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June 4, 1953     The Arlington Times
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June 4, 1953

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PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASIIINGTON, THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1953. t [ . . - -- ,-, . I [60 VOLU EERS NEEDED Cicero-Trafton Victor E. I I . t.uto L ravel at NeW rear I II TO COMPLETE ROOF OF . . c^n u ....... Mrs. tIorace Enyeart, t [ [ I[ RECREATION BUILDING Mrs. leer ":ngstrom O|IC|[ lVlU6~Ulltt ' . . Phone 301J4 , It" I I ~ ~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ][ The Recreation building com- . .... Pvnnv, fnr P, , Va~ I'f |leg e hal [ I mm~mt mmmm 1 ~ ~: ~ J[ mittee issues a call for 60 vol- Local t~ratauates . , --.v~,.m,~,~v.9 A .^~ ,~sot 0 tv~ I I ~/~ 1 ~ ~~: ~ IJ unteers to turn out Saturday,Congratulations to .this.year~ Victor E. Anderson, -- .-- .. I I ~ mltw'~lL'qm ~ ~ l~tL!:i:i 2 t[ June 6 and 13 to help com- from rngn ~cnooi, tot of the Shell 1~ ; rld Ir I J ~ ~~i~ ~ ~ ~::~ ~ l[ plete the root on the Recrea- Donnlt~Lldrdle, oMY:nnna ~yces.trLoU~ Highway 99, passed /IUU. ry Igsw ~ | ~ .......... ~ [| tion building~ so that the Tim. n ~ g , o. ~ e g .. Swedish Hospital, 5 ......... ~ '"'- ....... v ........... an~1 i ~ l I/ berbowl Coronation" BalL and an(] oavia ~pencer. from. me day, May 17 -me 1w6 gracmatmg cia~s],,~oul~/e.r ,,walk ~lone, ul | ~ Yd~tD T~IIDICT K4f:~d~A* i.i :| [| the Stun Boreson program Eighth Grade, Esther ~wlmme, Funeral services looked very nice in their blue r~o~_~uLa,u~--_ _ ~ I ~ .... vv~.,,,,. ,,v.,,,,~,,,,,,-.,,,..:] ][ may be held in the build|noShirley Miller, Elaine Olson, and Anacortes, May 20th. ..... ~ ~up[. Harry ~.owams presenteda t ua# v: .... ~ '" -- -" Jud'" FIuffman .... -- - caps an~ gowns as mey receiveO[Joanne Hollinc, sworth Jo Ann]| ~ ~-s:.,.md,oeoa,,,w .......v,,-~.c. I IL v . in me Anacones ce~ their diplomas, Tuesdi~y, Mayl lt~.,~c Twalo~ n~ncinlr A~,~'t|] | ~ ~ ,--~..~-~-----i-- ...__ :~;:~i :;[[-'-~~ The Ivar Engstroms enter- Mr Anderson was 1 26. The processional was played ~,",'~,~,~ "'~7~ T~%~'~?.'~lo|.~x':,.'~'] | I~ ..................................... ii!/:: ::|[day for the school teachers and tained informally for t h e i r met "Minn June 20, 1 hy Cedric Lewis. The class was].~'~_~'~ nT~,~"h~;~,~',~,~'~i;:~l | ~ a-t,~.~ ........ am.-J~,, ii!iii[ [pu[)ils in Darrin~ton daughter Thursday night follow- ing 'are a son Farre] led by two Juniors Gladys JonesI~'~'~,",~,~'~'.~'o~o*~'~'~;~'~ | i 4-uno~,~,,mo,~. . . . . w.~so.,oc. :i!iiiiiii :-|[a,~,~a ~t-,,~,~,,,~ ~-,2,o,~.~ ing the Commencement exert|s- Seattle; three dau~ and Anthony Reece..The youngla"seh'o'iar~s~it~:~S"~irley~'~'h~i~e*'re~.] | ~ ........ v~ ii?i:i !: I ]'"Fu'nera'l's~rvi'ceswere~aeld for es. Coming to offer their con- ChaR.. Martin and men ano women WalKeO up tie , , . :~:~:~:;:~:::: gratulauons were net grano- Jaeoos ~eattle and ....... h Ice,veda ball andcham p]n for~ | ~ a-~od~Mo,,~,,e~k ....... co~. :i:i:~:::: :] IDan Skaglund at the funeral ........ ~r ..... r~ ~car "'" "-'-- '- ' a~sie, anna Iew .steps on~ e]her athletic activities. Mr. Lew-] | ~ 7-v~ao~,*~,ea~ w~-~,-ma :!][home in Sedro-Woolley Tuesday. ~:~t~--'.-a ~u 2~. ~ ~. WeJK oI Anacor~es. ?.~ .'7"~:~=."'~ ...... ~'tis made the class presentation| | ~,~ *_ " . ~ .'_ ". " ....... ~ ] ]Among those from Darrington ~"~.~ ..... ~ .'~"~/ .... ~2'~. ~"'~ " Mr and Mrs. Welk mrougnou~ ~ne ceremony, r~ev.].~,,~ xar r.harqe White ,~resented| ! ~ S.-Colo~t~lHistor~aaeack ....... W. ~ / /who attenden ,,,,,~ ~neison, also lvir. anct ears. t~lar- crate the museum C. D Andrews gave the Invo- " * ~ ~o~s.,.~ . once Engstrom Mr and M s. .." _ .... ~ .....,~..~,~lthedlplomas. Roy Andrews gave J r ~ ~ , . ~ ~ [Mr and Mrs J.P. Chnstensen .......... "~ .... n summer. cation. A pla.~, o~,,~, vv,~o v,~y,.u - " , ~ooer[ xorKe, lvlary ano ~oa , ........... Ithe Benediction after which the} | ~ ~: ~ ]Mr. Matt LemM~. and Mrs. Sam ............ oy. nigh scnooi pri.nclpai. ~/class marched out to music play-/ [~ ] I Bates, Mrs. ~iVa Reece Mrs. Frank .~v.~rL,~van ~SK' ~V~ ~o;o~Yke:b ~ rams Jo Ann Jones lntrooucealed by Mr. Lewis. Mr White had]| .:iii!iii}iii!ii/ii~!illf~iiii!i~i~ ~ [Bryson Mrs. Jack Faucett Mrs ~',~ ..... '.*~';~ %'.~'%. "'' "~il" J O~O the speakers. The valedictorian,[the honor and pleasure of pre-] II ~ ]John P'otts/ Roy. Charlie Brown: ,~ne~son, ~3ay r r~U~o~:n, J:t~ ] Mrs. N~l~ie~Ge ~nnell SpoKe on melsenting his own daughter Shir.]| ~[ ]Mrs. Sylvia Hollingsworth, Mrs. ~.'~,3'Z_.~j.' ..... I ........... ":'._~ "H]StO of this l~e Ion to 1853" " "~ h e a,u ~m,,y corresponae The s~%tatorian, I~lee Rensink, !ey with her dlp!oma. The high . -: ...... -. '" " 'Jo nl Aiken and Mrs Frank t~,cnool g~m was filled to its cap-l I ~~i_ ~ I ]Faulkner. qYIr. Skagluncl was, School Picnic . .. ij Last Th:rd:~nUo~ gave a brief talk on the ",h, istorY[acity' with loving parents, rel-JI ' " ~ ~~ N [formerly of Swede Heaven, hav-: in spite of the very olsagree-] cal school children of Washington Territory.' MiKe[at|res and friends. ] | .... ' . ] Jing resided there for many years,i able weather, there were 1041 their teacher, Mrs. ~amilton gave a speecn on tneiGr~luat~m ] I t~ ................. . ] [He leaves many friends in Dar-'present tot me school picnic, tt] dom, with a party ano "History of Snohomish County"[ Members of the class are as] | ~~ ~-~i~ | [rington and st]rroundin~ vicin-~was wet and cold outside, but her with a friendship and Jack. Welsh talked about th.etfollows: Larry Gladsjo, Madge[ | ~~~\~j . _ .. " " ] titles Mr. Lein and Mr. Christen-!lnmde it waswarm and c.oz,y,.theI eral mothers came to in ~arrington since ltlGreen' Michael Hamilton, Joann] | ~ ..... j/ " .. .... tJ ]sen were pallbearers, Mr. and[~aoieswerejaaen wire uenclousI the lunch. was nrst sett!ea. [Hollingsworth JoAnn Jones, Em-| | ~~".; , i| ]Mrs. ates and Mrs. Reece sang iood, me eoltee ana punen were] Mrs. Ted Burns (M An instrumental selection was[ma Masin, Betty Parker Morgan,[ | i| [and Mrs. Bryson played the]SUpor, ,aria tie_ company just] son) of Oregon spent~ played by Christine Sygitowicz,[Ivalee Rensink, Dorothy Robin-] | ~~l~~:~ | ]piano. [eouion .~ 9e o eat. ~o WhO was[ last week visi'ting h complaining aoout tie nasty oio trumpet; Jay Hyde, trumpet; Bet-[son, Patsy Smith, Annell Spence,] | ~:"~ ] ] Mr and Mrs Sam Bates, Mrs I ....... ]and brother Denny an nice Bertels, alto; David Ed-]Bob Thomason, Jack Welsh, Shir-~ | :. : | tR. MI Ledford of Franklin N. C.IIweamer: ~ooooy. ! The local P.T.A:hel wards, trombone. A mixed thor-Iley White, Raleigh Willis, Fran-I | " .................. | ]and Mrs Addison Bailey of Great l The F. She|sons enjoyed a trip] ular meeting Wedne$ us, d~reeted by Mrs. Helga Ed-Jces Bertels Cabe, who will receive]~ l ]Falls Mont. went to Lyman Sat- to Seattle Sunday, where they[ at the schoolhouse.. wards sang "Heavenly Light,'qher diploma iater in the summer. . ........... ,.~fo .~ c,,~,o~z, ,o~o ....... o~ !urday morni'ng They were joinedlspent the day with their sonJ bers presented Mrs ~~~ more ~nan 4v,ooe,tm~ people visitea nafionat paris lair year ana n ....... : - ~Cha-le~ and faro|l-' Durin- the~ ....... " -~ ..... r to in ~earo-woolmy oy a cousin, - ~ y- s oom wltn a gilt as ~, M~ P~t~ |~a ]~2 ~'~,w~e~us~A I the figure m expected to go higher m 19~3 as America prepa es [ ........................ lafternoon they took a ~aunt thru];---. * ......... * .... a &vaJlt~e WI~ OqJ~J~O I~"~ ~S~g~ I ~n~nd x whnnnin~ nin~ F,;llinn rlnll~t-~ an mntor;nc, v.e~tie, n~_ As i~vi~. ~..~(t:tlll ~L~|I~, (gJ~|tJ cgll ~ttt~l|f~tt::f~| J J [lXl~ IUIII llt:~lt:: till:3 yt5 -.-- .......... ~ .........................- ......... Woodland Park with their grand ec a Memorial Service there After Mrs Glen Parker r |I | ~r~ 11 t~l 11 [ i~'.__..-- O&L ~.....].. [ another indication of the tremendous popularity of mobile vacations, t ....... ; I,,,..,~r^n ] . .-" ..... rrom es me service tney went to ~yman ,-,-,,* ~ oI me aeam oI net noses |tureen taun ] om ~l[-~u~ I 28 states now rank tourist receipts among their three top industri ~ ...... ] " [ ..... R -- ! ,.,_ ..................... I New Mexico and New Jerse= ..lace it first t to oecorate graves a~ mr come- I . . ~ . I law, Lawrence vatrlc ~nere were twenty tnree stu * " o at or a w Tie Darrington Garden Club] ...... " ......'.'[- -------~" ............................ ~ [tery and attended a Memorial] T o I e I 1 st eeK--- [gan, May 23rd. He an~ met Thursday, May 28th at the[ent,s graauateo |rum me ~:lgnm/ The 4-H Club held their MaylJohn Crawford [Service at 1:30 p.m. After this~Mr. and Mrs. Clarence SkeersIilv were former reside graue weunesaay afternoon, 29th meetm In the recreation from Cotta e Grove, Ore were I~ home of Mrs. Walter Bates with[.. - ....... [ " g " " I Breale~ Log ]service they went to Birdsview, ] . . g . ;- [ "Mr. and Mrs. Clark May z(tn Tie proeesslonal was room in the basement of the week ena guests at the Milton a Mrs. Paul Woodward as co-host-I . . . ....... J " Mr. J. P. Crawford broke hisIwhere they spent the night at the[ " " iboys drove over to D e~s. There were many beautiful[P_i.aye. oy t~rS. i-ielga ~awaras.~Lloyd Hasenyager home. What rieht leg just below the knee[home of ]~ill Johnson. Sunday[Lanes. [Friday night Mrs KI arrangements of flowers. Mrs_.J it0nesci~A~sl~sn~VW~1~ re#:a2Y wD:slStarted out tube a picnic out-iMonday while logging alone in|morning they attended the First[~ Mr. andMrs. F. Snelson drove l boys remained for a taoya uuvat gave many good .... ...... ooors naa to ue movea Inaoors~the wooas. He was found and|Baptist Church of Lyman |to ~euro-woouey bunuay to vmlqher folks, Mr. and points on making these arrange-[g.lven o31 me.~alu~atorlan, uanny]because of rain. The next meet-[brought to the Darrington hos-~ It ha~ been renorted that this|with the Farada Snelsons. On lHanner. Clark return~ ments. A gift, a beautiful friend-[)~p23s. ~o~err~lulneAkS~en sga~3 oaling will be at the home of Bobbylpital by Mr. and, Mrs. Robert[clean.up week has shown the[their way home they stopped atI Mrs. iVtae Thompsol ship cup was given to Mrs. Du-].P, ..... :. .. ~ P - IBoyd, the date to be announcedlPage. I:ie was given first aid bv]~re~toct h~,~rnv,~m,mt nf anv~Clear Lake to say hello to the|and Mrs. Erwin Inman vail for her most generous help.I ~spnike%n ~"~)~i~n:ul~iarvaort V~:rgl31 later. Mrs. Pearl Wilson and. sent to th~] ~leanup wee~ we l~ave had b~.~.J Lon Wills .] net guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Peavey was a visit-I I Week-end guests at the home Arlington hospital via the am-|fore Much of the credit goes to~. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Setser, inman in Arlington ~, or. Miss May Phillips attendedlPvea~ed'dlAe SlcoWaaSSU~gb~ Pa/sltOf Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doan and bulance. Gordon McArthur andlthe school children who went out[~rm t-or| ..orcnara spent me|helping Win to cole, her first meeting here andbe-I-~'ou,.,-~, ~n ..... n~ v- ,t._ -' .,~_ "~son was Mrs. Jeanette Bungard oflJake Lorenzen took him in the~and "nicked up" all over town. |weeK-ena wl[n me t~lauae.~razel:[birthday" came a member of the club I,A*~*. ~o~:.:.~L- ...... ..,,v _^~=~Marysville. Mrs. Bungard is Mr.lambulance. ] I---rsonall-" wish t-thank ft._lions. ~r. betser is a oromer orI Mr. and Mrs. Jim 1~. 2~IYll ~c,m..~. ~avc a v~u.. ~,o D ' "" pc y v ,e Mrs l~razelton ' r O - oan s roster three children left fo Bruce S auldm returned There was an election of of-[accomnanied by his sister Venita[ "" I P g [firemenfor cleaning up an~[ ,.~... c. ..... "~ ......... ,~i..~I .......... . . . . r ~ . . ~.c ~rcu*~;c owasaou.~ ju ,*cu In INe%v lHexlco alte[ ricers With the following results:lRensmk. The Valedictorian Ron-~o Mr and Mrs. Clyde Lewis and]home having .spent/hauhng the remains of the Teen-la family ~atherin~ in Seattle l ....... ~ ,~,,,,~,~o ~,, W~ mrs ~ob Jones, oresioent; Mrs laid Rakor ~av~ a ~n~ooh nn W,d ]iamlly ana Mr. anti ears t~enelseveral flays visiting at tne numerator's ~eran metal away iT..~ -. _%.. Y ........ ._ to=*=-~- '""',~"? -' : " - "~ ......... ~" ..... ~ ........."[H { f , " { ~. ~- -" |rrmay nlgrlt tOceieorate mr.|Mr Martin tOOK a corn, Burke Henson continued as sec ooper and family spent Sunday o Mr a ~d Mrs Howard Burton ~ , rotary and Mrs. Roger Boyd is Franks also snoke tothe class[at Camano Island digging clams.[ family of Lester. Mrs. Bor-] "1] ] .'jueation and World Peace. Miss " " and " "" " ~ - Jack s birthday. The children all U of W and the famil tr~as.urer. The next meeting will Grade school principal John Ire-] Mr;and Mrs. CLyde. Tatham]~:man~oChiladvrennbrOu[ht bhaicn~]J WHITE HORS'E J]~a';~grwi~'ho~ ~}~h'oseUlove']'Yl~pen~e~ngf:s~'wee~~-~ me at tie nome oi ears. eaarurr'lano oresented diolomas to thelano ~r. ana ears. ~a ~unter jr.,_ _ 2~ ~ ~ ~ a~r~ll II~,~,.q.~i..,. ,.h~;.~ t ....... , ...... ,~ Olsen on June 25th. All mere- follow'in~, bo,,s ancl oirls" Ronaldlspent Saturday and Sunday go-1~me "luesaay leaving her|l Mrs M Flemin~ II ........ ~ ........ _ iv~rs, jv~aruns parei~, - ~ ~ " " " " ~ r e net bets are asked to come prepared 2aker, Danny Bates, Sherrill Af-[:ng from town to town putting up[daught.erMay_ie atthe.hme -of]] corresponding. [l~llMr~s',~ n~r~]~ ~_~v Of Ior work on the club's float for "eth June Ashe Carter Barker |Timber Bowl posters I ~lr. ana ears. ROD bpaulamg ana/c..h..^, ., .... il I! "~'?" --~.""-" ~'-"~ -~ Timber Bowl. There was a guess-Dar'ell Barker ' Wa,,ne Brown'[ Sunda,, eve-in- v:'~; ....... ~,~]family, for a visit. ~'"~":-'~.~"f~,. ............ ill ~I-If~TTT rI~ i[was nero last week p~ and the low prize went to Mrs. [ inda Jones Athlene Lewis lard ann s,,- ~ ........... ,~...c~[daughter Paula spent the week-]~.~a.,~; ....... ~ ......... ,.,~[ Sunday dinner guests at the[is no to be t . .~ ~* ~ z~luu~e Louise Mathls Barbara Pa e /vIr Geor ~ ~,~ .,= ,,,,,,,= v, ,,., ~eymour bnouites nome were . e .... , " "., g ,| s. ge Sype and family. ]'~'~,'~ ~a'~'~" ~, ........... qTuesday evening and Eighth] .... ]Tun~ate -. - .7 Betty Sue Phillips Monte Reece,/ Mr and Mrs S A' Anner-'n~'~'-'? .......... ~mI~er'wl'[Grade exercises were held on[Mr, and Mrs. Larry Mounger anul- ~.~%n ~mith had the mu~n~ ma.ecitm ........ IAlyn Rensink, Patsy Riddle, RaY[and two sons and'Mr and~ Mrs te~ ....... .... ]Wednesday afternoon. Thoselfamily of Seattle. - . .[tune~Sundav in ~etting un ~nursaay, eaay Ztsln, meJShults, Bob Smith Delores Wells ~. L ~ .... d ~.n :2 .......=l ~v~r~. ~am ~trom anuson ~lm[from this vicinRv ~raduatin~[ Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Loiter left|~. ~.~m. ~:-.'.,~,~t.,~.~ ~.~ aI~ ..... , .............. ~un ~u~uc S en~ the week ena in ~:ver t ..... ~. o~-u --~-~, .... eighteen piano students of Mrs.ln.~rvF. Whittal Dwayne Whittal'.;t-:.^-, ^..~. .............. I .P . " e t a Itrom hi-h scho-,~ wore Doroth~lon Friday for a trip east of thel ....... ~e Minnie C. Davis gathered at her?~'~'~.eii Wyatt ~ i~'~uft~ t?cffu"~r ~..~l:ne nome of Mr. and Mrs. John[~.. ~,~ .... ~no~ c'_~oe, an~lmountains, where they will visit]near.~nnmlsn" no v,,: home to have pictures taken and ............ I .L"" ?,u ..... : ~,y",~,~ ~, ,? .... I Larsen ana son. I' ~ra~',a~i'n,,"from relatives []urea. . ..... nt llai~ tirno .... h .... 11 ........ ~ .........7 Jily at bamm]sn lSlanu on ~unoay, l Saturdav night visitors at thel.. ~.. -:. ?,~ J~.,~ ~ .. s _ ~...~.'~ ~..o ~- r ~..;~o,.~ ..e ear. anu Mrs. tlome~ ~'-:nted ~"~in ~re~mVh~iv,~'~'~'~,~''}~-t'~-~'~-~-~--t ..... [and dug clams and picked up home of l~r a~nd Mrs Nels Bru-[[ne elgntn g.raae were..~ay uean v..,,~-. ~,~.,~'o. ~,,.'~-',=',~,'"~ ~,; of Seattle visited th.e~ .... v ........ ,, ........ "*[:,-*--Aa [=~:~ ~'~n~ t....,.~ i _- "_ ,~nuhz anu lxooer[ bmltn t.v.~.--*,,~c,,=~ --~-= '~*~'"'s"~ n.. _,_ ...... ~ ._..,q~ .-- - ,~,a,,~. seth were Mr and Mrs Phil ,~ rumpm~ey auu r~:~, ature pmno. The students are~ Therewill be a cl~anun day at ............... " .... ] ........... [~uests of Mr. and Mrs. John De ,~.~.~ ...... ~ .... ~al] Susan Adams Susan Atterburv ~**.~ o~. c.,~. Do~. ~,,,~,, Mr. ano ears. ~loyo rmrmnl t~ranoner oI t'oruana, Iormerly of[~a.r ~zm ~r ...... ]Costa on Sunday ............. "- .... ?'"'" lk~terIy and Nancy Broten, Joan! . . " .... ~'*:'.'*~.:]spent the week-end in Belling-] Bellingham. They had been tot. ~ynuen ~meaanan re's-I Mr and Mrs George Anderson Robe~son (Vera~ is.~.~: ,June 7th A lcnlc lunch will ~ , -- - - -~-,-~ ,, .... ~ --^,^- ' P - . U"lham Belling, ham on bus|no ....n,Iortune to nit a aeer wire his carl ~ . ~ " ~. - Mrs rumpnrey ana m- E.~y~v., +aJCe nuwa~u, nc*c"~rved The Forest Service hast I ,~ ...... ~ allLa]~-h]o o;t.]~ ,~f Av1~-rf~n .,.o o,,,~ lano ~aymono were olnner guests ~ ..... ~ ,..,]o~-;.,o~ an~ " came o ior a snort visit ~,~.o o.u.. ~,...,, v,,.~ ~..,~- o.:=*,~.,~. .~....~...,..o -- and Delores Jones, Ivalee Jones,[ ~on~t,tpd that they have no fundsl ~nend,n~, the week-end m] .. Y .... I .......................~^. |of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ander- ~ ........... l .... ..... - .... lvlr ana ears lxov Wolfe at .rag J,~,t wee~ uum~ cu,,~mc,- went to me nlgn sc~u,, Jhmce Lemmon, Beverly Mlles, l~ ....... u .. t~ nard- thi~ year I~+edro.Woo]lev ~t the home of Mr I ~ . . ." - .. "1 .......... ' ............=lson in Everett on Sunday ........ j Bl" L i*"* ""-- - ...... v-- *- ~ ~ ,i .... , , "enoch a' iamiiy reunion ~atur able oamage LO nls car lile Uee lion exercises tu IAnda a~d Mmra Reade, ll, ee+ therefore it is un to the neonle oftand Mrs. E G Ell|son ~ere Mrs i ...... "[ ,~ ~ ~.;n.~,~ h. ~,,.~ ;.....o,~. [Commumty Picnic ~,~. .... .~ ...... ~..~. @ ~Cb~{~s~e P~aYag:t~vt::~eUJnsee + !i{aito~fepn~t;t{!iU~ui;:~p~a!i i SbVl Ahl:N: rbte l'::::w:::e:n:o ?h::e teaching new January. ]and camn ~round and not a[~raduating class, immediatelvi .......... ','[~,~ :,~,~V,~ ,~.,~,~ t ..... rt aa,.kJ as spent in games and ~aces a....~,~, a~.,. ",.~ ~tti I~e~'~aY~e~r~enM:Yt!e~rnnde~I lrU~tt~red up i bii~~1~;:PUwt?td~uTr~ aria ears,: o .......... v m~g? i)[ .... ~ ......... . .... ,~SS~h: spot along sill Gh~T~sa~Y;~!i!~C~l~Yb~t:e~Sr~ni22;~v t~r:ditt~[~d~nI Mr~/:?tl~d~lSa~s~i!~toMU~td Shirlev Tooke at the home of| Roy. and Mrs o. H. Bur seth are]h~Pe .., g .............. ]Lemmon is the leader of the[ Tommy Tucker guided a grouP|and IVir and Mrs Val Lindbor~, train last. Saturday ~ ~ ~ a t announce tie at- u,,,v u~ ~v~[. a~u ~v~ r,,t,r, s L~" ~,_ ~_+;_ ,~,c. ,,; ..... + ~v-- ~ery n ppy o ,, . [ .... ~ ....... ~. ~_.~j group. ]of local young folk up on Whlte[motored to the Penins,,la on go to Washington, ,_+~ ~v, rs. ma~t~, w.~u.~,va, u. ~ c.-, rival of their first granaaaugh[er l vamKner a.u ~u,x~ a~c ~v~. a,t,I ,r:_,,.. .... tL~a ~.... " "*~-- ----~] .......... t " " "1 nresent at her dau~nt~ "! v,~,tmg at I.,,e ,ume o, Mr an~[riorse moumaln last ~unoay a~-,Tuesua t see he rn n~- ~" ett. av ei ht rand- Mrs. Thomas E. Long of Seattle . . - yo t ouoae - . , th. |The Borseths h e g g I q Mr~ Art Wri ht this week is Mrs[ " u a wet at la s wedding, June 13 so om u on S nd y e .... Mr and Mrs Lon came u with ~" g g g P drons in lull bloom Week-end guests of last weeki~ons. The little girl arrived at Mr" and Mrs" BertgArmstrolnP~ and] Wright s mother, Mrs. Margaret group of mountaineers. They Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Haala73d Mr. and Mrs.Slvert Last weeks visitors t e Those attending were Mrs. Ru .....~- ~,. ~.o" ~o~'~ o,n ~, ] and Mrs. Doy Riddle and two " Iwhere they will visR her dau~h" P . "" ... -~ lbome of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bates Hageman and daughter Betty of ~ ..... ~ J,~n ~o,~, m ~ ..... ff~] daughters, formerly of Sumner. D,,rri-~,~^,t MetW,ais Clmrch [ter Marian , her son Lester. ~ e .... ~ ................... "1 ...... ~ ....... b 1 fie were .Mrs. R._M_ Ledford of Seattle, Mrs. Bert Hayt e of Des- some tirrlZ~. ]Lions E~d Season: O.I. Borseth, pastor ~ J Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wackter of Y P ane., a~onn_ ~.aroi~na. anq moinse, ears.. |)ave ~ucnanan, Mr and" Mrs Frank FaulknerlInst~ll Officers Sunday School 10 a~m Wor [Everett spent Friday evening ~ . ~augth~e~l~.r~vIAdt~ln~n ~a~eyMol' Mrs. Niles ~O~2rna, ~r~eJ%~tonf 'and son David~ Mr. and Mrs.[ The Lions Club held their last ship 11 a.m. evening service 7:3f ]with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Docken- I ,~T~(~,O ~-{E~G] t rea ==: .... " .... . ey ana ear ... .__ nt Thomas Long and Mildred Green|meeting, until fall, last Tuesday. p.m. " J dorf. ] ,D~xJ~J .Lxx=~_x~ aria_mrs, w~l~ ~arl~. n~er or.~et~- Darting|on; eaany gilts were Sealt ~drove to the Dalles Bridge Sun-I It was Ladies night and as usual ~ ........ I Getch~l school closed its doors I Mrs. Willis Hilde,~ tie. "rney also vim|ca at e by |nose wno were uname to "i ,~ .... * ...... a ~,ood attendance The new of tsatno~zc ~nurcn (uarnngton) I for another vear on Friday/L Telephone 211"~ ~fn~d~sY~MmrS B:~danr~ trendtoMip:aH~emr, is a former Dar y:~b~tohpi~Yar3f ~lhennPn~Ptlpot ~oC~r~ w?~e:rnS~lleedb:w!!t~ 0~. ~:eL:2:r%~: an ]:r~ttYari~.~dM:~lA~t2CdGireWr~nr DoMnr~ePrgeWn" Va~a~aC~S~I . a .. .. ..~ ..... take a trip to Dr. Watson s at Cot-! Hunter St. and e de who fm~ ~- n,,~, n~t,, I " " y " relati es in Tac Mrs. Theodore Lewis visited with ~penaing tne weeK-ena wlm |age Lake on June 14th There, were retained from last year, "~'~.7-~'.~"~c'l~_~':'~ .... t Mrs. Fred McGrew on Saturday. Mrs Elvera Johnson. 1 Gra at her home in reianves was ears ~ert tray]or I ~un ay ~c ~ ~ ~a a m l E1 a y " " . .... ...... will be picnicking and swimming, they installed by each othe]5 ur,,,~n ~ o ,,,., ..... ~hi~o :'::r [ Ed Dockendorf visited his par- Arlington hospital. S an ramli ot L~esmo n - " ' Clear Lake, on Thursday, May 21.. d . " .Y .... .o --. and lots of fun for all Guy Lemmon is the new presl- ,,~o ~ ,, ,.~ "~aw~,~t, ~,-~lo, [ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Docken- lowed visitors .fo~ only tenaea a orlaai snower zor eaiss r - v -- ~- The Datley Vacation BibleHem and visited the cemetery on Don't forget to clean" and iron dent, Horace Enyea t, 1st vice ..................... [doff, on Thursday of last week. oeriod at a time. Mr. the clothes for the Rummage president; Harry Van Arnum Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Art McGrew vis- Walter Johnson of ,~:imol at the First Baptist church Memorial Day. -- |ted with the Charles Smiths at staying at her place at Darting|on will start June 8 sale to be held at the city hall/2nd vice president; Dale Kamm Calvary Pontecostal and continue through June 19th. l~rs. C. D. Andrews is going to Thursday, June 11th. The put- 3rd ~ice president; Harold Reade Darrington Lake Stevens on Sunday eve- gone. Classes will be held from 9 a. m. Ellensburg Friday to get her son pose of this sale is to help raise secretary; Ed. Hunter St., treas Sunday school, l0 a.m.; morn ning. " A work day will be to 12 noon. Children three years Bob who is a student at Central funds for the county campfire urer and John Vevig, tail twister, ing worship, I1; children'~ Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hilde hall a~ain on Saturday old and over including high Washington College of Edu- program. , . Mrs. Lemmon, the new pros|- church, 7 p.m. evangelistic set. called on the Audral Morelands at 8 o'clock, when cornel on Saturday night, poured for the churcl~ school age may attend, cation. Bob underwent an up- Week-end visitors at the nome dent's wife was presented with a vice. 7:30 p.m . Bible school is being held pendectomy~ on Saturday, May of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lemmon lovely corsage and Mr. Lemmon tion. Help is badly daily,, all this week at the Moth- 23rd. and family were Mr. and Mrs. a bouteniere There was a very The Church of Cod of Prophecy [ [ Bring your wheelba odist church. Children eight Gladys Waldrop's: young Don Lemmon and Teena Ler~ahan delicious dinner of stewed chick- Commercial Ave, and Cascade.St. ,, CEDARVALE- , shovels. The ladies yearn of age and over will attend people of Everett will be at the all f Prt Angeles-" on, ndles, mashed ptates' Darrjngton, Wash. J Idinner at nOOn" classesin the morning and child. Pentecostal church here in Dar- Spending the week-end at the gravy, corn, fruit salad, hot j. R. Rainwater, pastor , GRANDVIEW Sunday visitors at ten under eight will attend in the rington, ThurSday night to con-home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick rolls and chocolate pie. Walter Sunday School 10 a.m. Morn- Underwood home w~ afternoon. The classes will come duct the meeting. Loughnan were Mr. and Mrs. R. Bates gave an overall account of ing Worship 11. Evening Wor- J Helen Sheppard, corr. | Mrs. George*Brower to a close with a picnic at Clear On White Horse E. Erfurth of Pasco. the clubs activities during the ship 7:30. The Go-Between Birthday Club and Mr, and Mrs. Fr Creek Park on Monday, June 7th. Several of the young folks at- Sunday visitors at the home of past year. The cook, Mrs. Ruth wecrnesday, prayer meeting, met at the home of Mrs. Harley of Arlington. All the children and their par- tempted to climb White Horse Mr. and Mrs Frank Miles and McDonald and her assistant were 7:30 p.m. Sheppard on May 27, to celebrate Duane Crowley of enls are invited, mountain Sunday. Janet and family were Mr. and Mrs. Law- presented with a box of candy.Friday, Young People's Service her birthday. Mrs Bessie Bart- !spent the past week Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Smoke and family were Mr. and i Art Smoke and family ofl lmgtor. [ Visiting at the home of Mr. andI Henry Bagley on Sundayl we, re Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith! ef Snohomish. Mrs. Smith is Mr. ][L~gley s sister, i M~s. Harold Bennett and son BiIl-and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miller and daughter Patsy drove to Camano and Whidbey Island Sunday sightseeing and taking p'~tures. baby girl in twenty.five gener- a~ on her father's side. Both paremts and grandparents were b.ap ily surprised. ~I Shower ~1!~ A~h~ l')nnn~ and Delorisl rence Lash and family of I,vnden "~:'-~;~'~':,'~-Car'o-le Smoke ~and Mrs. Peggy Smith of Renton. R~rni~ 1R~rto]~ and Win|fred[ Bove(ly Miles, daughter of Mr. .~keer~ led by Tommy Tucker aria ears. Frank Miles, won tne ciim]~d un the mountain for only chevron given in the county -" tte a ~stance Four of the for her great number of donated group Tommy, Janet, Donna and or free service hours. The chev- ~nifl-ad ,l|r~h~d tn within a run has a red star on it and is to W ............................ w ....... re short distance of the, top t~e orrr unaer me t:ampn .... o , _ " . ._ Girls service badge. vmlung zor a tow hays at me Mr ana ~,.~ m,~ uoo,,,~ ,,;~;,,~,~ home of Mr and Mrs Ivan Jones ............................ Mr. Joe Cabe at the Rest Haven and family are Mrs. Jones' moth- Home in Mount Vernon, Satur- er, Mrs. C. Christensen of Belling- ham, and Mrs. Jones' sister Mrs. A1 Mundell of Lynden. They at- tended the graduation exercises at the school. Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Hazel Jasper were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thorne and family of Seattle. day. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hyatt and two children of Everett are mov- ing into the house formerly oc- cupied by Jess Bondurante and family. Mrs. Maurice Swanson and children spent a few days with her mother, last week. Week.end visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Enyeart and family were Mrs. William Enyeart and two children of Se- attle, Mrs. Carl Dernberger of Long Beach, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Orville Medlen, Mr. Virgil How- den all of Seattle. Mr. and Mrs. John Bogdan and two sons of Kent and Lester Enyeart of the Coast Guard Receiving Center, Alameda, Calif Lester arrived I home Friday night a~ld left again early Sunday morning.' All the seniors and Mr. Cedric Lewis were guests at a very love- ly turkey dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rich Jones and daughter Jo Ann, on Tuesday, May 26th, preceding the gradua- tion exercises. Summer vacation started Fri- (V. L. B.) 7:30. First Baptist Church Darrington, Wash. Chas. F. Brown, pastor Sunday School 10 a.m. Worship lla.m.B.Y.F. 7 p.m. Preaching service 8 p.m. Mid-week service Thursday night, 7:45 o'clock. Times classltied ad~ get re lett and Mrs. Mac Peterson served a lunch of cake, jello and coffee Art Towbxidge was home to visit his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Val Towbridge. on Memorial Day Mrs. Towbridge has discarded her crutches and is making good progress on her feet. Sunday afternoon guests at the home of Mrs. Bessie Bartlett were Mr. and Mrs. Smoke of Bry- Mrs. Howard t Mrs. Camela attle spent the +Mrs. Sigrid Community Club meeting on Friday 12, at the home of berg. Helen Underwood is the summer months Don Bergen at Granite Mrs. George Eyl mrs Phone 493. ant. guest of l~onor at a I I ~ Ill! ! Between Birthday Club will be She received many lov t ,:q nl Ill!II J~ '~ "~ The next meeting of the Go- at the hall on Sunday :1~1 tL ~.I m~,tm ;u I ~q held the 9th of June at the home after which a delicio~ ql,l|II A! ~b~lll| ~qll ~1 ~!~ [~1 of Mrs. Jess Udell. [was served will meet on June 11 at 2 p.m. I girls of 0ran|to Falls WINKESHARDwARE The Bethel Mission Ladles' Aid] Mrs. Eddie Sundq' Mr. and Mrs. Ralph HumphreyI~nd Mrs. Orrin Under~ Phone 643 &rlingl@n of Everett were Sunday visitors[girls spent Saturd_~Y, ] at the Wendell Peterson home. [with Mr. and Mrs. Me~