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May 21, 1953     The Arlington Times
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May 21, 1953

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PAGE SIX THE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, A, flING ION,THbRS., MAY 21, 19oo.( i Visitors Here From Work Day At Ar~ / .. r. South i.. Co =i suiting uraauauon r.xerclses SISCO c ] Sunday dinner guests at the There will be another speciallll . 11r / Mrs. Horace Enyeart, Ihome of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bateslwork day Saturday at the com-]PleX[ week Mrs. Willis Hilde, ~- Iwere Thurston Thomas and[munity building The White l The High School graduation Telephone 2117 ~'~n ~'~h~m~r M~e [~'~|~n |l~ W,~A~r daughter, Mrs Jimmie Gates, oflHorse Community club will serve , w. ,~,~ua~.~ ~,A~,~,m,~ ~,a~,~aa ~"V ,v~,~ , " ........ " " [exercises ~ill be at the Hi,~h Louis Bunkelman 0f I tGreenvuIe S. t~.; Mrs. Jeenolallunen j ..... ~. lrg is spending a week ' " ~cnooiTuesaay evening May In l~o.,.m.t~.. 11. P,-..-I~..~,~A l ttunt of Clemson, S. C., and Mr.I ~ ]2~th . , son and wife, Mr. and M =u ,u,~aauatSL~aa ao *a~l,acaaaa*~,~ and Mrs. Roy Gray of Clear Lake. Mrs Nathen Hyatt and two t) . Bunkelman. The County Chamber of Com- PROCLAMATION 1Mr. Thoma; and daughter areldaughters returned home FridaYlhef~eg{ltahu[~latjehs~r~eSo~ill be Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moo meree held its May meeting in! KNOW ALL THE CITIZENS OF,n. the west coast to visit.his after a week's visit with her par-],~." ~n., ,,A,~,g oi n Sun- on Mrs. Sigrid gelgel Darrington on Tuesday, May 12:TItE TOWN OF DARRINGTON ~lS~el, ~v~s'i?i~. (~t~r ?eIla~learlents at La Granoe. ~"~'~ ",~:" . . Sunday afternoon Helen Underwood att~ at the Grange Hall. There was atBY THESE PRESENTS: , (w';~2~vislted at t.qe Bate, home onI Mrs. Frank Mathis has gone to exernese~lgn~ b~rate grauuation very good attendance of nearly I Walter Bates Mayor of the'~ ~ . at ~ ~. . INorth Carolina to see her mother ...... 1 e neld at the High birthday party for shir: ----- ,-..---~...., ...... ^ ..... r_ ' . ~. : J, _ _ ~unflay were Mr ann lvlrs farrlSiwh v r seri 1 ill bcnool weanesaay afternoon u,~-,Ju,u~u v~w,u,s. ~,"""~lTown ot uarrin~,ton of nereDv > . _ ;.. .. :: ._ . o ISe y ous y [ .... on Friday evening. ' ~, , - t3ates ann son ~vlarc at Halter- May 27th the nut of town folks were Sen-lproclalm the weekof May 23rdman a ..... Mr -,~ ~r ~,,.~..IMrs. Guy Lemmon, Mrs Har-] Mr. and Mrs. Ronald aror Howard ~argreen, State rep-i;o May 31~t inclusive 1953 to be B..,,..YE'~"~:Z.,=~:2:_::~ ~;,_:"';.:_"_'lold Reade, Mrs Martin Olson;i~.,_ ~ .. . and children of Seattl " " .... r LtLlt:Zl UI 15a~L ILVedl'lfflt 1vii'b dlIIl tnere was a large attendance resentative Walls Carmlchael,/vecognlzed as CLEAN.UP WEEK r,,..~. ~, .......... " ....... IMrs. Wallace Overholt, Mrs DlckJ .......... Sunday with Mr. and 1 "~ D! , ..... ~ ~__~_ n.._ . " ~x.-vV~a wtt ailtJ iYll5 iylOl-llS bOIlgl ....... ",_ ~ ,at me ~prlng Concert rrlaay ~erry:~!ac~o~ r.ff,. ~aCc~,~e~-,t The cooperation of everyone is and two "daughters Mrs. Lillyl[mery, ~rs ~narles ~arnnart,]night which v, as held at the Johnson ,~.., mc.~u=,. ~,. .,,~ ,~vu,,t~, -' ~ - -- ~ ' "1vlrs WlO"O weston ....... rs ~ur-' ' Chamber of Commerce, in-_a_elp}n_g_)o_cmanu.p..tny b~,2tzger' l~Irs: Theod~e LewlSlger'Brys~n attende~'t'~ae~class for High School. There was a pro- Sunday callers at t~ the Concrete HerahL Commision- I c~ty for tne purpose ot oeauu~y- ~ ann ]m'. ann mrs. Jonn tmtes anOlcam~ Fire Girls' leaders in Ar Igram oz musical selections given Underwoods were Mr. c ... "' ing it, as well os fol removing famll3 " v - - " " " ~ ....... "' by the Beginners Band Ad er of ,kao~t County Willard , ....... " ]lin,,ton Wednesda,, I , . Harold Hopkins, Mr. 1~ --, -- ~ . ' ..... any ant au nre nazams. ~ ! s ' z" Ivanced Band and the Glee Club Lend. Mr. and Mrs phil wyatt, commissioner, r~u an- I ' ....... derson of Verlot Bob Bo,-,s of Dated this 18th dayof May Many Darrington folks werel~v~r. ant ~vtrs. orville rearson Mrs ~e~ to.,,.., ~..o om son and family, ~VIr. the B & M Food Stores B~ Fol- 1953 " I~mterested in the weather balloon land son Dick spent Sunday viS-Io,can~,o"~" o'~"~'.'~"~,'~'~'~.~"~ Harvey Nielson, all o[ lis of Monroe, Dr. Tomley, Tom] (SEAL) I Tuesday which could be seenlitingin.Seattle. . lwen t'" o'Se'a tle--on' e dn'esd'a'y JO ANN JONES IMrs.Mr" andpete ClausonMrS" Howard'and ,~ cmarly ior severai flours baturuay evening s u p p er on buslnes Grant of Granite Falls, Jack~ WALTEr, BATES, Mayor. I *_ .... ] " s. l Candidate for Queen of the Tim Carpenter of Arlington and Atte.t. ZILLAH GARTON 1 Sunday dinner guests at the/guests at the name oi wr. ana t Week end -ue ..... " "iArlingtn. Charles Gunderson of Silvana. " ' [~itv Cl~'r~ ]home of Mr. and Mrs Bob Hilton|Mrs. Orville Pearson and son o" M-- "'~ .g sisal me nome[berbowl, representing. Sauk Riv- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Those from Darrington who were: "~ " .... Sr. were Mrs. Laton Cabe and|Dick were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon]~r ~'a~ertru~ea~te~rl~lng~ we,,reler Lumber Co. The Times. regrets introduced by the president were r Correction. ' ~ ~FChildrenr of Everett.. Mrs. Mel |Stanglandlstanwood and three children ~1 son[ , "~l~r. "an~i ~VIrs. ~'~-"-~onn mc-~;~ui tnatlAnn s tnroUgnname wasan omittedVerslgntfrom~ withettandspentMrS'Mr andThUrsdayTmMrs.CrwleYHow~f 1~ Nels ]3ruseth, Harold Engles and . o d and Mrs. Shirley Pumphrey, d the new ran~er Pat Wick The ! :Im ~er-, y o~ .ry that Jo Ann both of aeattle ! ~, .,,~. ;~;, .... ~ ,.~ .IA ams, and Mr. and Mrs. Arne list of candidates in last week's ne e r , Smith, all of Seattle . entertainment program consisted Jo s nam and he ,sponsor,I Mary Frances and Elizabeth, /Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson ..... ~'. ~. . :issue. nay. Helen Underwood and ..... rdio- ~" et b""^a- " aUK ~1 'er ~umoer t.ompany .......... ~ ......... ~ Mrs ~am ~trom Mrs rermeta ~ Clauson sang and play0 oI cut a~,u it uu y ae " w ....'**-~" ....'--""-*-; uaugnters or or ann ~vlrs b l~e./were ~vlr. anu Mrs. L K l.)l;~Onl.. " - !- "- ,', --- ,Lea~es for Arm,- d ck V' i;tb UIIIItL~IA LIUI|I tlllff lINL UI ~eenan and tvlrs. Hardin ~ngles Glad,if an Tom Be , a lolln c " bel of Arlington spent the week- and two children of Seattle . ........... ~ ................ andldates runningfor Timber ..... , ..... ~ . . " lattended the ham~dlnner at thetDonald Knowles, son of Mr. sons and daughters o ,f uuet oy ~, ", a,u ~a~e r~ev~mrt B " , ena at me home oI tnelr parents Mrs Leslie Green was hun " " I Iprgram at Silvana on ..... ,_q ~... ,,^_: ......,_,. owl Queen, In last weeks IS- z. ........ "1 , -ICatholic social hall, Arlington, and Mrs. Will Knowles,. leaves at~t.'m~ut~pa~tZeCl oy venita ~eztaxnt~ ..... lney nave oeen staying at me/oreu with a baby shower givenlq,,.,~.. " J tit night. n a d ou of iris ........... ~" for e Army Tuesday. The Meth- at tim. piano m. agr p g. _i ~ ]home of .Mrs. Sylvia Hoihngs-|at the Baptist church basement] Mr and Mrs Marti- "v'q'e .... lodist Young People gave a fare- I Sunday visitors at the xrom the t~iee LAUD accompanlea~Mr ~,VOI'[U ana Iami13, on Wednesday Ma 13th The . . ., .u, .,.,.., - Vannoy home were Mr. ............. and Mrs. Carl Curryand. " ] ' Y ]Sr have r,*oeived w,,-,~ ,,~ th,~ well party for him Monday night oy Mrs tlelga J~owarus at me ~ , .......... nil, n,, :~n,v ~,~ .... ti,~, it,m~ two daughters spent the week- Week-end visitors at the homelhostesses wereMrs. Edwardlarrival of a new ~randson M~.lin the church basement Nell Vannoy of Seattle v-v--.,-. ..... ~ :'"';"~=:-~" -':~.'"~ end visitin,, friends at Yakima of Mr and Mrs A1 Howard andlGreen, Mrs. t~tifford Andrews and~ ........ ~', . .~-._ . [ ~ and Mrs. Tell Vannoy wer~ oicsusseu Ior tne Defter- o o. " ' r ratt ann vlrs. dim ~lerlo, oi KOCK IS- . ........ and ~unn sxde and returned via family were Mr. and Mrs. Roy]M s. Joe P . There were aboutl~,,~ ,,,~ ~h ...... e, u .... ,,,~n]Mr and Mrs Roe Wrlzht Mr Stevens ment oi ~arrlngton. ~ne nex~ Y " "" fort fri nds att n ' a [ ........... v .................. [ " ~ ~ ' " Judy Hershaw was the Blewe t Pass Currle of Idaho The s ent some y e e ding nd the meeting will be at Snohomi~h,t t . . . .Y P . May 9th and joins three brothers and Mrs. Floyd Wright and ],rn~ _qth ~ i Week-end visitors at the home[f their time clams at .honored.. guest received manY[one of their bovs Frank is stav-']daughter Cheryl and Mr. and guest of Darlene under ........ ,~ M, ~,~,~ M~ r ~ ~ .... ,, Lne day The visitors were on lOvely girts. Mrs Green s motner, ll .... t ~h,~ ~,~ "~ ~,~ ",~,~ r~o I Mrs Art Wright drove to Belling-i Wednesday evening. .......... w.~.~ ~*. ~nd Mr~ T. M r~..,~,~ their way to Victoria BC. Mrs. M . L.O. se, her sister, Nadal~.~n ..... Jham Sundav where thev were[ Mr. and Mrs. Jim p0 ~nflay visitors at tne nome ot * ~- ................................. ,' ise her ............ -' - Granite Fails, Mr. and ~r and Mrs Matt Lien and two daughters of Seattle ~ui'rie IS Mr. Howards sister. IW _, and .aunt, Mrs. Ger-! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Under- dinner guestsatthe home of Mr. Hill and Mr. and MrS. datlghter Gladys were another, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Faucett and[ Mr; and Mrs. Cb.'de Howard [rUaewe72Seua~ls oz ~eoro-wool-Jwood and granddaughter Char-an_~. tvzrs, r. ~. ~narvat... . Vannoy spent Monday e and iamuy attended tne concert z s l ne Perr , sent the week end The last meeting of tne 4 H daughter and family of oeattle,i two children visited at the home ......... ' .... ." .... t y Y P " " at the Orrin UnderWC '~.~le onrt vi~ilnve ot tho h,~rn,~lof M-" and Mrs Leonard Havdenlat t~oncrete ~rloay night ann mrs. M urlel ~lemln.g. ano lVllSStin Tacoma visiting at the home group was held at the home of watching wrestling on nf "Mr nnd Mt~ C'h~on ~/'~ll ~ncl' of Arlington Sunday Mr and Jspent the weeK-ena at the nome ~ anK.s ~OOK nine girls on, an l.of Mr. and Mrs Richard Daniel-Mehssa Chllcote. The next meet-! Mrs. O. A. Borgen lefl -;- ---.'.~ .......... 2= .... :'&"o 7.."" ,~n~o xxr~..~,~'o ...... .~.~ L,~....,tof Mrs. Sei]a Hooper and son overnight camping trip to SIoanlson ing will be a wiener roast at the flail 2lets v~rere Mr an .Mrs Ko .,--o v,,~ff,,= .,c,.v,= =,,u ,,,,,.y . . u~g2 .~..';~ G, ~-;i n~,o ~xi, y, of Seattle formerly of Darrin~,.IRbert of B~rdsvlew. Creek, Saturday. t Those attending the Mother's home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Has- day of last week for ................................. " ' ' " " I ' a r 0 i veni I where she will spend Howe and dau~,hter all from Van ~ (no were there al-o I Roscoe Howard, son of Mr and Saturday s visitors at the home Day dinner at the home of Mr. eny ge at 7:3 n the e ng. "~"uver" P. o .b "! S'atur.~-., ni.q.~ ....~ c,....~. ~Mrs E. L. Howard, celebrated of Mr and Mrs. Ilarold Reade and Mrs. Earl Morgan and fam-The date to be announced later. From there she plans ""ViSit'in~'; ~-at the " e o" "'r visitorsa'~3the ~a~meo~NI~"and his birthday Wednesday night and lamily were Mr. and Mrs. ily were Mr. and Mrs. Riley Jones All parents are invited to at-IMinnesota and then in~ . '. -, nom. t ~vl :lMr ~l--- F'~rtne~ ~-~-~ ~...~~.n~;..~b'; having McKinley Greenand Bonnie Konnerup of Kirkland. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Under- tend The county 4-H camp will for an extended trip:_... ann ~rs t~ nnet t ~ennettand ~ .v.l, ,, . ~.,,~ u,, ~,~,~,~ 23 26 -':'o : - ~ - " , -- ]were blr and Mrs Donald Fort tK'enneth Anderson as supper Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reece and wood and granddaughter, be held July . . out~-Everything~-s beir son t~avlo ]a.~t x~eet were Mrs , tamll o b Joh Word has been re v .. ...s ' ~. . ..'[ ..... .1 Z..~.~,...., ~o.~tt~,~ ~,, o,~'l .uests. Later in the exerting they " " y, acc mpanied y n cei ed that Week-end guests at the home a big discount. The s ~orman .~imen ant ~augntert "~'..7~*~*'~ov~r~.~"'~2..~'/..~t~] Were ~oined by Johnnie Miller Tiland and Miss Vivian Fure of Mr Elige Mathis, who had been of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Garton weresale. Mrs. Kate Tiland, tures, home and alia ~nerrm oz ~eat[Ie. ! '~rl~tda~ ~h~cn'~v~a~'''--~ Sun~; ~i fox cat