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June 15, 1961     The Arlington Times
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June 15, 1961

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0,~O 6~'~A/[]~/[TTTkT[rpvGladys Giebel; coffee maker, Mrs. Dick Underwood and l The Arlington Tiros* 5 ~x., x.Jx.Jz,xxvxl.J~xJ. J. Viola Hollingsworth; tables, two children of Seattle spent | Th,,radav T,n~ !~ Iq'--~! - Nellie George, corr. Rush Bradley, Roy Fry, Everett last week at the home of her I ........~ J ........ :" Van Ry, Dutch Krause. Among sister, Mrs. Dick Klesick. Add]- I I, ,o I A / " - For Wedding other helpers suggested weretional guests were another.sis- ]nauonm awaras M .......... walter Moran. It is requested ter ann nusoana, mr. ann ~vlrs i r. 41mmy iMmDall oi ~on- . ' " r hil * eor ........ that if any above named cant William Bu ns and two c - [T,~/'1 ]1~._., [%_|_ u, t~aiit came ruesuay anu .... IU + [IIC I-I~ his b~o+ho:: ~,~, ;- w+~u ..~ serve, please make it known to dren, who visited from Friday- I P hlsw'i~+'":`. .............. ~-.-. """ Mrs Knights or Chas Smith be. until Sunday I Six Com-" Fire-iris in Pil . Ie Arlene came on -lnurs- . ~. . . ..... ~ p ~ - ~ay to attend the wedding of mrs o~ August xJm. Due to ill health Mr. and Mrs. ] chuck Council O{Snohomish their niece Miss Doris Woods, _ A reminder that Mr. andmrs.Cleo Riddle and children left I County) have received national Whose marriage was solemnized ~r?fkelS~ithe ~emer~ani tle?' Sunday for Arkansas, where he [awards for their Torch Bearer 0a Sa+,,~ ..... ,~.~ +n Mr g "had purchased a farm. They Craftsman note books. ....... J ........ b .... i " th ' "all ~ -r I ~ary Pearson Edwin's friends o ng at e CRy H in ~eo o- have been Darrington residents [ Ruth Wagner, daughter of Were glad to hear him again Woolley on June 18th from+2 to for many years, having come to IMr. and Mrs. Floyd Wagner, and that he honored his niece .~ .p.m. ann melr Oso about .a year ago and had }Route 2, received this recog- 0y singing at her wedding irmnas ann relau e . made a big stride towards a [ nit]on for her work in a new ex- , Last Thursday evening the Mrs.Sarah Prichara and Mrs. new home here. ]per]mental Torch Bearer in mcal leaguers played at Lake- Myra trice attenaed the off]- Mrs. Clara Tomblin went to ]Natural Science. To earn the .Weed and lost the ame On cers meeting of the Homemak- Everett Monday to get her sis- requirements Ruth constructed SatUrday they playgd Bryant ers club at Everett last Tuesday ter, Mrs Ole Sunde, who had /a rain guage and kept account 0a home field at Armstron~ under the direction of the ex- arrived from Alaska on Sunday of the rain fa]] (or snow /all) Place and won 18 to 0 tension office. After a few days visit here and /temperature, and weather in Mr. and Mrs. Gee. L. Ander- A correction that the churchin Seattle she will go to Ha- [general. In connection with ~1 attended a family reunion services held at the Veterans wail to attend summer school. /this she kept a record of birds ~nt dinner recently at tile hall in Arlington by Miss Ma- Mr. and Mrs. Rush Bradley /and animals seen at the differ- ~ae of Mr. and Mrs. Tom bel Gibson and companion will went to Wenatchee on Satur- lent seasons. ) 2son at Stanwood in honor be held every Sunday after- day and returned back home on | Her collection was 15 differ- 0[ ~Ir. and Mrs. John Anderson noon at 3:30 p.m. instead of 3 Sunday. lent species of trees and observ- i ,+ . ~[ITI[~=h.C~ f.- . "- Smokes. Saturday e e g at " " " " " T......,. A... C-..-- ..... l a big project ]the Grandview Hall there was a ] day.. .... I cabinets housing a built in/Camano Island. Mr. Esperson ~k4~I'J~111+C, ~/'Jl-'Jll, 111 +~II-',-,,I,-4P~ l Visitors with M- ~nd Mrs 'nei+hborhood t, et to+ether tol Tuesclay the ~range AUXlJ- | electric stove has been installed | fished in a Saimon Derby. +..y JLL, LJt t , ,Jt JAJ Jtq , O I John Cole on Wednesday were lgre t her and t~)see h )me mov-/iary met with Mrs. Edith Cliftllately. Work is progressing on/ Mrs George hberge, Goor- I Mr and Mrs P~ ~t++b~en Of I ies q'he Country Cousins/in Marysville Members present I the hose fewer. /gene, Linda and Judy and Mrs. I Edgecomb. On Sunday Mr. and l played for awhile also A pot-/were Hflda Espe, .nxlma M.-I Week-end guests of Mr. and |Gordon Houser, Bonnie, Steven Mrs Frank Cole and Larry of I luck lunch at a late hour closed | Farland, Edith wnnams, ~yivla / Mrs. J. N. Smith was their/and Bradley all picnicked and urn ~er uson, marg a hte Wherever you go this summer, we hope you and your family have a real I Lake Stevens visited, alsoI the informal social evening. _/Espy, LaL, meg w,,++ At" | ~Jn-law:+ lwrs:, Johnny |spent ,the day Monday at Wood. on" " - ooert rlartl|arer wright ........... ~, "'/ .................... ~ ..... """ ........ 1~. ,, . . . J n s sister Levada and hus Mr. and Mrs. r~ . / "fun time. Here are some of the Seafirst seduces that can help you whileI band Arnt Muldor ~f .qnoho- I and thro~ sons of Seattle. Mr tha Miller, Anna Speer. There law, Mrs. Johnny Smith of Op- Mr. and Mrs. Finis Brown / / ................. " JUl , ,, - I mish ......... I and -Mrs Don Wright and will be no meeting in. y: portnuity, Wash I and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jenny you re on me roan: ] Members of tb~ c~n .qundav I daughter-s" and Miss Judy Bren- ]The group will meet in ,~ugust / Bethel Chapel Ladies' Aid willI celebrated the menfolk's birth- ]school are p]annln~--a-p'icn~c|dem~lll were all dinner" guestslwith Laura Ferguson... . /notmeet until September. Mrs. ldays with an evening out on I for .T,,lv +~*b I nf ~t, ,ha Mrs Lewis Wriuht ]Saturday was a grana nay tor/M. G. EMott will be hostess at I Friday. KS e kiddies of the Bethel Ch p e TRAVELERS CHEC [ Last Thursday after school at | on Sunday The occasion was |th " " - . .. _ : ]h r home at that meeting... I Mrs. Nettle Bratland and Karl ~,, 111 a m the local ~ H Club / in observance of Mrs Hartle's/el Beginners ~unaay ~cnooi ] Mike Heimer ceJeor~ttea his I Frederick and Ruth Germain ^t,r,f~ ~~/~'~ Before you leave, convert your c~h io Imemi ers and all themembers/blrthda~v Additional" guests /Class whospent the day m/tenth birthday on June 6th. lattended the 25th wedding an- )~q-~" ~"/~-r-~x~ DVI~ X Tmvdem ~ It's the md~ ~awm* I of their families en~o,,ed a ,~tc- /later in" the day and evening/Woodlancl ~-arK. There were [Mr. and Mrs. urvlue tJumaug: I niversary party for Mr. and -~ J ~ ~" ~ not able to a~- f,~_~/~~,l i~mtwa+tocarrycuh. 0nlyyoucancuh [nlc at French Creek /were Mr. and Mrs. Albert/severalwhwere .......... /en, K aren .and+Lo. uise anqlMrs. Calvin Brltsch ---~l~--'~A. "~=,.,,~/~_.~_.~.-- - - - ~ Sunda,, visitor~ w+~*- ~tr and nBowleo and Dorothy, Mr and/tens as panneq. .~ tunsl~ct-lGranama ~:len ~e~mer caneo IT he ~moKe tamfly were nelgh. I ~,~"- --~s..'W~"~ "'" YW ..,any |Mrs Leonard Pumnhrev "were[Mrs Will McFarland ancl theJomy, vacation plans ann comP-lTuesday evening, to help MiKe/b0rs of the Britsch family in ,~" :/ ~'- ~ " /their daughter Sus[-e and hus-/Misses Sharon Haddenham and lany kept some ~rom gomg./celebrate and snare mrthday/North Dakota years ago and SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES /bpl~ed, Haan~2idTioll~arn fnya Yr :/R IertaBrel dem h ert Benson/MThrs?;hc~kl~~~er!/ca~'ernight guest S turdayat/ r etntiedsme n ne rsre]wa V Protect your jewelry important papers n Robert Castle and daughter Le-|invited a small group of neigh:/and . y,. ....... lthe, Stan H. y |hadn t s en for a long time. Lance JeIIre anu ~ls~y anu MlC e --d o+ho- valtmbl~ -o-ins~. tim and ~t~[[~l ~~'- ~ /ola of Oak Harbor, who came/bors and friends in Thursday . , ....Y ...... l nael Ship y. .. / Mrs, Dorothy Olson of Kod- : ...... . . -,- - . ~r,..,~//~/ ~ _ _ _.~ - _ /with Mr and Mrs Lincoln |evening to view many beaut]- I Helen Sill It was an t.aeai day / Mr. and Mrs. ~eorge ADerge linK, Alaska is visiting her taeft. Boxes come m various sizes.., me ~~x'~II~,~=~- ~ [Swanson " of Arlin~,~on The/ful colored slides shown by Art I for a picnic ann xor .vtsmng the I spent three days. touring ~ast-/Iather, Mr. John Eads. cost is small. - -'J/~//4.r~~ [Castles were form~~,~l'ahbors [Horsy The nlctures were I zoo and enjoying me conces- ler:ern Washington last week On/ Mrs. Karl Bratland and Karl , .,,, + ,~,t~,-~ /of the Pumphrevs ....... and this was/mainlv' of Japan'but there were , slons" and miniature ...... train rides? I Wednesday night they campeo IF. drove to Camano Island Fri. ,IAt'~ATIt'%IM lt'~,l~l~ /their first -vlmi+ ~t,~oo l~mvin+/int+r~fl,~a scenes from Men- Mr. and ~vlrs..~arl ~anaquls~llt Conconully State ~'arK. They/day to visit Mr. Olaf Bratland ,v ........ / ............... / ....... + Wa on TuesI~ [ " + th + " ton as well drove to Federal LY . . " drove around by Coullee Dam M~ss Martha He P H ~ ~~~'~DI~- / e O so area. ' /tana and Washing " attend Mrs ~anoquls't's .. we of _u_- , If you need extra cash, ~ee our ~t The Territorial Daughters Those enjoying the evening day to , . . . nd at Watery]lie visited an in- man visited Wednesday ta .qa+. randson s graauatlon ~rom --~ .... Credit Department iota practical, low. Met Frida~ June 9th, with Mrs. were Mrs. Bob Ingram:2dQIri~, gigh school I evStingm St eiCaleconmdUsnel [UudaYsi~lit2nhe~ouasUnt, Mrs. Gert. -- j ~ arenee t~eorge and enjoyea Mr. and ~ars t~arl ~ q , Y . n rleJen, un ~'~~--~2 ~ cost way to help finance your vacation. /a potluck dinner at 12.30 Be-|mr and Mrs John Gilleland To l$t Mineral Sp .gs Camp on|Thursdayafternoon they visit- ""'"-'"-'-"'''' ' "cause -f il .... ~..'2 +'-"s ~'" ~--~ ~"-+" Jess Udell, Fred The 4.Pl ~aocuet~e tlorse ~+~.u I Blewett Pass ~ne weamer was ed Miss Hattie Sill at Kin's O lnesS or uu~ t.~,. - ..., a.u ,,,.o. " l te : g ~l~~r/~ " r /portation many members were ]Ross Walter Kaye, John Swan- has been invited to par.~m pa |ideal for their outing.. ]Garden and on Friday dined at n the ~trawoerry eesuvm p~tr TATIEW|DE BANKIN l unable to attend Those present] son 1~Iarilyn Elder and Mr. and i ............ .~ / Jay Smtzman,~ittle LeagueI the Frontier Village and toured ....... : ..... ~, ...... ,---, ...... ." were Mrs Mah.~l w.o.~,~ Mrs I Mr~ ~n~on The host and ads ~amraay, June ~ _ ~jWXlmanager, reports a game re PSi the museum. . ...... . .." .... ,,'], F/~ ~ ,: i Viola Hollt,a" ""~'~'Y':*h'"a-',~.. Mrs --a'M -[ hostess ...... servect refreshments at met Sunday at the riauer ormge. [ I,layed .... with Backstrom's teamI Students Honored , iL.~ _..~[~ . [bel Stensen Mrs c,_,,,~ Galla-lthe close of the evening and p ..... ....... 1~ Fmday evening at . " On Wednesday night follow- Wherever you go m Washington ~tat~, * , * ' ractlced Members pres 6 o clock in you'll find a ~eattle-Fimt National office ~, -~ X~~ .: I gher, Mrs. IVIargare{te++Bannis- [ On Tuesday evening Mrs. ent were t=amy .t:arJson:_Mavis own. Boys be sure zo D.e. at ing graduation a party was held near you to serve you. % Inn.,,,.~.]['7~~,lt]~]]]~]t.._,', Iter, Mrs. Verle Hafner and son,/Will McFarland accompanied Mon ty, l~.a_r.enrnneoec~e.r,_,~'~'l Bryant Dy b:~u. rnere w!llpelat the Loyal Heights Commun- ,--'~11~"~ ~ [ Mrs. Bernice Forrester and Mrs. Thora Norman and Mary Re- ry Seay, l-~cnara an~ v~arLff.; la home game S Iity Hall honoring Arlington t-~.,,,~ .... -, .... [Barney Getschmann The next jahn to Granite Falls to attend Bratlan~, Danny ~rauey a,U[Meier team. ~e on ~ne rmm|Hi~h graduating students who An l'T't'~a.qATlt"~ C~AX/IIM~C~ DI AM,, " meetin~ will be t " ~o Pioneer FriendshinNt ht at Bethelleader P~ettie ~rauanu _.._]bby one, for sure. "Jne ooys. ] had attended Bryant school in ~-~.,.v,v,,-~--,,-- ,.,e-~v ,,..~. --.-.-. a th "" ~" g and their mounts If rrns i - "_~ Hall o~ July 14th.~ Chapter of O. E.S. .The riders .............. s Inave all been issues uni. o /the primary grades. Those 4. ~ ~-a~ , Mrs. James Martin and Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Albertpe~?le~, ville a~er ne le~Uvm, ~u~' "" Mr. andMrs, will remaintve[~x~,Lxt ~t~_x~'~=lanqarepaymg ~en~.~LFulfslpresent were John Stuart and ~._. r-~/~ ~.,~ SaveautomaticaUy-evenwhenyoumoa of Bellingham spent SaturdayDorothy and Karen Lind l a -" . ............. ,.~1 . ,: .... -[his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. v tion cer- ~unaay mey wm au u~ ~,~ and Mr ann Mrs James wooq '~'~, ~ ~=-- ] vacation or out of town on btmmeu. Ask Isltng her father, Fred Jen- tended the Corona .............. ~-^ v-,,~n~ I~ - : .............. I Stuart, Jerry Franms and his ~...-~W"~----/'~~-b.~l anyseafimt.ving~tell,, ner; ......... e rnonies of the:~l.arySVXeUve" ~aac~"a/~rena~ ~+~t"';asT"'o~l~,~r~3s ~e~urd~;"n~g~ht a~vlparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur I k~'/~..~/ sit',+, ~vu-. ano Mrs. l~ex ~stes-oI ~trawoerry~2ueen ~atu~:uay " -- ........... ~ "+er li ....... 'f irTancls, Jonn ~atusne~ ann mS ' ~M'~r"// ~__...'~ L:hkne Stevens, Mr. and Mrs.cuing. One of themp:lnc?sses e~s~rysvd;l:cta~oa/seXarea~cor~ally ladin~ingvUntg?nct namng a pmao.| parents. Mr. and Mrs. John / " . ._ Conderman and children w~ts a family acqua" " ............. ~ -'o ]~ -- - "- " ....... I Satushek, Sr., Louise Rued and CLUB of Snohomi rs a venin~, visitors at invites to a~enu. ~"~:~ "~ " ~ Mr ann ~vrs ~vlamon jonn-I ...... CENTURY 21 SAVINGS sh, R. 4, and M S turday e ~ ~v~ar~vll %~u HOF~ el~hT~d "I-- /hd~ay ..[ her aunt ann unem, Mr. an(l ar e and bleacher seats ar son and family of Seattle ~ts~t Ro Fr and c Hazelthe Clarenc Hemmer home were ch g Y Y hildren of e ;O~bn!~:aenKdo:~h! a.vaflablie.t Lu_nch w~ll b~. serv +~ - Mrs Earl Cox, Trudy Lower ~2:;~lnEdx=~t~=r~o~n~otiwonatth= SA~'~~ ~veM~MS~daydl~t~.wlth= o~fursaa,ndaM/: u C1tuhbe. .Albert Hafterson and p~r:wnteS,' M~e:n~ed MM~oist~lad .... " ckie Evans was lunc - Seattle and " . . . . s and parents Mr. and Mrs Otto plenty of ready-cash to'enjoy America's d~nv~'~~ eon ~uest of th+~ .T C p+~nnev Diego ~']H' who was visiting The actlvitles, at. tenl' The Kackman Road Thimblc[~,~+~t~a C)thor.m ~,t=.~t~ ' - "" *" ' ' ' the mornm an~ lasl , - *, first Space Age World s Fair. I v k~ J /~ ~ Co. c~uring the"state"4-~I'Con'- the Knig'ht+'family. ocloek. !n .? .. :g__ _ IClub met at Bernice Enselmanslwere+-~r anci- 1Vlrs ~No'~:ma~t ' ~"- ~nrevnCresityt W~shmg~: pineal3 W~kerPwYial,be6~a~ork daY_e~t ;?l~:t~Md'r:~S:.d~eed~:~plr, I ~b~erhan~iYYsE~?:~! hOo~O~add ~Smait, h,MMr. :rid M~Ss.Ca~_~aW~S~ I I , ~ ~ I modeled her 3-piece dress en- ] Bthel Chapel Saturday.. H p = ...... ;_J T, ....d 'Mrs' la-+ - - .. n._ _ C~lara [ Larson, Karly, Ray and Sharon, IJ,,~.,~.'.~r~ ~[/hL~.,A ,~,It~g~~~. ~7"; . semble. J is needed to saw siaing ancl ano ~v~s. ~l~,~u^n~e~,t~eSilver]J~acKman anct ixars_ MolstaolMrs" Bill Kingston, Norrine W~'~'## ~ ~* * Mr a ft for ass ] o Mr Hanstaa WhO Anna ~peer att~,,u ~ were co hostesses l_,aules at ~{~,~/'{~ ~~ nd Mrs. Penner le P "t up t . ............... no,, Iv _. " ... .... " | Molstad, Eileen Ward, Toni Kll- on theweclcllng open nou~ ~t ~-~,, s~ I tencllnc~ were t~vaKallSt ~.i their home nea a Walla willb workln hi h ~ rein kJ r Wall " e " g g " a d Mrs , lough and Andrea Hern. ' after visiting a few days at the scaffolding Ladies are needed Marsh honoring Mr. ~.n ' IMae McGrew, Shirley Fulfs and [ There were ten ~raduatin~ home " + and to v -'" doors on the chip- Calvin ~ritscn on ~un~ay. children Ragna Olson and - . ~" ~" . ~ ______ of their daughter . I armsh in ............ c__+ t,~xvn Ic ...... [seniors from thls district. Con. (~ n~--~, husband, Mr. and Mrs. Farm board walls. The time is clraw- Mr. an Q ~wrs--~uuekt ~.~.: ~1 granQclaugnter oi t~verett, Edith ]~ratulatlons to each and every Bates, and to attend the grad- ing close to Bible School whe.n and familYt:It~:~?~sB~':x~e~ [Williams, Margie Kackman and ] one and may they be successiu~l DARRIN@TON 81 NCH I ~ At tl~ rid s ~' I ~ O rl~ uation of their granddaughter, I the rooms will be neeaed. ~t ~s tnelr pare. _ - ~..' [ Craig, Minnie IAndell, Grace / in the eareers that the~ have I I~ t~/~J ][ ]LJ[, " l' lnal Arliss Bates. from A.H.S. ] hopedagoodcreWWieldltu~nnOU~ ~2d Rooert rJoursaws on iNe onha laaravi s i Crkman aty, lchosen+: m4/es ot +he se : Phone: HEmlock 6-2701 l - Mr. and Mrs. William Muller I Dinner will be s r Y. . . , I~ y , ' " ,. and me I iors re~ : +,their dinloma+ I ~" _ _ _ ~ _ have announced the engage-I at the church. __Fire. Commissions [three hostesses. ~. _ | were ~)elore~ GL~thrle, Christine Ch~t.r P. Willlam$, Manocer l IT I r ]U .l ~I~ ~4~ ment of their youngest daugh-l .~ . Meet .......... [ Mrs. ham ~sperson I Molstad, Alice and Eugenia l i q ilk 1 LJ' 11/' k IL.~ u~ ~t t lSk ter, Mary Lee, to Mr. Glen Carl-l Grandview Country .tJaroen . "Ine ~nonomlsn-~smnu ~'~n'~ Jan o, cnnaren and Mrs. ~:sper: | Ruthruff, Judy Brendemuhl son of Arhn" gton. The wedding Club meets Thursday,, June 15, ty ~ire ~=ommtssioners meet-~ I SOns s niece, ~wen Tahmaa~e ox'Jerr-y r'rancis, John .... ~atushek ~__ ......... has been set for July 1st .at]at +Jessie Hanson s. ..... was. held_at the Bryant Grain~ I ~arysville, spent the week.end [ Louise Rued: Trudy Lower and M~t~E. FI~OI[NAI. OEPOS|T 0NStJNANClI[ GO~I~POI~TIOI~ the Arlington Lutheran Church. I Mr. and Mrs. u. ~. uDergn l-lall last rnursuay e e ~, i at ~vlonaeo Beach resort on/Dennis aamstad.