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June 11, 1953     The Arlington Times
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June 11, 1953

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t PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, TItURSDAY, JUNE 11,19oo.c") Mrs. Horace Enyeart. John P. Crawford [Queen Candidates Out of Hospital 0{Advertise Timber Bowl Bluebird Activities The next Bluebird meetings will be on June 17th at the home of the leaders. The Bluebell Blue- birds had a wiener roast at Clear Creek, Wednesday noon. They celebrated Elaine Skeers' 9th birthday and did some clean-up work on the camp ground. The Play Cast Queen St According to the R~,,A,* .... A,,~,.,l,,,.;,,,,q, for the Timber Bowl ;~;|v~a ~Ll.lall|| didates the standing The play cast held its regular lows, Jo Ann Jones meeting May 27th. During the Morris leading, meeting a thank VOU card re-Emma Masin and Pat ceived from the Lakewood P.T.A. [was passed around. Horace En- "McDaniels plan John Pleasant Crawford re-i The Timber Bowl queen candi- mothers who attended were Mrs. yeart gave a report on the request ion--The month of turned home Friday from the Ar- dates, Junia Morris, Pat Smith Finns Skeers, Mrs. Ed Towne frnr~ Affr Rnh Pnlli~ af Mnnroe ~ t,, ~,,~ ~ ,~,~ .... lington ttospital in the ambu- To Ann Jones, Wilma Phillips sponsor Mrs. Harold Reade f~r'"th-e--'nn'~i~bil'ities~ of "~,ivin~ ~,,,,'"o~',~,~"~e'~'g~'t~i,~ ]ante. Kenny Bennett drove and and Emma Masin, accombanied guardian, and Mrs. Floyd Wes. t~,e nlav ~n't~the Every, teenState ~,~,~':~'~" "~l"~'~'ri" ~n Crawford was the "i Y Mrs. Thelma Crawford, ]~ rs. ton, assistant guardian, i Fair at Monroe. Mrs Zillah Gar- ~r~ ~a,~r~,~i,~l ThPir ~' tendant. Mr. Crawford was work.-IDoris Lou.ghnan and~lVIrs. Vir-, There was a meeting of the:ton reported a request had come,anJd'augff;er.'Sap~ainl rag alone at me time dimS accl~I ~.,mm ~:aa.m were on ~tan uore-I Camp Fire and Bluebird leaders i from Stanwood to give the play,Pedersen US M.C. all( Rent on lymnuay, June 1st, wn.eni:~on's ramo program,.we(lnesctayI at th~ home of Mrs. Charles i there. Everyone was very pleased dersen, Cendi'a ~vIcDar Jez~/ Reece Former Residents [ ~ " *~,aN Ttoact~a as*~:tA~om. ,uc Mrs Ri'chard Danielson of" Ta-]1 .... : . g Immediately follow .g ta,,.,k,~ ,,, w,,,,,,~,,~ i Vi,~i in Darrin,ton I ~ __ . -~:~ . . 1seattle ior supper several eve. oI sendal Duane wiu ..,,~.~.~ ~v --v-,z-,,----- .__ _L .... [ "-" ~': . .~ ..... ] TIP FROM THE PROFESSIONAL DRIV~:R~The main thing on children's minds In coma. The maternal great grano- nin~,s on Tuesday a ~,roun of c'_;]nu~,~n' ('al tn ~nen( .. ~u:s. ~erry ~eece was. rusneu tuL~ VlsH:lng a( l:ne nome oi lvlr. anaI the summertime is play. The street is iust as much a playground to them as a oarents are Mr and Mrs. Riley _._7.~: ......... %,_ ~.-.,.. %_. "~'*"-~,* ........ :" ~" -~ the Arnngton r~ospxtai m me am- IMrs Tom Lewis and famil on~ ~mcan! I^t Is so it'- ..... n., .. ~-:~-, ....... , --, ,-. ,,- ~,-- -,, ~-- ,--- ;,~n,~ ,~f r~rrin,,ton and Mr~ J C i yuu,g people a,.m Am .~y,c D,X: mer at [fie moumam ~,, evenin suf- " " Y ~ ' "-~ .......................................... .... ~ ........ ~' "- " " son Mrs. ~ranK ~aulKner ann and Mrs W A gonc~ bulance Wednesday . . g ],~unday. May 31st, were Mr. and1 now that school is ,~t. Underwood of Waynesvflle, N. C.[o,~,~' ~,~,,~ln ~rr~ Fro,U Br-son .... "~':--'~-" --/*~--~ M feting a neart attacK, r~ar-JMrs" Johnnie Hyde, of Monroel --------~ Last week's visitors at the'~'"- ~ ..... Y:. ~''~ ~" -- "":~- ~- ,.,= ,,,=.,~ u~ ~,,~ r v and Wa net Mrs. CI de Itowa~d and two Allen Adams son of Mrs Mil-. o ~ ann two Cnllaren~oo rwwe, ~o- ,,q'h,~ xa,.n~,t,~]~ ~r~ ry GladsJO d o e Y Logging camp. They enjoyed Y . - " name at Mr and Mrs ~awrence ' .................. Baldwin was the attendant. Shellooking over the town again. Mr. sons Ronme and Blame spent ~on McCaulley, underwent minor ~xr^~'. ..... '~. "~';---,~ ~-'neo ofann. _. Holhngsworth, ....... Marlene Mc- pleased over having th was still in the hospital on Man-rand Mrs Hyde lived in and/from'Sunday until Friday of lastIsurgery at the Providence Hospi- ~*.~7~..~':~.'=.:~".,~.'~....:v~%~,,x Armur. ancl A.l.~ce ~cnuier mare since Captain McDanJ day but was feeling a little bet- '~ around Darrington for many weekatthe home ofher mother,] tal in Everett Thursday. He re- an'd"~V'a'~yneo'~Sky~komis'~~ .... ~" ~oSUrp~e_ v~tn~ttht:evta?es pecting orders, whichhe tel" Ivonr~ hr~fnro m~vin~, aw~v oicrht}ivlrs" ~ella trooper or ~imsview. !turnod hnme Fridnv I ' Y P~ ~ mored may take tn ---------- I"ears a"o Their son Ja"k whoI Mr and Mrs Gw' LemmonI e ...... [ Mr. and Mrs. Charhe White and singing and enjoyed cookms, Ice east ewcomers Y ~ " ~ ' ' ' " ~ - I ~unuay wmtors at the name o~ family spent the week-end at cream and strawberries. " . N ... [attended school here, is now mar-land two chddren ~ent to Seattle~ Mr and Mrs. Milton McCaullev[ ............... ~a.o I:~;11 ......... Captain McDanlel W M~. and Mrs. Lawrence Amen[ ried and living in Seattle, He has Sunday and brought back Teena. . -nd" f.~milv were Mr and Mrs.~ ~'~ "Y."'~ Z" .~ .... "'~'"~" A'~ ....... 1 a group, o~ tne ~apttst xoung ~tnr ................... ~t tho C" C ~ onmo_ i~ are the ver roud parents of a out r weeks 1 a d Lenahan Mr Lemmon's niece . /t~asse.s an~ at vuya lup: People ~ent to the home of Mr. n ~ovoral voar.~ ag Y P "la son ab 6 o 7 o d n , Sam Barstow of Granite Falls. a ea to ........ ~ ....... o. Their (]au met ~rancesst y v h r ht er baby daughter who arrived at has been named Johnnie. She is eight years old and is go- ~v~r Barstow shod the McCaul ] _. g. . Lyle Br son T u sday mg aft the Arlington ttospital SundayI ~ ling to live with the Lemmons. [lev's horse and the~-tess Leedleiawn tnere mr a weeK. prayer meeting and ~ang songs. In a snecial effort to evening at about 8:25. She~Darrington's'a~lodel T ] Visiting. from Thursdav untillhorse while here~ [ Bob Thomason and Miss Shir- They were served cake, peaches communi~- building fi~ weighed 8 pounds 5% ounces andlTo oin Parade [ ~ rd~'~t tho hnmo ,~f ~Vrr o,~,~1 , .... ".~, _ ~ I ley White attended the gradua- and ice cream ~ n,~;,~ ~f~,~,,~ ,~,~ wirnl l 5atu_.._; _ ...................... ~, r " ann w " - v ................. has been named Juanita Marie.I Darrington s own Model T fire]MrsRoy Lotwhnan and Mr t.,~:,'.~.- ............. ,~;~...... tion of Miss Pauhne Townsend at Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bates and Queen's Coronation and IS ivla tin wtsen t o Mother and daughter doing fine.ltruck will be in the parade at the ILloj',d Loughnai~ were Mrs Lloyd ~u~[,,ff.v~,~ ~_.~r. ~,~,~,,~..,~ Puyallup on Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis at-;and the two dances ma~ . " O~ttl~ ~tt tltt~ 11U111~ UJL 1t. ~ltt~ . . ' . . Maternal grandparents are Mr. Strawberry Festival in Marys- Loughnan and son Stuartof ....... ,_ ~. .............. ,. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woodward tended the wedding of Miss Nan m the new building , " . ~" I IVI~. ~.lllUILi l~all~lll alibi l,O.llllly . . and Mrs. Alvin Jones of Parring wlle, Saturday. Also the new Shelton. Stuart was home on Whilo thorf, th~v ~tt~ndea tho and daughter Nancy spent the Lewm and Mr. Glen Wheeler In plea has been sent o~~ ton. IPontiac which will be givenlleave before leaving for the Far;,ra~uafi':~.'~ ~:~'~+~'-~- w:~-.~',:[week-end at the home of Mrs. Everett Saturday night, families in and around Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mayer aretawav at the Timber Bowl cele. lEast. Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Lough-'~Jau~hter'at ~he ~P'aulsb'o"Hi"~t~!Wdward's parents, Mr. and Sunday dinner guests at the ton to turn out and help very happy over the arrival of a bration, the five Timber Bowl nan and son returned to Shelton. Sch0~l ~ i Mrs. N. E. Nordstrom, of Oso. home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bates the work. baby girl at the Arlington Hos-iqueen candidates and one of theI Mrs Fewey Loughnan left ~,,~ ....... ~,~, ~, ;~;~ .... ~ ~,~ Visiting at the home of Mr. and l were Mr and blrs John Ireland ------------o~ p~ta! .'~un, av morton., June 7th, ambulances. ~/Sunday by ;flane for San Diego ~ .... ,~ __.~ ~.~ ~n~.t;.~ r~, ;Mrs. Art Wright is Mrs. Wrights Mr and Mrs Jim Reece and, In Arlington - PiaO ed 7 ounds ~ .' .~ ' " I " " KILLOU H CL at 6:30. She we;gh P ...... . /to mslt with Mr. and Mrs. Walter ,:en and Iamily were Mr end mother, Mrs. Margaret Hanson, family attended a family bridal, G 11 ounces and has been named ,umns move Robinson Jr before Mr Robin- ~; .....,. ,~=^ ^~ ,~ ..... ):~^" of Seattle ~ow,~r e,~- ~i xr;,,;o, ~ ..... , tor _, Maryhn. She joins a brother M1- ToArlington ......... tson leaves for overseas duty Af- ---------- i Mrs. Art Wrighl was honored! Stanwood, Sunday. The shower] Hat B!ockin~ ehea~ Lm baturaay mgnt May 3otn v ~ ~ ---- - [ " . , , ,~ter,he lea es Mrs Robinoon wi 11 Mr ttarold Reade took a group!with a stork shower Wednesday ~ was held at the home of Mr and] lt'~ a boy for Mr. and Mrs. a few frienas called atthe nomelreturn to Darrington with hertof teenagers to Church Mountain evening, May 27th at the home Mrs. Merril Metzger and family Mm=== Donald Nations. I1e arrived Sat-'oI ~vi.r. anu,virs, verne vimon annImother via cai-. ~::unday tar a week working on of Mrs. Roe Wright. Friends at. at Arlington ~ If t-Z_ TT,+~| he Arlln ton ~amltv an(] presemea mem wltn ~ ,,,~,~-~ urday e~enlng at t ~ " g ... ~ ;....2~.. +~.;.. ~ .......... ;-~.i The Bridge Club will meet at[zome minin~ p~operty, tendin,, the shower were Mrs. Miss Janice Reeee, daughter oft~_~l ,, ,,,, Hospital weigning t) pounas o~,a .-*~,~.L'~,~.m)-~ ~? -,Z.~-,~lthe home of M,'s Myron Winterl -m ....... ;1~" ~- ...... t" f-~r Pa Burke Henson Mrs. Agnes Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reece, and Miss I~ June ~u " away gllt ana iOliOWeO Wltfl a .. x~xv vv~ t o~ a pat .y v ~ . , . ounces. [ ......... [of Everett Tuesday Mrs Wmterlc.~,~.....~... ~-;~., ,z_H Friday of Marysvllle, Mrs. Gill, also of Ann Cider left for 4-H Camp at ,. party Inose attennmg were ~tr c~,,.t,, ,~ t..~ ,~.t~ ~,,~,, .... ., asUl~ [ " .. .... ";[is formerly of 13arrington I..~.., ...... ~o,~. ..... ;.,~' ,, "7 ~a Marysville Mrs Lenore Runyan Pullman Sunday night, will completely i~ " e "tnd Mrs rme wright vlr ann - . . ,,~,, ou,= ~u, ~a,--s ,~ ..o,,. , ' ' VisiLing last week at the ham |~.. ." ....... ' -" -. [ Mr and Mr-" Fred Broom havei ..... 7 ...... ~.~ ,:'. ....... ,-^^ ,~- Mrs Vie Gilmour Mrs. Harold Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Bennett, in~, on average sized - ivlrs Art wri nt Mr ana Mrs ~" I lIUIU "*VIII UU LtAil i:titLl [OIILC~ LUI " ' " ',~ of Mrs. Gertrude Sterling was herin" ....... g , "- .... "[been visitin~ at the home of Mr.~ ii ~1,,~ n froo 1Hnoh will h~ Kuntz, Mrs. John Bates, Mrs. Or. Mr. and Mrs. Lewm Noble, Mr. ~ ann =,~ ..... et " ~, Henderson of[~lOjO wr gnt 1vii ann lvlrs rAI -- . ......................... ,~ ....... aunt. Mrs. Geor~.e , ' " ' '" " .~ " and Mrs. Lawrence Nickerson oL ~e" e(l" .... vllle Pearson, Mrs. Bob Evans, and Mrs. Ed Hunter, Jr., and Mr. Winilm.g, Can" ", " ." 'Sw-ns--and'lVIr and'Mrs Vic[ ada and Mr and ~er Wood Mr and Mrs Maurlce s rv rl e n mate~ Sedro-Wooilev for the past week.I The'Cathoqc children had a and Mrs. Edna Hilton, and the and Mrs. Eldon Lowe attendefl P "c includi g Mrs. Glen Toppings oI vancouv-/-.a u, .. -" .....~ " IWhile there "Mrs Broom was af . . . " ...... hostesses Mrs Maurice Swanson the dance at Seven Cedars Sat-labor---lst nuality ~ :;ilmour lwr ann _~lrs. tlll~on are ' - ' ~ c- week or catechism at Arlington ' ," ' ' "1 " er, B.C. ] . ". ; ........ ]patient at the hosmral../Ir, ater-I .......... Mrs. Verne HHton and Mrs. Floyd urday mght and Stan Boreson ~xnortlv annli~dI~ . . ~ovlng [o /~.l'llngion tillS wee~, . last weeK. Ine parents oi the r . ---,- .... - -,~,- ..... Week-end visitors at the homeI ..~.~ ,~ .... ;~ ~. ..... ~.o u;~ Ihng Melton joined them over .~1.,4 ......... l~x,~.,--,~ ....... 1. "6right. Fhe guest of honor re- announced the Timber Bow1. .., ...... ,..^, _-..;.~a ....... f" n ........ .-tl''ltt~lU t[,.~=''~' ~*'*rtll O(:= lit=at ~.v.tlo..t*.ll'lfha xrnt~l~ ~c~| IUlllIUlUII ILUltl Ualllll~tUll tOUl% e,aivod mnnw lnvelv ~ift~ Nel~ Br,,~oth had a wnnderfulI w~.tux~ xue~ ~a*-,~, O! 2~r. ~tltG lvlrs. ,I. ~, D~y~uit a,tu ,. n " ~,L,~ *,,.,.,."..'.,. , ~ * ." ........... a -'~ -a ~ ............. . .. ........ ~arl[ on o f,.ther, and she can lookl **;-~ Ohar,~.~ ~ ..... da,,,.h,,~,ltmn~ taking the chtldren down. writeun in the Sun,t~,, Ma-31stsummer comfort all ~rl family of Aberdeen, " " . of Mrs. Margaret Myers, gradu, io. vne cnliare.n receiving tne.~r Clecmup at issue of the Seattle Times paper ......... and Mrs Jim N. at:ons and Mrs Hilton and Mrs.[ated from the Holy Names Acad-ln.rst com mun.ion at the t~atnonc Clear Creek on our own Jumbo Mountain. A1- Low,ay~ family of Neilton, Wash., and[Flov(] wright were tunc.neon[emy in Spokane Tuesday, June ~.nurch ~ungay morning were The cleanup at Clear Creek so one of his many paintings. If Destred Mr-= Flora Cook of Marysville. iguests at tne name oi lvlrs, t~avet2nd' to which Mrs. Myers went.'v~.cKl,e ~Wllllng, Jonnn!e Asne, last Sunday was a "flop" due to The following item was taken ,,,=.-~.;..,~ .~, ,.,~ ~ .... , r~,- ~ndl~uenanan on lwonoay oz last/she and Sharon arrived home l)lCKle Jonnson and l~ooert an(] the bad weather, tIowever this from a San Diego, Calif., paper ~J;||',.....,..,..., .~.~'~'"~x~r~,~.~)'~-~r"~ra'nd.[week. ]Saturday. Sharon plans to attend Michael Vincent. Sunday June 14th there will be by Mrs. Mary Archerd who sent ~ ilUd.IiI~UIi a/ ~"*'~" ~. .... ,~'~',':'~L~-~ ...... ~' I Mrs Hilton reg~'ets leavinglthe University of Washington' Mrs Thelma Crawford is spend- work done on the camp grounds it to her folks, who in turn pas- ~hono 'm~a2 R 2, I '. . '_" Darrington and wishes to thank nextfall.Mrs. Myers other ng this week attending the State rain or shine. Everyone bring sed it on to be shared with other~= .... ,.,,t~ MlS~ ] lnda Jone~ daughter of x-,--,, -,,,,~--' mr'" an(]~ ":'''ivlrs A--Ivin Jones, isl~all, her_. patrons of the beautYa.daughter~ ~ Gail will arrive home Grange Convention in Eastern .your own plcmc" ' lunch and your friends and acquaintances of the " " ' -- " ........ r' mop They are moving into [Thursd,~. Washington. family. McDamels: :op~u.~fnjnag ~lh:ar ~Vae~" w~tn lle [new "home at 308 S. French St. 1 - ~ - - The Methodist Church week, .. , . ~ The'Lev. Borseth and " " ~'g " " " I will lenve on their vacation June home in Darrington to spend the[ I 15th for California, where they summer. I will visit lheir oldest daughter, Mi',s Josephine Ho!lingsworth[ Mrs. k.~ L. ]~ussell, at Vista and returned to her work in Arlinff-i Mzs. ~rselWs sister, Mrs. George ton l~o~dav, where she is em- Grons~tats of NorthHol~'wd'lployed by Dr. and Mrs. Nebel. ~:~-..-- ~ i; '. "" " '" '" " ] Saturday dvening guests at'the At t~e Pentecostal Church and A~dre~ home on Sunday the , [home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. How- "'--'= , ~fl~ and Johnme Kroeze -~r will be ' y " " ], d and son Roscoe were Mr. and Of I~e~el~ and Arlington. .~Mrs. Joe Sygitowicz, Roy Howard, ~4., . " Charles Booker and J(~hnie Mi~- r a~d Mrs, Carl Rathjen an(] fatuity, M~s. Bud Sawyer and two children, Gene and Sally, and Charles Barnhart and two ckildren, Sandra and Duane, drove io Anacortes SundaY. where they visited Mr. Chris Lar- sen. Mr. Larsen is the father of the three women Guests at the home of Mr. and Henry Brown and family from Tuesday, May 26th, until ThtrrsdaJ,,. May 28, were Mr. Sam Parker, Mrs. Rita Singleton of Kennewick and Mrs. Bill Webe/" and daughter of Tacoma. They came up to attend the gradua- tio~ ol Betty Parker Morgan. Mr. Parker is Betty's father and Mrs. Weber is her sister. Mrs. Walter Morgan left Wed- nesday evening bytrain for Fort Old, Calif., where she will be neat her husband. Soending the w~ek-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bul- Ie~ and daughter Barbara were :Mr. Norman Bullen of Seattle and Clive Crawford of Everett Mrs. Frank Faulkner and son l~ald, and Mrs. Sylvia Hol- ~ingsworth and daughter Jose- l~i~ t~ok Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long back to their home in Se- attle, Saturday. On the way down they stopped for a short visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dave M~lonee at Marysville. After Baying dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Long in Seattle, the rest o1[ the group returned home. "l'tm~day dinner guests at the Imme o! Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bates Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long of ,~mttle and Mrs. Frank Faulkner. ler. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. How- ard and son were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bourns and family of Mount Vernon. The two daughters, Bun- nip and Judy, remained for the we~k. Visiting at the home of Dr.' and Mrs. N. C. Riddle and family on Sunday was Mrs. Curt Furr of Everett. Miss Charlotte Riddle,' daughter of Dr. and Mrs. N. C. Riddle, is spending this week in Seattle with Mrs. L. R. Dixon and children. Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doan and son were Mr. and Mrs. Stanley MoskelaQd and family of Marys- ville. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Edwards and two sons Daryl and David are leaving Saturday for a ten- day trip to Califorma. Spending the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Freese and family is Miss Elaine Esper- son of Bellingham. Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs.J.. E.-Faucett were Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Dare and two daughters of Seattle'and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Faucett and two children of Darrington. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gladsjo and sons drove to Bainbridge Is-*! land Sunday and brought backI their son, who was visiting there I Week-end guests at the homeI of Mr. ~/nd Mrs. Burke Hensoni were their daughter Mary of Se-I attle and Bill ~impson of the Sand Point Naval Base. GENERAL ~|OTORS LO~'EST PRICED EIGHT Judge Pontiac purely from the standpoint of quality and, It's hard to believe that tt is actually a low,priced car. Certainly it s as distinctively styled as any car on the road--and its beauty carries through into its uxurious, roomy Body by Fisher. Performance- wise, Pontiac is second to none, with power to spare that whisks you through city traffic or cruises with remarkable economy. And Pontiac is a big car, with a long, 122-inch wheelbase. But Pontiac's outstanding feature is its price--a price so low that If you can afford any new car you can afford a Pontiac. Come in and get the facts that prove that dollar for dollar you can't beat a Pontiac ! ealt iJeag a 0 WEBER Fifth and 01ympic Arlington, Washington