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June 18, 1953     The Arlington Times
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June 18, 1953

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PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 1953. :9 I ! I , , Community Club Bldg. INeedsMreWrk II SISCO HEIGHTS II OSO II CEDARVALE- I Cicero-Tra ~.o U~r~c ........ ]. There was a very good turnout/[Mrs. Willis Hilde.corr.][I Mrs. Nellie G~orge, I',1 f~ D A 7~T TYITI L-~T~7 I Mrs Iver Engs ,,~,~. **o a t: ~[ty~a~t, i~aturaay at tne communltyq Tempnone zll~ I ' ......... -'- - ~ ~ tgrzvz=tz~/J v 19 Vr ~ ~- ..... - Sale IRo-er White Post ]bwUialdhnrg" }~heSpiwtes fl[h~ 2ad/g5h~s Cprtn2:l~scCoh~rChh~sX~ube | Mr. Cla:kXe~3~2;t:t went toltl Helen Sheppard, corr. I Rootin, Tn:?;2o~;~: 5 [ 6 [accomplished and the'hopes of]day School on Friday evening]Eastern Washington over theI Danny Bartlett of Seattle is[BirthdayPm-ty ][)..2"_.._ |_ ~1 ~ iT- ][)., [)^,..4.*.o.$~.] ]being able to hold the Timber[Pnth,ol. lunoh will hp cp ~ [week-end to bring home his wifelspending a week with his grand- v nov Nor]~nrl c el ................... L~C "CI"-U-~'LCU ........................... reed..~v-,... . S d ............ el XBimUt~O aJut ,g~tov av a~ ~" ~'~ /Bowl coronation and dances in|eryone is welcome wanda and ~lhe two boys who mother, Mrs. Bssle Bartlett .... ~'-' -~" " -~-- d ]~---- I%~,~-- L":.,^ t The Veterans of Foreign Wars[the new:building are better than[ Mr and Mrs J D Patch made[have been visiting her parents,[ Mrs. Val Wowbridge left Mon. I~tn m rtn?ay last TueS~ JFUIr ~,41111p Jt-iic held a meeting Thursday night ever a trl" .... to Bothel on Sunday to lvw. ann. lwrs. riarry rianner forlday, June 15, for Spokane_ onlVery, nvety party at ttl{ -" " +ire ad Bluebird]atthehmefBydCabe'tre'l Hwever'thereisstillaltt/visitPriends ItwweeKs" [busmess" lhlsgrandmther'Mrs' .,,]tne L~amp~,a,~, n,,a,~ ...... L.,~n[activate the Rogers White Post./ be done and anyone who can pos-[ ...... ~,, ............... I Mrs. Melvin Mortensen and Mr and Mrs C A Sheppard derson For entertainrr _ ,~,,, . ......... ~o ~o~ ..... t.lIn the near future a meetmg wtll slbly turn out m the evemn s or| ~__~.___=~...:_: ...... :,,. ,,~_..+~1 rley spent Thursday with the and children soent the week in little boy was given a p] o. u.= ~,u,,,,,,.~ ............... r" u" g o.o~om,~, w~,teu wit. na~uJu former's mother Mrs Emma Mil "- " " 'r ...... ~. ...., .........,h,~Ibe held to bring old membe s ..+lSatttrdays are urged to do so] ............ o ...... ~_= ....[ , "]Spokane w~th hm son Ted Shep.tshooter with a built 1 a,,: .=.~ ,,a~,~,+ ~, ,,,,,, .... ~. ....... m , . ac~e~a.u~ u. ou.uay. ~,,~,. ~u~, ler at Snohomish a d hv ~ ' " " +,,,,,, m .... .~ A\,,~, ~o w ........ ,~lto date and to bring In new me I Let s show the out of town Tim-] T ....... * ..... n ~ ...... +*~ *~,,~,-~1 ' , n ad e e-[pard I and the g~rls were giver ~,, ........... Ibers. The posJbd~ty of orgam-lber Bowl VlSttors whata great].,t ...... .,; ......1.. ;+*` ~..[g dl ner with daughter Bon-IThe ~o Between birthdo, -~, ~.lto blow plastic bubb .,,, a lot oi iun antt it was t~lt[..;~r ~ ~7~r~on a,,vili~r,, wasl,++*,- ~..~,...~ *~.~,;~ I,'~ v....... ]r;.~., t~. [~lJLtUl DP~:~JtlI"~I'][I~ a W~l~h Wll'll ~"=lnie in Everett t ~" " = "z "~*~'-I ............... ~-., a ltl~o~2rel2~ng P~te~ml~ d~l~y~~se~in;l~iis~ussed. The District JCom- g~t~erUandU"accomU;l~sh~ng'g b~'glHel~r?l=dS'Mrs Bill Wine ofI Many children and adults en-[~etl~,t ~hu~e h~oe 3e~lebMrrS(e ~sslth~a;"~l~i~'~he~ ~'dus~'Y:'d' ,h,,., ...... 11 oh .... t .... e Imander from Sultan presidedlthings. /.. ~. _ d . ._ .... g ~. ]joyed the performance of thelbirthdav A luncheon was served[afternn but they all: ...................... ~' ........ " the meetin The new of- roruana VlSlteoat me ~ u .... -. " c~ over ~ g. General Mills trained rabbit to nine members enough to enjoy the , one who could use them was ale+ ........... e~N ...... c' ..... d [ Thanks go to all the men and[Patch home on WednesdayThey[ ................ [ [ .................. s~ ~,~, ............................ - - ~ure ~not at tne 5 and ~. ~tore[ ,,=~ ~'~eaiii wmc, wa~ good Idea all the way around.~er Robert Howe Senior Vice[WOmen who have been working[were enroute to Payette Idaho [~_ ,,,^.~_..~.~. .,~._ _^, .... ._ .Jack King was taken to the the followin= =uests" " k] - ' ' [s aithfull n il i ' d] ' [u~ ~veu.c~uay. ~.e ~e~uau, [ ~, e, Unsold artmles are to be p+c ed ~ llen o f . y o the bu d ng an where they will make their new . King County hospital tor treat- ant~ ..... ommander, Talmage A , ,, Loum Lester brought Mm up for . . Brenne, Judy and J up by Marine ~ergeant W. G.1T,,nlor Vi~ C'.... ndpr T.vlolservln" Juncnes. Also to the/home ~ ...... ' ....... ment by his sister Mrs. Bettyi~lmor ~.~/~o rand La~ wi .......................... ; "-~'- BI W r wh dis r' d the pay tne raoolt woum reacn~ ' ' +-, ......... = ...... Stevenson of Everett and 11 " " uart r st r Bo ock a dens o t ~bute ~ . . Booker h.... I... o.,~,~,~n ......... [Wiggins; Q e ma e, Yd[th^ ~a ....... 1~+ ..... *` .... e/ .lup and with his teeth work a[ " [Jack Anderson Karen,~ .... [.abe; Post Advocate, Dave Rob-~ .... + ..... ~.+~ ~..~. .... ~,. [[ [ gadget that automattcallv trm.[.--~lJerry, Mrs. Ivar Engs. lne money raise~ isto neip[inson; Chaplain, Glendon Moore;I.,"'r~..~'~'c~'~ u ................... Y]I ~r_rc~vxr m~ lined other gadgets that wo'uld r~e-I/ ~L-~T_~'~T T l[Jimmy, Mrs. Alfred Ad011 maintain the t~entral t;ampnrelSurgeon, Ed Hunter Jr.; Officer oflv "~= /I ,DxzxjuxJxx~o lliease two nellets at a time I/ urluJ, k.~lJz~J.~Jt.~ I]Ann, Mrs. Ole Locken, office in Everett At the presentlthe day, Ebefl Howell White;[a++~.., ,,,.....~ J' ~vrrc Evolvn Dudek is snend;n'l Shirtey 1VIortensen and "Robertt] Mrs. Willi~ Hilde corr. IISnelson, Judy Huffman, Tame mone to su ort the ..... =,,,. ,-,,-,-=, .... ,. ......... +-" -- ~ 0 , ..Y , PP . . [PatrmtlC Instructor, Ed Hunter[^~ e,-,. ~ .... [a we~k with her dau-hter Mrs I Peterson took part in Marysvillei[ TeleDhone 2117 I[T]llman, Helen Ander~ county eampnre worK. ( except torljr.; Post Historian, Boyd Cabe;]"--'''~--.'''.''~' -~ ~ - | ~h~ at Des Moin~ ' "[Strawberry Festival in the paradel| + |]Anderson and the hoS~ the county camp t~llloqua) lSlPost Service Officer, Don Walters;[. Mrs: l~netma Erawmrd, Mr:s["~'~'-~: .......~: .....[with the Arlington High Schooll Mrs. Blaine Bergam attended[honored guest Mrs. Ner~ raised by the ~verett CommunitYlPost Legistlative Officer, Boydl~VturieJ,Jfleming= Mrs. ~ertruaelen{n~a~nieOdUt~ase ~,.~]rti~cA"2 ~oUsO,[l~and. Ithe wedding of Anita JorgensonlSydney. Chest and contributions from thelcabe- 3--ear trustee WiHardlSterHng, +.Mrs. t~ernice l, orrister./ - ~ - I Mr and Mr~ Geor-, ~ Ander lin Arlington on Sunday [ -- : Arlington. and Snohomish eom-[Broten;2.~.ear trustee,~]d inman; Mr. Martin Tollenaar St., .and[dell ClUbkWointhCeP~aat T~ene zon attended ~lae commencement] Mrs. Sam Dockendorf was ad.[Snelson Kinfolk , munity cnes~s, ttere in uarrlng-|1 year trustee John Lewis Jr i~virs, trances gearson oI riazel at-| ~ p Y. I ..... ; .... ~ ~.,. +~..+v...o;~.. ^~1.~;~....~ ... ~... r,......;n .... ~,~-,-,; I~crth~r in RmmJ~n IOn we Ieel very gratelul Ior the tenfleu the ~tateuirangecon- , ~,~ ,~.oo s .... . ----- . . Washington on Saturday after- tal last week to undergo treat- The arrival of a sister, office help and leadership which[ Mr and Mrs Ferman Henson ventlon held m Wenatchee last] Mrs. Alden Swanson was host: nn~,~ ~#~ ~,~or~nn'~ ~,onhow ]nao,~r [14~r~i~ ~,~d h,~ bulbs we'have been given and it was ~ " " took Mi.~.~[week They left Darrington in/ess at a stOrK snower m nonor oz .;'~":_.+':;+- "-"~';-.=~-'.~ -'~. ..... ,|--+:"-- .. .... , ................. _, ...... land three chndren .............. -. . ,- .. ~ , ,...~ ..,.~ ,~,..,..._ c..;.~ .... ve i~verrlnela t~ees m ~nonomisn, re-I ~ar. ~in ~min and Mr. John[daughter from Sacrame~ accrued to do something to help a Bill Sim son Mrs. l~lemlng s ear ~unaay morn- ~u.~ o,,,,~ ,~,a.~, u,, .-.,u,.~ ~ - . I~ .... M ry Henson and p [ ......... 1..;_~. ,~,. ......... ~= ..... , ..... Ice,red hts Bachelor of Law de-[Caudle left for Montana on Sat-[prompted a family reu t~ear our snare of the costs, lne[back to Seattle, Tuesday and]~ng ana.returnea,~aturaay. ~virs.|-~a .......... ? ~o a ..... v'=O'[gree at that time. [urday morning. Iday at the Snelson hol~ t.:ampIlre OIIlCe lS In neeo or t the at a rk crawtorfl was a uelegate Ior tne v+~t I spen day Woodl nd Pa [ . ] =~ .......... I Douglas and Maurice Giebel of| The Getchell Home Demonstra-,the Snelsons that live mon to continue o eratin Mansmrd Grange and Mrs Pear I lvir. anu ~v~rs. Jonn ~e ~ostttl ...... I ' . ey .. P g, land visiting. ] ...... " " ...................... ~t--to at ~ra~ton nave t)een visiting with tion Club held its meeting on lPacific Coast Mrs Snel~ Irom now until it receives new] Among those attending the+Sn was a aelegate Iortne Mt.]+^.~., -....~;,+., ,,;~+t .. t~,,~ ,~rderltheir grandparents, the Georges, lWednesday of last week. Thereled a delicious and'bourn! community chest money, tne mst~.~,,,~.,, wo~;,,o, +,. qn~,.,,~ { wneeIer t~range, tne otners werelt~-y '~'~."~,,"-'~. *~o*~ .Y,~ "':'- "~ {for ~,~v,,ra] d~v~ {w~r,~ ~ member~ attendinc~ {,~,~. t,~ +ho ~,,.m,.,,,,b.,c~ ki~ of Oet.ober: The one dollar mem:lv~l'le]'~'at't~rdav~were"'Mri*~'~o~lVisiting delegates...The . five/o~Amarafltn. "rney w!n return onI M~ss~Doris-~arshall with the[ 1VIr.- a"nd Mrs. J. ~iVI'c~uatterI anh'hr[~.~"~a"rr~ a.~ Del~nlp dues go tO l~atlona~ - women stayed in a caflln and Mr -- ~"+~" -' Ivo+,~ ~,n ~,~ ~,,+v+~ Uol.l ./ .... ^ IBradley pickup went to Tacoma from Midland Tex. arrived on ter Barbara, Mr and Headquarters in Ne +york, andllin=sworth I Tollenaar stayed with his daugh-/ ~. -m .... m~*in,~a ads [very early Thursday morning to lSunday for a vmlt at the C. E.[Snelson and son Roy f# money raised zrom the canay~ ~" ter Tne, al~o visited theunme '~ ......... " .... " ....... [ " 3 - " /a- ~" ^~::tiv" salesmen --Ihelp Mr and Mr~ Dutch Krause~Haaland home Mrs Mcquatterltle Mr and Mrs Farad mints sams go to Camp Killoqua.I.+~rmay svimLors aLtne nome otI Gardens. /" "~Y' = ..... - " I to move" their household goods[is a daughter of the ~Iaalands. !from Sedro-Woohey Mr,~ Mr. ana w~rs. r~. L. ~oward were o---------------- . , There are over 15 local girls] ...................... I ~ "-- I ...... rc,,r~xr OU,TV,~UEe. ]here. Rose Haaland showed pactures] M. F. Snelson from B~ wlr. anu lvtrs. Jonn~e ~vxliicr o~ From North Carolina ,,.~r~,,,,~.u~, ,~,,u,,-~*, ~,. ' "" " ' a n who plan on attending Campflrel ........ I | ................... I The neighbors joinin extend-~of Alaskto you g folks of thel Mr. and Mrs. George S~ eaton this ~ummer Camn lilln I wapat" Tne evening was spent[...~..=_.. ~+ ,.^ ,. .... , ,,. l uarrmg,on ~teuaomn, ~,uuzc~ I+., ~,..; ....... t,,,, ~..R,,ss,qfl L,,ther Lea=ue in Lakewood 1*~,-~;],, ~-,,,~ v,,,,~oh,~ watt~lilng t~l~Vl~lOll i:tllU ~I~Juyiti~ ,J & ~a,.~ta~ [,~~o~ " " V L~a LXVa~ ~ ~aO qua m on Crabapple lake, near[ _ _ . land Mrs Vance Rogers on Mon-I q,',;n.,, ~,,k ....... ,,r...~*'+..IRhynard m the lossof hlslSunday e enlng. IMrs Chas Snelson and ..~... ,,-,^..n...+.~ ^_. _;., ...~.^,~.~rIcaKe and ice cream |- " -- -- - ~ ...... a ~tuu~ ~v a.m. *,u,~,-~,, . "'r ~-arlie "~ " wall " Wilmar ' " -" ~,.c ._.ou~,.~.,. ~.y ~.a witeu~= ~ " ~oay were Mr and zars l~alpn/~, ....... , ....... =~^ -,.~a ,, .- i morner, iv1 . ~n r~CK Ot ,I from Seattle Mr and l~u a Campfire member or not may] Mr. and Mrs_E. L. Howard andlNorton and son Jerry and Hugh[~ a.m., e ..... ,~ =,e ...... ,o~ p ..... [ Mr. and Mrs. Erle Thomas of]Minn., Mr. and Mrs. John Siver-lald Hansen and son D_0~ go to this camp. Arrangements[son spent Saturaay ~ggmglBlaine of Franklin "North Caro-[~ ~,u....,, ~r~,,,,~.,,.t^n~ [Monroe with their friends of]son of Puyallup and Mr. and Mrs. Burlington Mr. and 1~ ish I land ana visit ., ~,~,u,v,,,. ,.,,..,.. ~.,... .... = -- ~ . , ' to go are made through the[clams at Sam s . "[hna Mrs Norton ]s Mrs. Roger s/ M~ ..,~. ~t,,~d~,, ~t ~ ~ m North Bend had droner Sunday[Joe Stepanek of Everett were Engstrom, Bob Snelson Campfire office in the Howarth]ing at the summer nome of Mr.[sister and Hugh Blaine is another[ .......... J ....... ~ ...... ]with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mor-[Wednesday evening d i n.n. e rI Huffman. There was alS~ building in Everett. Girls ' who]ann ~v~rs. ~en ~ourne ann. tamny.[sister,s son. ]Calvary Pentecostal [tensen. [guests of Mr. and Mrs. WllhsI day cake "and present~ have been to Camp Killoqua,arel~aturaay evening, mey VlS~tea atI __ Darrin~ton Leonard Pumphrey Jr., left Hilde. Snelson and his brother its best advertisers, they say,' It s lthe main .home of the Bourne]Bingo -rty ' [ Sunday school; 10 a m ; morn-[Saturday morning to join his[ Mrs. J. Howard and children ofIwho's birthdays occur d~ marvelous." It seems as though[tamny at ~vtount vernon. ~ The Bingo nartv held for Pat lln= w~hln 11- " cl~ildren's buddies at Portland after visiting lKent spent the weeKen~ with the~week. a rummage sale would be a very[ Mr and Mrs E L Howard andlsmith Tim~ber'-Bow~l -ueen candi ]:~?,-,,~-"~'~,~'~' evan-elistic ser ]several days at home. ]C E. Haalands. i -- .... . ' "4 - ~Hta~.~, . t~.~., ~ " . . r ~] good annual event. I~;on Roscoe were Sunday droner]date, Friday night was very suc- vice 7:30 r).m. ]Oso School Reunion [ Mms Judy Olcott and Ted Hllde Mrs. Sally McNeelly , [guests at the home of Mr.alad~cessful. There was a good crowd ]-- "- ~ A group of iocal folks inter-]t ~etcne.l~ ann Angelyn an(] Ar-lchlldren from Seattle ~ rs Gu Lemmon reside t of ~ lanu ~anoorn ot ~varyswHe en weeK ena with Mrs M . y . ' Pi " . n. [Mrs. James Armstrong and. sontlots of food and prizes, '[The Church of Gexl of Prophecy Jested in the forthcoming school[ ............ "1 ". -'. .- '-i the rarent Teacners Association Gre or of Edmonds The dinner ono tereu in me monies parade in Darnellle ann her tnree ..... ] g Y ' " , I Miss Pat Smith Mrs Dale[Commercial Ave. and Cascade St.[reunion of August 9th, h ring[ .......... [ amaounces inat anyone interest[ was in honorof Mrs Howards[ IMarysvllle on ~rlaay an(] nao ,, " " K a ' " ]Darrin ton Wash all teachers and pupils of the lo- , Swell*" Birthday" ..... amm nd Mrs. Horace Enyeart g. , / .... the honor of winnin a fir t " ed In a swim _schedu.le at.thelblrthday and Gregory s blrthday.]wish to thank the merchants for]J. R. Rainwater, pastor i cal district covering a period of[..rize g S No Pa.rty : pool a~ tne -nree rovers ~ul,i blr and Mrs John Irelandlthe man .... ;~e~ ,~...,~,,~n ~..,~ ~]~1 Sunday School 10 a m. Morn-165 years, met Friday evening andlP ... .......... I Having the mumps I c ra 1 J 1~-*~ o u~,.,~t*.u ,~..u a*, week en(] catiers at tne rierD con a t Mrs. F nk M'les 674. [+'~pent the week -'end visiting at]the women f-r the donciou~ f~odl ing Worship 11. Evening Wor-[~ormed committees to have] .... " .............. [at any time, but when t , ........... - ulcott an(] Willis _l-lllOe nomes . The Rev. and Mrs. C. D, An- the home o~ Mrs. Irelands par-[also donated for the Bin=o ~artv ship 7:30. Icnarge of all details. A meetlngl ............... ]the cancellatmn of drews and family are expecting[onts Mr and Mrs C A Thomas]Thanks also =o to nil tia~ ~th~rI Wednesday, prayer meeting, lof the committees will meet here]We~ ~wr. an~ ~v~rs. ~wan(]e~ rtuoellooked forward to" ...... ~ ol ~verson ~ar. and Mrs ,,ester Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Berg and son of Ellensburg. [folks who helped make the narty 7:30 p.m. ]at the club room. on July 10th at[rdnno ~ i,~h~ ~nd .T|mr~v o-n]party' they can almost of Brookmgs, South Dakota thin] Mr ~nd Mr~ ~vi,~ .~n,~ ~,ad[a success [ Friday, Young People s Servme[8 p.m. to lay further pIans ~s the~e..^ "..., ~,~:.., + ...... ~ ,~^.~ a tragedy. This wa .................................. . ou~ aliU ~1~1 ocE~ull uL ~J~al ie week. They are coming for a]dau=hter Carole snent Saturda-[ [(V. L.,B.) 7.30. ]11st is long a few will be named[+~.^ [phght of little Ann emit. ]afternoon ~nd evenin= visit+n=] rdt~ ~h~],~ Wh+t,~ a~,,=~t~]-- leach week and please take no-[ _~ paugh who had to re Billy and Johnie Kroeze of Ev- at Clear Lake and brought their]of Mr and Mrs Ch~rlie White is~First Boptist Church tree. Those on the Memorml[Marshall, Berdenla Rhynard, Mrs.]invitations a few day erett will be in Darrington at the[othor dn,,=hter ~,in,~ h~o [~r~,~n~'h~= th+= ~,~,~"~ t~,~ h,~m,~[Darrington, Wash. ICommittee are Viola Hollings-]N. E. Nordstrom and Mrs. L. C.Ischeduled party. Bet " ~;~ ---~" .................. ~ ....... ~' ......... ................. Mr " H A1 ........... e r A ie ~alvarv Pentecostal church for~ "~isitin= at the hom~ofMr and~ot Mr ~,~d ~rr~ Pr~h,art R,~,,,~Chas. F. Brown, pastor Iwortn, ~vtt. an(/ s. ~. . ~-Iwnltman. rne t=ommlttee mem-ly a, nn . the_next three Sundavs [Mr~ "'lRnh-In.p~ mr~ -fnmi~J on l ~a+'+~;~'~"~'t~'~+'~ a',~'~'t,'~" ..... ] Sunday School 10 a.m. Worship[ridge and Mr. and Mrs. GlenI hers are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davis, .... ........................... ]xxrA,~,~_-,~,, w~,o ~, o,,n ~+r~ [ ............. [11a.m.B.Y.F. 7 p.m. Preaching]Parker. Those of the Kltchen[Rush Bradley and Mrs. Glen Par-I In Arhngton - IYl/~. Uwelrl Iot211~ ~pe2I~t ~UIlUety ,, ~u,,~,~a~j ~.~ ~.,x. ,~,~u ~,. o. V1Sl[lng Irom zaon(]av until .... " ~--,~ ~t~.~,t.~ , t~ ~r;,-.+,-.,,,;,-, "~ P IC'~lon I-lwpr nnd fnn~ilv of W,,n~rt [ ........ "..- .I .=ervlce 8 p.m. ]Committee are Evelyn Ehason,[ker. The Corsage Committee. Td-! KILLOUGH CL ~.u ..,v,,,~,,~, ,...~,**,~, ~,. ,~. + ....... - ............. . .....,-~--,|~arur(]ay at the home or Mr. anoI M+tl ~,zo,alr corxriP*a ThHr~dzv P17]~thpr ~'rv 3-senhine Muller Ilie Mmtbis Nnrma Pe~r~,m andl fnP .Sun:lay visitors at the.home of}Idaho, and Mrs_B: A: Rowe andlMrs" Roy Wolfewas Mrs. D. O.] nig+'i~"7"..~'o,cloc'k". ........... "~Nao'm'i F'ry~,'Be~tty "Fungate, DorisiJoha'nna" Bra'dley-." .... I Hat Blockin~and Mr. ann mrs. l-lenry ~agey were[tamt~y u~ ~ex~g.~.m. , ITurner ann son l~arl ot ~equlm.] ' . Mr, and Mrs. L. L Townsend of, Visiting tast week at the nome On Thursday they all went tol , Everett. . ]of Mr. and Mrs. W. Knowles was[Seattle for a 'family gathering at/ , [} R I V E I T Y 0 U R ~ [: L F | Visiting at the home of Mr. ant,[M,rs' James Prochnan and son of[the home of Mrs. Wolfe's sister,[ +| . M~s, Dane Jacquet and daughterl .Alb.any, uregon. Ivlrs. r rocnnan] Mrs. W. Williams of West Seattle.] | ~:k You want a car you'll both ts me tormer Jacquellne tknowles. - - ,,.~.~ . l-+eather on Sunday were Mr. and[ ............ / Mrs. E. R. Woods entertained[ ~.~ be happy with---one that MISS L~ali iv~yers, aaugnter ol Mrs. Vernon Swanson and twol ......... [the Birthday Club at her' home i ~i~" performzforaman, handles SOnS of LaConne~;. IffL?.o:/aEareLyY , ] v e mr]on Monday irr honor of Mrs. P. J:/ for , woman. W~ Spending the week at the home[ Wash]n"gt'on .............. " "] Clark's birthday. Those present] __ " ~ believe Oldsmobile's the of Mr. and Mrs. John Bates isl ~, ~,~,~ ~,~ +~,.,,a ohm+n~toesmcJ tne nonoreo guests were/ " ~'~ ~ ..... r Th**,, why -,o're ,~thy Ruf,o of Seattle. Kathy mlan~l+ two~' c~i{~ire~'V~nd'"Joy~e[M~unL~nOres R~rn~an,. Mr:n G~rn:t ,, ~ launching this ;;eial~':TDoubl;~I);to'" Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bryson spent[ Mrs. Ivan Jones, Mrs. Walter[.. .".~.~ ..... / ,~ ~.~ ............. , ~rs t~c~s nruse[n last week were t~mety r~lgl~t to~etl~er we Ior yOl|r~lI Frtday night at the home of Mr.|,:ates, Mrs. Elmer Afseth and[.. ,~. . ' .... c, -[ ,,I "~"~+ - " ..... -- ' " v" r i c "d ~ar a U Mrs l~nil A er and now the xtocxet' l~ngine rmes the and Mrs. C, Le ~tt of Sedro-Wool-[M s. J m Ree e attended a ~r~ all . . . = o ~ -. [ , ~1 ~ . . . , I +hower =iven for Miss Vivian[daughter t~n~ten o~ ~equlm. ! ,8 ~ ~ stra~glataway, how Hydra-Mat~c s "~Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Christensen~Fure at t~le home of her parents,[ Mrs. Roe Wriglat will entertain~ ~ ~ ,/ Super Range levels the hills, how the and Mr. and Mrs. Henry BennettlSatuYday night at Stanwood. [the bridge club at her home] T~I[ ; ~Ir ,a Power-Ride Cha~sia aeems to iron out went to Samish Island Friday, i Mrs N C Riddle and two/Tuesday, June 16th. Mrs L.E.] f ~ ~ the roughest roads Then and dug clams. Later they Went[daughters Bette and Charlotte/Lewis and Mrs. C.H. Gill of[ ' " " " " " to Deception Pass and had lunch]and Mrs. August Peterson spent]Marysville will be guests. The] . ~ LET HER DRIVE IT TOO ! at the State Park. [Sunday at Ridgecrest where they]bridge club is meeting early due[ ~ t' ~.~,., , " Sundav dinner guests at thelwere dinner guests at the home/to the enormous amount of[ ~ ' ~ , home oI'Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Col-lof Mr. and Mrs. L. R Dixon and/activities going on from now un-| ~~ You 11 learn that Oldsmo- ]ins and daughter Marjorie were]children. " [til Timber Bowl. [ , i I1~ ," ~!~ bilehas adouble appeal-- F_xlna Poindexter of Mount] Mrs. William Howe and Mrs.] Visiting at the home of Mr.| i ~ ~?~t~'.'.~. to men and women alike. Vernon and Mr. Dave Robinson. IN. C. Riddle attended the Flower] and Mrs. Dale Kamm and daugh-| + _i" ~ She's probably told you Week-en~guests atthe home[Show at the Masonic Temple miter Paula last week was Mr.] ~ ,~ ~"" already how she lov~ ~f ~lr. and Mrs. Harry ~ullen andl Everett, Saturday. / George Newman of Loketee Falls,/ ,- - ~ Oldsmobile's Ion~ swee- daughter Barbara were,Mr, and[ Spending the week-end visit-! Oregon. The two men were| ~,~'+" i-- lines ann h ,, ,;^., I-% ~+,,,,.t.... e Mrs. E. V Thurlow, Mr. M. H.[ ing relatives in Darrington, were friends in Ketchikan Alaska [ ~ -"? ,, " "".~'"'T ";'"7":,'77~''''~ =- -- " - "" Norman Bul "Mr an- Mrs Vict-r Riddle of l ....... ' .. " , ~ __ m~enors. ~ut at the wnee~ she n aiseover ~:na~e, mr. ann zars. "1 a . o . Mr. and Mrs. uaie r~amm re-/ ~ -h~i---" "" "" - " ' " - / [ ]~111~ Dig, WerIi|l Ca[" 15 as ODe(llOll ~en and daughter Sherrie all of[Puyallup I ceived a~tll from Seattle, +Sun-[ . po er h e and " ~" to her hght touch as to yours---w~th ~ttle, Clive Crawford of Ev -] Dennis Rat y n, son of Mr. [day with vord that Mrs. Andrew[ .. ~ .... " et~ and Liuda Anderson of Bel-]Mrs. Carl Rathyen celebrated his[Kamm and son Jay would be ar-[ rower ~teering* and Pbwer Brakes* lingham. + I tenth birthday Wednesday withI riving soon for a visit. They will/ taking the work out of driving. Come in Mrs. Harry Bullen and daugh:]a his home. All his]be joined here later by Mr.. An-| . ~on. Discover the double appeal of ter Barbara, Bill Higdon, Mr. a~] neighboring playmates werel drew Kamm from Ketch~kan,[ , Oldsmabile . . . together! " Mrs. F~ C. Thurl~w and Mr. M. :I guests. I Alaska. [ . *T~o,o Polo. Fo.,..o..~# .o~. Chaz,-e went clam digging at] Visiting over the week-end at[ The Baptist Bible school will/ ~:::#..),:::..., A~,,,a~.Ey, ~,~,~,~,~ a,,=~ ,,+. eamano, Sunday. ] the home of Mr. and Mrs. ~OOlcl0se Friday with a picnic dinner -::~i~!:i::!:::::i::!:~ lit. and Mrs. Lawrence Frees.el Spaulding and family was Mrs.I at noon for all the parents, help- :i:i~::!i!!!-; + and familyspentSunday at tiae~r[Howard Borton of Lester. She[exs and pupils. The picniq will :;?i:;:~i;::~ , farm at 3ira Cree~ , also attended tne Dirtn~.ay party/ be held .on the church lawn: ~::::::::::: | lg0r. and Mrs. Fred Ken.dyert given for Pete St. Loum at the/ There will also be a program at | ~l~ent: the wcek-end !n. Belling-I Three Rivers Restaurant Satur-[the church Friday night at 7:30. | ham, visiting their cnilo~ren, andl day night, lal movleI Everyone welcome. ! Mr. and Mrs. Tom D ... There will be a spec" " ~ There was a good turnout at son spent Saturday ~.n Mary sv~lie shown at the Darrington Theatre,[ the Clear Creek cleanup Sunday. a,,i.enl~ang twh:r:t~?:~eer~ue~sieS~t T~letda%nwigh~uefeOr eaPat t2~tith,[ po~SoP~tewtpl7 bad g:n~t.h~.~lqUitwea val. y r " " ' ' " the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wa dI Sunday dinner guests at thel also a report that the camp Argle and famiw, vall home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sygito- grounds are well in use already. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Du wicz and family were Mr. and o ~ent the week-end at Naches Mrs. Stanley Sygitowicz and two ~, f their visiting at the home o . children of Clipper, Washington. T~7~-~[rl~l~, ~4"('}]~.~'~, I - " ar- An-lin .... a s n of Mr and "' *'~'~'-" *~'-'~'~'" ' daughter Mrs. r~ow d ~ t~oo t-nom son, o . , t d l atoll Mrs Bill Thomason will report ] Mrs M Flemin= I an Y. . . . . ,,, A group ofabout thirty y oun~ for his physical for the service corresponding [ he Ba tlst cnurcn e 29th ~ " ~ " peo~le from t P" Jun . Mr...nd Mr_. Donald Ashe ar- went,to Cottage Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruskow- ived home last Friday ~or a They reached their destination at ski went to Seattle Saturday ev- week's visit with the home folks I p. m. and enjoyed a picnic lunch+ There was a church serv- ice from 2 to 3 P. m., after which the majority of the group went swLmming and boating In the evening some of the young people attended the Calvary Bap- tist church in Everett. The young folks were guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Watson. Dr. Watson kl a former Darrington Baptist ll~lslor. Mrs., Ferman Henson and her mother Mrs. J.J. Haga went to ~attle Thursday to see Miss l~ele~a Haga who had just had her~eek(mSils ~emoved. -end guests at the home Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Howard am~ children were Mrs. Sella I]~o~.ez and son Robert of Birds- ~. They ali spent Sunday in Seattle at Woodland Park. ening, to visit Mrs. Ruskowski's +mother who is inthe Virginia Masin hospital. Boyeson Mr. and Mrs. George and family spent the week-end visiting at Wind River, a ranger station near Vancouver, Wash. Stopping for a short visit at the Darrington Ranger Station last Sunday was Mr. Warren Pressentirt, former Suiattle dist- rict ranger ,now of Wenatchee. Mr. arid Mrs. Lawrence West spent Safurday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John West of Monroe. On Sunday they were Joined by Mr. and Mrs. Bill West and two children and all went to Woodland Park /Miss Frances White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie While re- turned home Saturday from a visit at Puyallup. after having spent some time'in Colorado with Mrs. Ashe's par- ents. They will leave here June 19th for *the' Navy base at Ala- meda, Calif., where both are sta. tioned. Qon is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ashe of Squire Creek. Art Cabe anti Nina Cloer left by plane last Thursday for North Carolina, after they had received word of the death of their mother. Mr. Raymond Evans and three buddies from Fort Lewis were week-end guests at the Estes Forrister home. They climbed White Horse Mt. on Sunday. ' O KILLOUGH CLEANERS for WATERPROOFING In Arlington - Phone 1344 0 NIN[TY-[IGHT HOLIDAY COUPI~ A ~ Mato~ Vd~ SEE YOUR NEAREST OLDSMOBILE DEA+LER -----YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER ALSO FEATURES TOP VALUES IN SAFETY-TESTED USED' CARS /