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June 11, 1953     The Arlington Times
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June 11, 1953

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, TIIE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON. WASHINGTON, TH[JRSDA i, JUNE 11, 1953. .PAGE F mid Day Cicero-Trafton I WHITE HORSE SISCO HEIGHTS I I OSO I GETCHELL ][ Mrs. Ixer En strom It[ Mrs M Flemin, Mrs_Willis Hilde, corr. II] Mrs. Nellie George, [ Mrs. Willis Hilde, corr. | ~j --v,.~ i[ Phone 30134 [I! " correspondin,-*" . . re~pnone zzl, ii~ correspondent. [ Telephone 2117 | ~armers ~ieldDa ) ,omnmers rout I ' ! Y I a i .F.L. Tombhn and Glen Slmp- Mrs. Ralph Bosworth spent last House at the Western/MlSS Myrna Royce Commumty Club Church Found t Onbut e kms are spending a two. weeks veet-~ in ~Seattle vi''sltm~- her son It was a ~y day at th.v - n Ex erim n taho ~ acatlon at St. Martins ttot n "t" p e t S n~|. | ....D-.J- ~K]__ ]~.-- ]~__i. .... rounds of the community all ........ a d farn~ ), Mr. and Mrs. Vernon ly 23 this ve r a |1~ JHli~ DIIU ]lli:[~ I'lll~ l~l~Llll~ ~n R~tn d v ~ n noicrhh~r~h~ ~pr~ng 11] uarson, wasn. Bosworth | '.'J W Kalkus stationl The home of Mr and Mrs. C. E[ "Vh~ White Horse Communit together with wheelbarrows andl. m,~ vva~ter l u,gate ~uec ,o,~- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kluin and | le .... ~ey t~rumDaugn~ was oomph- famil were Sund i n e r nt Aylesworth was the scene of at ......... in shovels and poured the founda-I ........ Y ay d n . I - uluo nero its re~umr meet . menteo With a mxsceHaneous u sts of Mr an " da lovely weddln~ early Fmday eve. tmn for the new commumty ,, , ~ e . d Mrs. Chff , Y the station re- . . June 3rd at the club rooms, wit shower held at the local club fWill ~m un domnn ]nlng when Miss Myrna Royce[ .......... church. We wish to thank each[ ;a ...... Stensrud at Sunnyslde I - ..... ,- ........ - ' ' aoout iorty memoers in atten( room luesflay aiternoon Wl[fl . . eOnd,,ot tA,,r~ and!daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.[ .... ,m. .... ,...~ .... ,.., ,~one who helped and espemally[ ........... Mrs Wllham Hart and three ......... , ---.-- ,~.~. ..= ~,,~=,~,,=~=o ,~, ~, lvtrs, baran rricnaru ano Mrs. ' . the wnrk thpv'ro dnlnc, lRoyco, and Donald Garka, son ofl~.~.~ ........ ,~^..~ .......... . the 5 young boys who worked so]m;N~." ~.,~.~ ..... ~.^~, ..... ~qrls from S okane are vacation- | rlCulturo nf wo~tornlMr, and Mrs. G. A. Garka, o h ~... ~.o ~..~.~,~ u..~h.~o, n~.,,,, dlhgentlv. Thanks should also go[ ...... ~n~ at the home of her oarents ~. This ~tati,m locateaJf Route 3, were umted m mar-] ........... ,~ o~ .... h,, h,,~to, to the ladms who prepared a good] The ueer t~ree~ ormge nas re- Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dockendorf. | .................. ~y 3-1o. ~Z/11 IlK. D~UI II LIK..I, ~t,Al 1 lll~ " , ~ -- ' lun i~.~2~-~ W~s~-Iriage. The double ring ceremony]~=~ "~5~'L'"~LZ~ '4YZ=~':72 dinner for the workers. [celved new planking an~ new~ ~r -nd Mrs Aud ........... "~ | ~") o ~ 1 1"*~ Va- "~ ~A~ al- " 1 IOto~tlUIll, dUlll|bUll, ~llUyU r &l ~1 IO*1 J'1UIUI ~" 1 1 kl e Co ' was performed by Rev. Brokaw m .... aflmg on the approach, e I llege s seven out- r n e i ediate Klement Fleming Mrs Swflhng . .... and Audra and Mr. and Mrs. J~m ire the n ese c of the mm ' The S]~co Heights Sewing Club Claud Gadberry is building a h centers at strate- families Isubstltuted for Mrs. Klement as ............ { i Brown visited with Mr. and Mrs. _ ~rouna the state I I~... ,^**... w.~ .~..+-;..,..~ ~.., ,helWHl meet dune ~ at tne home mlnew wood silo. IBill Wi~;,ins at Everett on Sun I I the more than 20 re-] The,!argo nvmg,room ~has e'li'llness[ of her mother, Minniellwrs" ~no~a ~lougn. ]t Bert Armstrong left Friday forlday, t I at the station have aU[lIUlly.... ~eco area ~or . ." Dunn A short program was putl Community ....................... Club has been ~'ortland on his return to thel wh, r-,~ t" h e 1 1 r,...... ~+,,~ | nagement trials and caslon with bouquets. of.wnlte]on including a summary of the postponed till next month. ]Veterans Hospital for further eyeichurch will put on a programl I : digestibility of has ]peomes ann wrote mpm: lne pc-[history of the club which was Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs ]care ann consu~tanon. !at the Four S uare Church in Ev. i s "-. ltite young oride loosen cnarm-] i i N v ' 2 a the " m son were " rs'} I " q "] : under way. w]th~mg, m: a street length dress of organ zed n o. 19 ...... 3 t J~m Tho p Mr. and M . Mr. and Mrs. George Umstott erett Fmday evening. These expemments~ .......... iFurland home at Squire Creek. Orrln Underwood and family, Mr.lof Everett were Sunday vimtors Mr and Mrs Fred l.indbnr~' are! white or anoy with a very IUll " , ............................ ~,,and will be told[skirt an~ga small white hat HerICha~er members stll! belonging.and Mrs; J. B. Thompson andlwith. George~s mother, M~. Belle|leaving "this week for atwo[ ~IRS. GRACE F. GUDWORTIt s the Mold Day. roul-I ..... " .- lare t~race TucKer, LUlU t)enman, llvlr, an(] lvlrs. Jerry lnompson oz}umstott, aDo nls orotner bimon, lweok~ trln tA Rn~th 13~knln for n| ..~ v...~...~. ~.....~ :s. plan to show theirlCr~ge was,~ rynLus:_yn~a[Flor~ Larson, Muriel Fleming. ,Everett. Leonard Pumphrey Jr., arrivedlvisi-t'with'~lVlrs~L"in'hborg's~broth-.] .......... . ....... y eed ng n ~,. ,., .... ,~ , ,~ o ,~,,rsa,,eI A short quiz game was held Lanny Curtis of Snohom]sh ~ Ihome early Monday morning onler. I ..... ~ltr f i and o ,~,u~,~ ..... u,,~ ,,~.~, ............. ~ ' . was named president of The blood spot in eggs.[a,n'~*~, .... .~'V "'~ .... "A..~.~Iwith Bess Shattuck winning the spending a few dayswith the]a six-day visit with home folks I ~a, ~,~a ~a,~ ^.t ~,,r._ ...... t }~viotner Church The First Church ture i ro ra ot rea roseouos Jerry t~,~,~,,, . . ,,~-. ,-,, .,,-o..~,~ ,.~,_,,~. ,.- ' of the r p g m! . . " . . [prize and two beautiful accor- Harold Helgelands. He is in the U S Navy stationed tondod n birthday natty in hnnnrJOf Christ, Scientist in Boston, sho e servea as ms brother s nest man ~- .~_~ wing of a n) wI .................... e_ "]dmn duets were rendered byouri Mr. and Mrs Dale Steckelberglm Cahforma but his ship was of David MeGrew at the Fred[Massachusetts at ~he annua! ,-Ken Known as !no YIUL:UUlII~ LIIU ut:~fUlllOll~ ,.pall ..... ' . . . . local musicians, Jeame Glaas3o and David left on a trl to S. Da- docked at Portland IPlan whmh m bemgldra, Lois a.nd Diana Aylesworth/and Tommy Beck. During the kota on Saturday P [ Eric Peterson visited his neph- McGrew home near Arhngton,lmetmng held Monday, June 8. ! *.D~ 1 lkl O.. ~Y the State College. sang an appropriate song, en'/business meeting a discussion of ........ ,_.. ~.~.'_ ~..~ .~.^ ~.... ew's family in Tacoma for a few, ~ o ........ Ititled "He Lives" ~ ............................ I J~V~.l~ oa,.~ ..... . .au u~ .uu-la .... l Mr. and Mrs. Audral MorelandlDON L. SIMPSON ,ou Will see mint rust u~e mue ,~u~ tuu~. p~a,~, a.u at atin H eidt's ,,,,~o. 'r-" .... I Later in the evenin" a recen I ...... , ............., ...... For of appe g on orace H I ~,o ,v,,,~,,~,~ ~ .... ~..,, ,... ,, ,,iand Audra called on the Bill tON SCHOLARSHIP ROLL *ments anti work onl ~ P-lWCt~ uclucu tllat tlltr UIIIGI~ u,,____te.,r -ro-ram i" Everett on~ ,,,,o. --,,,,~,,,, ,o ~,--,,,s -,,- ~**v,** .,. ~ ,, o , ~ ~ ........ )f plant diseases such[TM was held for over 50 rela-]the club should act as a commit-i~r;~la.~UevPenigng She'took second[f her grandchildren while the i~vmnD2rgs in r~verett, oaturuay[ rorty-tnree oI the graguat~ng )t of cabbage and!fives and friends. A tiered wed-lmittee to meet with the school n~,~,~ th,~ __'2 .... ]parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hy-I.: g.:.. . .. Isemrs at t:entrai wasnmg~oa diseases of orna-]d'ng cake topped " -!board in working out a lease for "~. ""~"~ .. " ~ _ tt, are getting settled in theirl . pe -| - .. : ..... .~,- e - ] w~th a mlma i~ ,~ GUiltiest a ~vlrs ~talne uergam s nt Me College were hsted on the sehoI rtilitv ann variety in Iture bride and groom centered the building Mary Lou Wickeni Tne ~isco rie]gnts ~unaaYlnew home in Darrin~ton Imorial Day weeK-end at Fortlarsnlp ron tnls wee~ Dy ~t~- on forages and otherlthe candleht table in the dining was appointed as chairman of a School went to Duvall to attend! Mr and Mrs Fred Phillips of[Ord, Calif., with her husband,Itrar Perry Mitchell. e described and their!room. Mrs. George Garka, aunt of/committee to work on a float for services on Friday ~ight. Muki'lteo, Mr. and Mrs. Win In-Iwho is stationed there. ] For a student to be so listed he . Various new small[the groom, poured during the re-[Timber Bowl parade. One new Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Nielsen of man of Arlington, visited rela- Fred Lindborg motored to Ren-Imust have maintained a grad~ Veuetable varietieslception and Mrs.- Frank Davis,[member was taken in Mrs. Amy Seattle visited Mr. and Mrs. Or- tives in the community on Sat- ton on Saturday to visit his dad Iof B or better throughout his o~l- is working on are to]aunt of the bride, cut the cake.]Estep, a teacher residing at the rin Underwood on Friday eve. urday. Mr and Mrs Bill Kluin acc0m Ilege career. Among the graduat- in seniors was Donald L n~ IGeorgine Ochampaug'h -assisted!country club. Hostesses for next ning. A1. Bucklin of Arlington called partied by Art Gregg visited with[h g " Y rt~slla~d dme~t?gn [:~T~/heeePiy~ehadstlr?ft ~n ~ShgerWn I ~Maeee:]:gl:K~se] El~nlb.dtn~ sKB~si, edMbrSnElVerahJOmhpSgne~? report :~Annfr2:d~fn~:m~y~a~! Wt~e~h~fomre" M~nan:odM~e2iCkdaWyh~tehead atI grieultural research[. ' "P / r . . Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Davison . P " Miss Betty Bosworth s'-ent theI| -- in other locations inlWashington and Canada follow-[Jones, of Abbotsford, B.C., visited with ma. The return trip was by plane, week-end at her ho~,~ ~'~h,~ id| rl_ Ii~ io|__ 1)..gf__ iing which they will be at home]~t Grange Convention Mr. and Mrs. J D. Patch on Sun- William Hunter of Kelso spent em,qo-ed vith the "P'eie~,honeCo~.[| ,r, ~, taen tuner says "Everyone is|in their small cottage located[ Mrs. Fleming, accompanied by day, May 31. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Friday and Saturday visiting in Seattle e .[| w Klelns er friends He plans on leavin soon , i..:'**~.~ .... ,.nA across from the Afldre " . [Thelma Crawford Gertrude St - Patch of Carbonado visited with " . g . . " ............. I1 IDT tlUiI:TDICT - Hv,t~u tu att~ U ~ [/inc* m~P,i,,,~ ~,,~:i~t,~ ~.a M~ *~ .... ~,,,n,,r ,,f l~t "X''~'~ to do missionary work in the ~unaay visitors at tne yyllllSl| Vl IVIIIklI~I~Pl to spend the day " th ce ~*"~' ...................... =:~'" .......... :'~'~Y~ ...... .......Phili ines ~ Hilde home were Mr and Mrs ............ i .... During e week Miss Roy [ten Tollenaar also Frances Pmr- Mrs V~rglnla Wooldndge and PP . ...... - .. tl SctL.Lg acqua .~cu ' ] ' " Mr and Mrs Jerr Parrish of Joe ~tepaneK anu lv~r ano lvirs ~.~v ~,v.~,,v v~ and thoi~ w,,r~" was feted at two bridal showers, son from ttazel left Sunday dau hter Lynette of Fountain ' - Y ......... " .... '[I o.~ v xjv,~,vl~t, ................. g ..... ' r r~rvm ~tepaneK OGre ot ~verett. On Tuesday relatives, frlendslmornmg to attend the Washing- Colo,, are Vlsltmg wxth her sister, Mt. Vernon and M . and Mrs. El- .. . . . '....... II A ^.72^~ .~.t...^ T~rr_..1L and neighbors of the young ton State Grange session to be Mrs Bruce Bunkelman for a mer Norgaam and family of East ~v)r. an~ lwrs. A uarai}viorelanal| z'tT~'~TbybO'lb~ Vg ~8?b. couple enjoyed an evening of fun!held in Wenatchee this week. couple weeks. On Sunday Mrs. Stanwood were visitors on Sun- Ca~l~r~iOntl~l~.:2~rl;~aS. JeOee~OinVin]/ - HOURS- "~^,,^ at the home of Mrs Melvin ~ id e and dau hter and ,day at the Gust Pearson home .. g .. , y g. [|_ _ -HOUR~ Pho~le . Wooldr g g , ~wrs ' " ----- Monty in Arhngton. Myrna re-I Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pompella Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bunkelman When the Norgaards returned fro y. ~am 13ocKendor.f:S_Slster[|9-'$0fl.m: t_a ~.'.~0 l~m. -q'l~'~" h he were arc m amed b m ~poKane Vlslre(l With nor on Closed Tuesdays ~a.~, ceived many beautiful and use-land children went clam digging motored to Ellensburg to spend nome t y o ~ " Y Th-r-da ....... [I Closed Tuesdays oJ.OJ~ dames ~ar rearson u s y anernoon Mr ano lwrs ful gifts from the Mes over on Camano Island last Sat- the day with Mr and Mrs Louis Y -- ...... ~ " .. .. :[| ~ .... _'_-_ t . ,~ ..... les " " Mr and Mrs Bill Sluman and menry wacKter or ~verett caHea| I~Vemngs ay /tppom~m~r~t Sp~ed, Nerland, Soper, Ay - urday. Bunkelman. - " - -- " ..... later in the da~ i| ~vemngs oy dtppotntmmr~f worth, Engstrom, Osterland, Gar- o o oaughter Terry ano t~esiie o~ J~v- Y. ka, Snelson, Royce, Alexander, :Y I~C. Lamie, Giebel, Lyle, Gustavson, Cornehl, McCaulley, Walker, Ja- BRYANT I, R. D. 12247 cobs, and Hopkins and the Miss- Alice Thomson es Judy Huffman, Johanne Eng- Phone 250W3 strom, Connie Jacobs and Eve- t's a Sen For lyn Walker Sending gifts but un- rhe ~rdon Bl~ekems ~resenls able to attend were the Mes- Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Blacker dames Taylor, Simkins, Brazel- of Lakewood are the happy par- ton, Thorsen, Buchanan, Boyd ents of a 7 pound 4 ounce son, and Casner. The following eve-Gary Dean, who arrived at the ning her girl friends showered nor with gifts for her new home. Arlington hospital May 28th. The grandparents are Grandpa ann As an added surprise each girl Grandma Boursaw, Grandma A1- brought a can of spice to help ma Blacken, Great Grandpa and muD|n"" fill her cupboard. Grandma Markson and Great Many of the neighbors attend- Grandpa Nelson ed the beautiful wedding of Miss ~rcm~e Notes Gall Casner and Lucius Wright at the Methodist Church Satur- Grange will meet Friday, June day evening. We want to wish 12. 1st and 2rid degree will be TEMPLE both our newlywed couples all exemplified, to get all new mem- bers ready for the 3rd and 4th the good luck and happiness in ,~ ......... hi,-h ,.in h,~ "n,,t ,~n the world "*"~ ..... "" ............. ~ ..... . " . [June 26th by an all-girl team JUN[ 12 ~'~ancy ~wimme, Joan Blincoe,tfrom King county Lois Anderson, Johanne Eng-I - ...... ~'- ;trom and Chuck Klein left Sun-|To Alask~ B:l$ p.m. day night to spend a week as del-~ Clifofrd Simpson left on the 6 egates to the State 4-H camp at: a.m. plane Saturday for Fair- WSC. ") banks, Alaska, where he will be o employed as carpenter. 50c Tax Inc. ,ELL I,--If you have any artlcle of furniture, nor In use, try a From Wjsconain Times classified ad. The J. B. Thomsens had quite a surprise Saturday evening when her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hale of Se- attle, and her nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Perkins of Milwaukee, Wis., arrived. They had visited Vancouver, B.C., and at Bellingham that day. We real- "" " ly had a wonderful visit. They left for Seattle at 4 p.m. Sunday, and were heading for Wisconsin early Monday. They were driving and had been through California Grandview Club Elects Officers The Grandview Recreation Club met at the hall last Friday eve- ning. Officers elected for the coming year were: President Howard Peterson; vice-president, Ceci~ Smoke; secretary, Dorothy Smoke; treasurer, Lavon Reng- ler; sergeant - at- arms, John Swanson Mrs. C. F. Turnipseed entered the Arlington hospital Monday mr surgery Tuesday morning Mrs. Joe Wagner returned home from the hospital Sunday and is doing fine. Mrs. Freda Heaven and chil- dren e~lled at the Thomsen home Sur{day. I I't AY traffic has increased steadily in weight Mr. and Mrs. William Duncan and volume. Yet for more than a quarter of a of Seattle, friends of Mrs. Begsie Bartlett visited her Sunday af- t Y thousands-of males of portland cement "con- ternoon. Pavement have continued to render uninterrupted, Albert Hafterson returned home ol-oi service---while carrying most of the on Thursday last week after a three weeks visit with his daugh- traffic year after year. ter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. meets every exactidg requirement of mod- traffic. It lasts for decades. It costs little Its gritty texture is geared to tires for stops. It increases highway visibility. moret concrete meets these requirements That's of interest to you who pay the L. B. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spoor and Mrs. George Espe visited in Se- attle Monday. . Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Williams ~pent Salurday night with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Dodge of ,~ow. The:~ have been friends for thirty years. Mr. and Mrs. Dodge celebrated their twenty - fifth wedding anniversary at Blan. chard Sunday with between 150 and 175 guests. The wedding cake, a Maltese Cross, was made by Mrs. Williams and was decor- ated in silver and white with pink roses and a bell on top. Mrs. Williams is really an ar- tist when it Comes to decorating cakes. Mr. and Mrs. L.-D. Hadden- ham and Sharon were Sunday af- ternoon callers at theJ. B. Thorn- sen home. Mr. Motorist. It's your gasoline taxes, your fees and other taxes that pay for paving. Insist pavement to get the most for your paving CEMEHT ASSOCIATIOH 90~ Seaboard Bldg., Seattle I, Wash. prove and extend the uses of portland cement through scientific research and engineering field work t RUBBER STAMPS erett spent the week-end at the ~RLINGTDN PTG. CO., PH. 493 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Markson of Bremerton were Sunday guests at the Louie Markson home. Louie Markson returned to Brem- erton with them for a week's fishing, f Sunday, June 7, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Blacken celebrated their first wedding anniversary with t turkey dinner, 20 guests enjoy- ing the dinner with them. The Juvenile Grange will meet Friday night, June 12. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woods and Mr. and Mrs. William McFarland made a trip east of the moun- tains over the week-end. They visited Ohme gardens and took the boat trip to the head of Lake Chelan. Miss Hattie Sill and Mr. E. B. Sill of Seattle visitod Mrs. Ger- trude Sill and Helen Monday af- ternoon. J. E. Daniel home. Betty Pearson played her ac- cordion at a "shower" at Stan- wood on Saturday night and on Sunda~ went to Lakewood to visit at the home of Mrs. Warren Zwicker. Howard Davis, who has bee~ teaching for past year near Bremerton, is vacationing now at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Davis. A meeting of all those inter. ested in the organization of Oso School reunion are urged to be present at the Oso Church Club Room, on Friday evening at 8 o'clock, June 12th. 0 KILLOUGH CLEANERS for WATERPROOFING In Arlington - Phone 1344 o Tlmes classified ad~ g~l. re ~u~t,~ Phone 49,3 LAUERMAN OP TOME TRIS T BAyview 9015 2612 Colby Avenue Everett, Washington .FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST Fourth and Dunham Arlington, Washington A Branch ol The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Sclent3s~ in Boston, Massachuett~. SUNDAY SCHOOL ..................................................................... 11 A.M. SUNDAY SERVICE ........................................................................... II.A.M. Testimonial meeting every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Reading Room: C'hurv~ edifice---open Monday 2 to 4 pJm. and Wednesday 2 to 4 and 6:45 to 7.'4~ p.m. excepting legal holidays. All are cordially invited to attend the~e services, and to make free use of the Readtng Room. Christian Sclence programs from The Mother Church In Boston are no~ broadcast Sunday mornings at 9 o'clock from Station KJR. Seattle This year's Chevrolet brings you the most imp r- !ant gain !n economy in Chevrolet h,story. And t..doeve da .o..atsav Inch high cruising. Long trips or short errands, byroads or boulevards, you get ' far more miles per gallon in this great new Chevrolet. New high-compression power is the reason. Both the new ll5-h.p. "Blue-Flame" engine in Powerglide* models--and the advanced 108-h.p. ~or~ ~op]~ ~ "Thrift-King" engine in gearshift models-deliver more power on less gasoline. Acceleration .and hill-climbing ability are greater, fuel con- Chevrohts than sumption is lower! This is the kind of economy that counts the most-important gasoline Any Other Carl savings for the driving you do, together with lower over-all costs of upkeep. And along with it, you enjoy all the other advanfages that only the new Chevrolet offers you. Come in and see for yourself! Combination o] 115-hp. "Blue-Flame" engine and Powerglide automatic trans- mission available on "Two-Ten" and Bel Air models only. PHONE 871. ARLINGTON, WASH. III I iii