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May 16, 2001     The Arlington Times
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May 16, 2001

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2001 PUBLIC FO .JM LETTERS o:o OPINIONS o~ COLUMNS .*. READINGS 5 CROSSWORD :- HOROSCOPES CON- LAW Copart open house set for May 23 Fact: I have visited other Copart facili- money and possessions. They farm the kids ents. S ties. No cars are parted in these facilities, out to daycare, then wonder why they screw Fran Barnett they are cleaner than most parking lots, and up. Kids need a parent at home when they CHAP Foster Care Program the owners understand that they are held to come home from school. They need to be Compass Health a high standard. Mr. Fitzpatrick was a mem- taught values. Good old right and wrong. ber of an advisory group helping the Richard H. Cllse Department of Ecology develop best man- Camano Island Mr. Beardsley and those people he solicited to voice their concerns about Copart, are being invited to a Project Open House on Wednesday, May 23, 2001, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to hear the truth and details about the project. It will be held at the Stillaguamish Senior Center. Any of your readers are welcome to come as well as a reporter from the paper. Don Fitzpatrick, Jr. Airpark Industries Woodinville Point/counterpoint: Copart I am notwriting to debate Mr. Beardsley or other community members about their opinion of the proposal to move an automo- bile storage pool to Arlington. I don't know too many people who wouldn't express some concern for the same reason we usual- ly don't like power plants or jails. However, I am writing to distinguish between the fic- tion included in Mr. Beardsley's letter last week, "Relocation of Copart to Arlington" and the facts. I am the land-use consultant working with Mr. Fitzpatrick and I am also a commu- niW member. As professionals in business or in the public sector, we are held to very high ethical standards and when we provide technical information. Mr. Beardsley's letter contained many inaccuracies and false state- ments about this project and I felt com- pelled to provide a counterpoint. Beardsley: "The city of Arlington plan- ning department fostered the planning of this monstrosity." Fact: The planning department has done exactly what they are mandated to do -- review this project based on the land use codes and laws and subject i~ to a rigorous tests of those codes and laws. If it does not past the test, they recommend denial. This project has been subject to far more rigor- ous scrutiny than any project I have worked on to date, and this project is better for it. Beardsley: "A Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS) means the project has no environmental impact." Fact: An MDNS is a list of requirements the city places on this project to reduce or eliminate the potential impacts. If the condi- tions are not met, the project is not approved. The current list of requirements covers in excess of seven pages. The list ranges from stream restoration and ground- water monitoring, to development of spill pollution and prevention plans, to complex biological treatment systems for stormwater. Beardsley: "It is likely that toxic fumes will permeate from the proposed facility from the inevitable spills of hazardous sub- stances." agement practices for these facilities. Beardsley: "The cumulative impact of the facility has not been taken into account." Fact: Hundreds of pages of environ- ment, traffic and engineering analysis have gone into this project. The expanded SEPA checklist goes as far as many environmental impact statements (EISs). The project has met the tests for traffic and environmental review. Specialists in geotechnical engineer- ing have evaluated the subsurface condi- tions. The fact is that the city of Arlington has reviewed this project and staff has recom- mended approval. That implies that the pro- ject is legal and meets the requirements of city code as conditioned. This doesn't mean that everybody is going to like it, but some- body has to take a stand for the truth. Mr. Fitzpatrick deserves a fair hearing, not a lynching. John W. Burkholder, AICP Higa Burkholder Associates, LLC Everett 67 4/28/34 5/1/01 11/6/13 5/4/01 12/19/'23 4/30/01 Everett Marysviile Everett Marysville Tighter rules for development? So, Snohomish County will impose tighter rules for new development. Well, that's not nearly enough. So this means there won't be affordable housing in this county? Sorry, there are forces at work which mean there won't be "affordable" housing anywhere, within our lifetimes. USA Today reported on April 30 that world population is increasing by 8,741 persons per HOUR. And Snohomish County seems to be getting more than its share of those new bodies. I know the subject is political poison, but the issue must be addressed: overpopu- lation will destroy the human race. We are breeding ourselves into extinction. If we all want grandchildren, we must all have fewer children. One place to start would be here; bring all new housing development to a stop. That's right. Stop. So they gotta live somewhere, eh? Well, let 'em live where they're coming from, instead of here. Norman IC Marsh Arlington Teach good old right and wrong To those of you who think banning guns will solve our problems, I have a differ- ent view. We live in a society where kindness, fairness, honesty and simple respect for oneself and others are ridiculed and laughed at. Children learn that greed rules, lies pros- per, and only fools tell the truth. Children are too often left alone with- out parental guidance. Where they get their guidance is TV. Jerry Springer, Bevis and Butthead, rap music, pro wrestlers and newscasters, whose motto is, ff it bleeds it leads, fill their minds with violence and garbage. in school kids learn right and wrong is what they think they are. In math class if they get an answer close to correct, that's good enough. As long as they feel good it doesn't matter what they do. Just keep the self esteem high. And discipline, forget it! If a teacher dares try it every liberal whack-job group will descend on him or her with a plethora of law suits. Kids who cause trou- ble in school used to get booted out. Now they are labled special needs students, and schools are forced to pay an unfairly high amount of time and money tending them to the detriment of all the kids who don't cause trouble and just want a good educa- tion. Human behavior today if appalling! Lately I've seen these stories in the news. One-hundred-eighty-pound boy kills forty- five-pound girl practicing pro wrestling moves. A young woman delivers her baby and throws it out the window, where the family's dogs eat it. A woman cooks an infant in a microwave. A man sends his wife a tape of ~ torturing and killing her little dog. Teens take a 2x4 and beat a pony to death. Teens beat young women at Mardi Gras. Rap music glorifies killing cops, then it happens. No, It's not the guns. What's changed is ourselves. Too many parents care only about Shocked by what pops up on library computers My name is Beverly Angerbauer and I'm a home-school mom. When I heard of the incident at the library in Stanwood in regard to the mom being confronted with pornogra- phy on the computer monitors I was shocked. I felt it important to help in any way I could and attended SAFE Pac's first meeting and have been as active as I can telling others about the pornography access at the public library. Two weeks ago I was in the Arlington library reserving some videos at the comput- er next to Maggie's desk. When I exited out of the program the screen was filled with disgraceful pornography. I caught the librar- ian's attention, showed it to her and she exited the program. Since that incident I have been in the library and the librarian has said that access to pornography cannot be denied because it's a constitutional issue. I would like to dis- agree. The public library is and has always been a safe place where any person could come and acquire knowledge. As a child I loved the library and as a home-schooling mom we use it extensively. I don't believe our tax dollars should be used so a small number of individuals can satisfy their sexu- al desires in the midst of us regular folks. There is nothing educational or constitution- al about allowing this type of access. If indi- viduals want this, they can access it in the privacy of their own home. My husband and I would like you to put a filtering system on all the monitors, so no individual can access this type of degrading material. If it was as easy for me to exit out of a program and this material pop to the front of my screen.., how easy would it be for a small child to do the same? There isn't a concern for how traumatic this was for me or anyone else who have been hurt over the years, or the potential damage including our precious librarians. Common sense tells us to stop and rethink what is important. To me it's stand- ing for common decency and what's right. Dave and Bey Angerbauer Stanwood Bombs of the flag As I fight for not only mine, but everyone's FREEDOM, I know not whom I take the life from, Who I force the heart to take its last beat. I shall show no pity to my enemies in this fight. As the bombs shoot to the skys above to take its course, I see only dust. I shall not regret that I join in the fight, I may lose my friends; but I vow... I will not lose THY COUNTRY! BOOM... BOOM... I hear only bombs and cannons, and screams, of people tho I know not who. I shall continue to fight... SILENCE! Tho it may sound foolish we use our last bomb to light the sky, and as the smoke clears; We see only bodies, and then we see the most beautiful sight. OUR FLAG And everyone fell to their knees. Some people say it's just a flag.., but I say, It's the flag of God. and we are ONE NATION. Sunny-Palge C. Vinup Age 11 yrs. Granite Falls Thank you, CHAP foster parents As always, you really go out of your way to be helpful in so many ways. As always, you do everything with kindness and smiles and no need for a lot of praise. As always, CHAP really appreciates you and hope that you know beyond a doubt that you are those wonderful people CHAP Foster children could not live without! This world is a better place because of CHAP Foster Parents! With a heartful thanks to all foster par- It's foster family appreciation month A stranger shows up on your doorstep: often angry, perhaps unkempt, definitely frightened and lost. Do you open your door, providing this soul with a place at the din- ner table, a clean room to sleep in, a safe and loving family to become a part of ? Foster families open their doors to a stranger every day. The children on their doorsteps come with varying degrees of need -- from a short stay of a few days to a stay which may last years; with varying behaviors -- from passive and sweet to angry and destructive; from varying back- grounds -- a family dealing with a short- term emergency to a family which has abused or neglected these children. The door opens regardless, with a welcoming smile and a determination to provide an atmosphere in which these children can recover, grow, and thrive. Foster families are asked to be profes- sionals. They deal not only with the children in their care, but with a system which demands that they keep logs, report to case- workers, attend classes and trainings, often show up at court, doctor and therapy appointments, and school conferences. Opening a door to a stranger is risky business, yet foster families are willing, even eager, to help children in need. During this, Foster Family Appreciation Month, we at Catholic Community Services wish to thank the 2 5 families in our program who selfless- ly give their time, love, and commitment to children in need every single day. You are wonderful and we appreciate you! Debra Mazick Teri Mattson Kelley Suits Donna Witte Family and Children's Services Catholic Community Services Everett Family Center Thanks for your support The Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers would like to thank the community for sup- porting our semi-annual garage sale. We feel it was successful and the proceeds will be used to support the museum. If you haven't visited us, please do. If you have been to the museum, please come again and see the changes that have been made. Thank you again. Stiliaguamish Valley Pioneers Arlington Round-Up breaks record The Arlington Boys & Girls Club hosted the 7th Annual Western Round-Up Barbecue & Auction Saturday evening, May 6. The event is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the club. A record of approximately $51,000 was raised for the Boys & Girls Club. This money supports the programs and activities for the 1,900 members ages 5 to 18. The Western Round-Up takes a great deal of time and work to put together each year. I would like to thank the people on the auction committee who spent so much of their free time planning, soliciting auc- tion items and cash donations, selling tick- ets, setting and cleaning up and whatever else was needed. I would also like to thank the commu- nity on behalf of the Boys & Girls Club. The continued support was evident by the 290 people who attended and the record num- ber of event sponsors, cash contributors and the 40 live and 320 silent auction items that were donated. For those who did not attend, the Boys & Girls Club was proud to announce that the multi purpose playfield behind the club will be named Cal Kinney Field.An official opening will take place at a later date in the fall. Col Kinney has spent countless hours volunteering on behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs. He was a vital reason why the Arlington Club was funded and built eight years ago. He continues to be a major tea- son why the Western Round-Up and the Annual Golf Tournament continue to grow as fundralsers for the Boys & Girls Club. Mike Neumeister Director Arlington Boys & Girls Club Just say it! Write a letter to the editor! Marysville Globe: P.O. Box 145, Marysville, WA 98270 or e-mail to mglobe@ premier1 .net Arlington Times: P.O. Box 67, Arlington, WA 98223 or e-mail to arltimes@premierl ,net I