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May 21, 1953     The Arlington Times
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May 21, 1953

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]P&GE TWO TtIE ARLINGTON TIMES, ARLINGTON, WASHINGTON, THURS., MAY 21, 1953. Holstein Breeders ][ rr w, , n Six H. D. Clubs , A [City Cash Balance 1Choraliers Present I Tiland to FMd Day May 29 "[ Mrs.PhoneHilde.2117corr. Hold Joint Meeting MrS.corresponaent.LynnDanielson, May 1 $34,118.85 Jamboree Saturday At Vaslion Snohomish County Holstein o Six Home Demonstrations clubs . All mty funds were in the Th " " ~,,,~,~ ...... ~,,~in,, tn hnl,~ their[ Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scott ace m .,..~= ........ ,^A ; ..... ,; .... Lt. George Baldwin left Satur- black zg nf May l~t noonrttlnc, t,~ e Arhngton Heights Chef. Among the f, "*~'-"'-'~ "'~ ~"'"~ ~" ......... [ " rs Vernon-~,= ,~,,~,,t~,~., ,~ ,,,~t,,,~ ,,. ................. ~ -~. ......... ~, ...] . , . . pamed Mr. and M . lay for Cahforma again after th " ahers are presenting a Cam fire uates of Western r spaang fmld day and at the same May 13th at the Arlington . . . e report of City Treasurer Webb P limewitness the official classifi-[Sctt and Sandra of Everett. to Heights hall when Mrs Frances havln~ enjoyed a two weeks VlS-Moorman to the council at the]Jamboree on Saturday ni~ht]COllege of Educatlo! . Marblemount on Sunday to vmlt " it with his parents and friends r ~ "~ '~piacements in sc~, ~lmtion of certam Holstem herds ,~... ~... q,~nt, f~ml]v Oleson of the County Extensmn r~,,.~.... +~. ...... ,.....n a~ ,-. "[ egular monthlysessmn Mon-IMa twenty-third at the Arlin~, .... , .......... ..~ ~, " " h t,~ ~,,,~ ~.. ......... j. ~u,,,s t,= ,~==~,-=,,~, ,,,,~ ,_,eor. a " - Y . * ' ~ ~,lllll~ LllddlLl:~].} ID D'] m the county Friday, May 29t ,[ ..... Service told us all about the new] .......................... ~d y mght, May 11, with a total]ton Hmghts Improvement Club]~n, ,f ]vIr nnd MrS Mr. Earl B. Hope. County Exten- I- Mr. ann lxay vroman o I fabrics. Her timely and most in- } ~,y~r ~u ~:.~u ~b~: ~_ .~,x~.- ]cash balance of $34.118.85. [hall. Program will start at eight-] =7- A~.~,:::S;~="".Z2=~,~ slon Agent, reports. [~acoma vi~itea witn Mr. ann teresting demonstration was en-I~'~'~ '~"~.2~"~."~" ~ ~"-~=~',| Total receipts for the month of[thirty. "~ [~...~:" ~.?."~"~ "I"-"-"~'"'~'" ""r the classifica ~irs. t~arom vroman on ~unaay. ~oyed by the Granite Falls, Oso,~'" "~" ~='~ ~"=~ .~ u,= ~.~,U-[ were ~.n2~ ~. ........ | ......... l.u..,:~,.=,,~ by .... ; tiO~Od~!~l~S~ylii, b~0 a.m.---The ]vZhe2ast PelTc1A or~e~)ngnsfdthye, ~rb:Yk Lakned RlkerYlinAg~loingt~I~iJh~s I p}M:~aa~dMlr.S~iRalphd MMYrgs?tLlo~ [ e~pendd;ur~'ol'O9:l~s a'~:c:Y:ea ] ~hinge'ewb~lil ~iyg~ql~OCpn~n I H:pperf ~ ~ Ap~0} Earle Baile herd, R 3 Snoho May 13 Those present enjoyed ~,roup~ [ " [amounted to $350793 From " Y , - , ~. ~ ' " " i,~ , elated, and will be used to pur- Use Times clas~il "rntsh. /the appearance of the. 'BandanaServing as hostesses for thelSna~em,and daughter of Stan-]other sources were: Fines, $15;[chase music for future urograms lbusv effective sales Friday, May 29, 2:00 p.m.~The]Dames, wno. Irom all appear- Heights Club were Anna Tveit,I'~U~u' a,u ~,..a,u ~,~,~. r~a,~ ,p-[Punch Boards, $108.70; State Li-~ ~~_7-.~-. Albert Steffen herd, R. 2, Monroe.|ances were ongmally ~ro.m ~arK- Myrtle Leffler, Marie Taylor,]sen anu mm~ly o~ rreern[quor Board, $487.88; Admission Saturday, May 30, 8 a.m.--The|est Africa. The new of.hcers in- Virginia Rathbun and Thora]~pent~bun~ay a~ternoon at tne]Tax, $251.29; Water Dept., $1,. :Mitchell Misich herd, R. 2, Men-]stalled for the ~ollowmg year Norman who had the hall fresh]rate ~na,temo home. 476.86; Garimge Dept., $938.69; _ :roe. [were Miss Hawkins, president;and springlike in dogwood and Mr. and Mrs. Pigort motored to]Transfer to Water Bond Fund, ~1~ 1 1 ~ ~ ~1 ~I~ The classification work is oneI. Mrs.. Lloyd Clark as 1st vice- lilac blossoms., and who gra- Snohomish Thursday. . t5360.00;_ Consumer's Deuosit_ . ~,. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~/nent of the National Holstem]pres~dent; Mrs J. Johnston, 2nd ciously presented ice cream,] Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Damelson|$20; School Dist., election costs Aim ~ ~ ~l l- ~Cattle Association, wlaerebylvice-president; Mrs. J. Ceasar, krumkake and coffee. A musical]and Doris spent Sunday after-|$33.75. , . ~ ~, ,. - m ,,. mm m ~reeders are more able to ira-Isecretary; Mrs. Lloyd Johnson, number was given by a group of[noon at the Oscar Sundbergl Disbursements: Current Ex- :.Drove their individual breeding treasurer, women from the Choraliers My home at Warm Beach, the oc- pense, $2,441.62; Water Dept., $1,- ~1~ ~1~ ~ 1 ~l i~ II ~11 ~ ~1~ I~ "~'~. . ....... Week-end callers at the Louis Isle of Golden Dreams," with]casion being i Cleo Da.nielson s]616.06; Garbage, $1,071.66; Con- ~ ~1~ I~ ~ ~ ~ a~ L~ ~ | There will oe a puonc aemon-~ ~tuller home were Mr and l~rs. Peggy Kennedy as soloist. [m.rtnaay ana me weddmg an-[sumer's Deposit, $35; Water ~11~11 I1~ I1~ ~1111 l~ ~1~ n~| ~tration and practice judging a~ E. G. Stuller of Camano Island, This is the last meeting of thelmversary oi Mr. ann Mrs. ~una-]Bond Fund, $381.25; City Streets, ~the Steffen farm, which will beMr" and Mrs. Alfred Stuller and season for the Arlington Heights]berg, also the Lynn Danielsons. [$545.70 .......... ,of interest to all who attenu, daughter of Seattle, Mr. and group. Next gathering will be in[8th Grade Part~ [ Balances in all funds: Current Jt~l ISJ~~'~U'" Holstein breeders, 4.H and F.F.A: Mrs. Leonard Lee and family of September. ~ Katherine Dirks,] Because of an 8th grade party]Expense. $3399.34; Water Works ~d~v~.ta:d mtehebercSl::ef~nv~i~ p~arSt:tann~VO?dmM;, a~dAMrlrSngBten actmg reporter. [nguF~'aidray ~r~ce~omg' MaYdm9'udhyl$3r9e92"62i'ghGl~orb:~6~8.$564~3: ~ 17 ,~,~ e~r~T~'~~ 'work and to participate in t e r StullerPEARSONS VISIT ]meeting will be held FridaY]sumers Denosits -~9000" Air W . ar- mn n and Mr. and Mrs. G o ge ............ L"MBIA .......... ' ~" ' "~" " ' " .......... ~tctivities ,~ Mt X,'~rnnn ll~ *t~tri-t~r~ t,~ u /evenlng May zz lnsteacl. Inert -~258 64 Water Bonds$2,- Mr and Mrs. Steffen in ~te ........ Mrs. Philip Pearson and M s.~ ~ o-------------- [46575" CitV ~treet Fund -~1 ,evet~jone to a pot-luck lunch to ..,.A. group ot re m.~ves .ne~pe~ G. Coulbert spent last week in]CAMP FIRE GII~LS ~ ]237"02: Cumulative Reserve.~': ~ a Billy bwlmme celebrate nls ~n V ' "- be served at 12:30 p. m., Frid y .......... Vancou er, B.C., and vicinity,[TO SELL POPPIES [592"51"U S Securities '~lS'- olrtnaay on ~unaay. lney were .... , , -,, May 29th Coffee, cream and ........ where they attended the gradua-[ All Camp Fire G~rls wmhmg to[a~3oo, r~ffioo on~h ql~gl~/~ __ .., Mr ann Mrs r~erman uun ice-cream will be supplied by the ~ " tion of their niece, Miss Ahce[sell poppies for Community Ser-[ ~ ~ Flrst 300 cu. ft ..................... $ h~ub. Families are asnkedartO s[~Im" Louis Lallemand, assisted Pears~n't~2mwtah:cSchl ~feNnUrSi[~olC~I2dU~Sr, sare asked to report]ELLIS GRAN,DSOI~I . hrmg food for their o P Y" ~-- '-^- ~-- --~-'--- ~" ..... "~ a~rs ,,,s = v uu ~ ,., ! o wept. btore on bar-] A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. ,, . ,,,,, ........ their uy ,,~r u~ug,t~, ~,~. a.u ,,, . " ! _~ex o .Also, they should supply . Hospital. The exerclses were held[urday mornlng, May 23rd, at 8 Robert L. Porter, on May 13, at $ l O CU. I~ .......... IUC Per 10U oil, Florence Cort entertamed at a .... , ...... ~wn d~shes and silver. , .... , ....... at the Umvers~ty of BrUsh Co-|o clock. Members of the Amen-[V~rgmm Mason hospital, Seattle. interested In Drloal snower ior Mrs Jlm tJrant, ~'-" one who is " " lumbia and were ver-, im'~res lean Le'-ion Auxiliar" will be~The "bun" man wei'-hin'- 6~ v te to at the former Mary Goerhch o .Holstein cattle is in i d -~ ....... , sive and dignified. [there to instruct the girls, and I pounds. Mrs. Porter is the former Over 1000 cu. ft .......... 70 per 100 u.I lend the activities on May29th bunoay,^ ~vxay ~. ~nere were During their stay they were!keep a record of their hours.]Amy Joyce Ellis, daughter of Mr. at~out at~ guests present and 30th ........ ~'. ~. happy to make the acquaintance[ o [and Mrs. J. Boyd Ellis of Arling- RL B HOPE ~vir ann Mrs aonn iv~civ~anus EA . , .'. . o of two very new arrivals to two[ Use Times Classified Ads -- [ton. The newcomer has been t nsmn A ent returned on Friday evenlng ~rom County Ex e " g .......... other nieces, little Merrilee May] ftecrive, economica~ named Richard Ellis Porter. - .O------'--'-- an~ ~vee~aStd~pe to ~oeur a Aiene Robson age one month, and, -~-------------~~ ~"~,o.~ Vz~z~ T ,,~,~ ,,r~-~ [~tn~,on~ PID~LXr~ SOCIAL CLUB . ~ _ .. ....... Catherine Marlene Forbes age[[ r',~r"~ ~ m ~ ,r-.r'~m" A ,~ , ~.U~IM .i. Ll~bl .l..~Ub~4ffb L.TI ~ Fidelity Socml Club will meet~vir. ann Mrs. tiowara ~wainng two we^'-- ' ........ at the home of Mrs. R. R. Am- and children, Judy and Jerry, A bright sunny day spent ex- [ ~L~ i~ ~k..~o1-~ t-/'~ U r-~[~ ~[~ __~__. brose, 122 West Avenue, Tuesday were guestsat the home or Mr. ploring Stanley Park and anoth-[[ OPTOMETRIST afternoon, May 26, at 1:30. ana~virs. A. La t:omp~e m ~eatue er on the sands of White Rock[I . . ................ 7 ..... on,unsay_ ....... were other highlights of thei[ BAyvxew 9015 WAIlfl~ Ol~gl.. IUWN UF .......... son~l~fa~vaer~t~Sv~sUt~lalt~rls~l" week while they were the guests [ 2612 Colby Avenue Everett, Washington " ,~ aL. ~i~ "m.... &u.~.,t...,,. - .. . " oz Mr. ann ~ars. z~. u. rearson. ]~[. Vl[. Ik~ll~ll ll~lll~llis Swimme home on baturaay t 310 Olympic Arlington, Wash. - HOURS - Phone 9:80 cam. to 5:30 p,m. mona u,saa , 3131 l enlngs by Appointment II Use "Times- classltmd ads --- ~ffoetive salesmen. Until June 30 will completely insulate ceil- ing on average sized house, 1,000 square ft. Price inchlding material and labor--lst quality material expertly applied. Let next winter's fuel saving pay for summer comfort. Low F.H.A. Payments If Desired Williamson Bros. evening. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Holm and Mrs. Anita Lund and son Gene of Tacoma are visiting at the A1- ben Parker's this week. Mrs. Henrietta Bjorn and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morten spent last week-end in Seattle with Mr. and Mrs. Bill McNeil and fam- ily. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Crow and Bobble of East Stanwood visited with the Albon Parker's on Sun- day. Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sater were honored at a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morten on Sunday afternoon May 3. There were 58 guests present. i Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bjorn of Arlington enjoyed a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morten on Sunday Consulting Forester LAND SURVEYING TIMBER CRUISING BeAD LOCATION Phone 2095, B~nk Building Concrete, Wash. 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