresh- tion will end Friday night, and the winner will be announced at Pisehe~s the Athletic Field program. Cor- pleasure ev- onation wiil take place at Ter- and Saturday night race Park at. 11 a.m. on the Tavern. Silvana. Fourth. Olympic avenue between First and Second. Make Newsreels Ot Timber Bowl News reel ,photographers were on hand last Saturday at Dar- rington to make a record on film of the paradd, tree topping, fall- ing, bucking, trailer backing, and the Indian canoes in the swift waters of the Sauk river. Don Desautels, of the Ford Mo- tor Co., Farming Division, from Birmingham, Mich., was shooting color film for the Ford News. This film will be available through Ford Tractor dealers this Fall J. V. Raspie, of the Cinema Ser- vice, was also spotted in a good location filming the various events for Telenews, NeW York. Mr. Raspie,also got into one of the Indian canoes on the river to get a canoe's eye view of the crowd at the river. Other photographers on hand were The Sea~ttle Times, P.-I., Ev- erett Herald, with their news cameras, and The Arlington Times with our $30 Tourist earn- era, some of the results of which appear in this issue. . From the vanta_g.e point" of the logg,ng" road bridge," crowd watches Tree Topping and Indian Canoe demonstration at the Darring. r^L .... :,_ ton Timber Bowl.---Times Photo " . ~ I.~UililIIILlUilI.~ The seventh annual Darring- The highway to Darrington Weston, Darrington, first; Craw- den Club, second; Darrin~ton ~'~ ..... _'! ~m - a ton Timber Bowl, despite the]duringSaturday morning r e. ford Cr wf rd Pollard Da i uuncn meels 0 u~~t we~tha~;rWet~tOnn~S oS~h~de s~mb~ed2aPJr~d:i,r awS:hetstr~g ring~on,ase~nd.& of r Mct:odd;Ch?:;h, th::den' first a Silvana Community Co[u~ncil Is grinding away or flashing their jammed to capacity. ~ This was g!ng Company, first;_Sauk In- Industrialy---Skagit Steel Works held Monday .... i,~g ,,~h be bulbs as the huge loads of log~ followed by the Coronation Ball. alans, secona, aria At) ~...~.Wkn O~ ~eam-wooney, first; Back- 8"30 d-w",~-*~.=-~:.'"~." ~{-:-~ and lovely floats went by. Prize Winners a porta~m gang saw mill, tnir% strom ann ~ammerly of Arling- hall' The Coun i ~'),.~i=~o ,,*~".~g The number of out.of-state Long log loads --- Sauk River ~eece ~So [oc~ a secona awara ton, secon?;, waestern Tractor renresentativesgr~'~" ~,;.~ auto licenses noted indicated that Lumber Company of Darrington. zor unmassmea rarest proaucts, tmmpany, tmru. and organization'.-~Iowever,'any: this show. featuring the activities with a 10,500.board-foot load, to become the only double winner Unclassified Floats---lst prize, one interested in working with of the Northwest Logger, has at- first; Deeter & Hyatt, second; W. in the parade Tom Tatham; 2nd prize, Ab~ the young folks is invited to at- tracted attention of residents of A. Preston, Arlington, third Gr~anizations -- Darrington Reece; 3rd prize, Anacortes Ve-! tend. New ideas and suggestions the far corners of the country. Short log load--Buchanan and Lions CPab,:first; Darrington Gar- neer. will be most welcome. ii= ,i~!i f