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May 21, 1953     The Arlington Times
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May 21, 1953

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Arlhlgton, Wash., Thursday, May 21, 1953. Consolidated with Arlington Chronicle Aprii 3, i915. Sixty-Two Seniors Millage To Graduate From 26 High School May 28 B 011 a s eclal elec The closing week of the 1952 It s go ng to be lots of fun for Coast Included are expected to in the Arling- 53 school year will be tilled with .................... ~ - nown tel- P " " everybody in Arlington during be several of the well k ~d School district activities in connection with the July atn mg weel~-ena,- tJen- evision pertormers. Arrange- io~ of votln a 3 the graduating exercises as six : eral Chairman Bill Fowler an- ments are now under way to " g " tw Seniors re are~' to bid k .... nounced this week as plans went have the show Fnda m ht l ~vy m support of ty-o " P. P ." ahe ..... ' Y 'g , Ju y ao at to s eecl towarasa 3rd, . . -~n in the Arling-School.farewell to Arlington Ihgh ~L gala" two'da;pfe;sptlval. Tw~t bI~all:ka:::ldlllg p be heRL at ~,~ r.~,,, vr~u Baccalaureate ~}~ Bob Leach, special events The giant Grand Parade is sched- ._ ~ -,~ y.~z. -2.'' ,, ..................... ~^ ...m ~ chairman received word that luled for Saturday afternoon, )ol e3~,~ ,,d ,,m be held at the High School audi- ~ tnere aenmtely Will De a glgan- Jmy ,,m, mus anowmg those ~ vo.., ~. ...... torium ~t 8 o'clock on Sunday ~ tic outdoor wrestling show fea-~people who desire to attend the ~" ..... -- ~- ~ - -.'~. - t~e ~ turing some of the tinest pro morning parade in Everett, to do g is an article "re May za, wnen me ~accalaurea m _ P - ....... m fessional wrestlers in the Pacific so, and still return in time for o[ the su-~-~orters of sermon win oe given oy ~ev. r~ ~ vP ~ ~--- the Arlington parade Parade E. Sandvxg, pastor of Our Sav- ~ - . --| . , Chairman Dan Lund urges all ra .... iors Lutheran Church, of Arling- ~ Commercml Club 4 ue stuaent .could ton ~ ~organizations businesses, indtm- :kers of the s ecial " tries and in'dividua ...... P The program will be as tel- ~ T, IL'iAln ~i~Al~,m,~ /. , ls who are ~.k m naergarten are lows ~ --v aa~,Ala wv ~.a~.~ui~ [ Interested to contact him as soon wOUla oe nis senti-rroce~ona~,~'-" .... : ....~-"..oy ~a~," .....; ~_'n. mm ~'! * t'~ [ as possible. Several entries tromt vocation,, Rev. E. Seymour,i ~ tllaeler Lompany [out ot town have already been / received ......... Hymn, America The Beautiful, BIG scooP--Just installed at the Arlington Sand & Gravel Co. works on the river, is the big At the noon meeting of the Ar-] A bi" h~. *.,. ,~o u,.~ ,. ..... ~2t rive in arnng; Congregation; bcripture lxeoamg, gravel loader pictured above, which is capable of loading twelve to fourteen hundred yards per 8- lington Commercial Club, held/-. -~ ~ ~-~.. .... ,~ p.~ ~ v,.om- .~[~ years old ana t Rev. A. D. Brokaw; Prayeff, Rev. hour day. The big machine is mounted on 14.00x24 tires, with planetary drive on all four wheels, last Tuesday at the Blue Bird[~s.-e-a on rrla, ay, JUly ;Jra,..wnat g.raae oi scnooi; V. D~,g_atty; Solo, ,, Lo How a torque converter, and is powered with a 180 h.p. gasoJine engine. The scoop is rated at 1"% yards Cafe, the group voted to join in[~%~d cnnare.._n_s paraae wln ~ In m.e ,secona Rose ~ re ~ioommg, rraetorms; level or 2 yards heaping. " " extending a welcome hand and[--~-'- ~laJrman ~,o . vvenlp~ ~Ortner lsnt %~lst "Sanctus," Gounod, Joyce Brose, Operating the machine is Carl Womack, w'hiie the truck drivers Roy Smith, left and Jim Hass- greeting to the new industry, the[ w~l~r~% ~nat ~2eal~a~lval rll~ n to kindor~.arten ..~.~* ~ .... ~o ..... ,,~ q ..... lng look on. The truckers are employed by Campbell-Atherton Construction which firm has the con- , . ge Company,[ se, Mum Y Mrs. Thomas Terjeson, accom- ' - Glacier Cold Stora e chlldn~ e . , mm dlateb ...... .......... o ...... v,,,-o~, ~, ...... ,, .............. , wnicn is com letln a lar "'~ *'--"~ had a harder time ~.~. w w ~o.a.,~. [ tract to gravel the roads on the Navy Radio Station which lead to the towers on Blue and Wheeler . p g ge new[and there will he nlentv .~e ..a.~ nt here. The Club also v ;rade 'cuz I didn't ,";Mth ........ ,,e Our _...h~rs,Vnt ,~ " Con-[ ~muntains tP-~u ~end support to the Evergreented[ for. the winners of the parade en- t bO~tn21ay~,~g r~h gregation; Benediction, Rev~ E.[T V Ur..odA.o T^ ..... =| |m l~t------=-~| I~------==--=.. State Fair at Monroe, heard re-tr~standat, hfhg%T~ttht~f!l~ .... P , ~ beymour; ]xecesslonai, t~oy uar-la.V, yy l~,d~tllUlt~ ,iLU [I=lllllll'.ll III .'%111~12tliil .'~l, ll~lllll hurts from the Road .... ~**~,d .....~,z ~sI ~# -- oe aole [o take sen I . - * -o IVV~mmvmm Ull V~I~-~I~IHU ~lf~Vql~UVlll~ ~._.a ...... . '*~,'~v'",';'*~t~.lWlll be tne eve or tne pavemenc: erar in wArl %AI~II~. = " a,,u a re ort ~rom me Air ort r%thdeca~h:r/e~?w Coranm'~"he:r~g2yt" night, May 28 IApp g ts IW,~II~I~ nl~Bl~, ~l'lll~ll~n nl~al~lFll~l~ ~Oo~iwtete A~.r~i~tes contact lth/dan)neff-tmhaen yirytea resld2 th,~ c-,--m,mcement exercisesl A C g ,I||U|,I~| I~t~IIL= L-~UM||O|U|| %IF|U~|I~IJ [evening ot dancing is be ad ...... s ":~" "~"'1~ 1~1~ in "he Hi-h SchoolIfeaturing some of the state's topl . ~ m .. . _ [ The matter of the proper wel-]lined up featuring some s ln~ y say sne mink Will oe e t g pedal .................... IT.V. stars will be held at the Ar-I The memoers o[ the city coun-lgallons per minute capacity.lcome to the Glacier Cold Stora e s uare dancin numb . ~[ Just a place to AUUltOrlum at ~ ocmqg, .wnen]lington High School gymnasium]cll and Mayor Robert MurphYlThis will supplement the 1,000- ] company was suggested by Ht~. q e aancmg I ers aLsmeat thePeepUlamesJUStwe melven..renewing, program wm Oe/on Wednesdav .... June 3rd under gathered at the council rooms[gallon pump now in operation. Iold Murohv,, and the promotion %'- g? .... g~ ~" ............. r /the sponsorship of the Arlington[rest Thursday ntght in special[ There will also be a new in-lcommittbe composed of Dr .lake Lalleman _;.tag us to renew rrocess~onal,,, rojnp anu ~* - [Cub Scout organization. Isession to discuss the problemsistallation at the tilter piant, IGlenn Bitter, Gene Pierce anci[ d to WOrK wlTn cumstance 15lgar c" ^~'~'~,,, ~,,~~XiR~~,nl Proceeds of the event will be[Confronting the city water de-]where a new 50 h.p. pump, of 1,-IChas ]~othrock was assigned the||~--,~,,~J |-- ~-*,,-J----&' ~l~s~rSle2n2 inthne-r Invocaiion...... ~;v'.' ~5."Brol~aw/divided among the Cub Scouts.,rpartment. inthe application of1400 gallons capacity will r.epla.ceI duty of arranging partrcipation:aU$u'u .u rs~sucut 'los us to start Theme" 'Goin~ Our ~ra~;" [Boy Scouts and the nign ~cnoollme tiiac]er t;oia ~torage tcom-lan om auxiliary pump. TnlS will lby the Commercial club in theI As #'!1 !1%! , . ......... ." _.~ ,,inV. |Lettermen's Club [pany tor a minimum of ~ gal-l.provide two large pumps at the[dedication of the new buildin [/'~k[ idl|acler r'lant he, that sure saves Worthwhile". ........... JoyceBrosel~ Theflrst matchwill start _atIxons OfrnWma:rer~onm. lnute dunnginlter.plant. ~ .[the date of which wilt be an- I While working on the Glaciert in the first graue ~alutatory aaoress, xnlngs " r " " " g' W'n~,, n ,~a~rl en l~srlt~a l-l'nvr~ Rnln "Molndv Ib:60. ~eatureu on me main eventltUe num,.c . I It is also necessary to lay~nouncea later. ICold Stora-e onrnnsnv'e .o.,~ ill ..h,~,~ ..... W~ ~,~ ~' ~,,hln~to~n Jim Mooklare Gypsy Moe Fahta, of Ba c .[ Howard Harstad, hydrauhcs some new main to serve thelFm~ Support Ibulldin~ last Friday afternnnn_ ' l.t'~'~,"~,",;*'~,'~,'~h~"~ "c"~'~--~::-;-':.L'";L.'.':.~7.'b':.o";o";-"""[ lona 212 pounds, who will meet] engineer employed by the city, plant An 8.inch main ot transite[ Support of the Evergreen State[ about -ffn'ci~k-f~-~" t~-~lT:.~-k-~'~ en - Bill GoerlichILuther Lmdsey, of Columbus,[went over the problem and point-[pipe is being laid from the in-[Fair was urged, and a committee of R. 1, Arlington suffered a ,,~ ~i': too. i in ~,~u'ouv-,-,,~'~"::'22262;"::::J2~2C"-"--v, ,,vn..,~,~..s ...... " [Ohio, 212 pounds. . led out. that in view of the new tersection .el First .... and Olympic to headed by Gordon Duskin ap- broken pelvis, when he tell from now that f k - , . . "~ c ..... ~-o..hon. ..... u,, [ Other events are, Axel Cadler, lequlpment and other lnstalla- a connection with the new cast pointed to assist in securing co- a scaffold He was lven rst . P .l Vo.,ce Brose Sweden, 198 lbs. vs. Juan He "ltlons necessary to meet the com- iron pipe laid recently under the operation of Arhngton business aid treatment at the scene of the t, Wlll help lots ot[,,2-i2~?2~2-Z--.--.~-;iS22~...~,,~oin" [nandez Mex. 196 lbs., this said[pany's requirements, it would belrailroaa right-of-way at end of houses in support bf an adver- accident b Dr Bur o. ne who ~ off to, the rigntl*~A=~-%~Z"~,,~ ....... ~"ar- ~orkeIt be a match ot skill and/impractical to offer the company[Maple street, this to connect to[tisement for the town to be car- was ealied y g y ' way don t you votel_ uur ffvay~ .;.....,,;;....~V~s_Yso,, science /alower rate than the established'the new 6-inch pipe that was laid[ried in the Fair Premium list te 9 Tenor ~ax ~olo, ~apr c -- . . M,~.~...o ..~ ,~A ~.^ .~^.._~ n on Ma 26 ' " the ................ ~ ~--v u~v~- , Y " [ v~,d ~,~,,io~,, [ A special eventwill be [rate whmh is 6c per !00 cublclto the condensery about two/Several had already si~,nedun/ ........... ' ~ e, ~" e , a C~, -,~,-- 0 s 2 uantlt e ears a m nt wlm rne amoul n w .or better'schools, " .... .~l~'aries'"~Ic~ues~en~mateh between AI Watkin , 00[feetfortheq "yd sired, y go, /tor this, and some indicated[oMloa tn th ..... rh,~ i,t,,,~,~ An Arlington Kid." u-~aker: .......... .~r"L Davi~ Cowie lbs., Seattle, and .Al' Friedel, 198[ Equipmentnaee0ed is a ,ew tur-1 Work on the new pipe lnstalla-[their willingness to join the]m-~*~o~;'n'~n~'~ ~'~ ;~~__ ae above was writ-1~" Vniversi'tv Presbvterian lbs, Seattle. . .. , |bine" pump at the river with 500" tion started Monday morning " /move at the meeting. [e-r-a"n~(l'nw~r'o-d-~fra~r~ ~-'1~ ~',~-~d' " :' ........ i:rad;:r~aC2e:~ Presentag2nUro~h~roSre:tt~aques" IS= 1 s lodf[DT A T^ ]-| .... !siWn~h~e~t~ruh~i~awna:wm~`~eradcmmittee~V.M.Lee~I[heeb~ul~d~n~td~rew%u~ipgains~ :he first year teach- F R Bradley( School Directorlmsu g Y Y [l.l.J'~. IU IIUli~I for the Valley Gem Farms onicnalrman made a briet report on[block and tall seaffoid was ,;~i .garten's most en-,Valedictorv Award [thlsweek. ~t~ , ~ ! Ithelr airport farm, was din.[recent meetings and mformed[tn l~v,~ th, inh,r,~ ~ ,,~,,~. -' ...................... ' r" ~ OUt - .- -" ........... a ............ ,~ ~ters as they have[ Mr Bill Real (School- Director)l Winston B.aldum, Cub -c._ /Ketlrlng leacit s, Icussed, and the mayor was dl-!the club that the committee wllllthose attendiri~, him : Dast year to com-[~oo~n~ ~ .... rd~ lexeeutive, who is neamng me .... ~ ....... rected to execute ia 5-year lease, meet with groups in other towns ~' " _---- gress "of studentsl~'"-~I/J-oh"n Danui~io--i'i~rinc'ipal)[committee ~ c.harge of the wrest-l_ At the t'.T.a, meeting to oei The Valley Gem Farms haslalong Highway 1-A to devise/ ,T,he l~ 'r "" ..... line, caru states tnat it is plan. nela on ~vionaay lvmy ,~o; at theI ........... ~ ~.,-,,uo ~u ..~,u~.~ ~.,~ ~,.. ,garten eXpermncelRov~r Plaoue , [ ~, , , ........ ' ...... been conducting expenmentslstrategy in connection with de- . . Drew .........whol-:'.- . ,/'~ .,_22_ ....... /g'_'ZL2;~i_ ,Ined to allow more seat spacel~lgn bcnooi, tour teachers wno,wi,h ,q~f.,ro,,t kind~ ot ~rasses ~velo,-,-,o.,* ,,~ t~,~ ,,~,~, ...... uo[of the north end o~ the building, xwu~ ffca.~ I Mr dUllUS t~orman ~cnool wm] . . , . . f u, u ,,~ ,.,, o s , v,-~-~ ,,, -,,o -,s-,v,,~. .,,: rtuni r attend- , n [per person at this match,, past[will retxre wxth the closing O.[and have during' thenastyearsaid the committee was ,,a*h,~r [thls portion having a flat roof_ ty fo /Girls League Cu~. ........................... nonored ~" ~" ~ ~ ~ " " " ten. Mr. Paul Wangsmo (School Dir.)lexpermnce indicating that ~t is/ theschooltternm h~lH b~or them !cleared an additional 58 acres ofI ing data on sources of revenue ~Lallemand was working from a lP~,~sentation of Class of 1953 |oetter not to De tOO crowueu.[at a ,~v .t,,, _..~u .... " land on the airport. Their opera- for county roads and would also[~ca~mm, on tins nat re?x, at ....... : i ney are ivnss Ance ~atre, r~ng-. "v" i ~!eCoii~dettcr ' me ena or tne arcnea roo~ ~e~:~e I ~S~c!if~iil ~i!.mB!i! _~i!il ' aV : [ ~h~OZ~~Ltitr~li2~s~e]~ Itlns entatl cultl atln f the secure a suitable rad map f]~bali!~e~C~!~ol~/n~~ondn, aaanld:g~tPaa~.!~n.~rOrWtnh 8T2tnrYm%~ntthfc~uh~ Civil Defense Wel-[ .... Jerry Snyder Class PresidentI _. . ~- -- 'I. -[Maude Barter remedial " ~ ------- Imembers that he contemplates! ~.. . " . Wi1........... ~Recessional Stouthearted I "me grauuating benior cross eli ." ".. .. I|I ! . 11 / I making some improvements to~ blnce it was impractical to at- ~e,ne~)n~Yl Men"---Romberg [~.953 will present "Rip, Roarin,[ The reception will foll0w tneinenr rawly neaus Ithe restaurant building which[tempt tolower the injured man ................. ~ ^,,, ..... '~;2i222;i32:-a~Snortin Soarin West" for their~reguiar meeting ann irlenus are, , ,., ,., .s Iwiil result in a dinin~ roomlOY use ot lauuers, me painters er of the month I .............. ~..,,~tu,, ou.uul ,~a-ul , ............ o ing the first t~:o[ Coach of Speakers, Miss Alice[~lass night program thin Fr}day[mvltea to attenu. uvmory t, ouncll 119xas. scaffold was rigged. ..... I Satre; Decorations The Garden l~vening at 8 o clock in the nlgn[ At the business meeting instal- The s-h,~-I advisor,/ council~ The Club has been fiandicap-1 Mr. Lallemand was taken to .here wi}} De con-[Club. Music Director Mr Roy[;chool auditorium. This western[lation of newly-elected officers met ,P,,,~.X~'~ ,~ic, ht ~t~tho Hic, h[ped by lack ot suitable meeting[the Arlington Q.edleral hospital train all we[iare ' . ' ' re 1 of class " wi e ....... ~ "" ~' ~ ~ ~' ..... e~r~tion for the[Larson;, ~dvlser, Mr. L. Munizza;] heme offers a .g. at dea . [will take place, and there ll b School and elected Henrv Law-[place, and the improvement con- and IS reported as making a sat- [t':--~d..... ZO=~.... ~ ...... tT~hr~'~'~--~]~'.... ..~a~o,m- Italent an~. exclung aoventure. ~a report on me blare Convennon. ' ty chairman" for the new- term, templated by Mr. Yount, it was isractory recovery. . ,. ,,. ...... [panists, Mrs Thomas Terjeson [ The dedmatton of the annual, lwhlch was held at Yakima. which will begin in September I elt, will fill the need, as the The fire siren was sounded to w~ube a ~vxup~ IMrs. Clifford Rod, Mr. Roy Lar:[~-he reading.of the class will, the _ Ward S. Bowman, otoEverett, Other officers elected w~re Har~lmeetings can be held at the noon'call a crew to man the ambu- weltare worker, ~on I ~ropnesy, the nanaing-aown oz tormer superintenaent oI tne Ar- lov Rnhh ~ioo.ohnlrrnnn- 1~1o~. I hour following dinner, i lanoe f'hiof Arnnt llr~h M~vior ~Y of the Welfar'el Seniors~ ]the hoe will also be made at thisllington schools, will be the guest ~?~r ~;'~;~'~'~:~; ....... ]Nortbwe~t Airlines [ Warr~n-~r;err|d~'"~! ~v~[,.~"~.' .etermined by the Following is the list of gradu-[time. ~speaker. "%h~'~'~,~,',~',~':),~'~,,~o~ ~,~,,~[ The matter of contacting thelan respondin~ ............... " eacn malvlaual, ating seniors ] A small charge for this event Other features of the program ::'~L ~.,,.~v y-. "Y ...... ~. ~ .... I Northwest Airlines in re~ard tel -~ ....... ~" --~, n us ar be o ~ U tll late In Au t or e I p , o ~ai:k Oswald Anderson, Bar.[.viii be taken at the door.. [~il] be a skit by Camp Fire ...... g Y "[their reported desire to move!llri.. ~ ~-,. , I,e-ion bar~. Ann Arnot, Mary Ellen Ay-]. The P.-T. A. is sponsoring a]_G_iris, unaer airect!on m. Mrs. ~*'~.. . o ]their shops to the Northwest was lWlllte Lane Drive" o ars'Violet May Blacken, Robertl~ance in ~ne gym after the' classIHoward Palmer ann special mu- vaui wangsmo, reporting torIdiscussed and it was re~ortedl lldl _ 23 V 131acker Iola Mac Biorn JacklNight program to which the stu-]sic by Roy Larsen and Albert the school board, informed thelthat they had already been con- T^ A,',,] DI=-J xnav D Rreon Carster~ Eugene Brad.[dents and parents are Invited.Kuhn. group that the Jim Creek and tacted , ~ /'UU I~LllUM 0pie Arlin-ton erso , Jd, ce Yvo G BTose, Finisel , " ryant school ites w?re to bet The ietter from L S Hoistad,! Edsel Brumbaugh, of Mar s- N r SOIQ He also staten mat nego km - i n Alxin Brown. | ~ . " ...... "t treasurer ot Northwest Airlines, yille, president of Snohomish l--y era can ~eglOlvtay z6, mey . Madeline.. o Ann Brown, 'Letty [ tiations were.a~.out complete a OY[was wrltten" to J. C. Carpenter, ~ounty Association of Blind, and , the scnool fllStrlct to purcnasel ~ ..... -~ ~ Joy ~utterneld, Barbara Louise . .......... chalrman of the Airport commm-,Mrs. Brumbaugh, were In ArINag- trloute to tnose J , the MaCK ~mltn property, wnlcn w ton l w ' h ..... Carter, Avon Eugene Cowles, . ........ I slon It follo s: I ast eek In be all of the fur ,~mer~ca m Doris Mae Davis, Jack Edwin De- | is ~norear of.tne tngn.~c.nool, o! "We have your letter of May 41 blind White ~ane sale, which is ~ t~emre reurmg as cnalrman o~ "";"'~;~'" .... n Grosse Marilyn Ann Dickerson ...... i which invites our attention to to be sponsorbd by the Arlington S'ttne, ann eacnr~a'-m John. NI.. Dickinson, Olive Mar" , the council,' nar}ey rODO ap.- the Navy Field at Arlington, i Lions Club., ,, lene Drlvstuen pointed ~vzr ~awty to act wltn am ..... :-= ", ; [ ~ .~ ......... Washington as a possible loca- Mr. Brumbaugh states that A1 ~ tJeo ~spe, Jack Davis Alton I .'. _ tdcnara D. uunn, Jonanne - .~ ; ...... ,__ _ tion for our contemplated main,there are about eighty blind pples nas pro W e ~UnK ann vlc uison on me aa ,. ~ " da Engstrom, illiam D. Go r- . ....... " base facility. !persons in Snohomish county. veterans pro visory nunamg committee, to ,, . " lich, James H. Hatterson, Marvin .. .......... We appreciate your interest'The association meets, he states, employ consiaer remoaenng or the wasn , " Dale Halverson, Wayne Alvin " in this matter and it may be pus- the first Sunda3 of every month them something Hargrove, Marilyn Zoe Hart, Rug- ington school building, sible that some time in the fu- at the basement of the First long days of td also the en- of earning raore. They take attractive flow- tribute to their i and volunteer American Legion raake the poppies ablic by selling making house ~. They wil! as- : of Hammer s De- at 8 a. m. Satur- begin the 'sale. served to the by the Auxil- Mrs. citizen: gave for you. the slogan" committee. Your t~ Drov1ded to sire or functlons t, hal ature. All event~ Is charged, o: will appea~ charge will be of $1.00 Gromge ay night. Un- Orchesi~a p ev- night Silvana. er D. Jenny, Gayle Adeline John- son, James Arthur King, Lila Louise Kinney Jeanette Alberta Klein, Jan, ice Marlene Larsom John Wesley Larson, Mary Dontia Liddle, Richard Carl Lindqu~st, Charles Tracy McQuesten, Katherine Lu- Ann Megard, James Oliver Mock, Jr., Marilyn Joyce Nelson, Ed- ward M. Nysether. - Marvin E. Olson, Sandra Sue Parsons, Clarice Elaine Pearson, Don M. Peterson, Peter J. Poes: chel, Ronald Lewis Pumphrey, Mary Ann Robertson, Nancy Jean Rogue, Marehetta Belle Rogenbach, Gary F. Ruff, Myrna Rae Royce. Durwood Burton Sele, Jewel Marie Simpson, Jerry Dee Sny- der, David L. Spencer, June Clar- ice Strotz, Bonnie Glee Swimme, Nancy Lou Tale, Norita Carol Tveit, Allen Ernest Vance, John Kenneth Wangsmo, Melvin O. Wheeler. Vernon $. Wheeler, Marvin Eu- gene Wognild, Mary Christine Yorke. n GUARDIANS' ASSN. MEETING MAY 26 The May meeting of the Camp Fire Guardians' Assn. will be held on May 26th, at 8 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Paul Klein, at Edgecomb. Everyone is asked to be present, as it is the last meeting until Fall, and the in- stallation of the new officers is to take place Members of the Heirloom An-~ "There must be many articles," tique Tradition (H. A T.) Club !ar~e and small,thathave helped ............. _, Iouila me nistory o~* thiS com- a~e ~pun~orlng a wlnoow als-, munity and county." play in observance of the centen. nial year of Washington Terri, tory. The display will be featured the week preceding, the 4th ~of July. According to committee mem~ be~s, several business houses have proffered the use of: their windows and the rest will be contacted at an early date. "The people who visit Arling- ton for the Fourth of July cele- bration will enjoy seeing your treasured heirlooms, if you are willing to share them," states Bessie Giersch, chairman of the committee for the H. A. T. Club, Members of the committee are Mrs. Giersch, Mrs. Eleanor Ella- son, Mrs. Violet Jensen. The members of the H. A. T. club will be glad to assist with expkanatory data and arrange- ments. Anyone interested is urged to call or contact the committee members. - C CUB SCOUT FIELD DAY POSTPONED T h e Stillaguamish Di~tric* Cub Scout Field Day, scheduled for May 23 at Arlington Athletic Field, has been postponed to a date that will be announced la- ter. The council also went on rec- ord asking that eighth grade graduation exercises be held hereafter It was al~o desired that such exercises be held this year if possible. However, plans had already been announced for the program to be held .next Wednesday afternoon. 'O Buddy Poppy Day ture we may,visit your field, al- though it is somewhat unlikely that We can consider an 'off line' point like Arlington because of the expensive ferry mileage in- V~h~eclub meets the third Tues- day of each mon~h. It is possible, Presbyterian church, Everett. He urges blind persons to get in touch with the association. National White Cane week was May 15 to 21. White canes (lapel pin size) were given to the Lions Club committee last Monday night with the securing of a conve- and are now being sold at 10e nient place to meet, that more each. The money goe~to the Sno- trequent sessions will be held. homish County Blind Assn. Saturday, May 23 The Buddy Poppies of the V. F. W. are made by the disabled Announcement was made this veterans in the V. A. hospitalslweek by Laura B. Snyder, 15re- in the State of Washington and]~rietor of the Snvder Hardware, th~2ghgnU: ethic Un~edthaStt~the# and A1 Nystrom, ~hai" a deal had earn a little extra money as they been completed whereby Mr. N y- are paid for this work The restlstrom acquired ownersnip of me of the proceeds from the sale of hardware business. the Buddy Poppies is used for Mr Nystrom is well known in the support of the V. F. W. Na- the Arlington and Darrington tional Horae and local relief and district, as he was superintend- hospital work of the V. F. W. ent of the Washington Veneer and Ladies Auxiliary Co. operations at Darrington tel The National Home was found- eight years, being with the ed in 1925 for the children and Sound Timber Co. prior to that wives of deceased and disabled time. Mr. and' Mrs.~Nystrom re- veterans ot foreign wars. It is side in an apartment over the located tn Eaton Rdpids, Mich., Arlington State Bank They have on a 640.acre farm which is mud- one daughter, who resides at ern in every way. The children Quincy, Wash. are cared for in regular homes The Snyder Hardware is a with a house mother in charge, well-established firm in Arling- usually there are eight or ten ton, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Snyder children in each home and they establishing the business in live exactly as they would if 1929 ,when they purchased the they were in a home of their business from A. H. Moll. Both own. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder took an ac- tive part in the business and in civic affairs, and when Mr. Sny- der passed away suddenly in February, 1943, Mrs. Snyder car- tied on, and has continued to build the business on a firm foundation of integrity, and good merchandise. Mr. Nystrom states that it is his intention to continue the bus- iness along the same lines as es- tablished by the Snyders. Mr. Nystrom is a member of the Darrington Lions Club, and Arlington Lodge F. & A. M, He assumed ownership of the store on Tuesday, May 19. Having shouldered the respon. sibility of the thriving business for so many years, Mrs. Snyder states that she feels rather lost. She says that she enjoyed the business contacts, and expre,~ses sincere thanks to all for the fine patronage enjoyed, and hopes the same consideration will be given Mr. Nystrom, #